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A woman has a vision of the Great Tribulation

I am a deaconess and do the work of God. I was commissioned by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

My father was a magician but is a shepherd today. He did lots of magic to make money. Our family was very poor, today we have a company given by God. We are not rich or poor, we are a family blessed by God. We come to serve Jesus with all our heart. We were faithful in the little and Jesus put s in a lot. He promised that He would bless my family if we serve Him wholeheartedly.


Before my family surrendered to Jesus, my dad taught me how to do magic since I was a kid. Before we started we did meditations so our spells were real. My father was an illusionist; he set up a stage to perform his exploits. He made objects disappear, he guessed people's names, and he still disappeared from a box and appeared somewhere else.

My dad did not do tricks to make something to look real like many magicians. All he did was real, no stunt. He revealed his secret to me. My father made a pact with the devil to make real magic and make money. He said he visited a witch and offered her blood to receive the gift of magic. My father also sold his soul in exchange for these abilities and magic gifts.

I did not understand because I was very young; I made objects fly and disappear. I was performing supernatural things getting involved with the forces of darkness without knowing it. What is the difference between a wizard and a magician who engages with the supernatural? There is no difference. The wizard uses his magic and practices his religion. The magician uses his magic to entertain the audience and elicits applause.

The word magic comes from the word magick (fantasy, occult). You who practice magic even as a joke, do not do it, you are stirring with the forces of evil, this is occultism. All that is done to deceive people as magic is evil. Magic is part of the skill of the master of deception, Satan. Magic tricks are not real and fool people. The deception is part of the lie of Satan.

My father was an illusionist and created optical illusions to deceive the people. All that is an illusion is deceit. The illusion exists to deceive and the devil is the father of illusions. Do not be an illusionist, this is no joke.

Jesus took my family from this deception and offered us the solution for our lives. The Lord has blessed my family financially when we gave our lives to Him and changed our minds. We approached God and He changed our life. We did not have to run after blessings - they came to my family.

I made a purpose for God for 90 days of prayer, without stopping. Every day I would do 1 hour of prayer without stopping. Every day I had 1 hour of prayer when I woke up before having breakfast.
There were days when the Holy Spirit gave me the strength to spend many hours without eating. I gave the fast in the afternoon and before the end of the 90 days, an angel of God appeared to me.
He said, "Jesus has a beautiful promise in your life and will use you a lot on earth."


My spirit was raptured at that moment. The angel took me to hell, where I witnessed people pulling out their hair in pain. The scene is depressing and terrible. Great is the despair and deafening screams in that place. Millions of voices echoing at the same time in an unspeakable groan.


I walked in places in hell where I saw the demons cutting the fingers of women who painted nails. The angel said that these women were evangelicals who are in that place for not renouncing the world.


What struck me the most in hell was a woman who was dressed as a servant of God, but because of her tongue, the demons pulled her tongues stretching up to 5 meters and lashed in a hot iron. The demons passed hot coals to burn her whole tongue. Another demon grabbed a shovel full of hot stones and threw it into the woman's mouth.


The angel said, "All Christians, men, and women, should dress in a holy way as the priesthood of Christ, but also, they should watch with the tongue."

The angel told me to meditate on these verses which speak about the garments. Exodus 28: 4, Exodus 35:19, Leviticus 16:32, and Exodus 40:13.

Exo 28:4  And these are the garments which they shall make; a breastplate, and an ephod, and a robe, and a broidered coat, a mitre, and a girdle: and they shall make holy garments for Aaron thy brother, and his sons, that he may minister unto me in the priest's office. 

Exo 35:19  The cloths of service, to do service in the holy place, the holy garments for Aaron the priest, and the garments of his sons, to minister in the priest's office. 

Lev 16:32  And the priest, whom he shall anoint, and whom he shall consecrate to minister in the priest's office in his father's stead, shall make the atonement, and shall put on the linen clothes, even the holy garments: 

Exo 40:13  And thou shalt put upon Aaron the holy garments, and anoint him, and sanctify him; that he may minister unto me in the priest's office. 

He revealed to me the true robe of the priest of Christ. Our duty as a priest of Jesus is to dress in a holy way that does not cause scandals.


The angel took me to a place where the people who practiced incest are. There are brothers who have had sex with their sisters. Parents who abused their children.


Men who had sex with animals, practicing bestiality.


I also saw rapists and pedophiles in hell.


The angel took me to the river of hot blood, the murderers' place. There are all the bloodthirsty men who shed so much blood, they are in the valley of the murderers. All these are within a river of blood that boils non-stop and stinks, a smell of rotten flesh in that place.


I also saw Christians who are in hell because they lust after porn stars. They watched erotic movies and practiced adultery in their hearts. They betrayed their wives by immoral desires and thoughts.


I went with the angel to the gates of heaven. A line of Christians was waiting for the order of the angel guarding the door. The angel looked in the Book of Life for each brother's name. Some went into heaven through the heavenly gate, others could not go through dying in sin. Their transgressions prevented them from entering. Heaven is a pure and holy place and repudiates the abode of sin and evil.

A woman standing in line was worried about her situation. When her turn came her name was not found written in the book. She had 2 grave sins that she never repented. The first sin, she never forgave her husband for having left her for another woman and traveled to another city. The second sin, she had a grudge and much resentment for her mother who abandoned her when she was a child.

The angel pushed her into the outer darkness. That woman fell headlong into the hell of fire.


The angel took me into the air where millions of demons stay. I saw 2 principalities, great demons called Astaroth and Baal. These two demons still act in Israel, Palestine, Jordan and the entire Middle East region.

The angel took me to the bottom of the Euphrates River, down to the abyss. And we come to a part of hell under that river. The angel said, "When these 4 chiefs are released, much of the population of Israel will die in war." 

The angel took me in a part of the abyss, where I saw thousands of demons imprisoned, they looked like beasts in the cages wanting to devour who approaches. These demons are far more ferocious than the ones that are loose.

The angel said, "These are the 200 million demons that will be loosed on earth. And when that happens, a third of the world's population will die through wars, famines, and disease."

The angel and I came out of the abyss and came up to meet Jesus. We floated in the air. He took me to heaven. Jesus sent an angel to bring my dress. The angel has brought my wedding dress, it is white and resplendent. Jesus said, "I will dress you with this dress your spiritual life when you return to Earth. Servant after you have this dress, do not commit sins to keep from getting dirty."


Jesus said, "I will reveal to you My servant the government of the Antichrist."

The Lord showed me the rule of the Antichrist. This man of great political influence and world leader was presented to the UN as the conductor of peace. Groups of politicians and terrorist factions who were against his government were crushed. All his opponents were destroyed and his empire was growing. The kingdom of this man gained more powers from hell when the pit of the abyss was opened. His rule received special training from Satan, and a legion of demons was submissive to his authority. The people marked with his sign and adherents of his government were possessed by a class of demons that made them persecute the Christians and the Jews.

This class dominated by the forces of darkness was submissive to the rulers of the Antichrist government. The demonic persecutors caused the Jews and Christians to fall on the ground in such pain and twisted, biting their tongues. I saw these scorpion demons made them suffer the same pains that souls have in hell. The same suffering that exists in hell had come to Earth.

The rebellious worshipers of the Beast were being tormented in the flesh.

The Antichrist changed the structure of his government, dividing the planet into 10 parts. Ten governors were put, each to control a part of the world that is in the hands of the Antichrist. These 10 governors afflicted the nations where they dominated by imposing the mark of the Beast on the people. They forced people to worship the Beast with the death penalty for the rebels. The legislation of the whole world was changed; worshiping the Beast was part of the article of that law.

The confiscated Bibles were burned and destroyed, while the name of the Antichrist was in the media, newspapers, magazines, television news and also on radios.

The population was oppressed by the 10 rulers. They turned the people into slaves, making them tremble with fear of pain.

One of these 10 rulers is the False Prophet who rules the Middle East and the land of Israel. The church of the great tribulation is dressed in black for accepting the mark. They worshiped in their churches. She is the bride of the Antichrist and the False Prophet imitated the Holy Spirit, performing his duties on earth. The false prophet had all the gifts.

The capital of the Antichrist's empire was the center of all evil. Out of this city come out all the world corruption. This city exerted great influence in all the cities and controlled the world.
The Antichrist and the powerful men of government dwell in it along with the legions of demons that were released from the abyss. All strength was coming out of that evil city to defile people.
It was from this city that he left the orders to execute the fugitive Christians.

I saw a dark force, looking like a black blanket coming out of the city. The dark force radiated the whole world like a black light. The hatred to destroy the people of Israel was in the hearts of the whole world. All the people of God from Israel and others were hidden from the fury of the Antichrist.

The seat of the Antichrist's false religion was in the capital, where he commanded all the churches in the world. Troops from all over the world worked for the Antichrist. From that satanic city, laws were passed that liberated the pedophile marriage of children and adults. Men marrying men and women with women. The places for sex practices were no longer inside the houses of prostitution.

Sex with prostitutes was practiced in public squares. All the people passing by looked at all sorts of orgies. The Antichrist's government ordered the brothels in the open air to please people. All the rulers of the Antichrist released the sex show in the city squares. The children who passed in the cities saw all those scenes practiced in the square. All of this made the children more immoral, encouraging them to have sex before they were 10 years old.

The scene of prostitution was set up in the center of the city for people to engage in sexual orgies. Sometimes to get the public's attention, two women would get naked having sex live. In the other, day 2 men practiced outdoor sex on stage.

This city is the great Babylon that was thriving in its trade in the area of prostitution and drug trafficking. All drugs were legally sold at fairs.

I saw the great will of God against this city and its religion that blasphemed the name of God. I saw thunder that invaded the skies. And the Antichrist along with the governors destroys the religious system of the false church. The church was destroyed so as not to interfere with the rule of the Antichrist. The whole group that was part of the false religious system was massacred by the Antichrist's troops.

With religion destroyed the Antichrist assumes himself as the center of the world. He stands in God's place. A great earthquake came upon this city and completely destroyed it. A city full of prostitution, drugs, drinks, money, large companies, businesses and corporations were destroyed.

This city shed a lot of Christians' blood. This city is the Bride of the Devil who was devastated by the earthquake. The structures were shaken from the earth, destroying the palaces of the governors and all their banks. All the surrounding cities were reduced to ashes. Only the debris and self-destruction were left.

This earthquake was the largest on the world scale. It changed the entire configuration of the Earth and inverted climates, changing the poles of the planet.

After these things, my vision went to the wedding of the Lamb. Jesus' wife got ready for the party. She was clothed in fine linen, dressed in royalty which is the costume of the Lamb's wife.

My vision went to the country of Israel, where I could see millions of communist and Muslim soldiers from various countries. All were being led by the Antichrist and False Prophet who were rejected by the people of Israel who discovered the deception of these 2 Beasts.

Jesus came down from heaven on a white horse and annihilated all the multitude of soldiers and people who were wanting to attack Israel. These soldiers had large weapons of destruction and were killed. Jesus just spoke and His words became a sharp sharp sword that shattered all the enemies of Israel.

I was so terrified of blood that gushed in that place. It looked like a river of blood that flowed through the streets of the city.

Jesus said, "My handmaid, this day will come and it will be My great vengeance against the enemies of My people and the remaining enemies of the millennium on Earth."


I also saw in the vision 2 powerful angels who chained the False Prophet and Antichrist. The two were cast alive in the lake of blazing fire. The two who had a covenant were now together in the lake of fire. They were together with the army of soldiers who had surrounded the land of Israel.

The lake of fire where the 2 were cast is not the hell where the souls are at that moment. It is a sea of fire, where I saw in the vision them drowning and drinking burning larvae. It was terrible to see these men being burned alive.

What is the difference between hell and the lake of fire? Hell is a temporary place for imprisoned souls, not for the body of flesh, no physical matter can dwell there. The lake of fire is a place prepared for the bodies of flesh that will rise again. The lake of fire is not a place for souls but for body, soul and spirit. People to be thrown into this place have to be complete with body, soul and spirit.

I saw Satan being arrested by an angel, a mighty Archangel. His identity was not revealed, but he is strong and resplendent. He imprisoned Satan in the abyss and chained him. Satan was in the same place where the rebellious angels were. He stood alone with his still body looking like a statue because of a seal on it.


Jesus led me near the heavenly Jerusalem with 12 golden gates. I could not enter, but I beheld the marvelous city of 12 golden columns. This city is uninhabitable its width, height and length are perfect. It is all pure gold, it looked like shiny glass, a mirror that reflects the sunlight. My eyes could not bear to look at their brightness, it seemed like a sun that did not let them see those wonders.

I cried with emotion as I saw what was reserved for the Church. It is adorned with a variety of gemstones.

In Revelation chapter 21:18-21, God shows John the new Jerusalem. After describing the measurements of the holy city, John tells us about the precious stones garnishing the foundation of the wall.

18 And the building of the wall of it was of jasper: and the city was pure gold, like unto clear glass.

19 And the foundations of the wall of the city were garnished with all manner of precious stones. The first foundation was jasper; the second, sapphire; the third, a chalcedony; the fourth, an emerald;

20 The fifth, sardonyx; the sixth, sardius; the seventh, chrysolite; the eighth, beryl; the ninth, a topaz; the tenth, a chrysoprasus; the eleventh, a jacinth; the twelfth, an amethyst.

21 And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; every several gate was of one pearl: and the street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass. (KJV)

Everything is built with fine, pure material and royalty. That city is of high royalty, awaiting the coming of the queen. It is worth renouncing the world to live there.

All wealth, material goods, money, cars and technology are old scraps near that city. Earth's buildings are scraps near the heavenly Jerusalem. After I have had this vision, I am willing to die for the Gospel cause if need be.

The people of my church called me old and square. I told them the New Jerusalem is square and to fit it we have to be square like it. There is no room for round believers who do not have the geometric form of this city. The throat of hell is round and geometrically circular. I went down the throat of hell and saw what its structure is like.

The New Heavenly Jerusalem that is not part of this world, did not lose its luster. The sun did not illuminate the city. There is a light stronger than the sun that shone on the city. She comes out of a Man in white robes and crown, Jesus Himself is the light there.

The light of Jesus as He reflected on the precious stones of that city made her shine and to radiate. It is in this city where we will enter through the doors and create with Jesus.

There we will be presented to our Father and we will see the face of God that until now no man has had this privilege. The Lord Jesus led us to God when He died on the cross of Calvary for us.

This will be true when we get close to the Father and we will be heirs together with the Son. The bride will sit on the throne next to her Bridegroom.

The Holy Spirit has played the role of leading souls to Jesus. Through repentance from sin is our obedience that has drawn the Holy Spirit into our lives. He has led the sheep to the right path also given the Spirit of Leadership for some shepherds to lead the sheep in the path of salvation.

As God led the people of Israel through the wilderness until they came to Canaan, the Holy Spirit will lead the faithful to eternal life. Church of the Lord awaken to the great day of the encounter with the Bridegroom. Jesus is going to marry a church without wrinkles and blemishes. Keep yourselves to the Bridegroom.

I am willing to live a holy and pure life to meet Jesus. He is at the door, prepare to receive a hug from Jesus that day. Your perseverance in truth will lead you to it.

Beloved church of Jesus prepare, I had another vision not in rapture, but at home praying. The bride is one step closer to being raptured, I saw Jesus with outstretched arms to welcome her. The bride I saw in the vision was ready to receive the Bridegroom. Her garments were so white and resplendent, it was so light.

This is the true church, not the one that was tainted with sin and sold to the world. I also saw a wedding covenant in vision, Jesus approving the pure bride. The covenant of repair and fidelity of the bride to her husband. The bride will win the battle against sin, resisting the enemy by remaining as a virgin and pure for Jesus. The bride floated to the arms of Jesus and sat like the queen beside Jesus.

Glory to God she has conquered and is now free from all the temptations of the evil one.
Thank God for this revelation in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, amen.

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