Tuesday, July 14, 2020



One morning I had the following vision. Through various means of transport and methods, I saw several demons arriving at the land with their luggage. They were thousands of them. They wore makeup. Others had an animal's appearance. Some had two heads and some were deformed in their bodies. In my vision, I looked and saw that on that road they were a large number of people admiring and applauding the arrival of these demons. And these people I saw applauding were even taking pictures. They were happy with the arrival of demons on earth. 

The Lord told me, "These demons that are arriving on the earth have been released in the End Times to destroy humanity. But malignant men who are willingly welcoming them are false humans. They are also demons that are already stationed on the earth. These demons are happy about the new arrivals since they are reinforcements of the kingdom of Satan. They are demons that influence all the areas of human life. Thus newly arrived demons were welcomed and greeted by those who came to earth long before them to cause destruction.” 

The Lord told me, "The demons you see are the End Times demons who are demons of entertainment and modernity. They have arrived with several movies that will be more entertaining and fun, even on Facebook, which will cause more people to stay longer on social media and WhatsApps. The believers and the people will stay longer in the social media even servants of God who are failing to resign from the world including the area of media and entertainment. They will be tempted and they will fall into these traps. Christian singers will give more shows and will even sing profane songs too. Many will not want to seek God because they will be distracted in entertainment having a fun time. They will spend time with these entertainments and movies. Demons will target and trap the watchmen.”

I watched those demons that came to reinforce those who were already operational here. The Lord informed me that these new demons that had disembarked on the land have come with the mission of preventing the peoples from being caught in the Rapture thanks to media, movies, and entertainment that will consume their time of prayer and Bible reading. These movies will give a lot of pleasure but it is fake for the end of those consuming them is bitter. These saints were supposed to spend time in prayer, but entertainment and media will distract them. 

The Lord warns the watchmen of the nations that several demons have arrived in the department of marriage, thus generating several divorces and betrayals. It's time to drop everything in various areas of life for the satanic media will end your faith. 

In another experience, I saw a large number of singers dressed in choral clothes. They were falling into Hell out of ignorance. Actually, they were adorned with false hair and earrings and these singers are a great influence on the generation. People who do not know the Lord’s sound doctrine keep saying that many of these famous singers use adornments and they wonder why these singers are going down to Hell. I want you to know that in the afterlife they are falling in Hell and they will burn twice as much for the souls that they influenced to walk in disobedience. 


I was doing early morning prayer, which is a daily devotion for me. For every day I pray at dawn. During the dawn communion prayer, I was surrendering that year worshipping the Lord. I was led to see a clear vision as if it were happening now. 

At that moment when I was in the spirit, I saw the Pope and I looked and observed what he was doing. He went down as if he was saying a prayer when suddenly he started to turn into a huge horrible bug. I will try to describe the infernal animal I saw. It was a snake and lizard hybrid, only that this Beast had four legs. I watched and I was terrified to see this transformation of the Pope. I saw this Beast was the Pope. I noticed that he seems to be opposed by a huge Stone, which was so big. So after the transformation of the Pope, he seems to be stopped by this mysterious Stone. And he didn't get very close to the Stone but he kept spinning like a bug. 

When I observed the face of that Beast, I saw that he was extremely furious and very angry. When he was furious against this Stone that was restricting his movement, he was powerless. I was wondering what's going on. I saw the Beast that was Pope Francis roaring with great fury. And he finally made a big move in order to neutralize and annihilate the opposition posed by this Stone. 

And then I heard the word of the Lord saying, “The Stone that you see is the Church whose head is the Christ. The Beast that is the Pope is making so many plans to bring down the Church. He is never able to overpower the body of Christ the Church of Jesus Christ. The Pope has been looking for a mechanism to neutralize the Church. But his plans against the living Church are always frustrated. The Church is established on the unshakeable Stone that is Jesus Christ, who is the cornerstone. The Stone the builders have rejected has become the cornerstone. On this Stone I will build My Church and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it. As long as the Stone is in the land there is no door for the Beast. The Pope will not prevail against the Church no matter how the AntiChrist's plans are going well. They will not be at peace with the presence of the Bride in the land. The Church is hidden in Christ the Stone and while the Church is in the land the AntiChrist and the Pope are restricted. And what will happen in the world now is what Christ will allow because the Bride is still here. The Stone is still here and it is a stumbling block for the Beast and the false prophet in their ambition to take over the world.” 

The Lord said, “While the Bride is in the land the Pope and the Beast will not have all the freedom and capacity to exercise freely their power and rule the land. Since the Pope cannot bring down the Church, the Beast and the global elite wait desperately for the departure of the Church. And when the withdrawal of the Bride of Christ happens in the blast of the trumpet, the Beast and the Pope will be released from restrictions and limits imposed on them. They will have more authority as soon as the Church leaves the land.” 

2 Thessalonians 2:7-10 For the mystery of lawlessness doth already work: only there is one that restraineth now, until he be taken out of the way. 8 And then shall be revealed the lawless one, whom the Lord Jesus shall slay with the breath of His mouth, and bring to nought by the manifestation of His coming; 9 even he, whose coming is according to the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, 10 and with all deceit of unrighteousness for them that are perishing; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

Then the Lord took me to a place and in that place, I don't remember where it was. But I was on a mission in that place. When I looked, I saw a lady who also came to do a mission. When I looked at her, she was a woman of God but she was adorned with false hair, false nails, makeup, earrings, and all types of beauty accessories of the modern day. She thought she was right with God with adornment. 

I said to the lady, "The Rapture will happen and with these sinful things you are wearing you will not rise for you will be left behind. No woman will rise with these satanic outfits and vanities.” 

Beloved, when I had finished speaking, I heard a great crash a roar in Heaven like the blast of the trumpet. When I looked, I saw that the sky got dark. And there was the Rapture of the Church that was happening. Quickly I saw that I was going up. And I realized that I was shirtless when I began to rise. I was very concerned about being shirtless when suddenly, I saw angels coming down from heaven. They came towards me and one of the angels brought me a very white shirt that was resplendent. The upper part of the shirt was crystal and the bottom was white as fluorescent light. I put on the shirt. 

But right there in the sky, I heard someone on earth calling me. And the angels released me because of that call and I woke up with a strong presence of God. I wondered about the shirt. 

The Lord said I should eliminate some applications like WhatsApp. And the only one that I still maintained was Facebook. It distracted me from God through the number of messages I had to answer. 

The Lord told me, "The enemy is making many plans to cause the saints to miss the Rapture through distraction.”

I already could hear the archangel's trumpet sounding. We are going to leave this evil land that has no love and where everything is influenced by the enemy of our souls. 

Repent, brother, please wake up from sleep. I urge you brothers to be prudent with Satan's plans of the television. Begin to distance yourself from it and give it up. Don't be distracted by social networks and everything that is stealing your time at the altar. Renounce those vices and those practices of masturbation and porn and pursue godly sorrow, remorse, and brokenheartedness over your sins. For very soon the blast of the trumpet will sound. The enemy wants to make you remain behind in the Tribulation. 

Review your offended feelings without any reservations. You must forgive those who have offended you. You should ask for forgiveness from those you offended.

If you still wear indecent clothes, if you are involved in illicit affairs, if you use makeup and other vanities, if you still have many other besetting sins and weights, you got to repent with godly sorrow. If not you will be left behind when the Rapture takes place. The Holy Spirit still gives grace, divine help and favor to all those experiencing sorrows on Earth but very soon the Holy Spirit and the Bride will be taken away and the world will fall in the Great Tribulation.

Monday, July 13, 2020



I heard the voice of the Lord that was in the sky above China before the pandemic. And before any news that can frighten the world, the Lord said that several countries like Japan and some countries of Europe and many others will be hit by giant waves by the permission of God. 

I was praying and crying and speaking in languages and trembling with so much power. Immediately I understood that the world has already entered into the judgment of the Lord. The Lord said it was for us to pray for the world and Christians should pray. 

It all started on the 20th of June, 2019 when I was resting in the afternoon. I fell such a great presence that I soon realized that I was with the Lord. My body trembles because the Lord visits me in a powerful way. I started to hear the audible voice of the Lord in my ears, which was very intense. And every time the Lord spoke I feared for my ears were exposed to the voice of the Lord which was thunderous with a lot of authority and rigor. It was very strong. I paid attention to hear what God wanted to tell me. 

The Lord said to me, "My son, prophesy.” 

I couldn't look at Him because of the power of His glory. I was simply feeling His presence that was so strong that I felt very weak and shaky. Even as He sent me to prophesy, I prophesied with all my heart and strength. And out of my mouth, I said the word of the Lord. While I prophesied I was shaking and my body seemed to be electrified. 

I said. "Woe to the inhabitants of the land. Many disasters and cataclysm are imminent. Woe to the inhabitants of the land.”

Then I saw the land opening up with all strength and I've never seen anything like it. When the earth opened, I saw a being coming out of the earth, who seemed to be a giant with a feminine aspect. Her appearance was like she was formed out of dust. 

The Lord told me, “Big earthquakes are going to happen and the land will suffer from disasters that are never seen before.”

And this was the reason I was to prophesy to the inhabitants of the Earth. While I was prophesying the Lord told me to prophesy against the Church, “For there were churchgoers that call themselves Christians but they are hypocrites doing all kinds of evil, using their lips to lie and doing wickedness. These hypocrites play with Me. They think they are serving Me but they are serving Satan. Great catastrophes and disasters will happen. Still, nothing compared to what lies ahead for humanity. Your time to smile and cheer is over. Now is My time. My judgment and My hour has come. The earth will be shaken and millions are going to die.”


The Lord visited me again while I was sleeping and He told me, “My son, proclaim My word against Europe. This land is divorced from God. Yet it was where God in the past has raised great movements that changed the history of the world. But today they are totally carnal to the point of neglecting the word of God and the worship of the God of their parents. This continent has turned to wickedness after having met the true God. They partook the love of God one day and then they went on to embrace Satan. They are thus destined to be the Judas of the world for they will lead humanity to perdition through the single currency and the single government.” 

The Lord said, "In this land of Europe men are assembled together and are working to build the tower of Babel, a one-world language and one-world government and one-world god. But just as I confused the people who built the tower of Babel so I will confuse their union, thus bringing great wars and destruction of the global pact followed by catastrophes because of their sins. The blessed ones who are in this continent and fear God not following their satanic teachings will not partake the punishment this continent will receive in the future. For the sake of My power and glory, Repent!”

The Lord said, “The Holy Spirit is the number one missionary for the work of the Father. John 14 verse 26, But that comforter the Holy Spirit that the Father will send in My name will teach you all things and will remind you of all that I have told you. 


Brother, in my daily devotion and meditation at dawn the Lord opened my vision to clearly see what was going to happen. And I saw the statue of Jesus Christ that is in Brazil falling down. And then the Lord said that something terrible is about to happen in that country. I also saw the statue of liberty in the United States of America falling down. 

The Lord told me that this last country is going fall and He will give another one His power. Disasters are coming in these two countries like the chalice of the wrath of God. Because I understand now that these two countries had been chosen by God to bring the world to Christ but they did strange things. They gave themselves to Freemasonry instead of doing the Master's work of evangelism. 

The other day, I was praying and the Lord took me in spirit to see some presidents of the world. And I saw President Trump with a ball of basketball. I also saw some other presidents. When I saw Queen Elizabeth I couldn't understand. God told me at that moment that she would be gone and that someone will come in her place. She was going to die but already they will be someone she had prepared for the new world order that is imminent. 


I saw in a dream television and radio announcing that each community and neighborhood should be grouping before their local authority and their administration. I saw in this vision it was announced on radio and TV that everyone should attend the local authority to receive a worldwide notification. I realized that it was the Antichrist's arrival. 

And after that announcement urging people to attend the local government for the mark of the beast, I saw that the roads were closed and many have already reported to the authority. 

Brother, everything is already put together for the manifestation of the Antichrist. Soon we the saints will get out of here and leave the Earth in the blast of the trumpet. 

After seeing the implementation of martial law and state of emergency for the marking of humanity, I also saw an evil power that rose out of Hell. He was very big but his head was like a chicken. And he came out of Hell with the purpose of receiving his share of the dead because he was released to reap the souls of men. 

God showed me very dirty swabs that had been used to clean the ears of someone. Christ said that at that time it will be clear to the nations' ears. It's time for them to hear My voice. Much will be transformed at that time. 

Brother, we got to seek peace with everyone. Let's fight with all our strength to enter the eternal kingdom. He also told me about the number of people who are crying now but after the pandemic are going to abandon Him. 

Nobody with any kind of sin will be caught in the Rapture. Those with sin in the mind and thought will not rise. Even if they don't speak or commit masturbation in the body, if they desire and think about women they will not go up in the Rapture if they don't regret it. They must fight and die completely to this world of sin for the kingdom of God demands a great resignation from the world. May the Lord God help us all to live in holiness because the heavens demand it. As it is written in the word of God, Hebrews 12:14, that without holiness no one will see the Lord.  

This year in February 2020, I prayed and worshipped with praises for what He had done for us the glory of God. On that day my son at the end of March was saying that Jesus was going to return. And he saw the Rapture and he was mentioning some names of pastors that would go up in the Rapture. And others that would stay. I will hide identities. 

We were scared by what he said. So I went to lay down after devotion and I had a Rapture experience. I felt my soul leaving the body and was taken floating up to a very magnificent beautiful house. And the floor looked like crystal and the walls were green they shone. 

My son mentioned that I was also going to be left behind when the rapture happens. So I understand that the Lord brought me here for He wanted to deal with me since I have struggled to maintain my spiritual life. I understood that it was for me to bring peace and purity to people. Green representing hope. I woke up smiling and singing because I was renewed by His mercy. In this sense, all I ask of God is that He helps me walk the narrow path now. 

Sunday, July 12, 2020



God bless all the listeners of this program of the voice of liberation. I speak and greet you with the peace of the Lord. 

I am going to tell you an experience that I had with the Lord Jesus Christ. This is something  I experienced that was such a beautiful encounter that I hope it will increase your faith. 

Maybe your faith has fallen. Maybe you think you're nobody and that the Lord has abandoned you. I can tell you that there is something so beautiful there waiting for us beyond the grave in the afterlife. 

It was such a unique experience that had impacted my walk with the Lord in my heart. I will keep this experience like a treasure and I will tell the world about the coming of Christ until the day of my death. 

The whole thing happened one day while I was sleeping in the early morning at my house, and when I was asleep in a moment I opened my eyes. I don't know whether I was in or out of my body, but I observed and I saw my body lying on the bed. And when I looked at the right I saw the clock and the time I observed that the clock needles was marked five o'clock in the morning. The view was sharp. 

When I looked around, suddenly I saw the angels of light. Straight away these angels of the Lord took me by the arms and they transported me to space. And in the twinkling of an eye, we landed before the pearly gates of the eternal kingdom of Heaven. 

I observed how we landed around the entrance, and then I saw a gate, a beautiful gate, it was something so cute. On the other side of the pearly gate, I saw green pastures, mountains, and hills of paradise. 

As I was beholding the glory of this kingdom, I saw the Lord Jesus behind the pearly gates of the kingdom of Heaven with His arms open. He was clothed in a bright, pure, and fine linen garment. I could see His scars on His hands, the mark of the cross. 

The whole thing was something so beautiful, so cute. And I could see the Lord’s radiant face. I saw around His shoulder and chest a belt having an inscription that said King of kings and Lord of lords. Around His waist, He put a beautiful golden belt. It was nice. 

However, on the other side of the gate of Heaven, to the left side, I could see something so fearful something so terrible. This was the devil himself. I could see his face. I could see his teeth and his eyes. I saw how his saliva fell, and he rubbed his hands like a desperate dog waiting for something. He was standing not far from me and he was like muttering, howling and moaning. When he looked at me, he began to intimidate and threaten me. 

He said, "Now I have your soul. You now belong to me and you are mine. I have won your soul and you have no escape here.” 

I started feeling fear in my heart. At that moment I felt terror and despair. 

Immediately I said, "I must get inside the gate of the city,” for I was afraid. 

Once more the devil clasped his hands and laughed. As he was laughing, I started screaming in terror. At that moment I started addressing Jesus Christ who was inside the gate of Heaven. 

I said, "Lord, I remember that I have accepted You as my Savior. And I have the assurance that I believed in You with all my soul and my heart that You are the Son of God.”

Beloved, I was out of my body, but I was aware of everything and I had consciousness, I felt fear. I felt every earthly emotion. I want you to know that when you die, you will be absolutely conscious. I was standing before the gates of Heaven, but the devil was claiming my soul. 

He was saying, “You belong to me,” and he was accusing me. 

I started to cry to the Lord. 

Then suddenly I heard a voice telling me, “If you pass through the gates, you are safe.”

I was afraid. At that moment because in my thoughts, memories of myself falling in sin were crossing my mind and the devil was there accusing me and saying that I belong to him because of my sin. I could see in my mind how I failed in my walk with the Lord. Then my failures and shortcomings began to scroll before the Lord in a screen. 

Immediately the devil began to point out to the Lord, my failures and my sins. My sins were exposed before the Lord and the devil and I started to cry to the Lord and to ask for forgiveness. 

At that moment, the Lord extended His right hand in approval for my entrance in the celestial kingdom of light. Immediately I heard the devil emitting a cry of despair and groan and pain for losing my soul. 

I heard the voice of the devil, exclaiming, “I lost you.” 

I heard the sound of a rumble something so despairing. Initially, the devil was so excited, keen and desperate to win my soul and capture me in order to take me to his kingdom of hellfire. 

The Bible says in Revelation 12:10-11 And I heard a loud voice saying in Heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ: for the accuser of our brothers is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night. 11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives to the death. 

Beloved, the devil accused me to the Lord Jesus Christ and claimed that I belong to him. 

Thank God, Jesus Christ is our Attorney. Let's keep praying to God and ask forgiveness to the Lord for our sins. We are going to repent, we are going to reconcile with Him. 

When I went through the pearly gate, the Lord extended His hand and hugged me. I felt a breeze I felt celestial emotion and rapture of joy, something so beautiful. 

And the Lord Jesus with His gentle voice of authority asked me to come with Him as I joined the Lord in this place of light. I bless and glorify my Father, I felt tremendous joy. As a result, everything that happened back at the gate of Heaven was like deleted from my mind.

Brother and sister, firstly, we enter a dimension of Heaven. And then we moved to another level of Heaven with the Lord. When I entered that place, there was another gate. When we approached this gate, it opened by itself. Beyond this gate, there was brighter light and everything was whiter than snow, more than beautiful. 

Suddenly I started hearing celestial melody. I heard the noise of heavenly music. I heard the heavenly choir singing. Then I saw numerous and unending crowds of people in worship. 

As we were moving, I saw the happy saints of Heaven coming to greet me and they said, "God bless you, Pastor.”

They welcomed me in this place, and the people received me so joyfully. What struck me is that the redeemed saints of Heaven were saying, “Welcome, Pastor,” yet I was not a pastor.

When we serve the Lord and work in the church and suffer for Him, sometimes we forget our effort, and sometimes we think we are insignificant. Perhaps you're doing something for the Lord and you think that you are nobody? But look at what happened to me. When people were greeting and receiving me, to my surprise, I heard them saying, “God bless you, Pastor.”

I was wondering, how could these people call me pastor? I am not a pastor. I said, "I don't know what are you talking about? I am not a pastor on Earth, and I have never been anointed as a pastor. I am just a helper in church.”

However, while I was talking to the redeemed souls of Heaven, a beloved brother said to me, “Do not say that you are not a pastor, because before the creation of the world, the Lord had already set you apart and has anointed you to become a prophet and a shepherd.”

At that moment, I felt such a great joy. I felt affection from God’s people who are hugging and welcoming me. It was a such beautiful experience and encounter that I do not know how to explain. And I felt such a heavenly joy exceeding and abounding in my soul in this celestial world of light. Yet I could not cry though I felt heavy emotion and joy. People wanted to greet me. I was with the Lord and the angel and we were heading to another place in paradise. 

Suddenly I saw the Lord Jesus leading a choir and at the same time, the Lord was talking to an angel in a relative distance. And at the same time, the Lord was walking and talking to me. The Lord was at many places at the same time. I do not know how to explain this to you. He was talking to the angel at the same time directing the choir and at the same time talking to me. He spoke to me as a son with love. 

Then I asked the angel, “Who are those people who greeted me happily?” 

The angel said, “Those are people that accepted the Lord as their only Lord and Savior.”

Then the angel said, "I'm going to show you something.” 

Straight away. he took me to a building. I was with the angel and the Lord Himself in that building. 

When we arrived, the Lord showed me a book. When that leather book opened, it shone with radiant light. 

Then the Lord started to show me writing. I had never seen this writing before. 

The Lord showed the date and time next to these writing and said, "This is the record of the date and time you spoke of My Name. All these are the times you preached My word. And these are the times you have failed to preach My word.”

Then the Lord showed me the times that I went to church and the times that I failed to go to church, I saw the record of my service for the Lord when I was honest with the people, and the times I lied to them. Jesus showed me the times I went to pray for the sick, and the times I failed to go. 

Everything was written in this book of remembrance and events, and I realized that I was at ease. I did not feel fear, but joy. 

Then I saw a balance. Later the angel of the Lord began to place me on the scale. He weighed my evil actions and deeds on the balance. As a result, the balance began to lean. This scale had two plates, but my evil deed was weighing more. 

I asked the angel, “Are all these my evil deeds?”

The Lord Jesus and the angel at the same time spoke to me and they said, "These are your shortcomings.”

Then the Lord and the angel placed my good deeds on the scale. Thank God, I noticed that my good deeds were weighing more than my evil deeds. I was glad. 

However, once I entered the portal of this kingdom of light, I never felt fear. I felt protected and safe. 

Then the Lord shows me another book. This book was the Book of Life of the Lamb in which were recorded the names of the redeemed. The Lord opened the Book of Life and asked me to observe my name. 

In that book, I looked in the Book of Life, and I asked the Lord, "Lord, what is this name? 

The Lord said, "This is your name.”

I said to the Lord, “This is not my name. I cannot understand these letters and writing.”

The Lord told me, “This is your new name.’

I said, "Lord, what is my new name? 

The Lord said, "It is still not the time to reveal to you your new name, but this is it.”

I said, “Lord, are all these mysterious writing names of people?”

He replied, “Yes, My son. These are the names of My people.” 

The Bible says in Revelation 2:17 He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit said to the churches; To him that overcomes will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knows saving he that receives it. 

We were still in this building when the Lord showed me another book. 

And when the Lord opened this book, at that very moment, the memory of my family came back to me. 

And I asked the Lord, “Where are my wife and my children? I do not see them here in this book.”

The Lord told me they are in this book. 

The Lord said, "This is the Book of Rapture.”

When the Lord said, "This is the Book of Rapture,” I felt a joy and I said, “Thank You, Lord, because my family is saved.”

“Of course, they are, My son.”

He told me clearly that my family was in the Book of Rapture and I felt joy that I can not explain. I was so happy.

Beloved, I can tell you that there is a book where is registered all our works both good and bad. 

There the Lord showed me the names of my children and my wife's name that were written down in the Book of Rapture. I was happy to know that my wife and my children were saved. 

Then the Lord told me, “Come.” 

We went down the stairs and went up another staircase. There was a gate ajar. There in that door ajar, I heard voices. People were singing, “Holy, holy.” I could hear like a sound of many waters and like the waves of the sea falling from a fall. I was observing people in this place of saying, "Holy, holy." I listened to the voice of innumerable crowds, saying, “Holy, holy.” I could hear a choir leading and singing a celestial melody. 

I asked the Lord, “Lord, what is this place?”

The Lord says, “You still cannot pass.”

I said, "I want to know about this place.”

He says to me, “You still cannot go there.” 

The Lord said, “The innumerable crowds that you see are worshipping the Great I Am.” 

When the Lord Jesus told me about the Great I Am, I realized that while the Lord was with me all this time, He was also sitting on the throne before the multitude who were worshipping Him. This was so strange and so inexplicable. Because He was always there with me, but He was also in many parts of Heaven. 

Later, as we were in the kingdom of God, I watched and observed a long table. The table was infinite and unending. And I saw on that table a white tablecloth and cutlery and there were glasses, but they were not crystal glasses. It was a material that was like stone. The glasses were cup-shaped, but it was something so beautiful. 

And in wonder, I asked the Lord, “What is the table for?”

The Lord said, “This table is for the big final day. But it is not the time yet. I say to you that many will come from the east and the west to share the banquet with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the kingdom of Heaven. People will come from east and west and north and south and will take their places at the feast in the kingdom of God.”

Then the Lord told me, “Come over here, son.”

I left that place and the Lord took my hands show me a garment of white linen color, so beautiful. I saw a tie that was golden. On top of these garments was a golden crown. From its color, I concluded that this was not terrestrial gold, I can afford to say that this was brightening and celestial gold. That gold was really brighter and beautiful to behold. It is something that I never saw in my life before, so beautiful. And I could observe in these golden crowns, they were like precious stones placed on the top of these crowns. 

I asked Lord, “Lord, why do you have these precious stones in these crowns?”

The Lord said, "These are the reward of your work and the church. These precious stones and gems will be placed on your crowns in relation to your work and service.”

I said, "Lord, this is so nice.”

The Lord said, "You cannot imagine what I have prepared for you and all My people for what eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man with things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” (1 Corinthians 2:9) 

I talked to the Lord about the white clothes, if I can put them on. 

The Lord said, “It's not time yet. People will come from the east and the west, the north and the south and will recline at the table in the kingdom of God. These white garment of brightening light is prepared for you. However, it is not yet the time to put it on.”

The white garment seems like a special suit prepared for a big party. Around this place, I saw people dancing and singing, praising the Lord. I could hear the music of Heaven, something so beautiful. 

I say, “Lord, how nice is this place.”

The Lord told me, “You cannot imagine what I have prepared for My people.”

I said, "Lord, I do not want to leave this place.”

The Lord told me, “It's time for you to go.”

But I did not want to go. And when the man Jesus Christ told me, “It's time to go,” I saw a person and people around. They were not like the people that I observed previously. They were not elders. There were all young. I do not know how to explain but they were young with beautiful faces. The skin color of these people was so beautiful. 

Then I asked the Lord, “Who is that particular man over there?”

The Lord told me, “He is one of My prophets of the Bible,” but He did not tell me his name. 

I looked at the other side, I saw another person. 

I asked, “Lord, who is that person?”

The Lord said, "He is one of My disciples.”

I could see tables and those tables were set up for the great final day, the day of the Lamb’s wedding. In this place, I observed a person who had such a beautiful harp upon his hand. That person had golden hair and he was playing the harp. 

I say, “Lord, who is that? Is that King David?” 

I did not see his face. 

I said to the Lord, “I want to approach him. I want to go talk to him.”

The Lord said, "Mr. Cebey, it is not time yet. You have to go back to Earth. You have to keep your garment white. You have to keep your crown. No one should take it for you.”

The one thing that the Lord continued to repeat it to me was, “Keep your garment white and keep your crown but know that I love you.”

The Lord says, “You cannot stay in this place. You have to go back. Look at the time.” 

And when the Lord told me to look at the time, I looked at the clock and the needles marked two minutes to 12. It was almost time. 

The Lord told me to go back to the Earth. 

But I said, "Lord, I do not want to go.”

The Lord said, “You have to return, son. The only thing that you have to strive for is keeping your garment white.”

Then the angels escorted me and they brought me back. 

The Lord said to me, “Son, remember, though you are going back to Earth, very soon you are coming back here. Time is running out. Keep your garment clean.”

I said, "Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ.”

And then I came back to Earth. And when I arrived at my house, I woke up at that moment, I grabbed and read my cell phone. I looked at the time. It was five and five minutes.

I fell on my knee and I said, "Lord, thank you.”

I felt a peace and joy in my heart. The joy of salvation had returned to my heart because I had doubts. The Lord returned His presence to my heart and it was something so beautiful. It was such a beautiful experience with the Lord. 

And I want to tell you, listener, if you're on the other side listening to this, do not lower your arms. There is Heaven where the Lord Jesus Christ lives and reigns and He is our Savior. There is such a beautiful place called Paradise. Sometimes we talk about it here on Earth, but nobody values it. Eternal life is something of great value. 

Saturday, July 11, 2020



Welcome, God's children. I am Annie, a 62-year-old intercessor in our local church and I work in women’s ministries.

The Lord gave me the message of grace for my nation and bordering countries. I'm not a prophet, but the Lord speaks to me in an audible voice all the time when He wants.

When our Bishop was alive, the Lord Jesus came to me and gave me a message for him. The Lord said that our church belonged to Him and that without sound doctrine and worship, the church was dead. The Lord warned that the church was drifting away from apostolic and sound doctrine. He asked me to tell the pastor to return to sound doctrine and biblical gospel.

Quickly I went to try and see the pastor and I delivered to him the message.

The latter said, "I would let you deliver the warning of the Lord to the congregation as His people are no longer living in His standard.”

But the bishop failed to do so.

After his death, the Lord gave me a second message for the city of Bethel ministry, which is our church. I was sleeping when I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “The foundation is wrong. It is not right. Go tell pastor Moses that he should return the old foundation for I am not there.”

I tried to talk to the pastor, but I was never able to meet him. I mean, I was not allowed, but I did what I was supposed to do. Our church has deviated from sound doctrine.

Then the Lord Jesus sent me to preach the gospel all over the nation and in the bordering countries. On that day, the Lord asked me to get a sheet of paper and He began to list a long number of villages and little cities over the country where I was to deliver the message He gave me.

Brother, this experience was not in a dream. I was neither dead nor asleep nor having a dream or vision. In fact, on that day, I was sleeping on my bed.

All of a sudden, I heard someone telling me, "Annie, wake up.”

Actually, I felt like there were human hands that were pushing my body in order to wake me up.

When I woke, I could not see the Lord Jesus Himself. However, His presence was there. And He spoke to me in an audible voice.

When the Lord woke me up. He told me, "Annie, I don't want to give you this message in a dream or vision for you will not understand and no one will explain this message to you. I want you to be awake. I want your intelligence to be active so that you can get the message very clearly.”

I remember when the Lord woke me up, I was still lying on my bed in my room. Suddenly, I saw that my bedroom was illuminated by an intense light, and I got scared for I never encountered this kind of light before. Out of fear, I closed my eyes and covered myself with my blanket.

However, this great light was penetrating the cover and flashes of light were reaching my eyes though I was covered. I was under the cover when I felt two hands pulling me up out of the cover.

I could not see the Lord who made me sit down on my bed like a child. I mean, those hands made me sit precisely the way mothers would get their babies to sit when they are teaching them to sit by themselves.

Quickly, I felt that the Lord was holding me on the hip. I wondered why.

The Lord said, "I am doing this because I don't want you to run away when you see what I will show you.”

The Lord asked me, "What are you seeing?”

Quickly, I saw that the wall of my bedroom had turned into a huge screen. I did not see the Lord but I could hear His audible voice very clearly. When the wall of my bedroom turned into a screen, I began to watch a scene of a mountainous region. In fact, I saw two hills separated by a road.

When I looked at the hill, on my left side, I saw a group of people that were dressed in black. I could not see their hands and their feet that were covered. They were dressed in hoodie clothes.

When I looked at the hill on my right-hand side, I saw a group of people that were dressed in white and they had crowns on their heads. I was stunned by the brightness of their garments for I have never seen this kind of white color on the earth.

The Lord said, "The group of people you see that are dressed in black are giant spirits of Hell. They are the accusing spirits. Whenever My children fail to separate from the world, and when you are keeping the property of the enemy, when death comes, your deeds will follow you and accusation will rise from demons against you in the afterlife. This is the call for separation from the world and the things of the world for whoever loved the world the love of the Father is not in him.” (1 John 2:15)

The Lord said, "The people that are dressed in resplendent white on the right side are My angels that lead the overcomers to the place of rest of the paradise of God.”

The Lord said, "The message that I am giving you is in the book of Revelation. I am coming soon and My rewards with Me. The sub point of this message is the journey between life and death.”

The Lord said, "I will show you the road of the dead for whenever a man dies on the earth, he is gonna walk alone on this road. The deceased soul will go to his eternal destination, which is either to the abode of the dead or the place of rest. When a deceased soul is walking in the road of the dead and does not encounter the accusation of the giant spirit, he will surely enter the place of rest, for he has nothing that belongs to the enemy. He has lived a life of separation and exclusion from the world, and My angel will take him to the paradise of God.”

Brother, I was observing the way of the dead between the two hills when suddenly I saw our national gospel singer Sister Mary. It was made known to me that she had led many souls to God with her songs. She saved many souls with her songs. When she was walking in the road of the deads I saw the bright angels of God surrounding her in order to receive her. Quickly I saw the angels of God and the singer Mary singing a popular song of worship of the singer brother Alain. They were singing and dancing, moving towards the place of rest. They were dancing precisely the way we dance. This song is sung in our country a lot.

All of a sudden, I saw a giant spirit the accuser rushing down the hill to the road of the dead, where the angels and Sister Mary were singing.

They stood before the angels and they said, "This woman is not yours for she belongs to us.”

They began to accuse the gospel singer. At that moment I saw giant spirits coming up with artificial hair. They came with eyelashes. They also came with artificial nails. This whole thing was like a court of law.

These demons accused Sister Mary of using these accessories during her life on the earth.

They told God’s angels, “This singer used our property on the earth. She failed to separate from our items.”

Brother, I saw these giant spirits projecting the life of Sister Mary on a screen and they began to accuse her.

They said to the angels of God, “This servant had dark skin when she was faithful to God. But when she began to do our bidding, she bleached her skin in order to correct God who gave her dark skin. She wanted light skin, therefore she went on to correct God.”

The demon highlighted the hole in the ear of Sister Maria for earring and they said, "She would not be able to return the flesh she has removed in order to use earring.”

1 Peter 3:3 Do not let your adornment be merely outward—arranging the hair, wearing gold or putting on fine apparel.

But this lady has been trying to correct God. Then I observed the giant spirit coming up with lady pants that the gospel singer was wearing on the earth and they began to accuse her of breaking the law according to what is written in Deuteronomy 22:5, A woman must not wear men's clothing nor a man wear women's clothing for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this.

When I watched the screen I saw ladies wearing miniskirts that expose their bodies. They wore shorts. These skirts and pants were tight.

The demon of hell said to God’s angels, “This is the fashion trend this singer was using.”

These demons read the passage of the scripture in 1 Timothy 2:9, I also want the women to dress modestly with decency and propriety adorning themselves not with elaborate hairstyles or gold or pearls or expensive clothes.

Finally, these unclean spirits asked the angels of the Lord, “Do you still think she is yours? We don't have any problem with you. We gave you one scripture after the other to prove that she has been using our property. She failed to separate from the trend and fashion that belong to us.”

The angels could not protest for the Bible was condemning Sister Mary. The angels handed the soul of this gospel singer to the giant spirit of Hell.

At that moment the Lord said to me, "My children are doing this because of the body member I gave them. If I remove the hair from their head, they will struggle to use artificial hair. They will struggle to use eyelash if I remove their natural eyelash, they will struggle to use artificial nail if I remove the natural nails in their fingers.”

The Lord said, "If any of My daughters want to enter the road of the paradise of God, she must keep My word, she must pay attention to My word. Otherwise, she will face accusations from unclean spirits. Anyone using the property of the enemy will face the accusing spirits in the afterlife.”

When the gospel singer went to the abode of the dead, I saw another scene on the screen. In fact, I saw a man walking in this way of the deads. He was a pastor, and he was received by the angels. As they were walking on this road of the deads I saw a giant spirit landing before them.

They told the angels of the Lord, “This soul belongs to us.”

They pointed to two incisions on his body. They told the angels, “These tattoos and incision belong to us.”

Then they read God's Word in Leviticus 19 verse 28, which says, You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor put any marks on you. I am the Lord.

The Angel of Hell took this pastor to the place of torment.

Then I saw another deceased soul walking the way of the dead. This was a lady who was an intercessor and she was received by the angels of God. However, the giant demon began to accuse her and claim her soul. They brought clothes that belonged to this intercessor.

They told the angels of God, “This lady is supposed to be yours, but she went to visit the place of a native doctor. On that day when she consulted the native doctor, she wore these particular clothes that we have here in our deposition as the evidence for whenever God’s people attend native doctors and mystics, we keep the evidence. We keep the clothes they were wearing on that day as evidence of a violation of God’s law. We even have the date this sister visited the mystic.”

These demons went to read Leviticus 19:30-31, You must keep My Sabbath and have reverence for My sanctuary. I am the Lord. You must not turn to mediums or spiritists. Do not seek them out, or you will be defiled by them. I am the Lord your God.”

The Lord said to me, "Tell My daughters, this is the end time This is night time. They must be faithful to their assemblies. They must stop changing churches for many other churches that do not belong to Me. There are many satanic pastors initiating their members. I am the Giver of grace. I give My people grace and ability so that they might serve the local church. Many are rebelling against their pastors.”

The Lord showed me a Bible with a wire. The Lord said, "The world is the believer, but the wire is the preacher of the Bible, that is, the believers receive electric energy from the wire. Whenever people leave the church, they are disconnected from the wire and they are cut off and they are empty. When people leave the church, they go out empty. They joined false preachers who are in agreement with demons. They can prophesy and it will come to pass. These predictions of false prophets come to pass but they are not Mine. Many are following prophecies and they are joining false prophets. They are being initiated.”

The Lord said, "Tell My children to remain in their assembly. Tell them to walk in sanctification, then they can ask Me whatever they want. I will reveal to them the mystery about their problems. If they can seek Me I will talk to them directly, they would hear My voice, but many are wondering. Hebrews 13 verse 17, Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they watch over your souls as those who must give an account. Do not follow people rebelling against their pastors. There is a curse on them.”

Then a new scene appeared on the screen where I saw people arresting a thief. The Lord said, "This thief will not reach the place of rest because his action is apparent. But there are people that are thieves in terms of measure and accounting. They are dishonest. They are salesmen that want to make more profit. As a result, they steal from their customers." 

Leviticus 19:36, You shall have honest scales, honest weights, an honest ephah, and an honest hin. I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt.

Then a scene appeared on the screen. I saw a man that was beaten because of witchcraft. He has killed many people.

The Lord said, “Yes, he is a witch and he has killed people and he is going to the abode of the deads. But there are also witches that I want to show you for they killed people. These are people that are killing babies through abortion and contraception. They are witches, you don't know the number of innocent children they have killed. I told humanity in Genesis to multiply themselves but not to kill by abortion and contraception.”

“In Gen 38:8 And Judah said unto Onan, Go in unto thy brother's wife, and marry her, and raise up seed to thy brother. 9 And Onan knew that the seed should not be his; and it came to pass when he went in unto his brother's wife, that he spilled it on the ground, lest that he should give seed to his brother. 10 And the thing which he did displeased the LORD: wherefore He slew him also.”

“Likewise, many men are ejaculating outside their wives.”

The Lord said, “Go tell My people I am not happy about men ejaculating and spilling their seed away from their wives’ bodies and I am not happy about abortion and contraceptive methods including condoms. This is a crime.”

Then the Lord said, “Let me show you how they are aborted.”

I saw on the screen many babies with a lot of blood in their mouths.

The Lord said, “The blood that you see is the blood that comes out of the mother when the mother aborts the baby.”

Then I saw another baby having medication in his mouth.

The Lord said, “This happened in abortion when the mother takes medication to abort.”

The Lord then showed me a baby holding a pill and contraception.

The Lord said, “Whether the baby is killed from abortion or killed through contraception, we are dealing with the same situation. Those who kill through abortion are not different from those who kill through contraception. They are both murderers.”

The Lord said, "Aborted babies are not different from babies that are victims of contraception. They are all human beings.”

The Lord said, "The mathematics of children is in My hand. That is why I am angry against those who are aborting and using contraceptive. If it were in the hand of the doctor there will not be barren women for the doctor would have taken the baby from one womb and transfer them to another.”

The Lord Jesus said, "When men and women are married, I know in advance the number of the babies they would have, whether it is 5 or 10. You will tell Christian couples, if I have planned for them to have 5 or 10 children, they must let My will be done. They must deliver the children that I have planned for them. They should not use contraceptives to stop or control birth. They must have normal sex without contraceptives and condoms, for I have planned in advance the number of children they are supposed to have. If they go on resorting to contraceptive in order to stop a child that was to be born, this is a crime. These children dying as a result of contraceptives and condoms are not different from aborted children because they were in My plan. I am the One in control of birth. However, if My children don't want to have more babies, they should pray and ask Me. I will hear their prayer and I will stop the formation of the baby and the pregnancy. They should not use contraceptives and men must not ejaculate away from their wives like Onan. And they must not resort to contraceptives and condoms in order to stop the pregnancy.”

The Lord told me, “Warn ladies that those who abort will die in the process. This is the punishment I have to agree with. I will personally punish them. Warn women that use contraceptives that they will suffer cancer. This will be My punishment.”

Then a new scene was projected on the screen. And I saw a deceased woman walking in the way of the deads. She was received by the angels of God. She was a deacon. But the giant spirit began to abuse the deacon and they told the angels that she is a murderer. They said to God's angels, “We have to take her away because of abortion.

In fact, the woman died as a result of abortion. The baby she aborted was taken to heaven, but she ended up to the abode of the dead. 

In the year 2014, the Lord sent me to a village where I brought His message against abortion and contraception for the people were opposed to this message of the Lord. The local church pastor that received me was scared for my security. He told me that the people of the village will assault me if I continue to preach against abortion and contraception again, for they were already offended. The pastor was afraid and he hired a security officer to accompany me in the work of evangelism.

I took my megaphone and began to deliver the message to the residents of this little village. When I had left the city, many ladies went on to abort despite the warning of the Lord and they died. It was the Lord’s punishment that I announced in that village. There were so many deaths that the villagers looked for me, but I was not there. When I returned to this village, I warned them again against abortion and contraception.

I was watching this screen when the content changed. I saw abandoned children in the street, they have become abandoned.

The Lord said, "These children you see don't have mothers. It's when their fathers had divorced their mothers, their problems began. And these fathers remarried other women. Most of these stepmothers refused to accept and love these children. Many of these children are destroyed because of the abusive treatment they received in the homes of their parents. They became abandoned children.”

Then the Lord warned that ladies that lose their virginity would be attached to men who took away their virginity, for there will be blood covenant and this is the cause of fornication.

The Lord then began to talk to me about the matrimonial bed.

The Lord said, "Women who often refuse their husbands in bed are not entering the kingdom of heaven. When you often refuse your man in bed, since he will not be able to bear this for long, he will go out to sleep with other women. Many women are sending their husbands out to commit fornication. They will not enter the kingdom of God.”

The Lord said, "Men are fragile for they are made of dust. But women are not made from dust. They are made from men’s bone and men’s flesh, thus they are stronger than men. The role of women is to sustain their family and to seek My face in order to save their family. But many of My servants are falling because of their wives’ character.”

Exodus 22:22 Ye shall not afflict any widow or fatherless child.

The Lord wants to warn against people who would mistreat the orphan and people who plunder the orphan.

The Lord said, "I will punish men and women who dispossessed the orphan and these men would die and their children will become orphans.”

I saw this happening in my city. I remember a man of God who was a member of the army, and he was also a commander. He was poisoned in this city.

I said, "Lord, why did you let your servant die? Yet it is written that they will take poison and it would not harm them.”

The Lord said to me, "Annie, you have to shut up. You don't know what you are talking about. This man has stolen the money and goods of the orphans and the widows and has failed to confess.”

I was quiet when I heard this.

Then the Lord said to me, "Do you remember My servant, the gospel singer who died because of poison? In truth, the poison could not kill him. He was poisoned many times. But he asked me for rest. That is why I allowed him to die. Had he not asked me to die, I would not have allowed him to die. He is now in the place of rest.”

The Lord showed me a group of singers that was used by the government in order to poison this singer and there was blood in their hands.

I saw on this screen people carrying heavy barrels of beer.

The Lord said, "These people are not passing to the place of rest because of beer. Hab 2:15 Woe to him who gives his neighbor drink, pouring out your wineskin, and also making him drunk, that you may look on their nakedness! Isa 5:11 Woe to those who rise up early in the morning to go after strong drink; tarrying in the twilight while wine inflames them! 12 And the lyre, and the harp, the timbrel, and pipe, and wine, are at their feasts; but they do not regard the work of Jehovah. Yea, they do not see the work of His hands.”

The Lord said, "Tell the people that whoever wants to change let them change. Those who are not actively seeking eternal life will not pass the road of the dead successfully.”