Saturday, October 24, 2020



My dears, I got married two weeks ago. But something terrible happened to me last week, right in the middle of my wedding. I was poisoned. Right after the wedding, my health deteriorated. I could not speak for three days. I felt that I was dying. The poison had reached my internal organs and I felt inexplicable pain that I had never experienced in my own life. I forgive those people that conspired to eliminate me because of this testimony and sound doctrine. You could have been talking about my death.

But in the middle of the pain, I heard the Lord voice telling me, “You still have a lot of time before you and you are not dying.”

These words of the Lord gave me great assurance. I did not know that I will stand here again to testify. But the One who art in Heaven told me, “You will continue to testify and you will not die.”

This latest attack helped me double my vigilance. In truth, people that come close to us are not always our friends.

The Lord told me, “If I show you the person who had poisoned you, you will not believe for he is a pastor like you.”

My brother, I pray that the Lord forgives them. When they reach knowledge, they will change. I want to seize this opportunity to thank you church for your presence at my wedding.

However, I was not happy about your adornment that was worldly. Though I was disappointed, I could not react and tell you right there in the middle of the wedding celebration for the pulpit is where we announce celestial things.

The church that accepts makeup where women have painted faces will not see God. We are living at the end of time as we see the fulfillment of prophecy.

Worldly adornment that I oppose was the order of the day at my wedding celebration. I saw women with painted faces at my wedding. Church, I noticed that you had wigs and fake hair on your heads. I saw you, women of this church, with beauty powder and clothes exposing your back. This is despite my testimony of countless chambers of Hell. It is clear that you people are not ready for Heaven. You pretend to go to Heaven but you are not ready.

My wedding was like an opportunity for you to lose yourselves. I was watching each one of you. I was happy about your attendance and service. However, given that I will give an account for your souls I was not happy.

You adulteresses, Do you not know that friendship with the world is hostility toward God. Therefore, whoever chooses to be a friend of the world renders himself an enemy of God. (James 4:4)

All the sisters of the church had painted faces, wigs, and false hair. When I looked at my wife, I saw that she also had false hair and a painted face. I was stunned. I said in my heart, “If the trumpet was to blast now my wife you are staying. Even if you hang on my feet, I will tell you, my wife, love between men and women is terrestrial, not celestial. The treasure of eternity is what counts for us.”

Don't get me wrong, Church. I told God, “If I am gonna die with this poison, let me warn these people for the last time.”

I want to talk to you today about the chambers of those who lighten their skin.

The Bible says in Jeremiah 2:22 although you wash yourself with soap and use an abundance of cleansing powder, the stain of your guilt is still before Me, declares the Sovereign Lord.

On that day in the night, the Lord came to tell me, “I have to take you one more time in Hell to see those people that lighten their skin, destroying their epidermis. You will tell My people to remain natural, just like when they were born.”

My brother, if you were born with dark skin, please stay natural. Those who are born light-skinned must stay natural.

“Yet people want to bring correction to My creation. You must come with Me on this journey.”

In truth I did not want to join the Lord for this experience beyond the grave was unbearable for me. It was a reality beyond human imagination. I attended many biblical Schools of Theology, but they never mentioned these things to me. I followed all kinds of training but I was never told these things.

It was very tough for me to accept these things I saw beyond the grave that lead to Hell.

When the Lord took me from home, in the blink of an eye we landed in Hell. We were on top of a very high mountain. I saw a huge land before us where they were crowds of souls with skin that were burnt. They were smelling the odor of death that was repugnant and unbearable. 

These things were tough. I saw countless souls in a stampede seeking to escape. I saw demons pulling them back to the flames of fire. There was no exit and place to escape. This place was unbearable yet there were countless in this place.

My dear brother, the skin and beauty that these people valued on Earth was miserable and bad in Hell.

I saw demons going after them leading them to the dungeons of Hell. This was perdition and eternal damnation. They cried to the Lord but it was too late for them.

My dear, when we landed in this vast plane of fire, I saw machines inside the fire which I never saw in our world. These machines seemed like grinding machines. I saw tables and shelves where the souls of men were laid. I saw demons leading one soul after another in this place before the bar for judgment.

I saw demons reading and reciting condemnation sentences against these souls. I mean, when people die and fall into Hell, it's because of the sentence and condemnation of God.

Demons were reading sentences and judgment that fell on these souls that failed to keep the Word of God. Every soul in this place stood before demons that were reading judgment and sentence. This was the judgment of conscience where the souls heard the cause of eternal condemnation.

When the first soul stood before the demons, they showed him four photos of himself. The first picture was of his childhood, and this picture showed that he was dark skin. The second picture showed that this man in adulthood had resorted to lightning cosmetic products to become light skin, and I saw a demon coming with a bag containing lightning and cosmetic products. And all these products were shouting justice.

The demon told this man, “You transformed yourself by changing the color of your skin. Yet when your God created all things, the Bible says that He saw that all things were good, but you brought correction in the creation and work of your Creator.”

But this man replied to this demon, “I did it only for I wanted to be elegant.”

The demon asked him, “Are you trying to say that your Creator is incapable to even give you what you need? Why have you not attended His council in order to ask Him to give you light skin?”

The man said, “How can I be in that council?”

The demon said, “Don't you know that you cannot just do all you want on Earth?”

This demon made clear that men were failing to realize that they are not free to do whatever they want.

I thank God that no one in this church has changed his skin with these lightening lotions. I was using lightening lotion many years ago and I was attracting attention. I was doing various combinations of various lotions and tubes. We were like slaves. People used to praise me yet this demon in Hell said men are not permitted to do all they want on the land.

The demon told this man, “Humans are dependent creatures. Your God made you in a way that you are supposed to live depending on Him.”

Then I saw this giant demon heating a machine like an iron heated in high temperature and the demon ironed this man the way we iron clothes in order to remove his skin, and then he showered the man in acid.

It was such horror and atrocious torment. What suffering! The man was burned like a fish on the grill yet this was not a fish but a fellow human being, a lost soul.

The demon told him, “We are moving the epidermis that your Creator gave you in order to make you whiter than snow.”

The man screamed, “Oh my God.”

The man shouted, “Oh Lord God,” and began to implore the mercy of God.

The demon asked him, “Which god are you talking about? Which god are you invoking in this place? On the land, you were a worshipper of your beauty. What you liked the most was the worship of your beauty.”

This man begged the Lord but it was too late. He was tormented in this horrendous place. As demons were showering him with acid he was screaming and his torment was rising.

Then I saw a woman that was tormented as a demon cut her throat.

The Lord told me she was taking pills to lighten her skin. Demons were tormenting and scratching her breasts.

The Lord said, “When she was alive, she was applying products to lighten her breasts, which were catching men’s attention.”

The Lord showed me a woman that was honored in a song that pays tribute to her beauty. The Lord said she used her beauty as a source of income to live in prostitution. She went out with people from all classes. As a result, she was infected with HIV AIDS. She used all kinds of soap and lotion to lighten her skin.

She was crying to the Lord and holding a photo of her youth when she was at the peak of her beauty.

She said, “Woe to me, the world paid tribute to my beauty. Lord, give me an opportunity to return to Earth to recover my beauty. I am lost forever.”

I said to the Lord, “Is it wrong for men to apply lotion?”

The Lord said, “You don't understand these things. Men can take care of their bodies. Men have to wash and use lotion for their skin and use perfume. All this without trying to bring change to their natural skin color. Make sure to not change your skin. I am not against people taking care of themselves, but against changing the natural skin color only against depigmentation. Women must take care of their natural hair but should avoid wigs. They should not use jewelry or pearlies for I am opposed to all these. They can comb their hair but must not put fake hair.”

In Hell, I also saw the feet of a person that was ground in a machine. It was a woman who used to lighten the skin of her feet with lightning lotion.

The demon told her, “Do you notice that your feet have seduced many men?

She cried to the Lord for deliverance but it was too late.

Then I saw a woman who was wearing eyelashes. Demons had introduced hooks on her two eyelashes and they were pulling her over the place. They were also introducing what seems like stings in her eyes.

The Lord said, “I made My creatures beautiful. Men must keep what I gave them. Men must take care of what I gave them. They should stay the way I made them and should not seek the transformation of their physical appearance. They should not add to what I created, for I am opposed to that.”

At that moment, I saw a group of demons talking to one another, saying, “We must do something, you know, men are ignorant. We must do what it takes to stop them from reaching the knowledge of the truth. Let us set up laws.”

I saw them writing laws. The first of their law says, “It is not a big deal. It's nothing.”

I heard a demon saying, “They won't see the gravity of their action. They would think that their Lord will tolerate their deeds.”

The Bible says in Psalm 50:21, You have done these things, and I kept silent. You thought I was just like you. But now I rebuke you and accuse you to your face.



I am the last of 10 siblings. From birth, strange things began to happen to me. I remember a childhood full of terror at nightfall. I was constantly persecuted and tormented by demons throughout my childhood. I'd crawl in a small space because I was afraid of the sun. My father put me in a Catholic school where I learned to pray the Rosary.

At six years of age, when I could not bear the situation in my father's house, I moved to my sister's house and it is there that at the age of 12, I had my first encounter with tarot and the invocation of spirits.

My friend said, "I need to have a serious talk with you."

We met at a neighbor's house and he took out tarot cards then put it on a table. He filled a crystal ball with water and put it to the side.

“Don't take your gaze off this glass because we can't play with the tarot cards until they come and drink the water."

I said, "Who's coming here?"

He said, “Demons."

I laughed and thought this was crazy. Shortly, I felt a strange presence in the room. I felt my skin loosen and saw the water slowly flow out of the glass as if it were broken. I learned how to summon demons, necromancy, etc. I floated in the air until demons wouldn't let me sleep. They'd whisper in my ears, “Kill yourself! You"re worthless!” I was 13 then.

I looked for the razor to slit my wrists and die but couldn't so I went to the outskirts of a volcano. I tripped over an enclosure with barbed wire. I grabbed it with all of my force and cried. At midnight, as blood dripped from my hands, I heard footsteps behind me. I felt a hand touch my shoulder and I saw a man I never saw before.

He said, "Don't cry anymore. Look for revenge."

He put a slip of paper in my shirt pocket. "This has an address. Look for it as a special favor from me."

He floated across the enclosure as if he were a ghost.

I looked for the address and it was a beautiful white house with a beautiful green garden. It had cars but they were dirty and dusty. I knocked on the door and called. Then the door slowly opened. The man smiled as if he knew me.

"Young man what do you want?"

I gave him the paper. He looked at it and said, "Don't be afraid. I'm the person who'll help you. Trust me. All I ask is you stay here for 7 days then we'll talk."

I walked in and it was completely dark. At the back, there were candle lights. I walked into a room and saw an altar with candles, but there was no one. On the 7th day, I saw the man seated with 2 books.

"I congratulate you...I am Professor Fronteras. I'm from Mexico and I'm the representative of the Church of Satan in El Salvador.."

As he invoked demons, I felt a dark evil presence engulfed my body. “I want you to stay with me. These books have supernatural powers, but I can't elect you," Fronteras said.

He stood up and wrote 3 questions on a whiteboard taken from one of the books then said, "Write a letter asking Satan to accept you. Put the 3 questions in the center of the letter and leave space for the answers."

I waited for days until I went to a mountain and under a rock, I put the envelope.

Fronteras said, "We'll wait until the spirits signal when you'll go for the response. I tell you this because not all Satanists wait in the same time frame for the response."

I waited for 7 days. He showed me a ritual and told me to do it 7 times before going for the envelope.

"When you go for the response, take a 7-inch candle, a box to put the candles in, a cotton ball, and oil-paper of any Roman Catholic church."

I knelt down and did the ritual then I felt a cold wind blow the candle out. I felt like I was kneeling on jello. The earth was cold and felt like it would crack to send me down into the abyss. I closed my eyes tight and felt Satan along with his demons walk towards me. They were so real that if I were to stretch my hand out, I would've touched someone. I felt a horrible presence and I was shaking.

When I gave the letter back to the professor, he opened his arms and said, "Welcome, the spirits accepted you.."

I suffered a terrible fever. Later, he gave me half a cup to drink. I didn't ask what was in it so I asked. In Satanism, there are 7 levels and each level has 170 hours of instruction with a space of 20 hours in each one. Once you complete the final stage of initiation, they rip a page of the Bible and burn it. They take the ashes and dissolve it in a glass of water then give it to you to drink as a blasphemy against the Word of God. Satanists rip Bibles, spit on them, stand over them, burn them, and many more things.

Professor Fronteras said, "We can't continue the initiation until you perform a blood ritual."

He prepared me in mind, soul, and body. He had me go to a church and walk 7 steps. On the 7th step, I cut the veins in my right arm then used the blood to form a circle. I took out a paper with many blasphemies and I read and did them one by one. That night was horrible. After I left, I touched myself to see if I was still alive. I couldn't stop bleeding then the professor branded me with tattoos using fire. He branded an inverted cross on my right arm and my heart. The other tattoo on my right leg is the pentagram. The last tattoo on my back is the Devil in the form of a beautiful angel. He had one skull in his raised hand and an inverted cross in the lowered one.

Fronteras told me, "This night, you should know the angel in your back is Satan. The skull is Jesus and the cross symbolizes Satan killing Jesus and sending Him to the deepest parts of hell. The stupidest decision of God was sending Jesus to the cross because He died as a coward, defeated, the worst mistake of God, etc.."

Satanism teaches Jesus fought Satan and lost. They have you recite "Jesus died" a thousand times every night. I bought many things, fasted several times, etc. Sometimes, the rituals ended in blood as demons instructed through mediums. When they do, the witches make the pentagram with blood and put candles around them then establish Satanic altars. They bring the largest block of ice on the ground and use a bronze coin with a crucified dog on one side and a pig on the other.

One person stands in the center of the pentagram with a coin in one hand and an outstretched hand over the block of ice. Someone comes and slashes his arm. As the ice bathes in blood, they recite a prayer, "Oh Satan we ask you just as the blood falls over the ice, the Evangelicals will grow cold as well. May the church be dead where their mouths are too heavy to praise God." They often brought pictures of pastors to confirm the rituals.

I have many scars from these rituals. Once, my finger hung by a thread. I came to know 18 Satanic books. I did a ritual in a graveyard in San Miguel for 7 days.

Fronteras said, "Make sure you do not use one body of a dead Christian."

I asked around to make sure. A medium communicated with spirits to confirm whether or not the person was a Christian. Chapter 28 article 3 of the Satanic Occultism manual says, "Never perform magic on a Protestant." It's absolutely forbidden because if you do, you'll face the consequences. I saw witches become paralyzed when they tried to harm Christian campaigns. I saw witches roll around like rabid dogs vomiting all over the streets under the judgment of God.

One of the most powerful witches of the East came to do harm to a preacher. A dog in the church died and the people felt a strange presence so they prayed. The witch wanted to leave but he couldn’t. He convulsed on the ground and became a Christian. 

Professor Fronteras' congregation was unimaginable. I don't know how they got so much money. They'd have their services announced on TV trying to recruit people via mediums for any reason - love, healing, fortune-telling, etc. Even some Christians were tempted. 9 men came to be initiated like I was. The professor said, "Stay and help me." I instructed them on the basics of Satanism, but the rest was up to the professor.

We taught them for almost a year until we heard of a Christian campaign. Evangelist Pablo Rosales was coming. Every night, they had 20 people which wasn't normal at the time. Every night, there were miracles and healings. One of the Satanists came in disbelief of a major power there. I heard the power was so real that many felt dew falling over them. Everyone cried as they accepted Jesus, including the Satanist who went there. I was in bed until Fronteras with his powers initiated a process of liberation in my life. I astral projected myself and prepared myself then Fronteras said, "The Protestants took away a student tonight. Let's make a grand fast this day! Let's block the campaign! Let not one more day pass!"

We fasted and invoked supernatural powers. We wanted the pastor to get sick, the equipment to get destroyed, something to stop the campaign. The Professor told me, "Go and kill the pastor" 3 times.

In Satanism, someone who acts in the 4th category is still normal. Someone who can look at a flower and disintegrate it with mental powers is normal. Someone who works and resists in the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th levels is not normal. Fronteras called a dog and looked at it. Quickly, the dog fell over vomiting blood, and died. He said it was his mental powers. I was taught how to break a glass and lift objects.

I went to the campaign, crossing a river in the night. Half-way, the pastor was standing. He ran to find me, hugged me, cried, and said, "Son, you didn't come because you wanted to. God brought you here. God wants to forgive you. God wants to save you. God has a marvelous plan for your life. God wants to do something with your life." His arm felt so heavy, I couldn't support it. I was sure of revenge. I thought, “Oh little pastor if only you knew what I came to do to you tonight..”

He accompanied me in and I sat as close as I could to the pastor. Other churches filled the church from the inside out. I felt something strange because I didn't know how to leave. There was no way out. People were dancing, talking in tongues I didn't understand, crying, “I felt something strange in my body.”

The Evangelist came crying and said, "Brothers, when I was praying, the Holy Spirit revealed there are demons here tonight."

The church stood up and prayed. I wanted to leave, but I was stuck. As the Evangelist began preaching, I invoked curses on him. In occultism, there's no human that can resist these incantations. I tried 3 times and nothing worked. I was confused and thought, "What's wrong with this man? He's like concrete."

The Evangelist closed the Bible and said, "..the Holy Spirit urges me not to preach. Tonight, the Holy Spirit will manifest Himself and drive out demons here!"

People were crying, people begging for healing, people accepting Jesus, etc. People brought me face to face with the Evangelist.

He said, "I don't want anyone praying with their eyes open. Whoever doesn't close their eyes, I'll stick my fingers in their eyes."

I didn't listen and concentrated to the max on the 3 mysteries of hell. As I was concentrating, I felt drops of water fell over my head. I looked up and there was no water in the ceiling. I felt a strange fire come over my body from the inside out. I closed my eyes in fear and felt a hand touch my shoulder. I was trembling like never before. That power threw me to my knees and I spoke in tongues.

As I was drenched in sweat, the pastor came and said, "Young man get up. You accepted Jesus tonight."

I said, "No sir, I did not accept anyone" and left.

That night, I couldn't sleep. Christians told my father I accepted Christ. I told my father it was a lie. I was supposed to be in a blood ritual, but this force didn't allow me. I was at my father’s property and I heard a voice in the air say, "Return to the campaign!"

I looked around and there was no one there. I returned to the campaign and sat in the back. I only stood up and the power that came over me didn't let me walk. Right there, I began crying uncontrollably.

An elderly man said, "Young man, you’re crying. Do you want to accept Jesus tonight?"

With all of his strength, he brought me to the front and I accepted Christ.

When I accepted Christ, Satan declared war on me. He wouldn't let me sleep one minute for 10 days until someone told me to look for a certain pastor.

I said, "Pastor, I need your help."

The pastor said, "What's wrong?"

I said, "The Devil won't let me sleep."

He said, "Tell me the truth. Do you have any Satanic materials?"

I said "I made a pact with the Devil. I have 18 books."

He said "My God! Where do you have them?"

I said "Here, in my clothes."

He said, "Bring the books. We"re going to the church. I’m going to burn them and you"re not leaving until God delivers you."

When he said that, I laughed. In Satanism, each book is classified into categories. They're all consecrated to the darkness. Human blood is spilled on every 3 pages. When you throw it into a river, it’ll appear under your pillow.

He put oil over each book and lit them on fire. Like snakes, they twisted and turned as they burned. The pastor had me fasting for 5 days.

Someone told me to go into a dark corner and take a lamp to know the demon who disturbed me when I accepted Christ. It was a giant. Its dark skin looked like it was bathed in oil and shined bright. Not one hair as on its body. It had breasts like a woman’s dropping all the way down to its waist and there was a baby was sucking on its breasts.

I heard a voice tell me, "Pick up a stone and throw it at the demon!"

When I picked it up, the demon left.

The voice said, "This rock symbolizes your work and fastings."

The liberation process began where I had to fight for my soul and with the help of God, I have become an evangelist who with my testimony now preaches the great power and triumph of Christ over darkness and the forces of Satanism.

Friday, October 23, 2020



To recount: on a break from the Marines and relaxing (“chilling”) with two Marine buddies (one a corporal, the other an S-2 intelligence agent), Weed and his friends were goofing around taking pictures of a noose that was placed over his neck when — caught from behind by one of the men, who thought it would be even funnier to tighten the noose a bit — Weed was suddenly unable to inhale, unbeknown to his colleagues, who had snapped a few photographs of the “gag” and thought Weed was prolonging the stunt.

He was anything but.

Weed found himself unable to breathe. Desperate, the Marine had tried to loosen the noose strangling him. That proved impossible. Suddenly, he found himself there in the room, but in an entirely new way, now staring at his own body in the same room as his Marine buddies, who took an appallingly long while to notice that he was unconscious and in trouble. His spirit had left his body.

With equal the suddenness, Weed next found himself out of the room and in a totally unfamiliar otherworldly place with darkness so thick and solid black it nearly had a texture: a vast region or plane that seemed to have no ground or floor, and yet with something that he was standing on, like air but hard, a place he didn’t recognize at all: no light, no wind, no sound, standing on nothing, as if in a giant warehouse. The only light was a dim light coming from his own form.

He felt stuck despite trying to stride forward to find an exit. “I had no clue,” he says, “where I was.”

“I began to realize that I was standing in-between two parallel planes that stretch on forever and there are no walls, there are no doors, there are no windows, I’m trapped in between these two parallel planes, and there’s no way out.”

“From that point, I became very scared but before I could even think of another thought I was snatched off of my feet by a very, very large demon. And of course for me, I didn’t know what had happened. It was like getting hit by a truck and having no clue that it was ever coming. This thing had come upon me so fast and caught me with such complete surprise and was so big, I can’t possibly begin to describe what it feels like to be in the grips of something that big.”

“I had this shooting pain from my head to my feet, like a bolt of electricity but not stopping. And I had this pounding sensation, this hurting, pounding sensation from my left shoulder and I saw these fingers that came down to roughly to the bottom of my chest. The depth of its hands went from the side of my neck the breadth of my shoulder. That was the width of its hand. The color of its skin was black and red. I don’t know if it was red with black shadows moving across it or red with a black oily substance like a cloud moving beneath the skin so it makes it have a perception of moving while standing still, like the sky with clouds moving. I was watching these giant red fingers with blackness moving through them and this thing was crushing my left shoulder.”

“This thing had me and was just smiling at me, waiting for me to look at it. When I looked over my shoulder, this thing was grotesque. It sounds even crazier, but it was like thirteen feet tall. Anything you want to know in this place you can ask it in your mind and the answer is given to you and when I thought how big it was, ‘thirteen feet’ came to me. All I know it was huge, ripped through with muscles. No hair, no beard. Just completely hairless and humanoid in shape — two legs, two arms, one mouth, one nose, two ears. The differences were this: where our eyes are white, they were yellow, and where our irises are green or blue or brown, its irises were gold and diamond-shaped like a snake’s. It had a really wide flat nose and gleaming white teeth, perfectly shaped like a human’s. The only thing strange about the teeth is where we have the canines, it had two tusks coming out of its mouth like a boar, a wild pig.”

“The thing picked me up like I weighed nothing to it. And it was taking me along for a ride. I only looked at its face for a second. That’s all it took. As a man, I’m not afraid of any other man on the face of this earth. I will fight any man, I don’t care how much bigger they are than me. But this thing? There was no fighting it. It was far too big. It was like it weighed three or four thousand pounds. You could take one of me and put another on top of me and you still wouldn’t be as tall. This thing had me by the shoulder and was moving at a very fast velocity. It felt like a hundred miles an hour and it had complete control. There was nothing, nothing at all, I could do to get away. I had seen that face for only a second and it was enough to scare me. I’m pretty sure it would scare anyone.”

"All hope drained from me. It seemed like it was all over. I think that the strength of hope is with God and without God and any hope you don’t really have a reason to live and to fight and you don’t have any strength whatsoever.”

“Without hope, you don’t have strength. After hope left me, it was taking me wherever it wanted to take me.”

"The thought came to me that we were headed from the “outer darkness” toward the fiery part (the “fire and brimstone”) of Hell."

This confused me.

I was no saint. I was indifferent (or what the Bible says about being “lukewarm”). I “drank like a fish,” many nights, and smoked some cigarettes; slept around. Who knows what else.

But I didn’t consider myself a “bad” person. I was no murderer. I’d never molested a child. I occasionally went to church.

And so I found it mortally appalling that I was being taken to Hell — by a towering demon.

Fantasy? Like a comic book drama?

If so, it’s one that makes this tough-looking Marine weep at several junctures.

That crying begins when he describes how he was rescued — by an angel.

“I was just an average guy. I never pictured myself as bad.” 

"As I thought of such things, I saw a pinprick of light."

“As I was thinking this to myself — that I’m not such a bad guy — that’s when that light appeared,” he says, “and I looked up at it — like a star far off in the night sky, something so tiny and insignificant and far away that it couldn’t possibly help me.

“Then it moved off to the left a little bit and went back to the right. It moved and I wondered, ‘What is that?’ and I began focusing on it and it came rushing at me like — the only way I could describe it — the speed of this thing was like a bolt of lightning.

“It came to me so fast that one second it was just a tiny little star in the night sky and the next there was blinding white light and his hand was reaching down to me and it was an angel."

[Here he begins to weep].

“My hand just reached up and grabbed this hand, my reflex was just to grab this hand. And as soon as I touched this hand all three of us were motionless and standing on this ground that you can’t see."

“This beast, this demon, still had me by the shoulder and instinctively I knew to stand still because I knew if I moved it would have ripped my shoulder and arm off and beaten me with it. It was just that massively strong. There was something in me telling me, ‘Don’t move. Don’t move.’"

“I was just standing there looking up at this angel and this angel was like nine feet six inches tall and had brown wavy hair pushed to the back and had olive-colored skin. It wasn’t really white, it wasn’t really black, it was somewhere in between, but the light that was emanating from within it was so bright white that it practically overshadowed the color of its skin."

“I say ‘it’ because it wasn’t really a ‘he’ or a ‘she’ although the body was shaped like a ‘he,’ like a male, and when you looked at its face it’s like the most handsome man you have ever seen combined with the most beautiful woman you have ever seen. I mean, when you look at this angel, you think, ‘Wow, he is beautiful.’ I know this is a funny thing to say. In the vernacular, a man is ‘handsome’ and a woman is ‘beautiful.’

“But this angel was just beautiful.”

“Its eyes were blue — I mean perfect blue. If someone took a piece of the sky and put it in its eyes, or a cup from the ocean, and put it in its eyes, there were no flaws in them. Just perfect. Just beautiful."

“He was shaped like a man with a chest and strong arms and an Adam’s apple, a strong man, more like a fitness-trainer strong, not body-builder strong like the demon with muscles popping from where they shouldn’t be. But you can tell this angel was there to fight and he had on a white robe cut in a v-neck in the front and gold along the edge of his collar like embroidered and this robe was kind of like a white Roman tunic that came just before below his knees and elbows and I was just blown away by it."

“I’m looking up at it and blown away by its brightness and beauty and at the same time frozen in place and you could feel the anger from the demon like heat and it looked around to see what had stopped it: It turned around and was ready to fight, make no mistake; this demon was ready to get down in the worst way — but as it whipped around, this angel — its speed was just incredible and it just rushed forward and with open palm hit this demon and had to angle its arm upwards at about the height of its head to hit this demon in the chest and it hit this demon with such power — I can’t describe the fierceness of it, the power of this thing. It hit this demon with such force that its hand was literally ripped from my shoulder and it had no clue what had hit him.

“By the time it turned its head it was already hit.”

“And this demon was hit with such force that it literally folded up and flew backward.”

"The angel then called me by a long mystical name."

“It called me this name to let me know more or less that I still had a chance to make it into Heaven, that I had a heavenly name, and that I squandered it, I wasted it, and if this had been my ultimate time, that’s where I would have stayed. When he called me this long name, it was a feeling of ‘home.’”

The name was just as quickly removed from his memory.

“It looked at me and it began to speak at me and its voice was like a waterfall. If a waterfall could speak, like a rushing sound. I understood it was converting my understanding to understanding its language. It didn’t descend down to my broken language of English. It elevated me up to understand its language and he looked at me and said, ‘Hello, my name is Michael.’ [Weed weeps again].’ I immediately knew this was the Archangel of the Bible.”

“The demon was trying to get back and the angel gave me a saddened look and he said, ‘Your time has not yet come. It’s time for you to go.’”

Immediately I was back in my body, as immediately as I had left. I opened my eyes; I came back to “life”; there I was, back in the room with my friends; lying on the sofa they had placed me on; it took twenty minutes to recover the use of my body, as they tried to revive me (successfully, happily).

Weed’s message:

Devote life to God as much as you possibly can.

It’s not enough to say you believe. You must believe.

It’s not enough to not be a killer, or an abuser.

You must be holy.

“If that makes a Bible-thumping Christian, so be it,” says the Marine. “I’d rather be a Bible-thumping Christian than in the ‘middle,’ because I know where that gets you (Revelation 3:20). We don’t realize the reality of the place. I was at the doorstep of Hell. I know for certain that it does exist because that’s where [before Archangel Michael came] it was taking me.”

Summary of

[Source :]



A young man who escaped the bondages of hell exposes the tricks of the devil that are operating in these modern days. Joseph Menete used to recruit Christians into the kingdom of darkness and destroy churches. Read more about his testimony of healing and deliverance.


I was born in affluence in Maputo in Mozambique. I am the firstborn of four children. I grew up in a Christian church because my mother did not believe in ancestors. My mother comes from a family background of witchdoctors. My family came to South Africa in August 1996 and we settled in Rustenburg where I started school. Things did not go well with my parents and when I was seven years old, my mother sent us back to Mozambique to live with my grandparents.

My grandfather passed away before I was born and I was given his name. My grandmother was very happy when I was born and since I carried her husband’s name so she married me in the spirit. We slept together in the spirit as husband and wife. We had children that stayed in my stomach. My grandmother performed her wifely duties to me by serving me with human flesh because in darkness, we ate human flesh and drank human blood.


In Maputo, I attended a Christian Church and the pastor often gave me opportunities to preach. In 2012, when I was in grade 10, I started having fights with the pastor’s wife because she said my preaching was rubbish and that there was no God in what I was preaching. Her words hurt me deeply because they were not true. One day I fought again with the pastor’s wife and this time I decided to leave the church. Soon after that, a friend of mine invited me to meet his pastor. The pastor welcomed me with open arms and told me he loved working with the youth. When we prayed, he told me not to pray but only agree to what he was saying. That night I could not sleep. I felt unwell but I did not know what was wrong with me.

A few days later I went to the internet for research. A page popped up talking about Satanism. The website explained Satanism in a way that made it look so delightful and perfect. Another message popped up asking if I wanted to be a god. I hesitated but I ended up accepting and I clicked on the button ”yes I want to be a god” and a reply message was sent to me saying, ‘From today you are a god, you will be like god and have the same power as him and you will be able to do what god does.’

After a few days, a man came to me in my dreams and said he was my father. I asked why he was calling himself my father because I already knew my father and he told me that the parents I knew were not my real parents because they had rejected me from when I was still in my mother’s womb. He said his name was Zeus and that he had been waiting for me to grow up. He even showed me a ‘film’ of the time my mother was pregnant with me and she did not want me. This made me furious and full of hatred towards my parents. Zeus said his name meant god. When I asked him where he was coming from, he said I should search the internet for the biography of Rome because he was king of the Romans and the gods of darkness.


In the dream, I agreed to be Zeus’ child and in the spirit, he removed my heart and my soul from me and gave me a new soul. He hid my old soul under the sea but I never saw where he put my heart. After he removed my heart, I was not supposed to love anyone, I was supposed to hate and kill people without mercy or remorse. I also received a spirit of prophecy and the ability to know the Bible off by heart without reading it. I would not have had the power to destroy churches if I did not know the Bible. In my local church, the pastor gave me and my friend more opportunities to preach and we went with him wherever he went. My job was to bring in as many people as possible into the church. The powers of darkness that I possessed drew them in. For us to be recognized in the kingdom of darkness, we had to behave well at home so that we could attract our families to come to church and eventually to darkness.


We were able to see people’s problems just by looking at them. For example, if a woman was troubled by her husband, we would make him come to church and stop troubling her, but he would not leave his wicked lifestyle. If a person was sick, we would heal them, but send a demon to make their family suffer or purchase their children as a sacrifice for the healing. We would lay hands on people, transmitting our evil spirits onto them. If a woman was pregnant and we wanted her unborn child, we would tell her the sex of her unborn child so she would not doubt us and told her the boy or girl was to serve God. When the woman agreed that her child would serve God, we immediately took the child into the spirit world.

Our pastor was well-known and he too was serving under another mega pastor. He had a big church with many pastors and churches under him. I found out later on that our pastor was associated with the pastor’s wife from the church I had attended in my high school years. She was the queen of the dark world, which explains why she did not want me to preach the word of God. The king and queen of witches were married in the spiritual realm. They did not want God in their churches; they wanted church members to be filled with powers of darkness.


The pastor controlled the monies of his congregants. A person would have lots of money but they would not know what they did with it. The pastor took the people’s blessings from them. He also took people’s wives in the spiritual realm. In all the pastor’s churches, there were people controlling the process of sacrifices. He did not have to go to the churches physically, but all of them went to him to offer blood sacrifices. If the demons did not want the blood of the one being sacrificed, they killed their relative.


In churches, we first checked out the intercessors, those who were committed to praying for the pastor, the ministry and church services. We wanted someone who was in the church but not in one spirit with the rest of the team because intercessors are supposed to be in one spirit at all times and carry the presence of God with them. When the spirit was divided, we were able to enter through the weaker link and penetrate the others through them.

If we saw that we were not succeeding in dividing the intercessors, we inflated them with the spirit of pride and make one think that they are better than the rest or that they pray the best. If we still failed, we would spread the spirit of gossip among them. We also targeted worshippers in the choir. We checked their dress style, their hairstyle, and the jewellery they wore because we could easily possess a person by the way they dressed, especially if they were wearing satanic brands and products. If a woman loved wearing revealing clothes, we would send a man to her so she could fall into the sin of fornication or adultery. Once one worshipper committed sexual immorality and continued worshipping, hiding her sins, we used that to spread the spirit to the other members of the team.

In Satanism, we used the Bible to deceive people, like the wedding in Cana of Galilee where Jesus turned water into wine (John 2:1-11). We used this Scripture to entice people into drinking alcohol by saying that Jesus turned water into wine; therefore, He permits us to drink alcohol. Moreover, we made people to be blinded to the scripture in Ephesians 5:18 which says, “And do not be drunk with wine, in which is dissipation; but be filled with the Spirit.” The kingdom of darkness twists the word of God to lure people into darkness or away from the will of God. The people whom we were unable to defeat are those Christians who have the word of God planted deep in their hearts and live by the word. Those ones do not believe everything they are told by anyone.


We used attractive Satanists from the kingdom of darkness to seduce pastors. If the pastor was strong and the Satanist failed to seduce him, we prospered his congregation in finances. When we saw that the pastor was enjoying the offerings, we closed down the flow of money. When he became frustrated, we sent Satanists to give him money. If he accepted our money, he would belong to us and we would be able to control his church.


If a single Christian was committed to praying to the Lord, we made them marry a partner who was filled with the spirit of darkness. The person would become weak in prayers and went astray. If an unemployed person prayed a lot, we would give that person a good paying job that would keep them so busy that they would not find time for church. We made sure that they worked Sundays and kept them away from the church and eventually move out of the will of God. We used many ways to remove Christians from the presence of God by giving them the desires of their flesh and in turn, they went out of the presence of God by themselves. People who were unemployed and we had blocked their jobs usually believed that companies were rejecting them, but that was usually not the case. It was usually the spirits that were connecting with their names and Identity Documents, thus causing hindrances in them getting positive feedback on their applications or job interviews.


In the churches that we controlled, our Satanists recruited people and brought them into darkness for us to promote them. We would recruit people by giving them food and sweets, but this did not work for certain Christians who were prayerful, because of the scripture in Mark 16:18 which says, “They will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” We loved those who were just churchgoers, who went to church but did not have the word of God in them. We gave them food to eat so that they could join Satanism. In the physical, it looked like food but in the spiritual, it was ancestral food. When you ate this food, you received power and were able to enter into the kingdom of darkness.

We also handed out clothes to some Christians when we wanted them to join darkness. After preaching, I would take off my jacket and give it to someone in the church and tell them it was God who told me to give it to them. I would even tell the pastor of that church to monitor the person I gave the jacket to because God had chosen them for ministry. The pastor would agree and make him preach. In human eyes, it would look like the person was growing in the spirit or in the things of God but we would be making sure that the brother remains in the church and promotes darkness through our control of the church. Each time the person wore the jacket, they would be wearing my spirit of Satanism and we would be able to access him at night and he would be initiated in the kingdom of darkness. It is like the case of Elijah and Elisha when Elisha received the mantle of Elijah and the same spirit of Elijah rested on Elisha (2 Kings 2: 8-15). Most pastors of darkness love practicing this act of giving their belongings to members of the church.


Satanists worship the devil and shed blood for sacrifices. Devil worshippers only promote the works of the devil and perform sacrifices in order to receive more money and higher positions. There was a night prayer in the USA where devil worshippers gathered to erect a statue of half a man and half goat. The statue is the devil himself and will soon be erected in different places around the world. Devil worshippers are dominant in rock and roll, R&B and pop music and even some sporting codes. Most celebrities have sold their souls to the devil for fame and money. You can spot a devil worshipper by their hair, usually colored in wild colors, their dress style and satanic hand gestures. Devil worshippers have atrocious tattoos imprinted all over their bodies. They love piercings on the face and body. Some even go to the extent of going through plastic surgery and implanting horns on their foreheads.


There was a god for each and every spirit that we imparted on people, and all these gods reported to Satan. In the kingdom of darkness, each and every department has a god that rules over them, but all of them report to Satan. When I was called into the kingdom of darkness I was working with two goddesses. Aphrodite is the goddess of sexual immorality and nakedness. She is responsible for all the sin of adultery, fornication and homosexuality. This goddess usually operates on television and on the internet by displaying nakedness as a wonderful thing that must be admired. We see this goddess working in pornography and movies as well as pop, R&B and hip-hop music. Iris is the goddess responsible for wars in the world. She is the one who makes the countries to rise up against one another. During war, there is bloodshed and the kingdom of darkness receives lots of blood in this way.

I met with these goddesses every day because they were my siblings in darkness, as I was also a god. They would come and take me. Physically I have never been to Rome but I have traveled the entire city in spirit. It took me five minutes to travel from Mozambique to Rome. There was a time when the gods took me to a rocky place to raise up Zeus from the dead. They said that I needed to raise him up because I was his child. I raised him up from the dead and I received more powers and Zeus came to live inside of me.


In the spirit world, we met with presidents of different countries and celebrities. The majority of presidents in the world are of darkness. There is another country where the president has signed and instituted that citizens must have a chip inserted in their arms in order to receive medical assistance. That chip is a sign of 666, it shows that Satanism is spreading fast into the world. Gay marriages have been legalized and they will be legalized throughout the world.


When I joined the kingdom of darkness, my new name was Jeff. Jeff is the god of wrestling. Wrestlers consult him for powers before their fights. When they were brutally injured during a fight, we gave them powers that made them heal faster. We took away their souls and made sure they promoted Satanism in the world. In return, we gave them fame and money. Wrestlers can transfer the spirit of Satanism through the television and the internet.

Satan is in most of the television programs that we watch. The satanic signs are there but people do not understand them. Satan is active in cartoons, especially animal cartoons. This is the reason most children become possessed at an early age because kids are able to apprehend things quickly. These are some of the simple ways devils use to drive people into evil camps.


In every school, there are Satanists who have been assigned to make sure that the children do not succeed in their studies. A Satanist destroys the children of the school that he attends. In school, my aim was to destroy the whole school starting with my class. If there was an intelligent child who excelled in his studies, I would blind him and make sure he no longer understood what he was studying.

When a brilliant child wrote exams we interfered with the mind of the teacher marking their script and they would fail the child. We encouraged some of the kids to have boyfriends and girlfriends so that they could leave the ways of God and start failing at school. We also influenced the children of pastors and other Christians to disgrace their parents. I was assigned a certain girl in my school to always monitor and control me. I had never met this girl before, but somehow I felt I knew her. We became friends at school and she gave me things to eat so I did not get out of control.


Through abortions, we received a lot of blood that was offered to the god of children because abortion is a sacrifice. We received this sacrifice daily because abortions are performed daily in hospitals and clinics. There are spirits behind every abortion. These spirits are present even in the facilities where these abortions are being performed. Abortion is a sin before God because God regards us as human beings the minute we are conceived in the womb. Immediately when a woman conceives, God considers the foetus to be a complete human being. If we wanted a woman to give us blood continuously, we removed her womb in the spirit and she would be unable to carry her babies to term. We had people appointed who were killing people and collecting blood for us. If I wanted blood, I would take the foetus of a woman who is three months pregnant and present it as a sacrifice to a creature living under the sea. At about six to seven months, the woman would suffer a miscarriage in the natural.


Dreadlocks are spiritual snakes. There is a god in charge of dreadlocks and this god eats soil and salt just like a snake eats soil. This god has the form of a human being, but its hair is a plantation of snakes. The Rastafarian dress style was created by the god of Rastafarian called Jah. They use the beads of the darkness to make their accessories look attractive.


In hell, there is a worldwide list of true pastors of God who need to be killed by darkness because they cause so much destruction to the kingdom of darkness. Once a pastor is on that list, darkness will send a high ranking Satanist from a foreign country to kill them. Even at Unity Fellowship Church, there are many Satanists who are sent to destroy Unity and kill Pastor Mukhuba. Darkness uses accidents and sickness to kill pastors. Most pastors do not drive themselves but have drivers. Therefore, we enter them through their drivers and are able to cause an accident because you will find that there is darkness in most drivers. However, accidents do not guarantee death because the Lord protects and fights for the pastors and they walk around with many guardian angels.

We used sickness and disease to destroy most of the pastors and enter into their families. Most pastors fast a lot, and when they fast their body becomes weak and sick because of fasting. So we used to give them ulcers and the doctors would tell that pastor to eat. When they started eating, they would not fast and eventually get weak in spirit and their prayers would also become weak. We then assigned Satanists to enter them and we would be able to access them. Most pastors are strong and difficult to destroy because of fasting. Above all, it was very difficult to kill a true servant of God for the Lord has extreme protection over them.

If we succeeded to kill a pastor, we would not possess his or her soul for their souls go to heaven. We only killed them so that they could not torment us in darkness.


I was supposed to die in the physical and live as a demon. In Satanism, we had the power to kill someone in South Africa and make them live in another country where they are not known. Some Satanists have the power to disappear. They can be inside a moving car but vanish mysteriously. We used these tactics a lot when we wanted to cause road accidents. Causing accidents was not an area of my expertise but my younger brother who comes after me and was initiated into darkness by my grandmother specialized in this area. My brother was both a wizard and a Satanist. We never met in darkness because we were not in the same field.

When they caused an accident, one Satanist would be inside the car and the others would be waiting with a rope at the spot where the accident was supposed to happen. When the car was two meters away from the spot, the Satanist would disappear and join his friends on the side of the road, leaving the car to capsize without him. A black rope meant people would die in the accident and a red rope meant only blood would be shed. If you check most accidents scene, you will not find blood anywhere because Satanists collect all the blood into darkness. If there was a death in the accident, Satanists came and took the bodies spiritually to be dried and eaten.


As a Satanist, I went to hell but I never met Satan. I was left with only two levels to meet him face to face. The first promotion would have followed after I sacrificed my mother. I was supposed to kill my mother in order to be promoted to a higher position. I wanted to kill her by car accident. My mother has fallen sick in South Africa so I requested her to come back to Mozambique so I could kill her. I drew a line where the accident was supposed to happen but I lost my concentration in the planning.

My sister was taken to the hospital after she started crying in the middle of the night. After the hospital visit, my mother took her to see her pastor and he prayed for them and they spent the night at his house. The following morning, my mother started having problems breathing. We took her to the clinic and at the clinic, they told us she did not have enough blood and that her blood was frozen and she needed to go to the hospital.

At the hospital, she was rushed to ICU. The doctors said they could hear her heartbeat, but her blood was frozen and it was not flowing, and so they could not even put her on a breathing support machine.

My pastor came to the hospital to confirm that indeed my mother had been admitted and that she would die. My mother said she did not sleep that night and kept seeing a vision of my pastor with my girlfriend at a four-way stop. She said my girlfriend was fighting him and she asked me to come and help her kill my pastor. When I refused me to go, my girlfriend opened my pastor’s stomach with her hands and drank his blood. My mother phoned her pastor in the morning and narrated her dream to him and he told her that she will not die because what she saw in the vision was supposed to happen to her.


I got myself into serious trouble in the kingdom of darkness for failing to kill my mother. They told me I had failed my assignment. At the time, they were seeking blood to start the New Year. Every year, we needed to give blood to cover ourselves. I had to find a replacement for my mother and I got punished for my disobedience and I was locked up in a terrifying place. My tormentors beat me up and burnt me with chains of fire. After this, I had to go inside the sea in my physical body and stay there until I could make a sacrifice out of prayerful Christians. If I passed the test, I would be forgiven.

I found two Christians and planned to sacrifice them. Together with one other Christian, we went out to the sea at night. At midnight, I called on the god of the sea to appear and I held out the two Christians as a sacrifice. They fell to the ground and the god of the sea laid hold of them. I tried going into the sea but failed, which was a significant sign that the sacrifice had passed.


I was not always successful in my pursuits. When I went to a fire-filled church and the pastor called on the fire of Hebrews 12:29 For our God is a consuming fire, I would see the fire and it would burn me. But as Satanists we were given the protection that made us able to withstand the fire. If the pastor’s anointing was too much, the fire would penetrate and severely burn us, but we would not manifest, only the countenance of our faces would change and our eyes would become red. Sometimes when the fire burned me, I would move into someone else’s body and manifest through them. At the start of my deliverance, I manifested evil spirits. And I would be so powerful and violent that I needed 10 men to hold me bound.

Whenever someone manifested and the pastor started speaking the words of the Bible, it gave us a big problem because they burnt us. The word of God is fire and it is powerful “For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” (Hebrews 4:12), “Therefore thus says the Lord God of hosts: “Because you speak this word, Behold, I will make My words in your mouth fire, and these people wood, and it shall devour them.” (Jeremiah 5:14); and “Is not My word like a fire?” says the Lord, “And like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?” (Jeremiah 23:29)

Once a Christian started speaking the word of God with power and believing in his heart, it would greatly disturb us. Every evil spirit surrenders to the word of God that is spoken in power, authority and faith. A Christian can chase away evil spirits as long as they obey the word of God and believe in the fire of God. In order to conquer, Christians need to be founded upon the word of God and let it dwell in them according to Colossians 3:16 which says, “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.


I started attending a true church of God for deliverance but I was on-and-off in the kingdom of darkness. My mother was attending night prayers at Unity Fellowship Church and often she came back with Unity Broadcasting Network (UBN) Holy Anointing Oil. I desired to be delivered because my mother had been delivered from the evil spirit that connected me to her but at the same time I wanted to meet Pastor Mukhuba and kill him. My mother then made a way for me to attend Unity Fellowship Church during the Ebenezer night prayer on the 5th December 2014.

Before I left, I commanded the demons from Mozambique, Rustenburg and Soweto to accompany me, but they all ran away at the gate. When the Pastor ascended the pulpit and started worshipping, I was burning and trying to escape. I started manifesting evil spirits and the ushers picked me up to the front. There was fire all over the church. I tried to go out through the roof, but I could not. I tried to go out through the floor, but still, I could not.


I woke up after Pastor Mukhuba said, “Those who are free can go back to their seats.” I went through counseling and could feel the change in me. I never went back to darkness even though Satanists still threatened me to go back to their kingdom. In June 2015, I received an SMS from the friend who had introduced me to the Satanist pastor. He called me by the name Jeff and he said I was going to pay him with interest because he wanted me to know the real hell. I deleted his numbers and I did not respond to his SMS. Zeus still comes to me asking me to return to the kingdom of darkness but that will never happen.


Do not make a habit of church hopping. If you have found a true church of God, stay there because you might leave and go to the church of the devil without knowing it. Christians must learn to test the spirit so that they are not deceived (1 John 4:1). Above all, people need to be vigilant when it comes to the use of the internet and what they watch on TV. Most of the programs on TV are possessed; so monitor what your children are watching. Be careful of horror movies because Satanists can easily possess children through them.