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In this chapter, I present my family life before I entered the world of darkness. I am a young Cameroonian of a very gentle aspect, but I was very dangerous. After having occupied important positions in the kingdom of Lucifer, I now want to expose the works of Satan to those who do not know the devil.

I have had the opportunity to give my testimony in many churches, but in a brief way, without addressing certain points. This testimony was presented only in the form of summaries, without analysis. This book makes it possible to put an end to the speculation concerning the points which have not been discussed during my visit to these different churches.

Before you begin to read my testimony, do not forget to address a prayer to our Lord so that your entire being may be completely covered and protected by the blood of Jesus.


I am a Cameroonian, currently in his thirties. I was born in the central province, in a small village of sixteen houses, a Catholic father and a Protestant mother. My father, a retired railroader since 1959, before my birth, married three women during his lifetime. The first was a Betti from the Ngoumou region. The second was a Bassa, who died while my father was serving as a township chief on the Cameroon railways. The third, who was my mother, was a Bassa from the Nyong-et-Kélé department. My mother was very young, the youngest of my father's wives. My father was 28 years older than her. She gave birth to thirteen children, including three miscarriages. My father's first wife gave him three children. The second had no children.

My father was a man who feared God but in the manner of certain dead Christian churches. He was really honest, doing a lot of good to people.

When he retired, he moved to his native village, with his two wives and children. His children were his first concern. He took his own meals only after making sure that his children had already been well fed. My father played the role of a mother to her children. Since he did not have much property, he said that his only wealth was his children. And it was precisely on his children that the devil began his work of destruction.

The sorcerers of my village, seeing that my father was a dynamic and simple man and that he knew nothing about sorcery, began to kill his children one after the other, and to provoke miscarriages in order to drink the blood of the babies. My mother, my big sister, and my niece had miscarriages, which were provoked by sorcerers.

For us, witchcraft is a religion established by the devil. It is transmitted from generation to generation. The majority of sorcerers frequent churches assiduously, and some even show themselves to be very zealous and faithful members. At least that's what I could see in my village.

Witchcraft, therefore, struck my family from the smallest to the greatest. Ten children of my family were killed one by one. Several pregnancies were also interrupted prematurely, but my father's other children were killed when they were already grown up. Sometimes the sorcerers ate the babies. My father, who loved his children so much, died of rage.

Two or three weeks before each death, the sorcerers announced by their spokesman what would happen in our little family. One of the sorcerers came to see my father and told him the sex and age of the person who was about to die. It was happening as he had announced. This was happening not only in our family but also in other families. Almost all deaths occurred in an unusual way.

Sorcery is practiced in an intense and ferocious manner. It was even dangerous to travel or to walk on the road alone during the night. Sorcerers awaited their victims in the groves to bring them down. Witchcraft was, therefore, the main weapon of the villagers.

Then came the poison. Several young men and women were killed in our region as a result of poisoning. The poison was so deadly that the victim could not resist more than two days. Sometimes poisoning was accompanied by occult invocations and sorcery.

All this region, even today, is infected with sorcery. It was because of sorcery that ten children of my family were executed.

Man is a cynical animal whose civilization tries to repress the barbarous instincts. But this was a massacre of the innocent. The sorcerers passed each family with a fine comb. In each family, one or two people were bewitched by sorcerers.

At least three forms of bewitching were practiced: bewitched by "kong" (the victim is delivered to Satan in exchange for a sum of money), spell by evil incantations, and spell through figurines. These last two forms of enchantment were more practiced than the former.

My little sister, who is still alive, was the victim of a spell by evil incantations. The date of her death had already been announced by the sorcerer's spokesman, who was also one of our cousins. She was narrowly saved by an eminent healer from a neighboring village, a friend of my brother-in-law, who was also a healer.

These situations benefited the healers most, who reaped the financial benefits. The treatment costs for one person ranged from 15,000 to 80,000 CFA francs, from 300 to 1,600 francs, a considerable sum for Africa, which can amount to one to two months' salary. Sometimes it was even 150,000 CFA francs (3,000 francs) per person, not counting the domestic animals that had to be given, goats, pigs, chickens, etc.

There was a multitude of healers in the region who were doing everything to exploit this situation. Since our region was very rich in cocoa, each family had sufficient income to solve its problems.

It was manna that fell from heaven for healers.

One of my cousins was affected in 1974, at the age of 17 years. He eventually had to die after four days of illness. On the day of his death, his father, who was a catechist, and who did not believe in the darkness, was threatened by his wife because he had not heeded the wizard's warning.

He was a catechist among the Catholics, and he believed himself to be protected by divine power. The Word of God says:

"My people are destroyed because they lack knowledge. Since you have rejected knowledge, I will reject you, and you will be stripped of my priesthood" (Hosea 4: 6).

Thus my father thought he was walking with God, according to the teaching which he had received in the Catholic religion, that is to say, the adoration of statues, prayer to the dead, and false doctrines. If this girl, who had been kidnapped at the age of 17, had been covered with the blood of Jesus Christ, she would have been perfectly protected, and no wizard could have even approached her.

A family that is not Christian remains under the rule of Satan. It does not live under the power of God, the true power of Jesus Christ. It remains subject to the influence of occultism, camouflaged behind the name of Jesus, and practiced in the sects created by the devil, of which we will speak a little later. If my family had truly benefited from the blood of Jesus, it would not have had to endure the onslaught of sorcerers or massacres.

Most of our Christian religions are dead religions, they have no power of God. These religions do not know that the Holy Spirit of God still acts in the children of God, as in the days of the early Church.

In order to understand how we can be freed from the devil, let us read this passage from the Acts of the Apostles: "After hearing this discourse, they were heartily touched, and they said to Peter and to the other apostles," Brethren, what shall we do? Peter said to them, "Repent and baptize every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ, for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. For the promise is for you, and for your children, and for all that are far off, as many as the Lord our God shall call unto them" (Acts 2: 38,39).

Under the pressure of Satan, the Churches have not taught Christians that the Lord Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, can heal all sorts of diseases, or that His precious name can still cast out demons today in the midst of His children. It is written in Mark 17: 15-18:

"And He said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to all creation. He who believes and is baptized will be saved, but he who does not believe will be condemned. These are the miracles that will accompany those who believe: In My name, they will cast out devils, speak new tongues, and seize serpents; If they drink any mortal drink, it will not harm them; They will lay hands on the sick and the sick will be healed. "

It is this ignorance that pushed the Pentecostal Christians and the Catholics to run after the marabouts.

The power of God is ignored in Christian circles, or rather in those who call themselves children of God. While the power of Satan is much better known by pagans and false Christians.

My family, who knew nothing of the power of God, went every day into the houses of the marabouts to obtain protection and seek healings. But all this was of no use to my dear family. Every year we lost one or two children.

After the death of the children, the first victim among the adults was my mother. She had received an evil spirit in her belly. Her pain started from the lower abdomen to the level of the rib cage, and she could not breathe normally. Sorcerers used powerful means to counteract any attempt at healing or defense. The sorcerer's spokesman had already announced her death. All attempts at treatment ended in failure and death came slowly. After three months of illness, she died in her native village.

One day I arrived at the village to spend my holidays.

The very first night, lying on my bed, a sorcerer, who had taken the form of an owl, entered my room with the intention of blinding me. The sound of his wings woke me up in time, just as he was preparing to rush at me.

To tell the truth, brothers and sisters, it was the words and the calls I made in the name of the Eternal Father Jesus that freed me from the clutches of this sorcerer, after a fight of more than 15 minutes, from which I emerged victorious but without reaching to kill this evil bird.

My family was entirely Catholic and knew nothing of the power of God. Talismans, protections and occult cures occupied the first place in my family. I must admit that I have never been told since my childhood of the protective power or the healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

But I knew that the Lord Jesus existed and that He was the Savior of mankind in general.

The teaching on repentance and conversion is absolutely unknown in certain Christian circles.

Catholics, even simple Pentecostal Christians, think that one can be Christian but live as one likes. Again, it is a lie of the devil.

In the course of the morning, one of my uncles, who was not even aware that I had arrived the day before, asked me the following question: "What happened that night in your room?" It was on that day that he mentioned to me the name of Jesus. I understood very well afterward that he was the alleged perpetrator or one of those responsible for the death of my parents.

It was perhaps also he who had taken the form of this evil bird. In the village, my family was pretty well endowed with land. My father alone had more than ten hectares of land. It was this ground, and the vast cocoa-tree of my paternal uncle, which attracted the jealousy of the sorcerers, and which impelled them to wish to destroy my family. They wanted to destroy all my family to become owners of these things.

My family spent their time running to the healers to protect themselves from the attacks of the sorcerers.

Each disease was presented to the healer to find relief. The little income collected at the cocoa harvest passed directly into the hands of the healers. These practices ruined everyone in my village. Despite all the treatments and protective talismans provided by the healers, the villagers were always struck by sorcery.

After sorcery, the second plague was poison, slow or vivid. The slow poison was an occult potion that slowly killed. The lively poison was so deadly that the poisoned person did not survive more than two days. This village was really the jungle of Satan. One night, about two o'clock in the morning, when my father went out to meet his needs, he was struck down by a diabolical power. The sound of his fall awakened many of our neighbors because he shouted aloud. Previously, the sorcerers had cast evil sand on his eyes, so that his sight was already disturbed. That night they just wanted to finish him off. I saw my father die before me. At this very moment, several thoughts poured into my memory: the scenes of past events, assassinations, attacks of sorcerers, etc. My father moaned before my eyes. For me, vengeance was the best solution.

But how was it possible to avenge myself, I who knew nothing of sorcery, I who had no weapon to carry out massive destruction? Satan would soon give me an answer.

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