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Dear brothers and dear friends, we want to share with you this testimony, which awakens us in relation to spiritual warfare. This is the story of a young man who was targeted by Satan since he was young, following his mother's visit to a witch doctor. His mother without realizing it had signed a pact with the underwater world, thus delivering the life of this child to Satan. This boy spent all his youth serving the mermaids of the waters, committing atrocious damage, until Jesus Christ had mercy on him, and took him out of that world.

This testimony will open your eyes to the works of mermaids. It would equally serve as a warning to you against the risks of living without having Jesus Christ as Lord and Master. We encourage you to read it very carefully and draw all possible lessons from it. It is in six parts.


I am Joseph Tshopa Fololo. I was born to a father of 47 children. My father was a military man and chief bodyguard of former President Mobutu. We lived in the Tshatshi military camp, but I grew up in Lemba commune. My father had so many women and concubines that he had kids here and there. My father had a lot of money. Therefore, he could afford all these women. He was never at home, and my mother could not take it anymore. She was always in confrontation with my father's concubines. She was constantly in conflict with all these women that at one point she could not stand it anymore. She finally decided to divorce my father. I remember at that time, there was no spiritual awakening in the country like today. People were in fetishism, superstition. So my mother left my father and she took me with my younger brother and went away with us.

Later, she met a man and since she got on well with him, she decided to marry him. Their marriage had gone well and my mother moved into her new home. Then my mother gave birth to a boy, my younger brother. We were now three brothers. Since we were only boys, my mother started to want a girl. Later, my adoptive father started asking my mother for a daughter and he was putting pressure on my mother. He said to my mother, "I wish you could give me a daughter because I have enough money to take care of her." Actually, my father had a lot of money.

So my mother started looking for a girl to please her husband and keep her marriage. But I would like beloved, to tell you that children are gifts from the Lord, boys or girls. We must learn to be content with what we have because everything God gives is good. So my mother started seeking advice on how to have a girl. And since my mother's friends knew her concern, one of them advised my mother to visit a charlatan. The Bible says that bad companies corrupt good morals (1Corinthians 15:33).

So my mother was taken by her friend to see a witch doctor. I remember, at that time I was in primary 4 at Bonga-Yasa boarding school, outside the capital Kinshasa. Once at the witch doctor's place, my mother explained her concern to this man. He asked my mother to bring a goat and an egg. My mother was surprised. She said to herself, "How does the gentleman know that I have a lot of money, but he asks me for a goat and an egg instead of asking me for money." My mother was ignorant of spiritual realities. Beloved, when a witch doctor asks for a goat, a pigeon or an egg, you must know that the goat and the pigeon are for the sprinkling of human blood and the egg also represents life.

The next day, my mother gave what was asked of her. The witch doctor took the egg and put it on a plate. There was no fire but the egg began to boil. Then the witch doctor gave it to my mother and told her to eat it. And my mother ate this egg. After my mother finished eating the egg, the witch doctor asked her to give him the goat. As soon as my mother gave him the goat, he said to my mother, "We have just had an exchange, I have given you the egg which you have just eaten, this represents the girl you're looking for. You have given me the goat which represents one of your sons." When my mother heard these words, she was surprised and shocked. She was in disarray. My mother realized that she had been deceived and misled. My mother did not understand that in giving this goat to this witch doctor, she entered into an alliance and a pact with the invisible world and that she had given away one of her sons to the world of darkness.

Beloved, the devil is the father of lies. Whenever a man signs an agreement with him, he hides the terms and conditions of this agreement. And by the time you find out, it will already be too late. All this to destroy you. It must be understood that when you set foot in a witch doctor or charlatan, you create problems for yourself because you are pursued by unclean spirits. The witch doctor said to my mother, "Whether you like it or not, I have taken your son, he is under my control, you have come here by your own volition and then ... you should have asked for the conditions from the start!" My mother became angry. She started using the name of Jesus against the witch doctor but unfortunately, my mother did not have Jesus in her heart. Then the witch doctor said to my mother, "I will prove to you that I have taken possession of your son's life." He took the goat and threw it on the mirror. The goat disappeared and my image appeared in the mirror. It was as if I was being filmed at the boarding school because the pictures were broadcast live in this magic mirror. When my mother was recounting this story, she said she had seen me in the mirror dressed with my khaki pair of shorts that I used to put on.

When my mother saw this face in this magic mirror, she cried out with emotion and astonishment, but the witch doctor told her, "It's too late, we have your son but we have decided not to kill him because we have seen his star, so he will work for us." As soon as my mother heard these words, she slammed the door and insulted the witch doctor and left. She continued to live her life normally. Later, she forgot what had happened, but the kingdom of darkness never forgets alliances and pacts. A few years later, I fell ill. The disease was so bad that despite the treatment it was getting worse. After a few days, I finally succumbed. I was pronounced dead at the Bongayasa hospital, outside the capital of Kinshasa. Since there was still no cell phone at that time, people could not inform my mother the same day. The next day, I saw how they put my remains in the coffin. Although I was dead, I saw how they had informed my mother to come and take control of the situation.

My mother had a good car. So she drove off in her jeep to meet the mourning ceremonies, but she was late because I had to be buried that very day; I saw how people were preparing to bury me at the cemetery. I saw the nurses dressing me in death-ceremonial clothes, I saw them putting cotton in my nostrils and gloves on my hands, socks on my feet. Then after that, they put my body in the coffin. After laying my body in the coffin, I heard them talking about arrangements for my burial. They said that they had to go and do the parade of my body in the boarding school so that my mates could see me for the last time after which I would be buried in the cemetery. Then my body was laid in the room for the dead and there the doctor and the nurse were arranging my remains for the last parade at the boarding school. At a certain moment, while they were talking about my burial, I could hear them but could see them no more. I realized that I was like in a dark pit, and in this pit, I was chained.

I heard the voices of the doctors who took care of my body. It was the voices of several people who were talking to each other, but I could not see them anymore. So I was in deep darkness, with chains on my hands and feet, but I could hear people talking from afar. Then suddenly, I saw the sky open and I saw Jesus come down. He held a sword that He raised as if to hit a target and He came down with strength and power. He was filled with light and His light lit up where I was. When the place where I was chained was illuminated, I realized that I was surrounded by grotesque, bizarre creatures, by demons, and by terrible and vile monsters. I could not see them before because of the absolute darkness that characterized this place, but when the light illuminated the place, I then could see the terrible creatures and monsters that surrounded me.

When Jesus came down, He cut off all my chains. I could not look at His face because of the intensity of the light emanating from His face. He was dressed in fine white linen. After cutting my chains, He said to me, "Jose, you are Joseph, I knew you from your mother's womb."

I asked Him the question, "Who are you?"

He replied, "You are only a child when you are old, I will reveal Myself to you, now hold My hands and follow Me."

I said, "Jesus, I cannot look at Your face because of the intensity of the light."

Jesus said to me, "You do not have to look at My face because you risk being destroyed and you cannot stand it, just hold My hand and follow Me."

So, I followed Jesus. We moved at high speed then we arrived at a place where Jesus said, "Joseph, here is the path you must take, you should go straight, do not look back."

I followed the direction that Jesus had shown me, then I heard for the last time the voice of Jesus saying to me, "Joseph, go out quickly, go out!"

Beloved, when Jesus spoke for the last time, it was in a simultaneous manner. The doctor and the nurse who was arranging my remains noticed that my hand had moved, they were afraid. They were three: the doctor, the nurse, and the keeper of the hall of the dead, they fled.

After that, I woke up in my coffin. I remember well that I was a child. A green liquid was coming out of my mouth. So I removed the cotton from my nostrils, the gloves from my hands and the socks. I was still a kid, I did not realize what had happened. So when I tried to get out of my coffin, I fell to the ground and the coffin fell too. It almost hit me, but the protection of God was on my side. Now I got up to walk but I staggered since my blood was like coagulated. I continued to stagger but to get out of the hospital, I had to walk through a room that was filled with patients. When I reached this room, everyone including the sick who could not walk or get up, fled out. And as soon as I reached the exit door, the crowd dispersed. It was total chaos, but it was the director of our college, a Catholic priest, who calmed the crowd. Later my mother arrived and was told what had happened. She was shocked, but she took me and brought me back to Kinshasa. She did not realize that what happened to me was the result of the visit to the witch doctor.


My mother had a short memory. She could not even imagine that her visit to the witchdoctor was the basis of my death and that she had made a fundamental and costly mistake in visiting the charlatan. Because my death was only the beginning of a series of dramatic and paranormal phenomena which were intended to destroy my life. At the age of 17, I was diagnosed with cerebral malaria, but in reality, my illness was a demonic attack, even though the doctors called it "cerebral malaria". As children of God, we must learn to see things with spiritual eyes because we are no longer ordinary people. We must learn to go beyond scientific understanding. We, therefore, need discernment. We must not accept everything on the pretext that it is the will of God.

In reality, I was under the oppression of Satan's world, and no one could know it. A few days later, I was hospitalized. I remember being asleep at the hospital at night when I heard the door open on its own. I was still under the influence of drugs but I managed to open my eyes to see what was happening. It was then that I saw a man dressed in black entering my room. He entered, giving me his back, and then he called my name.

When I answered him, he said to me, "I am your protector and I am also your doctor."

I replied reflexively, "How can you be my doctor while you are dressed in black clothes? You should be dressed in white." I asked him to turn around because I could not see his face since he had turned his back on me. I told him, "I want to see your face or I will cry out for help."

When he turned, I noticed he had no eyes, no ears, no nose, and no mouth. In fact, he did not have a face. He warned me not to scream.

He said to me, "If you dare to shout, I'll kill you." I do not know how he could even speak when he had no mouth.

This entity breathed on me. As soon as he breathed on me, I lost consciousness and went mad. I started to talk nonsense. I ran out of the hospital running through the streets of the city. I said things that did not make any sense and I ran everywhere. People thought it was cerebral malaria as the doctor had told the family. They did not understand that I was attacked by the kingdom of darkness. In the meantime, my mother was crying and lamenting on my situation as I was crisscrossing the city with dirty clothes. Later, my family managed to lay their hands on me; they chained me and brought me home. So my mother started going here and there to find a solution.

My story is similar to that of Joseph who was fought because of his star. My problems began when the devil's world detected my star shining in the invisible dimension. I was chained because I had become a public danger. My mother was wondering about the origin of my madness. She thought it was the result of cerebral malaria, but I knew that it was the faceless entity who appeared to me at the hospital that was responsible for my situation.

Glory be to God because my grandfather was a born again Christian. He took me to church. The pastor prayed for me, and the spirit of madness left me and I was healed in the name of Jesus Christ.

After my deliverance from madness, I became a member of the Pentecostal church of Fepaco. I sang in the choir but I was not born again, like many people who go to church but are not born again Christians. I was very young at that time.

At the age of 20, I had found work in a nightclub in the city center. But all this was arranged in the realm of Satan who watched my life and controlled me. Indeed, since the day my mother visited the witch doctor, she had opened the door to the world of Satan who controlled the lives of her children. During all these years, my life was monitored in the underwater kingdom through a magic mirror. They had already decided that I would be their servant. Because of my mother's visit to the witch doctor, they had the legal right over my life.

One day while I was working in this nightclub, I was watching the door as usual and I saw a very beautiful woman. She had a lot of hair and had the size of a model. I was delighted, captivated and dazzled by her beauty.

I said to her, "Miss, you're not supposed to come to this kind of place, what are you doing here? This place does not suit you."

To my amazement, the beautiful woman said to me, "Darling, I came here especially for you."

I could not believe what I heard; it was too good for me. Beloved, this beautiful woman was a mermaid sent by the world of darkness precisely for me. I could not realize it. We agreed to find a place to live together. So we started living together. Whenever we went out, people were amazed by her beauty, and I was proud of myself; but I was bewitched without knowing it.

One day I had to visit my mother and I was looking for my shoes. I was looking for a pair of shoes that could match the color of my suit since I used to dress in fashion. While I was looking under the bed, I noticed a cleansing product and a bottle of water containing a fish inside. I was surprised because I knew I did not put those things there. As soon as I took the bottle of water containing the fish, the bottle stuck to my hand. I was electrocuted, I vibrated and trembled. I started screaming for help. I struggled to remove the bottle from my hand, but my efforts were unsuccessful. So I heard a voice in me telling me to remember the name I was singing when I was a member of the choir of the church of Fepaco. Indeed, after my healing from madness, although I was a child and even though I was not born again, I went regularly to church. I heard the voice tell me to use the name of Jesus Christ against the bottle that was stuck on my hand.

When I invoked the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the bottle came off my hand and fell to the ground. I tried unsuccessfully to open the bottle. Then I took a hammer and tried to break the bottle, but this bottle was even resistant to the hammer. Several times I tried to break this bottle with the hammer but without success. I could not understand; I was shocked to find that this glass bottle was resistant to an iron hammer. While I was using the hammer against the bottle, the fish in the bottle was making movements.

Then suddenly, and with my own eyes, I saw my girlfriend enter the house through the wall. She crossed the wall of our room. I was shocked. I told myself that I was dealing with a woman using charms and superstition to dominate and control me. I could not realize that I was dealing with a mermaid who physically came to earth just for me. She came into my life with a specific mission.

When the mermaid crossed the wall, she told me to give her the bottle. I thought she was just an ordinary woman using charm and spell.

So I told her, "I'm not going to give you the bottle, you must know that I'm a master in martial arts if you dare I'll beat you up today." I said to her, "How can you use charm and spell to bewitch and control me."

Dear brothers and sisters, I was about to hit this woman, when suddenly she breathed on me. As a result, I collapsed on the floor. It was a Friday night when I collapsed into a coma, and when I woke up from this coma I realized it was Sunday morning. While I was in a coma for two days, something happened. It was like a dream, but it was not one. Christians, I want to warn you not to neglect dreams!

In fact, when I was in a coma, the mermaid transported me to the underwater world. I saw myself celebrating, we were eating meat and drinking red wine, it was actually human blood. It was like a wedding celebration for me, they put a ring on my finger and a bracelet on my hand. During this wedding party under the sea, I was surrounded by people half-man and half-fish. Then I woke up.

Grace be with you all who have Jesus Christ as Master!

Continue in Part 2

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