Tuesday, March 31, 2020



I had been dealing with a precious saint in whom a Jezebel spirit had indwelt for many years, even before being born again and baptized with the Holy Spirit.

This spirit was so skilled in guile, it deceitfully manipulated others around them. Whenever others disturbed this individual’s comfort zone, in anger and controlling manipulating ways, it attempted to get those whom it was around to conform to its desires.

This person was blind to the Jezebel spirit. It was very difficult to deliver them and keep them delivered (1 CO 3:18).

A person who has a Jezebel spirit rarely ever goes free permanently, unless they fully cooperate with spiritual laws (RO 8:2; 2 TI 2:5; JA 4:10, 7) by which they remain free.

After two or three times of dealing with this individual and delivering them, the spirit kept coming back.

The third time, Jezebel had convinced this individual that they did not have that spirit, and in this case, the Lord required wholehearted co-operation to get deliverance, because they knew the truth of the Scriptures and in their obstinate spirit, God demanded the humbling of themselves to Him and to those who were trying to help. Therefore, all we could do was to stand back and intercede.

While taking time out from intercession to rest (this kind of praying is energy-draining), the Holy Spirit came upon me twice, repeating a Rhema Word about this individual. I listened but did not take it earnestly to heart, which was a sin on my part, of which I had to repent.

The third time, Jesus Himself appeared to me saying: Why is it that you are not listening to the Holy Spirit? (JN 14:26) For He has come to you twice, from Me to instruct you (JN 16:14).

Unless this one is willing to be humble and heart-acknowledge having the spirit that has been identified and named, in addition looking to Me for a brokenness of spirit and contriteness of heart (IS 57:15), also acknowledging it and confessing and repenting of this spirit and all the sin it has caused (2 TI 2:24-26 kj), the Lord Himself will insure that this one make decisions that will result in eternal loss (EZK 14:9-10 kj; 2 CO 2:10b-11; HE 10:26-29; 2 PE 2:20-21; HE 6:4-6).

Wow, rather frightening! If you do not believe this is from the Lord, then please get the book written by Mary K. Baxter, titled, “A Divine Revelation From Hell!” Jesus came to this woman for forty straight nights and personally escorted her into hell, with a commission to write what she saw and heard.

In reading it, I personally was so shocked concerning the magnitude of Christians there, because of unrepented sins, like unforgiveness and bitterness, resentment, and rebellion to authority, adulteries and fornications, unsanctified attitudes and motives, actions and reactions, and so forth, and did not repent nor were delivered from evil spirits while they were alive upon the earth. Every Christian needs to read this book.

Born-again Christians presume the Father overlooks their repeated, unrepented of faults because of self-deceit, presuming on the grace of God. This is a lie that brings many into hell instead of Paradise upon their physical death. The teaching of grace by Church leaders has been so erroneously taught that there is no fear of God in the saints (ECC 8:11 kj; PR 1:7).

This has caused unperceived spiritual slumber and lethargy, passivity and presumption, and repetitious sinning, that is without deliverance from the evil spirits that perpetually cause them to sin, and includes no humbling of themselves unto brokenness of spirit and contriteness of heart in their confessing and repenting (RE 3:15-16; 2 CO 7:10a).

Instruction concerning the spirit of Jezebel and other evil spirits working through Christians: This is not a complete explanation on the religious spirit called Jezebel, or any other evil spirit. But it is necessary that you be informed neither it nor those with it ever work alone.

In their indwelling existence, the manifestations of deceit have a ferocious tenacity of remaining in the victims. Although most presume that Jezebel is in women only, it works equally in men. I believe that no one is immune from becoming a useful vessel for the spirit of Jezebel.

I also teach that both men and women can be equally anointed in God’s callings and Holy Spirit giftings (RO 11:29; PS 68:18; 1 CO 12:1, 4-27 kj; MT 7:21-23; 1 CO 13:1-8a). The gifts and callings of God are not given by Him according to gender (1 CO 12:7, 11 kj/nas; GA 3:28, 26).

Human spirits in both men and women are masculine in nature, while the souls in both men and women are feminine in nature before God. Their bodies, male or female, are neutered. Their spirits are their created beings, their souls are their formed beings, their bodies are their gestated beings (HE 2:17 kj/nas).

I told my congregation one time they needed a false prophet to come into the assembly to minister unto them, to see if they could discern the falseness (RE 2:2; 1 JN 4:1).

So I called a false prophet without informing them. He preached on the love chapter found in 1 Corinthians 13. There was not one thing wrong with his teaching verbally, but the Spirit revealed by distinguishing of spirits, that twenty-two demon spirits were residing within the false prophet’s soulish make-up, coming through with a false anointing (counterfeit anointing) (MT 24:24). No one discerned the false anointing (MT 24:24; 2 PE 2:2) or the evil spirits working through him.

What a shock to the congregation when I exposed it and explained it to them. Oh, how presumptuous we are in thinking we know so much (1 CO 8:1b-2).

The most dangerous ministries in these coming days ahead, are those who are preaching genuine truths of the Kingdom, winning souls, casting out devils, prophesying and so on, but are demonically corrupt within their soul-life, because of some sin they have not whole-heartedly repented of. That always opens the door for evil spirits to come in (MT 7:21-23; HE 12:14-15 kj).

Evil spirits do not leave a person upon confession and repentance. You might ask, “How is it that Christians can have demons, once they are born again, or after having received the Holy Spirit, or after being anointed to preach the Gospel?”

Salvation, regeneration, the anointing to minister only takes place within the human spirit. All demonic activity takes place within the soul-life. The historical sinning soul/carnal life up to the point of the new birth is forgiven, is blotted out (IS 1:18bc; PS 103:12; JE 31:34hi). Even though the soul-life has been forgiven, it still needs renovation, renewing or spiritualizing (RO 12:2), many times including the exorcizing of demons.

This work is not automatically done by the work of regeneration within the human spirit. It takes correct co-operation with the laws of Spirit in doing the Word correctly (RO 8:2; JA 1:22).

This comes through habitual, correctly initiated (2 TI 2:5 nas), daily prayer; study and seeking God’s presence (LU 9:23; JE 29:11-14a; HE 11:6, 1; PS 46:10; IS 40:31; 2 CO 3:18; JN 5:39-40).

The soul-life mind is not renewed through the outside senses of the body by learning (RO 8:5-8 amp; 2 TI 3:13, 7; 2 PE 2:1-3; 1 JN 4:1; JUDE 3-21) but through the quickening of the Holy Spirit through the inside senses of the human spirit (HE 5:14).

But who is there among Christian leaders who are teaching themselves and the saints how to do these things from their spirit’s faculties and senses (HE 5:14 kj/nas), instead of from their soul and the faculties of its outside senses coming from the physical body?

Any negative thoughts, feelings, attitudes, motives, reactions or actions of the soul-life in all personal or inter-personal relationships reveal the activity of demons. No exceptions!

The unrenewed, unsanctified soulish parts either has affinities, soul-ties, spirit and generational bonds with the prince of the power of the air (EP 2:2; EX 20:5; DE 23:2), and all related thought powers of darkness; from the physical air outside of the soul-life or it blindly, secretly, unperceptively has indwelling evil spirits within the soul-life that need identification and casting out.

In thirty-six years of ministry, at least thirty of those years I have had to identify, expose and deal with religious Jezebel spirits (RE 2:18-23 kj/nas), and many other orders and ranks of spirits in both men and women.

I have never known Jezebel to be discerned by anyone when it is inactive or silently hiding within an individual. Jezebel is not feminine in make-up, but derives this name by describing its spirit nature, and how it works.

This spirit has no respect for sex gender by its name, for it is still the same spirit in both men and women.

In my own understanding, biblically speaking, Jezebel is the wife of satan in type (IS 47:1-15), just as Jesus Christ, while on the earth, was the singular bride/wife of the Heavenly Father in type and in position, even though He was the Son of man/Son of God; even as both men and women in the Millennial Age will be the Bride/wife of the Godhead (RE 19:7-9; GA 3:18, 26) without sex-gender to the Lord Jesus (RE 21:9def-11, 2-3).

The preceding can not be logically understood (1 CO 2:14-15 amp).

Jezebel manifests in as many numerous ways as there are stars in the heavens. Each manifestation within each individual man or woman, must singularly be identified, distinguished and known intuitively by the Holy Spirit’s revelation workings (EP 1:17-18a kj/nas; 1 CO 12:10c), within the confines of the anointed human spirit (1 JN 2:27).

No one is absolutely immune from Jezebel or any other evil spirit taking it briefly or for long periods of time, or transferring through generational spirit bonds. I have never known anyone to be able to discern Jezebel in its hiding, silent inactivity. Even when manifesting, most can not discern this spirit, because it is so profound in its deceptive workings.

There is not a Christian alive who knows the potential for their own receptivity to Jezebel’s deception or any other spirit. To discern or distinguish Jezebel within the human spirit is the sovereign work of the Holy Spirit gift of distinguishing of spirits (1 CO 12:10c), being activated within the human spirit.

The Holy Spirit alone has the sole initiative to reveal Jezebel’s presence and all other evil spirits workings in humanity, within the anointed, seasoned, trained human spirit senses (HE 5:14 kj/nas).

It is not, I repeat, is not any skill of human ingenuity, logic or reason (1 CO 2:14-15 amp). Rarely will the individual in whom it indwells admit to even the possibility of its existence, because it is so skilled in deceit and convincing to the mind of its victim that they do not have Jezebel spirits (2 TI 2:24-26 kj).

Jezebel spirits and all other evil spirits can not be counseled, reasoned, or loved out of an individual in whom it is working. They have to be cast out by the authority of Jesus’ Name with faith and many times through fasting and prayer (MT 17:21).

In most cases, evil spirits do not leave a person’s soul make-up upon their regeneration, or upon their confession and repentance of the sin that allowed the spirits to come in. Rarely can an individual deliver themselves.

The Exception: To the degree that the heart of the soul-life of the victim has genuine conviction, godly sorrow, confession, and repentance, then demons leave and never will return again. Their openness and affinities with that evil spirit are settled forever once godly sorrow is given by God in their repentance (2 CO 7:l0a kj).

But if conviction and confession is only remorse, and soulishly acknowledged and confessed, the demons do not leave. If they are cast out, they will come back (MT 12:43-45).

In these cases, deliverers must repeatedly cast out the spirit or spirits until the demonized soul perceives or discerns the spirits themselves when they come back. Then that individual must correctly resist them (JA 4:1-12).

The individual who has demons indwelling or affinities of openness to them must correctly cooperate with any exorcist or deliverer (2 TI 2:24-26 kj). Jezebel’s purpose is to seduce God’s prophets and apostles (RE 2:20; 1 JN 4:1; 2 PE 2:1; RE 2:2), and to control and manipulate others, both the godly Christians or even the ungodly individuals, whereby it gets its indwelt victim to yield to its own gratifications, controlling the victim’s soul-life (self-life) to be self-justifying, self-vindicating within whom it is indwelling or working.

This spirit is a master at blaming everyone else for their problems but always justifying the person in whom it is indwelling. This spirit is such a master at spiritual deceit and guile, inter-twining, interlacing, inter-weaving its demon nature and desires throughout the victim’s soul-life (self-life), that the individual does not, can not discern the demon for themselves.

There are eternal consequences for the believer for not getting free from their demon influence. This is why we need to be inter-receptive, inter-submissive, inter-teachable, inter-discerning, inter-corrective to one another (EP 5:21), in order to help each other go free. We by ourselves are our own worst enemy. (JN 15:4-5; 7).