Sunday, January 12, 2020



Blessed be the Lord. I have come to talk to you tonight about my second experience of Life Beyond the Grave. Christ came to this world to deliver the human race from that place called Hell. For humans to avoid that place, they need the remission of sins in the sacrifice offered in the Calvary. Blessed be the Lord forever.

My brother, we are living in very dangerous days and things are tough and tight in the spiritual realm. Yet the modern church today is confusing grace and permission to live a sinful life. They preach a lot about grace and many superficial teaching instead of the narrow and wide road that defines eternity of humans. There is a wide and spacious road that leads to Perdition that many are using, and there is a narrow path that leads to eternal life and few people use them. Today the theme of Hell has become a controversial issue in the 21st century and very disputed and some people classify it as science fiction. People are deep in entertainment, fun, and leisure and do not understand.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.

I want to tell you about a personal experience God granted me to have about the afterlife. On the 15th of the month of January year 2012, I was proclaiming the infallible Word of God in the city where I live. I was also ministering in many municipalities. We were in three nights of ministration where I was sharing my first experience of Life Beyond the Grave. I saw that people were sincere. I was with a brother who was accompanying me in the ministry and the local church hosted us in a room of double bed. The two beds were close to one another and there was a space.

We finished the activity on Sunday. The following day, which was Monday we had to travel. That night, as we ended the meeting, I was with my beloved brother in the room and we were resting and talking about everything for he was a true brother who likes to ask good questions. And we talked about the work of God and the operation of the Holy Spirit in the meeting held. We were to rest. We laid down on the bed and we were in discussions.

As the dialogue went on, the minutes passed. Suddenly my beloved brother began to slumber and he was snoring. When I realized the brother was snoring, I said to myself, my brother has left me talking alone. I'm not going to wake him up because he is now sleeping and resting. Later I got up to turn off the lighting that was on. I was physically tired and sleepy and meditating. Minutes later, I was there struggling to sleep.

I do not know how much time passed when suddenly the room became illuminated by a powerful light as if it was a public light. The room that was dark became illuminated. My brother, I was not dreaming and I was not sleeping. I was looking at something strange. In fact, I saw something like the sun descending through the roof of the bedroom and landing where I was, and I was overwhelmed. In this ray of light that was like the sun, there was a character who was covered in a powerful light of white color.

This was not a terrestrial whiteness, for it was whiter than snow and shining. The light shone in a way that I could not visualize with clarity that being of light, that it was great and that stood between my bed and that of the brother. This character that was in the light was really tall and I was scared. I wonder what was happening. I had a feeling of uncertainty.

Immediately, I began to cry out to God and invoke the blood of Christ, like every good Christian when he is threatened and has fear, but the man that was like the sun said nothing. At that moment, I did not know who he was and what he wanted. I went into this kind of nervousness because I did not know who he was. He was covered in pure light. He did not say a word or anything to me.

He looked at my brother who was sleeping while I was looking at him. Though I felt uncertainty, I had mixed feelings. I felt a peace, love, security, and trust. Despite my emotions, there was something that gave me confidence and a sense of security for I really never felt in danger. There I was in wonder, while the shining man that was like the sun was watching my partner. I closed the eyes for a moment so that he may think that I am asleep. I then opened it up so slowly and slowly to look at him.

My brother was still sleeping, and I wanted this man to think that I am sleeping too. There were many thoughts in my mind. When I looked at him, I saw that he was looking fixedly to my eyes, and he did not take away his eyes, but he was contemplating me, and I could no longer pretend to sleep.

Immediately, he grabbed me by the hands and I could not hide anymore. He raised me like a pen and I stood up. When I stood up, I said, “Let go of my hand. I don't know who you are.” But the man did not answer me. I asked him again to let me go and I said, “Tell me who you are.”

Finally, he said to me, “I'm going to travel with you and I will bring you back. We must make a visit to Hell.”

When I heard this man talking about Hell, I started to despair and I wanted to overpower him and I tried to hit him.

I said, “Please let me go, I do not know who you are.” Then I said to this character, “The blood of Christ has power. There is nothing you can do to me.”

Seeing that he did not react, I became desperate for I sensed that this character came to take me to a place that I did not like.

My brothers and sisters, I started yelling at my partner that was sleeping and snoring.

Though he kept snoring, I shouted to him, “Tiger, help me, please wake up.”

The character spend a few minutes in that room. Suddenly I saw the Earth literally opening in two and we started descending into an abyss of darkness at an immense speed.

When I looked, I started to see darkness. Immediately I began to observe cells. When I saw this I started to remember the first experience that I had years ago, and I started to cry, “Lord, help and extend your mercy.”

I started saying to this man, “You are wrong if you take me to Hell. Christ has already rescued me from Hell on September 14 in 2006.”

I mentioned to this man what the Lord had done in my life when He took me out of Hell. But this man did not say a word about this account as if he did not hear me yet I told him all this story.

We were going down in immense speed, and we stopped in a place.

Beloved, there was terrors and questions. No one wants to go to Hell. Many people paint Hell but human science does not know even 1% of the mysteries of that place. People don't understand the reality of Hell for there are no words in no language and no dictionary to describe that place. When you see that place and what is happening there, you would not dare to trample on the blood of Christ. You will value the sacrifice of the Lamb when you see the magnitude of what Hell is.

I do not understand why many people today preach superficial messages. You will not dare to neglect this serious sacrifice of Christ on the cross. I do not understand why many people have gone to Hell and continue to preach superficial messages of so-called motivation. So much vain preaching in the church yet eternal damnation is something serious. In Hell, there are millions and billions of people imploring mercy and opportunity to repent. Meanwhile, thousands of Christians in the world and America are playing church with the material Gospel. Soon you will understand why I am speaking in this way. Because no one comes out and no one escapes this prolonged experience of Hell. In Hell, there are bad smells and rotten odors. There are chilling noises of millions and billions screaming. You have heard about the fire of Hell and people think it's localized.

When I talk about fire, I am talking about a world lit on fire. The flames of Hell are not like what many people believe. They think it's just some kilometers or three kilometers high and wide. You see nothing but fire and there are running souls screaming and running in fires and demons tormenting them.

When I was taken to Hell by this man, I knew I was going to be tormented and I cried. I am just a human with feelings, emotions and I thought I had lost my salvation.

In fact, there are people who are so confident with God, they think that they're okay with God without realizing that they are going there. When we arrived in Hell, I cried like a baby boy because I entered a state of confusion. Imagine yourself preaching as Minister, as a servant of God for years watching the power of God in action and the moment that follows, you open your eyes in this place of fire.

I cried like a child. In this experience. I spent hours in Hell and not a second passed that I did not cry like a child in that place. Hell is not what people think, it's worst.

When I was in Hell by the side of this character that was like the sun, my only question to him was, “Sir, what did I do wrong to land here? Which area of my life did I fail in order to land here? You have to tell me my mistake that caused my soul to be lost. I want to know that failure that caused me to land here.”

I told this shining man, “I know that the preaching of Gospel did not guarantee my salvation. I know that the gifts of the Holy Spirit did not guarantee eternal life. I know that the ministry does not guarantee the kingdom of heavens, but in my walk with the Lord, I tried to live according to God's Word because I wanted to be with the Lord one day.”

The only thing I wanted was to love God. You have to tell me why I am lost in this place. I know this is a bad opportunity for what I wanted was to have the opportunity to look at my errors and repent. Yet this character of light would not tell me anything. It was clear that he was leaving me there. But I did not enjoy this goodbye for I did not know why I was in this place and what I did wrong.

I prayed and I said, “Forgive me, Lord, I am only human I know humans often fail and we are often wrong and we make mistakes. I recognize my mistakes.”

However, this man who was like the sun said nothing and he left me in this horrendous and gruesome place where the ground was arid like the deserts. There were underground, there were caves and caverns that were endless. I stood there and I fainted around these dry rivulets of arid and stony Earth.

The shining character went away without a trace, and he did not say anything to me.

Brother, what would you think in this scenario? I cried endlessly. And I implored a good explanation from this man to tell me why I was abandoned in that place.

I said, “Lord, give my heart the beat. And I would never be ashamed to scream that You are good.”

There are Christians who know the truth, but they are ashamed to tell the world that Christ is coming soon before society. They're ashamed of saying that Hell is real as the people laugh and mock the message of Hell. I do not know exactly how long I was in Hell.

I was there crying, and I was on the ground saying goodbye to my life. I was asking to be given one last opportunity. I said, “Lord, I would not get tired of screaming to the world that Christ lives and reigns forever if only You give me an opportunity.”

I was there in Hell when suddenly I started to hear like thunder.

Actually, the demons in Hell were making tremendous noises. Demons scream and talk rough. I heard the rumble of demons as they move like storms. The shout of a human was clearly different from the demons for the demons in Hell makes noises of animals and wild beasts.

I was also hearing yelling of people being tortured by demons. In comparison to the human world, I can tell you, the devils are the masters of the tortures that have never been seen on Earth. And I was scared because I did not want to be there, but I was there and things were not in my hand. I did not know if I would return to Earth. The only thing that I wanted was to go back to Earth where I can ask God for forgiveness and asked Him to tell me if I corrupted and falsified the Gospel.

I spoke for hours and hours but nobody answered. I cried, asking the God of mercy for I was there humiliated. I was crying for forgiveness, asking Him for mercy.

Suddenly I hear a rumble like noises of many horses running towards my location. And when I heard that rumble of demons I was nervous. In Hell, the devils are not all equal for they vary. There are different from humans. We, humans, have the same body members and there are a structure and order. But that is not the case for demons for they are all different.

I heard the rumble that was approaching like sticks and command. At that moment, I did not know where to go and hide. This is a world of fire and constant flame. Finally, I moved towards the place where the rumble was coming from. I had the impression that there were horses moving in water making a lot of noise. It sounded like many horses running in water and I was paralyzed by fear.

There was a sense of powerlessness and hopelessness. There was a nervousness that I had and I was scared and expecting something surprisingly bad. I did not know what was coming but I was scared because I only expected them to capture me and torture me like they usually do with the souls that were there. It was a crucial moment of impotence, nervousness, and fear of uncertainty.

Suddenly, I looked before me and I saw something moving in the air. I thought it was a demon, for there were horrible demons flying like birds in Hell. And I thought it was one of them. I saw this thing spinning and falling not far from me.

When I looked, I saw that it was actually a man who was about 28 to 30 years old. He was bathed in blood. Upon his chest was written,” Proud and liar.” This man shouted, he swore and mentioned the names of his mom and dad and all the families and people that preached to him the Gospel.

He said, “Please, Pastor forgive me. I thought you were all fanatics and a bunch of religious, but now I regret. Lord, I cannot stand this torment anymore. Give me a chance and I swear I'm going to do Your will. But please get me out of this place.”

When I saw this man in his deplorable condition, I was amazed. The man was confessing everything and crying about atrocities that he was going through. I was there looking at this man and I'm scared and nervous.

Then I hear that noise that came and approaching when suddenly I saw a group of strange demons appearing. I have never in my life seen anything like this. These demons were approximately two meters higher. They were dressed in black. They were wearing black clothes like celebrities. They seem like these vampires that are shown on the TV. These demons had legs like horses and they had literally had heads on their backs which were large. It was disgusting and abominable.

What I was looking at was a group of about 40 demons who came like a military escort. They came and they stood in front of me about a meter. In the middle of these demons, there was a being never seen before. There was a different demon that showed those weird demons came escorting. They came with a demon of approximately five meters. In fact, this demon exceeded the five meters. The demon was so weird and disgusting. He gave me chills. His body was like the body of a human being but his skin was literally the skin of a snake. The skin was of a strong blue color or purple. The color of his skin was completely scaly as a snake. This demon had legs literally like that of a rooster, and he had strange claws that I had never seen in my life. He had a head that seemed like a meter. On his head, he did not have a single hair. He had teeth like big fangs of a lion and they shone like metal, and he had blue eyes penetrating. He held a spear made from a strange metal, but I could see that it was metal. This creature left the group of demons and start walking towards the front of these weird demons.

When he got in front, I noticed that he had a tail like a scorpion which exceeded two meters. It was something that words escaped me to decipher. This was repellent. This was cancer that I had in front of me.

This creature talked to me in a strange language that I did not understand. I do not know what he said. But he was striking his spear on the ground. I noticed that he was very angry and he hit on the ground. I was threatened and I felt helpless.

I said, “Lord, have mercy. Please help me.”

Brother, this demon did not do anything to me at that time. But he grabbed his spear and pierced the young man that was around me in the back. When the spear pierced the back of that young man, his blood splattered my face and the shirt that I was wearing. I was shaking.

I said, “God help me.”

The feeling of powerlessness and hopelessness took over me and I shouted, “God help me, please have mercy.”

This devil began to raise that boy with his spear. He lifted the spear together with the boy and he shook his spear and the boy came out spinning, and then he fell on that strange ground where there were endless rows of bars that looked like ice or crystal. Everywhere, there were high bars that were a meter and a half.

When the demon threw the young man with his spear, I saw that the young man fell upon these bars that penetrated his body. He was pierced by these materials and I screamed for I felt helpless. I felt like they were doing it to me and I wanted to help him. I wanted to go and do something for him, but I could not. And I felt powerless because I was also lost in that place of detention waiting for my sentence. I felt that my time of torment would come. I do not wish anyone to go through what I felt on that day.

When this demon had released that man from his spear, he was angry and he began to threaten me. As the young man fell on these bars in pain, he started to twist and scream with all his strength.

When I saw this, I asked God forgiveness and I asked for mercy. I swore to do things for Him if He gets me out of Hell. I saw the young man twisting and moving his body that was penetrated by these bars.

Later on, he started rolling towards me. However, these demons would not let him rest.

The young man told me, “Tell my family and my people that I cannot stand this torment anymore, please.”

I told the young man, “I'm also scared. I cannot help since I am stuck in this place. I am in the same situation as you. I did not know what to do.”

I remember when I was talking to the young man, suddenly the giant demon came again. He approached me with his group of demons that were under his authority. They moved towards the young man and they grabbed him with their claws. One of them gave him a bite on his neck and tore the piece of his flesh. Another demon gave him a bite on his chest, another on his arm. There were four bites that he received, they tore his flesh like a vampire. I saw when all four took out the pieces of meat from him and I cried.

At that moment, the giant demon who had a skin of snake stood before me. He started hitting hard with his spear on the ground, signaling his intention to attack me. I felt like running, but terror and fear was so great in this place that I was paralyzed. You cannot run because you know that even if you run and wherever you go, you are going from one demon to another worst. The only thing I expected was my turn to be tormented.

But I remember, brother, that something surprising happened at that time. I remember that a glow covered that place where this devil and his demons were. This light was the man who was like the son who dropped me to this place. When this character that was flamboyant, dazzling and glowing, descended, I saw these contingent of demons and their leaders who was more than five meters being projected by his tremendous force, and they went flying backward, and they fell about 30 meters away from me. The giant demon and servants were projected and fell in the same area where the young man that was pierced by their spear and thrown in. The young man was still in pain and screaming and he was looking at me. I saw that there was someone in the glow of light that had neutralized these demons.

Things changed in my favor when I heard the man who was like the sun speaking. I heard this bright and shining character speaking and threatening these demons with an authoritative voice. He asked these unclean spirits of Hell, “Do you want more? You're going to regret what you just tried to do because you have believed that he was alone but you're wrong. We are to keep him from you until the last moment of his life in the land. You're going to pay to the last quadrant of what you just tried to do against his life.”

When I heard these words, they infused in me confidence. These demons were in fear. I turned around to this shining character who was behind me in the light. When I turned around to see the radiant man of light speaking, my brothers and sisters, I saw a tall man about four meters high, everything was big. The man was dressed in white vestment resplendent. The man had huge wings and arms. He had beautiful blue eyes, but something amazing about this angel, his skin and his face were literally shining, beaming and flamboyant.

When I'm looking at him, I started to recognize that he was an angel of the Almighty, an angel of the Lord was what my eyes will be holding at that moment. And you may wonder how did you know that he was an angel. In fact, God gave me a privilege to encounter angels and I talked to them, though I do not like talking about them.

And I knew that this angel was the Archangel Michael. The Chief Angel was a beautiful being. In fact, the Archangel was beautiful in exaggeration. Angelic beauty is far beyond terrestrial. It's beyond human beauty. When I looked at the Chief Angel, I saw that he was also looking at me. In fact, I was looking up to him because he was four meters high, and I look like a dwarf before him, and he was looking down below watching me. I was actually waiting for him to tell me something. I expected him to explain and tell me why I was there.

However, I did not want to be rude and shout at him. I told him, “I do not know why I'm in this place. I do not understand why you put me through this.”

Finally, the Archangel Michael said, “Zavi, do not be afraid. You will not stay in this place forever.”

When the Chief Angel spoke like this, brother and sister, I started shouting, “Thank you, Lord.”

I got excited. I started to glorify God. I ran to the angel and I hugged him, I mean his feet.

Then the Chief Angel said, “ You know, Zavi, I want to tell you something. Jesus Christ sent me to bring you in this place.”

I said, “You would not talk to me and you refused to speak.”

Michael told me, “The Lord asked to bring you to this place of torment so that you will never forget where He rescued you from. Jesus Christ told me you should never forget where He rescued you on September 14 in 2006.”

When I heard those words, I could not contain the crying. I knew what he was referring to.

Brothers and sisters, I want to be clear and sincere about this. When I had this second experience of Hell, I was having a hard time in my spiritual life and in my ministry. I was living in trials and I was going through the wilderness. At some point, I felt like leaving everything and running away from the ministry to live a normal life. My life was extremely difficult though I was not showing it to God’s people. Many people think when you are Christian, it is synonymous of life without struggle and you will not have problems and that you will never have tests, fights, and tribulations. I was about to give up and abandon God’s work, but in His love, the Lord Jesus send the Chief Angel Michael who took me back to Hell where the Lord had rescued me previously, in order to remind me where I was saved.

There are people who look at men of God as extraterrestrials, as immortals. And as the superheroes who are always fine and do not go through tough times, yet men of God will be processed in adversities and tough times.

Michael said, “Zavi, the Lord sent me to bring you to this place in order to remind where you were rescued from. I am here to tell you that God has previously raised great servants on the Earth throughout history, and He has used them greatly. But being in the glory of ministry, many of them forgot the One who used them and the One who raised them, thus they have fallen.”

“Zavi, the Lord Jesus sent me to tell you not to forget that you were chosen and rescued from the womb of Hell to proclaim freedom to the captives and salvation to the lost.”

“Today God is doing great things through numerous men on Earth. Yet these men have forgotten the One who used them and the smoke of arrogance went up in their head in their fame as they are recognized. They think and believe that they can depend on their ministry and they forgot His presence.”

“Zavi, I have been sent to warn you to be very careful about the way you walk in front of the Lord. As a matter of fact, you started to forget where you come from. In a time not too distant there will be growth in your spiritual life and in your ministry. There will be magnitude, the Lord will open the borders of the nations of the world for you and you will take His word to countries but do not forget the Lord who is the cornerstone. I have been sent to warn you to be very careful. There is coming growth to your life and your ministry for God will put to you as a blessing channel for thousands of people on Earth. Through your ministry, God is going to bless nations and thousands of people are going to be blessed through you because God appreciates you. I have come to warn you not to change. You must stay the course. There are pastors that change the Gospel into the unfavorable and adulterous word; the preaching of riches instead of the truth that confronts sin.”

The Chief Angel said, “Zavi, there will come a time you will be approached by many important religious leaders in the world with a single purpose and goal to get you to change the message of a truth to material and liberal Gospel. There will be a great trap for your ministry but stay the course. You are humble of heart, you don't change that for growth is coming in your ministry. That's why I was sent to you so you do not forget to stay humble when growth comes.”

The Chief Angel Michael said, “I am nothing. The Great One is called Jesus Christ, the King of kings and the Son of God. Many great men of God were raised from drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution. homosexuality, witchcraft, idolatry. Many of them come from the streets. Others come from hospitals, but many forgot where God picked them from and where they came from. And today they are leading congregations and they are boasting with their mouths instead of giving God the glory. They were nothing but now they are full of pride, which is destroying many congregations.”

“Certain friends have deceived them. They are hypocrites because they are indifferent to God's word and they do not want to hold on to it anymore and do not want to live it. They easily forgot from where God took them. They are ungrateful. The Lord is being paid badly yet He is the One who gave them everything. It's hard to give back to Him what He gave for you in the Calvary.”

The angel said, “Zavi, God’s people today on the Earth has taken a strange attitude towards the faith. God’s people think that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a garden of rose and that is an easy way. They are wrong. Jesus’ path is a path of tears. It is a path of contempt, a path of persecution, a path of test and fight. In that path of adversity, people are going to betray you. They're going to chase you, they are going to despise you. But Zavi, you are going to do so many things because of Someone who gave it all for you on the cross.”

Michael told me, “Zavi, do not be slandering other servants. You cannot dwell in that for God knows where they are standing. Those in distraction have time for discord, they have time for contention. They have time for that rubbish of the devil. The only thing that they do not have time is to be in the presence of God. It does not matter how you began this race. It's about how you end this race. Paul warned Galatians telling them they started in the Spirit, they should end in the Spirit. He said O foolish Galatians who has bewitched you? Before your eyes, Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed as crucified. Are you so foolish? After starting in the spirit, are you now finishing in the flesh?”

“Many men have gotten churches have started well, but their end is death and perdition. You started well, but how are you going to finish this race? The Lord said, Whoever remain faithful I will give you the crown of life. There are people who do not deserve to be given a bicycle. God gives them a pair of shoes they walk wanting to fly in the cloud through the air, it hurts.”

“Zavi, people will despise you, they will humiliate you without cause. They will make war against you without cause. You will wonder why you will think that they hate you without any justification.”

“But it is for the sake of the One who paid for you at Calvary more than 2000 years because of that One who endured the whips, the slaps and the crown of thorns, He endured the spear in His side, He bore the nails on His hands and advanced forward on the road to Golgotha and get there because of you. Tell your people they must value the sacrifice that Christ offered in the Calvary. Think, Zavi, despite all the persecutions, you must continue to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

That Angel told me, “Zavi, do not put a price on the Word. God is going to bless you in a big way but never put your eyes in the material things that God gives you. Everything that comes to your life, take it but your gaze must be in the kingdom of the heavens. Paul looked at all things as trash to gain Christ; death was a gain. Yet the devil is robbing preachers, ministers, evangelists, of the most important thing that is salvation of their souls. For a few miserable rotten wealth, their crowns of life have been stolen. Many church and leaders are harlots and are already prostituting to the world. Today they are in entertainment shows on the altars. People are looking for fame and looking for money and seeking approval.”

The Angel said, “Today the church lives on emotions. The true doctrine of purity and the preaching against sin has become uncomfortable. People want superficial and the material Gospel. People confuse any weird moves, people do not understand what is the glory. For you to talk about the glory of God, there must be a transformation in the heart a rebirth, a revival in someone's heart.”

“Zavi, you are going to preach the Word of purity. We angels would like to be in your place. We would like to go preach the Gospel, but we are not allowed. I want you to know something, Zavi. Many will despise you; many will be your enemy. But I want you to know that we are with you. I repeat, do not change the truth.”

Then the Chief Angel said, “Zavi, today 99% of those who preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ on Earth are children of the devil.”

Brother, when I heard this, I was left speechless.

I said, “It cannot be.”

The angel told me, “You do not understand the mysteries. 99% of preachers who preach Christ in the Earth are not children of God, like many think. They are children of the devil. In the current day in the 21st century, those who preach the Word boast of being servants of God, but they are using the Word to shelter sin, they using the Word to hide sin. And when you speak openly about sin in the land you will be confronted. There will be official complaints. Jeremiah did not close his mouth at the sight of the sin of Israel. Many died for speaking the truth. They died by confronting sin and corruption. However, for many preachers, it is sin that you speak about sins openly. John the Baptist was killed because he would not shut up before sin. He paid with his life by confronting sin.”

“Zavi, God has taken you to big cities in the Mexican Republic. Often you had come down from an altar and platform crying because of the indifference of God’s people who are rejecting His word and you have said in your thought, “I will not speak again Your name in these churches in the city. Please God, send me to the villages to the mountains, to the provinces. I want to go anywhere else.” You know He has heard you because He sent you for years to places that you wanted. He knows that when you talk you do not think twice to talk about what He tells you to say. You do not hesitate to tell God’s people that they are wrong to dress that way. They are going the wrong way. You have the courage to tell them in the face that they are in the wrong way so they can turn to the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That's why He sent me to tell to stay the course.”

“He has cried with you when you have come down from a disappointed altar, that the people do not accept His Word. Get ready because growth will come to your life and ministry. Many councils and local authorities will try to close the door of God’s work and will slander your personality but be calm because the Lord will fight for you. If they close the door for you, my God will open another in front of you that you never imagined. This will be the signal. You will be invited by people who don't know you, people of other countries from other places.”

“The biggest letter of introduction is not the conciliar letter; it is not a recommendation letter but the grace and power of the Spirit of God in the life of a human being. Today in the current times the devil brings his extra recommendation if he wants to denounce the truth. Demons are standing in pulpits with so much intellect, preaching the Gospel of demons invented by the devil. What you need is the presence of the Holy Spirit.


  1. Спасибо Тебе,Господь. Большое спасибо.
    Спасибо Тебе за Твоих слуг, за свидетельство и размещение свидетельства здесь.

  2. Save us Lord from sin and false teachings. Help us to walk in your ways and your plans.