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You alone are the Lord. You give life to everything and the multitudes of heaven worship You. Nehemiah chapter 9, verse 6.

I knew that I was not yet going to get to stay in heaven. I was told very plainly yet softly and tenderly that I would have to go back. I found myself standing by Jesus' side. He was talking to some people gathered around Him and He was telling them how much He loved them. I could do nothing but stands speechless. Until you have heard the Master speak and express His love for you, you cannot completely understand why I was unable to speak.

The meaning that we humans give to love pales in comparison with the purity, the depth and the true meaning of what His love is like. We know so little next to the One who loved so much that He gave His life for all so that we could someday live with Him in heaven. And then Jesus put His arm around my shoulder and hugged me to Himself, and I wept uncontrollably. I was engulfed in a torrent of the flood of the greatest love and most absolute acceptance that I have ever known.


Then instantly I was in the throne room again. I fell like a dead man. All I knew was that I was at the center of all existence and that the Creator of all things was there. I was completely bathed in His love. With all that is within me, I yearned to go back to heaven for eternity. There were scenes there so beyond my understanding that I don't even want to speak of them, for you would not believe them.

There was a fragrance that permeated everything that seems to be a link between the very presence of God and all of heaven. It was absolutely a rapture of pure wonderment. I was told it was the fragrance of God. I fell before the Lord prostrate when I heard these words. Everywhere I looked, I saw people completely at peace, absolute joy and total love as the rule in heaven.

There were sights and sounds that I can never adequately tell or articulate in any human vocabulary. There were structures and amphitheaters beyond description. You would not be able to comprehend or believe the total scope of what I was allowed to witness for the sake of my generation. The laws of Earth, the laws of physics and all the laws of the universe as we know them in our human understanding, did not apply there. Only the will of God in a heavenly sense applied there.

All the time I was allowed to be in heaven, I witnessed wonder upon wonder. The Lord Jesus was always there at the moment that was perfect for His appearing. I cannot explain it any better. So I will say it again, I am just telling you what I was shown. People would silently look with adoring eyes and whisper, "He is coming." I witnessed the absolute worship of our Savior that human beings will never be able to enter into this life. I shall always hold this most dear to my heart forever.


The throne room of God was the most beautiful spot in heaven. During my second visit to the throne room, I was taken to an area that I had not noticed during my first visit because I had been so overwhelmed by the presence of God. I was to experience even more this time.

In this area, there were what appeared to be rooms in a high arched Cathedral. They were all along the side wall across from a living statue of the Lord Jesus. Again, the statue was alive, it moved and it spoke. I have no way of explaining it. I can only tell you what I witnessed in the best way that I know how.


The rooms had arched entrances that led to a large area that was totally private. I saw my name, "Richard of the family of Sigmund." And under it, these words, "The Covenant of Jehovah and the Redeemed of the Lamb."

I was shaking and unable to make even a sound. Sometimes silence is golden.

On a beautiful pulpit-like structure was a book that looked like a Bible. It was signed across the front with these words, "My covenant will not break, I will not alter the thing that has gone out of My mouth."

I was astonished. I was reminded of the shed blood of the Lord and of the price He paid to redeem me. And again, I wept uncontrollably. The book opened by itself, and then suddenly Jesus was there by my side.

He said, "This is My plan for your life and I will honor it as long as you honor it and live under My Father's demand for your life."

I fell at His feet and cried, "Holy is the Lord my God."

I never knew the power of covenant in that realm before and I will never forget it. It shall stand for eternity.

There were other rooms also one for each born again believer. You see, God has plans for each one of us, eternal plans.


I didn't want to leave but somehow I knew that I had no choice. Yet I had great joy and knowing that it pleased God to speak so personally to me. I was overjoyed, to say the least. I was then taken to an area near the crystal clear seashore. It was a city of homes that actually floated above the treetops. The buildings were smaller than some of the others I had seen but were magnificent to look at. I was told that some of heaven's citizens desired homes on the seashore, and other places as well. Then there were those who wanted to have their homes anywhere that they happen to be.

I marveled at the love of God, how He loves to provide our hearts' desires when our ways please Him.

I saw children and older people too floating down from their homes and walking on. I also saw some people walking on the water. I marveled again at this and I was told, "With God, all things are possible." Refer to Matthew chapter 19, verse 26.

I felt a desire to walk on the water. There is no fear or dread in heaven or anything like that. There are no negative emotions. They simply do not exist there. Instead, there is a deep desire to please God. There is joy, peace, and love. There is perfect harmony.

I then stepped out on the water. I turned to look back and there was Jesus beaming with joy. He was smiling the same type of amused smile people have when they see a wide-eyed child opening presents on Christmas morning. It brought joy to Him. And it reminded me of God's Father nature. I couldn't help but give glory to God.


"Come, you have another appointment with Jesus," the angel said as he bowed his head in complete humility. "Come now, the Master awaits."

I was taken to a beautiful rose garden. The Rose Garden is God's personal place in heaven, His favorite place.

There were actually rose bushes that were as large as trees here on Earth. They had roses of every type and description. Some were nearly transparent, yet they exploded in a burst of thousands of colors. Most of these colors would be impossible to capture here on Earth. I marveled exceedingly.

There in the center was a sitting place with garden type furniture made of solid gold. But most of all, and best of all, Jesus was there waiting for me. Again, I fell at His feet, but the only sound I could utter was a very weak, "My Lord and Savior."

I was weeping with great joy. Everything in heaven seems to stand still when the Lord Jesus speaks. There were several of the ministering class of angels there. The Lord was giving them instructions. I could not hear or was not supposed to hear what was being said.

There were several other people there too. Somehow I was able to grasp the significance of the moment. Who was I to be there? I will never know. I recognized one of the men from my ministering years on Earth. I wanted to reach out and embrace him. It was so good to see him.

There were others I knew personally, and some I had only heard about. There were also some who were Bible figures. I was so wobbly in the knee that I just stood there and trembled. And then it seemed as though all of them in unison with their words, let me know that they would see me again soon. And we would have a reunion that would last a century. This pleased me very much.


I was told to sit and just listen. It seemed again as though all of the heavens grew silent. I really believe it did. As the Lord approached, I once again fell at His feet. A hand as strong as steel lifted me up. As I was looking into the Master's face once again, He gave me a loving, all-knowing look of absolute acceptance. I was trembling with ecstasy and peace. He said, "Sit down," and I sat immediately still trembling.

Then Jesus drew back a few steps and began to speak.

"For centuries, men have tried to interpret My word, some were correct in as much light as they had. Some were wrong, and some of them were sent by the Evil One to lead My Father's creation astray. From the day that My grace was extended to redeem creation, the Evil One has tried to steal it from My hands. But until the day that I will soon return that which My Father has committed to Me will not be taken from Me. I have worked to make salvation available to all. I was there when the first rays of My glory created the universe. I was there when the planets were made. I did it. I created everything to work perfectly after its own order. For millennia, everything was perfect. I fellowshipped with the first created man in these gardens until sin became a reality. My Father cast the Evil One and all those who followed him into outer darkness. They were cast far away from this perfect abode that I have prepared for My bride of faithful believers. The days of creation are numbered. My Father alone knows the number of days. He alone. Soon I will take the heavenly armies that you have witnessed, along with these elders that are here and go to get My people. It will be the happiest time of all eternity. You will go back." He said.

Immediately I began to weep at the thought. It hurts so. He reached out and touched my shoulder and a great peace came again.

"Go tell My people what you have seen here and tell them to get their temples clean and full of My Holy Spirit. Only with My help, can they endure to the end.


Behold, I am coming soon. My reward is with Me and I will give to everyone according to what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end. Blessed are those who washed their robes that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city. Revelation chapter 22, verses 12 through 14.

Jesus said, "You are going back."

I sighed and Jesus rebuked me. "The will of My Father is never grievous. Stand to your feet. You must go back. You will come back to heaven. You will have angelic visits." He said.

Then Jesus hugged me. Suddenly my body was full of pain. There was a sheet over my face. I could feel my bones knitting together. I was being healed. I heard a voice say, "He's been dead all these hours."

I could feel my left wrist where the bone had been protruding. I could feel it popping into place and healing up.

"It is about time to embalm him."

I remember sitting up and saying, "I ain't dead yet."

Someone hollered in the hall, "He's alive, that dead man is alive."

I remember a doctor coming in and saying, "I pronounced him dead and he is dead."

Then I was sitting up. Other doctors and nurses came in and I began to tell the story of where I had been and what had happened. People were weeping. Doctors said, "This must be a miracle of God."

Since my time in heaven, and to this day, nobody knows how the accident with my van happened. There were no other cars around. It looked as if both the front and the back of the van had been hit by Sherman tanks at the same time. The policeman said that it looked like God had clapped His hands and I'd been in the middle of them.

As you can imagine, my time in heaven changed the nature of my life on Earth. All I've ever wanted to do was to win the lost to Jesus, pray for the sick and help believers become filled with the Holy Spirit.

Telling about my experience in heaven has made it easier for me to minister in these ways because people come to my services with a greater sense of expectation of what God can do. I've always had large numbers of people attend my meetings but my testimony seems to have open things up much more. It has had an impact that is beyond anything that occurred before and it's been the work of God all the way.


Since my heavenly experience, I have continued to have visitations of the Lord. God has poured out His Spirit into my life. I have witnessed the blind see, the deaf hear and the lame walk and I have literally seen the dead raised.

A man dropped dead across from my driveway. By the time the ambulance arrived, the man hadn't breathed for 15 minutes. But after prayer, he came back to life. In another case, a man was working on building a church in Mexico when an adobe brick fell on his head and crushed his skull. He died instantly. Everyone gathered around him and prayed and God raised him up. Then he said, "I was in heaven, and I didn't want to come back."

So this happens more often than we think. When I was about 14 or 15 years old and was ministering with AA Allen, we went to see a young woman in the hospital, who had kidney disease and had suffered a stroke. She had died in that hospital and been pronounced dead. But AA Allen and others prayed for her, even though she had been dead for about an hour. The woman's father who was an undertaker came to see about her body, but when he got to the hospital, she was alive again. The very next night she went to church, and she didn't look like she'd been sick a day in her life. That was a miracle.

There have been other miracles as well. There was a man in the hospital who had a broken leg, which the doctors couldn't seem to realign so that it could heal. They called my friend Pastor Randy Wallace and me to come and pray. God set that bone before our very eyes and his leg was healed.

In every service, I see the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and God performing the miraculous. When I tell my story, there are always a great number of people who want to get right with God. If I were in their situation, I would too. I would want to go to a place called heaven. I also continue to have angelic visitations. Even though I have never again, seeing the two angels who escorted me through heaven, as far as I know, I have had numerous other angelic visitations. And God is much more rich and much more free to me.

I have a depth of God in my life now that I never knew was possible. It just seems like this type of Revelation is more than any man could ever have. This type of experience with God would seem like one out of 100 or once in a lifetime, but it now happens to me on a daily basis.

Every day I hear the audible voice of God in some manner. Every day I see the angels of God and I have seen Jesus on numerous occasions. In revival meetings, the angels are visible to me. The cloud of glory is visible to me. The sickness and diseases in people's bodies are visible to me. The demons that afflict them are visible to me. The glory that comes upon them when God heals them is also visible to me.


Over the years every once in a while I have met someone whom I was told in heaven that I would meet on Earth. One of those people is Paul Hegstrom whose heavenly home I'd seen under construction on the avenue named The Way of the Rose, and whose heavenly library contained the books he would write. Refer to chapter eight.

I met Paul through pioneer TV evangelist Dr. LD Kramer, who is a friend of mine. LD mentioned Paul's name to me and I said, "I know that name." Then I told him what had happened to me and how I had seen the names of Paul and his wife Judy, on their home under construction in heaven.

Since LD Kramer was well known, he got in touch with Paul on my behalf and he came down to see me in Texas. However, I was so scared to meet him at first. I didn't know how he would react to what I would tell him. So I made an excuse that I had to be away from the house. Yet I knew I needed to tell people about my experience. And here God was bringing things to pass, just as He'd said.

Later, when Paul and I met, we became instant friends and we remain very good friends today. I told him the names of the books I'd seen in his heavenly library, and he said, "We're just now writing those books."

Another person I had been told I would meet was Sid Roth. I'd seen many things about Sid in heaven. I met him when he called me one day out of the clear blue and wanted to know if I would be on his radio and TV programs. At the time, I was just getting over kidney failure and a stroke and I wasn't able to get around yet. So we did a phone interview for his radio program, and we've been friends ever since. Sid said that when I told him my testimony, the presence of God just about knocked him out of his chair. It's been very powerful.


People continue to be touched by God through my ministry and the story of my experience in heaven. Some of these testimonies are included later on in this book, but I will share one of them here.

An army general serving in Iraq got in touch with me and asked me to ship two cases of an earlier edition of this book. A chaplain distributed the books to the soldiers. One day one of the soldiers brought his book with him out on patrol. He and his fellow soldiers became pinned down and thought they were all going to be killed. So of course, they became very religious.

They didn't have a Bible. So the soldiers started reading out of my book. The soldiers were trapped behind a wall with the opposing forces closing in. All of a sudden there was a big thump, like a hand grenade going off, but it seemed to come from the enemy's location. The soldiers peeked over the wall and saw 30 or so enemy combatants running frantically to get away. Immediately they got out of there.

The next day, they caught some of these combatants and asked them what had happened. Why had they run away? They didn't answer at first. But finally one of them said, "Well, it's those giants in the sky."

Then several of them related seeing these huge men standing in the sky holding big long swords. I believe they were angels. One of the angels took his sword and hit the ground right in front of the militants, and that is when they fled. Something sharp had cut down that brick wall in two. Bullets won't do that. God had revealed the power of His presence and protection to those pinned down soldiers who were reading of heaven.

Are you ready for eternity? God has truly poured out upon me a prophetic ministry of signs, wonders, and miracles. I am to tell the story that Jesus is coming soon. Before He sent me back to work, Jesus told me that I would return and that when I did, I was to tell Jesus is coming back so that we might go with Him to a place called heaven, His people to get ready. These were the words of the Lord. He said, "Prepare yourselves and get ready because I am coming back soon at a time when people don't think I am coming back. I am coming back." Refer to Matthew chapter 24 verse 44, Luke chapter 12 verse 40.

He is coming back for His sons and His daughters. He is coming back for those who serve Him. He is coming back for all of us so that we might go with Him to a place called heaven.

Are you ready? Are you really ready? If you aren't, you can be. Turn away from your sins. Believe that Jesus Christ died as your substitute and confess Him as your Savior and Lord.

If you confess with your mouth, Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. Romans chapter 10 verses 9 through 10

Jesus went into Galilee proclaiming the good news of God. "The time has come." He said, "The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the Good news." Mark chapter 1, verses 14 through 15.

Now is the time of God's favor. Now is the day of salvation. The Second book of Corinthians chapter 6, verse 2.


Since then you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. For you died and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is your life appears, then you also will appear with Him in glory. Colossians chapter 3 verses 1 through 4.

Multitudes of people who have heard or read my testimony have asked me about the balconies of heaven, and how much their loved ones are able to know about those who remain here.


Heaven and earth are more connected than most people know and in ways that are beyond our comprehension. The very nature of Heaven is a complete involvement in the plans of God for eternity. Everything has an eternal purpose. Heaven and earth are joined at times when the spiritual atmosphere and praise and worship are flowing together in perfect harmony. When this happens, we are caught up into the atmosphere of heaven itself. No sin, sickness or disease can dwell there. You are dwelling near the throne of God. To access this life-giving flow, we must be in total abandonment to God in adoration, worship, and praise. Only then are we able to be in a complete union in this aspect of God's provision for the eternal human spirit. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we all may dwell there.


In addition, when great movements of the Holy Spirit are happening here in the earthly church, there are corresponding events of praise and worship in heaven. While I was there, I was shown a group of people who had attended a church together on Earth. In Heaven, they were reunited and attended many heavenly functions together. On this day, they were all sitting in the balconies of heaven, joining in praise and worship with members of their Church on earth. When it was time, everyone would say Amen in perfect harmony. Sometimes the angels of God would join in as well. People were told when and where the next event on Earth would take place.

I was told that during Billy Graham's crusades, there were millions of people participating in his services in heaven itself. In addition, legions of angels were dispatched to convict people of sin. This is what happens when we pray and seek God. Heaven gets involved. There are literally tens of thousands of angels who are dispatched to confirm God's word.


Jesus taught us to pray that God's kingdom would come to earth and that His will would be done on earth as it is in heaven. Refer to Matthew chapter 6, verse 10.

We need to pursue the nature of God's kingdom, embracing God's character and His purposes for the earth. The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. Romans chapter 14, verse 17.

It is imperative that we all live godly, holy lives in the fear and admonition of God. When we do, we may enter into the fullness of Christ, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. Ephesians chapter four verses 12 through 13.

For in Christ, all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, and you have been given fullness in Christ, who is the head over every power and authority. Colossians chapter 2 verses 9 through 10


How do we enter into the fullness of Christ? By applying the nature of Christ to our lives. There are nine steps to the fullness of Christ. They are contained in Galatians chapter 5, verses 22 through 23. The nature of Christ is revealed there. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things, there is no law.

During a time of intense seeking of God, a friend of mine was driving through the mountains of Arizona. He often passed a particular mountain and when he did, he always had the urge to climb it. When he drove past it, he would say, "Someday I am going to climb this mountain and see what this is all about."

One day as he was passing the mountain, he decided that would be the day. He climbed until he reached the top. He could see his car way down at the bottom. He was hot and tired, so he stretched out on a rock to rest for a few moments. He must have fallen asleep because when he awoke, it was well past dark, and the stars were all shining brightly.

As he looked up, a bright shining light shone down out of heaven. Where it struck the ground an Angel stepped out of the light beam. He held up a scroll and said these words, "There are nine steps to the fullness of Christ. You must become perfect in these."

On the scroll were the fruit of the Spirit. The first was compassion. You must become perfect in compassion. Then when compassion has its free course in your life, love will also manifest God's plan in your life. You can't have compassion without extraordinary amounts of God's love. If you want the favor of God, begin to show the compassion of Christ. You must die to self in order to get there.

The medium of exchange in heaven is kindness. This is the Gospel itself. It is the law of love. Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore Love is the fulfillment of the law. Romans chapter 13, verse 10.

The entire law is summed up in a single command, love your neighbor as yourself. Galatians chapter 5, verse 14.

If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, love your neighbor as yourself, you are doing right James chapter 2 verse 8.

Near the end of my experience in heaven, Jesus said these words, "My people have lost their compassion. I highly desire compassion in My children. In this, they show My Father's love. All creation must show love after God's order of being, to stand in the favor of God."

I was shown how all heaven follows after the laws of God's nature. Everyone there was totally engulfed in the perfect nature of God. When He told me this, I began to weep. I knew how much I had failed God in my lifetime. I fell at His feet in worship and praise. He touched me on my left cheek. Then somehow I was standing again. I knew I would never be the same again.


And then I was taken to a beautiful building that stood near the most beautiful trees I have ever seen. They were all different, but somehow the same, I can't explain it. I can only tell you what I saw. In the beautiful building, there were what seemed like hundreds of millions of scrolls on golden shelves. All were solid gold of some heavenly kind, with a gold type of material used as a form of paper. Very reverently, an angel unrolled the scroll. He read from it, saying, "I give God all the glory for my healing. When I surrendered my life to Christ, I was instantly set free from a life of drugs and sin. Now I am the wife of a pastor here in Milwaukee. Jesus has made it all possible."

When I knew who it was, I fell in praise and worship again. All of the testimonies that have ever been given are stored there. Not one is ever lost ever. The angels of God stand in absolute wonderment while a testimony is read. They will never know the saving grace of God. They were created to serve God, and they were created to be His ministering spirits to the heirs of salvation, all Born Again believers.

In the next chapter, I share some of the testimonies I have received. My desire is to encourage you to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ so that you might be present at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Refer to Revelation chapter 19, verses 6 through 9.

It is also to inspire your faith so that you might believe God for your miracles of healing.



I claim no power to heal the sick. The miracles of healing come from God. The Bible gives us many precious promises of God's healing power. Refer to Mark chapter 16 verses 17 through 18. John chapter 14 verse 12.

They are God's continuing provision for His people. In the following testimonies of salvation, healing, and deliverance, many excerpted from letters I have received, names are included where permission was granted. The testimonies have been lightly edited for clarity. Richard Sigmund.

Dr. Loretta Blessing Game and I were staying temporarily and the guest cottage of some friends. Dr. Blessing Game suffered a severe fall on the concrete walkway at the cottage and badly injured her head, back, knee, hip, and foot. The pain was unbearable. She was bleeding and had scratches all over her body. She had actually slid on the walkway and her left hand and arm were gray from the color of the concrete.

Our friends were away at a meeting so immediately after calling them for help on my cell phone, I used my phone to call Reverend Richard Sigmund to pray Dr. Blessing Games' miracle through.

The Lord revealed in a vision to Reverend Sigmund that her left foot was broken. As he continued to intercede, he saw in a vision the Lord Jesus placing His hand upon the shattered bones, and he watched as the bones knit together, perfectly healed. Reverend Sigmund remained on the cell phone for over an hour praying over each injured part of her body. The pain ceased and the swelling subsided and she was able to sit upright on the sidewalk.

Amazingly, the blood and scratch marks also disappeared. Two days later, we decided to have Dr. Blessing Games' healing verified by a doctor and we went to a clinic facility. Many x rays were taken and it seemed as if the prognosis was dire as the X rays showed that a bone in her left foot was badly fractured and out of place.

However, while they were taking more x rays we were praying, "Lord, do not let the doctors see anything wrong. Let them see what You have done."

After these additional x rays were taken, the attending physician came in and announced with amazement, "There are no broken bones."

To God be the glory and how blessed we were to be able to reach God's chosen servant, Reverend Richard Sigmund.

NW McAllister, personal assistant to Dr. Loretta Blessing Game.

At one of Richard Sigmund's services, a 76-year-old man came who had lung cancer and had been given six months to live. After Richard prayed for him, this man was able to breathe better and felt a difference in his lungs. He went to the doctor the following week and was 80% healed. He then went to his doctor a second time and was 100% healed. To God be the glory. The doctor's visits took place within the week after he was prayed for.

Another time I was asked to go with a friend to visit a young man who was about 32 years old and does had stomach cancer and couldn't eat solid food. I could tell that he had lost weight and was a bit thin for his size. I felt impressed to call Richard on my cell phone. So I asked this young man if he believed in healing, and if he liked prayer for healing, and I told him about Richard and the anointing that is upon his life. He wanted prayer and Richard prayed for him over the phone. Then Richard asked him to push in on his stomach. He did and there was no pain. That week this young man went to his doctor and was found to be 100% healed from stomach cancer. Praise God for His goodness. It's awesome to know that God's anointing can touch people even over the phone. Reverend Carol Frazier, founder director on Eagle's Wings ministries, Bloomington, Minnesota.

I had been a backslider for many years. I was away from God and I was very heavily into drugs. There was nothing I would not do to get drugs. It was a very dark time in my life. Then I heard your testimony on the Sid Roth program, It's Supernatural. I was listening to a rock concert when the radio station was suddenly changed. No one had touched it. I heard Sid Roth begin to mention your name and immediately I could not move. I wanted to change the dial but I could not move. As I listened to your testimony, I began to feel convicted about my sins and wanted to make things right with God. I wept many bitter tears. When you prayed for those who are listening, I was ready. I am now reunited with my husband and family and all of us are attending an Assemblies of God church in Missouri. May God continue to use your heaven testimony. Susan B.

I was a member of Pastor Randy Wallace's church in Midlothian, Texas when my daughter who was seven months pregnant became very ill. The doctor said that her baby had died in her fourth month and that it would have to be surgically removed. You came to church there on a Sunday. I urged my daughter to have prayer so that the surgery would go well the next day. You said, "Come here. God has a miracle for you." As you prayed for her, her stomach began to grow. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Then the dead baby began to kick and move. The baby is now three years old. We still weep over the miracle God did that Sunday. What a big God we have. Lopez Sanchez. Note. This testimony has been affirmed by Pastor Wallace.

A lady in our church was pregnant and came to the Sunday church service after going to the doctor on Friday, and learning that the baby she was carrying inside her was dead. There was no heartbeat whatsoever and the baby wasn't growing. After the service, Richard Sigmund prayed for her since she was scheduled to have the baby surgically removed the next day. She went back to the doctor and asked him to check the baby again. Not only was there a heartbeat but the baby had also increased in size substantially. After that, the baby grew incredibly fast and she was born healthy. I see her from time to time and there's nothing wrong with her.

Richard and I worked together in a healing revival at Grace Cathedral in Lancaster, Texas. The church had two weeks of evening services. And during that period of time, there were over 270 miracles. Richard would be under the power of God to such an extent that he could not stand up and I would hold him up. So I was right there when things were happening and saw miracles firsthand.

There was a lady who had something wrong with her back and he prayed for her. She was wearing a pantsuit and I remember looking down at the floor, noticing that her pants suddenly became too short as she was instantly healed. I estimate that she grew three inches.

People who had been diagnosed with all kinds of cancer were healed. Several of them had been dying in the last stages of the disease. One man had stomach cancer and hadn't been able to eat anything for a long time. He couldn't hold anything down. I think he was being fed through a tube. Richard prayed for him and then told him, "Go out and eat a steak." The man looked at Richard as if he was insane. But he went out to a restaurant that night and order to steak and ate the whole thing. He came back the next night with that testimony, and he grew better and better as time went on. We didn't have a doctor's confirmation but the man said he was healed. If you cannot eat for a long period of time and then you are able to eat everything that isn't nailed down, you have a pretty good idea that you're healed.

There was a pastor's daughter who was about 17 or 18 years old, who was brought to the same service in which the man with stomach cancer was healed. From birth, this girl had never been able to hear. Richard prayed for her and she started screaming. At first, we thought something was wrong, that she might be in pain. But that wasn't the case. She was actually frightened because she was hearing for the first time in her life and she wasn't used to the sound.

In addition, I saw people healed of hernias and heart disease. People also gave testimonies that they were healed of their diabetes during those two weeks of services.

I have seen other miracles through Richard Sigmund's ministry as well. When I first met Richard, we went to pray for a man in the Veterans Hospital in Lancaster, Texas, who was dying of AIDS. After Richard prayed for him, he no longer had that disease according to the doctor's report. This man also had a big knot on his leg. And Richard laid his hands on it and prayed. When he removed his hands, the knot was gone.

These are things I saw personally. I always looked at what was going on objectively to see if it was really a miracle. When the anointing of the Lord falls on Richard as he's ministering things happen. God also uses him as a prophet. He once told my wife that when we took a trip, one of her family members would become deathly ill. However, my wife would see a candy cane, which would be a sign for her that everything would be all right. And that's all he told her.

Two years later, while we were visiting my wife's family in Kentucky, her sister had a heart attack. They didn't think she was going to make it and my wife got in the ambulance with her. As they were driving across the Ohio River, my wife looked down and saw a tugboat coming up the river. It smokestack was painted just like a candy cane. The moment she saw that, she remembered what Richard had said, and she thanked the Lord. My sister in law did not stay in the hospital for even two hours. She recovered that quickly.

I've seen some pretty amazing things through Richard Sigmund's ministry. God definitely uses him in the working of miracles. Pastor Randy Wallace, New Hope Christian Center, Midlothian, Texas.

I hadn't been in church for such a long time when I attended your meeting in Dallas, Texas. I really didn't want to go but to satisfy my friend I went. I am so very glad I did. No one there knew that I had a severely twisted spine and was in pain all the time. I thought I will just have to live with it. That night I recommitted my life to Christ. And I felt so much better knowing that all my sins were washed away. Then you pointed to me and said, "God is about to make your back as straight as an arrow." God revealed my need to you. No one else knew. When you prayed for me, you said, "Now watch her feet and ankles." Everyone could see my legs grow out as my spine was straightened. I grew three inches taller instantly. My life has not been the same since. How I praise God for His miracle-working power. Wanda Piston.

I attended your meeting in a small town in Southeast Missouri. People were talking about the miracles that were taking place in every service. I had a rather severe heart condition. The doctor said I might need surgery and even then it might not help. So I decided to come out to see if it were all true. When I came into the auditorium, you were standing to the back of the stage area quietly praying. You looked up when I came in and I somehow knew you could look into the very depths of my being. Something said, "This is your night." After your altar call, it came time to pray for the sick. I was anxious to receive but it seemed like everyone else was getting their healing and the service was about to end. The last person you prayed over was a teenage girl who had severe tooth misalignment. Her mother said she is going to have several jawbone operations that might leave her disfigured for life. Her jawbone grew back into place while we watched. Everyone was rejoicing. And then you look toward me and just smiled. I let out a scream of delight. Some people laughed but I was ready to receive. You looked at me and said, "Are you the same lady who came through the entrance and I looked toward you. When I laid my eyes on you, God showed me your need. You have had some severe shortness of breath and some pain shooting down your left arm. It seems like you have a cement block on your chest at times." Everything you said was entirely accurate. Then you said, "God is going to do something about it tonight." When you prayed for me, I hit the floor. When I got up all the heaviness and difficulty in breathing was gone. The next day my neurosurgical examination showed me to have the heart of a young lady. The doctors were completely baffled. God had worked a miracle before their eyes. Norma and Fred Fraley.

I watched your program on TV on Friday night. You said for everyone to place their hand where a healing miracle was needed. I was blind in my right eye. When you prayed I began to see out of my right eye for the first time in 26 years. I now have 20/20 vision for the first time in my life. We are telling everyone what God can do. Anonymous.

I am a soldier stationed in Iraq and I am a born again believer. We have a group of 23 other believers in our platoon. I received a copy of your book. I was completely engulfed in the presence of God's glory for several days. Brigade Chaplain Mark Sorenson was having services in our district. When he left he gave us several more copies of your book. As a result, many have come to know Jesus and we are having an outpouring among the troops here. Chaplain Sorenson gave a copy of the book to our Commanding General. We were told that he sat down and read the whole book without stopping. He has since become a believer in Christ and is seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit. To God be all the glory. Tommy Sanchez.

I am a United States Marine currently serving in Iraq. I have always believed in God but never worshiped Him. For most of my life, I have sinned. I've done some really bad things in my life that I have regretted. My wife and I hit a hardship in our lives and it was because of my sins. I felt lost and didn't know where to go. My wife then asked me to go to the chapel and ask God for guidance. Well, I did that to help myself and hopefully fix my life. From that point on, I found God and confessed all my sins. I opened my heart and confessed my love for Jesus. Well, that all sounds good. But here's where my problem set in. I led my company through the streets of Fallujah. I feel that I didn't do my job 100%. I took one casualty who is in the States and doing fine. I took the least amount of casualties in any unit that went on the assault. I've beaten myself up over all my sins and ways I could have saved that casualty differently. Well, I went to church today and the chaplain had your book. He said it was sent for us to learn more. I sat there feeling depressed like I was a failure to both my family and my Marines. I was thinking that Jesus had turned me away. Well, something kept telling me to grab that book on the way out. I did, and I read it non stop. And I read numerous times Jesus saying, "Tell them I love them and look what I have already done." It has opened my eyes again. Jesus is always with me. He knows my pain. I am a sinner that I have opened back up to Jesus. I just wanted to say thank you. Sid.

I called your prayer line number seeking someone who could pray and agree with me as I had many needs. As we talked, you began to tell me everything about myself, including things I had forgotten. You even named my children. I had never spoken to you. And I know for sure no one had ever mentioned my name to you before, but you were told so very much. And then you said these words. "Within 24 hours you will start to receive the beginnings of a complete turnaround. God has heard my prayers and help is on the way." I was rejoicing. My wife came back the next day and my old boss called me back to work with a large raise in pay. You were insistent that God should receive all the glory. So I wanted to return this testimony of praise to God. Ernest W. Des Moines, Iowa.

I live in Sydney, Australia. I saw your TV broadcast while visiting during the marketing break. I did as you said and prayed with you for my healing. I had been struck by some type of disease. The doctors could not determine what the illness was. I lost so much weight that I was down to 96 pounds. I was going fast. When I touched the telly screen, I was shocked. It felt like a current went through me. Afterward, I became very hungry. I hadn't been able to eat anything solid for about a year. Since then all my weight has returned. I can jog for two miles. I could not do that before at all. I continue to let everyone know what God has done for me. Lawrence Morris.

Remember, with God, all things are possible. Matthew chapter 19, verse 26.

Transcribed from a YouTube video. This post may contain errors of transcription. Buy the book "My Time in Heaven by Richard Sigmund" to read the original accurate text.


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  2. I am Christian for over 40 years, l would like to share my opinion on Pastor Jean Lim ( Semarak Revival Centre) and Glory Place Centre of Malaysia(GP).
    Please be cautious and be on the ALERT! Religious SCAM-
    The people living in this cult are brained washed to reject education, medicine, having a career(Working), finding a job. Instead, they must only pray 24/7 other things are prohibited. What a Cult! They were forced by the Ministry to testify positive things about Pastor Jean Lim. They are not working and cannot associate with the people of the world who are considered unholy and dirty. Where they get their source of finances? They said from heaven? That's bullshit! They get their finances from scamming rich Christians who are suffering for critical illness like Cancer. They promised that Yeshua will heal them and withdraw all their savings, careers, steal their properties and then murder them and sent back their bodies. l have been a full-time staff under Jean Lim ministry for 10 years. So far, all the people came to her ministry were killed and were murder. We forced to propaganda all the good news about her Ministry cult movement. We were force to tell lies and cover up all her murders. During my serving, from 2005 to 2015, l witnesses over 36 people who were victims of this ministry murder scam. Every church in Singapore and Malaysia you go, when you as about Pastor Jean Lim, Semarak Revival Centre or Glory Place Malaysia(GP), they will show you pictures of their loved ones who were victims of this cult. Go and survey around first! You will learned that this cult has a massive records of cheating, murdering and killings. The estimate number of victims being murdered is estimated to be around 5, 000-7,000 in Malaysia and Singapore. Whereas, around the world is something like 15, 000-20,000. Such figures were massive. Thus, this is just an ice berg of the biggest mass murder ever in this world. It is nearly impossible to stop such a cult ministry. When, we murder or do harm to others, other supernatural force will also work to protect or support such pure evil movement. That's why nobody can stop this ministry. They need to murder and kill minimum around 10-20 people per-month around the world, for the evil force to be pleased and continue to shield and protect their lives and ministry from the authorities. During my stay in 2009, we were forced to open savings and current accounts in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia and our name and bank account were used to SCAM the rich Christians around the world by getting money into our account. They will force us to withdrawal from the bank. Don't be the next VICTIM!

  3. Religious Scam- Warning!
    Lost of kidney and Bankruptcy
    I am a victim to this extreme dangerous religion, which is lead by pastor jean lim. They will tell u not to see doctor and wash ur brain. I am very very regretful that I believe what they say until my kidney was damaged and need to undergo dialysis. After 2-3 years l spent almost RM150k for my treatment now l am a bankrupt now and ask for help for other Christian organisations. When l contacted pastor Jean Lim and the pastors in SRC and GP, they refused to talk to me and help me. They has brought so much of damage to me. I tell you the truth they are not good Christian. They teach you false doctrines. I hope tat there will be mo more victims like me. Becatious and be warned about such cult movement. Ask other church in Malaysia. Every church in Malaysia you go
    When you discuss to them about this ministry
    They will give you a list of victims who were scammed and murdered or deceived. Warning

  4. All My Families Members were killed and Murdered by Pastor Jean Lim and Staff at Glory Place(GP), Negeri Sembilan.

    I am Rebecca and l am 43 years old this year. In 2010 and 2012 our family visited pastor Jean Lim, we thought they were sincere and has good intention for our family. However, we were wrong! I bought my husband to Jean Lim Ministry he was suffering from cough and sore throat due to lung infection in 2012, we went to be Pastor Jean Lim in Glory Place(GP), Mantin, Negeri Sembilan. They told us to attend the for church service as they said my husband needs cleansing and deliverance. They suggested we go to Glory Place(Their so called Heavenly and holy place(GP), we went there and stay in mountain. It is believe that over 45 people were murdered and buried in the mountain, as this cult believes that those who die there will go straight to heave. They confined by husband into a small dark room, stop the food supply and water supply(fasting) to his room, tie him with chain on a chair, they never allow him to get medical supplies or meet a doctor. When his condition became worst, they demanded me withdrawal all our money from our savings from the bank, as they promised Jesus will heal my husband, they threatened us if we never pay RM250,000 my husband will die, so l withdrawal and sold our house and pay the church RM250, 000. And if we never make the payment to the church, my husband will be killed by them and they will sent back his body to Singapore. However, Jesus did not heal my husband. His condition became worsen and when he was about to die because they never allow him to eat, drink, take medicine, and seek a doctor for more then 14 days. As you know that cult oppose taking any medicine as they believe it is from the devil.
    When my husband condition and situation became worst, they choked him and close his face with a plastic bags to make sure no oxygen enter his nose and try to stop him from breathing. Pastor Jean Lim and all the pastors there did it, l saw it with my eyes and l am witness to the death of my husband and children. That is why they also try to kill me? They hate witnesses, who will eventually testify about their crimes to the public (Which l am doing now) They say the faster he die he will go heaven more quickly, the more better for him, as there will be no more suffering. So he died, the first few days, l was told to tell lies to the police about the location of his death and the events leading to his death. I was shaking in shock so l submit to their request to tell lies to the police and launch a police report which story has been 80-90 % altered and was not true. As a matter of fact, Pastor Jean Lim and all the pastors there have killed my husband in a dark room, by stop giving him food and water, refuse to allow him medical supply or seek a doctor. When he becomes weaker and worse in condition, they chocked him and cover his head with plastic bags on his face to stop the oxygen supply to let him die faster( Jean Lim has a mental problem, she always want people to die fast and the younger the more better) as they told me he is going to heaven and it is better than staying in this world which is full or sicknesses and sufferings. I have 3 children and kids all were killed by them when they felt ill, they were refuse medical treatment and they were chocked to death by Pastor Jean Lim and all the pastors there with a towel and plastic bag. They advice us not to make police report about their deaths as our three children are under the age of 12 years old.

  5. My Filipino Wife was murdered by Pastor Jean Lim and all the pastors in SRC and GP.

    Dear All,
    I am appealing and would like warn the public concerning the biggest mass murder and killings in Southeast Asia done my Pastor Jean Lim and All the pastor in SRC( Semarak Revival Centre) and Glory Place (Mantin), l am warning you to stay away and avoid these people. They are scamming all the rich people of their money and ill-treating the poor people like me and also Wilson Tan who have two kids. They murder our loved ones and forced us to launch a fake police reports. MANY ARE SO BLINDED!!! They say our loved ones are now IN HEAVEN having fun. Now we are standing up to seek justice for the thousands victims who were murdered and properties stolen using the name of religion.
    They robe all our lives savings, properties and money in the bank and then kill our loved ones. Now we are stranded and without a job and without a place to stay. They stole every thing from our lives. Then they just forget and discard us. They have done so much of murder and harm to countless of people around the world.

    They teach all the young people to quit schooling and not to go to school as it is a sin to receive education in government school. They ruined and destroyed all the young kids and children’s future. Cheat all of them of a better future, teach them to prey and murder other innocent people. How pure evil the hearts of pastor Jean Lim and all the pastors in SRC and GP were!

    They forced the young youth and adults to open saving bank accounts of their own name in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. They scam other rich people and used our bank account number for people to deposit money in into our account and then forced us to withdrawal the money in cash when through their religious scam. They teach all the youth how to steal and cheat money..

    They promise healing in the name of Yeshua to us. But they actually stole all the money from our banks. Steal our our properties and murder our loved ones and sent back their dead bodies. What a religious murder scam!

  6. Dear All,
    Here are several reasons why l left pastor Jean Lim's Minstry.
    1. Her teaching is out and a cult movement.
    2. She stop children from going to school and prohibit child from receiving education from the world. Because she don’t' have money to sent all the young kids and children to receive education and have a better life in the future. She used the Bible to justify that education of the world is demonic. Which she ruin the lives and the future of the children in her Ministry. What a pure evil heart pastor Jean Lim have towards young kids and children. She murder and destroy their future with lies and put in on the Bible and justify it as righteous and upright.
    2. She always say the world will end, for instance in 2007 she said the world will end of September, 2007. She gave poison and murdered 2 children, 3 adults. All of these were covered up and bodies were buried near the heals near GP, Mantin. Every church you go around Malaysia and ask the leaders around. They will list down 2 or 3 people who were victims of this cult movement, who no longer live in this world. The point and put the blame on her and saying he has the title of murder in the highest. She believes all the people who were murdered and died in her holy mountain will go to heaven, what a deception and lie.

    3.Before she murder each victim, she will try to withdraw all their money and savings in the bank first to use it for the expansion of her so called heavenly kingdom. They pastor Jean Lim and the pastors there will find a suitable strategy to murder them. It could be through poisoning and other punishment methods.

    4. They usually don't use bank account, they pay us using cash. All the salaries of their 50 full-time staff we paid using cash. There are no banks and translations using our local banks. They have massive amount of cash which most of the money were stolen for the victims they murder. At one time when l was there in 2012, there were RM1-2 million in cash all of this money are stolen money from the deceased and smuggled from Singapore through Johor. They everything in huge amount of cash, e.g buying van, car and others. They don't have proper account records or any records. I assume that all their accounting records have been altered or wrong as they don't record any expenses. I can guarantee you they are 100% involved in stealing, money laundering and fraud in accounting.

  7. 5. A Religious Scam- During my stay, l witness over 25 victims who were murdered and killed by pastor Jean Lim and all the pastor there. They always demand money from the victims and take advantage of their vulnerability to cash out as much money as they can from the each victims and their loved ones saying the money is for the expansion of the Kingdom of God and if they give money their sicknesses e.g. heart problem, cancer and other illness with get well. This is a religious SCAM! When they get all the large among of money e.g. RM100, 000 and RM200, 000. Then, they will murder the victim and kill them. They are always fearful of the world and the authorises and try their best to hide their activates and murder. A person who goes into the church for help, usually will end up losing all his hard earn money savings, career, and also life. His/her dead body will be sent back home to his father, wife, mother, sister or husband and they will tell that he has died and now is enjoying life in heaven. Then, Pastor Jean Lim, will give some nice bible verses beautiful bible verses and talk good things about him. For example, because of this person, he has changed something.. and have done something special for other people to follow of something...

    6. NO TO EDUCATION- Those who are full-time must renounce their and repent because going to school and burn all their education qualifications and repent. Their parents also must repent for sending their children to school and receiving education from the world. They burn all their degree qualifications, sadly l saw in the past people in this cult burning their degrees from Australian, British Singaporean Universities. Imagine their parents spend RM250K for a overseas education all in vain because they are blinded by this cult movement.

    7. No working and their perception about people in the world as dirty, unholy and hopeless. They believe that they are the only one going to heaven because they have been separated from the world and are considered as clean and holy people. Other people who are working are bad people and destruction, sicknesses and claminity will fall upon them and their children. They serving full-time are holy and righteous people and are protect and will leave in happiness, peace, joy and good health in their new heavenly Jerusalem. However, the are unable to explain about the death rates in the camp, how come last week 3 babies died! Is a murder den! They think people die there will go straight to heaven, people die outside and in the world will not make it to heaven.

    8. NO TO MEDICINE AND DOCTOR- They refuse to accept medication and doctors. They say medication is demonic and they hate doctors. They believe medications is from the Goddess and idol of serpents or something wrong according to the Bible. THIS IS WORST than Jonestown. Jonestown leader, accepts education and medication. But this Malaysian Cult movement under pastor Jean Lim say no. As results one woman get pregnant and give birth, usually the babies die and they bury it in the hills without making any police reports as they refuse to take medicine and want to see a doctor. Because that is what they believe, many babies born there about 2/3 of their die. Most of them are handicap babies and handicap child when they grow up. But they are still stubborn. Not only they murder people but also deceive people not to take medicine and justify that God heals and medicine and doctors are bad.

    9.This is ( Part 1) of my sharing a little bit of the ice berg of their mass murder and some of their activities. I absolutely agree with some of the statement made by other defectors that " Maximum Murder compared to a serial killed, a serial killer kills 5-7 people and get arrested", Pastor Jean Lim kills the maximum people and still move on like a hero with many followers, thinking all those victims who were killed will go to heaven, such a deception and lie.
    Yours Faithfully,


  8. SCAM ALERT- On this entity and location!!!!
    Warning- Religious SCAM
    SCAM AGAMA di bawah Pastor Jean Lim( pencuri, pembunuh dan penipu)


    Saya menulis kebenaran mengenai Pastor Jean lim semua penganut Kristian di negeri Sabah ini akan menolak ajaran sesak Pastor Jean Lim dari Semenanjung.
    1. Ajaran mereka tidak membenarkan anak-anak pergi ke sekolah dan belajar untuk mendapatkan kehidupan yang lebih baik pada masa depan. Pastor Jean, mengunakan injil kononnya untuk menyokong isu pendidikan anak-anak. Dia melarang anak-anak kami pergi ke sekolah. Ajaran buatan dia mengacam dan menyebabkan ramai anak-anak jadi bodoh macam dia. Dia menganggap anak-anak yang pergi ke sekolah sebagai penjenayah atau penagih dadah dan memeras ugut anak-anak yang besekolah. Jangan bagi anak-anak kamu jadi bodoh macam anak-anak bawah pastor Jean Lim yang engan pergi ke sekolah.
    2. Ajaran mereka sesak misalnya, perubatan dan doktor perubatan adalah haram dan semua orang yang menjadi pengikut mereka tidak boleh berjumpa doktor dan mengambil ubat apabila sakit. Ajaran sesak ini telah menyebabkan ramai kematian terhadap mereka yang mengikuti ajaran bodoh ini. Tolang baca dalam web and blog lain mengenai beratus atau ribu kematian yang berlaku akibat ajaran sesak mereka tidak menerima rawatan doktor dan tidak dibenarkan mengambil ubat. Search on google- " Pastor Jean Lim Src". Kamu dapat lihat berpuluhan senerai mengenai ajaran sesak ini.
    3. Dunia akan kiamat, pada 2008, 2010 dan 2012 dia berkubah bahawa dunia akan kiamat. Namun semua tipu-tipu muslihat ajaran sesak ini. Pada tahun 2008, dia memberi tahu semua orang di gereja hari akan kiamat pada 29, jun, 2008, tapi pada 30, jun,2008 dunia belum kiamat. Pastor jean lim dan pengikut dia telah membunuh 2 kanak-kanak dan seorang ibu di Glory place mantin, negeri Sembilan.
    4. SCAM AGAMA- pastor jean lim dan pengikutnya telah menyebabkan banyak kematian dan pembunuhan kepada orang ramai di Malaysia. di anggarkan 3500-5000 orang telah meninggal dunia di bawah pastor jean lim dan pengikutnya. Semua membunuh seseorang itu, pastor jean lim and mencari strategi untuk mengeluarkan semua duit dalam bank dan menjual harta tanah dengan mengunakan alasan memperluaskan ajaran Kristian(kononnya). Mereka mempunyai wang tunai dalam tangan yang banyak RM1-2 juta, semua dicuri dari mangsa SCAM agama mereka. Dan banyak orang tidak sedar muslihat tipu mereka sehingga semua duit dalam bank dan juga harta-harta dan harta pustaka di curi pastor Jean lim and pengikutnya.
    5. Semasa saya berkerja di bawah pastor Jean Lim (2009-2016), saya melihat dengan mata sendiri 28 orang telah di tipu dan di bunuh oleh pastor Jean Lim and pengikutnya. Mereka mengambil kesempatan terhadap mangsa atau menganut kristian yang menghadapi penyakit Kritical seperti Kanser dan orang tua dan usur untuk mencuri, pencen, duit simpanan, harta mereka selepas membunuh mangsa mereka. Cuba baca petikan Inggeris di bawah:

    " A person who goes into the church for help, usually will end up losing all his hard earn money savings, career, and also life. His/her dead body will be sent back home to his father, wife, mother, sister or husband and they will tell that he has died and now is enjoying life in heaven. Then, Pastor Jean Lim, will give some nice bible verses beautiful bible verses and talk good things about him. For example, because of this person, he has changed something.. and have done something special for other people to follow of something..."
    Sekian Laporan Saya, Tolong Jauhi dari kamu dari Pastor Jean Lim dan pengikutnya. Sekian, Terima kasih

    These two organisations using fake charities schemes to cheat millions from Christians around the World.
    Scammers are increasingly using fake charities or impersonating real charities to take advantage of people’s generosity and compassion.

    Scamwatch is warning people to watch out for fake charities and offering some quick and easy precautions to take to ensure their money goes towards a legitimate charity organisation.

    So far in 2018, Semarak Revival Centre(SRC) and Glory Place Malaysia(GP) has SCAMMED around 28 individuals where reported losses were RM 313,563 in Malaysia alone.

    “Malaysians are very generous, donating hundreds of millions each year to thousands of different charities. Unfortunately scammers are increasingly using people’s generosity against them by setting up fake charities to fleece them,"

    Warning against Semarak Revival Centre(SRC) and Glory Place Malaysia(GP). Do not be the next VICTIM, do not associate and stay away from them.



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