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And the tenth day after the fast, I went to the river. I uttered some incantations relating to the great ladies of the sea. And after that, a mermaid came out of the river, it was around 1 am. And when I was at the bank, it was this mermaid who was to show me the way that leads to the world of Polliun. She asked me to join her in the river. I went down in the water, and I joined her.

[...] Here the brother describes everything this mermaid asked him to do.

When I was at the bottom of the water, it was no longer spiritually, it was really physically, with the body I still have today. At the bottom of the water, there was a large crocodile in front of me. And this crocodile was the means of transport to the world of Polliun. It opened its mouth, I went in and it swallowed me. It was the one to drop me off somewhere on the road. This road was very beautiful and asphalted. The world of Lucifer is very beautiful compared to this world in which we live. But there is another place which is even more beautiful than the world of Satan. It is the one that the Lord Jesus went to prepare for us.

Beloved, do not try to hold on to this world, because you may miss the most important thing. As Children of God, we are in the world, but we are not of the world. And this wonderful place, I saw it with my own eyes the day of my deliverance. When the Lord Jesus got me out of the astral world, He led me there. That is why I said that while I am still on this earth, I will do my best not to miss this wonderful place. You too, do not try to hold on to this world. We are only pilgrims on this earth. The place reserved for us is the one that Jesus has already prepared.

So while I was moving forward, I found myself in front of a gate, I presented the yellow token that they had given me and they made me get through. When I was on the other side, there was a black car that came, one door was opened and they asked me to come in. When I was in the car, while we were moving forward, I looked at the man who drove me, he had neither a head nor a neck. We were with him and he took me to Helena.

When I arrived, I found four identical women, with the same morphology and the same clothes, and that's where I found Helen. Once the three others had left, I said to Helen, "Now that your friends have left, it is time to sleep together." And this demonic woman told me, "You and I have not got married yet, so we don't have the right to sleep together."

Beloved, I was really touched by that. It was a demon that was telling me that; she told me that as long as she and I had not concluded a marriage, we do not have the right to sleep together! See what the so-called "engaged" Christians do today. Some consummate marriage before the wedding! This is sexual immorality! And the Bible tells us to flee from sexual immorality. God says, "Flee from sexual immorality" because behind sexual immorality there are very serious consequences.

When I took this woman, I came back home, and after that, she also visited me. She came to visit me every even day of the week. She even gave me prohibitions among which, apart from her, I did not have the right to have any relationship with a girl in the human world. But one day at a funeral service, I met a girl who was my girlfriend before I was with Helen. And while we were still there at this funeral, I spent the night with her. And when I went back home, I found the girl that I had left at the funeral in my room. When I saw her in my room, I told her, "What are you doing here? I left you at the funeral, how did you manage to come here?" She did not answer, and I went on and said, "I have a wife who is really wicked, if she finds you here, she will kill you." She said nothing; I turned my back on her. And afterward she began to cry, and she told me, "Darling, have you forgotten me?" When I turned over, I looked at my bed, and it was not that girl anymore, but it was Helen. And two days later, the girl died. It was Helen who killed her.

I would like to draw the attention of young girls, especially those who have the bad habit of changing men as one changes clothes on the body. If you do not give up this way of doing things, if you continue with your dissolute life, you will certainly come across a Satanist, and that day will be the end of your life. Satanism and magic are not written on one’s face! So be very careful.



Lucifer has only three temples in the whole world.

The first temple is in Great Britain underground. And it is there that the governor of Lucifer stays, the one that coordinates activities within pernicious sects and churches of Satan. It is there that you find the board of censors that releases brochures as well as diabolic books like Awake, Watchtower, Spoken Word, Bible TOB, the Bible of Jerusalem, Bible verbum xxl cain, New World translation.

The second temple is at the bottom of the water, at the junction of the Atlantic and Indian oceans, there, there is a triangle called the Bermuda Triangle. When you go down there in depth, you find a large building with a white color. It is called the white house of Lucifer. And it is there that Lucifer meets with Satanists of the whole world.

The third temple is in India. It is called "temple of daïl." It is there that you find the prime minister of Lucifer.

But apart from these three temples, there are small Satanic houses as well as mystical lodges: Rosicrucian order AMORC, the Rosicrucian order of the golden, Martinist Rosicrucian order, etc. When one talks about Rosicrucianism, it is a mystical order that has seven different fraternities. There are houses such as, "Louis Gilbert", "Lombard house", "Unction house", even in Nigeria where one shoots the film "Karachika" with the power of the prince Talus.



This ship was coming out of the depths of the Congo River. It was so glorious and beautiful that many people collapsed on the ground due to emotion. I observed this non-earthly intelligence. This ship was above technological progress and human civilization. I was standing and watching this boat. I then saw three faceless demonic entities come out of the boat, like the one that had struck me with madness in the hospital. These entities did not have clothes on them. They had neither mouth, nose, eyes, nor ears. When they left the ship, they deployed a bridge reaching the riverbank. Then all the people waiting on the shore boarded the ship. After we all entered, the boat submerged deeply into the river. The boat was moving at a prodigious speed.

People were emotional while observing this angelic technology. We witnessed an advanced civilization and superior technology. In this boat, there was not only Congolese, but there were also Europeans, Chinese, Indians, Americans and all races of the earth. The influence of the world of darkness has reached the four corners of the earth. Then after only a few seconds of traveling, we began to see massive and populated cities. I saw massive infrastructure. I saw markets, and people sell and buy. These kingdoms and cities were crowded and populated. We traveled around metropolitan cities and many advanced civilizations under the sea. But when I observed the population of these cities and kingdoms, I saw ordinary human beings. Then I saw people half man, half fish.

We finally arrived in the submarine civilization. I observed from a distance, I saw the former president of my country. He was dressed in dirty clothes. In fact, he was like a slave there. He died several years ago. People sang for him while he was alive, but he was only a servant there. He recorded the names of the people who arrived in this kingdom. He drew blood from people with a syringe, and by the blood sample, he knew their name and identity. After this formality, we were taken to an auditorium. It is as if there was a meeting in this building. But I noticed the absence of my wife the mermaid. I was still touched to see our former Head of State serving as a slave there. As I was thinking about it, suddenly my wife the mermaid appeared. She was delighted to see me in her kingdom. She greeted me and said, "Joseph, I am very happy and excited that you have finally arrived in our kingdom." She kissed me and made a gesture with her hand. As a result, a half-fish man appeared.

He was extremely handsome. It was my wife's brother. So my wife said to her brother, "Help my husband to visit our civilization and all the cities, including our infrastructure, our factories, our businesses, and our industries." So we went into a capsule that looked like a ship that was used as a car in this civilization. My wife said to her brother, "Show him our universe." So the man who was half-fish took me to visit the cities of the submarine kingdom. We started the visit by going to see the royal family or the dominant clan. After traveling for a while, we arrived at a residence which was a royal palace. The protocol service opened the gate for us and we entered. Then I saw the king of this kingdom. I was told that he had many names, but he is commonly known as Acram-Mojes. In fact, in our country musicians like to be called by these names. This sovereign of the underwater world is also called Ben Adam, which means the second Adam.

He appropriated the title of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is king of the mermaid clan of which my wife was part. The underwater kingdom is populated by different mermaid clans. This leader is one of the greatest leaders of the mermaid dynasty in this underwater civilization.


At some point, after living with the mermaid, she said to me, "Joseph, you need the throne, you need to be consecrated and enthroned as a triton." As you know, most of our musicians in Congo have become mermaids and newts. They have been consecrated and enthroned in the underwater world. Today, we will discover the process by which a human being becomes a mermaid or a newt. The mermaid said to me, "Joseph, my father has instructed me that you must offer 25 women in sacrifice, so that our marriage may be consummated in the underwater world, that is, you will be consecrated and enthroned as Triton." She then tells me, "There will be a lot of money on your bed that day; you will take it and use it to lure these women. We will give you enough strength to sleep with 25 women in one day. These women will die and therefore you will be enthroned and consecrated as a Triton in the marine world."

Then the mermaid said to me, "Going from the fact that the name of Satan has 5 letters, you will sleep with 5 women whose name begins with the letter S, which is the first letter of the name of Satan. Then you will offer 5 other women whose name begins with the letter A, which is the second letter of the name of Satan, then 5 others whose name begins with T, which is the third letter of the name of Satan, and so on. The blood of all these women will be collected to write the name of Satan during the enthronement and consecration ceremony in the Aquarius world." Then the mermaid said to me, "You will need strength to sleep with 25 women, so I'm going to send you to our churches, I mean 3 of our churches because we have many."



Then one day in the morning, a friend came to inform me that there was mourning in the neighborhood. So I was supposed to attend these funerals. I promised him I would come. As I prepared to attend the funeral, my wife the mermaid proposed to come with me physically. I contested. In fact, every time I walked with her, she was invisible but I could see her. But often she was in her physical form and people were amazed at her beauty. I did not like her proposal to physically come to the funeral with me.

I told her, "You are so pretty that you always attract people's attention because of your beauty."

But she pressured me to allow her to come with me physically. So we went to my friend's mourning. In the street people were amazed by her beauty. Then we arrived at the funeral. But something happened there. I had a girlfriend in the past named Catherine. We had already broken this relationship, but when her friends saw me with the mermaid at the funeral, they went to inform Catherine.

They told her, "We saw your boyfriend at the funeral with a very beautiful woman."

When Catherine learned this, she got angry although my relationship with her was already broken. She rushed to join us at the funeral. Then she assaulted the mermaid. She thought she was dealing with an ordinary human being. She began to insult the mermaid. She threw sand at the mermaid to humiliate her publicly. Her friends tried to beg her but in vain.

When we left the funeral, the mermaid was angry and she said to me, "I swear, I'm going to make your former girlfriend pay for the humiliation she gave me. Your former girlfriend Catherine humiliated me publicly. I am a princess of the royal family! She cannot submit me to this kind of treatment. You must know that your girlfriend's life is over, she will die!"

When I saw Catherine attack the mermaid, I knew she was going to pay for it with her life, because this mermaid comes from a royal family of the underwater world, so she is very powerful. It was 11 o'clock in the night when I was awakened from my sleep by my mermaid wife. When I woke up it was as if I was sleeping in the bush, although I had fallen asleep in our house. The house had been transformed. Then I saw the mermaid holding an antique knife with mysterious writings similar to Egyptian writing. She hit her hand against the wall of the house and a mystic and antique mirror appeared. I saw the pictures of Catherine appear in this magic mirror. She was sleeping in her bed, and then the mermaid started to call her. When she called her name, Catherine began to move, then woke up.

I looked at all this in the magic mirror. Then the mermaid took her antique knife and stabbed Catherine to death. Then the blood began to flow, and the mermaid brought something like a calabash. She collected the blood that flowed in this mystic mirror. When this calabash was filled with Catherine's blood, the mermaid drank that blood. Then she passed over the calabash to me and asked me to drink. So I drank the blood of my girlfriend.

Then the mermaid said to me, "Your former girlfriend who dared to publicly humiliate me is dead; you will hear the news of her death in the morning."

Then the mermaid blew on me and I fell asleep until morning. When I woke up in the morning, a friend came to inform me of Catherine's death. She was bleeding and her heart was open. She was bleeding from the nose and ears. There was blood everywhere in her room. When my friend gave me the news of Catherine's death, the mermaid was standing at my side, but my friend could not see her. Catherine's problem was that she was not born again. She was unprotected and exposed.


A few days later, the mermaid told me that we were going to visit the hospital to see the sick. In fact, Lucifer is very active in hospitals; it is a place of demonic activities. The person in charge of this visit was a Catholic priest. He was doing charity by giving food to people, shoes, and clothes while capturing their souls. Many things happen in the hospital. I would advise women, after giving birth not to allow doctors to separate them from their baby because they do not know what this doctor is doing with their baby. In this visit to the hospital, the priest was anointing the sick and this resulted in their death, and their stars were stolen. The mermaid captured the souls of the sick who were killed by the priest's rituals. The night before traveling underwater, the mermaid showed me the souls of those captured in the hospital. She was transferring them to the sea kingdom.


Aside from the fact that the mermaid worked with the Catholic priest to collect souls at the hospital, she also visited children who had just been initiated into witchcraft. In fact, many children contract witchcraft through food. The kingdom of darkness worked with sorcerer children who were responsible for distributing witchcraft in schools and their communities. Since most children are introduced to witchcraft by a mystical human meat, they are asked to repay the meat they ate when they were initiated. As a result, they must choose or point at a family member. The work of the mermaid was to gather the souls that the newly initiated children offered as a sacrifice. The capture and the raid of these souls, victims of human sacrifice in hospital, was the work of this mermaid who was my wife. After capturing and raiding these souls, the mermaid took them to the underwater kingdom at night.



Then we had to go to the sea with 10 eggs. I threw these eggs one by one into the sea, and then a queen came out. She spoke to us, "Are you ready?" "Yes, we are ready for anything that can happen." "Okay, are you ready to give your utmost?" "Yes!" She asked us to swear; we swore and signed a pact between 6, 5 girls and the queen. Then she took us under the water where we were surprised to realize that there was a huge city. Many people find themselves chained as slaves, working for witchcraft in the sea. Then we met a king there. He encouraged us to continue what we were doing. They gave us a garment, explaining that it was necessary to use it during several missions. If we had to fly or kill someone, it had to be done with the grey garment they gave us. They gave us a little black dress. When I wore it, it became a long black dress. It was for the most important missions. All missions were to be fulfilled with these clothes.



As the days went by I wanted more power, I wanted to discover the power that lies under the earth, under water, in forests and mountains. One morning I called Bombar the fallen angel to inform him of my decision to visit the underwater world. Normally, I had to get a visa from a man who was the guru of a charismatic occult sect in Pointe-Noire, but this man refused to grant me a visa. Thanks to the permission of the fallen angel Bombar, I was allowed to travel to the world of waters without a visa, because in the world of spirits it is the law of the stronger that prevails. In the evening I went to the shore at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean at Pointe-Noire, where the Loya River meets the ocean. After a few incantations, a path opened and I was able to go down to the bottom of the ocean. After a few meters of walking, a car appeared. This beautiful car came to take me and drove me to a beautiful city where the residence of the queen of the coast of the Atlantic Ocean was.

I was already in the submarine world under the ocean, the water had already disappeared. I could only see this beautiful urban and metropolitan city that was well populated. The city was big and swarming with people. After some time the queen came to greet me; she was accompanied by beautiful girls who took me to her palace. A wine of honor was served for my arrival, but it was human blood. Then the queen of the coast questioned me about the reason for my visit. I told her it was just a courtesy call. She asked me to wait for a little because she was receiving the "only son", that is to say, the pope, who also visited the kingdom of waters that day.


While sitting in the waiting room, I saw many businessmen who were in the import-export business. I saw businessmen who import goods from foreign countries, those who own depots, cold rooms, fishing boats. I then understood that many businessmen are in the occult. I understood that 80% of their belongings, such as cars, electronics, and domestic appliances, come from the underwater realm.

We went to visit factories and fabric design industries like super wax, corduroy, and super cent material. The queen of the Coast also told me about oil companies in the Atlantic Ocean. She told me that no company can exploit oil in the Atlantic Ocean without her authorization. Once a company signs an agreement with her, she will personally take the company staff to the untapped sites and oil reserves under the ocean.



The teacher came to see me three days after our conversation. He explained, "Last time I told you about getting a wife as a solution to your problem. You know that the woman meets almost all human needs. In other words, it is to the woman that fulfills all human needs, outside of personal bodily needs. We will travel to the country of the goddess Maharashathie. This is where we will find a woman who can solve your problems. But before arriving there, it is necessary to impose a certain bodily and mental discipline. Indeed, all our protections and our powers are ineffective in this universe. This discipline involves fasting, reciting some incantations prayers in a specific order, for a period of five days. This treatment aims to harden our hearts against the attempts of the goddess."

"There are many traps in her universe. If someone dies from one of its temptations, or if someone likes you, it's hard to take the way back. That would be death. You see that it is easier to enter the country of the goddess than to escape from it. The majority of its population is female and the goddess bewitches her male guests easily, so they can't return to their country. To my knowledge, these are some of her traps: fear, surprise, panic, etc. We must refrain from any one of those feelings that I have just mentioned. I know we do not arrive on our own. This is why we must observe that fast five days to implore the mercy of the goddess Maharashathie and to control our will. It is to say, not do what we want, and do not do what we would not do."

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, you see how in order not to be seduced by demons, I had to fast for five days, in order to achieve evil goals. How much more we, who are children of God, we should pray and fast to resist the lusts of the world (1 Cor. 9:25 And every man that strives for the mastery is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown, but we an incorruptible.)!

In Kisangani, Chief town of the Haut-Zaire region, there is a river named Tshopo tributary of the Zaire river. A hydroelectric dam is erected before its confluence with the River Zaire, forming a waterfall called "Eastern force" in Kisangani. It is a strategic place for the economy of the Upper Zaire Region, of the produced hydroelectric power. The soldiers are on guard 24 hours a day. It was at this place called "Eastern force" that we met the teacher and me, five days later, at night, one o'clock in the morning.

The sun had set a long while ago. It was dark. A cool wind swept our faces. Only the sounds of insects in the water disturbed the silence of the night. The water was still flowing, continuing its mad race began long ago.

We approached silently to the waterfall. Five Green Berets soldiers stood guard, rifle in hand. All military slept after the Professor uttered a few incantations of magical words to induce hypnosis into them. Everything seemed like a dream. We approached the waterfront without any military intercepting us. The teacher began to invoke the manifestation of the goddess Maharashathie, with prayers accompanied by occult cabalistic gestures. A great silence fell around us. The wind ceased and insects stopped singing.

A huge snake came amid great gushes of water. This snake had seven heads. It emanated from each head a kind of light that illuminated the surface of the water and its surroundings. The circumference of the trunk of the snake measured about 1.80 meters in diameter. The appearance of such a snake would have greatly frightened me on other occasions. But at that time, it left me cold. All these events and those who followed did not provoke any reaction in me; everything seemed normal. A woman appeared below the snake, a woman of rare beauty of Indian type. She introduced herself, "I'm Maharashathie the goddess of India, to serve you.”

The timbre of her voice expressed excessive femininity. The professor said, "We come, O goddess Maharashathie, to visit you and seek help that only you in any universe can provide.”

“You are my guests. So welcome to my world. Follow me please.” By the time she asked us to follow her, she turned around to show us the way of her universe. An extraordinary event happened before my eyes. The water, the snake and the darkness disappeared to make way for a surreal and magical world. For the first time in my life, my eyes discovered a different world from the one I live.

There was a light that came from neither the sun nor the moon. The color of the sky was purple. I did not notice any plant life. Instead of the ground, there was a comparable substance tar mixture with cement, the whole being covered with glass.

I never visited any American or European city, but I imagine that this city could not exist on earth. We were guests of the goddess. She showed us her world. Almost the entire population were women. My impression was that these women were similar. They were all equally beautiful. Nothing disturbed the peace, the serenity, and peace of this mysterious world. The population was kind, welcoming and hospitable.

After the visit, we went to the residence of the goddess. After a few minutes of rest, the goddess bade us to the banquet in our honor; there were many guests at the banquet, among other queens, princesses, and duchesses. During the banquet, the professor would reveal the motive of our visit, but the goddess stopped him, saying that we would have time to talk later. After the meal, the teacher and the goddess retired to another apartment of the residence. The Queen, as well as other dignitaries, kept me company in the absence of the teacher. I was already tormented from the prolonged absence of the goddess and the teacher when I saw them coming out of the room. The professor made me understand with a nod that all has gone well. This required that we returned to our earthly abode. I took leave of my hosts, and then, accompanied by the goddess, we set out towards the place through which we had entered. During the trip, the goddess held my hand familiarly.

We arrived at our starting point. It happened one thing, and the occult universe disappeared to make room for the river and the seven-headed serpent. The goddess was with us and was still holding my hand, like old friends. She said goodbye and let go of my hand. She turned and disappeared from view. The lights that came from the seven heads of the giant snake, and the snake itself, also disappeared into the water, leaving us in a great darkness.

We came back to the same place we left. The soldiers were still asleep, under hypnosis. We had to act quickly and return home, lest the very morning people would see and ask us about our presence in such a place at 4:30 am. Back in the city, both the professor and I went back to sleep to recover the sleep lost during this remarkable journey. In the afternoon of the same day, the teacher came to me and told me this, "When I was with the goddess, I explained your problem. I made her know the reason for our visit. She told me that there was a strength in you that attracted her. She had thought I brought her a fan and greatly insisted that you remain some time there with her in her world. She felt greatly attracted to you, to the point that she wants to come personally and serve you. I refused because if I had accepted, she would come and persuade you one day to follow her in her country. You would have because she is much more powerful than you. I begged her to lose interest in you. She flatly refused, but given my insistence, she finally accepted. But, instead, she has set difficult conditions for you to fulfill if you want to have a wife who can solve your money problems and fulfill all your desires."

"Beware, my son! However, you are free to refuse if these conditions are found to be beyond your means to fulfill. But know that if you refuse, you can also say goodbye to your money projects. Here is what you must do if you want to continue. Tonight, you will find at your bedside a pack of 17 cards. Each card has a picture of a woman; among those 17 photos, you will choose the one that pleases you the most, and you'll make a sign above the picture. This is the woman who will become your wife. The teacher then explained to me how I should arrange the large table in my living room, to prepare for the visit by these 17 women to me. She will pursue money for you and fulfill all your desires."

He further stated, "You will be awakened at midnight by visitors. These will be the 17 women on the cards. But beware to make your good choice tonight. They will come to seduce you in different ways, to make you succumb. If you manage to resist until 4 pm, at their departure, you will know who your wife is, because she will not go with the others. This is the one you have chosen on the cards."

"Woe to you, my son, if you succumb to the charm of one of them, which is not the one you had chosen! For she would be the one from the world where we were yesterday and has prevailed over you. In other words, you will die in this world, but you will continue to live in the land of the goddess. This is one of the requirements of the goddess. So as not to run the risk of being deceived and destroyed, you must resist the seduction of the others. Good! Now I think I've said everything in detail. Up to you to decide."

I had no choice. I told myself that if I refused these conditions, the teacher would not be pleased with me. Therefore he would never entrust me with another method to get the money I needed. Also if I let this opportunity pass, I could not hope to get money like everyone else. I had no choice. So I agreed.

Just as my teacher had announced, in the evening around 19:30 pm I found under my pillow a pack of cards. Each card had a picture of a beautiful woman dressed in light and transparent clothes. I took the time to look at the faces of these unreal beings. They were the perfection of beauty.

Then came the critical moment where I had to choose one that would forever be my wife. I had no point to which I could support my reasoning because all were of equal beauty. After a while of indecision, I had the idea to make my choice by lot. I scattered the cards on the table. I closed my eyes, and my hand fell on one card randomly, over which I made a little sign in the corner.

The next day I went to the market to buy everything the teacher asked me to buy, drink and victuals. I arranged the living room as directed by the teacher, and I fell asleep in my bed at 20:30


At midnight, I felt someone touching me to wake me up gently. I opened one eye because I was still asleep. In the darkness, I discovered that a woman was trying to wake me gently with kisses and hugs. I was feeling tenderness and deep love in each of her movements. I got up and walked to the living room. There, I was greeted by the applause on my entrance. I noticed that all the women presented on the cards were there, very real and very beautiful.

For several hours, they all contrived to seduce me by all means. They employed means worthy of children of perdition which greatly encouraged me to succumb. But the teacher was strict on this point: not to know any of them sexually before the start of 4 am. I recognized the one I had chosen, and I could not risk my life by sleeping with anyone else among them at random.

Seeing that I did not succumb to their advances, the women used all the resources of their diabolical seduction. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I acknowledge that without the discipline of hardness to which I was submitted for five days, I would succumb to the onslaught of provocations of these 17 women. At four o'clock so they said goodbye and left as they had come, that is to say through the walls. One of them remained. So that was my wife, the one on which my choice fell.

The one who did not leave with the rest approached me. She kissed me and placed herself next to me, she said, "My love, I'm very happy that you drove my cousins, the other women out. For me, it is a sign of love and fidelity to me for you succeeded not to know at least one of them. I too love you very much as long as you respect my requirements, which are also those of a woman who loves you and wants to make you happy. Outside of the food prepared by your hand, you eat only foods I will offer to you, and not those of a woman. When you get home, you will not delay beyond two hours."

"When you go out and come home, you first will have to take a shower and change your clothes before you approach me. In the house, never wear leather shoes. Apart from us, nobody must know my presence with you. If someone accidentally saw me without you being present, that person will die or go mad. But if the person is in cahoots with you, then it is you who will lose your life or reason. As you see, I'm very jealous. However, I agree to fulfill all your desires even before you tell them to me. Whatever your desires, I will fulfill. My name is Hélène Magloo. Call me Helena for short."

Such is the story of my marriage to Helena.

The next day I understood why the teacher had found me a woman as a solution to my problem. The morning after my shower, I found on the table a hearty breakfast. Yet there was not even a stove in the home. Without knowing where the food came, I ate them with great appetite. When I opened my wardrobe to dress properly and go to my classes as I was still a student I found new clothes, costumes which I never knew existed since birth. There were shoes and slippers. All these things impressed me. Helena had sworn to fulfill all my wishes. The dishes that I found on my table were those that appealed to my taste; it is to say the dishes I would have loved to eat for that day. How did this woman guess my tastes? I would never know.

About clothes, Helena handed me pants that were the equivalent of six, amazing pants. Every time I entered the house, the color of the pants changed. These pants could change color up to six times, it could return to its original color in the sixth color. With Helena as a wife, it was a good life. The money problem did not arise. Whenever I needed to buy any item something that rarely happens to me that all my desires were realized by Helena. It was enough simply that I put my hand in my pocket, and come out with the money needed to purchase the desired item. This money was "normal." I could enjoy it as everyone without risking death or madness, or even without it disappearing after expiration.

My wife had put a car at my disposal. Only she and I could see that car, apart from a few insiders. I often used that car to go to my classes. She always topped up the gasoline or diesel oil mystically. In fact, I've never been to a gas station to refuel.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, God is jealous of us, and He suffers when we let the things of this world to enter our minds (James 4:5 Do you think that the scripture said in vain, The spirit that dwells in us lusts to envy?). He recommended us to love Him with all our heart, with all our mind and all our strength (Mat 22:37 Jesus said to him, You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.). If these demonic spirits can still be close to their partners, how much more God can be more present in us by His Spirit (Psalm 139). Alleluia!

My wife, Helena, had a different body from humans. She did not have bones, and her body had the consistency of a tube. When I exercised pressure on her body, my fingers felt like they were touching jelly. But what immediately displeased me about her was her voracious sexual appetite. I was so exhausted by our relations in this field that often I lost consciousness in the act. She then had to revive me by washing my face with a sponge dipped in water, or giving me pats on the cheeks. In short, the concept of love was very different between Helena and me. I thought I would end my life one day from her snake-like grip.

Early in our marriage, I thought she would eventually get tired, or I'll get used to it. But nothing that I thought was ever realized. Instead, Helena became increasingly possessive and aggressive. Gradually, the joy I had experienced for its benefits faded, and love gave way to hatred. I sought a means or opportunity to get rid of her, but I did not have the courage, because of all the benefits she gave me. However, my decision was made, and I waited for the good opportunity to put her out.



The sea mermaid called goddess Monica attended this satanic gathering. She worked in collaboration with our mystical order. Once the Italian speaker had finished his speech, the goddess rose and began to address the audience. She raised the tone of her voice and shouted at the participants, "I want human blood and I want human blood. Go and cause abortions and miscarriages of babies from 0 to 3 months. Push young people into fornication. Once they are pregnant, harass them to have an abortion and to throw the fetuses in the toilets or dustbins."

It should be noted that the mermaid Monica can recover these fetuses whatever the places where they are thrown. Once she gets them, she has the option to incarnate sea mermaids in them and places them in women's wombs. In addition, sea mermaids also feed themselves with fetuses.

After finishing speaking to the audience, she shouted, "EXECUTION!" The meeting ended at this point. The angel of death held me by the hand and we returned to the earth. Then he said to me, "You have to learn practically how we are going to recover, steal, and trade goods with human beings."



The angel took me into the air and we were on the sea. I looked at the waters and saw a spiritual abyss in the depths of the sea. Some demons broke free from the abyss and stayed deep in the seas.
Some materialize in the form of mermaids, others in strange marine animals. And they stood at the edge of the sea and people could see, believing that sirens exist. Many people even record and take pictures of strange marine animals that suddenly disappear.



  1. out of words, am very much stunned, but i still want to vist the underwater world. I just want to see it for myself to believe it fully.

  2. Is quite interesting if I get chance to witness.

  3. I will love to witness it myself

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  5. I wish to visit there and experience it.

  6. How will I get access to this Marin spirit?