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I saw Pastor Martin Luther King in Hell. This Baptist man is a Freemason. He was an activist of Freemasonry who fought for Masonic rights. What was revealed to me about his life in hell? This man fornicated with several women and became intoxicated with sex and power. His gospel was more philosophical than Christian. He was addicted to prostitution and never advocated the cause of the Gospel but he fought for the Masonic cause. The Freemasonry that he was involved with also defended the racist cause but this is to get support from the black population to take power. This Freemasonry wanted its members to come into power using the black population of the United States and to get their ideas popularized but they never cared about these people.

Martin Luther King was also deceived by the same Freemason Lodge that he worked for and was used by them to defend the blacks at the time. But Freemasonry itself ordered him killed so that this man did not discover that the Masons were only deceiving the black population about their rights. Most of these Freemasons congregated in the Baptist church where Martin was a pastor to watch his steps to see if he would reveal the secrets of the Masonic brotherhood or whatever was revealed in their secret meetings.

I saw a demon tormenting this man in hell and mocked him by saying, "It was I who used that man to take your life. I went into him and made him shoot you to death."

[Martin Luther King Jr., an American clergyman, and civil rights leader, was shot at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee, on April 4, 1968. King was rushed to St. Joseph's Hospital, and was pronounced dead at 7:05 p.m.]



Then the angel came down with me to hell. He took me in two places. One only of Christians and political wicked. This was the first place I visited. They are in that place because of money and government corruption. They diverted money that could save many people. People died in hospitals for not having medicine and doctors for lack of money. They had diverted all health money to their accounts. And many people died of hunger because of that money.


I saw politicians in hell because of corruption and lies. I saw political Christians in hell. The Christian cannot be political.
The only church that makes an alliance with politics is the harlot of the apocalypse. The harlot is the false church that makes a covenant with the government of the beast and accepts its mark. The false church will persecute the Christians. Any church that makes an alliance with the governments of this land, is no longer brides but prostitutes.


I went to another section and saw the demons holding meetings about politics. They wanted to put in power to govern the politician who made a pact with them. The demons use rich and powerful men of the world to control all their plans. These men of great political influence obey the orders of these demons. You who are Christians and wish to enter politics, do not do this, the demons are in power. Demons have used politicians to legalize abortion, gay marriage, drug release, and other aberrations. Everything in hell is planned in meetings to destroy mankind.

Although the Bible says that God instituted governmental authorities and that the powers of these rulers were given by God to govern the people, many have used their God-given powers and influences to work for darkness and oppress the people.

God has given authority to politicians, but they are the ones who choose whether to use for good or for evil. Many sell themselves to the devil through covenants. Satan is the prince of this world and gives his kingdom to whomever he wills, for the world lies by the evil one.



I then saw a former Nigerian president called Sani Abacha in the royal part in Hell, where most world leaders go to. He said, "He caused the deaths of many thousands of people so he could use their body parts for rituals."

I then saw Col. Muammar Gaddafi, who was recently killed by the rebels in Libya. He said, "He is there because he didn’t believe in Jesus." I was shown how he lived his life on earth. He had a magic chain which helped him vanish when the NATO forces and rebels attacked him. However, on that fateful day, after bathing he forget to put on the chain he got from an occult grandmaster in India. He said, “I should tell all Libya, sons, and wife to turn to Christianity."He said that he is suffering terribly and if they do not change, they would all end up in the place where he is. He even said, "Those who killed me should not come here." He then requested for a drop of water.



Bishop Vilan Conner was my administrative overseer. He fell into demonic manifestations to my surprise. After I took the demons out of him I asked him, "How can a distinguished prelate like you teach theology in various churches?"

He told me, "I am involved with politics. I have participated in the lies of my candidate. As his adviser, I did a lot of lying propaganda so he won the elections. For that to happen, we had to lie! He advised me about his campaign. I promised a lot in his name, all for the money. We did nothing we promised. I got involved in scandals, money laundering, no one ever found out, never leaked in the press. Politics is evil. When you get involved, you turn away from the purposes of God. It's a lot of money involved! I have been a spokesperson for many politicians. I have supported their lives by living a life of lies and fabrications. I felt that the Holy Spirit moved away from me and an evil spirit took possession of me. Today I feel lighter. I will turn away from politics and abandon everything that does not please God, and from now on I make a reconciliation with God, even though I consider myself a Christian."



The light led me to a part of hell. I saw electronic voting machines of choice. The ballot boxes were filled with votes from a candidate. All the polls had their photos. One voice said, "All the polls are rigged, only those who make pacts are the ones who win the election. Satan has already elected who will rule this nation."

I looked at the polls and saw the photo of George W. Bush. Two years after my rapture he was elected.

A voice told me, "Tell the church not to protest against the governors, as unfair as they are. The rebellion comes from Satan and is a sin of witchcraft. Tell the church to pray for governors only. I do not want My servants to be political. The government takes away My servants from Me and corrupts their hearts. My disciples renounced the world and were not part of the government. Politics is the deception of Satan where he controls all designs and laws."

I received this revelation and proved in the Bible that there is no doctrine within the New Testament that says the Christian can be a politician. Jesus was the first to reject the government when the people began to acclaim Him as king. The twelve disciples also did not get involved in politics. The apostle Paul, who belonged to the political party of the Pharisees, also left to serve Jesus. And many Christians want to be politicians based on the Old Testament as the passage of Joseph and Daniel.

Do not apply this as it will lead you to hell.



My Uncle Brian was wanting to run in politics. The Lord used me in prophecies and I prophesied to him and said the Lord did not want him involved with corrupt politics and that the work He had for him is beautiful. My uncle gave up and preferred to do the work of God.



The angel took me to a very large and luxurious house. A very rich man did rituals in a part of his house. I saw the spirit materializing and assumed the appearance of a man. This spirit took on the appearance of a man and called the owner of the house who sat on the table with the devil in human form and drank wine. This man is a politician and a Satanist who has a lot of intimacy with this demon. He managed to be elected not by popular votes, but because of the covenant. The devil put him in power.



I went to a place of important people in hell. I saw politicians and corrupt judges. I saw lawyers in hell for defending injustice, they did everything for money and they did not let the guilty people be arrested, finding the loophole that the law gave to protect them. The great businessmen and authorities are in that place, all by exploitation, ambition, deceit, and corruption.



Other members asked about whether a Christian should be running for political office.

I said, "Churches that encourage their members to apply to join political parties will in future welcome and support the Antichrist together with the tribes, races, and nations when he passes for a good ruler."



At night an angel came to me and said, "I have revelations from God to show you."

I laid down on the bed to let my spirit go. The angel took me to hell in a place where there were only mighty men of great influence on earth and who are in torment. I went to a place and I saw the politician Fidel Castro. He was in a large cage and several demons tormented him. His punishment is very cruel because of the evil he caused on earth.

Hosea 8:7, For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind. Hosea 10:13 Ye have plowed wickedness, ye have reaped iniquity; ye have eaten the fruit of lies. Galatians 6:7,8 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting. 

This politician threw the entire population of his country into misery, causing hunger and unemployment. Many entrepreneurs failed because they had their property confiscated by this man who enjoyed all the income of his country without caring for the poor people.

The angel commanded the demon to reveal everything that happens in politics.

Fidel said, "All presidents, governors and ministers are destroying the world. They are all funding major projects like abortion, pedophilia, prostitution, and trafficking in drugs and weapons. Everything that is illegal in the countries by the laws of the rulers does not really work in practice. All the criminal factions that are prosecuted by their political leaders is only a lie to deceive the world population. Whoever is in charge of the criminal factions is the politicians who are in charge of them. They put men to be faction leaders, but these are their representatives. The rulers do not want them to find out they are profiting from drug money, they even kill."

"When I was on the land, I profited from drug trafficking money. I put my agent to be the leader of the Cuban criminal faction. Rulers cannot fight criminal factions as they have an alliance with them. The rulers secretly from various parts of the world finance the prostitution of women and young girls. These rulers created transgender movements, homosexuals and lesbianism. All these movements are financed by the government itself. The rulers have no desire to help the poor. They just want to get rich. They fund abortion and pedophilia to destroy humanity."

"All rulers who come to power have a covenant with Satan. They have to follow an evil agenda of destruction of the world population. Politicians who make pacts are not placed in power by the votes of the people. The television channels are paid by the rulers and the businessmen to spread the corruption as sex, drugs, prostitution, death, violence, and homosexuality. All this is a form of indoctrination for evil. And the big target is the family and the homes that are attacked by the media. The newspaper is a school that teaches to kill and steal. Newspapers from newsagents and magazines are liars."

After Fidel spoke all this, the demons began to torture him. The angel led me to a valley where a Christian was innocent. He was elected by the vote of the church. He did not accept to participate in political corruption. The rulers paid newspapers from newsstands and magazines to denigrate his image as a corrupt politician. Magazine and newspapers defamed this Christian. His pastoral ministry was destroyed, no one else believed in him and his church was emptied of members. Until that moment he was safe. God used a prophet and told him to abandon politics. He continued in his charge and did not listen to the prophecy. He could not stand the pressure of politicians and killed himself.

I saw politicians in hell who were murdered at the behest of others because of secrets that cannot be revealed. One of these politicians got his car damaged by a mechanic who was paid to do this. The car of this politician missed the brake and crashed killing this politician. The other politician I saw in hell was murdered by a faction so he would not win the election. And whoever had this politician killed was his rival in politics. Other politicians were murdered by the rulers of their own parties, accused of being traitors. They were poisoned before speaking the macabre secrets of their parties. The demons in hell tortured these men.


I saw the demons planning to form the government of the Antichrist, using all the most important politicians on earth. I want to tell all believers not to run for office. There is no dispute between parties. They are all friends and are planning the reign of the Antichrist. They just pretend they are enemies within the media to deceive voters and lie with false promises.


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