Tuesday, September 25, 2018



I am living with my wife in the city of Kyoto in Japan. Before beginning this testimony I will say a prayer for all listeners. Lord my God, prepare these people to receive Your anointing, make them feel the pleasure to seek Your presence, that You may pour out Your anointing.

Touch them Holy Spirit, make them feel Your power flowing in their bodies, and become electric at the touch. Your people must feel the spiritual pulse, and awaken with the shock of Your power, open their hearts for them to feel the flame that dwells in them.

Each day they seek Your face, let the light of Your life become stronger in their lives. Your brightness, O God, will be on their faces that will transfigure their holy image, reflecting Your glory. The world will see Your image, O God, in their lives, making them shine in the midst of darkness, being the light of the world. Make your people shine and be your mirror in this world. Lord Jesus deliver these souls into Your hands Amen.

I traveled to a mission in Puebla, Mexico City. I rented a hotel to rest from the trip. I went to buy food for my coffee. I saw a beggar on the sidewalk. I followed him to the bakery. The next day I went to the bakery and found the beggar, gave him some bread, and returned home. The next day I was buying bread, he approached me and said, "Let me stay at your house."

I said, "I cannot, I do not live here, I'm passing through and I will go back home."

The next morning he was in front of my gate and said, "Let me live in your house, please."

I said, "Young man, I'm doing an important mission. I cannot take care of you, you have no idea what a mission is; you do not understand anything spiritual."

The beggar looked at me and said, "I have taken cancer out of your stomach, and you treat me like that."

When I heard that voice I realized that it was the angel sent by God, I invited him in. After that day all the beggars I see in the street, I take a special look at them. When talking to the angel he dismissed me and left.


I bent my knee and went to pray. I had a vision of a Christian group praying to God for a blessing. The angels descended from heaven each with small gold bowls in their hands.

In these bowls was written blessings, and the angels wanted to deliver to every Christian who had prayed, their prayers were answered.

The Christian group began to murmur over the delay, and those angels returned to heaven bearing the blessings with them.

Lord Jesus directed me to the church where these brothers I saw in the vision congregate. I spoke of the vision to them.


The night at home I was praying to God. I had a vision of a spiritual ladder coming down from the sky.

Each staircase had people going up. 40 still had not climbed the stairs, 30 people were on the first steps, 20 people were halfway up those stairs. I saw myself on those stairs. I had passed the middle of the steps, approaching the celestial entrance, 10 people were on the same step I was.

Jesus told me, "The steps is the position of every servant of mine in the spiritual world. Every step they ascend, their values increase, seals of authorities are passed in their hands. Each step they advance, they receive heavenly offices and are promoted in the spirit world. Gifts and experiences accompany it. The office of man and earthly anointing is not valid for me, the Christian can be a bishop of the church and yet his office in the spiritual world be small. And a Christian who has no office in the church can have a great position in the spirit world and be feared by the diabolical legions."

The spiritual world is inverse to the material world, the small and humble to men I make great, and the great ones on earth in the spiritual world are small. Those whom men have not anointed for my work, I will anoint. I have commanded many pastors to anoint mine chosen ones, they have denied their anointing by their financial appearance."

"Kenzo, who raised your ministry, was it Me, or the man? Look at you, how I use your ministry. If you were raised by men, you would not have gotten where you came. I do not want your name divulged in the satanic media, lest it is exalted by man. I exalt the man without needing media. I have revealed to you, the three spheres of the spiritual world, heaven, hell and the air of spiritual regions where the rule of Satan rules the earth."


After these revelations I glorified God, and the next day I was invited to minister in a church. As I approached the church, I had a vision. I saw a rain of the latter descending on the ceiling of that church. I marveled at that landscape.

The voice of the Holy Spirit said, "Because you are amazed, look well and observe."

I stared at those little balls of fire but could not see anything. When I forced my vision I noticed something strange in them, small red flames and black drizzle were underneath them.

They were well camouflaged, even with the gift of spiritual sight I was deceived. My spiritual eyes didn't perceive the deception. The power of manipulation of Satan is terrible, he does what is false to seem true. He transforms himself very well into an angel of light. In all, he makes his copies become true, creates imitations, like paths, doctrines and false churches. No wonder Jesus said that even the Elect shall be deceived.

Even the gifts of Holy Spirit the devil makes imitations; he is the master of disguises.

This Christian era does not sanctify, does not repent of its sins, does not love God anymore. It wants materialism and rains of blessings, cures, money, well being but do not want the conviction of sins, repentance, holiness and godly revival. All this contradicts the Gospel.

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. Matthew 24:12.

I entered the church and preached. Jesus spoke harshly to the people through my ministry. I returned to the house where I stayed. I no longer had rent money, and my mission was far from over.

Jesus said, "I will prepare another place for you."

The place that God prepared for me to stay was in the house of a missionary. See the account of the man who welcomed me.

My name is Murilo. I am a missionary and I live alone. I do the work of God. Last night, I had a dream with a soldier coming to my country. This soldier came with authority from the sky to fight the legions that plague my country. When this soldier stepped on his feet in my country, the legions of demons fled.

I woke up in the morning, wondering if there was a man of great spiritual ability to fight these territorial demons. I prayed to God and asked Him to reveal who this man came to do in my country. An image appeared in front of me, of a Japanese man of short and simple stature. In his right hand had a sword of fire and in its left hand carried a shield. He marched to this place and was clothed with authority, the sword he carried turned into a Bible, and the shield was written: Keep the faith.

A voice spoke to me at that moment, saying, "This is my servant whom I sent, and he lodges in your house."

A few days later I saw a Japanese gentleman looking for a place to stay. I asked his name, he said that his name is Kenzo and he was on a mission. This man had the same characteristics as that missionary I saw in the vision. I invited him to stay at my house, he did not want to disturb. I insisted, and he accepted wanting to pay for his lodging. I did not accept the money and let him stay for free.

He stayed in the room that was my brother's who left the house when he went to live with his wife somewhere else. He entered the room at 10 o'clock the following day and did a 12-hour prayer without stopping, the Holy Spirit took control of his mouth. When the prayer ended at 10 o'clock, I asked him if it was normal for him to spend the day praying.

He said no, just in case, and he still said he was doing it because of the legions who are in that place planning to attack him. He said that he normally prays 3 hours a day. If he prays for 1 hour, then he prays 3 times. If prays 2 times a day, he will pray 1 hour and a half each time. When he does it once a day, he prays for 3 hours. When he is going to do missions, his prayers now is from 4 to 5 hours. When it is a specific case like that the hours of prayers are exceeded.

Every day he would come into the room to pray and close the door before going out to do missions. One day he forgot to close the door of his room, I went inside his room to get my brother's shoe. As I entered I felt a powerful anointing inside his room, it seemed that the whole sky had come down. My vision opened if, while he was kneeling, the room was filled with angels.

His prayers are so sincere that I saw a ball of fire inside Kenzo's heart, his heart was on fire and tears fell from his face. An angel would collect his tears in the cup and would rise to heaven.

The atmosphere in that room was heavenly, I did not want to leave the room. What I can say is that in my house I always felt the presence of God, but that day was stronger.

With the pastor staying in my house, my ministry prospered, I gained many souls, received several invitations to minister in various places. I got a job that earns 3 times more than my current job.

Every time the pastor prayed and left the room, something different happened. His face shone like a mirror that reflects the sun, his face transfigured and lights shone out of his body.

The night I prayed to God for the pastor. I had a vision that his prayers destroyed great fortresses in the air, and he moved the blessings in his favor, and that whole neighborhood was moved by prayer, and lives were transformed.

I remembered the passage of James 5:16, which says that the prayer of the righteous can do more in its effects. I saw him weeping, interceding with great love, his heart seemed like a child. Despite the difficulties of his mission, he expressed joy, rejoiced in the presence of God when he prayed.

He was a separate person who did not yield to the desires of the flesh. He walks in the spirit and lives the Word. His flesh died for the world, he crucified his desires, sacrificing himself for the work.

One day he spoke, "Murilo, the celestial anointing is shed in the life of one who walks in holiness, and the signs of God accompany him."

This pastor brought blessing to my home. When he left my house, the demons hated me, because Pastor Kenzo revealed spiritual secrets to me, and the demons waited for him to leave and attacked my home. Persecutions from all sides and from various sides came upon me.

I am pastor Kenzo. I was invited by the missionary Murilo to go to his church. Jesus has revealed to me the brothers devaluing a pastor's church by being strict and valuing the church of another liberal pastor. This brought scandals to the eyes of the Lord.

Jesus revealed him to be a humble young man who lived praying and was in the service every day. In the sight of an angel, he wore his feet in a white sandal, and I went up to him and said, "Today you lend your feet to the Gospel of peace." After that day this young man asserted himself once again in the Gospel.

I left the house of the missionary Murilo and rented another house.

The next day in the morning, a Christian knocked on my door speaking in tongues and then he interpreted the message in Portuguese.

He said to me, "Thus saith the Lord, go into the city of Juarez, and preach My Word."

As he passed the prophecy, he left. I thought of the young man who was at my door and said that he took my cancer away, and delivered that prophecy. I believed the boy who prophesied, telling me to go to Juarez.

The next day I packed my bags to travel to the city. In the middle of the road, the voice of the Holy Spirit said, "Do not go to this city, there is death there." I returned home and realized that Satan had set a death trap, and he used that boy to deceive me.

I prayed to God and asked Him if I could go to Mexico City to minister.

The Holy Spirit said, "This city is infertile land for the Gospel, there is no harvest of souls in that place, there are many churches and the people do not hear the Word."


The night I went to visit a church, I received the opportunity to praise when I began to sing a song of praise. Half the church started spinning. I could be happy with this manifestation, but something bothered me. The Holy Spirit told me to come down from the pulpit and pray for laying hands on their heads. And when I did that, those whirling people fell into demonic manifestations. Those people who looked like the most spiritual were demoniacs. I could see the demons hidden inside each of those people's minds.

Any minister who was in my place ministering that night would be convinced this spiritual phenomenon was from God. I cast out those devils from that false Pentecost, leaving the members and the shepherds scared. I went away thinking about the lack of discernment of the churches, falling into the deception of Satan.

This mission in Puebla was seeing many strange, false manifestations of the spirit moving into churches without compromise with the truth.

That boy who came to my house to deliver a false prophecy, everything in that town was false. Many people were deceived by the evil spirits operating false signs and wonders.

Whoever does not have the gift of discernment in that place would easily be deceived. It was a very difficult place for my mission. I had to double my attention, demanding a high level of vigilance.

I went to visit a church. When I entered that place, a few minutes, people fell to the ground, crawled like snakes and others jumped.

The man who ministered said, "Be filled with the Holy Spirit, give place to Him to use you."

I had an opportunity that night and said, "How can you give room for a spirit if you do not know if it is the Holy Spirit."

You must have the discernment to know what spirits these are. What is the proof and certainty that the Holy Spirit is working?

When I have a life of renunciation and intimacy with God, the Holy Spirit will help me discern deceptions.

Those who live a life connected with the world are not giving place to the Holy Spirit, what happened here was not the work of the Holy Spirit. What happened here was strange fire and strange manifestations.

I can prove it, everyone who has had this manifestation comes up here, I will pray for you. By my hands on those people, demons were manifested and were expelled. Yet another deception of Satan was unmasked.

I made a prayer of healing, the Holy Spirit did the work, people vomited works of witchcraft, out of their stomachs came a strange liquid.

One woman vomited a lump of cancer. It came out in the form of blood, several people were cured of various types of diseases.

God operated in that place. I have never seen so many supernatural things happening at the end of that service.

The pastor was amazed, and said that I am a man of God, and asked me to minister tomorrow in his church.

I said, "Pastor, I cannot, I'm on a mission, I can only go to the places by the direction of the Holy Spirit.


The people of that church invited me to pray over the hill the following day. I accepted the invitation, and the next day we went up to pray. Many wizards go up on that hill to offer sacrifices to their gods. Being there, my vision opened and I saw an infestation of demons.

The 15 church people who came up with me saw small holes in the bodies of some people. The demons entered them through those crevices, some had holes in the forehead, others in the heart, others in the mouth, others in the ears and others in the eyes. Where they had these small spiritual openings the demons entered, of those 15 people, 12 of them were possessed. Only 3 of them were not possessed, 1 man and 2 women.

I saw the fury of the demons, they did not want Christians in that place, that place belonged to the wizards and was consecrated by them. I told the 12 people you are not prepared to go up there, you have no idea of the forces you are challenging. I prayed for the 12, the demons manifested and they were expelled. We descended from the mount and we went away home.


The Holy Spirit said, do a three-day fast for your deliverance. I have not eaten or drunk these days. I did not go to church these days I was very weak. I had a vision I walked in a place full of eggs and nests of snakes. Those serpents were in great fury wanting to attack me. I walked with great vigilance. I knew the demons are furious that I'm invading their territories.

After these 3 days of fasting, I went to visit the church of these people who went on the mountain with me. Something was different in the lives of those people who fell into demonic manifestations on the mountain. They had a different glow; they were released through that deliverance and fast. The Holy Spirit said they would raise those people spiritually.

Our fasting and prayer for souls had results, when we offer ourselves as a living sacrifice in the place of the captives, they are delivered because they desire deliverance but have no strength.

Jesus sacrificed for us in 3 days, we were freed from sin, and the result of that sacrifice was excellent.


The next day I saw a man in torn clothes named Lorenzo who did charity work, helped the poor and distributed food to the homeless. He introduced himself to me as the evangelist of love, who follows the true path of Jesus. He said there is a church where everyone hears the Word of God. I felt very happy hearing those words. Lorenzo cared for people in need.

He invited me to go to his church and gave me the address. I went to his church, and a crowd of people filled that house, which did not look like a church. There was not a pulpit but a chair that he sat in the front. Minutes later he started invoking a spirit to enter his body. That spirit changed his personality and it was a spirit of a dead person manifesting in him. He passed messages to the families who lost their loved ones. At the end of that session, he dismissed the people.

I was alone with him. His works of charity are better than many Christians who do not look after the needy, but I did not approve of the work of being mediums to the spirits of departed people. I told Lorenzo to abandon these demonic practices, that does not please God. Lorenzo angrily said that the Christians who do not help the people contact their departed ones are not true servants of God.

I passed several verses of the Bible proving that reincarnation does not exist and that the dead do not return; they are demons who act as familiar spirits that pass off as the departed ones. He with his humility took those verses and said he would review their concepts. I knew that Lorenzo is innocent; he was a victim of Satan's deception. I could see his innocence. A good man who helps people and talks about Jesus was being an instrument of Satan. Satan transforms himself into an angel of light, doing good deeds to deceive.

Much later, I went downtown and met Lorenzo. He was a different man, holding a Bible in his hand and his face was bright. He said those verses I passed to him opened his eyes of deceit. He left the work of being a spiritism medium and said that I was the messenger of God, sent to save him. He was now congregating in a Christian church. I was happy with his release. He was praying more than 1 month for God to open his eyes.


I was passing the street, and I saw a sign written: great revival, all are invited by the Pastor Ramiro pastor in the regional church of the saints.

I went to visit this church, people were called to testify about their healings on the second day of that campaign. They said they got jobs, others had their promotions and some had salary increases, people who opened companies were profiting.

They said that Pastor Ramiro released a prophetic word of Abraham's blessings. Pastor Ramiro went to minister and released a prophetic word of financial multiplication for all those who take their offerings at the altar. He asked for a large sum of money and released the anointing of Abraham's enrichment.

The people took their offerings to the altar. When he released the prophecies, I saw the demon of prosperity delivering a blessing to each person. This devil was horrible and in his body was full of gold, silver and bronze and notes of money, all this was stuck in his body. 

He gave blessings to those people. He looked like Santa Claus, his body was adorned with riches. To win souls satan gives out material gifts and presents to the people. The people acclaimed Ramiro as the prophetic mouth of God, and everything he speaks happens in a step of magic.

People have told me that prophecies that do not happen are from the devil, and the prophecies that are fulfilled are from God. This is the greatest deception that exists, not all the prophecy that is realized is of God. The devil also fulfills his promises, he gives a blessing to whom he desires.

Ramiro prayed and people were healed and many vomited diseases. He had great authority and a terrible anointing. I saw words coming out of his mouth in the form of fireballs with a dark yellow color that impacted those people. I saw two demons accompanying him, one is the demon of prosperity and the other is the demon miracle worker.

The Holy Spirit has revealed to me that this man is a deceiver and merchant of the work of God. The Holy Spirit gave me a prophecy to pass to him saying, "Tell this man to convert from his wicked ways, this is the last chance of his life. If he does not give up his sinful works his soul will be delivered to Satan."

The service ended he was leaving the church. I approached him and said, "Can I invite you to preach in my church?"

He replied, "I charge 50 thousand. I live from the work. I cannot preach for free. I have a family to care for. God has blessed me. I have a company, a new car of the year, apartment, all because I do His work. I deliver many blessings to the people that many Christians do not - I heal, I reveal and my prophecies of blessings have been fulfilled. I deserve riches for my services. It was for me to be a millionaire for everything I've done for this people."

Ramiro gave me his contact and said, "My schedule is full this month. This is my contact to book a schedule for next month."

I told him that his ego is great. If he exalts himself for everything he does, it is not the work of the Holy Spirit, and I passed on the prophecy of God's warning to him.

He felt afraid; he knew he was wrong. He was confronted and unmasked. He left my presence in a hurry and ashamed, saying nothing else.

Satan operated greatly on that church, the level of deception exceeded all my expectations.

The news later reported the death of Pastor Ramiro in a car accident. Pastors mourned for his death and said that he was used by God, and was a loss to the churches that counted on his ministry. I knew if he did not leave his bad way, he would be dead, that was God's last chance.


I went home and when I was praying I received the revelation that God is going to take my wife. When I received this revelation, I bowed my knee and said, "Lord, do Your will and not mine. I crucify my will, you can take her to Your paradise, she is Yours, so be it."

I called my son Robert and my wife and told him about the revelation.


I returned home, the Holy Spirit told me to travel to the Syrian Muslim country. I was worried about going and never coming back. The Holy Spirit said, "A messenger of God will be sent to your house to be your traveling companion, do not worry."

Days later a man appeared at my gate. I invited him and I packed my suitcase for the trip.

I felt a powerful anointing coming out of this brother, emanating from his body. I thought this brother lives a sanctified life, he talked little, we took the plane from Mexico and traveled to Syria. Arriving in that place, he knew all the strategic places, talking about the best places to preach the Gospel and the most dangerous places.

We passed in front of men armed with machine guns, they did not see us. I saw a cloak that covered us so they would not see.

This brother preached in simple words, and many Muslims believed and were converted.

I saw in the vision a sword coming out of my brother's mouth. He worked miracles and healed the Muslims so they would believe in Jesus. I helped him win souls by talking about Jesus. I realized he had more authority than I did in everything he did.

People were healed through his shadow. I saw blind eyes opened only by his presence, chains were opened, prisons were broken.

I asked him what his name is, he did not introduce himself to me. I need to know, he is my mission partner. I have never seen a person be so used in this way, their level of holiness is pure, that powerful anointing that comes out of him.

You are an angel. I know the angelic presences, several angels appeared to me with that same anointing, pure and angelic.

The man replied, "You said well. I am an angel, good judgment. I was sent by God to help you because of the danger that this mission is. This is the most dangerous mission, there is no capable man who can accompany you. Through my holiness, you have discovered that I am holy."

We won many souls with great caution not to be arrested. The angel held in my hand and together we were transported to Mexico in a matter of seconds.

The mission was swift and effective, I was at home with the angel. He was in the form of a man, and quickly created wings and became in the form of an angel.

He said, "I have something to reveal from God, let's go to hell."

I lay down on the floor, my spirit left the body and we went to hell.


When we entered hell, we went to the valley of false prophets.

I saw Ramiro burning in flames.

He said, "Pastor, you're right. I've sinned, done wrong things, demanded high prices to preach the Gospel. Now I know we cannot charge. Satan deceived me. I thought I'd live longer, now I'm here, you're right. I did not listen to you, tell the angel at your side to get me out of here."


The angel and I continued walking. I saw Christians in hell for causing divisions in churches and putting an end to the brothers' union because of their disruptive and discordant language. Instead of uniting the Christians, they disarmed all the members, leaving one against the other, the church was destabilized, and now they paid in hell.


I saw believers in hell for letting the spirit of madness enter. They heard various heresies, going through several different churches, studied different doctrines. They were in hell by madness, lost in faith, and out of the way of salvation.


I saw Christian in hell for committing theft, borrowed money and did not return it. Whoever does not return what is not his, committed robbery and is a thief.


I saw believers in hell because of the lie. They got into the company to sell their products. And in order not to be sent away they lied to their bosses. Others cheated by spending less money, they took advantage of people's innocence and trust.

Husbands and wives did something hidden from their marital partners, lied not to speak the truth, fearing quarrels and divorces.

Others lied to their pastors not to be disciplined and to lose their jobs. The lie was so common in their lives, they started to lie so they did not have problems. All these were in hell. The lie even being small is a sin, and it is bad leading to condemnation to the hell. It is better to speak the truth and get hurt, instead of lying and continuing in peace.


I saw believers in hell because of lust. Men and women wore sexy clothes in tight, showing the nakedness of their body and walking half-naked.

I saw believers in hell because of malice. An evangelist had malice when he talked to women. A girl felt great wickedness in her heart when a servant of God delivered prophecies to her; in her thought, she said, "He approached me because he wanted me."

A Christian boy when he saw his pastor talking to the Christians he thought, the pastor is cheating on his wife. They were all in hell for having their evil minds.


I saw young people in hell for disobeying their parents.


I have seen Christians in hell for having inordinate passions, they used sexual objects to fulfill their sick fantasies. A believer was in hell because he felt passion for the pastor's wife.


Another believer was in love with a sister of his church, his love was not reciprocated. He defamed this Christian in social networks. Her reputation as a servant of God was destroyed on the street and inside her church. This believer died and went to hell.

Another young man from the church fell into fornication with a girl and denigrated the image of the girl saying to the whole world, making her look like a prostitute. The girl did not want this boy anymore and left the church in shame. This boy died and went to hell.


I saw believers in hell for committing clumsiness, they behaved very badly in society. One of them was fond of disturbing women passing by on the street and was immoral in their actions. Other Christians argued with the wicked. I also saw Christians who bought things and did not pay. All of these are in hell.

The angel and I came out of hell, he ascended into heaven and I stayed on earth.

I packed my bags and went to the United States to attend my son Robert's wedding. When I arrived my wife was waiting for me for the wedding, she had arrived first. The celebration of the marriage was inside the headquarters church where I pastored, which is now under the pastoral care of Pastor Dérik. He even conducted my son's marriage. Now my son was married to a servant of God, whom he prayed for in his prayers. They will live in the old house my wife and I lived in.

A few days after my son's wedding, vandals stoned several churches in the city. The headquarters of my ministry was built with enough difficulty. It was attacked and its windows were broken. I knew that Satan was furious with the unions of the churches with the seat of my ministry. Satan was furious with the mission I did and tried to reach me.

Two months later my wife became ill and died with her head on my lap. I saw an angel descending and gathering her spirit. I saw my wife with the angel walking down a green path that ascends to the sky. My son and some of his brothers traveled to Tokyo to attend my wife's funeral.

Before I finish my testimony, I will say one more prayer.

Holy Spirit, infiltrate every soul who is listening to this testimony. Reach into their hearts, like the flow of water, pouring into each life, purifying and cleansing. Fill them with Your anointing never to be dried again, pouring out Your heavenly oil.

Enter the depths of each person's soul and strengthen their spirits. Watering the desert of their lives, creating pastures, sowing within their interiors, baptizing with their wind, blowing in these lives bringing the revival.

Pour your warmth into our lives and do not let the world cool the fire, so that we continue to worship in fellowship with you. And where there is this warmth of Holy Spirit, it has the transformation of a new life. This heat produces unity and is born in the depths of each soul, giving us the strength to pray.

This warmth of Holy Spirit will light the living flame in every soul to feed on its power. Your warmth is the fuel that brings us to revival, uniting your church in love and one body. This heat is in the midst of your people.

I thank you for every soul that is listening to me amen.


  1. Amen. Thank you for this wonderful testimony. I cannot stop reading each and every post on this blog. It keeps my spirit revived. The sad part is each time I tell people what I read they do not believe me. I pray that one day you would come to my country South Africa and share your testimony. We need men of God like you.
    God bless you.

    1. He's already passed away, but his son Robert is believed to be in Ukraine.

      My family doesn't believe me too...I pray that one day God will open their eyes and spirits

  2. Two months later my wife became ill and died with her head on my lap. I saw an angel descending and gathering her spirit. I saw my wife with the angel walking down a green path that ascends to the sky. My son and some of his brothers traveled to Tokyo to attend my wife's funeral.

  3. I believe this testimony is true that a man of God not need to be exposed in the world.The only genuity of this testimony is to rebuke the sin of every one who wants the knowledge of truth.May Jesus help us to fight a good fight of faith.

  4. Hello brother's and sisters, you have no idea how much this blog changes my life and how the Holy spirit talkt me in every testimonials of this people, sometimes I am thinking even if people say this can not be true I believe that this is true because the only thing they talking about is the reality of spiritual life and purification and righteousness and prayer life and fasting and lot of secrets of the spiritual world. I believe that the Holy spirit him self lead me to this blog to change me because I am hard herted. God bless all of u doing this good job and I expect more and more

  5. Pastor Kenzo is in heaven with the Lord. His life experiences and testimony has been a blessing to thousands.

  6. Always blessed by Pastor Kenzo. May we rejoice w him in the clouds one day! Amene