Friday, December 7, 2018



When I traveled to the world of waters, I saw the case of a man who was inflicted with epilepsy. The demon of epilepsy is a black and white bird. It is mostly in a cage. I saw how the marine spirits got it out of the cage and blew it to the mirror bearing that man's name. I saw this bird that is the spirit of epilepsy enters the head of this man who was the target. As a result, this man became epileptic on the earth. Epilepsy is a sign of demonic control and manipulation. In fact, I saw a lot of cages and mirrors in the underwater realm. There are people on earth with chronic diseases, heart disease, and kidney disease. I saw the hearts of people in cages. I saw the brains of people living on earth in cages. I saw the bodily organs of people in cages. These people suffer from chronic illness on earth because their organs are stolen or sacrificed, and put in cages in the water world.

Once the water world can locate you in their mirror, they have the power to affect you in one way or another, since they have free access. They can inject any kind of disease in your life, and any disease of mystical origin will never be cured by scientific medicine. The only prayer in the name of Jesus can put an end to these diseases.



Other Christians were hit by darts of infirmity for having abominations in their homes. Demons only live in their homes if it is lawful for them to destroy a family. So throw away objects or things that lure demons into your home. The stone that makes you stumble on this narrow path will get you out of your way. Live a holy life and Satan cannot steal your salvation if you are faithful to the end.



That shepherd walks in holiness for the Lord has revealed his life to me. The only problem was that he did not pray enough and he remained spiritually weak. And because of this, a demon threw a javelin of infirmity into his heart. He did not tell me that he had a problem in his heart but Jesus told me. When I talked to him about this problem, the shepherd wept. I prayed for him and saw a needle coming out from inside his chest.

Jesus said, "Tell My servant that he will not die for I have added another 20 years to his life."

And so I passed the revelations to the pastor and went home.



Diseases were thrown into space and innocent people without protection were affected. Modern medicine could not treat these mystical diseases. It's beyond science. While we were flying in hyperspace, the angel of death told me that it was time to work in the hospitals as stipulated in the Satanists' worldwide summit by the goddess Monica. The hospital is one of the places where demons are very active to kill and capture the souls of non-Christians and to drink their blood. While working in hospitals, I tried to sabotage and manipulate 15 surgical interventions.

I managed to disrupt seven surgeries and as a result, there were deaths. There was a young woman who was sick and was supposed to be operated upon. The doctor sent her brother to buy drugs in the pharmacy but since she did not have Jesus in her life, I went after her brother to the pharmacy. There, I exchanged the drugs he was supposed to buy by replacing it with a fake that was a poison from the mystical world. Then I pushed the pharmacist to sell the fake medicine to her brother. Later, the doctor transfused the fake medicine into the young woman who died as a result of this poison.

Another woman had a hernia problem. While she was having surgery, we managed to disrupt and disturb the doctor's mind. As a result, he cut a vein by mistake; the woman lost a lot of blood and died.

Another woman was supposed to have an operation related to fibroids. She did not have Jesus in her life. During the operation, we disturbed the doctor's mind who gave her an overdose of anesthesia, and she died.

Another day, I arrived at the hospital and there was a surgical operation going on. A girl was being operated upon. I was accompanied by my guardian angel, the angel of death. We tried to attack but we were unable to enter the operating room because it was surrounded by intense light. We tried to get around the windows but we could not get in because of the bright and fiery light. We were in direct connection with the mystical world, and we asked them to verify the spiritual identity of this girl because she was in a bright and dazzling light. Once the mystical world verified the girl's identity, they informed us that this girl was a born again Christian. Without Jesus, we are without security in this lost world. By serving Jesus, His grace is on your life, and nobody can harm you.

A few days later, a couple had to have their child operated upon. So they went to church and asked for prayers. After that, they went to the hospital for the operation, and they were fasting. During this surgical procedure, I came mystically with the angel of death to the place, but to my surprise, we saw the operation room surrounded by the energetic blood of Jesus.

As a former Satanist and ex-mystic, I certify that the blood of Jesus Christ is true and real. The blood of Jesus is filled with electricity and is full of strength so that no demon can come near. That day, the blood of Jesus protected this girl. There was nothing we could do against her.

You must understand that the mystical world exists. The satanic kingdom is real and works but Jesus Christ is Lord. One day there was a car accident and there was a woman pregnant with twins among the victims. She was transported to the hospital. But since she did not have Jesus Christ in her life, she was unprotected and exposed. As a result, the twins died and we handed over their bodies to the goddess Monica. Later, the woman also died. The years of her life were transferred to a satanist that had died long ago so that he would continue to serve in the underwater civilization.



My father Richard Peterson received a revelation from God.

The Lord said to him: “Many say that my servants cannot be poor, saying that poverty is Satan, and say that diseases belong to the devil and that they can not accept poverty and sicknesses. They forget that I left My throne and My wealth to be a simple carpenter; they forget that the prophet Elijah died sick and the apostle Paul carried his sickness to the end of his life. Many of my servants died sick and are with Me now in paradise. If poverty and sickness are all of the devils, who would inherit salvation if they were poor and sick? It is not all the infirmities that are sent from the evil one. Natural infirmities are part of the entrance of the sin of Adam to the world. Many say that My chosen ones cannot go through trials and afflictions for being of the devil. I went through afflictions, agony and I suffered drops of blood.”

“Servant, as there is day and night in the counting of man on earth, there is evil and good, you will be free when you snatch it for me.”



The Lord Jesus showed me a vision. I saw brothers full of illnesses and suffering great suffering.

I asked, "Lord, why are they sick?

Jesus told me, "It is because of disobedience. I have commanded them to speak of My word and to win souls, but they have resisted My voice. They have prayed and their prayers do not arrive in the heavenly courts, they do not want to make amends with Me, and their prayers will never move My Father's hands."

If they walk in My way and let Me be the Lord of their life, being My servants correcting their faults, I will work a great miracle in their lives.

Those who remain are being accused and mocked for following My doctrine. Many have been the stones and persecutions, Satan has used the weeds of the church to attack My chosen ones.

They say they serve Me, but they give room for Satan in their lives, wasting their precious time attacking mine. They do not use their tongues to take My word to the lost. There is no more time to pay lip-service to Me. There is no more time to discuss theological matters.

I'm coming back; the time is short, they need to fix their lives, to increase their chances of salvation, their works do not please Me and were reproved by My Father.

They live the illusion of the materialism of this world, all this is fleeting, they bow to the pleasures, have no determination in Me to follow and neither dominate their desires; they are decayed in their faith. Look not into them, to correct their faults, to reflect upon their works, and to repair their broken altars that have been offered to the Baalim gods.

I will help all who make the decision to be faithful to Me. I will make them progress in their spiritual growth. For those who keep My word, say to them to stand in My presence. Those who speak evil of My children, their words will not alter their spiritual lives.

I want to fill their lives with My anointing, making them grow every day, leaving their characters equal to Mine, those who lived faithfully and believed in what cannot be seen, but which is real.



The angel showed me several believers walking around town. They were in shorts and T-shirts. The demons were laughing at them and throwing darts of infirmities. Many of these brothers fell ill with malignant diseases, others became ill and died in the hospital. I saw a hospital far from the city and many sick believers dying and demons came to seek their souls.

I asked the angel, "Why are devils harming the believers with their darts of infirmities?"

The angel said to me, "They walk like the wicked in shorts and T-shirts. This is a sin before God. They do not understand that they are saints and need to keep their bodies holy."

I saw women believers in shorts walking down the street and also getting sick because of their dressing. The angel said, "They scandalize the word and still want to beat Satan."

The angel took me to seven shepherds' houses. I saw shirtless shepherds at home and walking in shorts, others were in tank tops. Their women who call themselves servants were in shorts and sleeveless shirts. They were at ease.

I saw a ball of fire moving away from the houses of these shepherds and a black cloud approaching. The angel said, "Many of them think they are saved but their actions deny the Holy word. The Holy Spirit departs from these homes because of sin.




[...] The brother continues by exhorting us regarding the ideas that demons can suggest in the spirit of man.

He says: If you do not walk in the fear of God, demons can suggest you their ideas and make you believe that those ideas come from you.

In the universe, the devil has already placed satellites. These mystical satellites send images towards mystical radars, and these radars, again, resend images to the screens XS. It is from these screens that the devil controls this world because he is not able to be in several places at the same time.

But the Lord Jesus, our God does not need radars nor screens because He is omnipresent. And the Bible says in Proverbs 15:3 "The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good." So Jesus does not need radars.

From those screens, the devil controls this world. He knows the true Christians, the hypocritical Christians, and even the pagans. If you are truly a Christian, know that even the devil knows it. When he looks through those screens, he sees signs. So when we were on the other side, the devil asked us to coordinate many demons and direct them towards people who had signs, that is, towards true Christians, in order to extinguish those signs. That is how we directed many demons towards true Christians. Therefore, you should know that a true Christian is the one who has a lot of fighting to do; he is the one who is being fought a lot. If you are fought, know that the Lord will never forsake you, He will always deliver you.



I had a vision of an army of demons throwing darts at the churches. The target is the mind of the Christians. The thoughts of the Saints were not penetrated. The thumbs demons tried to possess their minds, but they could not get access to the heads of those who live in holiness. They could only gain access to impure Christians whose minds are possessed by immoral thoughts.



Beloved, when someone is not in Christ, his mind and thoughts are exposed to the dark world. As I could read the thoughts of men without Jesus, if I noticed that a man had positive thoughts, I would replace them with negative ones. The training I received from the angel of death was about manipulation of thoughts in the human mind, especially the transfer of negative and bad thoughts. It should be remembered that we are at war. This planet is subject to spiritual warfare and satanic manipulation.

In this war, there are battlefields and frontlines. The mental dimension of thoughts is one of the battlegrounds of this war, it is a spiritual warfare. I injected negative thoughts into people's minds, such as thoughts of self-hatred, of inferiority and superiority complexes, of despair.

It is written in Philippians 4:8 "Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things."

Every day, when we wake up in the morning, the enemy injects negative thoughts into our heads that affect the mood of the day. Later, the angel of death told me that when a man fails in his goals and feels worthless and useless, it becomes easy to inject thoughts of suicide into his mind. Beloved, the thoughts that come in our heads are not necessarily our own thoughts.



Some of them are injected into our head to cause us to behave in a certain way. The angel of death said to me, "Our occultist colleagues who are already dead and working in the infernal kingdom need an update of their intellectual capacity. As such, we must steal the intelligence of the living and transfer it to the underwater kingdom and to the underground world for our servants the human spirits."

I would like to specify that those who sign contracts with Lucifer die prematurely so that they can serve the devil in his civilization under the sea and under the earth where they will live the remaining years of their lives.

We had to steal the intelligence of the people and transfer them to our colleagues, the dead occultists who work in different factories and production industries in the underwater realm. To steal human intelligence, we would visit students in schools and universities, and meet graduates working and unemployed graduates.

When you notice that your child who was smart in elementary school is no longer intelligent in high school, understand that he received a mystical visit and an exchange took place. It may be that his intelligence has been tampered with or stolen. I also injected memory loss and forgetfulness into people's minds. As a result, they could not succeed because their memory was stolen or sacrificed. I caused memory lapses and repeated forgetfulness to my victims.



I attacked the Christian with discouragement. I injected disagreement, conflict, thoughts of hate, animosity. In the mystical realm, we had studied the church and Christians. We know their weaknesses. When we come and find these things as conflict, disagreement, animosity, resentment, then we unleash on them the spirit of sexual immorality and we take away holiness in the church because a church where the people are not in sanctification is powerless. Through the door of conflict, of division, I could stifle the zeal of prayer and service, and cause coldness, laziness, discouragement, spiritual slumber, and heaviness.

It was necessary to prevent prayer at all costs. We knew that if we could succeed then we could destroy a church. The Bible says in Ephesians 4:31-32 "Get rid of all bitterness, rage, and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you."




Many sacrifices are performed in the world of darkness at the end of the year. I tell you this as an ex-Satanist because I also performed sacrifices. Know that every end of the year, wizards offer thanksgivings to Lucifer. They sacrificed people. And nowadays, nobody can raise his finger and say that there is no wizard in his family. We all have wizards in our families, and at the end of the year, they prepare sacrifices. While I was still Satanist, when a wizard wanted to see Lucifer, he had to perform two sacrifices: "the sacrifice of condemnation" and "the sacrifice of the red carpet."

As the representative of the third degree in the mystery of the air, wizards used to come me so that I could put them in contact with Lucifer, because when I was a Satanist, Lucifer forbade me to call him Lucifer or the devil, he asked me to call him dad. I used to call him dad, and for that reason, I hated my biological parents. I thought that Lucifer was my father and Marie Madeleine (a demon that has a department at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea) my mother. Therefore, each time a wizard came, I would take him and would go with him to the world of Pollium. When we arrived there, we would enter my department and would sit around the round table that was there, I would then sit on one side and him on the other. I would ask him to give me the name of a member of his family. When he gave it to me, I would call the name three times and the person would appear on my table, and with my hands, I would kill him.

[...]At this level the brother explains what he did with the corpse and the skin. Once the skin was dried, he divided it into two.

He continues:

With the first part, I made "the black book", which is the "book of condemnation". In that book, I wrote down all the condemnations I wanted, and all these condemnations were dictated to me by Lucifer himself. And when I did that, the condemnations which were in that black book became reality in the life of every person who is of the same family as the wizard who came to see me. There are certain things that people go through, and they are not even responsible for it. Simply because a member of the family had gone somewhere to seek after his own interests, and had endangered the whole family. And because of him, the family begins to suffer.

And with the second part of the skin, I made "the red book", which is the book of execution. I asked that wizard to give me the names of all the members of his family, and I wrote them down in that book, and when he needed to go and see Satan, I asked him to name someone. And when he named someone, I would simply cross out his name. When the name is crossed out, the person concerned dies in this world. Once the person dies and is buried, I send demons at night to the cemetery to withdraw blood from his body. When the blood was collected in a vase, I laid it on the carpet, and it slid into the castle of Lucifer. When Lucifer saw the blood, he drank it and was satisfied. And it is only at that moment that the wizard could enter. All this just to see Lucifer, to have access to the curse. Because in the presence of Lucifer, there is only curse and death. Beloved, it is really unspeakable. To seek death and curse, wizards are ready to do anything, they go all out. They succeed in performing huge sacrifices for their master Satan. Nevertheless, Christians, to enter God's presence, where there are life and blessing, are ready for nothing, they are incapable of giving anything to their God, they cannot even make the smallest of sacrifices for Jesus their Master. They are not serious at all. Know that wizards are very serious in whatever they do.

When sorcerers are doing these things, they give the names of all their family members and we write them down in the red book, we also write down all the condemnations in the black book. But you, what evil have you done to these sorcerers for them to give your name so that we write it down in the red book. Do not lose hope. If you come to Jesus, His blood will annul all the condemnations that were pronounced against your life and will remove your name from that famous red book.

When you walk in the fear of God, the devil trembles before you! There are so many people who call themselves Christians but show no sign of a Christian. When we were sorcerers, we had mystic eyes. I had 24 eyes and used them to see everything. I saw true Christians, hypocritical Christians, and even pagans. If you are a true Christian, know that the devil himself, as well as the sorcerers, know it. But if you are a hypocritical Christian, they also know it. Because we saw true Christians with signs.



There are many people living in this world while their blood had already been drunk. They are still alive, though there is already an allotted time and when the allotted time expires, the physical death will follow. I want you to take this testimony very seriously because, at the end of each year, many sacrifices are made in the world of darkness. There are people whose blood had already been drunk, and who only live the remaining time left, even the circumstances of their deaths are already planned.



I will tell you about the organization of Satan's world, and then you will know what happens on the other side. So when I was taken there, I was thrown into a hole that had a depth of 200 meters. When I hit the bottom of the hole, there was a total darkness. And in this hole, there were reptiles, snakes, scorpions... The mission of all these animals was to bite me. This is what one called the place of torture. And I was obliged to keep silent.

I did not have the right to open my mouth to express the pain I felt, because if I opened my mouth, it was death that would ensue. And I spent five days there. And during that time, in Likasi, my parents were looking for me everywhere. They did not even know where I was. And yet, I was in a hole. The temple in question is a large temple. At the front, there is a large mirror like a big screen. And at every meeting, one must drink the blood of five hundred people. And there are Satanists who are chosen to sacrifice their family members.

There was a dad I know very well, even today, he is in Likasi, on the "avenue Rwanda". He was among those who had to sacrifice their family members. At his turn, he gave the name of his nephew. He gave neither nails nor saliva nor hair. He gave only the name. And there were servants who had a golden vase, and they put these vases at the bottom edge of the mirror. There were others who had the task of calling the name of this nephew. And there was one who had a golden sword. There were many people.

They began to call and shortly after, the nephew in question appeared on the mirror. There he was bare-chested. Then the man who had the sword pointed the sword at the mirror at the level of the chest, and the sword began to go in. While the sword was going in, at that place, blood was coming out and was flowing in the vase. And when the body was emptied of all his blood, the image disappeared but the blood remained in the vase. One poured it into small glasses and the servants began to distribute and we drank it.

And after that, one prepared a file. We first started by writing the name, and then one said, "How will he die?" And after some time one said, "He will die by accident."One wrote there, circumstances of death: accident. One said, "How long before he dies?" After a few minutes, one said, "Two weeks." One wrote there two weeks. Beloved, when I returned to Likasi, I found this nephew alive and two weeks later, he was struck by a vehicle. I told you at the beginning that there are people whose blood has already been drunk, they live only within the time limit, when the deadline expires, it is death that follows according to the circumstances planned by the Satanists.


He ate. And when he finished, I now had to invite him to my house. When we were at my house, I invoked Krishna, and Krishna came. And then we were all three thrown. We went to India physically. Once there, because my friend was a new member, they thanked me because I had just brought a new member. But they said to my friend, "As you just joined our group, you must first give us a dear one in your life." After a few minutes, they asked him the question again, and he said, "I give my father." They asked him, "Why your father?" He said, "Because, in the family, he is the one who has already lived for a long time." And then, as usual, he gave the name of his dad.

Those who were responsible for calling began to call. They called this dad, but the mirror remained as it was. They called, they called so many times that they were even tired, but the mirror remained intact. So we wondered, "Why is that, why?" They asked the question to my friend, they said, "But your dad, is he a member of a secret society? Is the member of a mystical house?" He said, "No. My father knows nothing about witchcraft; he does not even know magic." So who is he? He said, "My father is just an elder of the Church." They said, "An elder of the Church? Thus he is a Christian?" So when we were there, when one told us that we had to deal with a Christian, we did everything possible, because if a Satanist manages to capture a Christian, Lucifer will give him a lot of money. In order to kill only one Christian, Lucifer is capable of killing even a thousand pagans. Because only Christians escape his control; only Christians destabilize the works of Lucifer.

So we started to call. And this time they told us, "Instead of letting only the people responsible for the calls call, we must all join them ..." All of us, more than a thousand, were now obliged to call the name of only one dad. So we started to call. We called many times, but the mirror remains intact. So as we were still calling, instead of that dad appearing on our mirror, there was just a cross. And as we were still calling, there was blood on the cross. And when the blood began to flow, the mirror broke and all of us who were there were all hurled to the ground.

So when we got up again, everyone was saying to my friend, "What has just happened here is because of you." I do not even know if they have already replaced that mirror. So they condemned my friend. They took a poison, gave it to him, and told him, "This time your dad will die, whether he likes it or not." They gave the poison to my friend and said to me, "As it is you who brought this guy here, you will go with him to monitor the progress of this operation, which consists of poisoning this dad.

Back at Likasi, we went to my friend's place; it was at "camp Ak." When we arrived there, they served us food, we ate and after that, the mum and the others went out. We stayed in the living room, and on the big table, there was dad's meal. The dad was still at work. There were only the two of us, and when they put the meal on the table, my friend took the poison. I saw it with my own eyes. He went and put it in the condiments of his father’s meal. And at around 5 pm his father arrived and greeted us with joy.

He went into his room, changed clothes and came back to the living room. He sat down to eat and before eating, he prayed. When he prayed, he mentioned the name of Jesus. And where we were, we said, "Today, that Jesus, nothing will happen, he will die today." His father started to eat. And that day, he ate everything, both fufu, and condiments. Even as I am speaking to you, this man is still alive and works in Likasi at Gécamines even today. So because my friend had been given a deadline of one week, when the deadline expired, they struck him by the spirits of death. I was living near "Camponté", and from there, they contacted me and told me, "Go and finish him off!" Beloved with the devil friendship does not exist, there is only hypocrisy. Friendship is what we find only in the Lord Jesus.

I went there, behind his house there were toilets. It was 7:30 pm. I laid down on the ground, I concentrated and then I took the form of a snake. I started to crawl, I went into the house, I found my friend on the floor. He was bleeding, blood was coming out of his nostrils, ears and even of his mouth, and when I arrived, I bit him, I infiltrated a venom in his body and I left. When I reached the other side, I took a human form again and I arrived at the door. I knocked, my friend answered and I went in. Once there, I found my friend and I asked him, "What happened?" He said, "One hit me and a few minutes ago, a snake came and bit me." And I asked him, "The snake, where has it gone?" He said, "He went in that corner." So I picked up a piece of wood and I started looking for the snake. It was the snake looking for the snake.



I will briefly explain to you how the devil used me in traffic accidents.

One day we left Likasi, we were on a bus with a friend, with passengers. While we were on the bus, my friend and I wanted to cause an accident to kill ten people. From Likasi, we had just passed Luiza. And after some time, there was a pastor who began to preach on the bus. While he was preaching, we looked at him with mystic eyes and saw him without clothes. But he was preaching anyway. You know, today there are some pastors who are just like signposts. They tell the others: "There is heaven, heaven is that way", but here they are, preaching, but are not living according to what they preach to others. And nowadays, there are so many pastors who live like that. While this pastor was preaching on the bus, there was a sister, I didn't know her, who was touched by the Word, and who suddenly began to speak in tongues. And while she was speaking in tongues, my friend and I had been thrown out of the bus and found ourselves in the bush in Boulouwo. Let me remind you that my friend and I were both Satanists. The incident occurred just after we passed Luiza.

We were there in the bush physically, I don't know how we got out of the bus because the bus’ windows were not broken. When we were in the bush in Boulouwo, we got angry. So I told my friend: "Everything that happened to us, it is because of this pastor who was preaching because if he had not preached, this sister would not have started speaking in tongues. So we must do everything to kill this pastor. "We turned into a sparrowhawk, and we flew away. This pastor got off in Kibombo. It was there that we captured him and killed him. He is no longer of this world. Be careful with the work of God, God cannot be mocked. What a man sows, he reaps it sooner or later.



In the third position, we have the executioners. They are the one who is in charge of killing. At this point, I would like to draw your attention to one thing. When sorcerers want to kill a person, they first begin by casting a spell on him or on her, then they steal his shadow and death follows not long after. When the person dies, his family normally takes his body, goes to bury him at the cemetery and come back home. And at night, all the sorcerers who hatched the plot of murder gather together at the cemetery. It is what I was doing. When we got there, we came together around the grave of the victim, and with the "whip call", we hit the grave three times. And when they hit the grave, the person that you have buried would come out and they would give him his shadow back. The person becomes conscious and is able to recognize all the sorcerers who surround him. The person will know that: This person is my uncle, this one is our neighbor and this one again is the father of so-and-so etc.

At that moment, even if the person shouts, "Jesus, Jesus! Come and help me!" I assure you that Jesus will not come because the Lord Jesus is not the God of the dead but of the living. So while you are still alive, it is time to give your life to Jesus and give up all the bad things that you are doing: lies, sexual immoralities, gossip etc., because if you die without abandoning them, Jesus will not come to help you.

After all these ceremonies, we took an egg and crushed it on the head of the victim. Then, we proposed five names of animals, and we drew lots. While we draw lots, if it fell on a goat, the person would be transformed into a goat and executioners would come to dismember him. And when they finished doing the cutting up, if we wanted to create demonic possession, we took this dismembered "meat" and gave it to women of cemetery and women witches who, in turn, would go and sell it at the market in the world of the human. And when they are selling that, there is a hand on their stalls, this hand is the "calling hand". It is invisible to normal eyes. This hand is there on the counter and wave to call people who come to the market. So when you get to the market, this hand calls you. You get there, buy dirty things, take them home and eat them. We also took the fingers of corpses, turned them into cigarettes and sold them. That is why many people find it very difficult to quit smoking because they have already smoked human fingers without knowing it. We also turned fingers into big fries. We also took the goat feces and turned them into a peanut. We took human blood and turned it into palm oil, and all these things were sold on the market. Take what I am telling you very seriously because it is the truth.

Now that these things are in our markets, what are we going to eat? The Bible says in 1Corinthians 10:25-26 "Eat anything sold in the meat market without raising questions of conscience, for the earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it." What does that mean? If you are a child of God, a true Christian, you are a dwelling in which God lives by His Spirit. When you enter the market with the Holy Spirit in your body, this call hand cannot attract the Holy Spirit, no! The Holy Spirit will lead you only where there are healthy things. And when you buy them, you eat them, and they have no negative effect on you. The only way to be shielded from all these stains is to have Jesus Christ, and make sure that you really have Him. For the Lord alone can lead you towards pure things.

When we were sorcerers, we used to eat human flesh with fufu, but in that world, I had never seen a single cornfield, there was not even a mill. Therefore, where did witches use to find flour to prepare fufu? At the entrance of every market, sorcerers have already placed their nets. When you buy for instance two buckets of flour, when you arrived at the level of the net that you cannot see with normal eyes, they divide your flour in half and keep back a part of it. When you come back home, you look and see that you still have your two buckets of flour. But when you cook them, you eat everything, but without being full. It is because a part of it remained in the nets. And at night, sorcerers come to collect everything they have drawn in order to cook their fufu. From now on, when you go to the market, you should pray before leaving your home, send fire on the nets of the sorcerers so that these nets do not hold your flour, and that their nets be burnt by the fire of God, in the name of Jesus.

It may happen that at a certain point, someone tells you: I saw Mr. or Ms so-and-so. And you reply by saying: No! The person you are talking about is already dead and has even been buried. But the other person tells you: No! I saw him. What does that mean? That means that sorcerers have already sacrificed him, but have not eaten him yet. They would give the victim back to the person who had sacrificed him and he or she shall use him: either for fishing, or in the fields, or for hunting and during that time, one can still see the victim. And it is when the victim gets tired that they want to finish him off and eat his body. But if there are sorcerers that they want to promote, they will not turn the victim into a beast, they will leave him the way he is. There, there are large pots with boiling water inside. And these pots are put on a wood fire. Then they take the victim and throw him in the pot. The person will eventually die from the pain he will feel in the pot. And after that, they will remove him from there and will start dismembering his body, and sorcerers who want to be promoted will eat the human flesh at his normal state, at the human state.



So when wrestlers are in the stadium fighting against one another, they first start with fighting techniques that they have learned through wrestling. About wrestling, there is at first what one calls Greco-Roman wrestling after that comes the Olympic freestyle wrestling, and finally the self-defense. I also did all these fighting techniques that I just mentioned. And then, they go on to the second phase. This phase of the fight is Satanic, it is at this level that you see demonstrations of power.

At some point of the fight, one sounds the trumpets. This has two functions: To stop the legions of demons of the opponent and call out the legions of demons that are favorable to that wrestler. When the demons that one has invoked, leave the world of Satan and come, they enter the stadium, walk first on the heads of the spectators before reaching the ring. That is why if you watch carefully, you see that people who go to a wrestling match return home tired. So, when these demons arrive in the ring, the wrestler who invoked them uses them to bring down his opponent. The opponent would either fall, the referee counts, and then he gets up again, or the opponent would tend to fall. At some point, you will see that he begins to resist, and when he resists, it means that the demons that came are not capable of bringing him down. So, the other guy will hypnotize his opponent. And when he hypnotizes him, you see him making some gestures. People do not know what that means. In fact, when he makes those gestures, he takes the demons who came and sends them back to the crowd of spectators. When these demons go to the crowd, they shorten the life expectancy of the people who are present. And when they return to the wrestler, he uses it to strike his opponent, and that is how he wins the fight. When he wins, the spectators begin to acclaim without knowing that this man just won because he used the power that he obtained by shortening their life expectancy.

Beloved, only God knows the number of years that we are going to spend on this earth. But because of this kind of show, the devil has already shortened the life expectancy of many people. It is the reason why some people die early. We know that we will all die. But if one has to die, one must die at God's appointed time and not at the time appointed by the devil. For you, who have already been to a stadium to watch a wrestling match, know that the devil has already shortened your life expectancy. And if your children or your husband like wrestling, and have already been to a wrestling match, also know that Satan has already shortened their life expectancy. How many times did you go to a stadium where a wrestling match is taking place? How many years do you still have left?

When you go to a stadium where a wrestling match is taking place, you are no longer in the presence of God, you are no longer protected by God, and the devil can do with you whatever he wants. But do not give up hope, because the Man of serious cases, who is the Lord Jesus, will give you back the years that the devil has stolen from your life if you repent. Come to Jesus now; accept Him as your Saviour and your Lord, and He will restore all the blessings that the agents of Satan have stolen from you, all these years that wrestlers have taken from your life. If you come to Jesus, He will wipe every tear from your eyes. The Bible tells us in Joel 2:25 "I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten - the great locust and the young locust, the other locusts and the locust swarm - my great army that I sent among you." If you make Jesus your Lord, your enemies will cower before you. Deuteronomy 33:29 tells us, "Blessed are you, O Israel! Who is like you, a people saved by the Lord? He is your shield and helper and your glorious sword. Your enemies will cower before you, and you will trample down their high places."



A few days later, the mermaid told me that we were going to visit the hospital to see the sick. In fact, Lucifer is very active in hospitals; it is a place of demonic activities. The person in charge of this visit was a Catholic priest. He was doing charity by giving food to people, shoes, and clothes while capturing their souls. Many things happen in the hospital. I would advise women, after giving birth not to allow doctors to separate them from their baby because they do not know what this doctor is doing with their baby. In this visit to the hospital, the priest was anointing the sick and this resulted in their death, and their stars were stolen. The mermaid captured the souls of the sick who were killed by the priest's rituals. The night before traveling underwater, the mermaid showed me the souls of those captured in the hospital. She was transferring them to the sea kingdom.


Aside from the fact that the mermaid worked with the Catholic priest to collect souls at the hospital, she also visited children who had just been initiated into witchcraft. In fact, many children contract witchcraft through food. The kingdom of darkness worked with sorcerer children who were responsible for distributing witchcraft in schools and their communities. Since most children are introduced to witchcraft by a mystical human meat, they are asked to repay the meat they ate when they were initiated. As a result, they must choose or point at a family member. The work of the mermaid was to gather the souls that the newly initiated children offered as a sacrifice. The capture and the raid of these souls, victims of human sacrifice in hospital, was the work of this mermaid who was my wife. After capturing and raiding these souls, the mermaid took them to the underwater kingdom at night.



The mermaid sent me first to the Catholic church. When I went there, I was received by the priest who said to me: "Welcome Joseph, I was informed by the mermaid of your arrival and I was waiting for you, this is what you need for your mission." The priest gave me a rosary, then he said to me, "This rosary will vibrate when you are around the woman who has been targeted and programmed to be sacrificed."

After the Catholic church the mermaid sent me to the mosque. She tells me that the god Allah is the collaborator of their master Lucifer. So I went to the mosque. The imam of this mosque welcomed me warmly because he was in communication with my wife the mermaid. This imam gave me a series of Islamic prayers called "dua". He instructed me to recite these prayers after sacrificing each victim, in order to veil my face and avoid the vengeance of the spirits of these victims. Indeed, when an innocent man is killed, he dies with the image of the face of his executioner in his soul, and this image is kept in his memory. To prevent my image from being perceived and kept in the memory of my victims, I had to recite these Islamic prayers. When the victim knows his executioner his soul will seek justice against the person who killed him, as was the case between Cain and Abel.

Then the mermaid sent me to the third church, which is a sect called kimbanguiste. There they gave me two handkerchiefs: A green and a white. I had to wipe the victim's face to remove my face from her memory. After that, the mermaid said to me, "Joseph, you will start sleeping with 5 women who will be your victims, but not just any, only those who are targeted and programmed, since these women have profiles and things that connect them to us."



Then we left the cemetery and went to a house that was near the cemetery. There was a baby there, the gentleman killed the child and asked us to drink his blood. From then on, we became different, no longer ordinary human beings, and we had another spirit. We were now real witches and we were working with demonic spirits. When I returned home, I had neither any respect for my father nor my mother, and no respect for my neighbors too. Evil was in me. Later, the spirits asked me to bring two children. My aunt had twins. I went to my aunt's house. I prepared some baby’s cereals for the children and I added a powder which was given to me in the cemetery. I handed this cereal to my aunt who gave it to her children. But before that, I got out of there and I told her that I had a problem at home. I had to leave because I did not want to see that I was killing these children. After 2 or 3 days, the children died.

After that, the spirits asked me to give them 1500 people, yes you heard well, 1500 souls! In fact, it is easy to give 1500 souls in one day with witchcraft. I had to obey; I managed to find these people in several ways in one day: On the roads, in the streets, at work, at school, I designated friends, etc. On the roads, it was enough to pour some powder obtained during the ritual in the cemetery. It works exactly like a fishing net, we had to fish for men until we reached 1500 souls in one day. The effect of this powder is to disturb the driver. Any cars that crossed this powder got involved in an accident on the spot or further away. That would kill 5 to 10 people on the spot per vehicle.

In the streets, we fished souls through fights. I could provoke disputes by disturbing people’s minds. Then through my witchcraft power, I could incite one of the people fighting in the streets to say: "I will kill you." This sentence entered the body of the person and when later he punched, he killed the person with whom he was fighting. Then I would slip away leaving the person who killed into the hands of the crowd and the police. And I was already looking for other souls with the other 4 girls who were working with me. I would approach people who used to drink beer or alcohol. If I knew the name of the person, I would take an empty bottle, write the name of the person and I put it into the bottle. Then I would bury this bottle, with incantations, and these people would die. At the end of the day, we had the number of souls sought.

I was still a teenager at that time. I had several men in my life and I became pregnant several times. I aborted 3 times. The fourth time, when I wanted to put an end to the pregnancy, the spirits told me that they needed the child in their world. When the child was born, I saw someone coming under the guise of my cousin. I knew that she was not the one, but a disguised spirit who came to look for the child. The spirit went to the sea with this child, and I do not know what they did. To tell you the truth, I myself sacrificed many people, including a majority of children. I especially needed the blood of little children because spiritually it is fresh blood. We were more interested in newborn babies. There are things difficult to explain, but just for you to understand, a 2 months old baby here on earth, in the spiritual world of darkness he is 15-20 years old. So they need very young children for sacrifices.

I would suck a lot of blood, both of the living and of the dead. I liked it because it increased my power. Sometimes I took children home to play, but in reality, it was a trick to suck their blood, their vital energy. Many people were dying because of me. When I had a love affair, the young man ended up dying. I also helped spirits in parties and nightclubs. Many of these spirits incarnated, and wore very long clothes, for they have no legs. They are spirits of another world. There are many in the world of the night. I happened to have excited people, to provoke fights and to get them to use a knife to kill themselves. All the romantic relationships I had always ended up in this way for the boy: Either he joined the world of darkness like me or he would die. Talking about men, I had them, indeed a lot.

There is one thing, which is called Maiombola, it is real and true. [Maiombola is the ability to kill someone without actually killing him. There is no vocabulary to describe this, perhaps a distant comparison. When you hear patients talking about how they were flying over their beds or in the hospital during their surgical operations or when they were in a coma, it gets closer to that. It is possible through witchcraft to split someone and make him prisoner and slave (labor) in the world of darkness without his physical body. In very rare cases, it is possible for the person to come back, but generally, this person will die a slave in an invisible world. We do not need a physical body to die. This is Maiombola.] These people are tied up with very big chains. I saw a lot of people there, victims of Maiombola.

To kill, I would use journeys. Even if the person did not want to travel, I could influence him spiritually, and then when the person took a transport agency, he died in an accident. The car in which he found himself violently knocked another car. Then with incantations, we took the blood and soul of the person. When customers came to consult us, under the weight of their problems and told us things like: I have so many worries that I wish I were dead! Then later I went into that person's body, and I swallowed drugs, sometimes I would strangle him with a rope and I strongly tied it and when the person was about to die, I would go out of his body. I happened to notice that the person did not want to die and regretted his words, but it was too late. As soon as we heard people saying that kind of thing, it was finished for them; that soul was ours and we offered it as a sacrifice.

They would promise us, we agents for this other world, that after death everything will be wonderful for us. Moreover, we saw the hidden world, we were sure to go there eternally after death. In our logic, obeying the spirits and not having remorse was normal. Everything was good in our eyes, we were not bad. We were workers, good servants of the spirits, the queen and the devil. I progressed and I was promoted. From now on, I had everything I wanted. If I wanted a phone that nobody owned in the neighborhood, I just had to ask and the phone would appear. Overnight I had everything I wanted. When they offered me to become very rich, I did not feel the need, all I wanted was to kill. I loved killing and nothing else.

Then they gave us drugs. I had to tie a lace at the waist as a belt. It has incantations, which prevented me from being caught. A cord helped me kill three people at once. A box served as an invocation of spirits. When I wanted them to appear, I inserted a cross in this box three times. They gave us salt produced from human bodies (human bones and blood), and a powder a bit orange that we poured on the roads to cause accidents. We had barks that came from the cemetery, they were used to cure many diseases (in fact they do not cure); and another bark was given by the spirits, which serves for several purposes: Invoke spirits, bind somebody's life (preventing the person from flourishing, finding a job, loving and simply moving forward in life). I had a jewel that served as an ultimate protection, even when I was caught, they released me as if I were innocent.

I spread leaves in houses. As soon as someone trampled upon them, he constantly fell ill. It may also happen that somebody who had walked on these leaves never had children. We also used nails; each nail represented a bound person. We hammered these nails in walls, in the whole city. If somebody removes one of these nails, then the person bound by that nail automatically dies.


Later, I started having problems with my father who was a well-known wizard in the community. He had a totem of crocodiles. At home, we had a toy that was a bamboo plane, but in the night this toy was transformed into a mystical plane that my father used. In fact, there was a mystical airport behind our house. Our conflict began when my father could no longer leave his body to travel to the spiritual world. My demon prevented him from boarding his mystical plane, so I was no longer tolerated at home. One day after school, I went home and found that my father had burned my clothes because my presence made him sick. So, I had to leave his house. After this misunderstanding between my father and me, I became angry and this anger greatly disturbed the invisible world. Then queen Farida summoned me by mystical phone, and when I went to meet her, she reminded me of my transgression and let me know she was not happy with me. And to appease her anger, she asked me to sacrifice the baby that my stepmother had with my father. This sacrifice was to calm the anger of this demonic queen.

Then the queen asked me to visit my master, the priest of the Catholic church, in order to pay for my transgression. When I arrived at the priest's house in the town of Dolisie, the latter received me with open arms, but only he was disappointed because I had broken one of the ten laws. The priest told me that to plead for the grace of the great master, Satan, I had to do a novena, that means nine days of fasting without eating or drinking in the parish. After that, I still had to sacrifice nine children to the devil. As soon as the nine days of fasting were completed, the priest invited me to his quarters to see what was to be done, I mean to help me sacrifice these children to Satan. Then the priest set up a charity organization for the distribution of food and supplies to children from two to twelve, as is the custom in Catholic churches. So every Monday we would distribute food to children: rice, sugar, soy milk. While the children were lined up, I had to put my right hand on the head of the child who will be the next victim. As a result, nine of these children died in the course of time. I regret killing innocent children. We must understand that behind the many charitable organizations of the Catholic church, there are human sacrifices.

I advise you never to allow Catholics to hold a death service for a member of your family. In fact, during this mass, the priest sprinkles holy water on the coffin to capture the soul of the deceased. And the holy water thus sprinkled turns into a massive river in which the soul of the dead person is stuck.

Now the question is: where did the milk, rice and other food products we distributed to children come from? The answer should make us think. Before the distribution of food, we locked ourselves in a room that looked like a depot, and the priest made invocations to ask for everything we would distribute to the children on Monday. Following these magical prayers, the roof opened and tons of food and various food items came down, as if a group of invisible workers took them out of an invisible cargo plane, and piled them in the room that served us as a depot. So, these things came from the world of Satan, he who does not give to humans for free; therefore, sacrifices were needed in return. That's why the children died, so I managed to offer nine souls to queen Farida. We still see Catholic priests donating and offering things in charitable acts, but no one knows where these things come from. Catholic charity is hypocritical and dangerous; it's another facet of wickedness. You must flee from that if you cherish your life. By accepting these gifts and these so-called gifts and assistance that come from the world of Satan, you unknowingly sign a pact with Lucifer, to sell him your soul. You are now warned.



In 1989, the invisible world informed me of my elevation to another magical rank. Thus, to properly prepare for my enthronement, I was forced to sacrifice about twenty people. Without wasting time, I began to cause rainless artificial lightning that killed several people. I regret these innocent deaths. To complete the number of people who were asked for sacrifice, I employed a sorcerer in Makola, the village located a few kilometers from the city of Pointe Noire on the national road. The latter was to cause violent accidents so that I could sacrifice the number of victims that had been asked of me by the invisible world. This sorcerer did exactly what I asked him because I had forced him. This is how I could get the total number of souls that had been asked of me. The advice I give to travelers is to always recommend their journeys in the hands of the Lord because many accidents are not natural. In fact, at least 70% of the accidents in the world are the work of Satan.

During my enthronement, there were executives of all levels: ecclesiastical authorities and mystical lodge masters from all over the world. I was enthroned as a master of the first degree into the magic of red dragon. On this subject, I would like to specify that the branch of the magic of which I was a member is more deadly than other branches. If you read the book of Revelation 13, it is written that the red dragon was waiting for the woman to give birth to the child so that it could devour him. Thus, this magic is related to human blood and human sacrifice to excess. In this branch of magic, we sacrifice much more than in other forms of magic. The devil loves to drink human blood and eat human flesh. Dear friends, if you are in magic or witchcraft, know that the devil does not love you. Even if you offer him a whole continent, in the end, he will thank you in the manner of a hunter with regard to his dog. Satan can send you on a mission and you can succeed, but know that one day you will regret the day you were born because with him there is no sincere and lasting friendship. When the devil turns against his most faithful servants, one wonders if he has the sense of living or loving. But one thing is true: Satan has neither love nor pity, nor feelings. He is really heartless, that is why he is called the 2-heart chaplain.



The response of the teacher and that of the letter implied that to receive the money I needed, I had to sacrifice a human life. I told the teacher that I had to sacrifice one to get money. I preferred to die as poor like my father than to be rich and in sacrifice a human life in order to satisfy some financial needs. Kill someone? I could not believe it! My excitement made the Professor smile.

He suggested to me a third option to get money. He told me, "I agree that you still have scruples to sacrifice a human life. I understand you because of your age. I know that when the need is felt more, your scruples would disappear. Meanwhile, I inform you that there is a third possibility, which is also the most common among magicians. If you want, I'll make two seals. The first seal will make you loved by women. No woman in the world can resist your call, even if you were ugly. She will come and you will make of her whichever way you want. The second seal has the power to impregnate a woman even if she is sterile. Do not forget that if you unite with a woman, you form one body with it. So instead of sacrificing yourself, you can sacrifice your own flesh that is your wife or your blood flowing in the veins of your children. To prevent the loss of those dear people, which causes sorrow, do not forget that you can do this: Whenever you lie with any woman, you'll be write down her name and give her a large sum of money as a gift. The statement and name will be placed on a list. Later, if the need arises in our headquarters, you have only to remove a name from this list, and the person whose name will be crossed on the list will die. You can take her name and give her a large sum of money as a gift. The statement and her name will be placed on a list."

In reality, this person does not die absolutely, because after this so-called "death," her soul will go to work for your account, looking for new money to be given to you. If that does not help you to sleep with any woman, you'll be taking "office" (that is to say, a second or third wife). Children born of such unions will be on the list. When the need arises in the headquarters, you shall blot out the name on this list and the child will die. It will give you a significant amount of money as a reward so that the mourning ceremonies will be made with much pomp. Nobody would think of suspecting you for the loss of the child, not even the mother anyway. For those around you, all the tears shed and all the money spent will prove attachment and affection you had for the deceased.

Strangely, all this theory did not interest me at all. The idea of sacrificing a human life to enjoy the money was enormously repugnant to me. I accepted my fate. I resigned myself to my condition. This resignation continued without causing any disorder to the Professor with my money problems.

I pause before continuing this testimony in order to prevent my sisters to fall into the wiles of the devil. Beware, my sisters, if you like luxury and prestige. Beware if you agree to become "second or fourth office." My sisters, if you are not married, do not be a prostitute. Instead, pray God to give you a husband. For it is written, "He created them male and female" (Genesis 1:27). Jesus Christ our Lord, in whom we have faith made several promises, including here one of them, "If you ask anything in my name, I will do it" (John 14:14).

By agreeing to become an "office" (that is to say the second or third wife of another), you are a prostitute. You defile your body that is, do not forget, the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 6: 18-19 Flee fornication. Every sin that a man does is without the body, but he that commits fornication sins against his own body. 19 What? know you not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which you have of God, and you are not your own?). In addition, you may fall into the hands of a magician in search of a soul to offer to his master. If that is the case, you automatically lose your life. For you who are married, if you notice that your husband wears jewelry on his body, do not think that it serves only as an ornamental piece. If he is a magician, these objects serve as a point of contact between him and his master. Your husband may be a businessman and you notice that your husband is prospering more, and you will say that you're lucky to have a prosperous man in the business. Yes and no. Yes, if he is not a magician; no, if he is. Indeed, magicians and followers of certain obscure sects get their money stolen by the occult. The devil is cunning. If a new customer signs a pact of money with him, he does not give him millions right away, but he gives him wealth gradually like a growing business: a drinking establishment, a bar, a "hotel" cars.

The principle of the devil is this: since you use that money to maintain your life and meet your expenses, you have to pay back with your life for all these benefits. All these large sums of money you waste to maintain your "standing" are actually the price of your blood, that of your children. You are destroyed by your own ignorance. You will die prematurely; your soul will not go to rest until the coming of the Lord, but rather to work for others to get wealth for them. This is the result of you trying to satisfy your short-term greed for money and wealth.

During the time I spent in the service of evil, I noticed that the devil had more influence on women than on men. He used a lot of women to fulfill his evil designs. Your only weapon is prayer and faith.

It may be that someone offers you jewelry as a gift at a party or birthday. If that person does magic you will find an anomaly in your life, especially blood diseases in your children. Or, if you keep your savings at home, large sums of money would disappear without you being able to understand the reason. All because of the jewelry that was offered to you, or was purchased from occultic sources.

The jewelry that we encounter in life is not all manufactured from minerals in factories. I know people who bring this jewelry from elsewhere.



In addition to my mission against the disciples of Jesus Christ, I had to offer thousands of people to the devil as a sacrifice. I had to kill by accidents, by illness, by miscarriages. Many motor accidents are simply human sacrifices. The devil had given me several conditions:

Firstly, in order to carry out his mission, I did not have to run when rain threatened to fall and I should not be wet by rain. I was astonished when he gave me a horn with a mirror on it. Using this horn I could check the weather. For example, around 6 am if it indicated that it was raining at around 12 pm, I had to go back before 12h so that I did not get soaked by the rain.

Secondly, I had to sacrifice 12 people each year through the money on which I was making incantations. I went to different community areas, I threw the money and the number of people who picked it was the number of people who died. Therefore, do not seek to have a life of ease. You have to work. The Bible says that the one who does not work should not eat.



Beloved, the Lucifer’s world that I visited had three levels. The first level was in the firmament or the second heaven. The second was established on earth and the third was under the ocean and under the earth. When we arrived at the meeting room, I noticed that the director of this meeting was from Mexico but the speaker was Italian. After the Mexican moderator had finished speaking, the Italian speaker stood up and delivered a speech. When the Italian addressed people in the auditorium, fire came out of his eyes and mouth.

He said to the audience, "Our satanic and cosmic world has noticed the diminishing of its destructive power and its influence in the world of humans. We must begin by eliminating traitors among us." He said again, "We have to carry out traffic accidents around the world; we have to cause plane crashes and cause air disasters; we have to wreck ships and boats; we need motorcycle and bicycle accidents."

The audience was calm and attentive and the speaker said, "The purpose of these accidents and deaths is to get blood that is the fuel to fill our fuel reserves. We need these accidents to recover the years of the life of the victims and transfer them to our followers who are already dead on the earth but who work in our production industries and factories in the underwater world and in our civilizations under the earth and under the sea." The speaker continued his speech and said, "We are obliged to frustrate surgical operations in hospitals by creating confusion in the minds of doctors."



In order to increase my power, I had to sacrifice my father. We made a magic prayer and the image of my father appeared on the magic mirror. I was handed a knife to stab him. When I stabbed my father's image in the magic mirror, there was red blood covering the mirror. Beloved, it is impossible to kill a true child of God in a Satanic mirror.

The purpose of human sacrifice is the search for a favor, promotion, and well-being with fallen angels and demons. The kingdom of darkness constantly needs human blood. They are responsible for wars throughout human history so that demons should feed on human flesh and human blood. When my father died, his soul became my servant. Many people whom I offered as human sacrifice became my servants and my slaves. I became higher in the world of darkness because of human sacrifice.

Most victims of human sacrifices do not go to Heaven or Hell, but they become spirits serving their tormentors. Other victims of human sacrifice become enslaved in the spiritual world, precisely the astral domain of sorcerers where they do forced labor until they reach the number of years fixed by God. The astral world is a stormy world where thunders are constant in the sky. This kingdom is populated by deformed demons. It is located between the physical world of men and the pandemonium kingdom of Lucifer.

When somebody has been sacrificed, his spirit is either under his armpits or under his feet. To know that somebody has been sacrificed, either you will see the dead sweating in his coffin, or tears flowing from his eyes. He hears you cry but cannot react. These are the reactions of his body which confirm that he was sacrificed. If a true servant of God comes and prays for him, he can rise again. But to prevent this, we used to bewitch children of the neighborhood in order to distract the pastor with insults. We were doing everything to prevent the pastor from accomplishing his mission. Among our actions, we were bewitching youths of the neighborhood and family members to provoke fighting among them. Because if at all the pastor prayed being concentrated, the dead would rise again.