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This testimony is the 5th part in a series of six. Please read the other five parts.

I had to kill my victims through sex. In fact, my saliva had become the venom of a snake and it paralyzed the victim who became unconscious. Before sleeping with these women, I took time to suck tongues with them, to inject my saliva, which was the venom of a snake meant to paralyze them. Whenever I slept with these women, the mermaid was in hiding in the bathroom. Once the victim was paralyzed by my saliva, which was the venom of a snake, the mermaid would come out of the bathroom to kill or finish the victim off. I was only paralyzing the victim with my snake venom, but it was the mermaid who was finishing with the victim.

Before killing the victim, the mermaid introduced her hand to the victim's forehead to remove her star, her destiny and her wealth. After capturing the victim's star, the mermaid finished the victim off. When I started this operation, I had to start with the women whose name begins with the letter S, then the letter A, then the letter T and so on. The rosary confided to me by the Catholic priest vibrated to signal me and tell me the next victim. When it was 7 pm that day, I had already reached the 19th woman, so I was tired. Then I went to the house to drink some water and refresh myself. But all this was prepared by the enemy. When I arrived home, my sister was present. I asked her for some water to drink. While I was drinking the water, the rosary began to vibrate to signal that my sister was the next target. I could neither believe nor accept what was happening to me. I checked out in the street, maybe there was a woman. But there was nobody.

When you work with the devil, at first, he will give you the impression that your life and that of your family is spared, but in reality, from the start, you are the target. When I realized that I had to sleep with my sister and that she was going to die I began to argue with the mermaid. I said to her, "How can you do that to me? She's after all my sister!" But the mermaid was cool. She said to me, "Joseph, if you do not do as we instructed you, you will die." So I slept with my sister and she died in the hands of the mermaid. I was filled with shame and anger against the mermaid. When I came to Christ, I confessed to the family that I had slept with my sister and she was killed by the mermaid. It was catastrophic in the family, but in the end, they ended up forgiving me.

After the death of my sister, I was in the car with the mermaid when the rosary vibrated. I was looking in the street to see the next target, but I did not see anyone. The mermaid said to me, "Look well and you will see." As I watched, to my surprise I saw a mad woman lying in the trash. It was incredible. I could not accept it. I felt betrayed by the mermaid. So I picked up a quarrel with her. The taxi driver noticed that I had spoken in a vacuum since he did not see the mermaid. But I pretended to talk to myself, when in fact I was talking with the mermaid. This is the reality when we serve the devil. He will ask you to sleep with a corpse, with your mother or daughter, even with a madman. That's why you should not envy people on the street because you do not know the realities they are going through.

The question that must be asked is this: Why had the mermaid planned and wanted me to sleep with this mad woman? In the Bible, we notice that there was a madman who lived in the cemetery. This man had in him a legion of demons. The mermaid knew that this mad woman had multitudes of demons in her and once I had slept with her, these multitudes of demons would be transmitted to me. The siren wanted the legion of demons that lived in her to come in and live in me, to change and influence my personality and my behavior. In this way, I would become heartless. My personality was changed after sleeping with the mad woman because of the multitude of demons that were transmitted to me. Many leaders are often sent to sleep with mad women by the devil so that the demons that inhabit these mad women be transmitted to them. Some people are heartless because of the sacrifices and realities they encounter in fetishism and occultism. They are heartless, they are never charitable because of what they go through and their experiences.

After sleeping with the mad woman, I went to a popular bar in the city where there were many prostitutes. In this place, I met the last woman. I have always said that a prostitute is a witch since she is exposed to all kinds of people. They are often frequented by occultists who always need sacrifices and human blood. Many Satanists before dying frequent the prostitutes in order to unload on them their demons. So after luring this prostitute woman we got into the car and were driving to a local hotel. On the way, this woman said to me: "I and my sister have been doing this work for a long time, but my mother surprises us with her commitment to her church stories, she keeps telling us that we are going to serve God. And she spends all her money on these corrupt pastors and churches, and that's why we're in conflict with her." Listening to this prostitute, I realized that her mother was fighting for their salvation in prayer, but that did not mean anything to me.

When we arrived at the hotel, the prostitute lady opened her bag to take a condom. She realized that by mistake she had put in her bag the Bible and the envelope of her mother containing the money for the contribution of the building of the church. At that moment, the disposition of her heart changed. She told me that she had to go home to return this envelope to her mother, and then she would come back. I objected to this suggestion and proposal because it was almost midnight. If I did not fulfill this last sacrifice, I would die myself. I offered to increase the price she had asked me, but to my surprise she refused. I offered to give her 10 times the amount she had asked for, but she refused. So I thought, "It's going to be midnight and I do not have a choice, so I have to rape her." But I did not know that Jesus Christ was fighting to save the life of this prostitute lady because of her mother's prayer, and her financial contributions to the work of God. As time ran out, I tried to rape her, but she had become very strong and she screamed to alert the people of the hotel. When the hotel workers came I tried to bribe them, but they refused.

Then the prostitute lady went away. This lady was saved thanks to her mother's prayers and financial contributions to the church. After leaving, I was alone at the hotel. It was midnight; I was waiting for death or madness. I knew that once you failed in the realm of Satan, there is no compassion, the rules are rigid and must be respected. I had offered 24 people instead of 25 as the mermaid had prescribed. I knew the worst was waiting for me. As a result, I started to drink in order to get drunk so that death would find me in a state of drunkenness, but to my surprise, I was still not drunk. There are times in life when you cannot escape the gravity of your situation by drunkenness. When I tried to sleep the mermaid entered the room. She was extremely angry. In fact, she was accompanied by two entities that were newts. Their upper part was human, but their lower part was that of a fish. I knew they had come to finish me.

Then the mermaid said to me, "Joseph, give me!" I said, "What do you want me to give you, I gave you 24 people instead of 25. And because of just one person, you want to kill me?" She said, "We don’t work like that. I asked for 25 people, you should have given me 25 souls, but you have failed again!" As I noticed that the mermaid was extremely angry, I got down on my knees. I started begging her not to kill me since she seemed decisive. So she said to me, "Joseph, give me the rosary, the Islamic prayer, and the two handkerchiefs!" Which I did. Then I saw the mermaid chatting with the two newts. When she was talking with them, I thought they were discussing how they would kill me. Then the mermaid said to me, "Joseph, you have one last chance, give me your blood, give me a member of your family." Then she made a sign with her hand and a magic mirror appeared. She ordered me to call my father's name in the mirror. I began to call my father's name, and as a result, his image appeared in the magic mirror. The mermaid was supposed to kill him.

But she said to me, "Joseph, your father works for us, he is in alliance with us, so we cannot kill him because he is our agent." In fact, my father was close to President Mobutu, and the circle of President Mobutu was all occultists. The mermaid then asked me to summon my mother so that she could appear in the magic mirror. So I started to call my mother's name insistently. But something happened. Fire came out of the mirror, and I noticed that the fire was chasing the mermaid and the two newts. I heard them screaming and crying out in anguish and terror. I did not know that my mother was a born again Christian. So we were attacked by this flame of fire, but God spared me, it is these spirits of the waters that underwent the attack. Sorcerers and occultists can watch Christians in magic mirrors, but they cannot touch them. They use the strategy of offending Christian as a means to gain access to an open door to reach the Christian.

After this fire, the mermaid instructed me not to call my mother's name in the mirror. Then she said to me, "Do you have a son?" I replied, "Affirmative, I had a son with a woman but my family does not know." Then the mermaid asked me to call my son's name in the mirror, and he appeared in the magic mirror. The mermaid gave me a knife and asked me to stab my son's image in the mirror. As soon as I did, I noticed that my son was shaking. He collapsed into a coma, and his mother panicked. May I inform you that most sudden deaths and cardiac attacks are mystical attacks and a result of witchcraft and only prayer in the name of Jesus Christ can save the victim. But the mother of the child was not Christian, so she ran to the hospital. As a result, the child died. The mermaid and the two newts applauded me and congratulated me saying, "Congratulations, you are brave!" while I was mourning my son, the mermaid said to me, "Get yourself ready, for tomorrow we will come to take you for the journey into our underwater world for the wedding ceremony during which you will be enthroned and consecrated as a newt." They told me that I would become like them and I would have power after this consecration.


After offering 25 souls to the devil, I was congratulated by the mermaid who was with two newts, entities whose lower part is that of fish. It was painful for me because I sacrificed my own sister and my own son. But the mermaid was trying to encourage me and she said to me, "Joseph since you have conquered, the next day I will come for you and take you to the underwater kingdom for your consecration and your enthronement as Triton. Then our marriage would be consumed after you have been given the power to transform into a newt." But on that week’s Saturday, my mother who was a born-again Christian had a dream. In that dream, she saw me holding an antique knife, the one the mermaid used to stab her victims in the magic mirror. It was exactly the knife the mermaid had given me to kill my own son. It was really a sharp knife. The handle of this knife had ancient writings similar to Egyptian hieroglyphic writing. I thought it could be the writings of the underwater civilization.

My mother dreamed that I was holding this knife and I was chasing the whole family to stab them, and all the family members were fleeing to save themselves. My mother said that when she saw me haunting the family, she noticed that I had blood all over my body, and in that dream, she was trying to protect the family from me. Then she ran into something and she fell to the ground. And it was when I was about to stab her that she awoke from sleep. The Bible says that "For God does speak - now one way, now another - though man may not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on men as they slumber in their beds." Job 33:14-15. My mother was not happy with this dream. In fact, when my mother was born again she committed herself to support God's work with her finances. She was a businesswoman at that time, and when she had that dream, she went to see men of God for direction and guidance.

She told them about this dream, then she asked them to come and pray for the house and the family, and they came to pray for the family after Sunday service. It was when they were about to leave that my mother heard the voice of the Spirit instructing her to sow a seed. And my mother sowed a seed of 1700 dollars. At that time, you could buy a house with this amount of money. After sowing this seed, the men of God prayed for her. But as these men of God were about leaving our compound, they received a revelation from the Lord for my mother. As a result, they walked back to give my mother the revelation from the Lord. The men of God said to my mother, "The Lord Jesus told us to tell you to ask Him anything you want, He will grant it to you because your seed has been accepted by the Lord who has honored it." But my mother was already a businesswoman and she was relatively wealthy. She had cars, houses and a lot of money.

Since she wanted me to come to the Lord, she asked Christ for the salvation of my soul. After the men of God prayed for the salvation of my soul, they were about to leave. In fact, they were already leaving when they heard the voice of Jesus again. They came back to my mother and said to her, "This is what the Lord tells us. Your son will come to visit you on Wednesday and this is what you need to do. You will prevent him from leaving your compound before noon. When your son comes on Wednesday to visit you, do not let him leave you before noon." Yet, my wife, the mermaid told me that she would come and pick me up at noon to take me to the underwater for the ceremony of my consecration and enthronement. She was supposed to come at 11:55. These men of God asked my mother to keep this prophecy secret. So the Friday of that week, I was in my hotel in the morning and the mermaid came to confirm that she will come to take me on Wednesday at 11:55 to take me to the kingdom of mermaids under water.

It was early in the morning that Wednesday when I felt an unknown voice in me urging me to visit my mother. I never heard such a voice that had much authority, and I have never heard it again in my life. I was driven by a force to my mother. I did not know that my mother had bought big padlocks to prevent me from leaving the compound before the time indicated by the Lord. In fact, my relationship with my mother was not good because when she saw my wife the mermaid, she did not like her. My mother was a born again Christian and authentic. She was filled and led by the Holy Spirit. When my mother was in front of the mermaid, she felt in her spirit that my wife was not an ordinary human being. It was like the meeting of two opposing powers and vibrations. My mother could not stand it and the mermaid could not stand the power of my mother either. And since my mother was born again, she saw revelations and visions about my works of darkness. She knew I was in occultism. As a result, there was a conflict between her and me.

But this Wednesday morning, when I went to my mother's house, I was surprised at how she had received me and I noticed that she was constantly singing songs of praise and adoration. At a certain point, I saw my mother shut the main door of the compound with large locks, then she said to me, "Joseph, the Lord Jesus Christ recommended me not to let you leave my home before it is 12 o'clock." I objected energetically. Since I was opposed to this suggestion, we began to argue. But my mother was adamant, she refused to open the door. When it was 11 am, I began to feel desperate. I had an appointment with the mermaid at 11:55. I was very angry because of my mother's attitude. As a result, I began to insult her so as to shock her and thus push her to let me go. Since my mother was stubborn, I began to abuse her verbally. As I tried to open the door, my mother grabbed me by her hands to stop me from leaving.

Then I started to strike her on her hands to free myself from her hands so that she could let me go; but even today, I have never understood what happened that day. Although I hit her hands, she held me and I felt she did not feel anything. I knew that if I missed this appointment with the mermaid, I would suffer fatal consequences. As soon as 12 o'clock stroke, I noticed that my mother let go of me as instructed by the Lord Jesus through the men of God. I knew I had missed my appointment with the mermaid who was going to take me to the underwater so that I would be enthroned as a newt, and I knew there would be consequences. In fact, this ceremony of enthronement in the underwater domain was supposed to bring together high dignitaries, kings, and authorities of the marine kingdom. As I said, there are many mermaid races and dynasties in the marine world and there are several creatures like newts, hybrid demons and half-fish creatures in the underwater realm.

When I realized that I had missed the ceremony of induction and consecration, I started to cry. I said to my mother, "Mom, you've killed me; you do not know what you've done." My mother said, "My son, I've saved you." And as I was angry, before leaving her house I took a big stone and threw it on the window of her car. Then I left her compound and headed for the hotel where I lived with the mermaid. On my way to the hotel, I thought it was unlikely that I would leave this hotel alive. I told myself that I would be killed by the mermaid because I missed the appointment of the consumption of our marriage while the dignitaries and authorities of the underwater world were gathered and waiting for us in the world of waters.

Beloved, Christians can come to church late, but this is not the case for Satan's kingdom. When you cannot keep time, there are consequences. By the way, in that consecration ceremony that I missed, I was going to become a newt and I had to receive the power of mermaids. As a result, I was going to become able to transform myself into a hybrid man with the lower part being that of the fish, I mean Triton. There were already Satanists and high-level demons there that were waiting for us in the underwater world, but the Lord through my mother disturbed the whole programme. So I left my mother's house and took a taxi to the hotel where I lived to meet the mermaid. When I arrived at the hotel, I was filled with fear. I dreaded death. I did not know if I would come out alive. And when I opened the door to our room at this hotel, I saw the mermaid sitting on the bed. She was furious and naked. But strange enough, I noticed that there were many wounds all over her body. So she said to me, "Joseph, do you see what your mother did to me?" I was surprised to hear the mermaid talking about my mother. I told her that I left my mother at home.

Grace be with you all who have Jesus Christ as Master!

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