Thursday, November 1, 2018



In his royal castle, I noticed that the mermaids of this clan and the mermaids who served the royal family had tattoos on them. In fact, every clan or kingdom of mermaids under the sea is identified by their specific tattoos. Then the brother of my wife, the half-fish hybrid entity tells me, "The tattoos on us show our membership of the Xim-Adam clan, and very soon this tattoo will be popular on the land and in your country." In the underwater world, each mermaid clan had their tattoo for identification, but many people on earth wear the mermaid tattoo without knowing it as if they were members of a particular mermaid clan under the sea. Beloved, there is a mermaid spirit behind tattooing. If you have a tattoo on you, the spirit of a mermaid is in your life. It will influence you and control you. In that period, there was not yet this type of tattoo on earth. I recently attended a deliverance session of a sister, tattoo changed location in her body.


I saw a man whose back was full of tattoos and a demon whipped his back and the pieces of flesh began to fall to the ground. Then the same demon with a blade cut off the man's back and took off all his tattooed skin. Wherever he had a tattoo on his body, the demon cut the tattooed flesh and left only the skeleton behind. This man was severely punished for painting the temple of the Holy Spirit.


We move to a place where there were people with tattoos all over their bodies. I saw men and women with tattoos on their breasts and their buttocks. There were tattoos of scorpions, flowers, dragons, etc. Others had tattoos on their thighs, others on their hip, and others all over their bodies. What is going on here is that where there is a tattoo on your body a demon will come with a knife and cut that part of your body. I saw people screaming in pain, then after some minutes, the part of the body that was cut will grow again. Then the demon will come again, and the process will repeat itself. The worst case is people who have tattoos all over their body, they are cut by demons like we cut fruit. The angel said to me, “Gracia, tattoos are brought to the world by demons. It is their property.”

Beloved, the Bible said everything God created is good, there is no need for tattoos. Later, we went to a place where people who changed their skin tone where they were also tortured.



I also saw a 17-year-old American boy called Phillip. This boy had a spider tattoo on his back. He said his friend told him it would protect him from sickness. I then saw Lucifer pass by him mock him. This boy was in church and thought he was going to Heaven. Unfortunately, this boy is in Hell now because of the tattoo. Lucifer then said, “All those who use tattoos, serve me." I saw many other people in this section of Hell, all because they have been tattooed on their bodies. I then saw Lucifer transform himself into a young man with many tattoos on his body, with body piercings and mocking them by quoting Lev 19:28, "Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD." In Hell, a red-hot metal had been attached to the tattoo designs and they were in much pain. I saw one boy who said he did not know about the consequences, he had just imitated a friend doing it, so he also did same. However, this boy is also in Hell in much pain for having a tattoo on his body.


I saw a Christian tattooed on his body because he did not think it was a sin, the tattoo demon came out looking the same as the drawing and began to torture that boy in hell. The demon also had a tattoo and looked like a beast.


I went to a place where I saw several brothers walking in the street. Wearing a tank top. Others walking shirtless, causing scandal to speak. They were in hell. They were shepherds, bishops, apostles who dyed their hair, made tattoos. These treated the temple of the Holy Spirit as if it were the temple of the world. I saw shepherds wearing chains around their necks. They seemed to be rappers. They wore wide clothes. They were in hell.



As I walked in those pits in hell, I then was shown many pits full of ladies who used charms to get husbands to marry them. Some used lipsticks, facial makeup kits to seduce men. In one of the pits, I saw a woman named Ama Gyamfua who attended Church of Pentecost. She went for charms from a fetish priest so she could control her husband like a dog; this is why she was in Hell because of using this evil charms. Next to this, I saw another lady called Mavis who had a pink lipstick on her mouth. She collected this seductive lipstick from an occult man, and it was meant to manipulate men to lust after her and she would cause men to by all means to look for money and give it to her.

I then saw a young lady called Vivian who seemed to be around 24 years old, she had filthy clothing on her in the form of a short indecent dress, and she had long acrylic nails, glossy looking lipstick and a scarf on her head. She was in the pit because she went to idols for charms such that, whenever she slept with any man, she hijacked the semen of men to be used for witchcraft rituals. Through her acts, five men died. These rituals were made so she would obtain money. She said she used to dress indecently and in a seductive way whilst she was on earth, and lived at Kwashieman in Accra, Ghana.

And as I was contemplating the scene above, I turned to the other side where I saw a certain woman who was a pastor’s wife on earth and she was called Alice. She also went for charms to charm her husband. She said she was a witch and went for charms. She put her menses in a palm nut soup together with other things for the husband to eat. From that moment, the husband became like her son so she could control and dominate him. She tied the husband and locked him inside a spiritual bottle. She also killed some of her church members and when she died, she was immediately thrown in Hell for what she had done.

As the Lord took me in this tour, I also was shown a man called Kwame, who was into occultism. He had a ring on his manhood (sexual part) which made it possible for him to charm prostitutes. So after sleeping with the prostitutes, he then killed them and used their body parts in witchcraft rituals for other people.

From this scene, I was then shown a tall man, who went for a charm to seduce young girls to come after him for sex. He had sex with about 1000 girls and was at the University of Ghana, Legon in Accra, Ghana. He went for penis enlargement and was given some things to plant. This spiritually nailed him to Hell, and so in Hell, he has been nailed in his pit in Hell. He was also a youth leader in his church and had sex with many girls in the church.

I later saw a pastor/evangelist called Francis who was in the Methodist church. He went for a charm such that anything he said was not refuted. He said when he proposed to girls, they could not resist his charms and he was also a gay.

I also saw a lady newscaster from Ghana who had died. She had facial makeup on; this was given to her by an Indian occultist. The purpose was to get fame, favor, and love from people. She eventually died from diabetes.

I then saw seven pastors, who had died in Ghana, and they were all in a secret society, and they were dressed like that. They were all prophets and had magic rings, which they used to perform miracles and prophesy in their churches. They were all screaming in pain.

I also saw a Gospel singer who died in Ghana. He said he was a pastor and he went to an India man to help him sing. He said this man gave him some oil and made him burn some incense and had a ring that gave him the authority to release many albums. He was required to sleep with women, so in the church, he slept with most of the women. In Hell, large worms were just going through his body and he was seriously burned in the fire. He also had the number 666 written on his forehead.

I saw a man called Abednego, who had a chain around his neck. Whilst on earth whenever he went into danger he used to vanish to escape from death. He eventually died and is now in Hell Fire eternal suffering.

I saw some Ghanaians wearing different rings, gold, silver, and brass, and they were all members of secret societies.

I was then shown a former finance minister from Ghana, who was in Hell for being a member of a secret society and also because of acquiring evil powers to give him a smart brain.

I also saw a pastor from Ghana called Alfred who had consulted the Queen of the Coast for empowerment. He had a ring and a white handkerchief. The handkerchief was for healing, and the ring was for casting out demons. The heat of his torment was seven times more than the others who were there for charms.

I then saw a lady from Nigeria, who also used charms to charm her husband so that when the husband would die all the property would be willed to her favor; unfortunately this woman died and found herself in Hell Fire.

I then saw various students with bags at their backs. These were from primary, junior high, senior high and even university. These students went for charms to help them to be smart learn, hence they were brilliant in school. These could not complete their education and they all died. I also saw some students from a famous school in Kumasi, Ghana.

I saw many medical doctors in Hell, and one of them was called Dr. Frimpong who when he saw me, starting saying that when he became a doctor he was afraid, so he joins a secret society where he was given a ring to protect him. He died in an accident and found himself in Hell Fire.

I saw many lawyers, judges, and justices all burning in Hell Fire. They were all part of secret societies and also consulted demons for their protection. They had rings that protected them whilst they were alive.

I also saw a girl I knew personally at Kwadaso in Kumasi. She went to consult a fetish so she could snatch her best friend’s boyfriend. She died a shameful death afterward and she is now in Hell.

I then saw a man called Budo who was at Buokrom in Kumasi, Ghana when he was alive. This man was so strong and powerful that even the police were scared of him. He told me, "He went to Satan for powers to be very strong and powerful, he had protection against; guns, knives, spears, and all other weapons."He said, "The powers made his body like a metal, so even a bullet would only leave a mark on the body but cannot penetrate and he had to sell his soul to the devil in order to achieve that.” This man is also now in Hell and suffering as the demons use red-hot spears to pierce his body and tear his body apart.

I then saw prostitutes who were being chased around by demons in Hell; these demons were raping these girls in the midst of the fire. These girls went for charms to help them to conduct their business as prostitutes so that they could not be harmed or killed. One of them was called Joana and she said, “I had the power to vanish when there was a danger.” All these girls were in Hell Fire suffering seriously.

I saw one woman from Ghana called Aunty Afua. She went for holy water from a prophet in Ghana with a big gallon. She treated the water as her god. This water was demonic and when she died she ended up in Hell.

I also saw Frank who was also from Ghana. He went for a handkerchief from a prophet, so that anytime he rubs it on his face, he gets favors everywhere he went. This handkerchief was demonic, and he died in his sins.

I then saw at a distance away, a valley and there were about ten thousand people burning in the larva of fire there. The demon was laughing and mocking them and said, “All these used our magic rings." When I got close I just knew the name of one man in the group, called Pastor Afriyie from Ghana. He said, "He went for a ring for healing." There were about two thousand pastors in that section of Hell for using magical rings. These were from different countries in the world.

I was then shown a young man I knew in Kumasi and had died. This man was handsome and when alive and he had many girlfriends. He was in Hell for fornication. I then saw a hot band around his waist which was burning him and cutting him. He said these are the useless things I went for whilst on earth.

I then saw five demons with big bags containing different currencies and these were being taken to those who did charms for people to get rich on conditions that they would sell their souls to Satan and die after some years. For those who engage in these activities, as soon as you agree to this, you will have tied your soul in Hell and immediately you die, the demons would take you to Hell Fire. I saw the fetish priest tell a man that he would live for seven years, but in reality, this would be divided into two and this man would die only after three and half years.

I saw a 43-year-old fair looking Nigerian woman who was in Hell Fire because of shedding innocent blood. She stole a month old baby from a hospital to be used for witchcraft rituals. She placed the baby in a wooden container and pounded the baby to death. She then added a yellowish – green oil mixture and transformed this into US dollars in the spirit realm. She was rejoicing over and shouting, money, money! This woman was being tormented by demons with 3 prong forks and telling her, " You wicked woman, praise Satan! this is all that you did when you were on earth."

I then saw another lady who whilst on earth slept with many men, and afterward, she collected the condoms and drained their semen into a container and took it to a fetish for money rituals. This lady eventually died and she is now being tormented in Hell Fire.

I then saw another section in Hell in a valley overflowing with very hot lava. The sign at this place read, “Mockers of God." Those in this section of Hell had large golden rings on their fingers, and this made it possible for them to heal, cast out demons, turn curses into a blessing and performed many signs and wonders while they were on earth. These were only those who used golden rings. I then saw the demon in charge of that section, saying, "These people are there because of using magical rings to perform miracles." Each of the souls was in a pit which was a shoulder deep. These people were from many countries but I saw two who were from Ghana. One man from Nigeria said “God, save me!”, and a voice said, “I never knew you." Lucifer then came to that section of Hell and laughed sarcastically and uncontrollably.


The Lord then showed me a scene of people buying things on earth and going straight to Hell. The shop was in Ghana, however, there are many all over the world and they sold demonic items used by the false prophets in their churches and by the fetish priests. These items included; red, black, blue, magenta, purple and green candles, different demonic oils, powder, water, padlocks and other items used in the churches which used these things and all those buying these demonic items were walking straight to Hell, because these items were used for occult practices in the churches and fetish. The Lord then told me, that any time anyone gets a charm to do anything, that person automatically becomes a candidate of Hell, as the name will be eventually written in Hell.

I then saw a demon in Hell holding a container in his hand with many different rings. The demon then said that these are the rings being given to people on earth for charms. The rings were for protection, healing, spirituality, magical powers, knowledge and others.

I was then shown many bottles, and some demons were taking them to earth to be used by people who charm others and imprison their souls in bottles in the spiritual realm. Anyone who charms others becomes one with Lucifer and would end up in Hell for punishment.

I was shown various celebrities, members of the judiciary and politicians on their way to Hell for using charms to help them perform well, attain high positions and also become famous. I saw one popular actress in Ghana, who places a charm in between her breasts so that she would charm people. She and many others also using charms to act were on their way to Hell.

I also saw many Gospel and secular singers who were also on their way to Hell for using charms to perform and record their albums.

I was shown bodybuilders who were using certain potions to smear their bodies so they would be strong and win laurels. All these were all their way to Hell as well.




The second assignment is to create dullness during offerings and tithes. This is also related to the third and fourth commandments of Satan. The third commandment of Lucifer says, "Tell Christians that God, their Father, doesn't need tithes and offerings, but that it is their pastors who steal from them." The fourth commandment, "Keep Christians in poverty by telling them not to give tithes and offerings." So, even the devil knows the secret of blessing. The Bible tells us in Proverbs 3:9-10 "Honour the Lord with your wealth, with the first fruits of all your crops; then your barns will be filled to overflowing ..."



The second task: We had to keep the Children of God in poverty, and push them to be under the curse. As for poverty, it was necessary to create dullness at the time of offerings. There are some people, when offering time comes, they begin to feel dull, it is the devil! Sorcerers are the ones causing that. To avoid falling into the trap of Satan, one must know how to give to God, because the Bible says in Genesis 49:25 "Because of your father’s God, who helps you, because of the Almighty, who blesses you with blessings of the heavens above, blessings of the deep that lies below, blessings of the breast and womb." All this is the work of the Lord who blesses.

The devil told us: If the children of God give their offerings, not only will they break poverty, but they will also recover all that I have already blocked. The offering is efficient. And to push people to be under the curse, the devil told us to make people give offerings that do not honor God. The Bible says in Malachi 1:14 "Cursed is the cheat who has an acceptable male in his flock and vows to give it, but then sacrifices a blemished animal to the Lord." You have for example 5000 francs in your pocket, at the offering time, you give 200 to God. When you give the offering, the problem is not to stand up and go towards the offering basket; the problem is to know what you put in the basket.



The fourth commandment says: Keep Christians in poverty by telling them not to give tithes and offerings.



I saw a young maiden who is part of her church's praise group. She is from the Baptist church and was working as a call girl. She always spoke to her pastor who worked as a store clerk and always gives the big tithe to the church. She earns a lot of money in prostitution by selling her expensive body, so the tithe is great and pleases her pastor. Her pastor does not know that she sells her body and that should be the temple of the Holy Spirit. Several of the church boys were interested in her and even asked to marry her but she refused because she was satisfied with her job.

Jesus said, "She does not want to get married because she is possessed by a legion of prostitution demons that does not let anyone love her. She cannot stay with just one man and get married, preferring several men a night. I do not accept her tithe of prostitution. This money is earned by sin that is destroying her. When you return, tell her to repent, for it will be hard for this young woman if she continues to scandalize My Word."

The girl also walked along this path of destruction.



I have a message from God to offerers and tithers.

Jesus says, "I do not receive the offerings from the hands of those who boast saying with great pride, 'I help the work of God, without me the house of prayer closes. Thanks to me the pastor is in this work. If he does not take me or take my advice, I will leave his church and the work will close because he does not have enough offerings to pay the church bills.' "

God tells to those persons, "I do not need their filthy offerings. Behold, the door that I open no one closes." He says, "I use even the rich to give the greatest offerings. I touch their hearts to offer a gift, a good amount of money, because I am the Lord, I move heaven and earth by My work."



Beloved, in the lessons to learn that we have developed in the other testimonies, the essential has already been said. The element on which we can insist on this testimony concerns the idolatry which consists of venerating money, dancing every day during the service to march to the front to give tithes and offerings. Remember that getting up to march to the front to give tithes and offerings is an abomination; it is a true worship to mammon. If you are in these so-called churches where there are so-called "moments of tithes and offerings" punctuated with music and dancing, come out of there quickly. Know that what these sorcerers pastors make you do is idolatry. By making you sing and dance to give money, they bring you without you knowing it, to worship the god money. These snakes by these means turn you away from God and make you lose your blessings.



I remember a woman who was a major dealer of rice, beans, and peanuts, and who excelled in her business. Since she did not have Christ in her life, she was therefore without protection. So, I sent the mouse spirit against her business. Later, the demon brought me back the profit of her products. After making incantations on this profit, she fell victim and her business collapsed.

Later, troubled by the collapse of her business, this woman heard about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and gave her life to Christ. When this woman came to Christ, she started her business again, and it was fully restored by Jesus Christ.

Know that those who love to give their goods for the advancement of God's work are protected. When a Christian gives, he and his family are protected. We worked to prevent Christians from knowing this truth about giving their offerings and tithes because it is a secret for protection.



We went on and I saw a lot of people being tortured, and Jesus said to me, "These people were not faithful with the Tithes."



I saw four pastors in Hell, who were there because they did not pay their tithes. One was called Albert and another was Daniel, a pastor of Church of Christ and this church does not believe in tithing. Daniel said he told his congregation not to pay tithes as it was no longer necessary. He was in Hell for basically two things: first of all, he was not paying tithes himself and secondly, because he also stopped others from paying it. For Albert, his church believed in paying tithe, but he thought it was meant for only the congregation and pastors were excluded from paying it. He wished he could come back to earth to start over again and pay his tithes. The other two pastors also did not pay, and one of them, thought simply he did not think he had to pay it even though he knew he should be paying it, and the other thought ministering before God is not working, so he thought there was no need to pay any tithes.



The angel said, "The tithe is not of the law; before the law was given through Moses, tithes already existed."

Genesis chapter 14 verse 20 gave him a tenth of everything. He lived by faith, not by law, and all who walk in grace become children of the faith of Abraham. Just as Abraham gave tithes to the king of Salem, who is Melchizedek.

The church also has to have the same attitude toward Jesus. Melchizedek symbolized Jesus in the Old Testament. After this revelation, I began to tithe. No one is required to know the amount of money you offer. If your elder does not agree, but you can give the tithe, he cannot prevent me and he also will not ask how much will be offered. I am tithing and no one has ever known until today.