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I wanted to ask Jesus where the master of those in hell, Satan himself is. Jesus interrupted me that he already knew that was what I wanted to ask Him. He then pointed to the left-hand side and immediately a screen came and the figure of a terrible looking creature came on it. He has many wounds, a disfigured body, and reddish eyes. He had this reddish iron with thorns over it. Each time a sinner comes to hell, Satan would roll it and use it to strike the sinner. It was as if Satan perceived my presence and began to show his anger and disgust at my presence. Jesus now assured me with a smile that it was a mere threat that since he is there with me, Satan could not do anything to me.

Jesus then asked me a question, which is also a question directed to all humanity. The question is, "Between a master and a servant, who would you choose? " I answered that I would choose the master. He asked me again, "Between Myself and Satan, who is the master?" I answered that He is the master. He then said people of the world are now following the servant and when it is time for the servant to receive his reward, all those that supported and followed him would also share in the punishment and would perish with him. That I should tell people to follow Him, the Master.



The Lord said to me, "I’m going to show you something I had not shown anyone before, My daughter. I want you to see this so that can understand that Satan is a liar and an imitator." 

I said, "Lord, please bring me out of this place. I can’t take it anymore." 

The Lord showed me a throne in hell. Satan is imitating God Almighty in hell. Satan is very horrible and he pretends to have a hierarchy. I could see his angels around him but they are all demons. He was wearing a white robe full of stains and very dirty. I saw 24 elders worshipping Satan in hell. They dropped their crowns and worshipped him. 

I asked the Lord, "What is this?"

At that moment, Satan called one of his demons to go and bring a particular person to hell. Satan always sends his demons to the earth for destruction.


The Lord said, "I want you to know that Satan is real and wants to destroy the world." 

Right there, I could see a demon in the form of a satanic angel with very long nails holding a book. This demon was writing in the book the names of the people that would go to hell. 

I asked, "Lord, why are they doing this?"

The Lord said, "Go and tell the world that without Christ in their lives, Satan has written down all their names in the Book of Hell."

The Lord continued, "Watch. This demon has been sent to the highways to cause accidents happening in different places." 

"Lord, this is terrible," I said. 

The Lord said, "It is necessary that you see all these things so that you would be able to explain to the world what hell really is, to know and believe that hell does exist."



Satan sat on his throne, he was elegant, but suddenly that good-looking cloak fell and turned into a horrible monster. And when he looked at the Christians suffering in hell he gave an amazing laugh, he was happy. He told the demons, "We're winning the church, see my victory, look how many Christians are in that place, it's our rewards. The battle to take these souls was difficult, but we succeeded." Satan commanded a terrible demon to go to church. The goal is to bring that soul to hell. An ugly demon of ten feet rose and went up to the earth.



I had a vision. I saw Satan expanding his dominion through the world systems, which spread to the four corners of the world and conquered new horizons. His systems of spiritual contamination was in all spheres of Earth to cause mass destruction. Its system was in the marital, spiritual, financial, health, cultural, technological, sexual and sentimental. The world was modernized is sin too. We cannot destroy this system that develops, but we can leave and take away the people who are under their dominion. Many people used by demons work for these systems to grow and multiply throughout the world. They spread the evil works in the world.

Satan made a pact with the most powerful men in the world who built these systems and installed the viscera of Satan throughout the Earth in exchange for wealth and power. The authorities of the Earth are under the authority of Satan. He controls through earthly governments, any power on earth is inferior to spiritual powers. Whoever has power on earth can be controlled by the spiritual powers of God or the Devil.

The governmental powers of the spiritual world are divided into three powers. The government in heaven realized by God has a heavenly hierarchy. The government of hell is where Satan and his subjects rule the government on earth. It is physically accomplished by the men who rule and they are under the influence of demons. The forces of evil rule the earth secretly.

The Holy Spirit governs only the church that has not been contaminated by the system, but the heavenly government is above all governments and allows other governments to be free to work on the earth.

Satan's systems offer temporary freedom as wealth, power, prostitution, drugs and alcoholism. I took the truth to many churches but the people do not want to be stuck in sound doctrine. Today they choose to be stuck in doctrines of demons or sin. There is only one of these two ways. Which one do you want to be prisoners to - Jesus or Satan? The freedom granted by Jesus on Calvary is not to be imprisoned by the world. When we do what the world dictates, the blood of Jesus loses its value in our lives. There are no more sacrifices for salvation. When we return to sin after knowing Jesus we devalue His blood. We step on the cross and spit on Calvary rejecting the redemptive work. Do not use your freedom in Jesus to sin. He opened the door of freedom to live in heaven. There we will be really free,without worry without sin.



When my spirit crossed the wall of that hospital and stood outside I saw a totally different world. I saw legions of demons flying through the air and other legions on earth. I was scared as I was alone. If you could see the spiritual world with the carnal eyes, you would go crazy because it is terrible. The spiritual world influences the physical world in such a way that I did not know.

The angel of the Lord appeared to me and said, "The spiritual world is at war because of the Word of God and the lie of the Devil."



Jesus showed me the life of Satan before his fall. In the vision, I saw how he shone like a star. His body was full of precious stones. He was like a prince of great beauty and ruled the earth that was full of precious stones. Some of the angels on earth were ruled by him. From the earth to the heavens there were many roads that gave access to the heavenly regions. Lucifer was like a prince of the earth, he had access to heaven and a ruler of the earth's treasures. Several angels followed him as an authority, a chief and intelligent cherub in the administration of the kingdom of God on earth. God entrusted a lot to this cherub. In the vision, I did not see human beings, only angels, animals, and other celestial beings.

The throne of Lucifer was on Earth and God's throne in heaven. Lucifer wanted his throne to stand on the heights of heaven like God. His pride and ego inflamed his heart. Lucifer wanted to be God and to be with his throne in the heavenly realms. And he was cast down with a third part of the angels who followed him. He managed to fool the angels with his wiles and together they were cast down. Where the third part of the angels fell into, it was turned into chaos and destruction. These angels were in a simple spiritual sphere that is not the garden of Eden. Yet God had not created man and the garden of Eden. I can only report that the Earth was adorned with precious stones.

When the angels fell on the earth everything was destroyed. They looked like meteorites falling on Earth. Brethren, I am not saying that after this vision you have to preach it in the church. Preach only as far as the Bible commands. I speak about these visions when I relate my testimony. In my preaching, I only speak where the Bible commands so as not to cause debate.

In the other vision, God had recreated the world that was covered with water and without form. God did not allow the fallen angels into the recreated world. They were in another spiritual sphere in the part of the universe. They could not enter the terrestrial globe because they were evil. Only the pure ones were allowed to enter the garden of Eden. These angels guarded the garden just as Lucifer guarded the mountain of God before his fall. Lucifer possessed the serpent to enter the garden and deceived Eve.

The Lord Jesus said He allowed the devil's entrance in the garden to test Adam's faith. Today I understand that everything is allowed by God to test our faith. When the Devil tried Job, he first asked permission from God. I was so dazzled by these revelations that I knelt before Jesus.

I said, "Lord forgive me, I know that I do not deserve Your forgiveness. I killed many people with my magic, I embarrassed Your son and many have died by my hands who could be winning souls today."

Jesus looked at me and said, "My grace has blotted out your transgressions. Now go and save your friends who are in witchcraft. Do not let them come to the same fate of Satan as the lake of fire. Free them from the path of a lie."


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