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About three weeks ago, in a Thursday service, the Lord spoke to me. I heard the voice of God for it was an audible voice. Just as you are listening to my voice, the Lord said, “I'm Light and there is no darkness in Me. I will reveal the character of My people.”

The Lord repeated it three times in my ear, “I am Light and there is no darkness in Me. I will expose and put in public places the sins of My people. I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows Me will never walk in darkness.”

Then the Lord began to expose the character of many people in the church. Just yesterday, I heard this warning again in a dream.

The Lord said and insisted, “I would bring hidden sin out and nothing would stay hidden in the middle of the church,” and the Lord instructs me to tell the church to set up the structure and to strengthen their foundation.

The Lord said, “Many hidden sins that I would bring out in public would cause great scandal and disappointment. These revelations and exposure of hidden sins of My servants will have a major impact on the lives of some people and some people would be discouraged and they will slack in their walk.”

Many will not endure if God would reveal in the middle of the church.

Proverbs 28:13 AKJV He that covers his sins shall not prosper: but whoever confesses and forsakes them shall have mercy.

Psalms 90:8 AKJV You have set our iniquities before You, our secret sins in the light of Your countenance.

Brothers, the peace of the Lord be with you all. At this moment. I am here to report about an experience that I had with the Lord on the 18th of June 2019. I congregate in the ministry of the Assembly of God in Maria Helena in the neighborhood in Brazil.

The day before this divine experience, when I woke up in the morning I felt the presence of God. I was supposed to bring God's word at our church on that day. In the morning I did housework. Afterward, I went back to my room to pray and ask a message from the Lord for God’s people. I prayed about the message to be delivered to the church when suddenly I began to feel a strong presence.

The presence of God was really strong during prayer and I felt my bones trembling. This was not apparent to others. Nevertheless, I felt my bones trembled a lot. And I spent the whole day feeling this way. As this feeling continued, I felt that I had to lie down for my body was trembling and the frequency of my heartbeat was accelerated.

I told my friend, “I feel that God is about to work and reveal things to me.”

Later in the day, I went to the house of God. Soon afterward, people began to come to the service. As time went by, the worship service began and I saw God's people coming in His presence for prayer, which I was leading. It was really difficult to pray, but I kept feeling my bones shaking. I could not concentrate yet I kept praying. There I wanted to pray more, but I could not do it. In the end. I began to cry before God for help because I wanted to pray. I failed to achieve the flow of prayer for nothing was flowing.

As I continued to pray the Lord began to use me. I began to deliver prophetic messages to the leaders and God's people in the service. I asked the whole church to stand and listen to what God was about to say, for God was giving me a message for His people.

As I continued to deliver the message, I got up for I was on my knees and I saw that my thoughts were connected with God, paying attention to what God was saying to His church. Then I put my hand on my heart and started to humble myself before God. I started to feel the presence of God strongly like tremor and a great shaking. This feeling intensifies more and more as I continue delivering God's message. I was with eyes closed.

When I started to feel like numbness in my body, I felt this numbness in my legs and my hands and all over my body. And this was spreading. I was with my eye closed at that moment.

Suddenly the Lord started giving me a vision. Immediately my spiritual eyes were opened. I saw a radiant Angel coming down into the church. And this angel had a golden tray in his hand and a bowl of gold in his hand. He was coming down towards the altar of the church with a basin.

I observed this angel moving around the altar and going back to the gate of the church and walking in the middle of the church.

While observing the movement of this angel, I started to ask God.

I said, “Lord, what is the meaning of this?”

As this encounter went on, I noticed that I was losing my strength.

Finally, I heard the audible voice of the Lord at the audible level just as you are hearing my voice. I heard the voice of the Lord speaking like a fellow human, and the Lord tells me, “My daughter, today I will do something in your life. I will reveal something to you.”

When I heard the voice of the Lord, I saw my body falling on the ground in a coma. In truth, I was in the spirit for my eyes were closed and I saw my spirit being withdrawn from my physical body. I saw clearly as my spirit left.

At that moment, the Lord took my spirit and we began to climb towards the heavens. I was wondering and asking what is happening to me because I never had this type of experience. It was the first time the Lord took my spirit above the planet beyond this space. And I began to contemplate with my eyes, the planet.

Brothers, what I saw from space was interesting. In fact, I saw the inhabitants of the land and the world population and I was stunned for they look like ants. People were really small.

Brothers, when I saw humans from space, they seem like ants for humans appear in my eyes, like thousands upon thousands of ants on the ground. I started to admire what I was seeing and I gave glory to the Lord.

I heard the voice of God speaking in my ear telling me, “My daughter, so are the people of the Earth and the inhabitants of the land before My eyes, they are like ants, they are nothing before Me.”

I started to cry and my heart was touched. I saw how small we humans are before God.

As the Lord was talking to me, He said to me, “This is how humans are before Me.”

As the Lord spoke, suddenly I saw a huge hand which size I cannot describe because it was too big for me. You don't understand the magnitude of all these things I am telling you. This huge hand was moving towards planet Earth. I saw this hand covering the whole Earth.

Brothers and sisters, the hand of the Lord was bigger than the whole planet Earth. Just think about that! The Earth and the land were smaller before the hands of the Lord. In fact, the powerful hand was about to crush and destroy the Earth. It was really closing on the Earth. This Earth was nothing before the hands of God.

God said, “My daughter, this is the way the Earth is before Me. This is how you are before Me.”

I was contemplating the land when the Lord set my eyes on our church. I saw that everyone was in line and they had formed a queue. To my surprise, I saw that I was the first in the queue of God's people that stood before the radiant Angel of the Lord that stood around the altar.

I saw the angel of the Lord holding a golden bowl containing water. Given that I was the first in line, I was able to see the bowl, transparent and crystal and water in the bowl that was held by the angel. It was really very clear and clean water.

As I stood in the queue, I saw the radiant angel of God calling me and asking me to step forward. I got closer to the angel who asked me to lay on the ground.

When I laid on the ground, the angel began to get water from the basin with his hands and I saw him pouring this pure and crystalline water over in my eyes.

Then he started rubbing my eyes with this pure water. It was really painful. As the radiant Angel kept rubbing my eyes, I felt pain in my eyes and I felt my eyes burning.

As the angel was washing my eyes, I saw dark water coming out of my eyes. I was actually undergoing cleansing and purification. The angel continued purifying my eyes with living water. The eye is the lamp of your body. When your eye is clear, your whole body also is full of light. But when it is bad, your body also is full of darkness. (Luke 11:34-36)

I wanted to point out that the angel of the Lord purified my eyes because I watched videos of sensual people who did things that did not please God. So this is one of the reasons why the angel cleaned my eyes.

And a lot of times I opened the browser Google, I watched newspapers and its negativity. I was visiting Gospel gossip sites for I like gossip sites. I watch videos that were worldly when I should be meditating on the Word and seeking the presence of the Lord. I was spending time with things that were not going to build my spiritual life.

And when he had finished, I got up and another member of our church laid down for cleansing and purification, for there was a queue with the people of the church. And soon after me, there was another person who went towards the angel to be purified. I saw clearly the angel cleansing his ears and eyes.

As the purification continued, I saw the angel cleaning the tongue of some people. Death and life are in the power of the tongue and those loving it eat its fruit. (Proverbs 18:21)

Then I saw the angel clean the hearts and the hands of some people. In the end, every member of the church were cleansed and everyone was purified in our church.

Afterward, the Lord made me see the church again. God’s people were aligned like an army. The Lord made me see the garments of all the people in the church. He made me see the reason why the church was going through purification. Actually, the garments of God's people were spotted and stained. I saw people whose garments were very dirty. They did not even have white space for they were all dirty. I saw people who were stained and others with garments that had little spots around. In fact, there was no one in the church who was in a spotless garment. All the members of our church were in robes that were stained, some had their garments completely stained and others had little spots.

Blessed are those who washed their robes so that they may have the right to the tree of life and may enter the city by its gates. (Revelation 22:14)

At that moment, I heard the voice of God telling me, “My daughter, tell My church that I want a sincere humiliation. I want sincere repentance from them, for I called and separated them to be Mine. I gave you a new garment and new ornament. However, when I started to work signs among My people, they exalted themselves, they magnified themselves, and they forgot that glory has to be given to Me.”

And at that time, I saw that my garment was stained and I was worried. I did not see anyone who had a spotless garment, no one had his robes 100% clean. The Lord made me see that my clothes have little stains.

Brothers, the Lord can use you, but you still need to be renouncing and confessing despite the sign and hand of God in your life. Despite the fact that you are an instrument you also need repair and be shaped by God.

In this revelation, the Lord showed me three people whose identities I will not reveal.

When the Lord showed me the first person, the Angel of purification said, “The man is like a prostitute before the Lord.”

And I asked God, “Why is he a prostitute though he is not sleeping with women?”

The angel said, “Though he is not betraying his wife physically, his heart is desiring women. His heart is coveting women in the streets, so that's why he's a prostitute before God.”

I was speechless when I heard this. The brother was not sleeping with women, but he was considered a fornicator in heaven because of lust.

Then the angel showed me a young woman in the church.

The angel led me to this young woman and said, “There is sin in her heart.”

The angel revealed to me her sinful desires for she had sexual feelings towards other women in her heart. The angel of God said she has to renounce carnal inclination and this depraved feeling.

Then the angel showed me another young man and said, “This man's heart has desires for other men. He has a tendency for homosexuality. But tell him to renounce this desire, tell him to give up. There are more sacrifices and circumcision to be done in his heart.”

I will not quote the names of these members of our church because I'm having a conversation with these people.

After showing me the condition of the garments of God’s people, the angel pointed to the sky. When I looked up in the sky, to my surprise, I saw the Lord Jesus descending in space in His glory. I could not see His face because it shone a lot, and I could not bear to look on His face. The Lord was coming down from heaven to rapture His church. I saw the Lord with thousands upon thousands of angels descending in the air to rapture the church.

When He stood in the air, I saw the Lord stretching His hand and calling His church to rise in the air. At that moment, as the Lord was signaling to His people to rise, I saw only 10 members of our church rising, only 10 people that were prepared for they kept their garments clean, white and spotless. I stayed quite shocked when I saw this small number of people going up. I wondered and asked only 10 people in our church that were ready to rise.

Then I heard the voice of God speaking in my ear and saying, “My daughter, many of My children now serving Me with double hearts, hypocrisy, and sin. I want sincere repentance from the church. I wanted renunciation from all My people.”

When I said I wanted to know the extent of sin in our church, the Lord said, “All the church needs fixing and I want renunciation from the whole church. I want repair from children to seniors.”

In that moment, the Lord showed me a powerful Angel holding a sword and descending into the church. When the angel was descending, he pulled out his sword and made use of his sword against some members of the church. I saw this Bright Angel cutting a number of people in our church with his sword. They were a number of people that were destroyed in the middle of the church.

For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the Gospel of God? (1 Peter 4:17)

I was so distressed when I saw what the angel was doing.

Immediately, I heard the voice of God saying, “My daughter, I have done wonders, miracles, and signs in the middle of the church. Yet a great number of My children have not developed My fear in their hearts. They are witnessing the signs and wonders that I am performing, but they have not generated fear in their hearts. Thus, I will allow the angel of slaughter to destroy them.”

The Lord said, “I have been performing signs and wonders to send signal to My people. And I'll continue performing more signals and signs to generate My fear and reverence in the heart of My people.”

When God showed me this angel that was executing judgment in the church, I saw that he was tall. I don't know how to specify his height, but he was very tall and his clothes were very white like snow. He had a golden belt around his hip and he was holding the sword in his hand, which was more or less a meter and a half. The sword seems like a silver color. The sword was very flaming.

With his sword, the angel struck members of our church that had sinned that they maintained in their lives.

Then the Lord also said, “My daughter, tell My people that I will bring up hidden sins. I will expose and bring out hidden sins in the public and nothing will stay hidden. I will reveal and expose these sins hidden among My people.”

Then the Lord showed me again an angel entering the church and he had a tray of gold bars in his hand. They were very large. The angel was moving in the middle of the church, but he did not hand these golden bars to God's people.

I asked the Lord why the angel would not hand these golden bars to the members of our church.

The Lord said, “These golden bars meant what I would do in the midst of the church. These are the many promises I have yet to fulfill because of the secret sins of double hearts. There is hypocrisy in the hearts of My people.”

My brothers, this was the message that God gave to our church. I know that many people who will listen to this revelation and will identify themselves. Many churches will identify with this message. This is what God showed me. So I thank you for the opportunity on behalf of Jesus. Amen. Praise the name of the Lord.

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