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The testimony of an African former shaman who served as a slave of darkness. He obtained black magic directly from Lucifer, became a special disciple of Lucifer, and had the task of destroying God's people. The miraculous power of Jesus' blood freed him from the power of darkness. This testimony has been widely circulated, and for those who wish to read please pray first to avoid the influence of darkness.

Mukendi wrested from the grip of the devil

Mukendi said, "Then I saw myself hanging in the air, and angels surrounded me. Their feet did not touch the ground. Lucifer also came and his authority overwhelmed every activity on the nearest street. Evil spirits filled the area around us, but they could not get closer to the house and yard of Mutombu because it was covered by the blood of Jesus. Their strength cannot win the power of Jesus. "


I am not my parents' first child, but my father who was a witch and shaman had 13 other children and he sacrificed them all, one by one, to the devil. When I was born mysteriously, the one who raised me was not my mother, because she was not allowed to approach me; I was breastfed and raised by a mermaid.

Even my conception and birth was through magic, and my aunt Nadya has helped my father in this matter. My mother found it difficult to get pregnant until my aunt met someone who had obtained magical flowers from a white man who had brought them from Calvary Hill in Israel. He gave to my father a doll, a cross, and a long spell that contained instructions on how to talk to the flowers if he needed help, and in that way, I was conceived.

It was these supernatural objects which allowed my father to contact a mermaid who had to breastfeed and raise me in the first years of my life.

With these objects, my father can do magical acts of magic. He severed his arms from his body and the parts were full of blood but he could easily put them together again. He can be a human-headed goat riding a bicycle, and more. I was also reminded of an incident when we were crossing the river by boat from Kolwezi to Mbujimaji. My sister was supporting me when she suddenly fell into the river and drowned, but the occult powers put me safely into my father's hands.

A ghost gave me a name. When my mother was pregnant with me, my uncle who had died a few moments ago appeared in my parents' bedroom at night and threatened them to give me his own name, otherwise, he would show his strength towards them. Because my parents were bound by this type of life, they never questioned the truth of someone who came from the world of the dead. They immediately agreed to obey the order.

At that time they were in a trance (like hypnotized), but the presence and sound were so real, and my parents saw it for themselves. Father told me that uncle was a strong wizard. At that time they were so scared because of his presence in the room, so there is no other choice but to be absolutely obedient. 

Because they agreed to that order, it naturally meant that they allowed that person's spirit to rule my entire life, and from that moment on it was determined for me to be that kind of person. I inherited his nature and personality.

Brothers and sisters, anyone who is reading this book, knows that if your parents performed certain ceremonies in your life when you are a child, you have been surrendered to the devil and your only deliverance is through the blood of Jesus Christ. 

When I was a teenager, I could fly to any country that Lucifer ordered. I could make a helicopter out of a stick or my shoes, and fly to India, America and return home. I can also change shape into a fly and perch on someone's shoulder. That person will take me to a certain distance, and I will then drop myself and walk in front of him without his knowledge. The next day, that person will feel pain and lethargy because of the pain in his shoulder caused by the real weight of my body.

I could enter anyone's house both day and night and spy on the activities of the residents according to my wishes. I know every open bedroom in every home. I could change shape into a cockroach and rest near the furnace. I also know how to change an object into another object. I could turn a human into a goat, slaughter it and eat it with a free heart without guilt. I am also good at using other people's spirits while they were sleeping. I drive them like a horse all night long. When the person wakes up the next day, then he will feel pain all over his body because he has become like a pillow and human shield for me against all the arrows aimed at me in the spirit world. This is especially true if someone has a strong physique in the world. Because even in the spirit world he looks strong.

The Lord Jesus Christ has saved me and I hope you know how deeply I have been in contact with the devil, as a lesson so that others are deterred and do not fall into the same hole, and to show that Jesus is the only way, truth, and life. I know that many people are involved in shamanism. If you are involved in any of the things I mention, repent, and open your heart, ask the Lord Jesus to Save You.


‘A man or woman who has in them a spirit of the dead or a familiar spirit must be put to death. They must pelt them with stones; their blood guilt is on themselves.’ (Leviticus 20:27).
I want you to know that I come from the lineage of the damned, who rule this country because they are magicians and sorcerers. In fact, our mother's first mother emerged from the water in the center of the Zaire river eight generations ago. Her skin is covered in white clay scales, which fall when touched. She was met by the first father of our kind, who was a powerful hunter and sorcerer. When he met her while hunting, he took her home and the woman became his wife. Nobody knew exactly what happened but what was interesting was that our first father made her his wife. It might have been due to the power of his magic and the encounter when he was a solitary hunter.

And for a long time, throughout her life in the village, she had a prominent position as an astrologer and fortune teller. Nobody cared about her origin. They admired her magical arts that can heal people. Whenever there is a problem in the village, people will call her for help. If there is a crisis, then she would travel under the river Zaire for two months and weeks later reappear with all the answers needed. People are afraid of her and no one cares where she goes underwater, or whose daughter she is. But one day, she disappeared into the water and never appeared again, and it made many people disappointed.

My father was conceived when a famous shaman gave amulets to my grandmother and grandfather because my grandmother had difficulty getting pregnant. That means that we were immediately under God's curse.

All this information was obtained from my father because he was training me to become a great sorcerer and leader, who directly inherited his power. Throughout our family history, we have been feared by other people in Zaire, because of the power of our magic, and because of the way our ancestors used their influence through these powers in their area. 

My father, who was also a shaman, believed strongly in the relationship with the spirits of the ancestors. I remember that one time he left his house which was then guarded by my aunt. When he returned a few days later, my aunt was away in the village, and my father found some rats having a frenzy feeding on their flour. My father became so angry with the rats that he began to beat and burn them as he drove them out.

That's where he was tried in a court of law because he beat the rats almost to death. Those rats were his relatives who shape-shifted by witchcraft and they were hospitalized. Some of them were in a state of extreme pain, while others were almost dead, burned, or beaten. My father had to pay a fine because my father could eat comfortably, whereas his relatives had nothing to eat and were suffering. In the end, my father was forgiven but he had to pay a fine.

Thus my father fell into misfortune and had to work as before. At the end of each month, the fine was paid from his wages.

So to make me alive and inherit his powers, my father tried hard to train me to reach the fourth level of magic before I was four years old.


When I was three days old, my father began to introduce magic to me by performing a number of ceremonies. He isolated me in a very special room that only he and the mermaid could enter. He brought the mermaid to breastfeed and raise me, instead of my mother. My mother didn't have the chance to raise me until I was four years old. Sometimes some of our neighbors had a glimpse of the mermaid as she slipped in and out of our house. My father wanted to do all this because he did not want to lose me after he lost twelve other children. He especially wanted me to be his successor (after he died) in the powers of magic.

At a very early age, he gave me first-rate magic. The way is to make me walk under his feet three times a day, put his head into my head three times, and spit into my mouth three times. As a result, I was equipped with the power to sneak into other people's homes at night unnoticed, in the form of ants, cockroaches, or flies before I was nine years old.

I could especially hide and move in the corners of a dirty house, kitchen, or toilet. And when one family talks to each other, then I will gather every nasty word they will say and use it to attack them, and plant a curse in their lives. We will fulfill every nasty and bad word they say about their lives. If someone says "I'm ugly ... !!" then we will make them appear that way; or "I'm so stupid .. !!!", then we will also make it like that. We do this in the meeting of shamans (sorcerers and wizards) at night. 

We couldn't enter the homes of Christians filled with the blood of Jesus. In the homes of lukewarm Christians, we can clearly see that they were naked and open to devastating attacks. We played them like toys. We would look for small gaps in their lives to throw illness, depression, and misunderstanding into their households. And when they wake up the next day, they feel discouraged, sick, and hit by problem after problem because they live in the flesh.


My grandmother, who was also involved in magic and divination, helped my father to shape my destiny. As soon as my grandmother received my father's letter telling me that he had a baby boy, my grandmother immediately cut a thorny tree trunk, applied special magic to it, and boiled it first in a traditional cauldron before planting it around her house. At that time I was only a month old. The tree immediately grew. My father and others were eyewitnesses and my grandmother gave the tree my name "Mukendi". This indicates that my whole life is stored in the tree. My grandmother had to guard the tree with extreme care and no one was allowed to touch it because if one leaf falls, it means one part of my body will get sick. If the tree is cut down then I will die.

This is the first tree I must destroy when I walk towards salvation and freedom. The tree controlled my life in such a frightening way that every time a leaf fell, I truly felt pain all over my body. My life was stored in the tree so that if it is cut down, I would die during the felling. So my grandmother must keep watch. She refused anyone who wanted to touch it or approach it, and the tree was fully enclosed.

This second-degree magic is causing me to be very aware of everything that happens in the world of magic. We cannot directly eat humans, but we can turn them into animals to be slaughtered and eaten, or even to transport and sold in distant markets. With this kind of knowledge, we can even take fetuses from pregnant women and turn them into eggs to eat. As a result, a woman will become infertile or miscarry.

One time, my father was walking with my mother and saw a big man, and he said to my mother: "That man is very strong, I need that kind of person to look after my family while I'm traveling ... !!" The following night, we saw a large gorilla entering our yard, and my father told my mother that it was the person who would look after us when he was away. The gorilla cruelly controlled our actions. We were so scared because he wouldn't let us leave the house. My father neglected his office job and spent many hours and many years to prepare me.


One day, my father's employer, who was white, threatened to fire my father because he only worked very little while he prepared me. And like a wounded lion, my father cursed him. "See you later," my father said, pointing his finger at the white man.

When my father's employer arrived at his home, to his great surprise he found his four daughters writhing on the floor helplessly; all their bones have vanished from their bodies. Once again my father's magic power succeeded. My father has kept their bones in our house. Upon hearing the news, a priest who had been called to see the daughters found out where we lived, and in driving his car confronted (in the spirit world) with my father. My father took the priest's claim seriously, pointing his finger in the same way as before, saying, "Look, too ... !!"

As a child of God, I want to remind you not to point fingers at judging others, because by doing so you have turned them to the devil. They can die or be destroyed, but their blood is borne on your head. As is known, evil spirits are everywhere where there is no salvation. So if you point your finger at others when you are angry, then whatever your words are said, will be captured by the evil spirits that roam there, to carry out your desires in accordance with these words, combined again with the wishes of the devil. 

With accusations of fingers and bad words, you have opened the door for evil spirits to attack and dominate others. But if you walk before God innocent, and you enjoy the security of His protection, then you cannot be attacked, especially if you did nothing that could have caused the attack. 

STOP POINTING WITH YOUR FINGER .... !!!!!. If you have a habit of accusing, then God will hold you responsible for the destruction of the lives of others. Gossip, anger, and slander are other doors that Satan can use to enter the lives of others.

Then you will call, and the LORD will answer; you will cry for help, and He will say: Here am I. If you do away with the yoke of oppression, with the pointing finger and malicious talk. ( Isaiah 58: 9 ).
If you are a born-again Christian and you are used to doing these things, then you must repent and ask God to change you with His power into a new person.


My people are being destroyed because they don’t know Me. Since you priests refuse to know Me, I refuse to recognize you as My priests. Since you have forgotten the laws of your God, I will forget to bless your children. (Hosea 4:6).
My father founded a cult group and his followers were so swept away by the fascination of the magical miracles he worked on that they never questioned the source. Most of the time, my father used to throw curses upon them, but he openly deceived them by saying that he was blessing them. My father's church was named: Elder of Israel.

In my father's private bedroom lies an idol placed on an agreement between my bed and my father's bed. In the agreement, my father put three coins to represent three members of our family, that is, my mother and myself. In another corner, he also placed a bottle containing a cross and rosary. 

And if any of my father's followers face problems, they are allowed to enter our house compound by paying something. They had to take off their shoes and leave them outside the entrance to our house compound, bang their heads three times on the hard stone floor and say "Our Father" prayer. They also have to bring items such as money, bottles containing beer or wine, peanuts, rice, or some kind of corn as offerings. 

Only after fulfilling these requirements are they permitted to kneel and talk to the three flowers that are on a small hill in our house compound, and ask for the flowers to meet their diverse needs. A follower will wait until he gets an answer and often a clear voice will respond to their needs through the bottle. Then they will go home happily and confidently.

Every follower must regard Saturday as a holy day and they are forbidden to cook, or do any activities before completing the service which will take place from 09.00 am and ends at 2:00 p.m. The hymns sung are mostly traditional songs, which are immediately followed by sermons, which are mainly based on human wisdom and not the Word of God. Bible verses are deceptively quoted in half and are interpreted in the wrong way to suit the doctrine of his own cult.

My father opened a teaching class every Wednesday, to give his followers the basics of the doctrine and origins of his cult and progressive growth throughout the world. To test and confirm the seriousness and progress of each follower, my father opened special Sunday schools, to see how far they had captured the teachings given every Wednesday. 

Only when a follower fails to receive answers from the flowers will he speak privately with my father, making a special appointment on Sunday. My father was very proud of the progress of his church and he regarded all the other churches as heretical, full of magic and occultism. He so disparaged the other churches, so that if a member leaves his church to join another church, my father would curse him. As a result, the person would suffer greatly, even to the point of losing his life tragically.


"Easter" is my father's most favored ceremony which must be held once a year on Easter day. The ceremony took place on the river Mulenda and attracted approximately 3,000 followers from all of Zaire. We have a habit of leaving our village for the river at 04.30 in the morning because the real ceremony will begin at 8am. 

When all are present, we would divide them into four groups for the distribution of tasks, such as clearing shrubs, mowing the lawn, cleaning the sacred parts and others building altars about 250 meters from the river using large stones. A small hut was also erected near the river, and in it was placed a special traditional cauldron containing white clay to affix members. During the ceremony, each member will go in and confess their ancestors' sins before the main ceremony begins. They must tell their ancestors, "I have no problem with anyone, and if someone wants to cause trouble with me, let him be damned."

This was then followed by a service where someone worshiped the gods by using traditional names and also traditional hymns. He was then ready for the next step where my father would put a sign from his chest to his stomach with the white clay. When this has been done, he would approach the communion table or banquet table to receive a concoction consisting of a piece of banana that he had to chew along with flowers picked from our yard mixed with traditional herbs.


My father never hesitated to tell his followers that his baptism was of great value and that it would bring blessings to them if they fully devoted themselves to the cult. That's all a lie! Father himself told me that the true meaning of his baptism was to cause his followers to surrender their prosperity to my father, while my father himself placed eternal curses above them. 

The procedure is very funny to me. One must pass through my father's feet "in the name of the father, son and holy spirit." After that, he had to go and dip himself three times in the river. When that has been done, he will be given a wooden rod similar to a rope and with that, he must run as fast as possible, beat and rattle the river water, while swearing not to leave the flow of worship during his life. 

After that, he made a promise to be bound absolutely. Then he had to take off his clothes, throw himself into the flowing water, and quickly jump out again in a state completely naked because he had stripped all his clothes. Women, men, and children are all involved in this procedure and some parents have brought their entire families to commit themselves to the cult. 

Some of the faiths as well as traditional African religious leaders took part in the ceremony without asking any questions. They even respected the things my father did and gave much support by being directly involved in Easter.

When I later asked my father why he baptized them in the names of father, son, and the holy spirit, this was what he said, "By doing so, I seized all their magical power, divination and shamanism and from then on became stronger than them. And if they throw themselves into the river, it means they fill my source because from that river comes all my strength." Everyone who brings offerings even throws at the sacred part of the same river.

The ceremony also involved a ram that my father brought to the sacred part of the river. The sheep's neck must be cut in three pieces and the blood must be poured directly into the river. At that time, anyone who has magic, spells, or amulets must throw everything into the river to mix with the blood of the sheep. 

Before the sheep were brought to the altar to be burned, worship songs, and dances were offered to the gods. So when the lamb is burned, it is hoped that the smoke can rise up to the level of the sky where three birds of my father have flown during the ceremony. The birds were eagles, vultures, and crows, which my father consecutively considered as the King, the Portuguese, and the Senegalese, who also flew in this order. The King is above the others, the Portuguese below him and the Senegalese below the Portuguese and they will only disappear from the sky when the lamb has been completely consumed by fire. This is a sign that his offering has been accepted by a god.

When the sheep were being burned, my father, who wore a white robe with a green cross on his chest, solemnly withdrew from the others and prayed alone near the altar. After the lamb was burned, my father then took his black soot and put it on the forehead of each of his followers, lying to them that he was blessing them. That is again a lie! He himself told me later, that he was blinding them spiritually so they could not find the truth but rather they would be bound to the mysterious forces. He binds them to himself and his cult forever and ever.

One of these parties was held when I was 9 years old and something dramatic happened, which showed how deeply my father was involved in witchcraft. The sheep had just been killed and everyone started staring at the river. Something was moving and suddenly there was an explosion that shook the water, so everyone ran away to hide. Who is that? Nothing but the mermaid who breastfed and raised me! Except for the tail fin, the entire upper body clearly came out of the water and when he saw her, my father cried out, lifting me up to her, "Come, look at the child you have raised. He is here."

The mermaid, without saying a word, examined me three times and disappeared into the water. My father emotionally did not even budge. He is calm and not afraid. After seeing that there was no danger, the crowd advanced again, curiously about what had happened. 

And as usual, my father lied to them by saying, "You guys got nothing. Jesus was here, he blessed me and my son. And because you ran away, you must be punished. " 

The form of punishment my father gave them was as follows, "You must run back to the village as soon as I give the signal. And if you find any obstacle on the road, be it a tree or a hole, you cannot try to avoid it. If it's a tree, knock yourself, if it's a hole, drop yourself into it. "

The confused crowd began to run as soon as my father gave the signal. The purpose of all of this is that they suffer and my father would make them suffer monthly. My father was such a sadistic person, who obtained great joy from the suffering of others.


A brief description of my father's qualities will help show why it was so easy for him to deceive and manipulate his followers. My father was a very arrogant and talkative person who always spoke ill of other churches, but on the other hand, he was always happy about his own church. He openly mocked them by saying that they were "occult" churches, and threatened his followers if they dared to join with other churches. Father is so stubborn and hard to approach and once he makes up his mind about something, then other people's opinions are number two because he always insists on his own opinion. Others must always obey his commands or face the consequences of being hated or even harmed by him.

He was greedy and every time he saw something good that belonged to his followers, he would want it and even ask that person to give it. People have never rejected my father's wishes. And because my father was convinced that he was smarter than anyone else, he did not like to hear others being praised for their abilities or expertise. Father will even harm the person as revenge.

Although people know who my father is, he has supporters from other churches, especially the priests of the Roman Catholic church and churches in Africa that stand alone, including Malembe Ngunza or Mpeve Yanongo, Tatu Wetu or Diamant and Eglise des Noirs en Afrique. They will come to our housing compound to worship my father's god and offer their sacrifice.


In the world of magic, the more refined the ways of a person, the more rewards are given to him. This gives one the ability to corner other magicians. I remember that my father wanted to be the leader of our area. So one day, the elders told him that in order to get the title, he had to offer a goat as a sacrifice. Father became very excited and didn't consider it carefully. At that time, my father's second wife had a daughter. So when a father gave his goat as a sacrifice, they used it as a means to take one of his children. That's my little stepsister; she died suddenly without cause.

When that happened, my father vowed revenge against them. During the funeral service, he cried with one eye, while he used the other eye to watch. And when I asked why he was doing it, my father answered that he wanted to be alert so no one could take me away while we were mourning.

Suddenly, an owl flew and perched on a tree nearby to take my life. My father immediately knew that it was someone who was after my life. He immediately glanced at the bird with one eye and the bird then fell from the tree dead. At the same time, someone who was attending our funeral suddenly collapsed and died. I'm sure that person has a relationship with the owl.

The above chapters were translated from an Indonesian website

To read the rest of the story, kindly refer to above website and use Google Translate to read it in your language.

Alternatively, you may purchase the hardcopy "Snatched From Satan's Claws" by Nancy Koech, D.D. Kaniaki and Evangelist Mukendi from online vendors. 


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