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The devil works with two codes. The first code is the control of the world that I have just explained [by directing demons to extinguish the fires of true Christians whose signs are displayed on their monitor screens]. The second is the fact of turning the Bible in the wrong way. And that is what is happening today. One has already turned the Bible in the wrong direction. And many of those who call themselves servants of God do the will of Satan without knowing it. What does it mean to turn the Bible in the wrong direction? It is the Gospel that we have today, where one only speaks of blessing, and neglects the most important: Salvation. One does no longer lay emphasis on sin, but one focuses only on blessings and other unnecessary things. That is not the will of God. You should know that a blessing without Salvation is a curse. Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:33 "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." When you see a church where one does not like to talk about Salvation or insist on sin, know that you are dealing with a church that is under the influence of the devil.



After wiping my tears the Lord placed a ring of diamond on my finger. He said to me, “Joshua, this ring is a covenant I have established with you. You will not lack from now on. It is a symbol of blessing. I will bless those that bless you and I will curse those that curse you.”

But as you have suffered so much, do not tolerate anybody around you to suffer. Do not behave like those who mistreated you and others who ignored your suffering.” Jesus asked me, “Do you understand?” I said, “Yes, Father.” Then He said, “You can go.”

Instantly I found myself in my body again. I was full of joy and from that day onward, I noticed that I was not lacking anymore. This was the end of my suffering.



That night I went to sleep in peace and dreamed of several people walking in the church. This road was filled with giant stones that were obstacles. Many preferred to walk on other paths that had no stones. And few continued to follow the path of giant stones. One voice said, "Keep following this path of truth, do not take other directions in easy ways."

The church passed over the giant stones and kept walking until they reached a dangerous part. A road cut the road where many cars passed without stopping. The people had to pass the road to continue walking along the way. Those who did not pay attention and were distracted at the time of crossing were run over and died. A voice said to go on, do not look back and the rest that could pass through the crossing of death will continue their journey.

Jesus said those who died were distracted in pursuit of personal accomplishments forgetting to stand in His way being surprised by death before reaching their desires. These deaths are spiritual.

A young man continued walking on a path and was almost there. Every time he complained about his life, he backed three subways back, the more he complained he pulled back three more subways and was far from the end of his road.

I saw a woman walking on the path and the sun was very hot. In front of the road was a house 5 meters. This woman murmured of God, speaking of her situation. The more she murmured, the more she could not get close to the house. When she was almost in the house to get rid of the hot sun, the house moved forward and she could never get there because the property also moved forward from her reach.

A voice said all who murmur against Me their blessings flee from their hands. And those who do not watch and complain about their lives, the blessings are becoming distant every day. I woke up from that symbolic dream and Jesus gave me the revelation. He made me read the life of the people of Israel in the wilderness that took forty years because of the murmuring. They were not prepared to conquer Canaan because their hearts were hard and many died because of the murmurings, only Joshua and Caleb were deserving. The patience of these two men made them not murmur and wait.



I had a vision of the demons touching the material area of a brother making him suffer great financial loss, but Jesus shamed this demon and restored all that he lost. Jesus is faithful when a servant does not deny His name in difficult times. If Jesus allowed the demons to touch the financial life, it means that He has a great blessing to deliver.

I had a vision of many angels descending with bright pebbles in their hands. A voice said, "It is the blessings of the saints, every stone of it." There is no reason to deviate from the holy path because of ownership of land or material possessions. This wealth is only fleeting and does not follow you to the afterlife when death strikes. The matter is on earth, but your soul will lead to eternity. Jesus has much more to give you than a concrete building in the earth or metals that rust. Everything on this earth deteriorates, but what is eternal is kept for you in heaven. The more you cling to earthly things, the more spiritual thorns will hinder your growth in grace.


How many of you have been praying for material things? Your hearts are bound in that which will perish. Jesus has a great love for your soul and does not want to give you what will trap your heart. This can mean your spiritual death.

Many have not yet received their blessings because there is a concern of Jesus regarding the delivery of blessing. His love for souls and salvation is more important than anything in this world. I saw in the vision the demons confiscating the assets of the Christians and Jesus allowed them to do so to wake up the Christians. This will make them not give a higher value to their possessions by setting the work of Jesus aside.

At this moment when I report the visions, many knees bowed down before Jesus and cried out for the loss of their material goods, but they do not cry out for the awakening and holiness.


And in churches where false pastors prophesy blessings and people receive them, the angels do not note those blessings because they are not from God. On the day of judgment, the people who lived in sin and believed in these false ministries will say, "I lost my salvation because You filled me with blessings, gave my car, house, and money in that church. All this materialism trapped my heart and led me to hell."

The Lord Jesus will say, "I did not give you those material blessings that condemned your soul."

And the angel will show the book of blessing proving that he did not record those blessings in the book and will call a demon who will show another book. And in that gloomy book will be recorded those blessings that people have asked for, blessings that have led them to the perdition of their souls. In the book of blessings, only the names of those who have received blessings from God are recorded.

When Jesus speaks, He keeps His word. When a man speaks by lying on His name to offer blessings, Jesus does not fulfill that and the demons take advantage to fulfill those desires.

Satan also gives money, employment and all that people desire, as long as they believe in lying prophecies that the false prophet who has contributed so much to his kingdom is not ashamed. Especially for those people who have not yet converted and their hearts are in materialism. These people go to church to seek blessings and not to seek God. The demons take advantage of the desires that are in their hearts to carry out the requests.

Demons cannot deliver material or spiritual blessings to the saints. God knows how to identify those that are His. The Holy Spirit does not let the devils give their gifts to the saints. When a Christian prays to God for a blessing the demons have no right to deliver the blessing that the Christian has asked for. What these devils can do is act indirectly by using people to offer something or a blessing to keep the Christian from God.



The Holy Spirit revealed to me something extraordinary. He told me: “These people seek God with all their heart and soul. This will be the little seed that will spread the work throughout the country. Tell my people to ask for spiritual blessings and I will flood them with these blessings. Happy is the people when I come back find seeking spiritual and not material blessings, I will take them away with Me.”



The blessings that God has to give to each brother are not easy, they have to be approved. God will give guidance to each of you to get them. Conquer God's blessings by living a righteous life before Him, not making the material, self-seeking petitions.

Everything that is of God is valuable and to be achieved with much struggle. No one gets a great blessing from God because it is like precious gold hidden beneath the earth. To withdraw the precious gold, you must make great effort to achieve. Without work, there is no way to conquer this precious stone. All that is valuable is in place of difficulty, at the bottom of the sea or under the earth.

To withdraw is tiring and laborious. So are the Blessings of believers who are in hidden places, where they have to seek and find. Prayer to God will give the right direction. It is the map to locate your treasure.

Prayer will comfort your heart because of the weariness of waiting so long. Prayer will give you the patience to locate your blessing. The prayer of strength to continue and the will to overcome. It takes strength to dig the earth and find your treasure.

The work is tiring and many give up fighting, even though it is in the direction of God. If Jesus gave you the map of the location of your blessing that is the Bible. He will guide you, so never give up.

What is the blessing you want? The liberation of your husband or the conversion of your child? Is the salvation of your family or is it in search of the gifts of the Holy Spirit?

My greatest blessing was my transformation. I had a surfeit of uncontrollable anger that sealed my understanding. It made me practice things I could not fix. My emotions were unstable and the feelings were fragile. I used to hurt easily, I cried for any reason, I did not forgive and still, I was sad for anything. This emotional instability made me want to argue and offend the person through the wrath of my heart. Jesus changed my life, I am another person and I was freed from my strong temper.

If you're praying, calm down and wait. The Lord Jesus reigns in every life that serves Him, that His communion be upon you Amen.



After this vision, I went to Costa Rica to make a mission. The time is short Jesus is coming back, I need to save souls from condemnation. When I arrived in Costa Rica, capital of San Rose, I stayed as usual and prayed to ask God for guidance on this mission. I depend on one hundred percent on Him, saying to the Lord, “Lord, You are my leader. You speak, and I will repeat Your words.”

I went to a church, I arrived at 7 o'clock at the time the service began. My vision opened, I saw angels descending from the sky with trays of gold. The Holy Spirit has revealed to me that the Angels have time to deliver the blessings of heaven. The people who arrived at 7 o'clock in the church received the blessings. Then the angels went back up to the sky. The people who arrived late in the service did not receive their blessings, for the angels were no longer there.



I bent my knee and went to pray. I had a vision of a Christian group praying to God for a blessing. The angels descended from heaven each with small gold bowls in their hands.

In these bowls was written blessings, and the angels wanted to deliver to every Christian who had prayed, their prayers were answered.

The Christian group began to murmur over the delay, and those angels returned to heaven bearing the blessings with them.

Lord Jesus directed me to the church where these brothers I saw in the vision congregate. I spoke of the vision to them.



I asked the angel because my salary is little. I wanted a raise and a lot of prosperity. The angel answered me, "Michael, your heart is not prepared to receive earthly conquests. Any material possessions of high value would be a barrier between you and Jesus. This would contribute to your turning away from the path of salvation. Which father would give something that would harm his son? So is our God."

"There are blessings matters that lead you to spiritual death. Blessings that will cause your spiritual life to commit suicide and be cast into hell. You asked for a financial blessing that will kill you. This blessing if you receive it now will kill your spiritual life. Your heart still desires the things of this earth, which makes it dangerous for you to receive. When you are prepared spiritually you will receive, God knows your heart. When the desire to have material things dies within you to the point of never again caring for the things of the earth, God will give you everything you want. But when that time comes, it will not make any difference to you. When the things of the flesh are born of the spirit, there will be no negative action upon your life."

I understood what the angel said. Now I understand why many Christians who make many prayer campaigns have not yet received their blessings. And only after years do they receive. Others do not persevere and deviate because of it. When it comes to material things it takes time. Everything that is part of this world is dangerous. God gives blessings and will never deny His children. But everything has the right moment. The secret is the more spiritual you are, the more material things you will be blessed with. As long as the heart is trapped in the things of the earth, the blessing will be delayed.


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