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I will continue to relate my testimony in Africa. I bowed my knee and went to pray. God gave me a vision of a great ladder that descended from heaven to the earth. From that sky, I saw many Christians in the first few steps and others in the middle. I was on that ladder. I had climbed more than half. Since the last sight, I climbed thirty steps up to now. The Lord revealed to me and said, "Kenzo, this ladder is the same as Jacob dreamed. The Earth and the sky has a ligament because of the chosen ones. Jacob managed to climb those steps of perfection, from a deceiver he became a great patriarch. You are standing on more than half of that ladder for you have climbed many spiritual steps. You have gone through all sorts of trials. You have been tested in every way and yet you never stopped praying and live a holy life. You have never murmured, but you have understood all. You have loved the brethren of other denominations in a time that Satan has put the churches at war. My people are accusing each other and some are attacking the denominations of others. They think that I am going to snatch their churches only; all this has contributed to the division."

"These multitudes of peoples that you saw on the first steps have not yet reached the middle of the heavenly ladder. That means that many are not prepared for the rapture. This spiritual ladder will give access to My Father's temple. Every step is new secrets revealed by God. My Father's throne is above the top of that ladder. Every step that you climb approaches His presence. The closer to the presence I will send My angel to take you away. You have climbed many steps and approached every day of the presence. of God. The curtain of heaven has been opened to you because you are on high spiritual steps. After that rapture even this year I will gather you. You are prepared to go to My glory. This mission will be your last test to advance more spiritual steps.”

When Jesus finished telling me these words, the sight of the stairs disappeared. All my humility has helped me to climb these steps. You have to empty yourself of your ego, of all your self. I have done it in the great missions. When I gained many souls and have cures, miracles, and liberation, all this I have emptied myself for lack of merit. Most of the brothers are exalted, because of the operations of signs and wonders. The Bible says that the humiliated will be exalted. I have humbled myself too much to get where I am. Those who exalt themselves do not go up spiritual stairs. The pride has prevented many from rising, and all who exalt themselves are humbled in their strength. The Holy Spirit has revealed to me that exaltation has hindered spiritual growth. That ladder I have seen is the way of salvation. The one that reaches the top, reaches God and will be taken from this earth.

I have felt the presence of God stronger every day as if He were by my side. For every step that I take, I feel closer to the presence of God. I have felt this presence when having lunch, taking a shower, sleeping, talking to people. This presence is very real. At the beginning of my experiences, I did not feel so much power. Now I feel like I am in heaven. I feel joy and a great peace.



The night at home I was praying to God. I had a vision of a spiritual ladder coming down from the sky.

Each staircase had people going up. 40 still had not climbed the stairs, 30 people were on the first steps, 20 people were halfway up those stairs. I saw myself on those stairs. I had passed the middle of the steps, approaching the celestial entrance, 10 people were on the same step I was.

Jesus told me, "The steps is the position of every servant of mine in the spiritual world. Every step they ascend, their values increase, seals of authorities are passed in their hands. Each step they advance, they receive heavenly offices and are promoted in the spirit world. Gifts and experiences accompany it. The office of man and earthly anointing is not valid for me, the Christian can be a bishop of the church and yet his office in the spiritual world be small. And a Christian who has no office in the church can have a great position in the spirit world and be feared by the diabolical legions."

The spiritual world is inverse to the material world, the small and humble to men I make great, and the great ones on earth in the spiritual world are small. Those whom men have not anointed for my work, I will anoint. I have commanded many pastors to anoint mine chosen ones, they have denied their anointing by their financial appearance."

"Kenzo, who raised your ministry, was it Me, or the man? Look at you, how I use your ministry. If you were raised by men, you would not have gotten where you came. I do not want your name divulged in the satanic media, lest it is exalted by man. I exalt the man without needing media. I have revealed to you, the three spheres of the spiritual world, heaven, hell and the air of spiritual regions where the rule of Satan rules the earth."



After these revelations, I went to Pastor Ramon.

Ramon said, "We the church must improve our conduct before God, and prepare for the great events that come.

Pastor Kenzo, "When you were sharing your visions to the church, I saw the angel putting a staff in your hand."

I asked Jesus, "What does this staff mean?"

The Holy Spirit said, "I am increasing your authority in the spirit world."

Then when Pastor Ramon gave me this revelation, I went to pray, kneeling near the church chair.


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