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I traveled in the spiritual world with this Man who was Jesus who later turned into a big eagle and asked me to climb on His back. He asked me to hold the wings of the big eagle. Jesus is the Almighty God yet I saw Him turn into a big eagle.

After traveling, we landed in a place where I saw men of God enter a building where Satan was sitting in front of an oval table. These pastors brought the souls of their members they had sacrificed and they received funds from the devil.

Jesus said to me, “You can identify these pastors through the symbol of their churches.”

Among these pastors I saw five men of God from my country. These pastors never preached repentance and holiness. I cried with anger to see these men of God come with the souls of the believers that they had sacrificed. Beloved, do not let any pastor lay hands on you.

The Bible said in Matthew 24:15 AKJV When you therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoever reads, let him understand.)


I saw a blue river and a powerful hand above the river. Then the hand which was above the river began to write the first letter. I saw it was “Destructive Satan.” Then the second letter which was “Immodesty,” then the third letter, “Assasin.” When I looked attentively, I saw that these letters constitute the word “AIDS.”

AIDS = Assasin. Immodesty. Destructive Satan.

Jesus asked me, “Mimi, is there AIDS in your country?”

I answered Him, “Absolutely. A lot of people die from this disease.”

Jesus asked, “How does a person die from AIDS?”

I told Him, “They lose weight. They feel like fire is burning in them. Then the antibodies are released.”

Jesus said, "Many people say AIDS is My punishment for the world but this is false. Only those who live in sexual promiscuity and profligacy contract this disease. My children who walk in My Word never have them but the devil gives nothing for nothing. He is the knight of the white horse who holds the bow and the arrow and hit those who take pleasure in sin. The knight who holds the bow is ready to punish them.”

Jesus said, “When someone discovers that he has AIDS, Satan personally will enter his heart because he is in despair and panic. Once the devil enters the life of the one who contracted AIDS, the spirit of immodesty will enter the life of this person. He will seek multiple partners and seek to infect many others too as he will not want to die alone. He will deliberately spread this disease for the destruction of many lives because the devil who is in him will push him in this world to propagate this disease. Then the dragon the destroyer will destroy his system and his bodily organs gradually. People will talk about the antibodies which weaken his immune system but the truth is the dragon, the assassin who holds the bow and arrow has shot him. The reason why AIDS patients feel fire burning in them is because the dragon who breathes and spits fire has entered the person.”

Jesus said, “Mimi, AIDS does not come from Me and if My children fall victim to this sickness, they will be cured.”


Jesus showed me a train moving along the railway. While the train moved, the people got off at their destination station.

Jesus told me, "Mimi, your world of the Earth is like a train traveling and everyone will get off the train in their destination. But this train will surely head to the final destination. While the train is moving every man living on Earth falls asleep with death which is his landing station which will lead him either to eternal bliss or eternal condemnation. Every man living on Earth is traveling on this train. When its time comes they get off the train.”

Jesus was talking about death.

Then we went to a fountain. Jesus took a cup of gold and filled it with living water from one of the fountains of the celestial kingdom and made me drink the water of life. He made me drink three times and He offered me a chair and we started to chat in front of a table.

He said, "Mimi, ask Me any question you want.”

I told him that I had no questions.

Jesus replied, “Mimi, you are in front of the Son of Man but you say you have no questions.”

Since I was not converted, I did not know what the term Son of Man meant.


Jesus said, "Mimi, in your world on Earth, it is night.”

When Jesus said that, I started laughing. I told Him, “Brother, You don't live in our country on Earth that's why you talk like that. In our country there is a cycle of day and night.”

Jesus told me, "Mimi, in the calendar of God the world is in the deep night.”

Then I saw Jesus making a sign with His hand. Consequently, I saw a tunnel which went from the sky down to the Earth. This tunnel showed the planet Earth. When I looked I could see that the Earth was covered with absolute darkness.

Jesus said, "Mimi, it is night in the divine prophetic clock. This is why you see the abomination and the immorality in the world but the morning will come where everything will be exposed. It is because you are in the night that you see the men putting on earrings like women, men having hairstyles like women, men marrying men but when the Morning Star arrives, its light will expose all that is done in the night.”

Then I saw Jesus drawing a prophetic picture.

He wrote in this painting, the words “darkness” and “light.” Under the word “darkness,” He described the persecution, the rapture, the tribulation, three years of peace, the deep night.

And finally, He wrote the “light of day.”

Jesus told me, "In a wink the rapture will take place. This will introduce the tribulation into the world. The saints must walk in sanctification because it is dark on the Earth yet many believers lack oil in their lamps.”

I ask Jesus, “What is the meaning of the lamp and the oil?”

He told me, "If someone comes to Church but he doesn't live according to My Spirit, he lacks oil in his spirit. It saddens Me as it is by the Holy Spirit of God that you were sealed for the day of redemption.”

Ephesians 4:30 AKJV And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby you are sealed to the day of redemption.


While we were sitting in front of this table, on this table there was a staff, a key, and a sword. Then Jesus gave me the staff.

He said to me, “This is holding the house together. This is the authority.”

Then Jesus gave me the sword.

I said to Jesus, “My Brother, I am not in combat or war.”

He told me, "This sword is My Word. Is it not written in My Word, “Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God.”

Ephesians 6:17 And take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

Finally, Jesus gave me the key and He told me, "Mimi, you must liberate My people. They are in bondage. They are not free. You must liberate My children from the various prisons that mankind falls into.”


Then Jesus told me, "Mimi, the train that you saw which is the representation of your world will stop at its final destination but for the moment the passengers who are the inhabitants of the Earth will each descend at their respective and specific station.”

Jesus told me, "Mimi, the world is moving towards its final destination. We are heading towards the end of everything.”

As Jesus spoke I could see as in a screen the death of the sinner and the death of the Christian. I saw people who gave up their souls. I saw those who were purified turned into bright and glorious light. They were clothed in pure white clothes. They were received by angels of light. They wore crowns built with precious stones.

Jesus said to me, “Those who purified themselves felt happy since they were received by the angels. They sang all the hosannas. It was the happiest day of their lives because they walked in holiness and they purified themselves and they defeated the world and the flesh. They are filled with rapture of joy and a spirit of praise. They sang hosanna with the angels to the Lamb of God.”

But I saw the horrible death of the sinners. Instead of turning into radiant light like the redeemed and victorious Christians, they were undergoing physical changes which were degradation and degeneration. I saw a man whose mouth had become big because during his life on Earth he used his mouth to abuse and insult others. I saw a man whose hands had grown large because he was fighting during his life. The sinners were confused and crying. It would have been better for them not to have been born in the first place.


Then Jesus transported me to Paradise.

Immediately, I noticed that I was dressed in pure white dazzling clothes. I saw multitudes dressed in pure white clothes that were shiny. I was informed that they have just arrived from the Earth because they kept their clothes white and stain-free.

Next to each of these Christians, I could see their photos. Everyone had their photos by their side but I also saw photos of people who were not present here. I was told that they were photos of the children and of God's servants that are living on Earth but they are cleansing themselves in repentance and sanctification and walking in holiness.

I also saw a lot of photo frames that were empty. I was told that these were the photo frames of people whose names are in the Book of Life before the foundation of the world. When the time comes, they will come to Jesus but they have not yet come to Christ but the kingdom of the heavens waits for them to respond to the Gospel and accept Jesus Christ.


Jesus said to me, "Mimi, when the Bible said, "The man shall leave his father and his mother and will be attached to his wife and the two will become one flesh. (Gen 2:24, Matt 19:5), this passage speaks first of Me although you take it for the earthly man who left his parents for his wife. Indeed I left My Father in the heavens and I went down on Earth to marry My wife who is the Church and I am flesh again with My Church.”

Jesus told me, "Mimi, what is written in the Song of Songs is only about Me and My wife the Church. It has nothing to do with your earthly marriage. Mimi, I am the one who inspired My servant Solomon to write this book which represents My union with My wife the Church.”

Song 2:14 O My dove, in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the stairs, let Me see your face, let Me hear your voice; for your voice is sweet, and your face is beautiful.

Jesus said, "When the Bible said, "... let Me hear your voice; for your voice is sweet,” this passage means that when I hear the Church My wife speaking the Good News of the Gospel all over the world, I am happy. The proclamation of the Good news of the Gospel by the Church My wife makes Me joyful.”

Jesus told me, "The Song of Songs is not to be understood for earthly marriages but rather of My union with My Church. That's why a lot of preachers have a hard time grasping the meaning of this book.”


Then we landed in a place where it was written, “Prison of the souls and spirits.”

I asked Jesus, “What is this place?”

Jesus told me, "These are the invisible prisons of Satan. There are many people on Earth who are in invisible prisons of the mind including Christians.”

Ephesians 4:17 This I say therefore, and testify in the Lord, that you should not walk from now on as other nations walk, in the vanity of their mind.

I asked Jesus, “What is the prison of the flesh?”

Jesus said, “There are people on Earth who live in fashion and trends. Every time a new garment comes out, they run to buy them. They rush to get the latest hairstyle or tattoo in vogue.”

Jesus said, "Mimi, this is your lifestyle so therefore you are in the prison of the flesh and you sleep with men to satisfy your lust.”

I asked Jesus about the prison of the soul.

He told me, "Mimi, a lot on Earth are nursing hatred, anger, resentment, and conflict in their hearts and minds. People who are angry and conflicted are in soul prisons. Their thoughts are controlled and they think and meditate on negative thoughts. People in such prisons are defensive and they take offenses personally because they think a lot but their thought processes are controlled and manipulated by demons. A preacher may be preaching on a matter in a general way but they will think that the preacher is singling them out. Everyone who has heart problems like lack of forgiveness, jealousy, pride, animosity, intemperance, wickedness, resentment is in this prison of the soul.”

I asked Jesus about the prison of the spirit.

Jesus told me, “Many Christians are imprisoned in this place. They can't pray, they can't read the Bible, they can't fast and when they sleep, they can't dream because their minds are imprisoned. They have to go through deliverance after repentance.”

A lot of people are transferred to Hell from the prison of the spirit at the time of death. Many Christians who live in sin are already placed in the world of death. There are people living on Earth but their spirits are placed in the world of death. Once they die, they will suddenly wake up in hell. Christians who can no longer pray or read the Bible are no longer free and they are in the prison of the spirits even though they are still living on the Earth.

Romans 8:6 For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace.
Revelation 3:1 'I know your deeds, that you have a name that you are alive, but you are dead.
1 Timothy 5:6 But she who lives in self-pleasure has died while living.


Then we went to a place where Jesus showed me a pond filled with both dead fishes and living fishes. I saw the owner of the pond come to inspect it. He stirred the water and left. He ignored the fishes that were dead and rotten in this pond. I was surprised and disturbed because I expected him to remove the dead fishes out of the water.

Jesus told me, “Mimi is hurt of course.”

I replied, “He should have removed the dead and rotten fishes and change the water.”

Jesus told me, "Mimi, if a human like you can get so wounded, how much more should I be who is God. Mimi, this pond is the representation of My Church and the fishes are the souls that I bought with My blood. I said to Peter and Andrew, “Come, follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matthew 4:19) The caretakers of the pond are men of God that I have entrusted the task of taking care of My children but as you can see they are not interested in the spiritual health of My children. They do not care who is alive and who is dead, who is free and who is in bondage. They don't care if a soul is lagging behind in their spiritual growth. They don't follow up on My children who are stagnant in their faith. They only come to look for fishes that they can use and consume. My people only care about the quantity but not the condition of the people who come to their churches.”

Then we went to visit another pond. In this pond, I saw fishes eating other fishes and I was surprised.

Jesus said to me, “It represents the state of the Church today.”

While we looked, I saw the owner of the pond come to check this pond. I found that it was not to put away those fishes that were eating other fishes. Instead, he took some fishes and cooked them.

Jesus said to me, “He uses the members of the Church for his personal interests. In these churches, the pastor sleeps with the singer or the intercessors. The fish eating other fish is the image of the Christian who is a stumbling block for other Christians. He offends and abuses other believers. You will see a singer fornicate with an intercessor, the pastor having a sexual affair with a member and a worshiper sleeping with the lady usher. This is the meaning of fish who eat fish. There are many careless and carefree pastors who would not preach repentance because they themselves are in fornication but the judgment will begin in the Church and these pastors will be severely judged.”

When we visited the third pond, I saw that there was a breach and the water was leaking and the fishes were falling on the dry ground and were dying and some were already rotting. Then I saw the owner of this pond come to inspect his pond. He saw that there was an opening and that the fish fell on the dry ground where there was no water. Those fishes lying on the ground were having trouble breathing but he deliberately ignored this situation. On top of that, he noticed that the pond water was dirty. Despite these things, he did not care to change the water or do something about the opening that was killing the fishes.

Jesus told me, "Mimi, you can see this pastor’s heart. Many of them have no heart to change the dirty water. The dirty water is the false teachings and false doctrines of demons plaguing the Church in this End Times. Many of My children eat rotten food and drink dirty water which are false doctrines but these dirty waters are destructive and harmful.”

Jesus tell me, “Mimi, I told you that the snake spew out dirty water on the woman who is the Church and the woman fled to the desert which is the condition of the Church today. There is the lack of spiritual nourishment and people are seeking the Word that will give them life. The devil is flooding the Church with dirty water of false doctrines of materialism and prosperity everywhere but the Bible said that the woman was secured by the two wings of the eagle which is the New Testament and the Old Testament.”

Jesus said, "The pure water provokes repentance, purification, and sanctification but in this time of the end, the serpent deploys false doctrines and deceives the Church with the teachings of materialism and formalism, which are well-liked. We are in the desert at this time of the end. It is difficult to find a good shepherd who will take care of the sheep today. If you have no money, the pastor does not care about you. They only care about those who are in a good position in society.”

2 Timothy 4:3 For a time will be when they will not endure sound doctrine, but they will heap up teachers to themselves according to their own lusts, tickling the ear.

Jesus said, "Mimi, a man told his wife to buy forks and spoons because they will receive many guests but on the day of the celebration the husband realized that his wife did not do the things according to his instructions. In fact, they lacked spoons and forks for that day. Therefore the husband was angry.”

Jesus told me, “Mimi, if the husband is angry because the woman failed to follow his instructions, how much more would I be angry if My wife the Church does not follow My instructions.”

That day I was silent listening to Jesus Christ speaking.


Jesus said, "Mimi, the stone that David used to strike Goliath is the New Testament and the Old Testament.”

Jesus said, “When I entered the temple, I chased away the merchants who sold animals because My house is a place of prayer. Today, those people who sell animals in the Church are My servants. They are supposed to show people the Lamb. They should be preaching repentance and purification and to prepare My people because the time is short but they got trapped with the message of prosperity. They don't prepare My people but they serve their belly which has become their god.”

“People come to Church for their prosperity and breakthrough but if they do not get what they came for, they will leave. This causes the servants of God not to preach on sin and repentance for fear of repelling the people. They do not want to thwart those living in sin because they are their financial partners. But I want My servants to seek what is inside the hearts and not the outside. What matters is the quality and not the quantity of the members.”

Jesus told me, "I chased the money changers out of the Temple. This means that there was a change. The world has entered the Church and the Church has entered the world. Things such as fashion, wealth and the trends of this world have entered the Church. The indecent and pornographic garments of the worldly dancers and sensual members have entered the Church. I say to My servants: the pigeons in the Temple are the image of the Holy Spirit and the anointing. Despite the fact that I told them that they have received freely and are to give freely yet they sell the pigeon which is the oil and the Holy Spirit. My servants are supposed to prepare My people for the rapture. They should teach purification and holiness but they sell animals. They are afraid to preach holiness and sanctification for fear of repulsing those who love prosperity. Even when My people are in sin their leaders still preach them prosperity. They are all going to the lake of fire. What matters is the quality and not the quantity.”


Jesus told me, "Mimi, I speak to My children in several ways. Sometimes I speak to them through the numbers and through the colors but they don't understand My language.”

“The number 1 represents God in its entirety.”

“The number 2 means division and separation from the devil and the world. The love of Jesus will enable us to separate from the people and friends of the world.”

“Number 3 is a representation of change and of the resurrection. There must be a difference between a believer in Jesus Christ and a non-believer. By the time, Peter was martyred and crucified, he already reflected the image of Jesus Christ.”

While I was talking to Jesus, He disappeared in front of me. I was wondering where He had gone when suddenly I saw this water which was blue. It had the shape of 'a diamond, then I saw a hand above the water. I also saw a tree in the middle of this blue river. There is too much to be observed about this river. I saw a lion coming. Then this lion has transformed into a man. This lion was the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

He said to me, “Mimi, come to Me.”

Once I was going to approach the water where Jesus was standing, I saw like seven figures. I saw colors and 12 stones. I couldn't understand the meaning of all this. I wondered how a tree can grow in the middle of the river. I wondered who is this man above the river.

Jesus told me, "Mimi, I am the Tree of Life. The branches of the tree are My children.”

Jesus said, "The five fingers of the hand are the five ministries.”

Jesus said, "The twelve stones are the twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve apostles.”

Then Jesus said, “12 is My number because 1 + 2 equals to 3. The number 3 is also My number and the number of the divinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

Jesus said, "The 12 disciples plus Myself was like 13. This is why one of us had to leave us so that we have the number 12 which is equal to 3. This is why the son of perdition had left and we stayed. The disciples plus Myself equal to 12 and is therefore My number.”

“The devil's number is 666.”

“If you calculate My number 777, you will see that 7 plus 7 equals to 14. 14 plus 7 equals to 21. When we take 1 plus 2, it equals to 3 which is the number of the divinity.”

Jesus told me, "There are 12 crowns in the sky which are the 12 powers.”

“The devil fell from Heaven with the crown number 8, the crown number 9 and the crown number 11. These are his powers and he can intimidate a lot and he can make demonstrations but I have 12 crowns.”

Jesus told me, “Tell the men of God that when a newcomer comes to Church, he should not jump the queue or override the steps. He should not be offered any position immediately just like that. He should go through a process of maturation because in the mystery of number 1, it means that the newcomer must seek God in its entirety.”

“The number 2 means separation, detachment, and partition. He must separate and detach himself from the world. He must crucify the flesh.”

“Number 3 means change and resurrection. He must change.”

“The number 4 is the power of God. It means that the believer should seek to be filled and to take on the power of God.”

“The number 5 is the hand of God. This means that he should seek the hand of God in his opinion.”

The number 7 is perfection. He must work to seek perfection.”

Then I looked at Jesus and He looked at me.

“The number 10 means grace.”

“The number 12 is the deity.”

He told me, "The devil did not fall with these numbers. He fell with the numbers 8, 9 and 11.”

“Number 12 is for Me. I chose the twelve disciples.”

Jesus told me, “When someone comes to Church, he must seek God (1), he must be separated from the world (2), he must be changed (3,) he must to be in the presence of God (4), he must be perfected (7).


Then Jesus told me, “Let Me speak to you about colors. The white color is holiness. The yellow color is fidelity. The red color means the purification. The green color is joy. The yellow color is peace. Orange is the goodness of the Lord. The color pink is temperance. Grey is the color of sweetness. Purple is the color of caution.”


We landed in a place where there were a lot of earthly goods. I saw a garment that I gave to a friend several years ago.

I said to the angel of the Lord, “This garment was mine.”

The angel told me, “This place is a trash. We throw things away that you give people reluctantly with murmuring.”

The angel said, "Mimi, when you gave your friend this, that moment you despised her in your heart. That's why this garment ended up here in the trash.”

There were insects that were eating up the things that I saw here.

The angel said, “You are going to tell the believers when you give something to someone in need do not murmur in your heart. Give cheerfully. If not, it will end up in the trash.”

This place was truly a trash can and it was full of earthly goods that people offered their fellows with double hearts.

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  1. This testimony is satanic because 777 represent lightning bolt. Lightning bolt represent Satan in witchcraft because Jesus said Satan fell as lightning from heaven. Secondly Christians are never called fish but sheep in the bible. This testimony is not from Jesus.