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Revelation of the rapture of the church, the Lamb supper in the New Jerusalem.

The revelation you hear was given to Brother Thiago Owerton by Jesus Himself on the Third of May 2014 so that the world would wake up about what is to come. Jesus is coming back

On that Sunday night, I was on my knees around my bed asking for forgiveness for my mistakes, thanking God for everything. Then I slept.

I remember that night I was very cold and it was raining a lot. Then I had fallen asleep around two in the morning. It was around four in the morning, I knew it because I saw the clock in the kitchen indicating the time. I do not know how to explain what followed.

Suddenly someone burst into my room and he woke me up. I did not feel my body which was laying on the bed. I realized that I was awake and not in the body but rather in the spirit. Then a supernatural force took me to the hill next to my house.

And when I opened my eyes, I realized that I was on the hill and it was day, but I did not understand what was happening on the hill. There was still fog on top of the hill and the city was still sleeping. I hardly heard noises, only the wind blowing and the birds singing. I suddenly heard soft music with their sounds almost like a flute. It shifted my whole body.

I looked up from the city to the sky and I saw a being of light in the form of an angel. He was descending from Heaven as if he was floating and hovering over. I was just curious to know who was that brilliant and resplendent being who was coming towards me. I was still watching him approaching close to me. He was floating without touching the ground. He wore a white robe, his face shone brightly like the sun but I noticed an impressive radiance and glow on his face and my eyes could look at him without getting hurt. His countenance was a great light.

Then he looked at me and smiled at me. His voice was the most beautiful that I've ever heard in my entire life. It was sweet. At the moment he told me, “You invoked the Lord who searches the heart. He sent me to show you things that are hidden and things that people never imagined.”

The moment he touched me, I was transported thousands of kilometers away. In seconds, I was taken to many places of the Earth. And in seconds, from there, I have seen incredible things that have changed my life forever.

The Angel of the Lord took my hand and we quickly flew out together towards the center of the planet Earth to a country called Croatia. He took me to a street where I was seeing a procession. I saw that there were many people worshiping idols there. I realized at that moment that people were passing in front of me. They did not see me.

I was with the angel observing people from a window. They could not see us. I was not only accompanied by the angel, I was also accompanied by my wife and my son Michael who today is four years old, but in the vision, he appears to be seven years of age. I realized that in this vision we were in the future time. We were observing the future from a window. There was also a child that had white hair smooth with curly ends.

The angel instructed the 11-year boy and my son to step out of the window in the physical reality and evangelize.

He said to them, “Chosen Ones, go to the midst of the people and evangelize.”

They both came out in the middle of the procession and began to preach the Word of God. But people seemed to bother with the presence of little Michael, who was talking about the love of Jesus and trying to deliver the brochures to all the people that were there. I saw people pushing him and trying to assault my child who was so small and helpless.

The Spirit of God did not let that happen. My son returned to the spiritual window where I was and he was sad with tears. He looked at me for comfort and he shook the head as if he was trying to tell me, “Dad, I could not evangelize. They did not want to hear the words of salvation. They did not want to understand the love of Jesus in their lives.”

Then the angel smiled at him and took the leaflets from his hand and caressed his head.

Then he looked at me and said, “Take the leaflets Son of Man, go to the crowd and evangelize.”

Immediately I was overwhelmed by a strong desire to speak of the love of Jesus to all without fear.

I went out of the window where I started to speak up in a loud voice, “Jesus is coming back, Jesus is coming back. He is the hope of the world. Repent and accept Him as the Savior of your lives.”

But nobody wanted to hear that. Many of the people were heading in my direction to attack me.

They said, “Arrest this Christian. He deserves to die. We do not want your Jesus because we have our gods.”

At that moment, I saw the crowd coming into my direction to kill me. I was very scared and when I closed my eyes, I felt my body flying as fast as the speed of light. When I opened my eyes again, I was inside the spiritual window with the angel who smiled at me. My wife, my son and my little girl, were looking out from the window. I saw Croatia no more.

We were somewhere else in another country in a square full of people and there was a party. At that moment, I realized that we were in France. We tried to evangelize. But the beautiful people called me crazy and the crowd screamed, “Kill this Christian. And let's see if Jesus that he preaches will save him. Because we don't need to be saved from anything. We are well.”

Then all these people began to run in my direction with great fury to kill me. I once again felt the power of the Spirit of God pulling me into the spiritual window and took me to another place.

When I opened my eyes, I was in another place. I remember that the climate was hot. The day was clear without clouds in the sky. I knew I was in the Middle East. When I looked in front of me there was a multitude of bodies on the ground and I was in the midst of all those bodies. The bodies were mutilated, and I saw decapitated heads. Charred bodies were rotting with very strong smell. I knew that all these bodies belong to Christians, people who have been killed because they have proclaimed the Word of God.

When I turned to look, I saw war. I saw people killing each other with machine guns and all kinds of weapons. I went into the middle of the war and saw that those who fought were Jews and Muslims and other peoples as well.

So I began to shout aloud the Gospel of the Lord Jesus, but no one cared. Then I saw men running in my direction to kill me.

Suddenly, I was taken back by the Spirit to my city. I was in a small church near my house. I was preaching God's Word to all those people that were there. I remember screaming loudly to everyone to repent of their sins because Jesus is coming back. People here were saved but they were carnal. They did not humble themselves to repent. I shouted to them to repent or they will be sentenced to eternal death. But they were accustomed to hearing the Word of God so they did not pay attention. They hardened their hearts.

Many of them didn't respect the house of the Lord. They were chewing gum while others gossiped. They talked to each other and others were laughing and mocking me in their heart. I did not care about that. I shouted louder so that they should repent. I shouted, “Jesus is coming back!” but they did not hear. They were there only with their bodies, but their minds were far from the Lord.

In that moment, I began to feel a strong presence of God. My heart was beating fast, and I started to shake while I was still preaching. Suddenly, I saw a strong light entering the gate of the church. A couple sitting in the crowd saw it as well. Together, we began to contemplate that light. No one else could see the light except the three of us.

Inside the light, I saw a white cloud heading in my direction. At that moment, I was sure that Jesus had returned to take the chosen ones to eternal life. I started to cry and I shouted to the people with all my strength, “Jesus has returned. Repent for the love of God. Repent from your sin.”

With a sad heart, I saw that crowd bursting into laughter and mocking me. Then I fell on my knees crying out to God for all these people listening to me. At that moment I also saw the cry of the Lord and the couple who were standing in the crowd. And then came a voice from Heaven like the sound of thunder. It was heard throughout the whole planet.

The voice said, “The end is here.”

At that moment the Earth stopped turning, the time stopped and a great earthquake happened. Then all the wicked and sinners fell to the ground with much violence.

I began to hear people in the church calling the name of the Lord.

They shouted to the Lord out loud for forgiveness, saying there were sorry, but it was too late.

For this reason, you also must be ready because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect Him.

The cloud of light in this church took two babies and also the couple that stood up. We began to float within the church. People got scared when they saw this. At that moment, I felt my body becoming light as if there was a force pulling me in the air in a horizontal trajectory out of the church.

At that moment, despair took over all the people that were left there in the church. I saw young adults, couples, and parents in and out of the church in all places in despair because they understood that we were going up.

Then several people clung to my legs with their hands, saying, “I want to go. Take me with you. I played with Jesus, please forgive me.”

I began to pray because all of them were on me. As a result, they were no longer able to bear the power of God. A force dragged me outside the church and pulled me up.

When I looked down, I saw many that were left behind. They were in full agony and despair. I realized that many were coming up beside me everywhere, but they were far fewer than those who are left behind, maybe 1000 times less than those who were behind.

What I witnessed was scary. I saw people running from one side to another in total confusion. The crowd was crying out for forgiveness, but there was no hope. I still cried for all the lost souls.

When I was rising in the clouds, a ray of light emerged and touched my forehead. As a result, I receive a new name that was in that ray of light. I do not know what was written. But when I was touched by this ray of light, I felt the power of God passing through my body. Suddenly my garments were changed and I acquired a garment that was whiter than snow. And I noticed that I was wearing sandals on my feet that were golden. From my forehead was flowing a glowing light that went down throughout all my body like rain until it reaches the soles of my feet.

At that moment, I acquired the ability to fly in that very moment the same ray of light entered in my eyes. As a result I was given the gift of the eye of an eagle. I could fly wherever I wanted to fly. The Bible says that they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings of eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31)

I thought I was two meters away, but I noticed that I was already above the clouds. I noticed on my left my son and my wife. I know some of my people were there, but most did not make it. There were people from all parts of the Earth. I was seeing people of various races, languages, colors, and cultures.

So I looked down to Portugal again, I saw a church that was in total despair because the shepherd could not be caught in the rapture. He could not fly. I also saw people who never had entered an evangelical church but were rising too and I did not understand.

The Angel of the Lord approached me and said, “Remember, the mysteries and the plans of God are not to be understood, but they are to be accepted because He is the Master. The world has given itself to religions. According to your choices, you will receive your reward.”

At that moment I saw radiant and resplendent angels of Heaven. They were standing around the opening above the Earth's atmosphere, and they were sounding the trumpets. As a result, a light descended from Heaven and from within the light was a rider and knight who appeared in the light. He was riding a white horse and He was in His golden armor. I saw that it was written on His thigh, “King of kings and Lord of lords.”

Then He raised His sword and said, “Everything is finished on the Earth. I'm the Morning Star.”

At that moment I saw Michael, the Prince of the Lord’s Armies on the Earth who spoke in an unknown language that I never heard on Earth, but everyone understood his voice. In that tower, all the hills of the Earth fell and there was a great earthquake. I was facing the light of the Lord and my eyes ached. When he spoke, his explosive and thunderous voice was powerful in the ears of all saints who were floating there above the Earth.

It was also possible to hear people shouting down on the Earth. They could not bear to look at the light that was the Son of God Himself, whose explosive voice was also heard on the face of the Earth. The wicked could not bear to hear the powerful voice that was so strong.

Then I saw behind the Lord objects in queer shapes that looked like spaceships but were not made from a material of the Earth or known to man. The carriages were made of pure power. The celestial chariots of light were made of flames of fire that were adorned with sheer glory and light. They were thousands of thousands of them. Then the supernatural force of the Lord settled a million saints into the carriages of the Celestial chariots of light and fire.

Once the angels sealed the doors of the chariots of fire, we started our trip to the eternal kingdom of Heaven. I remember that I saw the sun stopped shining, the moon turned red as blood. We then traveled in a blink of an eye at an incredible speed that it is impossible to describe.

Suddenly, we surged into a place similar to a planet that seems 10 times or perhaps 20 times the mass of the Earth. We were beholding a world of glorious light before us. I saw that there was no sun and no moon. There existed no night and no stars shone in the light of day. It was incredible and extraordinary. So we all stood before a huge gate of pearl. The pearly gate there was an immense garden with green grass and many fruits.

Then a radiant Angel approached and said, “Enter into the joy of Your Master.”

And everyone started going through this gate. I saw everyone entering the gate of the city. When it got to my turn something surprising happened. When passing through the gate, I felt like I was floating and I noticed that my body was transformed. The body that was perishable is raised imperishable. It is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory. It is sown in weakness, it is raised in power. It is sown in a natural body but it is raised a spiritual body.

If there is a natural body there is also a spiritual body. I no longer had the body of flesh. I no longer had a carnal skin since my skin became transparent light as a spirit of diamond color. I looked at my hands and I saw that I could see through them. I realized that red blood was no longer flowing in my veins. Instead, there was light and lightning raging strong in my system.

There was electricity in this immortal body. The light that was flowing in my glorified body was golden as if it was fire. I realized that we were the same as Jesus Christ Himself. The Bible said, we will be like him.

1John 3:2 Beloved, now we are children of God, and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be. But we know that when He shall be revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.

One difference is that His brilliance and radiance was stronger.

The wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever. (Daniel 12:3)

I looked at all the saints that were there. I realized that I knew the name of each one of them. Moreover, I saw that it was no longer possible to see their faces because of the brightness that they had.

But I knew who was who. We were entering this celestial garden, then we saw before us in the middle of the garden, a huge and infinite table that went forever. I saw golden chairs aligned to this unending table, then a banquet appeared on the same table. The taste of the smell of that food is impossible to describe. There is nothing like that on the Earth smelling so tasty. And everybody took a seat in order to be served the meal. We all sat and dined. Nobody was left standing and no one was left without seat and food. Blessed are those who are invited to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

I noticed that Jesus was not in one location, but He was everywhere at the same time. I have seen Him in three places at the same time. There was a lot of joy and a lot of party and fun. This festivity and banquet did not stop. It was a seven years party. Many will come from east and west and recline at the table with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the kingdom of Heaven. I noticed that during this seven years period, the Christians were continually eating and drinking. No one became fat yet the saints were eating and enjoying continually.

Many of the things that I saw during the seven years of banquet were beyond men’s imagination. I saw glittering and radiant precious stones that do not exist on the Earth. I saw living and vibrant colors that were beyond understanding. While the banquet continued for seven years, we did not realize the time elapsing on Earth.

Actually our memories of the Earth were removed. They had been taken away by God. The Mighty Lord was sitting on the Throne and that was the source of light that illuminated everything. He was the Light lighting the whole celestial kingdom.

So after seven years of the banquet of the Lamb, the angel of the North, of the South, of the East and of the West stood before God's Throne. They showed themselves before the Almighty Who reigns forever, who is the Light of all the existence, the Master of all that exists. He is the Lord that the saints have not yet contemplated nor the face of the Creator that had been worshiped by the saints yet.

Than the angels blew the trumpets in a loud voice before the Mighty One who reigns eternally, the One who is the light of all existence, the Master of everything that exists. As a result, in all the Heaven the saints, the cherubim and angels all prostrated themselves before the Creator and they pressed their faces to the ground and worshiped Him.

Then the Throne of God moved closer to the people, then He spoke in a huge voice, “Now all things are subjected to My Son.”

Everybody worshiped Him, the saints of Heaven and the angels said, “Holy, Holy, Holy, the whole universe is full of Your glory.”

Then I saw emerging from behind the throne, a huge city that was being created by God Himself. It descended from God toward the saints and the angels of the Lord. I do not know how to describe its full size or width. But there never was and never there will be a city like that. It was made of gold. There was a river of crystal glass and streets of gold. The houses were made of precious stones. Its walls impenetrable as they were very high.

The Angel of the Lord came down and led us to the gate of a city. We entered into the holy city that the Lord Almighty prepared for us. The angels led us to the city and I flew over it. When everyone was there in the holy city, admiring I saw the throne of God descending in the middle of the city. He left the transparent dome like glass that sealed the whole city through the walls and filled all its extension and its space.

At that moment, the order was given by the Lord to descend to the Earth. We were inside the holy city that was descending. We were heading back to Earth. I saw the holy city, the New Jerusalem, coming down out of Heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man, and He will live with them. They will be His people, and God Himself will be with them as their God. (Revelation 21:3)”

And when we got to the solar system, I looked up and I saw that the sun did not really shine, the stars disappeared.

The sea no longer existed and there was no water anywhere. The ground was empty, but there was still a man who was lying on the Earth. The holy city and the glory of God began to enter the Earth. I was amazed to see the brightness of the city of glory.

The man who was lying in the middle, he lifted up his head and stood and shook his body and his arms. At that moment the ashes that were around him fell and he turned into a cherubim of immense wings.

Then the holy city landed on the Earth right in the center of the ancient Jerusalem, and the dome kept the city open. The throne of the Lord and the Lamb were over the entrance.

The Lamb was sitting next to the Creator, and an immense crystal ramp came down from the Throne to touch the Earth. And then at the end of the ramp was a light. Then I saw God standing from the throne.

I was on the side of the Lord's throne, I saw something spectacular. A breath came out of God and spread throughout the Earth. As a result, I saw the redemption of the Earth, the air and the sea. I saw the sea rising again. Then I saw a new Heaven and a new Earth, for the first Heaven and Earth had passed away and the sea was no more.

Romans 8:18-21 For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. 19 For the earnest expectation of the creature waits for the manifestation of the sons of God. 20 For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of Him who has subjected the same in hope, 21 Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.

In a blink of an eye, God restored the Earth. I saw that the Earth and all that was in it, all the sin and Satan and his demons were destroyed together in the Lake of Fire. They disappeared forever from the whole universe and the Lord rebuilt the sky and the Earth and the land. There was a rock of grass green with trees and crystal clear waters. All animals were good.

In this age, there was only one city and in the middle of the city, there was a river of crystal clear water, and the tree of life that gave 12 fruits per year.

In this city in the new Earth and new Heaven I realized that I was very smart. I had superior knowledge. I knew physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, geology, astronomy. It was as if a part of me that awakened, a part of us that died in the Adamic sin was restored. I was no longer hungry and had no need to sleep. I could travel to wherever I wanted with the power of thought. I could move to any part of the Earth in the speed of thought.

Then I saw Jesus sitting next to a source of water and playing with children. I approached Him. When He saw me He hugged me. I looked into His flaming eyes and told Him that I had a request to make. He looked at me in the eye and smiled.

I said, “You gave me so many revelations. You granted me to see God, and so many other extraordinary things that I have experienced, but I still have a dream. I know the beautiful things that God created far from here on Earth. I read one day in Your words that all that God created would be revealed to men. I wish I can see the mystery of God that is yet to be revealed that is hidden.”

Jesus was not willing to reveal more mystery. Then a breath came out of the mouth of God. As a result, I saw the reconstruction of the bodies of all those who had died without Jesus. I saw the dust of the Earth and water. I saw visceral arteries be reconstructed, bones were refitted, then blood in their veins and organs, hair and skin, and the breath of God blew inside the nostrils of the dead, and they came back to life the same way they had died with all the consciousness and conscience of their past lives as if they were awakened from a deep sleep.

And I saw the dead great and small, standing before the Throne. And there were open books and one of them was the Book of Life. And the dead were judged according to their deeds as recorded in the books. I saw a being of light among the crowd of the dead. It was Satan and his demons who were to be judged before the Throne of God and angels.

I saw angels with huge books, and I heard a voice coming from the Throne of God and that voice called the first person. The man was in a suit and carried something in his hands that looked like a Bible and he stepped to the Lord’s Throne and adored Him. When he raised his head, I saw terror in him.

God had not yet said anything, but the sins of that man began to torment him right there in front of the Creator. Then I saw Satan looking at him.

The man started to scream, “Lord, I am the pastor, I did Your will. I won souls for Your kingdom. I built temples for Your name and made sacrifices. I walked all my life according to Your word, but I am here being judged by You, instead of being rewarded with Your heavenly joy and glory.”

Then I saw God give a sign to the angel. Then the angel brought a huge book and touched the book. The book opened and the angel said, “Here is your story where your most hidden secrets are written.”

The man was filled with fear and despair.

The angel said to this pastor, “What you just said is true. However, later in your walk with God, your heart changed. It was corrupted for money. You introduced doctrines in the church that were not within the Word of God because you lived many lives. You are stealing the tithes and offerings of the house of the Lord for your own benefit for greed. Money that can be spent on God’s house, you spent it on your carnal desire. You ended up in fornication and drinking. Your wife inside the house waited for forgiveness and reconciliation but you never asked her. Today the Creator has tried you according to your works.”

Then I saw on the side, a river of fire that seemed like volcanic lava. It stretched across the land. The angel of the Lord took the man and cast him to the abyss of the river of fire and he was consumed.

Afterward, the voice that came out of the Throne of God called another man, and I saw someone coming out from within the crowd on the ramp. And when arriving before God, he prostrated. Another angel was called. The angel stepped forward and the book was opened.

In that book was written the whole history of that young man who began to speak desperately with tears in the eyes almost without a voice.

He said, “Sir, I acknowledge that You are God. I've lived my whole life believing in You. I attended church service every week to worship. I always prayed in the church. I was evangelizing. I did what Your words told me. But why am I being judged by You? Why am I not in the holy city and Your heavenly joy?”

Then God gave a signal to the angel who started reading the book and he said, “You often worshiped God who blesses you. You read the Scriptures daily, but your heart was in the world but not the Scriptures. You were praying to God but you did not regret your sins. You performed your services in Church but you did not win souls for God. You despised your own family. You did not love your family and your children because your friends were more important. One of them is the love of money. It is written love one another as the Lord loves you. You forgot about the true essence of God that is love. So you are being tried in the court of divine justice with truth and wisdom.”

At that moment fire came down from Heaven and consumed the young man right there and he was thrown into the fire.

Then I saw a young man of about 17 to 18 years old who came to the ramp. He was well dressed and came forward and prostrated. Then he raised his head and beheld the glory of God. At that moment he was filled with fear and started crying desperately. So once again, God called another angel who came with a book in his hand and which was written the life of that boy who said nothing. But I saw the terror in his eyes. He was terrified.

The angel started to read a book and said, “You were blessed since you were born and you were raised in a rich family where you lacked nothing. You always had available drink and food. You had all the wealth of the Earth. You had an issue of loving your neighbor. Your parents prepared everything they had for you. But when your parents heard about the death of the Creator, they accepted Him in their hearts, hoping that you will join them, but you rebelled against them. You hardened your heart when the Lord was calling you. Is it not true that you preferred drugs? Alcohol and prostitution dominated you. You preferred that lifestyle over the Lord and the love of God. Your parents who were obedient though they had everything loved you and had affection for you. Later in your life a believer offered you an invitation to accept Jesus Christ in your life. However you thought nothing else matters, except to have fun, partying with friends. You did not care about your family and God. One day a last chance of salvation came in your life. On that day the Lord Jesus Christ made you the last invitation through your own parents. But you said, “I do not need this Jesus Christ. I do not need this God of yours.” Despite the fact that time after time you fell victim of your own drug poison, Jesus Christ brought you back to life, the same Jesus that you refused and denied. Now you are being tried in God’s tribunal where there is no forgiveness to those who rejected His name.”

At that moment. I saw God standing up and He looked at the young man and ordered his punishment And the angels took him and cast him in the lake of eternal fire to be tormented for all his sins.

The multitudes who were there before God knelt and adored Him. It was hard for me to see all this judgment especially of seeing all those people who had the chance and opportunity of God's love. The multitude of people that were before God were all judged according to their works. I do not know how long that trial lasted.

Later on, we traveled towards my city and landed at the same place on top of the hill. I saw the whole city from above and stayed confused at that moment. I did not understand what was happening.

Then he touched my forehead and my memories came back. My head remembered everything I had seen and felt. I wanted to go back. I wanted to stay there with Him in that wonderful place forever. I wanted to be with my Lord forever.

Jesus said, “I chose you to be a witness of all these things I've shown you.”

But I wanted to go back anyway. I wanted to stay there with Jesus.

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