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If I became Christian, it doesn’t mean that all sorcerers have become converted. They continue to work. I give you this testimony to allow you to be tolerant and to know how to fight sorcerers. As I have said before, at night when we were flying, we saw all the houses of pagans and hypocrite Christians without roofs, nor frames, nor sheets, or ceilings, we could see everything. You can be in your bedroom, a sorcerer looks and sees everything because you are a hypocrite or a pagan.

But there were other houses that we saw from afar. They were surrounded by flames of fire and we could not even go near them. And the flames of fire that were around these houses had an effect on a vast area. Even the surrounding houses were protected by these flames of fire. There are some pagans who are not easily hit by sorcerers because their houses are close to the houses of Christians. Beloved, our God is faithful. When you read Obadiah 1:18, the Word of God says: "And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame."

What allowed us to go down into those houses that we saw without roofs?

Firstly: Spiderwebs. Hygienically, spider webs are nothing but dirt. But spiritually, they are antennas by means of which sorcerers come into your houses. If there are those things in your house, remove them immediately.

Secondly: Photos, pictures, idols. Pictures of a false Jesus (with a red heart and ray lights); a picture of a false Mary; a cross with a dead Jesus. My beloved, who told you that Jesus is on the cross? He was on the cross, it's true. But He left the cross more than 2000 years ago. All these pictures are idols. Don't put them in your homes. This is idolatry! And God condemns idolatry. That is why God said in Exodus 20:4 "You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below." It is an abomination, and sorcerers cannot be afraid of you because there is a picture in your house. We must not put the Lord Jesus on the wall, but He must be in us. That is why Paul said in Galatians 2:20 "I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me."

Thirdly: All the houses where there is someone who has already dealt with fetishes. The Bible tells us clearly in Deuteronomy 18:11 "There shall not be found among you anyone that, who consults the dead." And even people who have incisions are unconscious sorcerers. When you go to a witch doctor, he takes the blade and cut your skin, and there we see that there is blood coming out. He takes a black powder, which you know neither where it comes from, nor the meaning of the words he utters on it. And when he applies it to your blood, it gets into the blood and demons enter in you. Even while you were doing incisions, a few drops of your blood remained on the blade of the witch doctor, which must give the report to his master in the evening. So he takes the blade on which your blood is, yet we know that the life of the man is in the blood, and then one takes your blood and sends it to Lucifer. Through your blood that you gave yourself to Lucifer, he is able to control your life and block your projects.

Fourthly: When you're in a house, you should never go to sleep if you have conflicts. Before sleeping, make the effort to settle your dispute, if not, it will open various doors to Satan to harm you. So when we were having fun in such houses, we would put nets all around them when we were leaving, in order to prevent people from waking up in the morning and go to church for the morning intercession or to weaken them in their morning prayer. Because we knew very well that if those people wake up in the morning and go to Church for prayer, everything we did during the night will be null and void. Because the Church of Christ is a place where one enters with problems and comes out with the solution.



Today you will receive the gift of dreams just as Joseph had. And I will speak with you through dreams. Now go back to your body. I returned to earth and began to pray. And the Holy Spirit revealed to me 13 kinds of people in the church.

At night I prayed and went to sleep and for the first time, I had a revelation in the dream. An angel appeared in my dream and said he will reveal to me about 13 temples.


The angel said, "I will show you how the spiritual houses are from every Christian in your congregation."

The angel took me to the first house. It was a dark house, and we entered into it. When we started walking in it we found rats, insects, cockroaches and fly worms. A great stench of carrion flooded the house. I walked with the angel in several rooms of the house and always found insects. The house was messy and abandoned. I entered a part of that house and a snake jumped in my direction to inject its venom. I was able to dodge in time and farther ahead of the house we found a lot of snakes together. I asked the angel where was that, where are we.

The angel took me out of that house and carried me up into the air. The angel answered me, "They are the spiritual houses of the members of your congregation. They have their interiors filled with the abodes of demons. Their hearts are dark and full of sin. This house where you were, symbolizes the lives of some members of your church."

I said, "How can it be? We are a holy people, my church will go up to heaven."

The angel said, "There is no collective salvation, where there is wheat there are also the tares."


The angel took me to the second house. As I entered, I noticed that the house was full of irons with two-headed fireworks resembling Olympic torches. Those irons were standing illuminating every corner of that house. The house was full of large cracks that are opened to the view of the street.

A strong wind came in the house and extinguished those torches of fire and everything went dark. A few minutes later bats began to enter together with a swarm of grasshoppers into that house. That house was uncomfortable because of the noise of those grasshoppers and bats. The angel said, "The house that you saw had 7 fires which are the candlesticks symbolizing the presence of the Holy Spirit. The wind that entered the house and put out the flames is the influence of the world that entered the lives of the saved. The flames of the Holy Spirit faded and the oil was gone, leaving life in darkness. Sin has enveloped the saved. Sin walked in and settled inside their homes through the media."

True Christians are not known publicly and have no connection with the satanic media. Television was created to offer fame, money and to exalt men as stars of the world. Satan has given this power to those who follow him. Jesus refused all this on earth when Satan offered him the proposal in the wilderness. Christians of evangelical programming sold themselves to become famous in the media.


The angel took me to the third house. A strong wind shook the foundation and the roof began to fall. The house collapsed all over and that strong wind was infested with buzzards entered inside.

The angel said, "This is the end for all who remain in sin. Those vultures symbolize the powers of destruction. These kinds of people are not strongly founded and based on the Word but are found in the churches."


The angel took me to the fourth house. And there was a man in black in front of the door. The door opened wide for the black-robed man who looked like a vampire. I was afraid to go into the house. The angel said, "Fear not, he will not see us."

We entered the house and this man was destroying the whole house with a sword. All the furniture in that house was destroyed. The man lit a torch to light the house. The fire was red. That fire symbolizes the evil presence.


The angel took me to the fifth house. The resident there was a very beautiful woman. She was dressed in a short tight dress. Her red lips glowed. She was sexy and seductive looking like a model.

Inside this house, there were many colored lights that flashed and looked like a party house of songs and dances. The angel brought me out of the house. And outside the house were many designs, paintings pink, red, black, blue and purple. They were 6 colors that adorned that house symbolizing some of the numbers of the beast. The house was flashy.

The angel said, "That woman is the seducing demon that dwells within the temples of many women of his church. He settles inside them and changes their personalities, making them sexier and more attractive. Its interiors are sensually appealing making them appear as such in their appearances. The works of the heart are manifest in the flesh. A woman who lives this way does not have a clean interior and lives with her heart stained with lasciviousness."

The women of the church are imitating this demon of the beauty you saw. It means that they are being controlled by this demon.


The angel took me to the sixth house. It was a very old, finished house full of holes. Inside this house was a group of white men in their uniforms.

They repaired the house and closed those crevices with cement and then painted that house in white on the outside. And inside the house, they did a makeover leaving the house perfect. This house was without light, but those men would put on electricity and the light lighted up the whole house.

The angel said, "These men you saw are the angels who work on earth, reforming the lives of those who have been in the church and grown in age. Spiritually, they no longer feel the presence of God and will be renewed like this old house."

The white color you saw in the house is their justification through Jesus.


The angel took me to the seventh house. There was a lot of fierce animal noises inside. I was afraid to enter, yet I trusted the angel with me and tried to enter. The angel prevented me from entering and stood at the door.

A man in white dressed as a priest came to the door. He entered the house and all the animals left; fleeing from his presence. The alien-like animals were expelled from that house. This priest cast out those demons and took all the dirt out of that house, threw away the old things and scented the whole house. The rotten stench disappeared, and a scent of perfume flooded the house. The angel said, "Let us enter." And that priest kindled the fire-candle of that house and put a sign with letters of gold that said, "Here the thief does not enter." That priest locked the door and prepared a supper table for me and the angel. We sat at the table with the priest. The monsters knocked on the door to get in, but it was locked. Those monsters could not get in and they left.

The angel said, "When Jesus comes back, whoever has the seal of the flame will be taken up with Him. This is the mark of those who have the Holy Spirit in their lives."


The angel took me to the eighth house. It was being built by a man. When he finished building the house, a great earthquake destabilized its columns; its structures and bases could not withstand the quake and the house fell. The angel said, "Any life that is built on the doctrines of men will not withstand trials."

When he told me this a group of working angels took all the stones from the rubble and started rebuilding. The walls with the pillars were lifted once more and stood firm. Another great earthquake came and shook the house, but it stood firm and standing. That house was repaired and restored after it fell. Its condition was perfect compared to the first state.

The angel said, "When lives are built on the foundations of the Word of God they resist the tempest because the Word abides forever. And if trials cause wounds, they will bind and heal. The angels were closing the cracks in the house caused by the earthquake."


The angel took me to the ninth house. It was being bombed. Millions of modern weapons fired at that house. They looked like machine guns that did not stop unloading. That house received cannon shots and nothing happened to its structures. Their bases were strengthened. The angel said, "Even if the demons attack those who are firm in Jesus they will not succeed in destroying a house built on the Word."


The angel took me to the tenth house. In front of her on the doorposts of her door was stained with blood. The window was open and the sun was radiating inside the house through the window.

A black angel with a sickle in his hand looked at the house and walked away from her. The angel said, "All the life that has the mark of Jesus' blood is saved and covered with grace. The sun you saw is that of justice and symbolizes Jesus."


The angel took me to the eleventh house that was ugly, crooked and out of place. The angels with their sledgehammers began to destroy that house. Everything was demolished, bases, columns, and structures.

The angels made that house perfect. The foundations were spiritual. I've never seen such a structure on earth. It was a heavenly home, everything was redone with perfect measurements. The bases were right.

The priest in white at the sight of this beautiful house came to live inside. The angel said, "God's transformation is perfect in every person's life. All that demolition is a painful process that is part of the change in man."


The angel took me to the twelfth house. She shone because hundreds of lights were coming from within. The angel said, "A holy life before God makes the believer the light of the world."


The angel took me to the thirteenth house. A black shadow was knocking on the door. The house was perfect and there was nothing wrong with it. The door of the house opened on its own and the shadow entered. The angel said, "Even if the Christian lives a holy life, he can legally open the door of his heart out of his own free will for the demons to dwell inside him. The heart of man is deceitful."


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