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To know who is really MEGNANOU. Welcome, it is not superfluous to make an incursion in its geographical, cultural and cultic environment. Our author is from Decamé (Decanmé of his real name), south of Benin, on the coast, 55 km from Cotonou.


The Republic of Benin was, until October 26, 1972, known as the Republic of Dahomey. Its history goes back to Ghezo, king of Dan-Homé (1818-1858) who signed a treaty in 1851 with France.

In spite of this treaty, France, after two expeditions in 1890 and 1892-94 with General Dodds, occupied Danhome and made King Behanzin prisoner. He was deported to Algeria where he died in 1906. Dahomey became a colony on 10-3-1893, entered the AOF in 1899 to become independent in 1960.

This country, located in West Africa, has a border of 190 km with Niger, 270 km with Burkina Faso, 750 km with Nigeria, 620 km with Togo. It borders the Atlantic Ocean 120 km long. It is in this country that Ouidah is located.


Voodoo world headquarters (voodoo of his real name), it is there that in February 1993 was celebrated for seven days the international celebration of voodoo. It is of this region, precisely of this city, that voodoo was spread in America (and everywhere in the world). Decamé is located in the sub-prefecture of Ouidah Decamé Village of the sub-prefecture of Ouidah, world headquarters of Decamé. Voodoo is considered the seat of witchcraft among the villages of the district of Ouidah which it is distant 22 km.

The village is located at the edge of a large lagoon 15 km wide and 80 km long. It is also surrounded by a large forest divided into two parts, the second of which is reserved for agriculture, while the first part is reserved for the practice of late-hour witchcraft. It is the meeting place of all the sorcerers of the village and even of the region. There are large trees (iroko, baobab, cheese) on which the wizards install all their diabolical armaments. When these trees fall in favor of a strong wind or rain, we find in their hollow trunk, kitchen utensils, human skulls ...

But wizards also plant trees in the village they use for their purposes. We find the same objects after the cut. Indeed, these trees are inhabited by wizards The dead are buried in the huts, houses or in the courts. Until today, the village has no cemetery. In the courtyards, the hoes are arranged on the graves. People sleep on tombs without bothering them too much. This situation makes the inhabitants of the village constantly possessed, inhabited by the dead spirits.

The village of Decamé is divided into three districts: The first district adores a fetish based on two albinos a woman and a man, buried alive in a big hole by the leaders of said fetish. This fetish ensures the protection of this neighborhood. It is considered executive support. Any executive who manages to find work through this fetish must thank him with a sheep, red oil, a bottle of gin, two liters of koutoukou (alcoholic local liquor over 80 °) and at least 50 000 FCFA This fetish claims the sacrifice of a child, a human being!

The second neighborhood loves another fetish based on the 41 heads of men placed in a big hole. His name is zangbetô1, He participates in the promotion of the executives who adore him. But those who resort to it end badly The third quarter is linked to a fetish built on a woman in pregnancy slit in a big hole. His followers go into a trance. The day of the ceremony, they engage in terrible acts. It is an occasion where the blood is poured out in abundance: some can make cuts on the body with a knife. They can bang their heads against the wall. etc. This fetish is supposed to help the villagers and executives who confide to him Decamé has another dangerous fetish called Hèviosso or thunder. Its role is the destruction of thieves an object is stolen and the leaders of the said fetish are solicited, they implore the thunder that will lead to the unveiling of the thief. The fetish acts during heavy rain to defeat the culprit.

After the burial of the thief. the body is unearthed whatever its state of decomposition. The fetish leader slashes the body with a knife, takes the head he keeps in the house of the fetish. The day of worship of the fetish, he leaves with 16 skulls of his victims around the kidney. It is his title of glory. This is the proof that his fetish is powerful, that he has killed many criminals, So, Satan gives his bail by punishing the culprit.

As we can see, the village of Bienvenu is the victim of a real demonic possession. The author estimates that in Décamé, children, young people, executives, are 90% immersed in witchcraft.

What about his family environment?


The parents of Bienvenu

Grandfather-paternal: He was the greatest wizard in the region. He was born a sorcerer, in the first part of the forest. He imported the family fetish (wloivaudou) from another region of Benin.

He was injecting people with diseases. He could turn into a wasp to destroy an entire village in case of a dispute between two villages, inoculating a deadly poison by its bites. He remained a sorcerer until his death.

Paternal grandfather: He succeeded his father in the same practices of witchcraft. In the army, he turned into a fly on the battlefield. That got him to be graded. But later, he was poisoned by one of his wives. He is a sorcerer.

Father: Megnanou Tchanon (Tchanon is a fetish name) made seven years of "convent", on the initiative of his father, to be initiated to witchcraft in order to become the leader of wizards. He needed that, though he was a wizard. When he was released, he was appointed fetish chef of the family. He communicated with the demons.

Note that the family had a house of fetishes she maintained. It is in this house that the convent is located. The fetish of the family, the woivaudou, had many followers. Each quarter, a young girl or boy is kidnapped from one of the member families to attend a formation in the convent. After three years, these young people go out and become followers of the fetish.

Bienvenu's father had to deliver nine of his children (2 girls, 7 boys to the convent). It must be said that these children die of short illness. DL remains, himself a sorcerer, died of a short illness on May 26, 1996, after repeatedly refusing to accept Jesus Christ.

Maternal grandmother: Sorceress too, a follower of the thunder fetish (Hêviosso). She practiced the same witchcraft practices as her husband. She died a witch.

It should be noted that all these wizards were going to church!

Mother: She's still alive. May God save her!


When my mother was pregnant with me, she faced a difficult situation. After the usual nine months, she still did not give me birth. Thus she went to consult a marabout. The answer was terrible: I had to be given birth after fourteen months of pregnancy, in accordance with the wishes of my great-grandfather who was already dead. This is what happened. After fourteen months, my mother gave birth to me at 1 am, at the grave of the latter. At my delivery, I had two teeth in my mouth.

To be born on a grave, allows, according to our beliefs, to have the power of the deceased. Also, according to my parents, I inherited the power of this grandfather.

At the age of five, I was not walking yet. It was at six that I started walking. I was then enrolled in CP1 (first-year preparatory course). One night, my father took me into the forest, cut his skin and mine, collected our blood in the same glass and we drank the two types of blood mixed. It was the blood pact.

When he had to see a client, he was waiting for me to come back from school before starting work. He always wanted me to attend all the sessions. This is how he introduced me to the different practices of witchcraft.


At the elementary school, when the master was preparing his homework, I would turn into a fly around 1 or 2 in the morning to see the passing composition. I did this until CM2. Thus, I easily succeeded in school without the need to study. This is how I managed my entry in 6th.

In high school, I used to run away from teachers, causing headaches and stomachaches, when I got bad grades - heard / bad grade 12/20. * Once, the teacher had to go to a marabout to know the cause of his evil. After consultation, he told him that he had hurt one of his students. He made this revelation because, as you know, marabouts, witch doctors, sorcerers, and others communicate by telepathy. Subsequently, the demons inspired the teacher to know who he was talking about. So he came to see me ask for forgiveness. And I demanded that he rectify my note by giving me 19/20. Around 1 am I invoked the spirits with incantatory words to obtain healing.

I also took my classmates (those who were the brightest) either by chronic headaches or by stomachaches so they did not do the homework. This happens in schools to many students, at the university, without the knowledge of teachers. This is one of the causes of school failure.

At that time, Benin was shaken by political turmoil that echoed on the school. The students did not progress regularly. Also, I decided to join my father who was already living in Ivory Coast.


A few moments after arriving in Ivory Coast, I was lodged by a personality of this country (director of the cabinet of a minister) in the commune of Abobo. He had lodged me in a big villa because I was his protector. Later, my tenant will become a minister, by my care. But not for long.

Because, as we will see later, the power of Satan does not go far. It is for this reason that many of the authorities who have benefited from my care have died, others are paralyzed or sick.

In my luggage, I had an arsenal of fetishes. By my power, I crossed the three borders: Benin - Togo, Togo - Ghana, Ghana-Ivory Coast without having me searched once by the police.


1) Man's jaw and shards of bottles

I had a fetish made up of a man's jaw, shards of bottles with another crushed element and a piece of a loincloth that was used to close the mouth of a corpse. This fetish allowed me to eliminate men at a distance. With this fetish, whatever the function that occupied my client, he could be sent on mission or internship. If there are people who wanted him, it was enough that he came to see me so that I put an end to their existence. This fetish also applies to jealous people who gave me the name of a person to eliminate.

With my fetish, I went shirtless around 1 am, I made incantations by invoking the name of the jealous or the person to eliminate. Then, I tied it with the piece of loincloth. Once I pulled on the loincloth, no matter where it was: in Europe, Asia or America, I could reach it. Seven drops of blood fell in my apple, proof that the blow was successful. In the morning, when he awoke, the victim began to feel burns in his body, as if lacerated by scraps of bottles. When he tried to move, he felt bites in his body. The illness is due to the fetish, will never be diagnosed by modern medicine, despite its prowess. It will never be able to detect the cause. The victim will die a week later.

2) Man's head and padlock

The purpose of this fetish was to make women sterile. These could do their menstruation twice in the same month or have terrible stomach pains at any time. This is often due to rivalry in polygamous homes. The one who came to me often had the desire to be loved by their common husband and put the other under the extinguisher. I asked him for a sub-body of the co-wife to do this job. It is for this reason that women lose their sub-bodies in a surprising way and that afterward, they have painful menstruation.

This same fetish can cause epilepsy in some victims. Following the incantations, I invoked the name of the person referred to this fetish and I closed the padlock. She was automatically reached in the morning, while she was preparing to go to the shower, she collapsed alone and dozed off. When she woke up, spit came out of her mouth.

3) Foot and padlock

Its function was to paralyze the victim. What are the causes? Most often, jealousies in the services and companies that cause this. Some people envying the superior position of their hierarchical leader came to consult me to destroy them. And when invocations were made from this fetish, the person targeted in the company was paralyzed. It may be a chief accountant who was trying to become a chief financial officer. If such a person came to see me, I paralyzed the CFO with this fetish, and my client took his place.

4) Canary made of human blood, water, trash garbage ...

This terrible fetish was driving crazy. When someone came to see me with the simple name of a person, around 1 am, I put on my shirtless shirt, went to the canary and pronounced the name of this person, accompanied by incantatory words. I saw his image in the canary and I pronounced other incantatory words.

The next day, he undressed and put himself in the street. It could happen to him to search the trash and eat his own excrement. That's what I said about his name that led him to do that.

5) Heart of man

The fetish "heart of man" had the property to make blind. It consists of a man's heart. My man's heart, I had found it in Nigeria. But even in Treichville (Treichville is one of the ten communes of Abidjan), in the years 77-78, in the barracks that were located at the current location of the SOTRA (Société de Transport Abidjanais), there was a traffic jam.

Satan uses human organs to make powerful fetishes. This man's heart, I put it in the fire, accompanied by small hot peppers and incantatory words until it charred. I made a powder. When a customer sent me a photo of an unwanted person, I scratched that person's eyes with a needle and put the powder in it. When he woke up, he became blind. We see people who have their eyes open but do not see. Witchcraft is often for something. I had to destroy a lot of people. They had come to rent me from the inside of the country to hurt me.

6) Matchbox with padlock

This fetish, accompanied by incantatory words, served to burn the plantations, especially of coffee and cocoa. Driven by jealousy, they came to consult me to hurt others. When a jealous man came to see me with all he needed, I would go to his opponent's field, dig a hole in which I put a matchbox. With the padlock, I prevented the proprietor, by mystical methods, from coming to the field, and towards noon the field caught fire. I was at the origin of several bushfires. I have helped a lot of planters in this area.

7) Fetish composed of ten fingers packed in red percale (a closely woven fine cotton fabric). This fetish had the property of causing death in the villages. It allowed me to respond to the requests of several people in the attié region (southern Côte d'Ivoire). Some merchants and beverage sellers came to my services for this purpose because they had found that their business flourished during the funeral. Our contract stipulated that I take half of the profits they made at the funeral. In a village in Côte d'Ivoire, the inhabitants had to go and consult another witch doctor, to reveal the existence of a fetish buried in their village, and to have him dug up to stop the slaughter. This fetish I buried in several other villages to the west, east, etc. People came to rent me everywhere.

8) Fetish composed of canary containing human blood, strong drinks, and a cigarette. This fetish has destroyed the lives of many young and senior executives. When the name of a girl was invoked on this fetish, accompanied by incantatory words, she became frigid and could indulge more than ten men without being satisfied. With this same fetish, I brought young people to indulge in alcohol and drugs.

As for the senior executives concerned, they could earn 800,000 francs, 1,000,000 francs, but as soon as they received their money, they squandered it entirely. This fetish prevented them from realizing their plans, pushing them to indulge in alcohol. In spite of their salary, they became mediocre, unable to build any house in the village. That's how I destroyed the lives of senior executives. I did it of course at the request of my clients.

9) Combined phone fetish

It was used to destroy the lives of people, homes. Once I got the phone number of the person I had to hurt, I called with my handset unconnected but covered with human blood. As soon as she picked up, I pronounced incantatory words, thereafter, she had a high fever and death ensued. This, no matter where she was.


Before the consultation, I had a drink in a bottle containing a fetish: man's tongue packed in red percale sewn with cowrie shells. It was like a punch. These elements are introduced into the bottle at the bottom from incantatory words: the bottle was opened following certain words that I pronounced, then it closed again after other words. When I gave this drink to the customers, they were bewitched. They could now believe anything of me and execute everything I ordered them. All the clients who consulted me were linked to me for good, because of this spell. I had authority over their lives. So it is with all the occultist marabouts I have known.

The consultation fees were fixed at 660 FCFA plus one liter of koutoukou. Like many wizards, I used drinks like Royal Gin and Mangoustan Rum. The consultations were done with four cowrie shells to which the customer spoke before laying them on the floor.

The demons then inspired me with the customer's concerns. However, during the consultation, what I said was not always true, but the client's mind was controlled by the drink taken at the beginning of the session; he was bewitched. Also, he was at my mercy. He could even go into debt to meet my requirements.


What I did to some of my clients was sometimes terrible. To some, I prescribed not to eat mutton, chicken, cassava, to name just that. To others, it was forbidden to breathe by lifting the canary that contained their fetish. If they breathe, I told them, the fetish has no value. As a result, they had to buy another canary, and that was the job of the witch doctor. You think of senior executives, company directors who are manipulated by the Witch Doctor to such an extent that he tells them not to breathe by doing this or that drug or to kill the canary on their head and to do seven times the turn to their room before washing with ... What torture! Directors, senior executives with canaries on their heads! Imagine that many are living these things right now and you will understand how much they need Jesus Christ to be delivered. You see them in big Mercedes, but once in the fetishes, they become less than nothing. They are undressed without further ado. That's what it's like not having Jesus Christ in your life. The man without Jesus Christ is really a slave.

On the contrary, the Word of God tells us to eat everything that is on the market. With Jesus, no constraint. What He forbids us to do is to live in adultery, in fornication. that is to say, to maintain intimate relations with this or that person while one is not married. In short, what He forbids us to do is to sin.

Witchcraft embraces all areas of life, either to harm, to restore, to captivate or to disenchant. In one case or another, witchcraft, in general, seeks to render a service to an individual or a group of individuals generally minority against another individual or group of individuals.

To see clearly in this vast field of activities of Megnanou, we will subdivide it into three areas that sometimes overlap: health, spells, social promotion.


Blocking pregnancy

I had a compound fetish, a woman's loins, a padlock, and some other item. With this fetish, I blocked pregnancy in the womb of women up to 15 months by the incantations I made. The woman thus referred could not give birth. It was enough for his rival to come and see me with one of his sub-bodies and a piece of his loincloth so that I blocked his pregnancy. If we operate, we realize that the child is dead in her womb, worse, she does not escape. This is the work of the wizards.


It must be said, are not the preserve of doctors and other midwives alone. The witch wizards do it too. As far as I'm concerned, abortion for a month-long pregnancy was a breeze. Just bring me a bottle of gin, 20 000 F plus a chicken that I confided to the fetish. I gave the client a drug made of Valpierre brand wine - previously warmed with the powder of a certain tree. I gave all these elements in the form of drink to the pregnant woman; she drank it. The next day she had a fever and after an hour to three hours, the abortion was done. His menstruation was resumed right away. Pregnancy abortions of one to two months were as simple as that.

From three to six months, it was more complicated, the fetus has already taken the form of a child in the womb of his mother. It requires incantatory words to destroy this child so that it liquefies. To do this, I was brought a bottle of gin, oil rolled plus 50 000 F because it represents a great job, a job following which it was necessary to report to the spirits in the cemetery.

After receiving these items, I gave Valpière brand wine - pre-warmed with powdered iroko bark. When the woman drank this medicine, she felt nothing the first days, but on the seventh day, she had pains in the stomach, pains so strong that she could not help but come and see me. I put it then about 10 meters from my fetishes while I was next to them. I pronounced incantatory words. A liquid then came out of its belly by the natural ways for an hour of time, proof that the fetus was completely crushed thanks to the incantatory words. That's how I did the abortions.

Today, I appeal to all those women who continue to kill through abortions so that they can recover because they have an account to God. I remind them that they are now under the influence of demons. You need Jesus Christ to understand the gravity of the crimes you commit.

I declare it to young girls if you have sinned with a young man, that it has followed a pregnancy and that later, you want to abort and kill the child, give up this idea and let pregnancy take its normal course. For otherwise, for the child whom you will have killed in the day of judgment God will call you to account.

I also appeal to doctors, midwives who claim to help people improve their situation, but who actually earn a living by performing abortions. What you do is nothing but witchcraft.

Indeed, it is Satan who inspires you all that. Yes, these doctors and midwives are wizards, because the one who kills makes sorcery. Know it, you will give an account on those children that you killed. unless you accept Jesus Christ and deliver you from these Satanic practices.

I indulged in these practices. On two occasions, I had to have abortions when the girl had a six-month pregnancy, which put her in danger of death. It took then that I redouble efforts with incantatory words to avoid having problems. Perhaps I could have been brought to justice without speaking of the justice of God, which is even more terrible than that of men.

Balls in the belly

Women often suffer from stomach pains that are caused by witchcraft. As far as I'm concerned, I had a bottle containing human blood and 20 grams of the kidney. Incantatory words pronounced on this bottle, with the name of the victim. caused the disease. Most often, these women underwent surgery after which they are infected with malaria. They succumbed to it.

By the same process, I was wooing women and it gave them a ball in the belly. The gynecologist sometimes discovers a ball in the belly of some sterile women. This can be the result of witchcraft.

I, therefore, appeal to women who have a suspicious ball of origin in the stomach: it is a terrible spell of sorcery. God did not give us birth to see us suffer from the disease. This one comes from Satan, the Evil One. So you need Jesus Christ. It is the ideal solution to this problem.

Belly (boys in pregnancy!)

When driven by jealousy, people came to see me to destroy someone's life and gave me his name, I also had a fetish made up of a padlock and a pork head with which I could to bloat the belly of a man. So he was just losing weight. And that was possible thanks to the incantations that I made around 1 o'clock in the morning. I say this is the best time for wizards because they come in easy contact with the spirits. To do this, I put myself naked and I locked this person in this padlock. After a month or two. the victim was starting to have weird nausea. After three to four months, this man will go to the doctor because his belly will be ballooning day by day. The exams will not reveal anything. Everything is in order, but it is losing weight. This is the sign that he has been bewitched. Despite the care he can receive from doctors, they will never be able to detect the cause. After five or six months. the doctor will find himself obliged to operate on it. When he does the operation, he will find that pork head in his belly and death will ensue. I was at the base of these things.

Through witchcraft, I sucked the blood of people's bodies so that they were always sick - the belly bloated. They are eternal anemias. Others are visibly shaped but are seriously ill because of witchcraft.


I had a fetish in a canary, consisting of dog drool mixed with some liquid. With these elements accompanied by incantatory words, I raved young people and struck them with incurable epilepsy which only Jesus Christ can heal.

Breast cancer

Through witchcraft, I caused women to have breast cancer. This resulted in the removal of one breast or even both breasts, which only delayed the deadline to death.

Deaths in health centers

After rendering the person sick: cadre, pupil, student, etc. thus ruining the family and/or the society where the manager works, the wizards take care to prevent his recovery, to kill him and even to accompany him to the cemetery.

Sorcerers prevent the serum placed on the patient from entering his body. When the doctor or nurse places the serum, they come to block it so that the drug does not enter the body of the patient. Admittedly, the drops go down into the vein, but the patient receives nothing in the body. In fact, the wizards suck these drops out of the patient's body. Doctors may well put serum after serum, nothing penetrates him or rather it has no effect. I practiced these things: I turned into a fly to find myself in the rooms of hospitalization. When the doctor or the nurse strove to cure the patient for his cure, I troubled him to prevent him from properly diagnosing the disease. He wondered why the serum has no effect.

Sorcerers can make individual sick so that if he goes to see a witch doctor, he will make him believe that he has healed him. In fact, the witchdoctor will ruin him, because a few months or years later, the same disease will resurface, coupled with another disease. If doctors struggle to find medicine and cure the disease, wizards will spawn another disease. Thus, they create worries for doctors by hiding the disease and making the society or family spend money before ending their victim.

When, as a result of their dirty work, the patient succumbs, the wizards demand the lifting of the body on Thursdays or Fridays and the burial on Saturdays. This allows them to report to Satan every Friday night from 1 am until 3 am in the sacred forests or in the cemeteries or at the seaside. That's why most of the time, burials are on Saturdays.

Healing sterile women and its consequences

In my consultations, there are couples who come to me because of infertility. Very often, sterility is due to witchcraft. Sorcerers "tie" women's belly or make man helpless. They make you unable to have children. I cured this evil not without consequences because the first child that my customers made was devoted to the demons.

When they came to see me, I enumerated to them elements which I myself undertook to provide for their silence the work against payment of course, plus a sum of 50,000 F. After one to two months. the woman became pregnant. But before she became pregnant, I had to go and wash her and her husband at the edge of a river such as the Tanoe or the Bia at Aboisso, or the N'zi towards Tiassalé. I stayed at Aboisso. I washed several couples there. Even after leaving this community, people came to rent my services. I was going to wash them so that they could have a child. In fact, the place of purification depended on what the fetish said after the consultation. Also, I happened to wash some people in the forest of their village. Thus, they ensured my displacement in their village.

Usually, a sheep was sacrificed, the blood of which, mixed with leaves, was used to wash the couple. I also gave them medicine that they had to go to drink, she and her husband (when the woman has washed alone).

After one to two months, the woman conceived and gave birth normally. This child is then dedicated to demons.

Of two things one: either his life will be regularly influenced by the demons. He will lead a life of curse. He will often fall sick. This will cause parents to spend large sums of money, thus becoming a real problem for their parents. Or, he will be healthy, he will go to school, but his life will be a life of curse.

But if parents accept Jesus Christ, He will rid them of all trouble and save them. It is this mission that He has entrusted to the churches, that of casting out demons. The demon that causes infertility is a tough demon that must be cast out in the name of Jesus Christ.

Healers, witch doctors, sorcerers, and other teachers (some wizards give themselves this deceptive title) claim to be able to cure infertility. They actually cure it, but the child born of this healing does not have a happy life, the life of this child is threatened and enameled of many problems due to the sorcerers.

But a child that God gives is never subject to so many problems, for the blessing of God is never accompanied by sorrow but by joy, of happiness and peace in the home and around the home.

This is how I helped people to have problem children because I led them to sign a pact with Satan by sacrificing their lives to have a child.

Today, I urge you not to go to the healer-fighters to have a child. In Jesus Christ, there is everything. Because. once you open your heart. we have everything. Admittedly, Jesus Christ is not accepted for any gain whatsoever, but He has said in His word to seek first the Kingdom and the righteousness of God, and the rest will be given in addition. So, it is true that when one accepts one's word and puts it into practice, one is inundated with blessings.

It must also be said that I cured diseases such as epilepsy, painful menstruation, madness, rheumatism, and paralysis. Note again that the healing is not complete, because the paralytic still feels pain in the legs. The healings that Satan operates are most often incomplete.


Different types of spells

Spellbinding is a bad spell cast by wizards against an individual in the form of illness, failure or something negative that can only be got rid of at the end of a more or less intense spiritual struggle.

Spell for pissing in bed

With a bottle filled with ox urine and human blood rubbed on the bottle, I caused the young men to urinate at night.

Spell leading to the hanging

With a rope removed from the neck of a sheep that had just been bought, I could drive a person to hang. When people came to see me to destroy a person's life, it was enough to take one of my canaries and invoke the name of the victim. As soon as his image appeared, I plunged the rope to tighten his neck. Sometime later, the victim could hang himself.

Spell leading to drowning

I had a canary filled with seawater and river, mixed with human blood. This mixture has the effect of a bomb. When I invoked the name of the victim, the spell started. This gave the person concerned the urge to go to the beach or swim in a river.

As soon as she yielded to this desire, her death warrant was signed. She was drowning. We found her a few days later. Even in her own pool at home, she can drown herself, her children too. All this is the work of the wizards. As far as I am concerned, I have practiced it many times, by the power that Satan gave me.

Spell to love

The mistresses

I helped women who have never been to school to become mistresses of great personalities (grottos as they are called in Ivory Coast). They owned these men who even abandoned their homes in distress. So I was at the base of these things. But how was it done?

I asked the woman to give me the name of the gentleman, to bring me a number of elements of her body with her, with in addition to impurities such as cotton well soaked with the blood of her period, a little water which was used to wash a corpse and another element. All these elements together, I put them in a canary that I carried to boiling, accompanied by incantatory words by quoting the name of the gentleman until it charred. Then, I asked my disciples (two young Gouros from Zuénoula, a town in the center-west of Côte d'Ivoire) to crush this residue. The powder collected in a small bottle will be given to the customer who was to season the favorite dish of the man to conquer. See how Satan mistreats those who do not know God!

But be careful, she should not eat this dish. Only the gentleman will have to eat it. If she eats it, the medicine fails. Once this dish consumed by the man, he is bewitched and is at the mercy of my client and follows her like a sheep. This is how we see big guys leaving their families behind. There are even some who open bank accounts for their mistress, buy them cars and even houses.

But know that these mistresses end badly later. At first, they are good: they drive in 504 or in big Mercedes and other popular cars. But their end is pitiful.

If you did those things and you have this book in hand. it is time, high time to abandon them and give yourself to the Lord. Otherwise, you will end badly not only on this earth but even more on the day of judgment!


There are people who want to have women, especially old men who love girls from 15 to 18 years old. I asked them for a bottle of perfume that they themselves love and another element that I refrain from citing. All this mixed up and put in a bottle, I handed it to him with, of course, incantatory words. Once the perfumed customer shook hands with a woman he desired whether she is married or not, she was automatically possessed. In her dreams, her thoughts, she could only see my client. Thus, she became his slave and she was subject to everything.

Permit me to open a parenthesis here to speak of an affair just as incredible as it is true:

"Bonded" case

This episode happened in Abobo (one of the ten communes of Abidjan) in 1983 and hit the headlines. Well, I was the author. This is the story of a cuckold sailor. During his many travels, his wife had relations with a police commissioner at the Bougainvillier Hotel in Abobo Avocatier (a district of the said commune). The hotel had to be closed because of this case. The sailor was introduced to me by a client. I asked him for two products plus the stuck-up sex of a dog and a bitch in full copulation. As it was difficult for him to get this last item, my disciples were responsible for finding it for payment of course. The agreement thus concluded, towards 1 o'clock in the morning, we found two dogs in full mating. With a padlock, I made them immobile and my disciples cut off their sexes. Arrived at home, we put both sexes stuck in a canary on the fire accompanied by incantatory words. We added a little gin for it to burn. Subsequently, we crushed it to get a powder. Then we called the sailor and handed him the product. The sailor was preparing to make a trip to Europe, but he canceled it. He had to consume this to his wife in a meal that she had to prepare for the couple. However, he should not eat it himself. So when his wife had finished preparing and they sat down to dinner, he sent her to buy him some beer.

Taking advantage of her absence, he put the powder in the sauce. After drinking the beer, he pretended that he was full. The woman, who did not suspect anything, consumed the meal alone. This happened around 18 hours. That done, the gentleman asked his wife's permission to go to the village with a friend. I'll be back in two days, he tells her. In fact, he went to hide in the area, following my advice: I told him not to go away. As soon as he turned his back, the wife informed the commissioner. Noting the absence of the sailor, he took the woman to Hotel Bougainvillier as usual.

After their antics, the man tries to withdraw from the body of the woman, without success. Following several unsuccessful attempts, the two lovers start to cry for help, starting with the woman. The receptionist runs to see what happens, he asks them to open the door, but they cannot. So he goes looking for a carpenter to smash the door and finds that the two lovers are in a rather uncomfortable position. A doctor is called, nothing helps. The police are then called. Was not he the police commissioner? When the police arrive at the scene and find that it is their boss, they stand at attention and returned, not daring to handle the case. The minister of internal security comes on the scene but did not dare to approach.

Finally, the husband of the woman is brought to whom the minister apologizes. Then he borrows a taxi and came to see me. "My wife is stuck," he says. I give him the antidote of the fetish likely to separate them. "You just have to rub the backs of the two lovers with this product (shea butter plus other elements): they will take off." The husband protests, "It is too much to ask me to rub the back of my wife and, in addition, her lover, in this circumstance." I answer him: "Take courage, only you are authorized to make this gesture." Trembling, he takes leave of me and goes off to rub their backs. In no time, they took off. The woman is then evacuated to the hospital for an enema.

Note that a fetish at home allowed me to see live in a canary, what was happening at the hotel.

Spells and disturbances in the home

Rivalry in the home

The co-wife called here a stepmother is often at war against the other woman's children who could have succeeded in their life. She spends her time touring charlatans and marabouts. Most of the time, she has the father's heart locked in a canary that she buries in a cemetery so that he can see nothing. So, he always gives reason to this woman and thinks only of protecting her. He goes to the side to fight the other woman's children. These women are engaged in witchcraft in their homes. Subsequently, they end badly because the power that gives Satan is ephemeral.

There are co-wives who have children but do witchcraft. Paradoxically, their children still have problems: in fact. the sorcery practiced by their mother has a boomerang effect on her children. These do not succeed often: misfortune only reaches them and nothing works in their lives.

Sometimes they become robbers, thieves, rapists, lazy. As for girls, they have children of different fathers. Most often, their lovers do not recognize these pregnancies so that even during their pregnancy, these girls become a burden to their parents. It is the wizards who are at the base of all these curses.

Sorcerers divide families, especially polygamous families, especially if there is a childless wife in the family. This becomes a dangerous element; it is often at the base of failures, chronic diseases that poison the social, material, financial life of its rival's children (often the first wife). To do this, she goes to see the wizards, the marabouts to whom she communicates the name of all the children of the other woman, to put them into captivity.

Thus bewitched, children who work do not really enjoy their salary, in the sense that they are unable to complete a project, for example, saving money and building a house in the village or town. Those who go on an adventure do not seek to return to the country; they spend ten to twenty years abroad without thinking of their parents. They even die in their host country.

Spell and help students

In this area, I could either destroy the students or help them pass their exams. In the first case, this is due to jealousy: in polygamous households, for example, rivals tend to destroy the children of their co-wives. They consult the wizard to captivate them. Often the child is very bright at school, major of his promotion. After the spell, his work in class drops considerably. In front of the tests, on examination, he is panicked and he fails miserably. This leads him to drugs, alcohol. He has headaches, he becomes sickly, etc.

I have bewitched students so that when they are told a homework assignment, they are panicked: they sometimes have headaches and fever. They have no other recourse than to take a cigarette to smoke, or they take pills or drugs, destroying their lives. Sorcerers are often at the base of this state of affairs.

Others may not pass their exams even though they work well in all subjects.

If you are a pupil or student, that you do not have Jesus in your life. you must put yourself under the protection of Jesus right now, otherwise, the wizards, always ready to destroy, may very well make you fail in your examination.

In the second case, to help a student, I took the brain of the skull of a man (which was sold on the market!), mixed with another element, accompanied by incantatory words. I gave this product to these students to be smart and even brilliant in class. Thus, they will graduate license, mastery and even doctorate, but they will never have work. This is Satan's strategy: he can make someone succeed and then take care of himself. Thus, people have their degree through witchcraft and they cannot find work.

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