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Rev. Richard Sigmund started preaching when he was 7 years old. He continued to preach as a child during the 1950s era of healing evangelists. Frequently known as "Little Richard" because of his age, he knew A. A. Allen, William Branham, and worked for Kathryn Kuhlman and Oral Roberts. Richard has a healing and prophetic anointing with signs and wonders following his preaching. Through his ministry, he has seen the dead raised 25 times.

Rev. Sigmund was himself in a severe car accident that left him dead for over eight hours. During that time, he visited a place called heaven. He saw the gates of heaven. He saw the records of his own life including 3-dimensional images of the revival meetings he was in as a child. He walked on streets of gold, picked flowers that would not fade or die, picked up living stones, saw long-departed preacher friends, watched the living creatures that cried "holy, holy, holy," around the throne of God--and he saw the foot of God.

He also saw and talked to Jesus who told him he had to return and tell what he had seen. Jesus also let him see parts of hell, the other place–a place of eternal horror–where the worm never dies. You don’t want to go there!

He went home to the Lord in 2010.


I can't explain it, I can only tell you what I saw. And language fails. It really is indescribable - the sights, the sounds, the sizes, the colors, the smells. How can one describe a place called heaven? I remember knowing things there that I can't remember now, or I'm not supposed to remember. I was allowed to see many things but there was so much more that I was not allowed to see. And many others have had similar experiences of heaven. And some of the things they saw were the same as what I saw. Others were not. And if you were shown a place called Heaven, you would see different things too. Everybody who has an experience like this is going to see it differently.

Many of the things I saw and witnessed would probably not be the things that another person would see because we are each individual and God deals with us in individual ways. The things that I saw related and ministered to me, and I believe they will also minister to those who read these messages. Jesus told me, "Don't ever forget how much I love you and what I have done for you. Never forget how much I love those whom you are going back to and the place I have prepared for them, and how much I love them."

I can't explain it. I can only tell you what I saw. And I can tell only so much.

Reverend Richard Sigmund.


Suddenly I was in a thick cloudy veil. There was a sheet over my face. "Oh, did I hurt?" "He's been dead all these hours," I heard. I sat up and said, "I ain't dead yet."

A medical attendant screamed, another lost bladder control. Apparently, I had been dead for over eight hours. And they were moving me down to the morgue. I could feel my bones knitting together. I could feel the scars healing while I sat up. And I breathed and spoke.

It was October 17, 1974 and I was driving back to the church in Bartlesville, Oklahoma where I was ministering. At this time in my life, God was speaking to me about the concept of blind, instant obedience being broken before Him as a wild horse is broken. I've been having an argument with God about being obedient. God had told me to give a word of warning to someone and I didn't want to do it. I drove to see the person but I kept avoiding contact with him and left without ever telling him. There were also several other issues in my life.

I was having trouble with my wife back in Arizona, big trouble. The vehicle I was driving was a rather plush luxury van. It was large, the kind that featured one of those 1970s custom built that hung down by an arm. Suddenly, without warning, I was in a thick, cloudy veil. I didn't realize it at the time, that I had been in a deadly one car accident.


You have come to Mount Zion, to the heavenly Jerusalem, the city of the living God. You have come to thousands upon thousands of angels and joyful assembly to the church of the firstborn whose names are written in heaven. You have come to God the judge of all men, to the spirits of righteous men made perfect, to Jesus, the mediator of the new covenant and to the sprinkled blood that speaks of a better word than the blood of Abel. Hebrews chapter 12, verses 22 through 24.

I had been driving down the road in my van but all of a sudden I was in a veil. It was like a thick cloud. There were gold, purple and amber colors and bright light. The cloud pulsates as the sound was going through it. And I was going through it too.


A force was drawing me through a glory cloud. And on the other side of the cloud, I could hear people singing, there was laughter with great joy, and I was in total peace. I smelled an aroma and experienced the taste like strawberries and cream. For what seemed like a few minutes I was moving through the cloud and yet the cloud was moving through me. And then I turned to my right to what appeared to be a receiving area.


Just a few feet from me, I could see two women standing. Somehow I knew that they were of great age. But their countenances were like they were in their mid-20s. And they were beautiful. They were hugging each other and seemed very joyful. And they were looking through the veil to see who is coming. "I see him, he is coming. Here he comes."

Suddenly, a man came through the veil. He had a look of profound confusion for a moment. He didn't know where he was. But just as suddenly he looked at the women and recognize them. They began to hug him and to praise and worship God. You could tell it was a joyous reunion.


Further to the right, I noticed a group of about 50 people. They too were worshiping God. Many were standing there with their arms up just praising him, some were hugging each other and saying, "Here he comes. I see him coming." They were apparently waiting for their pastor who had just died.

Suddenly he was in the veil. When he first appeared, he looked like a very old man. But as suddenly as he appeared into the heavenly atmosphere, all the age lines in his face disappeared, and his gnarled little body straightened up. This very old pastor now looked as if he was in his mid to late 20s. His youth had been renewed. He just stood there bewildered. But in a moment it dawned on him that he was in heaven and he began to rejoice.

He said, "I want to see Jesus. Where is my Jesus? I want to see the Lord." People began to hug him and rejoice with him. "Oh, it is you, brother. And it is you, sister." He said as he called them by name. And he said again, "I want to see Jesus." Someone told him, "Oh, He is just a little further down your pathway. You will meet with him. He is always there. Right on time."


My attention was drawn to a group of about 35 people. They were standing in front of the veil waiting for someone special to appear. I could tell that everyone was in excitement and joy in spirit. There were those gathered who evidently had died many Earth years ago. But here it was only yesterday. I saw people who must have been these special person's children, sister, and husband, who had long since become residents of heaven. "There she is," someone said.

A person in the group was carrying a baby. The baby had the full power of speech and was totally aware of all his surroundings. This baby cried with a high little voice, "Mommy, Mommy, there is my mommy. Jesus said that I could remain a baby and that mommy could raise me in heaven."

How great is the love of God. At that moment an old, wrinkled woman, all stoop-shouldered and very frail came through the veil. Instantly upon entering the atmosphere of heaven, she snapped completely straight. Her frail stooped over body became just as straight as could be. Suddenly she was once again a beautiful young woman, dressed in her radiant pure white robe of glory. Everyone cheered with shouts of joy as the little baby flew into her arms. They had been part of that childbirth. The woman had survived a concentration camp that her baby had not. Yet God in His infinite mercy saw to it that nothing was lost. The love of God is so great that no person could know it all. It truly is beyond finding out and only eternity will tell it all. There were tears running down my cheeks even though I was just an onlooker. I shared their joy, and I still do.


As I understand it, no one has ever come to heaven without having other people greet him or her, except of course for Abel, the first person to die and enter heaven. Then I noticed that there were not only people greeting the pastor who had just come through the veil, but also angels.

There were angels for the others who came through. All up and down the veil, people were coming through and there were always angels to meet them. Evidently, you can see through the veil from heaven that you can't see through it from Earth. In other words from our existence, you can't see through the veil in heaven. You know, when someone is coming through, people in heaven somehow knew that they should be at the receiving area when someone was coming. Later, I learned that there are announcement centers in heaven, and people are notified that their loved ones are about to arrive there. I will explain more about these announcements centers in another chapter.


The veil extended as far to the left and right as I could see. I had the impression that it was hundreds of miles long and each direction and every few feet there was a path leading into heaven and everyone who came through the veil had a path unique for him or her, and I had a path. The path was for me. Then from behind me, I heard a voice saying, "You have an appointment with God." And I felt a familiar touch. Although I could not see who was behind me, I believe it was the Lord Jesus. I recognized His voice.


He guides me in paths of righteousness for His name's sake. Psalm 23 verse three.

I must be in a place called heaven, I thought, What a wonderful, wonderful place. I was standing on a golden pathway. "You must walk on this path." The voice, gentle yet firm made it clear that I needed to be on this path. I wasn't about to argue with the voice, which again, seemed to me to be the voice of Jesus.

On the pathway, I was always accompanied by at least two angels, one on the right and one on the left. My impression was that the angel on the right was there mostly to explain things. The one on the left didn't say much, except for reminding me frequently that I had an appointment with God. I believe that he was my guardian angel. We all have guardian angels who are assigned to us at birth. These two angels had separate jobs, but they worked in perfect harmony.


The golden pathway was like a guided tour. It led me in a particular direction in which I had to go. it would take me to things that I was supposed to see before my appointment with God.

The pathway was about six feet wide, and there was a dimension to its thickness. I was walking through a garden that stretched for as far as I could see in either direction. And I saw great groups of people. On either side of the pathway was the richest turf green grass I had ever seen. And it was moving with life and energy.

Supernaturally I knew that if I picked a blade of grass and then put it back down, it would just keep on growing. There is no death in heaven, not even for a blade of grass. Death is impossible there because Heaven is a place of eternal life. Heaven is a place where the life of God sustains everything. God Himself is our life and He is eternal. He has no beginning and He can have no end.

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans chapter six, verse 23. For in Him [God], we live and move and have our being. Acts chapter 17 verse 28.

There were flowers of every imaginable size and color along the path. There were banks and banks of flowers, somewhere the size of a dinner table. There were roses that looked about four feet across and might have weighed 50 pounds on earth. And as I walked, the flowers faced me. The air was filled with their aroma and they were all humming. I asked if I could pick one to smell and I was told that I could. It was wonderful. When I put the flower down, it was immediately replanted and growing again.

Again, there is no death in heaven. As I walked along the golden pathway, I noticed the sky. It was Rosetta pinkish color, but it was also a crystal clear blue. And there were clouds in the sky, clouds of glory. When I looked more closely at them, I saw that the clouds were actually thousands of angels and thousands upon thousands of people walking in groups and singing. They were strolling in the sky.

There was a park, which had benches where you could sit and talk to others. These benches were everywhere. They were made of some type of solid gold, but their shape reminded me of wrought iron lawn furniture. People were sitting and talking and praising God. They were having a wonderful time talking with people who had just come through the veil. Others were there in great groups waiting for their loved ones to come through.

All the people there were in preparation of loved ones coming into heaven. I heard someone say, when he sees his mansion, he is going to shout glory. Something just went all through me and I thought, maybe God has some place for me up here in heaven.


The beautifully manicured Park was filled with huge striking trees. They had to be at least 2000 feet tall, and there were many different varieties. Some I knew, others I had no idea what species they were. But they were tall and strong, with no dead branches or limbs. There was not even a dead leaf. Some of the leaves on the trees were shaped like huge diamonds. One Tree that caught my attention was crystal clear and huge. It seemed to be miles and miles across. I was told that it was a diamond tree.

Each leaf on this tree was the shape of a teardrop, like a crystal chandelier. And there was a continual sound of chimes coming from the leaves as they brushed against one another in the gentle breeze, the beautiful sound of crystal. When I touched them there was a glow as the sound emanated from them. But there was more. Each leaf each limb, the entire tree gave off a tremendous glow with all the colors that were in the glory cloud. The tree glowed with sound and light. It was also aflame with glory. The flame started in the roots and went all the way through the branches and out into the chandelier like leaves. The tree exploded in a cloud of the glory of beautiful light, and it exploded with sound, an unbelievably beautiful sound.

The diamond tree was glorious. Under it was what looked like 10s of thousands of people worshipping. They were not worshipping the tree, but only God. The further I went toward the throne of God which the path was leading me to, the more trees I saw. Each was as glorious as the diamond tree.

When I went up to what I thought was a walnut tree, I was told to take and eat. The fruit was pear-shaped and copper colored. When I picked it, another fruit instantly grew in its place. When I touched the fruit to my lips, it evaporated and melted into the most delicious thing I had ever tasted. It was like honey, peach juice, and pear juice. It was sweet, but not sugary. My face was filled with the juice from the fruit.

Nothing by any means can defile a person in heaven. Immediately the juice from the beautiful sweet trees fruit ran down my throat like honey. My face was just covered all over with this beautiful, wonderful liquid that the fruit had turned into. Whatever it was, in that atmosphere of heaven, it was also instantly gone. It was a wonderful experience, and I can almost still taste that delicious juice after all this time.

There were also trees whose leaves were shaped like hearts and gave off a beautiful aroma. I was told to take a leaf and smell it and so I did. Then a voice told me that it would give me the strength to carry on. The moment I smelled the beautiful fragrance I was strengthened. I had an overpowering urge to see Jesus. "Please, let me see Jesus," I said.


He who overcomes shall be clothed in white garments, and I will not blot out his name from the Book of Life; but I will confess his name before My Father and before His angels. Revelation chapter three, verse five.

The angel walking with me gestured and said, "Behold the wall." The wall was tall, and it looked as if it was a mile away. Suddenly I was at the wall. Travel in heaven seems to be at the speed of thought.


Then the angel said, "Behold the books."

On the left, a book was sitting on golden pillars that served as a giant easel. The book had to be a mile high and three-quarters of a mile wide. It was huge and angels turn the pages of the book.

On the right was another book which was the Lamb's book of life. Its pages were turned and I was lifted up to see what was written on the open page. There, in three-inch golden letters outlined in crimson red was my name: RICHARD OF THE FAMILY OF SIGMUND, SERVANT OF GOD.

Alongside my name were the dates of my birth and my conversion. The crimson red outline on my name was the sacrificed blood of Christ.

Nothing impure will ever enter it the holy city, nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb's book of life. Revelation chapter 21 verse 27

I went up to the wall and saw that it was filled with all types of precious jewels, Jasper, Sardonyx diamonds, yellowish gold emeralds, bloodstone diamonds. The wall was made of some type of stone material that gave office sensation. When I touch the wall, it caressed my fingers.


I was then told to go to the gates. The gates were huge. They seemed to be 25 miles high. And there were three tongues of fire on each gate, representing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The gates were made of gold, which was fashioned similarly to wrought iron, curved on the top with vertical stringers and filigree between the stringers at the bottom. The gold represented the great mercy of God. Thousands of individual pathways came to the gates floating on air and in crystal clear water.

Through the gate along my pathway were many beautiful houses, mansions, they had many verandas on the second, third and even fourth floors. People would casually stroll off the edges of their verandas and effortlessly float to the ground, or they would stay in the air. It seemed they could do either. The laws of physics don't seem to apply in heaven.

I was taken to a small lake where I noticed that people were out in the water and even floating below its surface. There were no waves on the lake and the water was crystal clear and beautiful. It seemed even clearer than the air is here. The lake appeared to be bottomless and it gave off a glow from the interior.

I don't know what was down there but it was glorious - glory soil, glowing rocks of jewels? Again, I don't know. But the water was alive. I didn't go into the water but I did get my hand in it. The water had texture to it. And like the wall of stone, it caressed my hand. It was refreshing, like putting your hand in chilled 7-up, although it was at room temperature, a glorious experience. People approached this water without fear. I saw what looked like millions of people down in the water walking floating hand in hand or even swimming. They could breathe under the crystal clear water. When they came out of the water they were instantly dry. Since there is no death in heaven, no one can die even when underwater. Children can play in the water without fear of drowning. There are no dangerous water bugs or snakes. Nothing in heaven can harm you.

I later learned that at the throne of God, there are four rivers. This lake is fed by one of the rivers, which is hundreds of yards wide and very deep in some places, but shallow in others. As the river flows out from the throne, the water begins to multiply.


The golden pathway led to buildings further ahead. Suddenly, I was there. The pathway stopped at a street made of a clear substance. It was like a jewel intermingled with strands of gold. This road looked like the main street in a town. I was then taken to a group of people, and I noticed them watching my wonderment at the sights I saw.

Every now and then as I traveled down the pathway I would get a glimpse of Jesus just a little way ahead. He was talking with people, loving them, hugging them. They were looking at Him with such expressions of adoration and worship, that I wanted to be there just to fall at His feet. Yet the angel would say, "Just a little further on down the path, you have an appointment with God, and you will meet with the Lord."

Anticipation was bubbling up within me. I just wanted to be with Jesus. But I knew I had to wait. In heaven, everybody has a turn to see Jesus directly and therefore nobody is anxious about it. They are excited about the thought of seeing Him, but they are respectful of other people's turns to meet with Him. Nobody tries to crowd ahead of anyone else. I felt great tranquility because I knew that when it was my turn, it would be a glorious moment for all eternity.

I would join with the others who at that moment of ecstasy would get to see Jesus and talk with Him. Yet this was the remarkable thing, though I could see Jesus ahead of me, I could not say that He was not also right behind me. He moved at what seemed to be the speed of light. There was only one of Him but Jesus seemed to be everywhere at the same time, and I just wanted to be with Him.


Jesus said, Let the little children come to Me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. Matthew chapter 19, verse 14.

No child who dies is ever lost. Every one of them is with Jesus and enjoys His presence. Many times I saw the Lord draw little children to Himself. He would hug them and talk with them. He seemed to be so refreshed that they were with Him.

A little girl who looked about eight years old and had beautiful blonde hair came up to me. She knew me and I recognized her too. I remembered that she had died of cancer. I think she was some kind of ambassador in heaven because all she did was go from group to group and sing glorious songs.

"Brother Richard, do you want to see what I can do?" she asked. She proceeded to mess up her beautiful hair, hair that she had lost when she had suffered from cancer. When she stopped, it immediately returned to perfection. There are no bad hair days in heaven.


Then she said, "Brother Richard, would you like to hear me sing?"

She started singing in the most beautiful, powerful soprano voice you could imagine. Heaven's Ambassador was singing and the choirs of heaven joined in. This was the most beautiful song I had ever heard. And the girl's talent was especially remarkable because of her apparently young age.

She was not the only child I saw. There were many others, each with abilities far greater than any adults on Earth. If you had been a good singer while you were on Earth, then you could sing millions of times better in heaven. This little girl's ability exceeded that of anyone I had ever heard on Earth.

In one place in heaven, I saw a young boy sitting before a piano that seemed to extend 100 feet in every direction. It looked like a grand piano yet in the middle of it, stood an upright harp. Although he was not yet playing this young boy was sitting there and it was in an open place like a courtyard beside some homes.

Then he played the most beautiful music. It was a little like Bach, a little like Brahms and a little like Beethoven. Yet I cannot tell you what the song was. When I left Heaven, I left the tune there. But there was music, and there were words to that song and people joined in.

While this child was playing the piano, the angels were standing at attention. Some had their arms raised, worshiping God. The notes of the song that this little boy was playing were reverberating throughout heaven. Choirs were joining in, it was unbelievable. It was glorious, and this little child was leading all of it.

I asked, "How can this be?"

One of the angels said to me, "They are playing this song because you are here. They want you to know that in heaven even a child can learn things that are impossible to learn while on Earth."

I was told, "Look at the little child."

As I looked at him, I noticed that he didn't appear to be older than seven or eight years of age. He turned to me smiled and waved his right hand while continuing to play with his left. Then he stopped, the piano stopped and the harp stopped. The people stopped. Everyone started to smile and praise the Lord. The song was over, but I could somehow hear it echoing.

The boy said, "I can play anything I want to."

There was a beautiful Children's Choir in heaven. Again, the children had singing and musical capabilities far beyond anything you could imagine on Earth. Every child could sing.

I was told that the talents and abilities that God ordained for them from birth were again magnified millions of times over in heaven.

At one point I saw a child who looked about five years old, sitting at an easel painting a picture of the countryside. He would tell the paintbrush the color he wanted, and the paintbrush would turn to that color. The boy would say, for example, "No, darker, the tree must be darker." The paintbrush would turn to that color, and he would just wipe it across the canvas one time and the tree would appear. In Heaven, all things are possible.


Of the many children I saw in heaven, some look like newborns as if they had died during childbirth or shortly afterward, like the baby I had seen reunited with his mother when I first entered the veil.

In Heaven, these babies had the power of speech and were completely responsive. They knew and understood what you were saying to them and could reply. It was the most amazing thing to see.


I saw a number of children like this, they were being carried by angels or by other people. There was a nursery in heaven where I saw thousands, maybe millions of children of that age. They were being tended to by angels and relatives and others. Remarkably, they grew up at a tremendous rate. They were not babies for very long. Sometimes I saw small groups of children. Other times I saw very large groups of them. All the children were very happy. Their hair and clothing were perfect. Some had little suits on and some wore robes.


I saw children who are old enough to walk and run and play, and they played just as they would on Earth. It seemed mandatory that the children play and have a good time that they be children. They seemed to have the ability to be completely content just being children. We know that on earth if you don't experience a proper childhood, it is likely that you will struggle as an adult. You can be wounded in childhood and never fully mature emotionally in adulthood. But in heaven, since everything is perfect, children experience perfect childhoods, and they are welcome everywhere and around everyone. Everybody loves the children and the children love everybody.

In one of the games that children played, they would form a circle sometimes with just a few children and other times with many children. A child would be selected and he or she would float in the air right in the middle of the circle. Another child would give the floater a little shove, and he or she would begin to float back and forth. All the children giggled with great glee. The child floating through the air would laugh and giggle. It seemed to be a wonderful experience for them. It would have been a great experience for me.

Another game was to see how far they could jump. Children would jump 100 or 200 feet in the air and float down like butterflies. It was an amazing sight. I didn't see anyone played baseball, but I did see children climbed tall trees and jump out of them floating down like cotton balls. It was great excitement for them. No harm could come to them. They were in no possible danger.

I saw children playing along the shores of the seas and lakes. There are many lakes in heaven and again, there was no danger, no harm could befall them. They played in the water on the water and under the water. They swam through the water or just sat at the bottom of the lake. They were having a wonderful time playing with the rocks and building sandcastles on the beach. What a wonderful childhood. Oh to have been raised in heaven.

I also saw the Lord Himself Come and hug many children and tell them cute little stories. They loved Jesus and He loved them so very much. I could not tell by looking at the children if they had ever been sick on Earth. I am sure some had been yet in heaven they were 100% healthy with rosy little cheeks, cherub-like and they could run and play.

In one place. I saw children having foot races. They ran faster than a horse on earth can run. It was amazing. In another place, I saw them riding horses. The horses loved it, and they loved the children. The horses had the power of thought and the power of speech. It was a wonderful experience.

I saw children playing what looked like hide and seek, one would run and hide and the other children would find him or her and then start the game all over. It was such a beautiful sight.


I saw that as the children grew older, they began to attend school, just as they do on Earth. But the schools were amazing. I was not permitted to know what they were taught. A child in heaven is far above the highest level of intelligence here. Children would learn things that geniuses on earth could not possibly know or understand. I was spellbound at the thought of it. I was speechless. You may have difficulty believing this. However, it is something that I pass on to you.

In the distance, I saw a group of children who had grown older in heaven. I do not know at what rate children grow there. I was told that it was none of my business. They were taking what looked like a cloud of glory and telling it what to become. Jesus was there also and He said, "Do this," and blew on it. The cloud became an explosion of glory, and two beautiful birds that resembled parrots flew out of it. The birds were pure white. They were about six feet long and as tall as a man. Immediately they began to sing a song of praise. It seemed as though all of the heavens joined in and sang along with them. This is only one of the countless events I witnessed that are beyond my ability to explain adequately. You cannot fully believe it without the help of the Holy Spirit.

I was not allowed to talk with any of the children except for the girl who sang. At the time there was a purpose. Now, I don't know what that purpose was.


All the children were very friendly and loving. They call each other by their first names and were called by their first names. They also called the angels by name, although I can't remember any of the names. In heaven, everybody knows everybody and knows them by name. Heaven is a place you want to go to. And one of its most beautiful features is the children.


In My Father's house are many mansions. If it were not so I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. John chapter 14, verse two.

On my way to the throne of God I saw an avenue just off the street I was walking on. It was a huge avenue that branched off a little bit to the right and merged with another Main Street. This Avenue seemed to be 250 feet wide and extended for miles and miles, but I could plainly see the other end of it. People were walking up and down the beautiful golden and crystal streets, which appeared to be made of diamonds, or maybe one big diamond of some kind. You could see through this diamond, it had layers of gold and silver, and there were precious stones everywhere.


On this avenue, there were mansions beyond compare. I was told that they were for missionaries, everything they'd given they'd given to the Lord. I believe that in heaven, God rewards everything that we can't receive here on Earth. I do not know the names of those who lived on that street because I was not allowed to explore it. But I know that some of them had been modern day missionaries. Some had just recently died. And there were large groups of people welcoming them at the veil.

I saw one coming who was dressed in a beautiful robe. One of the first things he did was to grab his clothes and say, "Oh, how beautiful. I am not in rags anymore." His robe was made of spun gold. Thousands of people were greeting him. The rewards of missionaries are great. And God loves missions minded people.

I was taken to one house on the street on which I was walking. It was a single mansion carved out of a single giant pearl. The house seemed to be 250 to 300 feet across and 100 feet tall. The furniture inside had been formed by angels who had molded and carved the pearl into shape. Even the chandelier had been carved out of the pearl and it was lit. It glowed from within.

The house made of pearl belonged to a woman named Pearl. And the angels told me her story. She had been a missionary known for giving to the poor. Eventually, she had died of starvation. The house of Pearl was a reward for a pure heart.

There were many different kinds of houses in the street. It would be unbelievable to consider building them in any place but heaven. As I was passing by one street corner, whether I was walking or floating, I do not know for an angel was holding me by the arm and wanted to stop and see a specific mansion that belonged to another missionary. We stopped for a moment. It appeared to be made of solid gold. But there was wood also. There were hundreds of people in this mansion. They were all people whom this missionary had led to the Lord. He had been a part of their families lives. Now they were still a part of his big family. And they were really joyous. The peace and tranquility there were unbelievable. As I walked by, they waved and called to me saying, "Hello, Richard, it is good to see you." They knew me, but I didn't seem to know any of them or remember knowing them. Everybody in heaven is so friendly. People would often call from across the street. "Hello, Richard. How are you doing?"


There were also larger buildings on this street. Of all the buildings I saw in heaven, none of them had locks on the doors and the doors were not closed, whether they were mansions, smaller homes or apartment buildings. Yes, some people like living in condominiums in heaven. All were open. Some had windows but some did not. There are no storms and there are no thieves.

Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy and where thieves do not break in and steal. Matthew chapter six, verse 20.

Everyone who comes by is perfectly welcome to enter your house, whether you are there or not. But out of respect, I don't believe anyone enters anyone else's home when the resident is not there.


I saw houses that were brightly lit from the inside and whose architecture was beautiful. In heaven, it seems that architecture includes large pillars. Every home had large porches with pillars and huge archways. Some of the homes were made out of what seemed to be a type of brick or stone material. Others were made out of a type of wood. Yet as I looked, there were no nails or even pegs. Not a piece was sawn, but everything was crafted and fitted perfectly together. The fit was so perfect that no nails were needed. It was as if the houses had formed themselves into existence. I saw a veranda on one home that looked like it was made of onyx. You could see through it. It was as clear as glass. Inlaid in the porch were precious stones and gold and silver and there were great diamonds, the things we hold so dear.

I saw several large cities in heaven and each city had wide streets. One particular area I went to had seven huge main streets that ran toward the throne. The architecture there was extraordinary. I saw a home made of clear stone embedded with roses that were alive and growing and gave off the most beautiful aroma. When I put my ear up to anything solid in heaven, I heard it humming the most beautiful songs. Some of the songs were ones we sing on Earth, but others were not. Everything gave praise and glory to the Lord, and everything else dims at the sight of Jesus.

Everything was so beautiful, but it all dimmed at the very sight of Jesus. Just one glimpse of Him and everything else would pale in comparison. When I saw Him and looked upon His wonderful face, even the most beautiful architecture of heaven was forgotten. He is the express image of the Father. Refer to Hebrews chapter one, verse three,

And all of the heavens revolve around the Lord and His great mercy. He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. For by Him all things were created, things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities, all things were created by Him and for Him. He is before all things and in Him, all things hold together. Colossians chapter one verses 15 through 17.


In the distance, I could hear beautiful chimes coming from across the crystal Sea. It seemed as though it was so far away, yet it was an easy stroll for the inhabitants of this wonderful place called heaven. I so wanted to see what was over there, and something seemed to be drawing me but for some reason better left to the Lord Jesus, I was not allowed to go. I asked why and received a stern glance. That was all I neeed to know about that.

A place that I was allowed to see, which was not too distant, was a Crystal City that appeared to be made wholly of lights. Each light was different and glowing. The lights were giving off rays of glory that shone brighter than any earthly sun ever could. It was as though the whole city was filled with tall buildings. Some were floating in the air, some were round, one was shaped like a huge diamond. It alone was clearly visible to me yet I was at least several miles away from it. It is very difficult to describe. It reminds me of the Apostle Paul's experience. He heard inexpressible things, things that man is not permitted to tell. The Second book of Corinthians chapter 12, verse four.

People continually came out of the city. I didn't know their purpose and I was not going to ask Not this time. There were chimes and the bell system that was playing such wonderful music. I still remember the choirs of people and the angels who were singing from the heights above. I wept with adoration and joy at seeing and hearing these wonders that I found impossible to explain. Again, to truly describe them with mere earthly words would completely fail me. Oh, that I could express what I felt and what I now feel.

After the Crystal City of Lights. I was with Jesus most of the time.


I was taken to another home that was just off the main street on which I was walking. I was weeping with joy. I was joining in the joy and happiness of everybody. This home was not as big as some of the others, but it was a fine home. If it were possible to build on Earth, it would cost probably a trillion dollars. Again, if it were even possible to build. It was bigger than the White House. The angels told me I had to stop there saying, "Somebody wants to talk to you." I walked up to the house and there was my grandfather sitting on the front porch, and my grandmother was there too.

The house was their heavenly home. I remember falling down on my knees and saying, "Grandpa!" When he stood up, I noticed that he looked like he was only in his late 20s or early 30s. When he died, he'd been 97. Now he was in perfect health, and so was Grandma. We hug and I just didn't know what to say.

After a few moments, they said, "Richard, you have an appointment with God, but you will be back. Your home is just over yonder." They pointed down the street where there was an open lot for a home to be built. I have never thought I have done anything to deserve all the goodness God has shown me especially this. Suddenly I was gone from them. But supernaturally I knew they were smiling. They knew what was going on. They had been told.

I saw many homes on that street for people whom I loved and who loved me, I saw some of the great generals in God's army. I saw evangelist Jack Coe Senior. He wasn't sick, and he wasn't as heavy as he'd been on earth. He was standing in a crowd of people teaching them with a loud, booming voice. He waved at me, and I waved back. There wasn't time to talk.

I also saw evangelist William Branham, he was sitting and talking with the Lord. I didn't want to interrupt him. He also gave me a wave and I waved back. Jesus looked at me and smiled. And again, supernaturally, I knew that he was saying, "Richard will be back. He is just visiting."

I saw other people who had died and had gone to be with Jesus. I saw great preachers from throughout the ages. They were out among the people, encouraging them, telling of the great wonders of heaven, and the great things God had done for them.

Some of the people had been there for a long time, but they were still learning. Just like little children, they were soaking up something they wanted badly to learn. Then the angel on the left said, "We have to go toward the throne." And we were gone.


Everything in heaven flows into and out of the throne. However you arrived there, all traffic moves towards the throne, from the veil to the beautiful conveyances, and coming down from the sky. In whatever way God brings you into heaven, you move toward the throne. People in heaven earnestly desire to get to the throne and to talk to Jesus. They might be standing on a street corner looking down the street and see Jesus walking toward them. In wonderment, they exclaim, "He's coming. He is coming our way. We are going to get to talk to Him." Many times I saw Jesus talking with people, and He would turn and look at me. I wanted to talk to Him, but I knew that I had to wait my turn. I felt great peace. When I saw Him I always had a desire to go before God on the throne.


I was walking down a beautiful street on my way to the throne room, which looms so magnificently in the near distance. On my right, I noticed a wonder that like everything else took my breath away. There is a large picture window of a beautiful home was a sight that still makes me shout "Glory!" A woman was weaving the most beautiful tapestry that I had ever seen. I was told to go inside the mansion and behold God's glory.

The tapestry was hanging in midair without any visible means of support. I can't explain it. I can only tell you what I was shown. The woman had a huge ball of yarn like material, and she was speaking softly to it, telling it what she wanted it to be. Instantly it obeyed her wishes. I noticed immediately the beautiful picture that was being formed in the finished part of the tapestry. I also saw that the tapestry was a picture of everything that was visible through the window of the mansion. I was told that just as we are made in the image of God, the picture was being made in the image of what was going on outside the window. The image on the tapestry had depth and it seemed as if you could have walked into it. Again, everything going on outside the window was going on in the tapestry.

Some people were moving around and walking past the windows, others were standing around in groups singing. I could hear them just as if I were standing right by the window. The leaves in the trees were moving as if a gentle breeze were blowing. I also saw myself from just moments before. I was standing outside of the window looking in. I asked one of the angels, "When did she weave this into the tapestry?" He told me, "It was the day that you were born again." I was overtaken with emotion and I wept. "Come, you have an appointment with the God of your heritage."

I tried to speak but again, I was speechless. The angel just smiled the kind gentle smile. And I was made to know then about how the angels do rejoice at the moment that someone is born again. Refer to Luke chapter 15 verse 10.

They are created and empowered for just this very moment. Their highest joy is to serve God and to be on assignment where the Lord sends them. They weep with joy at the moment a person receives Christ as his or her Savior, and they go into action immediately. God has His Will all planned out for us. We must follow Jesus. He never fails.


I was then taken to a large theater where a testimony service was going on. There were thousands there and from what I was told it would be going on for eternity. I heard thunderous shouting of praise and glory. And then I heard a very familiar voice. He was saying, "I was given a promise from the Lord regarding the life of my grandson 35 years before he was born. I was told that he would be a blessing to his generation, and that he would be used by God in a mighty way. He was a child preacher and now he's here. Our God never fails."

I looked around to see who he was talking about. Since I also had started very young in the ministry, I was excited about seeing this man. was the voice talking about King David, or perhaps Samuel. Was I going to get to see Samuel? I found that I could see Samuel. So I shouted, "I want to see Samuel. Let me see this one who also loved God so much." Yet I would not meet Samuel here.

I was led to an area that looked like a stage and as I looked up, there was my Grandpa. He was the speaker. He pointed at me and said, "There he is now." I wept with joy at seeing him again. And I just fell on the marble floor.

I hand picked me up. It was Grandpa. Grandma was there too, and also my Grandpa's brothers Lester and Marian. They had their families with them and many people whom I had never seen before. They would not come any closer and I instinctively knew that God would not allow me to embrace them yet. Everyone was beaming with joy.

Then I was instantly in another place. I was told, "Come, you have an appointment with destiny." I walked along still overcome with joyful weeping and with the impact of what had just happened. I saw a group of about 14 warrior angels who are coming from the direction of the throne. The angels were a good 20 feet tall and 10 feet across at the shoulders. Their eyes glistened with a fiery light from the altars of God, and their swords were flames of fire.

The ground shook as they passed by me. I stepped aside and the angels with me bowed their heads in respect. I thought to myself, I would never want to be any demon that tried to fight with them. Just one of them could destroy an entire army. And I heard that strong firm yet so gentle voice. Jesus was behind me. He said, "I wanted you to see them. They are being sent into your future. They will be there when you need them."

I was reminded of the Scripture are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation. Hebrews chapter one, verse 14.

Later in life, I would need them and would receive their help on several occasions, sometimes in a very special, personal and real way. Somehow I knew that all these things were to prepare me for the future that God had in store for me. Again, I wept.

The angels put their arms around me and said in unison, and God has given his angels charge over you, to bear you up, lest at any time you should dash your foot against a stone. Refer to Psalm 91, verses 11 through 12.

I cried, "Glory to God," with great joy. I could see Jesus again among His people, and there was a great throng of children surrounding Him. I heard Him say, "Look at this," as He threw a large ball of what looked like glory cloud into the air. When it reached about 2000 feet in the air, it exploded into a display that looked like the fireworks we are familiar with on earth, and with such a variety of colors, yet instead of fading away, it got bigger and bigger.

Then it took the shape of a tree and slowly floated to the ground. It was instantly rooted and began to grow. It looks similar to the other trees there. It was simply beautiful. Jesus does only what is perfect. It is the law of heaven. I remember all the people who were standing there watching with great awe.


Then Jesus turned to me and said to the angels, "Take Richard to My marriage supper feast and let him see it. It is almost ready." I was there before I could even think I saw a building that was very tall. It had arch supports and columns that were about 50 feet apart. The tables where the supper feast was to be held, were made of gold and inlaid with jewels. These tables were lying with chairs that looked like kings' thrones. That's how they appeared to me and I have no other words to explain the beautiful way they were constructed.

The pavilion was about 20 miles long in my best estimation. There were three rows of tables in a semi-circle with a throne in the background. Each chair had a name engraved on the inside of the back. I asked when they had been engraved and the Lord said, "When their names were recorded in the Lamb's book of life."

I grew silent and bowed my head with complete gratitude. Then I raised my head and looked ahead of me. In that same instant, I saw my name engraved on one of the chairs. I wanted so much to sit in that chair, but Jesus said, "Not yet. It shall be sat in for the first time when My Father says, 'Sit at the marriage feast of My Son. A virgin shall be given and a virgin feast shall be given to a virgin groom."

And again, I wept with great joy. There were goblets filled with sweet nectar from heaven. A golden dish was filled with Heaven's best. Everything was prepared to perfection. The Marriage Supper was ready for the groom to make His entrance. There was room enough for multiplied millions of people.

Transcribed from a YouTube video. This post may contain errors of transcription. Buy the book "My Time in Heaven by Richard Sigmund" to read the original accurate text.

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