Friday, October 12, 2018



I saw in hell several principalities. The greatest demons I saw in hell could take me by the hand and crush me if God permitted.

I saw the principality of false Christianity being preached today. He was happy and before him, millions of souls bowed in pain and suffering. These people are all pastors, bishops, reverends, apostles, elders, evangelists, missionaries, and all peoples who lived this false gospel full of lies and without renunciation.

On the other side, I saw the principality of Catholicism and Catholics were forced to worship that demon in great pain.

I saw the principality of Hinduism and several people suffering in pains worshiping him there.

I saw the principality of Buddhism and before him, several people worshiping and suffering eternal punishments.

I saw the principality of Kardecist spiritualism and Allan Kardec with multitudes of people worshiping that demon. The principality scoffed at Allan Kardec and said, "I have used and inspired you to produce doctrines of deception. Thanks to you, I have gained all those souls who believe in your lies." The principality threw Allan Kardec over the multitude of souls being punished and those people began to tread on this man with much hatred. Others would bite and beat him.

I saw the principality of African spiritualism which is witchcraft, it also has many souls in its power which has been won.

I saw the principality of the Jehovah's Witness who also has a barn of souls just for him. These souls burned within that besieged abyss and the demons exalted themselves saying, "They believed in our false teachings now they will burn forever. They should never have believed in our false teachings if they didn't want to come here."

I saw the principality of Judaism tormenting a multitude of Jews in a valley. He said, "You did not believe in Jesus and you rejected Him and did not accept the grace to live by faith. You were still observing the law and you became a sect." The Pharisees, Sadducees, scribes, and lawyers were suffering in this valley.

And the last principality was of Seventh-day Adventism, and before him were multitudes of souls suffering and groaning in pain. The principality laughed and said, "They are fools and foolishly believed in the lies that the apostle Paul fought so much in antiquity. How many times he said they are in grace and not in the law. So they became cursed and they all go with us to the lake of fires in the Last Judgment. We will not suffer alone in this lake. We blinded their minds to never believe in any other gospel other than our Adventist gospel." And that principality laughed and his laughter was sarcastic and frightening.

Jesus said, "I only show these principalities of the main religious currents. They have inspired and raised their leaders to spread their lies. Their leaders are the founders of these sects on earth and they were controlled by demons to serve as instruments of darkness."



The Lord showed me millions of hungry souls running after the truth. All were deceived by the sects.

In my country, it is Buddhism that has deceived the masses. I have taken the Gospel in this country without attracting attention.

Christians who are free to speak about Jesus in their country, enjoy it. Do not stand still, do not use the Gospel to deceive and raise money.

In my country, there is no freedom to preach the Gospel freely.

I was transsexual and did not know that there was a hell of fire. If I died in this abomination I would be in hell today. God had mercy on me because I did not know the Gospel and delivered me from this place.

You who know the Gospel and use it to deceive will pay a high price, and will not be judged innocent.

Jesus told me about Satan's new strategies to win souls. Cults have won many souls for hell. These false religions are like barriers that prevent the Gospel from being preached.

Satan uses deception with religions to get out of the way of Jesus, he has worked in the four corners of the world. Many die and go to hell because of false religions.

And my people are not fighting these lies, denouncing these works.

Jesus showed me great deep holes being opened by the demons in every way of the Christians. They walked unnoticed from the danger ahead of the way without watching. All these fell into the pit of the abyss.

You who are a Christian crumble the wall of sin that separates you from God.

Approach Him, whoever is a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.

I have seen millions of demons working to keep people from asserting themselves in the ways of God.

My brothers do not be concerned about being in the hierarchies in the churches. Positions in churches mean nothing to God. What frightens demons is to live a life obedient to the Word of God.

Live a spiritual life of communion with God.

The shepherd is no greater than the deacon nor the elder than the younger of the church. In the spirit world, this does not matter.

The greatest is the humble man who seeks God with all his heart. The little one before God becomes great, and the one who magnifies himself becomes small for God.

God does not accept positions taken from man, brothers anointed by their leaders. He accepts those whom He anoints and raises for His work.

His anointed have values in the spirit world and bother the demons.

Even if you do not have a position in your church, pray, God will inform you and put you on your feet.

Jesus told me the last words thus, “Take My Gospel to your country, free them from the fire of hell.”



I saw in the vision the four corners of the world. Territories of difficult access, full of barriers for the believer to enter. Demons marked their territories in places in Asia and Africa. I saw a great veil covering the eyes of various peoples and languages. Their wrists had chains that enslaved and oppressed them. They were Buddhist, Shinto, Hindu and Muslim people.

I saw legions that oppressed a multitude of these people. These people followed a road that in its end, had a cliff and soon falling into an abyss of fire. The Lord said, “Many of these people have not yet heard of Me, others ignore Me. They are dying and going to hell, because of the blindness of their religions.”

The demons fight against the Gospel; they do not allow the Gospel to enter those places where Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism reign.

Jesus showed me the east of the earth, I could see a terrible monster. I was terrified. That demon was in the clouds. I asked the Lord, “What is this devil?” The Lord said, “He is the ilmaka, the demon who commands Islam.”

I saw a terrible demon named Tianhuang Dadi who commands Buddhism. This demon is also giant. These boss demons have a mission to take care of their religion.

I saw another chief demon called Brahma, who commands Hinduism. These demons are territorial. They guard their flock, lest Christians win them over to Jesus.

These chief demons are under the authority of the principality of the religion. Their functions were each to take care of their religion. These chief demons defended their territories. Each demon of that one had an army of demons that constructed fortresses, preventing missionaries from entering those places.

The Lord said that He is preparing His army, not of angels, but of last-minute missionaries, who will enter these places to overthrow the walls that keep the faithful from entering. And that the guardians of these territories will be defeated when the Word enters. Many captive souls will be taken from the hands of Satan. This will be the greatest offensive of all time. To rescue the lost souls, undoing their evil traps, plucking away all that does not belong to the devil, afflicting all the demons.



Upon returning home I had a vision of Satan and his demons creating new religions.

Satan said, "The greater the number of religions the more the human race will be confused. They will not see the way of truth, which will be like a small needle in the haystack. They will be so confused by so many ways that they will not know which religion is right."

"They will be so lost without knowing the way to walk, and many will prefer to follow any religion because they do not know the right, and walked in their own ways that will lead to death."

"We will make their minds that all religions are of God, and thus we will gain their souls. We will continue multiplying false churches and sects in the earth. We have little time. We will carry the largest number of souls with us."



In a vision at night, the Lord showed me an army of Eastern soldiers. I asked the Lord what this means. The Lord answered me, "I will prepare a great missionary army in that country in the future. Satan has built many fortresses through religions, demons have prevented the Gospel from penetrating Asia. There are many persecutions in that country, many religions operate in this place. The demons have built spiritual strongholds of a hindrance so that the Gospel does not enter. Asia has been their nest, where the Gospel does not grow and spread. I will raise My army to destroy fortresses.

I said, "Why Japan? What is special about this country?"

The Lord said, "Japan is a strategic country and open to My Word. This country is the door that will open to evangelize Asia. I will raise this nation to win the East. I have lost many souls from the East for not having entered the Gospel. This Asian continent is the part where Satan wins the most souls. I will dethrone the principalities of that place."


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