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Hello brothers and sisters. I am Joshua Lokamba I am an adopted son of a Catholic priest who was a Vatican-appointed exorcist. I am here to tell you how I met the Lord Jesus and how I moved from Catholicism to become a born-again Christian.

Before starting with my story I would like to tell you about what happened to me days ago. Actually, I was sick just recently. I was suffering from a headache. I could not understand what was wrong. The pain was intense and excruciating. I could not bear it. I was even crying. Normally I don't like medication but on this occasion, I took medication to try to stop the pain. Still, there was no improvement.

The left part of my head was in extreme pain. I pray every night for more than 2 hours. But because of the pain, I could only pray for 40 minutes. After prayer, I could not close my eyes in order to sleep because of the pain. So I was there watching.

It was 3 am in the morning suddenly when 12 luminous angels of the Lord showed up in my house. They saluted me. I noticed that one of them was carrying a plate. And on that plate, there were a syringe, pincers, scissors, and other medical instruments and medication.

One of the angels said, “Joshua we have come to administer treatment to you. We are here to remove the sickness that is in your body.” Then he gave me 2 injections on the left part of my head where I was feeling the pain. Afterward, they opened my head and they performed an operation. And they gave me two more injections. Then they closed up my head. They took some blood. Finally, they told me that I was healed.

One of them said that they have to do a test with the blood that they took from me. And that they will give me the result of the test later. Actually, this was not a dream. Like I said I could not sleep nor close my eyes because of the pain. So my eyes were well opened and I was watching when the angel opened my head and performed the operation.

When the twelve angels of the Lord departed, I touched my head and I noticed that there were no scars as a result of this operating procedure. And then I realized that the pain was gone. I was completely healed. A few days later I was on my knees in prayer when one of the twelve angels of the Lord came with the result of a blood test. He informed me that the sickness that was in my body was a tumor. But it is removed and I am fine and then he departed.

This is my story. My parent died when I was very young. In the aftermath of their deaths, my siblings and I became orphans and we were struggling. Life was tough. Then the priest of our local parish came to our family to pay us an unexpected visit. And he actually came to take one child in the family in order to adopt him. On that day he chose me and as a result, I was adopted by this priest.

As I was adopted when I was a toddler, I thought that the priest was my biological father. It was when I was finishing primary school that I learned that the priest was my adoptive father.

The priest really treated me as if he was my biological father. He took care of my education.

I spent all of my childhood in the parish. He became my only father and he took care of my education. I was living, sleeping and eating in the parish. In fact, I grew up in the parish and I receive a Catholic education. I was upright, reliable and honest when growing up. As a result, I became an altar boy although I was still very young.

I was trained in accounting as I was supposed to manage all the shops and property and investment of the local parish. The priest was like my father and wherever he was sent I went with him although this was forbidden in the rules of the Catholic priesthood. It is acceptable for a priest to raise a child outside the parish but not in the parish. Yet I was living in the parish.

As a consequence, the priest was reported and accused to the hierarchy that he fathered a boy that he is raising in the parish. One day we received the visit of my lord the Bishop who asked my adoptive father about me.

He said that he has received a report and accusation that the priest had begotten a boy that the priest is raising in the parish which is against the rules. Later my lord the Bishop called me and asked me whether I wanted to be a priest. I said yes. He replied that it is okay, he will see what he can do.

Thank God there was no sanctions or disciplinary action whatsoever against my adoptive father, whose name was Paulino. He did his studies in London, then he went to study demonology and exorcism in the Vatican and he was consecrated as an exorcist.

I was an acolyte and a servant. I was dedicated. I was doing everything, even leading the morning Mass and covering for the priest in case he was away. I was actually doing everything including cleaning and tidying.

The aim of my adoptive father was that I become a priest later. Therefore I was attending a Catholic school and I was supposed to enter a Catholic seminary later on.

While growing up in the parish I saw the priest intervening with power in many situations. He would always call me to assist him in these services of prayer and sometimes exorcism. I must stress that not every priest is allowed to do exorcism; only those that are trained and authorized by the Vatican. Before undertaking any exorcism activity the priest was putting on his black garment which had many pockets in which he was putting spirits that he was capturing. I was helping and carrying his utensils like incense and other things.


I remember one day they brought him a girl who was crazy and in chains. He asked the family to unchain the girl. The family replied that she was dangerous and she will run away. But the priest insisted. When the girl was unchained she was about to run away. Then the priest said stop and come back. Strangely she obeyed the priest. Then the priest asked, “Who is in this body?” But the demon inside the girl refused to answer the priest.

Then the priest asked me to give him a whip. Once he got the whip he began to whip the girl. I asked the priest, “Are you not hurting the girl with the whip?” The priest said, “It is actually the demon inside the girl that is feeling the pain.” As a result, the demon inside the girl identified himself. The priest asked the spirit, “Who are you?” The spirit answered, “I am her aunt and I am responsible for her condition." Later the demon went out of the body of the girl who fell on the ground and was healed from her sickness. Then the priest used salted water to clean her.

Actually, the priest never uses the name of Jesus Christ in those rites of exorcism. I was still in primary school and everything was fine as far as I am concerned. These exorcisms were everyday occurrences in the parish. I grew up with them. The priest was dealing with all kinds of situations. He was predicting the future, healing people and exorcizing people. He was really busy. But he was complaining that I am too young for him to give me power. But he promised that when I grow up he will transmit his power to me. In the meantime, I was just an observer helping with logistics.


I remember in our village there were many issues. One of them was that people who were dead and buried were appearing and scaring people in the night. So the priest was quite effective in capturing these spirits and returning them to the dimension of the deads.

We were usually operating at midnight. We were going out to capture witches and spirits of the deads. We were usually walking on the left corner of the road and people could not see us but we could see them. We were invisible to them.

The priest had spiritual eyes to see invisible realities. The priest was always dressed in his black robe. I was walking right behind him. Actually, we captured a lot of witches. The priest was also capturing parish members who were practicing witchcraft.

One of them was a mother who was a leader of legionnaire mothers of the parish. She was quite a dedicated leader. She led the choir, she was active and putting a lot of money in the church. It was midnight past when we were walking by the roadside. Then we saw that mother. She was naked and was in plain activity. The priest seized her and started to beat her.

The priest said to her, “I told you to stop your witchcraft activity but as you continue with these things, let us go to see your husband.” Then we went to her home. It was 1 am and she was naked. We knocked on the gate. Her husband was deeply sleeping.

Every time a witch wants to go out in the night to operate, she will plunge the whole house in very deep sleep. After knocking for some time her husband woke up. The priest explained to her husband about his wife's sorcery activities.


One day we went to the cemetery in the night. The priest noticed that one coffin was a little bit opened. He told me the spirit was supposed to be in that coffin has left and that he must be in the city disturbing people.

As we had a vehicle we then started looking for that spirit from one cemetery to another. Actually, we were chasing the spirit of a man who was a Westerner who died during the war of 1975 initiated by Mulele and his rebellion.

When the rebels were advancing against the Mobutu regime, they killed a Catholic woman, an acolyte by the name of Anoirite. This lady was canonized recently, then this Westerner whose name was Jack Macknahon was also killed in that area.

Jack Macknahon was decapitated. His head was buried in the local authority office. One of his legs was cut and buried somewhere else and his body was buried in the local cemetery. After we searched the spirit all night we could not find him.

The following day we were still after the spirit of Jack Macknahon. We were on the road then we saw him. He was headless with one leg. He was moving by jumping. After he saw us, he disappeared. Then we went back home.

A few days later there was a man who came back from a visit to his second wife. He was knocking on the door but his first wife refused to open the door for him. After some time his wife opened the door and he was angry. He locked his wife out.

The woman was sleeping at the gate when she heard someone moving. She looked to check who was coming. She saw the headless spirit coming towards her. She was terrified and she shouted help! The moment she shouted help, the spirit entered her.

From that moment on she became crazy. She began to walk like she had one leg by jumping and she began to speak in fluent English and French although she was illiterate and she became extremely strong. People had to tie her with chains.

Then the priest was alerted to come and pick up the woman. We were unable to do so because of her demonic strength. Then the priest ordered her to get in the car. She replied that she has only one leg. Then she began to walk like she had only one leg.

The woman got in the car. Later she was exorcized in the parish. The priest captured the spirit of Jack Macknahon the Westerner. The woman recovered her mind and became sane again.

The priest went back to the cemetery and returned the spirit of Jack Macknahon in the coffin and put a chain on it with a padlock to prevent the spirit from coming out again.


One day the priest told me that we had to visit the general hospital because many people were dying there. He said that these deaths were premature and that there is a spirit of death operating there and killing people.

That is why some people are OK out of hospital but the moment they come to the hospital their condition deteriorate. In many hospitals, at the gates, there are many demons stationed there.

I want to tell you that hospitals are places inhabited by many kinds of spirits especially the spirit of death. That is why when you go to the hospital, pray first because there are many spirits operating there and many doctors are occultists.

We were heading to the hospital. We were walking around the hospital when we saw a duck coming in our direction. The priest said to me, “Joshua, this duck is not a duck; he is the spirit of death that is stationed at the gate of the hospital to kill sick people.

This duck or spirit of death could not see us. It was when he reached approximately 1 meter from us that he saw us. He tried to run into the bushes but the priest was quick. He captured that duck that disappeared in his hand. Still, the priest told me that he has captured him. He put that spirit in one of the pockets of his black garment.

His black garment had many pockets and any spirits he captured he was putting them into his pockets. After the capture of that spirit of death, there was less death in the parish.


I remember an incident where we're on a mission in the equatorial province. We were coming back when we saw a crowd of people. When they saw us, they were giving us signals to stop our car, so we stopped.

We went out of the car. We saw a girl who was bound in chains but she was cutting the chains. She was helped by 10 men. The priest was relaxed, leaning on the jeep smoking a cigarette.

Then these people told us that when the girl was a baby, they were visited by one of her father's friends. He gave them money and said, “I like your baby. She will be my wife when she grows up.” Actually, the girl's father thought that his friend was saying this just for a compliment and praise for his baby. But that money bound the baby with the man in the covenant.

Many years later that man died but when the baby girl was 18 years old, she turned crazy. She kept on saying that she wanted to follow her husband. She had the tendency to run to the river and forest.

Her family took her to the witchdoctor, to the native doctor, even to the churches but there was no solution. The spirit of the late man was claiming her and was leading her to throw herself into the river or to run into the forest.

Later the priest asked the people to set her loose but the people replied that if they do so, she will run to the forest or the river. But as the priest insisted, these people then removed the chains from the girl who started to run away. Then the priest shouted to her in a loud voice, “Stop!” Strangely, the girl stopped.

The priest said to her, “Come back here!" Then the girl walked right in front of the priest. Then the priest threw his cigarette on the girl who collapsed on the ground. Then the spirit of the late man in her departed and the girl recovered her mind.


My priest was in conflict with his vicar. Therefore I was assuming the role of the vicar and managing all the shops. The cause behind the conflict was that they were fighting over a woman. They were really in deep conflict and animosity.

One day they quarreled before me, then my priest promised the vicar that he will show him who he is. Many days later I was eating with the vicar, my priest was angry. He refused to join us in that meal and he went to his room.

When the vicar finished eating, he was leaving the canteen. Then he met the priest passing. He knew that the priest was in his room. He could not understand how he saw him entering the canteen.

After the vicar walked some meters, he met the priest for the second time in front of him and he passed by without greeting. Then the vicar realized that something was wrong because the priest was appearing for the second time.

Then the vicar continued his way, then the priest appeared for the third time and ignored the vicar who was terrified and confused. When the vicar opened the parish door he saw the whole parish was full of many clones of the priest. He screamed in terror. Later he was sent somewhere else.


I was 16 years and I was about to take the state diploma exam. I asked the priest to allow me to pay a visit to my family in the capital. Actually, the priest told me that after I get the state diploma he will give me his power. He was also planning to send me to London and the Vatican to study theology and exorcism. So the priest allowed me to go visit my family in the capital.

But as I was on a visit to the capital my family asked me to lend them my money. And they promised to pay me back before I return to the province where I was living with the priest. As my family was struggling I lent them my ticket money. Unfortunately, when the time came so that I should go back, they were unable to pay back the money. As a consequence, I was stuck in the capital.

As I had no money I began to feel the stress. As a result, I became sick. I began to suffer an extreme migraine. And as it was clear that my family could not reimburse the money I was in more stress. On the other hand, my sickness continues. I went to the hospital but after treatment, there was no improvement whatsoever. I went to Chinese herbal medicine but there was no solution. I tried traditional medicine still there was no result. Then a neighbor took me to his church.

When we arrived at the church I noticed that the pastor was praying for people in the name of Jesus Christ. As a result, I saw people collapsing and some were healed from their sicknesses in the name of Jesus Christ. This was something that I never saw the priest doing when I was living with him. When the pastor saw that I came for health issue he opened the Bible in the book of Isaiah 53 which says, “He was wounded for our transgressions. He was bruised for our iniquities. The chastisement of our peace was upon him. And with his stripes, we are healed.” Then he prayed for me in the name of Jesus Christ but I was not healed immediately. It was after I came back home and after a little sleep when I woke up I realized that I was completely healed. I was amazed. I knew that this healing was the result of prayer in the name of Jesus Christ.

The other thing is that later I began to understand that God never wanted me to go back to the parish. Actually, the priest sent money twice but all my attempts to join him were unsuccessful.

Despite my healing, I was still attending the local Catholic parish. My mind was still on my adoptive father that I was supposed to join in the equatorial province. He was the center of my life but God was about to change everything.

Later the pastor who prayed for me came to visit me as he heard about my miraculous healing. He took me to church and he asked me to translate for him. I tried though I have never done that before and it worked. Then he laid his hand on me. After that, I received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and I got baptized in the water. As I was a martial arts master, the pastor said I should go through deliverance which I did and I began to serve God there.

But the priest came by himself to pick me and we met. But then he received an urgent call to intervene outside the capital. He told me to wait, he won't be away for long. But when he came back I went on a short trip that I thought would not last. But I got stuck where I went. He could not wait for me; when I came back from the trip I missed him. So I stayed with the family. I did not understand that God was working to separate me from the priest. He had other plans for me.

The priest tried very hard to get me so that he could send me to London and the Vatican so that I can become a priest but God had other plans for me.

The transition from the good life in the parish to this new life was harsh. My separation from my adoptive father marked the beginning of my suffering. I had no work and I also missed my state exam. As I had no money my suffering began and the abuse followed. The family began to mistreat me.

In this period just after receiving the Lord I was newly born again and I was filled with love and the fire of the Holy Spirit. I was really dedicated to the work of God but when I would come back home there was no food to eat.

As I was not working the family did not want me anymore in their place. They told me that they have been putting acid in my food 4 times already. But as I am not dying they will find other ways to kill me.

When I learned that I have been eating acid I began to cry because I was afraid of death. I knew that acid in food equal to death. Thank God I always pray before eating which is not the case with many Christians today. But they were surprised that I was alive. I could not understand their hatred. But this was a test and trial from the Lord.

One day I came back from prayer I found all my clothes torn apart and thrown out in the street. So I had no more clothes and I was told to leave the house though I had no place. So I left the house and I became homeless sleeping rough. As I had nobody I got in poverty and I continue to sleep outside.


As I had nobody, I got in begging. I continued to sleep outside. Later the pastor moved out of his house that was in the church compound. Then that place became a house of prayer for intercessors. The pastor told me that I could sleep there. I began to sleep in the intercessor prayer house with the permission of the pastor.

As I was dedicated I became the leader of the intercession group. I had one trousers and one shirt only. I was really suffering. I began to feel like this suffering was too much for me. I began to wish death over life. I tried everything but it was not working.

Then I prayed. I said, “Lord Jesus Christ, as I cannot kill myself I pray that You kill me.” I said, “Lord! I have no father and no mother.” After this prayer in the blink of an eye, the Lord Jesus appeared to me. This was not a dream. It was a physical and a face to face encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. He said to me, “Joshua, do not cry. I am your father and your mother. But you must understand that this world is ruled by principles. If you apply them you will see the result. Do not be negligent like many Christians because Christians are the most negligent people in the world.” Jesus gave me many biblical principles then He disappeared.

Afterward, I continued with my prayer. Then Jesus gave me a vision. In that vision, I saw a sister who was abandoned with her children by her husband. Her husband traveled to Europe and got married there. Therefore he abandoned them. So this woman was crying to God in prayer. Jesus gave me her name and her address and said, “Go tell her that her husband will call her.”

I went to that address and asked for that name. I talked to the sister about the message that Jesus gave me. I said, “Sister your husband has abandoned you but thus said the Lord he is gonna call you.” Just when I went away on my way back, the husband that was not calling for many years, called the sister. He told her that he was already married there but his wife has just asked him for divorce, so he came to ask for forgiveness for abandoning the sister and the children. “Do you accept to forgive me?” he asked the sister who said, “Yes.” Then her husband gave her Western Union code for money that she was supposed to collect.

The sister was so amazed that she followed me. She was running and shouting my name. She ran to me and hugged me. She said I should accompany her to Western Union. We went there, she took the money and she blessed me with a 100 dollar. It was the first time for me to buy clothes with my own money. I thank Jesus for it.


One day I was praying with a pastor when a pillar of fire came down in the house of prayer. The pillar was speaking. The voice said there is a toddler in danger of death; her mother's name is Annie. This is their address. You must go urgently to pray for the boy.

Then the pillar of fire disappeared. I and the pastor were amazed. It was 2 am then we slept. I was dreaming of the voice of Jesus repeating the same word. Then I woke up, it was 5 am. Then we went to look for the address. I asked about the name given to us to people in that address. They asked us if there is any problem? We replied that Jesus sent us to see her.

Then they called the mother. She was crying. I asked her, “How is your boy?” Immediately she started to cry more. I encouraged her and told her what Jesus told us.

I told the mother that one day you went to the market. You left the boy there. A witch in your family gave the boy a biscuit. That was the origin of the disease. The boy was supposed to die tomorrow, that is why Jesus sent us. But the witch's identity is about to be revealed. Then we prayed for the boy who was healed instantly. Then we left.

2 weeks later, the witch who was his uncle's wife came mystically to take the boy. While she was taking the boy away, she was flying in space with the boy at an altitude of 5 meters when suddenly she met an angel of the Lord outside the gate of the compound.

The angel started to beat her up. As a result, she fell on the ground with the boy who started to cry and scream. Then the people woke up in the compound. They noticed that the gate was still closed. They opened the gate, they saw the woman naked on the ground and in shock as she was beaten by the angel.

Then the family took the boy that was crying and called us. We came quickly to see the witch. She was still laying there naked in the street on the ground. She began to confess her witchcraft. In the morning she packed her stuff and ran away from the neighborhood.


After this first appearance I was in prayer with the intercessors and in the night there was no electricity. We were praying with candles. When we reached midnight people began to sleep just before the candle go off. As the intercessors slept I continued to pray and intercede. I was crying to God for my suffering when suddenly the room was illuminated by an intense light. I thought that the electrical power was back as there was no electricity on that day. But when I checked the bulb I noticed that the light that was illuminating the prayer house was not coming from the bulb. Then suddenly the door opened by itself. And 2 glowing and shining angels entered the place. This was happening while all the intercessors were deeply sleeping.

Then the angels said to me, “The Lord Jesus Christ sent us with a message for you. They said to me the Lord Jesus Christ wants you to join the army.” I replied that I don't like the army job. Because soldiers in this country are not well paid. I thought they were talking about our national army. As the angels began to insist I raised my voice in disagreement. I said I will not join the army. The angels said, “Alright! It's ok.” I noticed that they were really polite with good manners. Then they left.

The moment they left the place darkness returned in the house of prayer and I got scared. I realized this was something out of the ordinary. I wondered what has just happened? When I realized what has happened my heart began to beat very fast. And I got afraid. I was emotional. My fellow intercessors were deeply sleeping.

After a few minutes, the room was illuminated again by an intense light. The door open by itself and the 2 angels entered. This time around they were with the Lord Jesus Christ who was standing at the door. Jesus was dressed in a blue sky garment but the angels were dressed in white garments.

When the 2 angels entered they pointed to the Lord Jesus and they said, “This is the Master!” By revelational knowledge, I knew that I was before the Lord Jesus Christ before they even introduced Him to me. The Lord Jesus Christ was dressed in blue sky garment but the two angels were dressed in brightening white garment. I walked towards the Lord and I saluted Him with respect. I was filled with the emotion of marvel and joy.

Then the Lord said, “Joshua my son! You must join the army.” I said, “Father! I don't like the army job.” Jesus replied, “This is not about earthly army or government I am talking about the heavenly army.” Then the Lord ordered the 2 angels to dress me in an army uniform. They dressed me like a soldier.

Then Jesus Christ made a sign with His hand, as a result, a stick appeared on His hand. He gave it to me and said, “From today you will lead people; no one will lead you.” Then Jesus said to me, “Now let's go.” When He said that instantly we landed inside a big church in front of a huge crowd.

The Lord introduced me to the people and said to them, “This is your leader and bishop. He will lead you.” I saw people applauding and shouting in joy. Then Jesus said, “Let's go back.” Instantly I returned to my body in the intercessory house. I was in shock and I was trembling.

In the morning I went to see the pastor. I was about to speak when the pastor said, “Stop, let me tell you what I saw last night. I was praying when Jesus appeared to me. I fell on the ground, then Jesus told me to lay hand on you and ordain you as pastor.” I understood that Jesus appeared to both of us simultaneously. This is how I got the call to serve the Lord.

Despite all this manifestation, I was still in hardship. I was sleeping in the church and I had no clothes. As I continue to live in this condition of stress and extreme poverty I got sick. I was diagnosed with a hernia. I could not drink and eat or walk. Since I was homeless and I had no place to go, I was stuck in the church house of prayer.

I was suffering from a hernia; I could not eat nor walk. I was by myself since no one was interested or cared for me. As I was not working I had no money to go to the hospital. So I continue to sleep in the church with my sickness.

As my suffering increased the pain became unbearable. I started to have difficulty to breathe properly. Every day was a painful experience. I could not even afford a painkiller. I tried to sleep but I could not because of the pain. Then I prayed. I said, “Lord! I cannot kill myself, therefore, I am asking You to take my soul. I cannot walk. I cannot eat or sleep. I have no place to go and no one in my family or the church care for me. No one cared.”

When I said these words immediately something happened. Suddenly the roof of the house disappeared as if someone removed it. I saw 2 luminous angels descending. When I saw those radiant angels I thought that I had passed away that is why all these phenomena were happening. I thought I was dead and God has sent His angels for me.

But when the 2 radiant angels landed and they said, “Joshua we have come to take you.” I asked them, “Where are you taking me?” They replied, “We have come to take you to the hospital for treatment.” Then one angel held my left hand. The other angel held my right hand and we began to ascend to heaven like when a plane is taking off.

Suddenly I found myself in the kingdom of heaven. When we landed in the heavenly world I was amazed and overwhelmed by the beauty of the celestial city. I don't know how to describe it to you. The 2 angels took me inside a building in the heavenly city. They handed me to other angels that were inside that building and then they flew away. I was now under the care of these angels inside this building. These 2 angels put me in a kind of hospital wheelchair. And they were pushing me to the operation room. When we arrived there they undressed me and clothed me in a patient dress just like in an earthly hospital. And they placed me on an operating table for surgical operation.

Then one angel of the Lord began to perform the operation procedure while another angel was talking to me as the operation procedure was going on. There was no sedation, therefore, I was completely awake and conscious. And I was talking to the other angel while the operation procedure was going on.

This angel was talking to me in order to keep me awake. He was telling me words of faith and encouragement because I was feeling like sleepy. But before I knew it the operation was finished. It lasted around 2 or 3 minutes. The angel who was performing the operation said, “Joshua the surgery is finished. Here is the sickness that I have removed from your body.” He showed me what he had removed from my body.

Afterward, the angel that was talking to me while the operation was taking place took me to the restroom. In that room, I found another Christian resting. He was a patient like me. In the restroom, there were other angels who were dealing with us. And they were talking to us.

Later one of them brought me food. He said, “Joshua you must eat to get some strength.” After eating I felt strong again because I have not eaten for many days. I told them that normally on earth you go to the toilet after the operation. They said to me that there is no toilet here in the heavenly world. They said to me that I was already fine; just eat.

The angels ask me, “Can you stand and try to walk?“ I stood up from the wheelchair and I tried to walk by myself. And I managed to walk by myself. The angel asked me, “Are you ok?” I said, “Yes I m fine.” Then the angels said, “Now that you are fine, let's visit the city.”

The angel of the Lord then took me on a tour in the celestial city. Beloved, you would not want to come back to earth when you see this golden city. After touring the heavenly city the angel said, “Joshua, we have to go back to the hospital so that the chief can sign you out of the hospital.” Then we returned to the hospital and he took me to one of the offices in the hospital and asked me to take a seat. I was received by an angel who was in charge of health and healing.

He was smiling and he asked me, “Joshua do you know me?” I replied with curiosity, “No I don't know you.” He said, “Really you don't know me? I am the archangel, Raphael. I am in charge of health and healing. I am the leader of all the angels that were dealing with your treatment and health in the hospital.” Then Raphael asked me, “Are you ok now?” I replied to him, “Yes I am fine now and I am healed.” He said, “I am very happy to meet you, Joshua.”

Then Raphael took a sheet of paper; he signed and put a stamp on it and gave it to me. Afterward, he called other angels to take me. When they came they took me and we traveled up to the outskirt of the kingdom of heaven. When we reached the borderland of the heavenly world, one angel held my right hand and the other angel held my left hand and we began to descend at the speed of light. It's like we were falling in space at a great speed.

Then I woke up from my sleep. I checked my body. When I checked I noticed that I was completely healed from my sickness. I began to worship the Lord. People were surprised to see me standing and walking by myself in the morning. I attended the morning service in the church and testified about my experience. But I continued in that life of hardship and poverty with no job and no support.


After Jesus' appearance to my pastor, he laid his hand on me and I started to serve with dedication in the church although I was in misery.

Actually, I had one pair of shoes that were no longer in good condition. One day I went to sleep and forgot to bring my shoes in. It rained that night, the shoes were carried away but I had to come to church because I was supposed to lead the church service and translate the pastor's sermon.

I went to church without shoes. The pastor was surprised at first but then it was OK for him. I was moderating the church service just like that and interpreting the pastor just like that [without wearing any shoes].

Although the pastor had many shoes, he ignored my situation. He could have done something but he let me serve like that. Then a man in the church noticed me. He was touched in his heart. He gave the pastor 30 dollars to buy me the shoes. He took 20 dollars and gave me 10 dollars.

As far as I was concerned, my suffering was from the devil but I did not know that this was Jesus school; I had to carry my cross.

As I had no job, I had to do something to survive. I was really in hardship. Thank God a brother approached me with a job offer. I became a bus controller. When I started this job, I could hear the voice of Jesus saying no and was opposing me. God didn't want me to do the job.

But I ignored Him as I wanted the money. This was an opportunity. I began to work and combining it with God service. Then one day the driver was driving at great speed. I was sitting and leaning on the rear door. The driver wanted to overtake the car in front of us.

As he turned the wheel to the left, the bus was shaken. I and the rear door were flung on the boulevard. The door hit the ground and I fell on it. The people around the boulevard shouted in terror. Then there was a Mercedes coming in the path of my trajectory and hit me.

But in a split second, I saw a man coming from nowhere. He moved me away from that trajectory as if I was a sheet of paper and dropped me by the roadside. In a twinkling of an eye, I saw the Mercedes hitting the door that I fell on.


A few months later I was walking in the street. Actually, I came from the pastor's place. I was going to visit someone when I saw a madman in front of a bar. He was dancing and people surrounded him and they were watching.

When he finished dancing I heard the voice of Jesus telling me to pray for him. I called him to step closer to me. I was not afraid of him as I am a martial art master. And I have the anointing of the Holy Spirit. So I was confident. He came towards me I asked him his name. He started to talk nonsense. I said, “Sir, look at my eyes. Let your spirit be focused.”

Then I asked him, "What is your name?" He gave me his name. I asked him, “Do you know Jesus Christ? He came and died for your sin and He came back to life. He can deliver you today.” He replied to me in agitation and said, “I heard about Him; He was beaten.” I asked him, “Do you know that He can heal you?” He said yes. I said to him to kneel down. Strangely he obeyed me.

While I was talking to him we were surrounded by the very crowd that was watching him dance. Then I began to take authority over demons in his life and I called on the Holy Spirit to fill him. When I was about to finish the prayer of authority when he jumped on me and shouted, “I am healed!” He was shouting, “I am healed!”

I could not believe that he was healed. When I was about to go away he followed me. I was like running away from him. Then he said to me, “Brother don't run away from me. I am healed.” I then realized that the man was healed.

Then we went to church. The brother was still in dirty clothes. When the pastor saw us coming he said, “Joshua what is this? how can you bring a fool here?“ Then the brother replied, “I am healed; I am no longer that way.” Then one brother in the church gave him new clothes.


The following day this brother came to church with all his family. As a result, the church was full. But members of the church leadership team including a brother of the pastor were already jealous of the manner God was using me. They plotted to embarrass and humiliate me.

It was the following Sunday I was supposed to preach. They went to the city and found a crazy man. They brought him to church on Sunday. After I finished preaching, at the end of the church service there were still a lot of people when they brought me that crazy man. He was worse than the one that was healed the week before.

I asked him, “Do you know Jesus?” He replied, “No, I don't know Him.” This man was not easy. Then I raised my voice and I took authority. I said to him, “Listen brother do you know the Lord Jesus Christ? He said, “Yes I know Him.” I said, “Do you know that He can heal you?” He said yes. I said, “Kneel down.” He obeyed and knelt down.

Then I said, “In the name of Jesus Christ, evil spirits controlling this mind go away. And let the presence of the Holy Spirit fill this mind.” The moment I said amen, this brother jumped and regained his consciousness. He started to shout “Thank you Jesus!” and was running all over the church.

It was confusing for the people who brought him in the church. The church was in wonder and amazement. Later we gave him clothes. And he asked for food. We gave him food to eat. The following day we went to drop him to his family. As the news went out the church was packed on Sunday of that week.

There were jealousy and anger in the church leadership team. Later they put poison in my food. Thank God I prayed before eating and it did not affect me. Later my pastor said, “Joshua you are no longer needed here you can leave. We want to train a new minister. Your service is no longer needed here.” As I had no place to sleep I begged him but in vain. So I ended up sleeping rough again in the street with no food.

Then a family in the church accepted to lodge me. I kept coming to the church and serving despite this snub. It happened that the pastor traveled and I was left with his brother and leadership team. These people hated me because of the way Jesus was using me. They consulted to excommunicate me from the church. They talked to me and asked me to leave. Then they went to the family where I was living and they brainwashed the family that was lodging me against me. They said to them that I am a magician; that I am using occultic power and I might sacrifice them and that they were in danger. When this family heard these men of God talking like this they became afraid and they kicked me away out of fear. They asked me to leave. As a result, I was back in the street again with no money.


I remember one day I was walking the street of the capital in confusion around a popular market when a jeep stopped. The man inside this jeep lowered the glass window and asked me, “Young man why are you crying?” I was about to tell him about my situation when he interrupted. And he said, “Stop, don't worry! I know all about your problem and everything happening to you.”

I don't know this man and I never met him before but he is telling me that he knows everything happening in my life. Then he pulled a pack of money that was really new and gave them to me. He said, “Take this money and use it for your need. Don't worry anymore.”

Dear brothers and sisters. The moment this man wound up the glass window of his car, in a split second the jeep disappeared. It happened in the blink of an eye. When I saw this I panicked when I asked people around if they saw the jeep that was parked there a few seconds ago. They replied to me that they never saw a jeep around, despite the fact that this jeep was parked in front of them.

I was in confusion again. People said, “Watch out young man your soul may be bought and sold with money.” I got afraid and my heart started to beat fast. Immediately I heard the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ saying, “Joshua you asked Me for money. I gave it to you! But why are you still crying? Have peace!” I understood that the man in the jeep was the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.


At this period I joined another church. I was still homeless and sleeping rough. The church that I was attending was focused on deliverance and war against demons. I said to myself maybe my suffering was caused by demons. This was a big church. And as I was serving with dedication in that church I was nominated youth leader. And I was also working as an intercessor because I am very strong in prayer. I can pray for long hours.

One day I was walking in the street when Jesus Christ appeared to me in the street. He said to me, “Joshua, I am sending you to My servant for training in a church in the city.” First Jesus showed me the man of God that He was talking about when he was young. Then He showed me his present condition and I recognized him. Jesus said to me to go there to his church and he will train me.

When Jesus left, I did not want to obey. Firstly because I already had a good position in the church where I was serving. Secondly, I heard many negative stories about that man of God that Jesus was showing me. So I continued to go to my church.

Then one day I asked my pastor some money as I was in need. A few days later he gave me 100 dollars. I went back home happy. But it was in the night when I was sleeping that the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me. He was extremely angry. He asked me in anger, “Joshua! Who told you to ask him for money? Do you know him? Do you know who he is serving?” Jesus was shouting in anger and the light that was emanating from Him was changing color. I was terrified. It is better for a man to shout at you then the Creator Himself because no one can defend you.

Jesus said, “Joshua you didn't listen. I told you to leave that church but you ignored Me and you persisted. From now on you are no longer going to that church under any circumstances.”

Jesus was so intense and shouting in anger that I was terrified. And out of fear, I began to cry. And I asked the Jesus Christ for forgiveness while I was trembling and crying.

Dear brothers and sisters, you only know that sweet and tender Jesus Christ. You really never seen Him in anger. I was shocked and devastated by that encounter. I felt like my day was ruined. Actually, the pastor who gave me a 100 dollar was in covenant with Lucifer. He was in occultism. This is what really angered Jesus. To see me His servant begging a Luciferian servant was unacceptable. I just thought that it was a big church. Many people are going there. But I did not suspect that there was something sinister.

This encounter with the Lord happened on a Saturday. But on Sunday morning I forgot about the instruction of the Lord Jesus Christ not to go to that church. I was going to attend the Sunday service of the very church Jesus Christ forbad me when suddenly a pillar of fire appeared right before me in the street.

Jesus Christ spoke in a tone of anger inside the pillar of fire and said, “Joshua what did I tell you? Where are you going? Why are you not obeying My instruction? Go back now!”

I realized that I forgot the message of the Lord so I went to the church where the Lord was indicating to me. I was late. The man of God was preaching. After preaching he said, “There is a man here. Jesus appeared to you and told you to come here.” I thought maybe he was talking about someone else. Then he pointed to me and said, “Brother it's you. Come forward.” Then he prayed for me and said, “Your suffering has nothing to do with demons or witches or any man. It's Jesus allowing it for your training.” After the service, we went to his office. He said, “You need to be trained.” He sent me to the school of theology. After that, he ordained me an evangelist in the year 2010. It was in that same year in a certain night when I was praying in the street that the Lord Jesus appeared to me again.

He had a form on His hand. He asked me to fill it. Which I did. He insisted that I should sign. Which I did. Then He said you can go open a church! Then He disappeared. I stayed there. I was thinking I don't have money and means to do it.

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