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The devil works with two codes. The first code is the control of the world that I have just explained [by directing demons to extinguish the fires of true Christians whose signs are displayed on their monitor screens}. The second is the fact of turning the Bible in the wrong way. And that is what is happening today. One has already turned the Bible in the wrong direction. And many of those who call themselves servants of God do the will of Satan without knowing it. What does it mean to turn the Bible in the wrong direction? It is the Gospel that we have today, where one only speaks of blessing, and neglects the most important: Salvation. One does no longer lay emphasis on sin, but one focuses only on blessings and other unnecessary things. That is not the will of God. You should know that a blessing without Salvation is a curse. Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:33 "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." When you see a church where one does not like to talk about Salvation or insist on sin, know that you are dealing with a church that is under the influence of the devil.



Jesus brought me a revelation through Second Corinthians 4 verse 4.

2Co 4:4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

I saw in the vision millions of demons shadows running at high speed on earth. They were in the form of shadows such that their faces could not be seen. These demons blind people's understandings through theology and sects, not letting the truth and power of God manifest. They work within the line of various religious knowledge hiding the truth.

Jesus said, "Servant, these are the letter demons, the specters of hell, they cause spiritual blindness through understanding. All who cling to the winds of doctrine become blind to the truth. The apostle Paul was also a blind man who persecuted My truth for believing in the doctrine he learned. I have taken the spiritual scale out of his eyes that he may see My truth, and many still have these scales that hinder the true understanding of My Word."

When Jesus brought this revelation, I saw crowds of Christians walking with scales covering their eyes. These scales looked like crocodile skin that covered every Christian's eyes. The way is narrow if they are not guided by the Holy Spirit. They have lost their salvation by following many theological ideologies of confusion presenting a variety of ways. These are the winds of doctrines that will bring you like dry leaves to one side and another without direction. It is very difficult for a theologian to be saved by being a scholar of various theological currents.



“But, not so many people in the world get as much awakened to this truth as they are conscious of the driving force of the trends of civilization," I confirmed.

“Yes, you are right Allen. This is so because at present eighty percent of the preachers in the world are doing their preaching for profit making and for the gain of money. Pitifully enough, they’ve so much spread their materialistic Gospel in every city of the world to such a large extent that, millions of people now have the feeling that materialism is synonymous with salvation and godliness. They are kin to find more Bible references to defend the preaching of prosperity with less effort to put the lost rich on the narrow way”, he answered.



For the gospel of prosperity, there is no separation from the world, their kingdom is to have money. This is the heavenly paradise that the prosperity gospel adherents believed that the Bible speaks to them. In the prosperity gospel the person only wins if he gets a lot of money and fame; without it, he is a loser. This prosperity gospel was produced from Freemasonry and have done much damage to the church and led many Christians to hell.

I know this because I was a Freemason and we created this Gospel on earth. We inverted everything. The Bible says who perseveres to the end will be saved and will pass to eternity and get the reward, but the Freemasonry that controls the Gospel world made the doctrine that we do not have to worry about eternity and that we have to worry about the material things on earth, because our reward and our heaven is here on earth.

Any church that invites the Gospel singers or Gospel prosperity preachers is in alliance with the darkness. Do not invite them to your churches as they are curses created by Freemasonry to corrupt the Gospel and make the merchandise with the Word of God.

How many pastors invite these singers and star preachers to fill their churches, this is a great trap created by Freemasonry. Do not give the members hard-earned money to these Gospel singers and preachers, to help those in need.



I was shocked by the number of believers in hell, yet there are churches that believe that when a soul is converted it is no longer at risk of losing salvation, saved once forever saved! I say if you do not live a life according to the Word, you run the risk of losing your salvation! This is a warning so that all may come to renounce the world in order not to lose eternal life, the nature of sin must die to be born a life for Jesus. The angel took my hand and we rushed to earth! On returning to my body I went to pray!



All these pastors I spoke to are New Age followers with me. The goal of the New Age is to unite all religions to receive the Antichrist. Pastors who are involved in the New Age cannot preach against sects, they have to join them to form a new religion. Buddhist concepts and philosophies are being integrated into the Gospel. Spiritualist concepts and Hindu movements are entering the church. Taoism, Confucianism, Satanism and spiritualism and others are mingling with Christian teachings.

There is a fusion of these teachings to form a unique theology. When you create a teaching that is mixed with all religious concepts, you create a single religion and one God, the Antichrist. They are mixing the pure with the profane, blending diversified teachings into one. With the result of this mixture are born several evangelical currents. Look at the movements that emerged, the neo-Pentecostals, the liberation movements, and the Unicists. The altars of the churches are desecrated with miraculous objects and the ministers desecrate the pulpits with their sinful lives.

Today's Christian church has stopped preaching against sin, that is the plan of the New Age, to bring Catholics and Christians together. This is the Antichrist's ecumenical project of uniting religions and peoples. As a participant of the New Age, I no longer believed in the churches.



I was taught in a false church that we cannot be poor and have diseases. I was taught that God's Word had so much power that even if a matter was not God's will, God's Word can be used to make things happen. The teaching of the church about positive confession, healing, health, and prosperity was directed to the things of the earth and their achievements were the goods of the earth. The talk of holiness, renunciation, sin, hell, and rapture point to rewards that await the saved.

I left this church by order of Jesus, there was nothing that added in my spiritual life. And you who congregate in neo-Pentecostal churches leave them, for they will take you to hell. I was deceived by their doctrines.



Jesus took me out of hell, He took my spirit to an editor of evangelical books. There I saw Bibles and evangelical books filled with false teachings. Their authors are famous and well-known revivalists, lecturers, evangelists, apostles, and bishops. All the books are authored by these men, no true man of God was among them. Whoever preaches the truth does not sell his knowledge, he freely receives and freely gives.

The Lord Jesus took me to a school of evangelical seminaries. And He also told me that the courses are filled with falsehoods and lying doctrines. And that these men had the same purpose, to spread their destructive heresies through books and CDs of music.

Jesus and I went down to hell again. He told me, "All that is false and contrary to His Word is in hell." I was paralyzed by seeing so many Gospel books in hell. None of them leads to salvation. They only serve to enrich the false prophets.



Jesus showed me in hell the false seminary courses of the books being taught on earth. Many are the disciples being produced by these false seminaries. I have been trained with these seminars to help spread the deception. Even without knowing it, I was cooperating with evil. In my head, I was preaching the truth. I saw new courses of false seminars being projected in hell to rise to Earth in the years to come. The demons will bring more heresies to the earth, inspiring the false prophets in their books.

I saw a demon possessed the body of a false shepherd. He began to psychograph on a paper and then write a book. The disciples of the devil call themselves servants of God, disguised as sheep to sow the seed of evil within their hearts. They are prepared in these seminars to enter our churches with novelties, innovations, and unfamiliar knowledge of the Scriptures. Its purpose is to destroy the faith of the Holy Word. They are known for their jobs and famous in the media. They can influence and pull crowds to their meetings.

The Lord Jesus showed me an army of Christians all armed and scattered throughout the four corners of the world. None of them is a real Christian, their weapons come from the darkness. This army is trained by its general Satan for the project of high spiritual contamination of the church. They are children of the Antichrist who were raised to prevent the church from being saved.

How are the true warriors of Jesus to act? Do not let these false ministers preach in your churches because of fame. Churches are in great danger of becoming contaminated. The lack of the gift of discernment has allowed these false prophets to enter. Falsehood has to be unmasked by the power of the Holy Spirit. The fire of God will prove the false works of these men and burn them like straw to reprove them. The spiritual flame of discernment accompanies those who pray. The light of the Holy Spirit will illuminate the serpents that are hidden in the dark, revealing their hidden plans. These serpents are the messengers of the Devil.

Those who have the Holy Spirit will sense the presence of evil and danger and will know that they come from the evil one and not from God. Do not let your spiritual flame extinguish. When you are in spiritual darkness, you will be staying together with the serpents of the night, for in the dark you will not see be able to see those serpents. Where there is no light, there is no discernment and no vision. Where there is darkness the demons are concealed in the darkness. The church that has lost its sight cannot see the danger of the dark night. And they will easily be deceived by the words of the Devil who is already being planted in the churches at the end of time.

Satan is training his soldiers in these evil seminaries. They are the clones of Satan and imitate in his image and likeness. They teach triumphalist doctrines without holiness. The spirit of Satan is imbued into those who take such false courses and seminaries. And he who drinks from these wells of iniquity carries the spiritual DNA of the devil in their souls. They receive the spiritual mark of Satan in their lives, leaving their spirit corrupted. Either we are begotten by the Word of Life and we are born again or we are generated by lying and deceitful doctrines.

When I was in hell, I saw a church full of darkness emerging from hell to Earth. People choose these churches to congregate, being indoctrinated by the students of Satan. These men are a danger to society without Jesus. They are the evil carriers who transmit the virus from hell to Earth. They are contaminating the body of Christ, leading the church to hell. They carry multitudes to perdition. These new doctrinal currents are leaving many sick spiritually. I saw millions of Christians in hell because of these fashionable doctrines.

This valley I have seen of Christians has people from the time of the Apostle Paul to the present day. False doctrine had its root from the time of the apostle Paul, he fought many at the time. Even with all his effort, it did not stop many from getting lost. And in our day it is no different, many will be intoxicated with these doctrines and dying without salvation.



I saw believers in hell for letting the spirit of madness enter. They heard various heresies, going through several different churches, studied different doctrines. They were in hell by madness, lost in faith, and out of the way of salvation.



I saw Christian heretics who practiced apostasies and heresies, they were in hell.



I have seen Christians in hell ascending the pulpit and preaching another gospel. They offered unclean bread on the holy altar.



After this vision, I saw another ball of light, but this time it was black and not white.

Jesus told me, "This is a false doctrine that came from hell and is inside many churches. How many pastors are committing spiritual crimes, killing souls and teaching them to sin? The wages of sin is death. They are using the Bible not to destroy the strongholds of deception, but to take advantage and benefit from My work. These acts are illegal before Me and they hurt My holiness. They divert money from My work and cause rebellion against holy doctrine. They steal the money from the house of prayer that is given from the heart and they are robbers of the house of God. Do not fall into the hands of the living God Jehovah, whom they do not know; if they knew they would be afraid to do these things. They use the Bible to deceive and they are murderers of souls, they will be judged as murderers, the eyes of My spirit are watching every step of theirs. They do not know Me, because they do not serve Me and have no fellowship with Me; they serve other gods. The revelation of the Lord to the churches began with preaching the truth and now they preach the lie."

The Lord said, "Shepherds, change the doctrine of your churches before My sword descends upon you and takes away your breath of life."

Jesus said that the black light that circulates in the churches is false doctrine; it also has the power to change people in favor of darkness. I am proof of this when I have received books of theology from various authors of various lines of thought. My father would have thrown the whole collection in the trash without reading them as he never liked authors to sell their books.

At the beginning of my ministry, I wanted to do theology.

The Lord said, "No servant by necessity needs theology if the servant can speak mouth to mouth with his master. Any questions ask Me, do not seek answers in human wisdom."

Brethren in these books I have examined, I saw doctrinal deviations, as devils are shrewd. If I had not been clothed by the power of God, to give me the discernment of what is a lie, I might be deceived by those books. When I opened the last book a black shadow left the pages and tried to enter my mind. The shadow found no space in my mind, hit my head and fell to the ground and entered the earth, going back to the depths that is its place. He did not enter because I am clothed with the helmet of salvation, I have the mind of Christ.

Jesus said, "That shadow is one of the demons of brainwashing and is called the transformer of minds."

Church, I recommend to you not to waste your time with these books. I was attacked by a terrible demon for reading some passages. The devil infiltrates the books in ideologies to infiltrate the churches. The word of the devil has the power of spiritual death within each lying letter and full of heresies that divert people from the truth. The Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Word vivifies, resurrects, and brings into existence that which does not exist.



After the service, I got home and God brought me a revelation. He said, "Tell the church to guard against the false preaching over the Internet. These men make their campaigns to merchandise the faith. They use psychology to gain minds."



An angel appeared and amazed me with his splendor. I was speechless just looking at that glory that came out of him. The angel said, "This is an ideological spiritual warfare to deceive the elect in these last days. There have never been as many false sects and churches as you are having in these end times. Things are getting worse and Satan has gained many souls with his evil mental ideologies. He has implanted his lies through sects, philosophies, movies, fake Gospel, novels, drawings and all kinds of music. All this has marked human minds with the deceit that takes away the faith from the Gospel. The servants of Satan have been saying that Jesus is a myth and does not exist. They have not valued the power of redemption in the scriptures. They say the Bible is just a history book, making people's faith not work. What makes the Word different from any other book is faith in the Scriptures. The faith of life is the Word that will produce eternal life for those who believe. Satan knows the power of the Word to deliver and save. He uses his sectarian philosophies to combat the scriptures in order to take attention from the Word of God."

Jesus sent a message to you. He wants you to open a ministry and bring all the Catholics you used to teach when you were a Father. They still trust you, despite being a Christian. The angel disappeared and left that day. My plans to open a church was put into action. When I inaugurated my church and invited all Catholics, I could win 70 percent of the people who came to join me when I was a priest. Now I taught the true Word and turned the Catholic people into believers. They were now workers in the sheepfold.

After I saw the angel my faith increased. I knew I was not alone and that the celestial beings are more real than my body. Now I had reason to challenge Satan. I was no longer afraid of insults and persecutions. I was praying without ceasing on the hill and it was already late at night. I began to feel an electric discharge of anointing. Something supernatural began to happen on that mountain. The Holy Spirit took my mouth and began to speak in a spiritual language. I could not stop talking. I was taken with great power. And a plant began to burn and burned with fire, but it was not consumed in that mountain. The plant remained intact. My body was paralyzed and I did not resist the power of God that took my soul.

I fell to the ground and Jesus appeared to me on that hill. He was very bright, I could only see Jesus with great difficulty. That was real, my spirit was before the presence of Jesus. I saw Him for real, plus my body was lying on the ground. Jesus called me to go to a place. I was happy and I thought it would be heaven.



The prince who walked beside me said, "Our father wants to see you." That demon passed through several valleys of hell with me until we reached the black throne. I saw Satan sitting on that throne. He was not in the form of a monster; he was a handsome man and perfect in appearance.

He said, "My son, I chose you for a mission on Earth. Enter the churches, contaminate their doctrines and spread the lie to the Christians. My enemies are the believers, not the people of the world. Christians have given me harm throughout history. I have gained many souls of believers, I have deceived many souls of believers. I have deceived them and confused them using the Bible itself."

Satan showed me a Bible and said, "This Bible comes with our teaching. It has been tampered with. We are deceiving everyone with our deceptive theology that does not preach against sin. Our liberal theology says that nothing is sin and many have fallen into this teaching. The theology of predestination for salvation is ours. We are using the very Word of God to deceive, we use their own weapons which is the Bible. A small distortion of the Word changes the meaning of the message and you will be an instrument of deception that will bring many here. I have used book-theologians to teach falsehood and false Bibles to mislead many."

"Look to the left of the valley and see the imprisoned Christians. In this latter times, it is easy to win souls of Christians to hell. At the beginning of the church on Earth, it was difficult. The early Christians were more prudent and spiritual. They were real saints who gave a lot of headaches. Now you have to return to Earth and fulfill your mission."

I saw many souls of Christians in hell and how Satan displayed his trophies. The souls of people who are not believers have little value, the demons do not struggle against them. Already the souls of Christians are a priority for demons until they receive rewards in hell for every Christian they win.


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