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And after that, I became "Shiva", the god of destruction. I was given 406 demons. Among them, there was an angel named "Nemadel." He is among the angels that were chased away from Heaven with Lucifer. I was then working for the devil. As a human, I was living in this world two days a week. But the other days, I was living with the devil. In addition to the skeleton that I had in my body, I was given a second one and the devil taught me how to fight churches, how to make churches sink into spiritual sleep or apostasy, how to count the weeks of Daniel and how to prepare the return of Jesus.

Here I would like to digress for a moment: The Lord Jesus is coming soon. We are in a period called: The time of grace. The death of the Lord Jesus occurred at the end of the 69th week of Daniel. When the 69th week comes to an end, we go directly into the 70th week. But instead of going into this week, there is a mystery that the devil does not know. That mystery is a temporary halt. In this weekly chronology of Daniel, there is a temporary halt.

Why this temporary halt? This aims at allowing all the nations that do not know the Good News to know it. It is this exact time, the time of grace. And the Bible says: The end will come when the Gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world. But today, when you look carefully, even the nations that were hostile to the Gospel, accept Jesus and the Gospel is preached in the whole world. When you go to India, you find Indian Christians. If you go even in Iraq, you will find Iraqi Christians, and even in Japan, there are Christians. This is proof that the Gospel has already reached all the nations and that we are now at the end of the time of grace. Besides, we are already seeing the signs that the Lord Jesus gave, and even the two main protagonists of the eschatology are already there. We have the pagan Roman empire and the Levitical worship, the Levitical priesthood; because Jesus was accused by the Jews, but killed by the Romans.

For us to go into the seventieth week, these two protagonists had to reappear. Now the Roman Empire is already there with what is called the European Union (EU). There is a single currency called Euro. There is an army, a constitution; one is even looking for the president of the EU. And when you see the Israeli-Palestinian's war today, they fight over the Gaza Strip to demolish the mosque in order to rebuild the temple of Jerusalem. However, the antichrist will go to set himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself God. This antichrist is captain "Samannelli." While I was still with the devil, he had even given us the characteristics of his churches. Here in Congo, there are 69 churches of the devil. All the churches that accept ecumenism are already in the hands of Satan. You should never attend ecumenical services because it is Satanic.



Jesus agonized how day and night, He cries before His Father to delay His coming and that there was a time He appeared in the sky, but when He looked down, He saw that man has gone deeper in his sin and that the angel was nearly putting the trumpet in his mouth to blow it, but He had to beg His Father to please give humanity more time. That every day, sins are increasing. That He is begging man now to repent, because when a man stands before Him in judgment, He would not entertain any begging.

I told the Lord that people would not believe me if I go to them to deliver His message. I then asked Him to give me a sign. Jesus then replied, "How many signs did I show Pharaoh? 12 signs. Yet he still died and he is still there in hell. Those that would believe would believe. There are some with soft hearts, while some have stony hearts."

He recounted that signs of His imminent coming are ever present with us: Signs of earthquakes, of warseverywhere. Jesus then asked me if I know what is called the ozone layer. He then explained it to me that it is like a transparent glass between the sun and the earth and that it is what absorbs the heat coming directly from the sun. He confided in me that it has started melting and we are complaining already of the growing heat on earth.

Jesus also mentioned a sign he recently sent which came in form of a baby born and on his palm was written, JESUS IS COMING BACK VERY SOON. The palm of the baby was opened through a surgical operation and shortly after, the baby died. People overlooked this incident as a normal occurrence.

Jesus wanted men to sit down and think for a while how they came into this world and that there are times He regrets creating man, because of his evil works. He said that if a man would not serve Him, He would raise up stones. Jesus lamented how the so-called Christians are being attracted by things of this world and are going back to it.


Jesus now added that all things are set in Heaven for His coming but only a few are ready; just like a drop of water in a bowl. Jesus then specifically said He is sending me back to the world for a particular purpose: to tell people that HIS COMING IS VERY, VERY IMMINENT AND AS A MATTER OF FACT LESS THAN ‘1 HOUR’ (prophetically speaking – 2Peter3,8).

— Matt 7,13-14 “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.”


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