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After that, I evolved and met a priest who initiated me into another form of magic called "holy magic". Holy magic is nothing else than Catholic magic. That priest was Spanish, he was of the congregation of the Catholic fathers. He also initiated me into white magic.


Indian magic is the fusion of two magic: the Hindu magic and Egyptian magic. All over the world, Egyptian magic was above all other magic. There was an embodiment of Lucifer in all the Pharaohs and this power was transferred in a hereditary way. Then came a time when there was a Pharaoh who had no son. So before his death, he took a white stone to the River Nile and engraved on it a sentence which summarizes all the power of the Egyptian magic. The stone he had left went down to the bottom of the sea. And years later, in the department of the Catholic magic, that is in the Vatican (just as a reminder, Vatican is a State in a State), they needed to establish the Catholic religion in Egypt. And so the pope chose Gandhi, a priest who had the rank of high priest, that is a bishop. They gave him the mission to go and establish the Catholic doctrine in Egypt. While going to Egypt, he transited through Asia. When he arrived in India, he found the old Indian magic (the Hindu magic). It works with the Indian devilish Trinitarian code that they call "Brahma Vishnu Shiva": "Brahma" is the god of creation, "Vishnu" the god of protection, and "Shiva" the god of destruction.

Having learned that, he went to Egypt. One day he went to the River Nile, while he was making some incantations, the stone that was hidden by the Pharaoh surfaced. He then took it, found the sentence that was engraved on it and decoded it. And from there, he found all the powers, the power of the Egyptian magic. So he combined what he found in India and what he had found in Egypt. And it is this combination that gives rise to what they call "the upper Indian magic" or "the magic K".



The Catholic priest who initiated me into the holy magic gave me a red handkerchief and told me: If you sleep with a woman, with this handkerchief on you, she will not die, but in all her life, she will never get married. Look at those women or girls who go out with Catholic priests, they never get married. Continue with sexual immoralities, one day you will come across a Satanist who has a handkerchief, and he will condemn you to celibacy. But if you come back to Jesus, and confess and give up sexual immoralities, Jesus is able to turn your curses into blessings.



While growing up in the parish I saw the priest intervening with power in many situations. He would always call me to assist him in these services of prayer and sometimes exorcism. I must stress that not every priest is allowed to do exorcism; only those that are trained and authorized by the Vatican. Before undertaking any exorcism activity the priest was putting on his black garment which had many pockets in which he was putting spirits that he was capturing. I was helping and carrying his utensils like incense and other things.


I remember one day they brought him a girl who was crazy and in chains. He asked the family to unchain the girl. The family replied that she was dangerous and she will run away. But the priest insisted. When the girl was unchained she was about to run away. Then the priest said stop and come back. Strangely she obeyed the priest. Then the priest asked, “Who is in this body?” But the demon inside the girl refused to answer the priest.

Then the priest asked me to give him a whip. Once he got the whip he began to whip the girl. I asked the priest, “Are you not hurting the girl with the whip?” The priest said, “It is actually the demon inside the girl that is feeling the pain.” As a result, the demon inside the girl identified himself. The priest asked the spirit, “Who are you?” The spirit answered, “I am her aunt and I am responsible for her condition." Later the demon went out of the body of the girl who fell on the ground and was healed from her sickness. Then the priest used salted water to clean her.

Actually, the priest never uses the name of Jesus Christ in those rites of exorcism. I was still in primary school and everything was fine as far as I am concerned. These exorcisms were everyday occurrences in the parish. I grew up with them. The priest was dealing with all kinds of situations. He was predicting the future, healing people and exorcizing people. He was really busy. But he was complaining that I am too young for him to give me power. But he promised that when I grow up he will transmit his power to me. In the meantime, I was just an observer helping with logistics.


I remember in our village there were many issues. One of them was that people who were dead and buried were appearing and scaring people in the night. So the priest was quite effective in capturing these spirits and returning them to the dimension of the deads.

We were usually operating at midnight. We were going out to capture witches and spirits of the deads. We were usually walking on the left corner of the road and people could not see us but we could see them. We were invisible to them.

The priest had spiritual eyes to see invisible realities. The priest was always dressed in his black robe. I was walking right behind him. Actually, we captured a lot of witches. The priest was also capturing parish members who were practicing witchcraft.

One of them was a mother who was a leader of legionnaire mothers of the parish. She was quite a dedicated leader. She led the choir, she was active and putting a lot of money in the church. It was midnight past when we were walking by the roadside. Then we saw that mother. She was naked and was in plain activity. The priest seized her and started to beat her.

The priest said to her, “I told you to stop your witchcraft activity but as you continue with these things, let us go to see your husband.” Then we went to her home. It was 1 am and she was naked. We knocked on the gate. Her husband was deeply sleeping.

Every time a witch wants to go out in the night to operate, she will plunge the whole house in very deep sleep. After knocking for some time her husband woke up. The priest explained to her husband about his wife's sorcery activities.


One day we went to the cemetery in the night. The priest noticed that one coffin was a little bit opened. He told me the spirit was supposed to be in that coffin has left and that he must be in the city disturbing people.

As we had a vehicle we then started looking for that spirit from one cemetery to another. Actually, we were chasing the spirit of a man who was a Westerner who died during the war of 1975 initiated by Mulele and his rebellion.

When the rebels were advancing against the Mobutu regime, they killed a Catholic woman, an acolyte by the name of Anoirite. This lady was canonized recently, then this Westerner whose name was Jack Macknahon was also killed in that area.

Jack Macknahon was decapitated. His head was buried in the local authority office. One of his legs was cut and buried somewhere else and his body was buried in the local cemetery. After we searched the spirit all night we could not find him.

The following day we were still after the spirit of Jack Macknahon. We were on the road then we saw him. He was headless with one leg. He was moving by jumping. After he saw us, he disappeared. Then we went back home.

A few days later there was a man who came back from a visit to his second wife. He was knocking on the door but his first wife refused to open the door for him. After some time his wife opened the door and he was angry. He locked his wife out.

The woman was sleeping at the gate when she heard someone moving. She looked to check who was coming. She saw the headless spirit coming towards her. She was terrified and she shouted help! The moment she shouted help, the spirit entered her.

From that moment on she became crazy. She began to walk like she had one leg by jumping and she began to speak in fluent English and French although she was illiterate and she became extremely strong. People had to tie her with chains.

Then the priest was alerted to come and pick up the woman. We were unable to do so because of her demonic strength. Then the priest ordered her to get in the car. She replied that she has only one leg. Then she began to walk like she had only one leg.

The woman got in the car. Later she was exorcized in the parish. The priest captured the spirit of Jack Macknahon the Westerner. The woman recovered her mind and became sane again.

The priest went back to the cemetery and returned the spirit of Jack Macknahon in the coffin and put a chain on it with a padlock to prevent the spirit from coming out again.


One day the priest told me that we had to visit the general hospital because many people were dying there. He said that these deaths were premature and that there is a spirit of death operating there and killing people.

That is why some people are OK out of hospital but the moment they come to the hospital their condition deteriorate. In many hospitals, at the gates, there are many demons stationed there.

I want to tell you that hospitals are places inhabited by many kinds of spirits especially the spirit of death. That is why when you go to the hospital, pray first because there are many spirits operating there and many doctors are occultists.

We were heading to the hospital. We were walking around the hospital when we saw a duck coming in our direction. The priest said to me, “Joshua, this duck is not a duck; he is the spirit of death that is stationed at the gate of the hospital to kill sick people.

This duck or spirit of death could not see us. It was when he reached approximately 1 meter from us that he saw us. He tried to run into the bushes but the priest was quick. He captured that duck that disappeared in his hand. Still, the priest told me that he has captured him. He put that spirit in one of the pockets of his black garment.

His black garment had many pockets and any spirits he captured he was putting them into his pockets. After the capture of that spirit of death, there was less death in the parish.


I remember an incident where we're on a mission in the equatorial province. We were coming back when we saw a crowd of people. When they saw us, they were giving us signals to stop our car, so we stopped.

We went out of the car. We saw a girl who was bound in chains but she was cutting the chains. She was helped by 10 men. The priest was relaxed, leaning on the jeep smoking a cigarette.

Then these people told us that when the girl was a baby, they were visited by one of her father's friends. He gave them money and said, “I like your baby. She will be my wife when she grows up.” Actually, the girl's father thought that his friend was saying this just for a compliment and praise for his baby. But that money bound the baby with the man in the covenant.

Many years later that man died but when the baby girl was 18 years old, she turned crazy. She kept on saying that she wanted to follow her husband. She had the tendency to run to the river and forest.

Her family took her to the witchdoctor, to the native doctor, even to the churches but there was no solution. The spirit of the late man was claiming her and was leading her to throw herself into the river or to run into the forest.

Later the priest asked the people to set her loose but the people replied that if they do so, she will run to the forest or the river. But as the priest insisted, these people then removed the chains from the girl who started to run away. Then the priest shouted to her in a loud voice, “Stop!” Strangely, the girl stopped.

The priest said to her, “Come back here!" Then the girl walked right in front of the priest. Then the priest threw his cigarette on the girl who collapsed on the ground. Then the spirit of the late man in her departed and the girl recovered her mind.


My priest was in conflict with his vicar. Therefore I was assuming the role of the vicar and managing all the shops. The cause behind the conflict was that they were fighting over a woman. They were really in deep conflict and animosity.

One day they quarreled before me, then my priest promised the vicar that he will show him who he is. Many days later I was eating with the vicar, my priest was angry. He refused to join us in that meal and he went to his room.

When the vicar finished eating, he was leaving the canteen. Then he met the priest passing. He knew that the priest was in his room. He could not understand how he saw him entering the canteen.

After the vicar walked some meters, he met the priest for the second time in front of him and he passed by without greeting. Then the vicar realized that something was wrong because the priest was appearing for the second time.

Then the vicar continued his way, then the priest appeared for the third time and ignored the vicar who was terrified and confused. When the vicar opened the parish door he saw the whole parish was full of many clones of the priest. He screamed in terror. Later he was sent somewhere else.



My beloved brothers, later this angel took me where there was a multitude of people and he carried me to a throne, there was Jesus. He looked at me and says to the one who took me, "Take him to the place that belongs to him." And when this angel took me to the place, I found myself in the flames of hell. I found myself burning in hell. And there were many people that I knew, lots of people. And these people blamed me, they told me, "Because you preached to us, and never told us the truth, we are here in hell."

And I saw many of my fellow priests in the flames of hell and people wanted to take me away. They wanted to lynch me in hell because they accused me saying they had died, without hope, without Christ, because of me.


We as Roman Catholic priests have taken millions of souls to hell because we have not preached the truth. We have preached the life of the saints, we have preached traditions, the dogma of men. The word of God, my beloved brothers, teaches us so clearly, "I am Yahweh," "I am Jehovah your God," "You will not have other gods before My presence, you shall not bow down to them or honor them, for I am the LORD your God. "


Christ loves you and calls you. And the Lord Jesus Christ tells us, "Go into the world, preach My gospel to every creature." My beloved brothers, I know that Jesus Christ lives. We as priests, we send all the people to hell and no one comes out of it unless they pay money to the priests to say Masses to release them from hell.

But my beloved brothers, where is Christ in all this? Where is the blood of Christ if only Masses are needed? If we have to pay for Masses for them to be released from hell, why should Christ die for us? And why does the Lord say that His salvation is worth more than all the treasures of the world? That this salvation is not bought with money! It is not bought, my beloved brothers with an "Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord and may Your Perpetual light shine upon them" but with the precious blood of Christ, which cleanses us and purifies us of all sin.

So, my beloved brothers, why do we look for Him in other places when the payment of the blood of Christ is enough? The precious blood of Christ is enough for the sinner! How glorious, my beloved brothers, when we have this personal encounter with Christ!



A few days later, the mermaid told me that we were going to visit the hospital to see the sick. In fact, Lucifer is very active in hospitals; it is a place of demonic activities. The person in charge of this visit was a Catholic priest. He was doing charity by giving food to people, shoes, and clothes while capturing their souls. Many things happen in the hospital. I would advise women, after giving birth not to allow doctors to separate them from their baby because they do not know what this doctor is doing with their baby. In this visit to the hospital, the priest was anointing the sick and this resulted in their death, and their stars were stolen. The mermaid captured the souls of the sick who were killed by the priest's rituals. The night before traveling underwater, the mermaid showed me the souls of those captured in the hospital. She was transferring them to the sea kingdom.


Aside from the fact that the mermaid worked with the Catholic priest to collect souls at the hospital, she also visited children who had just been initiated into witchcraft. In fact, many children contract witchcraft through food. The kingdom of darkness worked with sorcerer children who were responsible for distributing witchcraft in schools and their communities. Since most children are introduced to witchcraft by a mystical human meat, they are asked to repay the meat they ate when they were initiated. As a result, they must choose or point at a family member. The work of the mermaid was to gather the souls that the newly initiated children offered as a sacrifice. The capture and the raid of these souls, victims of human sacrifice in hospital, was the work of this mermaid who was my wife. After capturing and raiding these souls, the mermaid took them to the underwater kingdom at night.



While I was practicing magic, I continued to serve in my church as a choir boy in the parish of Our Lady Fatima in Dolisie. Days passed very quickly and one Sunday after Sunday Mass, the priest called me and let me know he needed to talk to me at 6 pm. In the evening, I went to the priest's house. He opened his heart to me and made me understand that he already knew that I was going to the world of spirits in the cemeteries, although I had never spoken to him about it.

He offered to introduce me to the Red Magic of the Red Dragon. He informed me about the several mysteries of magic and confided to me that his term in the city was coming to an end. Thus, he had to prepare somebody who would take over from him. He told me that a priest before the expiration of his term in a city where he works must prepare someone who will replace him and represent his magic branch. After this interview, he invited me to meet the following Wednesday at the parish so that we could get down to business. On Wednesday at 10 pm, before arriving at the priest’s place, he asked me to change and put on a cassock he had prepared for the ceremony. It was a hooded cassock. This white gown was for novices in the practice of Red Dragon Magic. After the priest's incantations, we sat on a red carpet in front of the statue of Jesus. Then the priest asked me to close my eyes and concentrate. During this time he recited magic formulas. And while he was reciting these magical prayers, I felt like we were flying in space. Then he asked me to stand up and open my eyes. When I opened my eyes, I noticed that we were no longer in the parish but in a magical world full of beauty. It was a very well built city with gigantic buildings, of ineffable beauty.



What, then, was not my astonishment at seeing a Catholic priest initiate me to Indian magic! The attitude of this priest confirmed in me the idea that God did not really exist. Indeed, if God existed, it was the priests who were most likely to know Him better because of their privileged position. According to the Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church, the role of priests is to serve as intermediaries between God and the faithful. Despite the fact that this priest celebrated mass every day, he knew the truth, and this truth was that God did not exist. That is why he revealed to me the path par excellence, that of magic, and that of happiness. That was my reasoning at that time.


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