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Prophecy published on the 23rd of May 2019.

A great misfortune will devastate America. As one puts together silver, copper, iron, lead, tin in the middle of a furnace by blowing on them the fire to melt them, so I will assemble you in My anger and wrath. I will put you there and I will melt you. And I will gather you up and blow on you the fire of My wrath and you shall be melted in the midst of it. Like silver that is melted in the midst of a furnace so you will be melted in the midst of it and you will know that I the Lord have poured out on you My wrath.

Welcome, beloved, terrible moments are coming. Distress is coming on all the people of the Earth but a judgment is coming in the Church. Many people had time to be honest with Christ but they are playing Church and deceive themselves, but evil days are coming.

Listen Brother and sister of Paraguay and you who are very distant, various coming misfortunes, calamities and difficult moments that are enough to change the framework of American history are on the way and innocent blood is going to run in the streets and cities and villages.

Blessed be the name of the Lord forever. May God have mercy on us and those who love Him, and may God provide supply for His servants. Let us prepare ourselves for God is about to operate a cleaning in His Churches around the world.

This is what the Holy Spirit told me. I received from God this message that does not suit millions of Christians of the world. Very few talk about these things. Yet God told me there is going to be cleaning in the body of Christ worldwide, no matter the country, the race, the color, the language, the cleaning process will happen worldwide. And He told me when you see this judgment and cleaning of His house, look out for the redemption is at the door.

The Lord said, “The wheat will be separated from the tares on Earth, not in Heaven. The wheat will be separated not by human intervention, but by the Heavenly hand of God. The hand of God is going to move within the body of Christ globally.”

The Lord said, “Many ministers are going to die tragically.”

Listen, brother, I already saw it in my country. A lot of people would prefer to avoid this message and they are turned off. But this is what the Lord told me. God warned me that many shepherds are going to die for the time of trial and judgment is come in the body of Christ. And notorious ministers are going to die with diseases. Many will die right there on the altars, others will die in a catastrophic way and there will be confusion, wonder, and regret. God's people will wonder and they would be stunned. Man cannot play with the Word of God for God’s Word does not falter. The Word of God is infallible. People have ignored God’s instruction. God cannot be mocked. All that man has sowed, he will reap for the time of harvest has come.

The Church must understand that what is about to happen to the body of Christ is precisely what do we do not want and expect. The hour of consequences has come for God is about to clean the altar from liberal and apostate ministers preaching Earthly Gospel hiding sin and handling holy things.

The Lord said, “What happened in the beginning of the Church would happen in these times, especially in America.”

What God told me is that there is coming an acceleration of the operation of the Holy Spirit who is going to move to such a degree that there will happen events, like in the times of Ananias and his wife, Saphira, who conspired to test the Spirit of the Lord. They fell dead and great fear fell upon the whole Church and all who heard about these events.

The body of Christ in America and around the world will suffer the separation of tares and wheat, especially countries of Latin America. They are going to feel the agony of God's hand and there will be despair, and many here will remember God, but it will be too late. For the time has come that judgment must begin at the house of God; and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the Gospel of God? (1 Peter 4:17)

Beloved brothers and sisters, now is the time to look for God while He can be found. There is coming a day you will call on Him, but He will not answer. You will cry at Him, He will not respond. God has touched the Latin America and North America. Therefore there will be judgment on the two Americas for we have not responded to His touch though God has visited us and we have ignored Him.

God has walked among us and we have done nothing for Him. We have been indifferent to His spirit; we have overlooked the essential standards of the Holy Spirit. We have been complacent about the One who has offered Himself on the cross for us. America, you will know what it is to reject God, you will know the price of mocking God.


Listen, Paraguay, I have not come forth as a peaceful speaker. I have not come to talk to you about revival because it will not come. But what will reach you is the misery and misfortune, events of despair, death and hunger. Take advantage Paraguay, says the Lord tonight. Take advantage of the economy that you still have, because very soon another economy will fall to the dust of the Earth and you will remember normal times. Take advantage, says the Lord, because they are finished; the days of glory and days of success, which is just a memory. The remaining time ahead will be tough. The economy will crash at the international level, Latin American countries will be the most affected; they will look at each other because of what is coming.

The devil has a plan to crush the world economy. This is necessary for the rise of the Antichrist who has to rise soon. The occultic plan to crush the world economy and precipitate the rise of the Antichrist is happening sooner and the Church is going away. The Church will fly before the rise of the Son of Perdition.

What the Holy Spirit speak on this night to Paraguay is a warning message.


Island of Puerto Rico, the Lord showed me a vision when I was in the island of Puerto Rico. The Lord said, “There is coming trial in Puerto Rico in a short time.” God said, “This island has gone astray.”

God told me, “In the past, I raised fearful men of Mine, men who love to read My Word, men that respect My presence and sanctify themselves, but the island has now corrupted itself.”

The Lord said, “This island is not the same Island like that of past times. The island of Puerto Rico is corrupted in apostasy and many have abandoned holiness. They have left My fear and reverence to My Word. And today the Church in Puerto Rico is all about liberalism, modernity, and fashion. It is the Neo Christianity that is fashionable. The false teachings are common and had become the standard. Doctrinal falsehoods are fashionable in the island. False doctrines of demons are being introduced in the Church of this island.”

After hearing the warning of God, I dedicated myself to the island of Puerto Rico.

My brothers in Puerto Rico, receive the greetings of the love of Jesus Christ. The Lord is calling the island to holiness. I make a call for holiness and do not forget the true Gospel. Puerto Rico is an island blessed by the Lamb of God. It is an island that has the grace of God where God has raised great men in the history, men of renown that God has used as useful vessels for the glory and honor of His name. However, in the current day, many Puerto Ricans have corrupted themselves. They have been sold with the falsehoods. They have gone astray with weird doctrines that are unbiblical. This is what God told me.

I address to our Puerto Rican brothers, be careful with what you are doing. Remember the truth of biblical Gospel. Remember that God has not change and that the Lord is still the same yesterday, today and forever. God is going to shake Puerto Rico once more. It is true that Puerto Rico has been shaken by God in the past. Judgments will come to Puerto Rico so that the people may know that God is three times holy and He is making it on the island of Puerto Rico.


And God is also claiming my country Mexico. God’s people must return to the ancient path of holiness. We must return to the genuine and true Gospel in light of the biblical truth.

The Lord revealed showed me something dramatic. I was looking for His face. Suddenly the Lord began to talk to me in a direct and audible way. The Lord showed me a large river of murky water. I heard the Lord voice telling me, “Many of My people have little of My holiness. Many ministers have little sanctity. They have trampled on My holiness. They have attempted to overrule My sanctity.”

The Lord said, “The prophets who pierced holiness of God will be thrown into the river of murky waters until they drown. Many ministers started well and changed the glory of God for the glory of men.”

When the Lord spoke to me this way, I sensed that the Lord was angry. He was very upset and frustrated by something.

The Lord told me, “My Church in the end time has little sanctity. But I'm going to do justice in My house. I'm going to implement judgment in My house.”

Immediately I saw a big screen which was broadcasting international evangelists, pastors of renown. The screen was showing people that I know and preachers that I do not know and they were evangelists, prophets, pastors across the ministerial range.

Then the Lord said, “I'm going to cut from the Earth many of them because they have attempted to come against My sanctity.”

He told me, “They have despised My sanctity, they have iniquity and they have taken sin in.”

He told me, “I will cut them from the Earth.”

As the Lord spoke to me at that moment, He told me, “Observe, I will show you what I will do.”

I looked and I saw a man. The Lord threw him into the river of turbulent and dirty waters.

Beloved brothers and friends, I looked and I saw a man falling into the water. There were crowds of people looking at that brother. I looked at that man that God threw him into the river and he did not know how to swim and started to drown. He started to drown in those murky waters and that crowd just watched how that man was slowly dying with desperation.

While I watched, I felt the desire as a human to run and extend the hand of help to him and get him out of there. When I wanted to run to help the man, the voice of God spoke to me and told me, “Do not do it, do not do it.”

But I ran to the edge of that river and I extended my hand to help him. I remember when I wanted to jump in that river of murky waters, the voice of God spoke and He told me, “Do not to do it. If you disobey, I will kill you.”

I was in amazement and fright. I said, “But why tell me do not do it.” And when He said, “Do not do it,” I stopped for I was paralyzed. I looked and saw the man drowning in those waters. That man stopped breathing and died.

Brothers, the Lord told me, “I have allowed it because he tried to play down the central road of holiness. You should not have come against holiness.”

The Lord told me, “No one mess with holiness because I am three times holy.”

This man had little sanctity and this is the payment he has received for he despised holiness. He has received his reward.

The Lord told me, “Servant, what you have seen is exactly what I'll do with many on Earth and they will perish because they have made fun of My holiness. They have little holiness.”

He told me, “They have ridiculed this message and they attempted to play down the central importance of sanctity.”

The Lord told me, “Zavi, be holy because I am holy.”

Brothers and friends, when I heard the Lord speaking this way, I felt very afraid in that revelation. I felt very scared because I am a mortal man of flesh and bone. However, thousands of ministers are living passively. They are relaxed with no sense of urgency. They talk about material things instead of getting God’s children to purify themselves. They understood the process of purification and sanctification that take time. Yet they should be insisting to the Church to clean up and walk in holiness. For without holiness, we won't enter the kingdom of God. Without holiness, we will not conquer salvation. We cannot play with the Word of the Lord who created the Heavens and the Earth. We have to be careful about what we are doing in the Church.

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