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Hi I'm Kevin Zadai and welcome to the secret place where all your prayers are gonna be answered. I'm excited about the show today. I'm glad you join me. I want you to get ready because you're gonna get hit by the power of God because we're going right into the secret place right now and the Lord has taught me this secret place.

You got to understand I came from the other realm. I died on the operating table and I came back. When I came back I have a different perspective because I have been in both realms and I'm gonna teach you how to live in both realms. I'm gonna teach you how to walk in this life victoriously. I have a lot to say today so I'm gonna get right into it.

If you would turn with me to Job chapter 10 verse 12 and I'm reading from the King James Version. Job said, "Thou hast granted me life and favor and Thy visitation has preserved my spirit."

One of the things that Jesus taught me was that you need to spend a lot of time in the secret place. In the secret place which is not being taught but you're gonna hear it a lot on this program. It is that you can have visitation during your times of prayer in the secret place.

So I want to talk to you a little bit now about some of the things that have happened to me. You have to understand I was dead and I came back and I have to walk in this life just like you did. I actually worked for 29 years at a Fortune 500 company every day dealing with 800 people. That's right 800 people every day. I dealt with some of them I'll never see again. I was on an airline I worked for 29 years flying around the country and around the world.

I have a perspective of how to walk in the secret place even in your daily life so I want to talk to you a couple things here. We're gonna get into Psalms 91 today for one thing. If you turn to Psalms 91, I'm just gonna read verses 1 and 2. It says, He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Verse 2 says, I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in Him I will trust now.

When Jesus sent me back, He taught me how to take every scripture and eat it like a piece of bread. So I want you to look at that Scripture now and I want you to meditate on it. I want you to see what Jesus is saying through the Holy Spirit in Psalms 91. He's saying that if you'll dwell in this secret place where the Most High is and you abide under the shadow of the Almighty and you say, “Lord, You're my fortress, You're my God in whom I trust,” you can feel the strength that comes from just eating those two verses.

So Jesus taught me that in the secret place that if I stay in there with Him, He's gonna stay in there with me. Can you imagine that in that place no demon could even approach because we're talking about the throne here, the throne of God? If you're in that secret place like you are right now I'm gonna teach you how to get in there and stay in there because the Spirit is wanting to cover you. He's wanting to counsel you now.

Think about this. God gave Moses this replica of something that's already in Heaven. It says that Moses was told, “Make sure that you make everything according to the specifications of what I gave you on the mountain,” because see it's a replica of that which is in Heaven.

So God actually sits on the mercy seat. So the mercy seat has cherubim on it on each side and they cover the glory in the center. The high priests would go in every year and put blood right there in the middle once a year in the highest place which is the Most Holy place in the tabernacle.

I saw in Heaven that God actually sits there on the mercy seat. So today I just want to encourage you that when you dwell in the secret place of the Most High that the enemy cannot touch you. You are in a place where the enemy will not come.

However, the Lord wanted to encourage people to make sure that they make this place their dwelling place. So are you dwelling in the secret place or are you just visiting?

It actually says in Psalms 36:5-10 Your mercy, O LORD, is in the heavens; and Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds. 6 Your righteousness is like the great mountains; Your judgments are a great deep: O LORD, you preserve man and beast. 7 How excellent is Your loving-kindness, O God! therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of Your wings. 8 They shall be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of Your house, and You shall make them drink of the river of Your pleasures. 9 For with You is the fountain of life: in Your light shall we see light. 10 O continue Your loving-kindness to them that know You; and Your righteousness to the upright in heart.

Know that is the verse you're going to have to memorize. You're going to have to meditate on because it says there that the children of men put their trust under the shadow of Your wings. That's the same wings we're talking about that are in the secret place that are the cherubim's wings.

The Lord showed me this place. It's right in the corner of His shadow where the shadow of the cherubim casts a little bit of a shadow from the glory. That's what would happen.

When David wrote that Psalms 91, he was saying, "Listen, you got to get that close," and then David is referring to it also in Psalms 36 the mercy seat that God sits on is a seat where the blood was put. So when you go to the secret place the first thing that you want to realize is that you have been forgiven and that when you seek forgiveness, you seek forgiveness because of God's mercy and that blood has been applied on the mercy seat. So God the Father always sees that blood.

So now as you receive forgiveness, I want to minister this to you because a lot of you have not accepted God's forgiveness for your past and you have to confess your sins to the Lord but once you confessed them, you have to release them and know that God has forgiven you.

So right now I just speak to you and I tell you that the Jesus I met He offered His blood upon the mercy seat. Right now the Father is looking down on that blood and Jesus said, “My blood is enough.” The Father said, “It is enough,” and so you are forgiven. You need to let it go.

Now I wanted to talk a little bit about some of the things the Lord put on my heart for today and that is that we don't really expect visitation now. What I mean by that is that I thought that when I prayed that I would experience God in some way that there was something would happen a stirring and there are times when I would pray and wait on the Lord and nothing would happen and I realized this when I was on the other side with Jesus.

Jesus said, “Kevin, it's impossible for Me to not come to you in prayer because the Holy Spirit is with you always. I haven't left you as an orphan.”

He said, "It's impossible for you to yield to the Spirit and the Spirit not come."

So He said, “Kevin, it has to do with more about yielding than it does about Me doing something for a person.”

So think about it this way. God is transmitting a signal. It's going out over the airways. He's speaking. He's done things for you but you don't know it. It's because you need to dial in. You need to receive it. See it's the receiving problem. It's not the transmitting problem. God has said many things about you just like Jesus showed me in Psalms 139:16 each one of your days was written in a book before one of them came to pass.

That should be enough power to motivate you to go into the secret place and pray for the power of the Living God to encounter the word of the Lord to you in prayer.

This what's happening to you. Right now as I'm speaking I'm seeing some of you are getting activated. So I'm just gonna go that direction right now.

You see the Lord is wanting to say some things to you and you're not hearing it. The reason why you're not hearing it is you're not turning your receiver on. You see your receiver is not in your mind. It is in your spirit. So the tongues that you yield to in the secret place the tongues that are from your receiver that's from your transmitter. God is giving you messages in your spirit and then you're speaking them forth.

So right now I'm just gonna pray in the spirit a little bit and then I'm going to interpret my tongues basically. 

[Speaking in tongues.]

The Spirit of the Lord says, “If you'll yield to Me I will walk you right into the place that you belong because where you belong is with Me. You need to get into this place with Me so just yield to the spirit and walk with Me.”

That's what He's saying to you right now. The power of the Lord is hitting you. You can trust Him.

The Lord says, “Tell the people that they're not trusting Me that they need to get so close that they see that I'm a good God.”

Right now the Spirit of the Lord is saying this, “See you have a trust issue as well and I break the power the demonic force that is coming against you.”

Right now you need to trust God. God is speaking to you right now. I'm telling you, you're sitting there and you're feeling like you want to cry. You need to just cry. You need to release because God is delivering you right now. This is your day right now. This is your minute of visitation. The Lord is kissing you right now.

You're gonna feel the power of God is coming on your head right now. It's going down. You just release it. You've been through a lot but the Lord has come to deliver you today. Just release it now to pray. You need to pray in the spirit. Just yield to the spirit right now and start to pray out the mysteries. Yeah, the power of the Holy Spirit is coming upon you.

The Lord just told me, “There's some of you that are going to have promotions that you're so close. Don't give up.”

He's saying don't give up you're so close. The Lord says, “Pass all your tests. Make sure you pass all your tests.” The Lord is bringing you around. I see angels actually escorting you and they're teaching you lessons. The Lord says, “Just go ahead and yield to this. I am disciplining you because you are My sons and daughters and I'm going to help you. I am with you. You're about to be promoted.”

There are some of you that are waiting for a breakthrough. Don't wait another day. The breakthrough is happening right now in the name of Jesus. I feel the power of God.

Valarie, you've been through so much but you know what? You just need to kneel down right now. You need to let God into your heart in a stronger way because He wants to speak through you not just to you. Do you hear me, Valerie? Get on your knees and start praying in the spirit and let the Spirit of God speak through you because God says, “I'm going to talk to you but I want to speak through you. I want to pray through you the mysteries. You haven't been yielding to the spirit. You haven't been spending time in tongues and in the spirit.”

Right now there's some of you that don't know what you're supposed to do in these decisions you've got to make. This what the Lord said, “Don't let the pressure make decisions based on the fact that it's got to be by a certain time or date. Don't let the pressure make the decisions for you. Go into the secret place right now.”

Now I'm feeling the power of God. There are all kinds of things but right now there's a lying spirit. There's a deceiving spirit. It's going in Jesus' name. It's a deceiving spirit, it's a lying spirit, it's broken in Jesus name. You are set free right now. Do not listen to the lies of the enemy.

There are many of you thinking about taking your life. The Lord says, “I have days and days and days written about you. You're not going anywhere. You're going to fulfill the destiny of God.”

So right now in the name of Jesus, I break that power of that spirit of suicide. I break that power right now in the name of Jesus. That's it you go in Jesus' name. In Jesus' name, you're done. You're gone in Jesus' name, you're delivered.

Those of you who need decisions. Right now I'm going to pray over you. I'm going to ask for the spirit of wisdom and revelation to come upon you right now. We're gonna have visitation during prayer in the secret place right now. I'm gonna pray over you. Everybody get ready to receive from God the Father in the name of Jesus.

I thank you for the spirit of wisdom and revelation right now. Eyes are being opened spiritually and physically ears are being opened spiritually and physically right now in the name of Jesus. Jesus is reaching out to you right now. Right now, He wants to come in and take care of this. He's going to show you exactly what to do. You don't have a thing to worry about.

That's what the Lord is telling me. You think you have something to worry about. He said just roll that over on Me. Right now there it is. You're free. You are free.

Yeah okay, all those joint pains are gone in Jesus’ name. Right now knees are completely healed. See it was stress. The Lord is setting you free right now.

Okay, this very interesting. The Lord is telling me that a lot of you - you feel that you've messed up to the point where you can't go any further. You feel like you've messed up so much that God could never catch you up to where you need to be.

The Lord said, “I can do anything I want and I am in control of your life. You just let Me have the controls right now”

That's what He's saying. You know this true. John, I know you know this true. It's not too late these things are going to happen. They're written about you. You have nothing to worry about. Pray to receive from God right now.

The Spirit of the Lord is continually speaking to me. There are people here that think they've messed up and they can't make it up that God would never be able to make it up. You haven't missed what you thought you missed because God is going to make it up. There's a miracle gonna happen. Listen to me I'm telling you by the Spirit of God nothing shall be impossible to you if you'll believe.

Right now, I'm seeing so many people. They have angels standing beside them. Right now the Lord is visiting you and those angels have been sent to get you out of your mess right now. The Lord said He's gonna catch you up. He's gonna catch you up. It's not gonna be like you think. You're gonna find yourself in the right place at the right time. The Lord says, “I will fix it. Just give Me a chance and I will fix it.”

John, you hear me. You're called of the Lord. You need to walk in the fear of the Lord. Right now you need to just realize that God is not over with you. He's not done with you. He loves you. You just come back into His arms.

Right now, there's a lot of people being healed. Right now you need to release. You need to release your future to God.

I'm seeing books open. Right now I'm seeing people's futures before me. There's a lot of you. You actually have two and three more children that have to come into your family. God says there are children that need to be born that they have a prophetic voice and they must be born. Psalms 1:12 says that great and mighty are your offspring on the earth. God has a plan. Part of that plan in your book is involving other people that must be born in your family to carry out what God has in His kingdom.

So there are some of you. The Lord is opening your womb right now on. The Lord tells me, “I'm opening wombs right now. You couldn't have children but you're going to have children.” You watch and you see the Lord is visiting your womb. Right now in the name of Jesus, I break every curse. I speak healing to your womb in Jesus' name.

The Lord's also told me this. There are some of you, you're at the wrong job and the Lord's going to move you. He's gonna promote you but you need to pass your test. You see it might have been the right job but it's become a wrong job because you need to pass your test. God's gonna lead you on now. I'm telling you what I'm feeling. The power of God right here. You have to realize that everything is written down but you need to pass your tests.

There's some of you that are involved at a certain job because you're being trained but it's not the end so be encouraged. 

I started a company for 29 years because the Lord told me to but what I learned there was invaluable and I passed all my tests and you're going to pass all your tests too. The angels of the Lord is encamped around you. It's impossible for God to fail. So think about this. If you yield to what God is doing around you right now it's impossible for you to fail. If you will have ears to hear and eyes to see Jesus Christ is visiting you right now and there's nothing impossible with you.

You know it's interesting what I had that visitation with Jesus and I've actually had Him come to me a number of times. When I look into His eyes that He doesn't have any kind of backwardness to Him. He has a command about Him. He's a commander of the Lord's army.

So think about this that He comes into your life in the secret place right now. He's using me to speak into your life. He's giving forth commands. He's telling you the way it is and you need to yield to that. The Spirit of the Lord is wanting to do so much more and He's telling me. He's showing me right now that a lot of you just want to know the way and I'm teaching you the way right here.

Jesus told me, “Kevin, if you'll tell people, just believe Me that nothing shall be impossible. Nothing.”

Think about that nothing. There was no disclaimer there. There's no disclaimer at all. There's no asterisk by that word. It is completely on your shoulders now. You can believe for anything. Nothing's impossible to you now.

The word of the Lord keeps coming to me and keeps telling me Hebrews 11:6 we must believe that God exists and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him and Jesus said you believe I exist.

Now listen to me you believe that He exists but do you believe that He's a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him because Jesus has given out a command right now to you. He says you're not believing for the rewards that are good.

The Lord is saying, “You need to believe that I'm gonna reward you for seeking Me.”

Jesus said that this to me one time. He said, “Kevin, you seek Me diligently. What happens if I let you catch Me? What happens if you catch Me? What are you gonna do? Then what happens is I turn around and start to pursue you.”

It has changed my life forever. What happens if Jesus Christ allows you to catch Him. That's what happens in this secret place. The secret place is where you catch Him and He catches you.

Thank you for joining me in this session and I appreciate your openness. Just continue to yield to the Spirit and Jesus Himself is going to visit you and He's going to give you a kiss from Heaven.

Thank you for joining me in The Secret Place Episode 3 How To Walk In This Life Victoriously!

Kevin Zadai

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