Friday, January 10, 2020



Welcome Beloved. I did not believe in Heaven and Hell. I lived life in rebellion and rejection of God. I thought He did not care about anybody. I had a lot of bitterness in my heart resulting from the issue and misfortune of life. I didn't want to have anything with God until I died.

On that day I fell in a thick, dark void in the pit of darkness and fire. I was confronted by the judges of Hell. Finally, I was sentenced to eternal torture in the sea of lava that was boiling at extreme temperature. I was desperate and hopeless. I came to understand that Hell was real, but then it was too late. I was to be cast in the fire of Hell.

Demons were about to cast me to the sea of fire when I cried to Jesus Christ. As a result, the kingdom of Hell was illuminated by an intense ray of light in the sky. I saw the demons of Hell running away and standing at a distance. And Jesus spoke to me in the light and promise to give me a second chance. I glorified God as I was overwhelmed with joy.

Then there was a moment of silence for He said nothing. I feared and I got worried. I thought the Lord had abandoned me again.

Immediately He spoke again and said, "I want you to know that you will go to the Earth and not because you are very beautiful. No, because you are worthy. It's out of My love, Zavi.”

I said, “Lord, I will do what you are asking me but take me out of here first.”

I remember from the light, the Lord said, "Come forth.”

I started to approach the glow that illuminated the abyss. And when I approached the light, brothers and friends, the rays of light that illuminated the place disappeared, and the sky that was opened was closed. Things returned to normality, and there was absolute darkness.

I felt a lot of fear for the thick darkness covered the place. I was assailed by doubts.

I said, "Lord, just promised to take me out of this horrendous place.”

But where is He? It was at that time of anxiety that I saw a body of light moving above the sky. This celestial body of light was descending in immense speed. When it got closer, I saw that it was not just a radiant light, for I saw an extraordinary character.

He was covered by a brilliant, dazzling and bright light. I saw that He was dressed in a resplendent long white dress. It was a really radiant and exceedingly white garment. I was observing this character in awe for He was extraordinary and strikingly wonderful with white vestment. Not a white like the one we know on Earth, but a whiteness never before seen by men on Earth.

I remember that His hair was white curly, whiter than milk. He had a long beard, which was white as His hair. When I saw His white hair and a white beard, I said, "He must be an elder. I can afford to call Him an Old Man.”

However, I cannot describe His face for there was an intense ray of light that prevented me from seeing. I remember something that happened to me when I wanted to look at His face. In fact, I tried hard to stare at His face. As a result, I felt His light burning my sight. I lost my vision instantly and I could only see darkness. I was scared. I felt pain in my eyes. I cried, and I could not see anything. This has happened to me because I tried deliberately to look at His face that was covered by radiant light.

I said, "Is this happening to me because I tried to watch His face.”

I was very afraid for I did not see again. I spent about 10 minutes in darkness until my view came back. When I recovered the vision, I did not want to look at His face again. When He spoke to me, I look at His garment that it was radiating bright light. I noticed that the Lord who was in front of me never touched the ground in that place and He remained in the air. As I stood before the Lord Jesus Christ, beloved, there was pure radiance, splendor, and magnificence.

The Lord said, "Zavi, My son if you knew how much I love you, you will never find yourself in this place today. If My children knew how much I love them, they won't find themselves in this situation.”

When I heard this word, I was confused.

Jesus said to me, “You are welcome My son. Come here because it is necessary that you deliver the message to My people on the surface.”

Sincerely, I was excited. I felt a lot of joy and a lot of happiness in His presence. I could not walk because of the emotion of joy. I just stood there. Seeing that I was not coming to Him, Jesus came as far as I was. When the Lord came and He hugged me, and He told me, “Fear not, I am with you.”

I want to explain, brothers and friends, when He hugged me, I felt what I never felt in my life - the love, the joy, and the happiness were bigger than ever in my existence. I started speaking in an unknown language. I started to feel a burning desire to come to the Earth and apologize to my mother, to ask forgiveness to all the people that I have caused pain and damage, for we did so much damage in the world of the misery of sin. And I felt so much guilt and misery in my heart that He simply decided to forgive all my sin.

I can say, brothers and friends, it was the first time that I felt that love was the greatest thing. I would change it for nothing. Blessed be His name forever when He pulls me from this place, and He said, “Come follow Me. You will deliver My message to My people.”

I remember when He said this, brothers and friends, the infernal beast who stood in distance with the dog demons said to the Lord, “You cannot take him out of here, because he is dead already. Remember, your Word said, "But the one who practices sin is of the devil.” And your Word said, “That it is appointed unto men once to die but after this, the judgment.” Zavi cannot leave this place because he is dead.’’”

Beloved, I remember when I heard these words, I felt like my hope of returning to life was canceled. I was emotional. Jesus did not talk much. He was very calm with much patience. This demon who was an infernal lion quoted Bible verse to demonstrate that I was condemned.

And when he stopped speaking, the Old Man who was Jesus Christ, asked him, “Have you finished talking? If that is the case, it's now My turn to talk.”

The Beast said, “Certainly he is dead. And if he comes back to life, You would be violating the laws of death because it is appointed to men to die once.”

Once the Lord said to this demon, “You should remember who has the power to give life and to remove, for I have the power to give life to whom I want and to take it away.”

Blessed be the name of God for all eternity. To Him be all glory and all honor forever and ever. Brothers and friends, when the Lord said these words the beast could not talk anymore.

The Lord held my hand and said, "You will deliver the message to My people.”

Immediately we began to ascend up. We rose beyond the stars. I could see the stars for they were huge. They were gigantic and beautiful. I saw the sun at close range. It was clearly something mysterious and inexplicable in the hands of the Lord.

Then we passed beyond the stars, we reached the space of vacuum of darkness where you do not see anything. It was absolute darkness. I could only see the ray of light produced by the Lord. And we were moving forward at a tremendous speed. I do not know how many kilometers per second, but we were moving very fast. We kept moving forward, we were rising up and after a long time, I started to observe a bright star. I began to see a single bright star. The more we were advancing towards that star, it got larger. The more we were approaching at a distance, I saw that this bright star changed from looking like a star to looking like a bright and shining gold coin. It was extraordinary.

As we approached the heavenly city, I began to hear a melody, an infinite song. Then I realized that I heard that before on the Earth for believers sing that song in funeral ceremonies. I remember that song for it was never erased from my soul and my spirit.

The melody said, "Beyond the sun, I have a solar home with millions of souls. They told me beyond the sun, I have a home, a room where I will fly for all eternity when I leave the Earth.”

When I saw the city I started to cry. Humans have no awareness about this place. In the past, I doubted the existence of Heaven. I did not know that everything was real. The Old Man now told me, “Fear not, I am with you.”

As we were approaching the huge city of light, I could not see the end of it and it was extraordinarily strikingly wonderful. I remember that the city had walls all around it. It was an extraordinary wall and I was struck by the beauty of the wall.

Brothers and friends, the wall of the city was embedded with precious stones like diamonds, crystals and other heavenly materials of different colors. I saw large stones. When I look at these precious stones from distance they produce an extraordinary color. I was looking at a multicolored life produced by the wall at distance.

I remember I said, "I am not worthy to see this. I am not worthy to be here.”

The Lord said to me, “You are here because you have to deliver the message for My people.”

Then we arrived at the entrance of the city and we entered. There was no fear at the gate of Heaven like in the gates of Hell. There was a big pearly gate that was huge.

When the Lord told me to get in, I was dazzled by the wall of the city that was generating thousands of colors. The material of this wall was impressive. It illuminated literally the city with shining lights, something amazing. I wonder how is this done?

I remember while we entered the Golden City, there was before us an endless hallway, going to the end of the corridor. There were rooms to the right and to the left with wonderful gates. I do not know what material these gates were made from.

I noticed on all these gates were embedded symbols or letters, which I now understand to be Hebrew letters. The more I looked, I understood the meaning of this letter.

I was in wonder about the Jasper wall and I asked what was it made of? It was a matter that cannot be found on Earth. I had never seen anything similar. I wish to know more but I didn't feel like asking the Lord.

As I did not dare to ask Him, I rubbed my hand over the walls of the city. I said, "I have to know what it is.” And as soon as my hand touched the wall, I realized it was not wood. It was a cast metal. I don't know what metal it was. Everything in that place was beautiful in exaggeration. There is nothing with a defect. Everything is wonderfully shining.

There was a celestial melody playing in the city. And I was in wonder and amazement. The beauty of that place dazzled me so much that I passed the Lord. I went in front of Him looking at everything.

I said, "Wow. Never in my life, I had dreamed or imagined something similar. It is more beautiful than what people are counting; it is more beautiful than what people think.”

As we continue walking down that hole, the Old Man stopped and opened one of the many gates. While I was admiring everything, the Lord called me, but I ignored Him. When He called me for the second time I again ignored Him, for I was still dazzled by what I was seeing. He called for the third time with authority and told me to come. I turned around and joined Him.

I wanted Him to enter first, but He told me to enter that room that cannot be compared to a five or seven-star hotel. The whole Earth does not have a beautiful facility in comparison to this place.

When we got in the heavenly world, I was excited. And in my mind, I wanted to see angels. I wanted to talk to them. I wonder if they will be like on TV and in magazines.

I said, "I have to see what they look like.”

As we moved, to my surprise brothers and friends, I looked and I saw like a library where there were hundreds and hundreds of books, well accommodated in an impressive way. It was clearly beautiful the way they have arranged the books.

I looked at them and I said in my thoughts, “Lord, You brought me here, but there are only books. I do not want to see books. I want to see the angels and I want to talk to them.”

The Lord led me to a kind of beautiful desk. There was a big chair with metal decorated on its back with all kinds of wonderful precious stones. Besides that chair, there was another chair pretty beautiful like the previous one. I remember the Lord sat on the chair that was decorated with precious stones. He pulls out a thick book and puts it on the desk.

I stood looking at books. I went to get a book. I started reading the header of books. One of the book drew my attention. It was called, “Every Disobedient Christian is a Rebel.”

I grabbed the book and I started reading it. I realized that the book was similar to the Bible. The difference is that the letters in this book were like metal. They were embossed on the sheets. Actually, each letter was producing light like a lamp. And each letter had a different color. And paragraph was forming in unbreakable colors. You may ask brothers, what color is it? The truth is that in Heaven, I observed colors that really do not exist on Earth. They have never been seen on Earth and we can never assimilate them to something, for there is no such thing on Earth.

Jesus told me to put the book back in its place. When I was trying to put it back to its place, another book caught my attention. I took it and opened it. This book was dealing with angelic matter and mysteries concerning angels.

The Lord told me to leave it. He said, "Do not waste your time because this is angelical.”

And for the last time, the Lord said, "Come!” with a voice higher in authority, like a big brother. I left the book. I got to Him at the desk.

When I got to Him, I saw that He was crying painfully.

He said these words, "Zavi, My son, listen very well what I will tell you today for you will speak to My people without adding and removing anything.”

I said, "Yes, Lord,” but I did not understand why He cried.

In that moment when He told me to sit down, I said, “Lord, do not worry. I'm fine. I'm not tired.”

The Lord was crying without consolation, and for a moment I thought He cried because of me. I thought that I had offended Him and I started to cry. I also could not contain myself.

Jesus said, "Zavi, wake up from your sleep and get up from the dead and illuminate Christians. I want you to go to Earth and I want you to go to My people and give a message to My people. There are thousands of religions on the face of the Earth and every religion, professors of salvation, they all speak of a God, but I want you to go to My people and tell them that I'm not coming back for any religions. I'm not coming back for those who profess to be Christian and hold a Bible. I am coming back for those who have been washed with the blood of the Lamb. I am coming back for those who do My Father’s will. I am coming back for a holy church, clean without spot and without wrinkles. A church that has remained in Truth of My Word, a church that has cost Me.”

The Lord told me, “I know Mine. I come for a church that has caused Me tears, torment and insult. It is a church that lives on the Word in holiness and obedience to the Word. Tell them that I'm coming back.”

When I heard this word, brother, I was truly frightened. I was scared by the seriousness of the Lord. I was shocked. But I was paying attention because I had already committed that I would speak His word like that.

The Lord was saying, “I know those who belong to Me, but My people are not the same anymore. They have changed. My people are indifferent. They have betrayed Me. They are paying Me a coin of betrayal.”

Jesus said, "The only thing I've done to them is to love them, protect them and laying down My life at Calvary so that they may have eternal life. My people turned their backs on Me. They are so indifferent and they are no longer the same. They have changed so much. They are blaspheming against My name and against My words. My peoples have become indifferent in front of My presence and they say they will be with Me in this kingdom of light. These people live as they want. They do what they want. They walk as they see fit, and they say they will be with Me in this glory. That's why you see Me crying this way.”

Jesus told me, “Zavi, speak to My people what you hear from Me today. If you see Me crying like this, it's because My people are missing things that are within their reach. You must tell My people not to miss what I have prepared for them. What no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no heart has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him. But Satan has also done everything possible to destroy the work that I am doing in My people. Satan in this time invented the doctrine of demons that already deceived thousands of churches in the whole world. That is why I am in this situation.”

When the Lord asked, “Do you know what is the doctrine of the devil?

I answered I have no idea. Sincerely, I thought in my mind about Satanism and the occult. I have no idea what a doctrine of demon is.

He told me, “Zavi, My son, I'll tell you which doctrine of demon is prevailing in My Church. I want you to go to Earth and tell My people this message. Tell the church that women who cuts the hair, woman who wear makeup and jewelry are in abomination in front of Me.”

But I do not send you to condemn anyone. Tell My people your body is the center of My Holy Spirit and anyone that destroys the temple of God will be destroyed. My people have become reprobate; they have abandoned the old path. They claim that the biblical Gospel is outdated and that it is the old way. They have left the truth for doctrines of demons, which is a modern gospel that promotes libertinism and lawlessness to go to Heaven. This liberal gospel preaches that it is easy to get to Heaven and that people should not worry about Heaven.”

But tell My people in Heaven no sin, no stain, and no impurity will enter for it is My presence. Tell My people I come shortly but I'm coming for a clean church without spot and without wrinkle that has remained in the truth. There are many within the church living in sin and living in disobedience. In this modern church, there are many with hateful hearts with envy, others condemning their fellow brothers.”

This message is only for those who are in commitment with Me. Many in the church teaches that I'm only interested in their heart, yet I have demanded in My word, the sanctity of the body, soul , and spirit. I am the way, the truth, and the life and nobody will reach the Father except through Me.”

Tell My people not to leave for tomorrow, what they can do today. Tell them to change and repent today. The day of change is today. It is today that you should live the words because you do not know what tomorrow will bring. You can be visited by death tomorrow.”

This was the message I had received and I'm repeating it here.

I told the Lord, “The message is tough and I am not brave enough for this task. People and gangs in the quarter where I live would think that I am crazy and they won't believe me. Please find someone else.”

Jesus said to me, “My son Zavi, I just want to tell you something and listen very well. If you do not tell My people this message and if you keep quiet, you will regret having been born on the Earth and you're going to wish you never seen the light of the day and you will fall in the hand of the living God.”

He said, “My people is.worth a lot. They are My favorite and this is for love.”

Jesus told me "Zavi, you have to know that I love you. But note this one thing: you must live My words, keep My words with fear with reverence. Do not mind being called ancient Christian and outdated for they will accuse you of being out of style. Do not worry about it.”

Zavi, if you do not live My word, if you fail to keep it with fear with reverence, you are not coming to this place. Keeping My word will guarantee your entry into this kingdom of light. But if you do not live My word, you shall not partake this kingdom. You will deliver the message. Many won't like it. They will leave. Only a small minority will accept it. What is not Mine fades. What is Mine will remain and what is not Mine will dissolve. One day they will give an account in front of My presence.”

Brothers and friends, the Lord said, "In the last days, a revival will come, and it will shake the land in an extraordinary way. It will be the prophetic sign and warning of My return. But tell My people who are waiting for this revival to change their way. They are waiting for the revival but they should leave hypocrisy. They should abandon indifference, coldness, complacency. There is a remnant that will carry this revival.”

The Lord Jesus Christ told me, "Zavi, I am sending you to the world with this message. Do not dare to put a price on My word and My grace. You must never charge for the Gospel. My Word and My grace are not bought or sold. What you have received freely, give freely. Speak the truth on time and out of time. Do not be worried about food and clothes because I know your needs and I know how to bless you. I will supply your needs.”

Jesus said, "My people think that I was not hurt in the cross. They think it was easy for Me to die on the cross.”

As the Lord spoke, I began to look and see His hands. There were big holes and the piercings seem recent. I was appalled and I started to cry. I cried, and I said, "It cannot be possible.”

He told me, “I humbled myself, but My people think it was easy for Me dying at Calvary. I was hurt by the nails. At that cross, the spear pierced My side but I did everything out of love for them. All for love of them but look how they are paying Me. How My people are indifferent.”

And Jesus told me, “I don't identify Myself with many of My children. They have blasphemed against My name, against My Word saying the time of miracles has passed. Yet My word is the same yesterday, today, for all ages. I do not change, I am the same today and for all eternity. They will be able to change how many times they want but I will still be the same today and all eternity. Heaven and Earth will pass but My words are true. Truth is the name of the Lamb immolated on the cross of Calvary in eternity.”

Jesus said, "You will say to My people to learn to show love. I asked them, “Where is the love among them, I do not see it.”

“Many times when their brother and sister falls into sin and departs from Grace, many of them when they see their backslidden brother and sister in the streets, they treat them as strangers; there is indifference and hypocrisy.”

“You will tell them, only those who have cleaned their garment and the pure-hearted that will be with Me in this place. My Church must keep My words with fear and with reverence and this will be the message to My people.”

“If you fulfill it, as I do command you, today I commit Myself to you. I will go to where you go. I'll be with you wherever you go. I will be your friends and you will be My friends. Your enemies will be My enemies. I will bless those that you bless and curse those who curse you.”

In this you will have a signal and sign to prove that I have called you. I will lift you. I'll make you prophet to the nations and I will take you to the World.”

Jesus said, "There are many preachers in the world preaching My Word. Some are in truth, but many preach because of the love of money, others for envy and competition. But in the middle of this confusion, there is a very small group of a remnant: those who preach for love because they have known Me, they know who I am. Tell women who cut hair and women who wear makeup, there will be no excuse. Everyone is going to give accounts for his life. Those who are fighting for their salvation, tell them to fight until the end of the dispensation of Gentiles.”

The Lord told me to speak the truth in time and outside time.

“Tell those who still speak My word for love, tell them not to get tired of doing good, tell them not to get tired for very soon, the One that is to come will soon appear, their trial will end, their suffering will end. This great reward awaits you in the kingdom of Heaven. You will tell those who have fallen I still love them, and I follow them waiting for them because I laid My life on the cross of Calvary for them and I just hope they go back to the fold like the prodigal son.”

Jesus told me, “Zavi, My son, about five people of each church on Earth will come to this kingdom of Heaven.”

When I heard this word brother, I got confused. I started crying and questioning the Lord.

I said, "It cannot be true, it cannot be possible. It is absurd.”

He told me, “My son, do not get confused. You do not understand the mystery. I'm talking about the percentage on the global level. And it's not that I do not want people to come here, but their way of life show that they are not interested in the salvation of their souls.”

The Lord said, "Tell My church that it is true that today the many worthless shepherds who settled for the tithe, the spiritual hunger of My people does not matter for them. They do not speak to My people the truth. They do not speak about obedience, sanctity. They have no respect for the Word.”

The Lord told me, “There are many of His children in churches of these useless shepherds who do not repent and turn to the truth. If these leaders do not repent, their place is already prepared in the lake of fire. But I give them the opportunity to go back to the truth of My word. I am the Good Shepherd and the Good Shepherd gives His life for the sheep. Time is running out, My son. Understand why these pastors do not speak the truth. Many of these pastors have thousands of members but they are in greed. I know you are still speaking the truth, you will tell them to keep preaching the Gospel of the good news, the Gospel of peace. They must preach My word without omitting or adding things.”

“However, go and tell these preachers that preach lies motivated by money to repent and come back to My word because their place is already prepared in the lake of fire if they do not repent.”

The Lord said, "I don't want My people to be in confusion. Tell them that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are useful in the exercise of ministry. But today there are many ministers with gifts who are hiding behind the pulpit in a lifestyle of adultery and fornication. They are hypocritical and reprobate. These gifts are gifts of My Holy Spirit but they do not guarantee salvation. The Salvation is only guaranteed by keeping My Word with fear and with trembling until the day of My coming.”

When He said this word, I asked Him to help me to live His Word.

He told me, “Tell My people that nowadays many ministries of preachers are trash. You know why? Because in these ministries, they only care about the crowds. If you want to do the work that concerns My Spirit, you will speak My word in time or out of time. Never compromise the true Gospel. When people believe or not, whether people listen or not, whether people accept or not, you will say it, you will speak and the rest is the work of the Holy Spirit.”

“You will go to Earth and you will take this message to My people. Many will despise you. There will be places where you will possibly run before the altars but you will speak My word above everything that comes because I called you to speak to My message on time, for time is running out.”

Brothers and friends, it has not been easy for me in the ministry. I know it is not a common Gospel and not everyone would like to hear. Even if nobody wants to accept, but it's my responsibility to love them. That's why I'm committed to speaking this message. I cannot change the world to the truth of God. I have to talk about taking on the challenge and the responsibility with which I have received. That was the message that I received.

I came back entering my body and this message has changed my life in a radical way. I'm going everywhere with this message and millions are changed by this experience and the message. This message has changed my life radically. Christ is coming soon and we will have to give an account.

Jesus said, "Tell My people to live according to My word. Because one day I will pay everybody according to their works.”

That was the message that I received.