Friday, January 25, 2019


Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ.
This testimony reveals the events that took place in Heaven when Lucifer who is now Satan rebelled against GOD and deceived other angels because he wanted to sit on the throne of the Most High. This revelation was given to a young lady called Citlalith from Mexico in 2014 by the LORD JESUS CHRIST. The content of it can be found in the following verses of the Bible:
ISAIAH 14: 12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! 13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north. 14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. 15 Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.
REVELATION 12: 4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born. 7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels, 8 And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. 9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.
LUKE 10: 18 And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.
We pray that you will be blessed as you listen or read it in JESUS NAME.
Brethren, may the Lord bless you. My name is Citlalith. The Lord ministered to Servant Alexander and while the Lord ministered to him, He was speaking through him and asked me what I would do if He took me to where the angels that were in heaven are?” And I replied, "If you're going to take me, may I go led by Your hand."
That was on the 26th of March 2014 at 8 PM.
When He asked me that, during that time I started to feel something in my heart and I began to be anxious. And I said that I needed to prepare because if the Lord told me that, it's because He would take me there. At approximately 10 days from that time, I could perceive it in my heart and I started to feel that I needed to make an effort in preparation and when I started to make this effort, the Lord confirmed even more to me that I was indeed going to go to that place.
I will read to you a biblical scripture in Jude 1: 5-10 in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost
Jude 1: 5 I will therefore put you in remembrance, though ye once knew this, how that the Lord, having saved the people out of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed them that believed not. 6 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day. 7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire. 8 Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities. 9 Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee. 10 But these speak evil of those things which they know not: but what they know naturally, as brute beasts, in those things they corrupt themselves.
My experience was on the 13th of April 2014 during the service that we were having at Church. During prayer, the Lord started to minister into my life and when He was ministering into my life, the LORD showed me how Demons attack the Church. And then I saw that the Earth was opening up and a horrible smell started to come forth. Then I saw a lake that had so much fire. Demons started to come out and when they started to come out the Lord ministered into my life.
Then Servant (Pastor) Francisca came and touched my forehead and said that the Lord was going to take me to the place where the angels were. When she said that, I fell on the floor and she began to anoint me from my head to the soles of my feet. I began to feel pain enter me from my feet all the way to the top. When the pain started to move up, I could no longer feel my hands. I told my Pastor to anoint my hands because I could no longer feel them. I could no longer feel my heart, I felt that I was going to die.
When I began to feel that way, I saw an Angel getting closer to me. And when he started to get closer to me he said, "Look at this and don't take your sight off it. Fix your eyes on it." And I set my eyes on it and I saw that it was like a circle of fire and it was turning like a whirlwind. When the fire was turning, I saw how the other angel grabbed it and put it into another cup.
I heard a voice say, "Servant don't be afraid, don't be afraid."
And one angel said, "Grab his hand because of where you are going to go. It's a place of torment. It’s where the angels believed that they don’t exist. The angels that were in heaven are now in this place with Satan." When he said that I took the hand of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We started to walk and I saw a huge door, it had huge chains. The Lord spoke a few words to those doors. When He spoke these words, the doors opened easily and we entered into that place. I heard moanings of people but they weren't in that place.
We continued to walk and there were two paths: one was to where the Lord was going to take me and the other was to the throne of Satan. I told the Lord, "Let's go, I don't want to be in this place." The Lord replied, "I will just show you how the throne of Satan is but I won't take you to the center." When He said that, I saw on my left a throne but that throne wasn't like a real throne but instead it was like a dead throne. It didn't have anything, it's desolate. But the Lord didn't allow Satan to get out of the throne.
He took me by his hand and told me, "Walk, walk." We continued to walk and on my right, I saw huge, enormous rocks and they were hot coals, they were very hot. It was very hot in that place. We continued to walk and we entered a tunnel. And in that tunnel, as we were walking in, at the end of it I saw a jail. And on that Jail, it was written, "ANGELS THAT ARE CURSED FROM HEAVEN, THAT ARE FALLEN."
The Lord opened the jail where the angels were. When I entered into that Jail, we continued to walk and we went into a cave and in that cave were many arrows, many chains, many sticks, and those sticks had thorns. I looked on my left and I saw a notebook that was there but there were no writings in it. And the Lord told me to continue to walk because we had not yet arrived at where the angels were.
I continued to walk with Him and when we arrived at the place where the angels were, I saw some beautiful angels, they were beautiful. One of them told me, "Tell our Lord Jesus Christ to get me out of this place, tell Him to get me out of this place. Tell the Father to forgive me and to get me out of this place." And I told him that I couldn’t do anything. When I told him that, he started to blaspheme against God and said, "That's why Satan brought me into this place because He can't do anything."
When he started to say that, the Lord Jesus Christ began to cry and told me, "You see how Satan wraps (entangles) even the angels, now with more reason he wraps human beings to bring them to this place."
I saw an angel speaking to another angel and he was reproaching the other angel saying, "Because of your fault I am in this place, because of your fault I am here in this place. If I hadn't listened to you I wouldn't be in this place, but now I regret being in this place." And when that angel said that, the other angel told him, "Be quiet, be quiet! Don't tell me anything because you also believed in the words of Lucifer." When he had spoken those things, I saw how the angels started to gather together and make a pact and they began to blaspheme and curse.
And I saw the smallest angel of them all and he said to me, "Take me out of this place,” and I said, "I can’t get you out of this place." And when I told him that, I saw how teeth were coming out of his mouth and out of his fingers was coming out enormous nails. And he grabbed me by my arms and told me, "Get me out of this place because I don't want to be in this place. Get me out right now." And I told him, "I can’t get you out of this place." And when I told him that he said, "If you can't, then you’re going to stay with me." And when he told me that, I entered into desperation.
I started to scream and I told him, "No let me go because I'm not going to stay in this place." And the Lord Jesus Christ was beside me but He was not saying anything to him. And that angel was holding me and was telling me, "You're then going to stay with me until when the great judgment comes." I told him, "I won’t stay with you because the Lord has chosen me to come where these angels are and come out and say it to the Earth, and tell the people how he Satan has deceived you." The angel said, "Don't say anything! Don't say anything." I told him I would say it because the Lord Jesus Christ has chosen me.
When I told him that he came and grabbed me much stronger and the Lord Jesus Christ told me, "Don't be afraid because I will take you to heaven." When He told me that we went up through a door that the angels have no right to open.
When we were going up the Lord said to me, "I will show you the place where those angels used to rejoice, where they exalted the name of My Father, where they glorified and didn't get tired. And I will show you how Satan was before."
We went up in that tunnel and there was a room closed with the letter that read, "IT IS PROHIBITED TO TRESPASS BECAUSE THE ONE THAT TRESPASSES WILL COME TO THAT PLACE." And that place was prohibited for the angels.
The Lord showed me how those angels were before. It wasn't one or two angels, they were millions of them that you couldn't be able to count them. In different forms, they were angels, archangels, cherubims, they were found in that place. Every angel had a position. Some played instruments, others glorified God, and others would sing. The Lord showed it to me on a screen as a movie. I saw all the angels rejoicing glorifying God. I saw all that.
And I saw one angel that got close to an Archangel and I couldn't understand who that angel was but he was very beautiful. He got close to the Archangel and he told him, "Help me so I can sit on the throne of God." And the archangel told him, "I can't do that because we don't have the authority to go into that place." And he told him again, "Come on, help me and if you help me I will help you so God can give you another higher job."
When he told him that, the other angel replied, "It's good then, I will help you but I want you to help me tell the others." When he told him that, I said to the Lord, "Lord what is the name of that angel?” And the Lord replied, "His name is Lucifer. He is the one that started to deceive this angel in order to deceive the rest of them."
Then Lucifer got close to the other angels, they stopped singing, worshipping and glorifying God. They started to walk and came out of the place and they were heading to the throne of God. But Lucifer told one of them, "Wait for me here, I am going to see if the Father is there."
And when he said that, the smallest angel, the one that played an instrument asked him, "Why do you want to go to the throne of God? Aren’t you content with being in His presence?”
And Lucifer replied, "It's because I want to be just like Him. I want to be worshipped because I am His spoiled one. I also want to be worshipped and to be praised just like Him and if you come with me I promise you that I will give you something way better than God." And the angel that played the instrument replied, "I accept."
And Lucifer started to walk, he started to look around from one side to the other. Then he told the rest of the angels, "Come, the throne of God is empty."
But he didn't realize that there were two angels in the throne of God. It was Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel, they were standing at one door and he didn’t see them.
At opening the door, the angel Michael said, "What do you want in this place? You have the place that God has given you." And Lucifer responded, "Look I just want to enter into the throne of God to feel what it feels like to be worshipped." And Gabriel said, "You have no right to be in this place, you have no right to be here. God has only given permission to two angels to be assigned here, no more angels can enter here. Only when God speaks or when He calls them."
And Lucifer started to tell them, "I want you to help me so I can enter. Come on." He started pleading, "Permit me to enter, only for a moment."
Lucifer wasn’t successful with the angels Michael and Gabriel. He got very angry with them. When he started to get angry at them, I saw how Michael and Gabriel pulled out a sword but Lucifer didn't have any sword, not even the angels that he brought with him. Because those angels were in charge of glorifying and sanctifying GOD and played instruments. When Satan saw that Angel Gabriel and Angel Michael pulled out their swords, he came out of the throne of God towards the back. And the Angels Michael and Gabriel came out of the throne from the door that they both were located at.
Lucifer started to scream and when he started to scream, Angel Michael and Gabriel started to scream at the rest of the angels and told them, "Run, run because evil has entered in here in this place. And in the throne of God, there should be no such thing”
Then I saw how the angels of Satan started to wage war against the angels of God. I saw how they started to fight and the Lord Jesus Christ started to cry. He cried and I looked at Him and He said, "Look at what is going on."
When He told me to look at what was going on, I saw all these things and a voice in the heavens like thunder was heard and a shining light appeared with so much fire and with a huge sound/noise and it said, "Lucifer why hast thou done this?” Lucifer replied, "Because I also want to be praised just like You. I want to be exalted like You. I want to be like You."
And God said, "You will never be like Me and you will never be because today I curse you and I cast you out of My throne and you will be cast down to the Earth. You along with the rest of the angels that were with Me. And if you want to be worshipped, they will worship you because over here in My kingdom no one will worship you. I am the only One that they praise, worship and glorify."
I saw how a big hand cast them out into the earth. I saw how the angels were falling. It looked like the sand of the sea when they were falling. They started to fall: Angels, Archangels, cherubims, all types of angels. When they fell, I asked the Lord Jesus Christ, "Where are they now?” He said to me, "I will take you again to the place where they were."
And I asked him another question, "But You don't come out in here?” Jesus replied, "I hadn’t been created yet in this place, because Lucifer was the spoiled one of God. He was His right hand but he wasted it because of trying to be like God. That's why God sent Me to the world to die for everyone and each one of you. To take away condemnation, to take away sin, because Satan wants to keep everyone in that place of torment. That's why My Father has formed Me and has sent Me to the Earth and I have resurrected and I am at the right hand of God. My Father wants a humble Kingdom, He wants to see your brokenness in your heart and for you to be pleasing before Him."
Then He told me, "Let’s go, we must descend." I told Him, "Please wait, I don't want to go to that place." And He told me, "It is necessary because if I don't show you, you won't be able to tell the ones on Earth where the fallen Angels are. Where all that will fall, all those that will not repent of their sins and of their wickedness. It will be here that they shall fall and in here there will be a great judgment, this is where they will be judged. All those who have sinned and all those who have cursed." When He told me that, we descended.
When we came down I saw how smoke was coming out of that place and I heard screams out of that place. But it was the angels that had fallen into that place. When I arrived at that place, I saw how the angels were fallen. Their wings were bent when they were falling into that place. They had fallen into a lake of fire and when they fell into that place, they started to blaspheme God and also Lucifer.
When they started to blaspheme, I saw how their wings were cut off each and every one of them. At the instant, their wings were cut off, in their foreheads were placed plates that read 666. And in their noses, a ring that led them to where they were, and their arms were tied down with chains behind their backs. And their garments started to burn, their hair turned black because it used to be golden, their skin started to burn.
I saw another angel that cried when his wings were cut off and told another angel, "Because of your fault I am in this place." And the other angel responded, "But good for you that you wanted another position in the throne of God." When he told him that, his white garments started to burn and they turned gray in color.
I saw how those angels were falling and how in an instant their wings were cut off. And in the bars in that place, a sign read, "YOU’RE CURSED ETERNALLY IN THIS PLACE AND YOU WILL BE JUDGED ON THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT AND YOU WILL COME BACK TO THIS PLACE FOREVER AND EVER AND YOU WILL NEVER GET OUT”
When I saw that, the Lord Jesus Christ told me, "I will show you where Satan is."
Satan was placed in a different place away from the rest of the angels. He fell from heaven and when he was falling in that place, he caught fire, his wings could no longer fly, they were bent. He said, "I need to fly, I need to fly because I need to get out of this place and I don't want to be in this place. I don't want to be alone nor with these angels." And he started to blaspheme.
All of the rest of the angels that were there and Satan began to blaspheme. I saw how one of Satan's wings stretched out and all around his wing, he had gold. His garments were embroidered with gold. On his waist, he had a belt made of gold that had his name on it. On his feet, he had shoes of gold and his hair was curly, made of gold.
Lucifer was very handsome and the Lord Jesus Christ told me to look at his face and to fix my eyes into his eyes. When I fixed my eyes in his eyes, his eyes were blue in color. They were very beautiful that here on Earth, I will never be able to see such eyes. He was the spoiled one of God. And yes he was the spoiled one of God.
Jesus said, "Since he was the spoiled one of God, God gave him everything. If he wanted more gold, God would give him more gold for his wings. And now you’re going to see how he’s going to be left in this place." When He told me that, I saw how some chains grabbed his hands and his feet. Lucifer was placed on top of a table facing down, and I saw how his wing was cut off.
When his first wing was cut off, he screamed very loudly, a horrible scream. When he screamed in that place, you could hear his scream, he was crying. And he said, "Why have you cut my wing if you say that I am your favorite one?” Then they proceed to the next wing and the same thing occurred. When both wings were cut off, he started to say, "Let me go out of this place. Release my hands, release my feet." And he started to blaspheme against God.
When he started to blaspheme against God, his clothes were white and they were taken away from him and they placed upon him pants and a voice was telling him, "This is how you shall live for all eternity and you will be cursed in this place and you shall be judged on judgment day."
When he said that, Satan began again to blaspheme against God. When he started to blaspheme God, the angels that had fallen from heaven started to fight. One of them said, "Were you not going to give us a better place? Did you not promise that you were going to give us a better job?” And Satan told them, "Be quiet, be quiet you cursed."
When he started to say that, all the angels began to go over to him. But since they were tied down with chains in their hands, they weren't able to reach where Lucifer was and vice-versa. Not even Lucifer was able to reach the other angels. There was a separation between them, they weren't able to come together.
I saw how Satan’s nails began to grow. The nails of his toes also started to grow and he began to grow a lot of hair. His body turned a little reddish in color, his eyes were no longer blue, they were of fire. He would stick his tongue out like a serpent and I saw some chains began to wrap around him.
And a voice was heard telling him, "You shall be loosed on the day of judgment." I asked our Lord Jesus Christ, "And the other angels, what are they? Why are they here? Besides the ones that were in heaven?” And He told me, "He doesn't want to be by himself in this place, he also wants to have Angels but they are no good angels, they are mean, which means they are Demons. Those are angels that Satan produced." And I asked him, "How has Lucifer produced them?” And He told me, " Because of his wickedness."
Jesus said, "He only has rights to do things here on Earth and if you let him bring you here into this place through deceit, not through good things just like all these angels that he has brought down from heaven. That's why God has brought me on this earth to die and to carry the guilt, every sin, every condemnation." When He was telling me this in front of me I saw a demon that was sticking out his tongue.
And he started to make fun of us. And the demon was telling me, "Be quiet, don't say anything, here it’s a better place than on Earth. Over here you can do anything you want. If you liked to dance while you were on earth, over here you will dance eternally. Don't worry nothing will happen over here." The other angel told me, "Don't believe him because in this place there is torment. Look where I am right now for listening to Satan!”
And the Lord Jesus Christ told me, "Prepare so you don't come to his place. And the ones that are over there on Earth, tell them the things that I have shown you and the things that My Father has allowed you to see. Because no one has ever seen this place where the angels are and where they were." Then He said, "It's time to go back."
When we started to walk, we came out through the same door and I heard a voice that was saying, "The one that fails to prepare shall come to this place. That is My throne but once you arrive at My throne, no one will escape. And I will give them permission to sit on My throne."
After He said these words, Satan began to blaspheme God because God didn't allow him to sit on His celestial throne.
And Satan was saying, "And yes, I will allow them to sit in this place." And he was telling me, "Prepare because I want to see how you're going to come to this place because God has shown you too many things and it's not profitable for me for you to go to the Earth and say these things."
He began to challenge me, "And if I can’t succeed with you, I will begin with that little church where you are."
And the Lord Jesus Christ told me to tell him that none of them shall come into this place unless, only on behalf of God (if He allows them to come there), if they want they won't come. When I told Satan that, he began to laugh. And the Lord Jesus Christ told me, "Let's go."
And Satan began to blaspheme us. Then the Lord God closed that door. I saw how He closed those doors with some keys. And I told the Lord Jesus, "But I didn’t see any keys that You had with You." And He told me, "My Father has given them to me. I can come to this place as many times as it is necessary, but when He sends me, not on My own."
We walked and I saw a light at the end of the path. I saw my body and I was telling the Servant (my Pastor) that I could feel that I was dying and that my heart was not beating once again. A tremendous pain entered into my heart, my body could no longer bear it. I felt that I was dying, I was telling our Lord Jesus Christ, "I believe that I will die."
And He told me, "No, not yet! It's not yet your time. If My Father has allowed you to see this, it is so that you can go to all nations in all places and tell the people what Satan is doing and the things that he has done. Satan doesn't want to be judged alone, he wants multitudes of people so they can share his throne because Satan wants to be worshipped just like My Father, that's why he wants many people in his throne. But he will never be able to be like God."
He told me, "I will remove the pain that you have." When He said that, my body began to calm down and my heart started to beat once again. I opened my eyes and the only thing that I wanted was to hug someone. When I opened my eyes, my pastor was there and I was very thrilled, because I had such a desire to hug someone and because that place I experienced was not easy. Some believe that it is just my imagination but I want to tell you that with such an experience with God, and when our Lord Jesus Christ takes you into that place, your body feels it, your spirit feels it, your soul feels it.
But thanks be to God the father that He didn't allow me to die. When I have an experience with Him, it's more difficult in the spirit, now imagine in the body and the soul.
I came back at 3:45 PM in the afternoon with the Lord Jesus Christ. I will not be silent about the things that He has given me and shown me, even if it bothers you that I tell you this.
Even if Satan blows up, I will not be silent because He has chosen me to speak, because I will give an account of the things that He has shown me and you will give an account of the things that you have done on earth. You will be judged.
Now, My brother and sister please pay close attention to what God is telling you. It's not the sister, it's not the brother, it's not the pastor, it's not the servant, it's not the leader, it's not the young woman, it's not the man, it's the Holy Spirit that is speaking into your life. Because my Father says that nothing is hidden from Him, He sees the depths into your heart. He formed you and created you. At whatever time He chooses, He can take your life away. But because of His mercy, He wants you to recognize that He is the real and living God. You can hide from people but you can never hide from Him.
Pastor Francisca:
Brethren, made the Lord bless you. It's not an easy experience that sister Citlalith had. At the moment of the recording, she was overcome by anxiety. She felt the desperation in her heart. That's why I am here with her and had to come out in the recording.
I want to tell you, my brother and my sister, it's not easy. Because when she came back she hugged me by my neck because I was beside her. Not a single moment did I separate myself from her. The whole time she was having this experience with the Lord, I was there. I wouldn't separate myself from her.
I am beside them, praying and pleading with the Father to have compassion and mercy and to give her strength and courage and to cheer her up. She hugged me very tightly. I want to tell you it's not easy. But thanks be to God that in this very small church of Flame of Fire of the Holy Ghost my Father is doing great and big things.
Wherever you are listening from, very soon we will be in your Church if that's in your desire. We will be there in person so it will be easier for you to listen to the message.
Holy is the Lord! God bless you!
May God bless you Church of God!




This testimony is the seventh part of a series of seven.

After hearing Sister Philomene, I asked her to give me a moment of prayer. Not that I doubt your words, but simply to put me in the mood of the Holy Spirit. I made a fast of two days, at the end of which God confirmed the prophecy by putting in me a strong conviction. Sister Philomene was certain of my agreement. Without consulting me, she had already bought two Kinshasa-Kindu air tickets on May 20, 1983. Two days after my conversation with her, on May 21, I went to Righini early in the morning. I had taken all my travel belongings. My decision was to return only once the prophecy was fulfilled. "Are you ready for the trip?" she said, welcoming me when I arrived at her house. "What trip? I do not have a ticket." "Everything is in order, by the grace of God. We have the tickets. Standing! On the way to the airport!"

KC: Once in Kindu, did you have a base to start your services?

MM: In Kasongo lived a pastor who had known us since the time of our prayer group located on 9th Street in Kinshasa-Limete. God knows how to fix things, my brother. This pastor was the legal representative of all the Assemblies of God of the sub-region! Since he knew us as servants of God, he did not oppose our request to work in the church entrusted to him. We observed three days of fasting and prayer. We started doing Bible seminars in churches before doing evangelistic crusades. God glorified the Name of His Son through our ministry there. There were many miracles: The paralytics walked, the deaf heard, the blind recovered their sight, those who were possessed by unclean spirits were delivered. It is especially this last category which was the most numerous.

KC: If I understand correctly, it was during this period that you became acquainted with Sister Lutala Françoise? Could you enlighten readers about the circumstances in which you have known her, and give her physical description?

MM: Well, my brother, God bless you for the question! Among those whom the Lord had delivered through our ministry was a young woman from Shabunda, who is also the home area of Sister Lutala. This sister had been delivered from an unclean spirit that had tormented her for a long time. Once back home, she informed Lutala's parents about what the Lord had done in her life. She did not fail to tell them that we were in Kasongo, about 90 kilometers away. From her own experience, she managed to convince Lutala's parents to take her, not to Tanzania, but to where we were, in Kasongo.

One Sunday evening, Pastor Sansaku, who welcomed us, Sister Philomene Kaseka, and I, returned from Mitende, a town 7 km from Kasongo, where we had preached the Word of God in one of the parishes of Assemblies of God. After walking this distance on foot and back, we were very tired. When we arrived in Kasongo, we found a group of one man and four women. One of them caught my attention. She was very skinny. She had tousled and dirty hair. Her eyes were swollen and her eyes were haggard. In spite of her thinness, her breast was very swollen, like a woman who is breastfeeding. She was wearing a very dirty ragged dress. Her legs and feet were very swollen. There was no need to call a doctor to diagnose elephantiasis. She was crazy. I learned later that this group was from Shabunda. [Shabunda to Kasongo is 290 km by road]. I do not know how long they had to walk that distance on foot. It was Sunday, June 10, 1983.


KC: Until then, you did not know the motive of their visit?

MM: Seeing the person I just described, I quickly realized that she needed a prayer of deliverance. Given the late hour and the fatigue that was gaining my body, I whispered to myself, "Why not wait until tomorrow for the deliverance of this woman?" It is then that the Holy Spirit clearly says to me, "Why do you want to compromise My work?" Convinced of the Lord's support, I asked my traveling companion to keep the newcomer on repentance and forgiveness of sins, the time to withdraw to ask not the will but the direction of the Lord.

Indeed, my younger brother Kapena, the deliverance service requires a lot of prayers (Mark 9:29 And he said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting). I rejoined Sister Philomena, once my prayer was over. In her turn, she retired to pray. While waiting for her return to begin the deliverance prayer, I undertook to sound out Sister Lutala. I asked her some questions related to the Word of God. Her answers showed fierce resistance to the Word of God. The Holy Spirit forbids me to continue asking her questions. I quickly realized that she was not the one answering, but the bad spirits in her. Unable to get anything out of her, I turned to those who had taken her away. I asked them to talk to me a little about her.

Sister Philomene returned, and we began together with the prayer of deliverance. Seeing the Lutala's state of advanced possession, I had the presence of mind to spread the crowd, lest evil spirits, once driven out of Lutala's body, enter the many pagans who were in the crowd. I speak well of pagans since the true children of God are covered by the blood of the Lamb of God. As the crowd refused to depart, I remained calm, and then I had the idea of taking Lutala a little further away for her deliverance.


The thought of having to abandon our sister was worrying us. We did not want to leave a new convert to the Lord without adequate guidance. We had to leave three days later. We decided to baptize Lutala. I was not counting on her reaction. The next morning, I exhorted her on the necessity of baptism of water by immersion. She asked me a lot of questions, in spite of all that the Lord had done in her life, through our ministry, and no later than the day before. She refused to be baptized. Pretending she was a former nun belonging to the convent, she told me that there was no question that she would be renamed. I took the time to explain what the Christian baptism was. This is the commitment of a good conscience towards God (1 Pet. 3:21 The like figure whereunto even baptism doth also now save us, not the putting away of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God, by the resurrection of Jesus Christ.). It is not baptism alone that saves. A baptism is a public act of faith in the Lord. We must first believe in Jesus Christ. Once we believe, why go through baptism? Jesus says, in Mark 16:16 Whoever believes and who is baptized will be saved." This order was given to the apostles by Jesus Himself, in Mat 28: 19-20 "Go, make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and teaching them. to observe all that I have commanded you. "

I felt that my interlocutor did not understand a word of everything I said. At about ten o'clock, she excused herself, to take a little rest in her room. I accepted without difficulty while interceding so that God might have pity on her, and make her understand the merits of baptism by immersion. This is how the Lord answered our prayer. At around 2 pm, Lutala herself came to tell us that she was ready for baptism, "I want to receive baptism by immersion as soon as possible." I wanted to know why this flip-flop was so fast.

"Oh, pastor, God spoke to me!"

"God spoke to you, how did you know it was He?"

"I had a dream where I saw myself plunging completely in the river to reach the other shore. On the other side, there was a man wearing many white hats. Each of those who had crossed the river, after having dived there, received a hat from the man with the hats. Inside each hat was written the name of its recipient. I then approached the river, and wanted to get my hat, but without crossing the river. He who stood on the other side said to me, 'Francoise, here on this side, it's not the same thing as where you are. I have your hat here, with your name written in it. But to receive it, you have to dive into the river like everyone else.' I went back and took my place in the queue with the others. When my turn came to dive to get my hat back, that's when I woke up. It was not necessary to be a prophetess to understand that this message was for me. Pastor, I want to receive my white hat. I therefore ardently desire to be baptized by immersion."

"Sister Francoise, will you make me believe that after all this time spent at the convent, you do not know that this passage is found in the book of the Acts of the Apostles, in the second chapter, and in verse 38?"

"No, pastor!"

"Sister Philomena, read us Acts 2:38!"

Sister Philomene complied, "Peter said to them, Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, for the remission of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost."

Around 3 pm, we went to a stream, it was located 5 kilometers from our agglomeration. The Bible says that "John was baptizing in Enon near Salim because there was a lot of water" (John 3:23) So it was out of the question for us to just sprinkle a little water on Lutala's head, as some churches do, or even to perform ablution similar to what is practiced in Judaism or Islam.

There was too little water in the bed of this stream. My sister Philomene and I have dug the bed of the brook by hand, in order to obtain a sufficient hollow to completely immerse Sister Lutala, according to the Holy Scriptures. Then I baptized her after asking her if she wanted to leave the devil and his works to turn to the Lord Jesus: "Do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?" In answering "Yes," she confirmed that her immersion in the water was a representation of her death in Jesus Christ. She also accepted the fact that Jesus Christ had died for her. This meant that Lutala was dead to sins, although still alive in the world. The way out of the water represents the resurrection of Christ, the victory over sin and death. This also foreshadows the rapture of the Church when Christ comes to take His own to bring them up in the clouds to meet Him! How clear are these things!


Back home, we prayed to God for the Lord to baptize our sister in His Holy Spirit (Matthew 3:11 I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire.). After the laying on of hands, the Lord instantly baptized her in His Holy Spirit. Lutala then began to pray in an unknown language, to our great satisfaction, and to the astonishment of the laymen. We knew that we had to leave Francoise under the protection of the Holy Spirit, but it saddened us to abandon her without supervision. We begged her to join us in Kinshasa at the first opportunity. We left Kasongo on June 13, 1983, to arrive in Kinshasa on the 24th. Two days after our arrival, while we were in the middle of a worship meeting, we heard a knock at the front door. I left the meeting to see what was going on, and I saw Sister Lutala in the doorway! We kissed for a long time, and then I called Sister Philomene Kaseka. It was an immense joy for us, which we shared with the brothers and sisters who were praying with us.

KC: She who did not know the city, how could she reach Righini so easily?

MM: It was a great miracle! I can answer without hesitation that it was the Angel of the Lord who guided her. She told us how she arrived: "Once the formalities of N'Djili airport were over, I heard a taxi driver shouting 'Lemba, Lemba, Lemba!' I approached him and asked him if he knew a Philomene Kaseka, and the man said that he knew her well, and I replied that I was in no hurry because I had arrived in Kinshasa. He deposited the last one, as he had said, at the Righini quarter in Lemba, and when I came in, I met the pastor on the doorstep!" The hugs ended, Sister Philomene and I left the garden to pay for the ride, pick up the suitcases and thank the driver. Except for the suitcases of Sister Francoise, we found no one. There were not even the wheel tracks of a vehicle! The car and its driver were gone! Calmly we retrieved the suitcases, none of which were missing. When we went back to the "upper room," the intensity of the praises increased! Everyone realized that it was God who had an angel and his vehicle to drive the sister to safety! The next day we testified in our assembly. On June 30, 1983, Sister Francoise gave her first testimony at the People's Palace in Kinshasa. (End of testimony)


We would like to remind you, dear brothers and dear friends, of this warning about testimonials. As we have said, the testimonies, in general, open our eyes to the Spiritual Combat and help us to be better equipped against the attacks of which we are constantly victims of Satan and his agents. But these testimonies, in any case, cannot be taken for Word of the Gospel. In addition, our choice to publish these testimonials does not constitute any recommendation of their authors.

God uses who He wants, to burst His glory, or to speak to His children. The mere fact that someone renders a testimony like the one you just read does not make the person a true child of God. Whether the testimony is of a person who served Satan, or of someone who has seen Heaven and/or Hell, you must just receive what the Lord wants to give you as a revelation through these stories. without falling into the trap of believing that the people through whom the Lord has gone to give them to you are sent from God.

Know very well that God, to convey His messages, makes use of everything, including animals, as you have seen in the case of Balaam. If you agree with me that the donkey that God used to speak to Balaam was neither a true servant of God, nor a true child of God, nor a messenger of God, understand that those by whom God uses to give the different testimonies we read are not necessarily true servants of God, nor true children of God, nor messengers of God. This must be clear to you from now on.

Several people after reading these testimonials, went on the internet to do a little research on their authors. What they saw scandalized them. They realized that the authors of these testimonies have nothing of God in their way of living. They are almost all, a real slander for the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are simply scandals. Almost all these so-called ex-Satanists, men and women, have proclaimed themselves servants of God. Everyone has given himself the title he likes. Some call themselves pastors, other evangelists, other prophets. Others even have the nerve to call themselves apostles. There were some who began as pastors, and a few months later became apostles.

They have embarked on a gospel that has nothing to do with the sound doctrine of Christ. To see some of them, you find it hard to believe that they once knew Jesus Christ; they are not different from the worldly ones. They adorn themselves jewelry and makeup of all kinds. Women wear wigs, wicks and other hateful hairstyles. Although they say they have met the Lord, they do not seem to know that the woman who fears God has to hide her head, dress decently, flee makeup, jewelry, satanic accouterments such as pants and other clothes called sexily. That it does not distract you anymore. It's just another plan of Satan to sow discord in God's work. Bless God for Discernment.

One of these ex-Satanists in his testimony, clearly reveals that Satan had offered to open a chain of jewelry, explaining that selling the jewelry, it should allow Satan to continuously obtain human blood and souls. She herself tells us that Satan had revealed to her that those who buy jewelry become their victims. She reveals to us that the jewels, thanks to the many incantations made on it, contain demons and that when someone buys a jewel, it is actually demons that she buys, and that once in their house, these demons at night extinguished the blood of the occupants of the house. She knows better than you and me that the jewels contain demons which not only possess those who wear them but even possess those who live in the same house as those who wear them. But when you see this so-called ex-Satanist, you are outraged. She is always adorned with jewels of all kinds, even the most extravagant. This is a true calumny of the Gospel. Remember that one of the missions of Satan's agents is to slander the gospel, to sow confusion in the minds of people, so that those who want to follow the Lord, are confused.

Those who read these testimonies and are outraged by seeing their authors on the Internet, write to us asking, "How is it possible that a person who claims to have seen Heaven or Hell, and even met the Lord Jesus Christ live the opposite of what the Word of God teaches." The answer is simple: They are not of God. So beware of the expressions "ex-Satanists" or "ancient Satanists" used to describe those who served Satan and claim to have converted to Jesus Christ. It is possible that some of these conversions are true, but these so-called ex-Satanists are generally nothing but real Satanists. So do not be seduced by these agents of Satan disguised as children of God. Make good use of discernment that the Lord has given us.

Know then, beloved, that many of these testimonies of Heaven, Hell, the world of darkness, etc., are true. If their authors are turning away from God, that does not invalidate these testimonies. Just understand that these are the donkeys God used to reveal what He wanted to reveal to us. The message that the donkey had given to Balaam came from God. The fact that this message really came from God did not make the donkey a child of God or a messenger of God. The donkey gave his message to Balaam and remained donkey. Balaam received the message of God and was free to obey or not to obey. This is the case for you today. After receiving these testimonies that the Lord gives us through these donkeys, you are free to repent and fear God.

Dear brothers and dear friends, remember once and for all that having seen Heaven and/or Hell does not make anyone a child of God. Serving Satan and eventually meeting Jesus Christ does not make anyone a child of God. Many servants of Satan who claim to have abandoned him to follow Jesus, always end up returning to their true master Satan. Take what edifies you in the testimonies, but take care not to idolize their authors. Do as God has recommended in Matthew 23:1-3, "Then Jesus spoke to the crowds and to His disciples, saying, The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses' seat. So do and watch everything they tell you, but do not act according to their works. Because they say, and do not do. "

May grace be with you all who have Jesus Christ as Master!



This testimony is the 6th part of a series of seven.

They had kept their word! It was a punishment I had to remember all my life. Who can forget the loss of his four children in one day? My children, my dear children, removed in one day from the face of the earth! I was touched in what I had the most expensive in the world I let myself go to despair. I could not imagine how far the reprisals of the murderers of my children could go. I was dead more than alive. After this mourning, John's parents agreed to separate me from their son. It was a great shock for me to lose, in less than a year, those who were the dearest in the world! My husband did not immediately obey his parents' orders, but he finally gave in. The harassment caused by the demons, and other difficulties, finally got the better of the little resistance that remained in him. One night John left so he would not come back. Later, he remarried, but I know he still loved me. He began to drink and smoke excessively. Three years after his forced separation, he succumbed to lung disease. Although not yet, at that time, received the salvation of God, I had forgiven him. I knew it was not John's fault that he had fled the harassment of demons. I did not want anything bad to befall him.


Now that I was abandoned to myself, the demons were able to find in me a favorable field of action. Knowing that I did not have much to lose now, the demons changed tactics to me. They became courteous in their manner of communicating with me, sometimes even kind. They used me more and more during this period. I became their wife. Evil spirits cannot reproduce themselves. This is how they always call on human beings to reproduce and to carry out the great campaign of the seduction of humanity organized by Satan. The union between a human being and an evil spirit gives birth to a monster, half man and half animal. These spirits can perish only charred, by the power of God. However, the fallen angels do not perish in this way. If they dwell in a human body, they can be driven out or dislodged by the Holy Spirit when we invoke the Name of Jesus Christ. Matthew 12:28 But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God is come unto you.

Remained alone at home, I became the wife of several demons. Two to three times a week, I gave birth to these monstrous children. I fed them within two or three days, and that was enough for them. Then I took care of others. I tell you what I lived, to expose these things in the open, for the glory of my Savior! Jesus Christ came to destroy the works of the devil. Now, the greatest work of Satan is to keep us away from God, to prevent us from knowing God and His Son Jesus Christ. If a human being had accidentally entered the room where I was, he could not have seen anyone but me, while legions of demons were bustling around me! All a visitor could have seen was that I had swollen breasts like those a woman who is breastfeeding. I did not wash, I was washed. I did not cook or market, I did not do it for myself. I did not know where the food came from. Can you imagine a woman with hair braiding on their own or eating unseen food? It was my case though. Oh, my God, may my mouth continue to praise Your greatness, Your strength, and Your omnipotence, forever and ever, amen!


Beloved, you must know that Satanists and those who practice some occult sciences use a vocabulary different from ours. For example, bars, night clubs, dance halls, hotels, etc. are their "stores". I do not see some people who call themselves "Christian" take or hold public houses, hotels, nightclubs, etc. It's insane! If God allowed us to see what is happening in our universe, I'm not sure there would be many brave people to go for a walk in daylight in some places! There is a lot going on that God in His love does not want us to see. Imagine a huge toad urinating in the glass of a consumer in a bar, while he thinks we are pouring him to drink! The consumer does not see anything that happens in the invisible. How would we react if we saw huge orangutans fly in the sky in broad daylight? Everyone would flee! These things are really happening. Praise the Lord for hiding these things from our eyes!


During all this time, no member of my family came to see me, although knowing everything that had happened to me. But one day my father came to visit me. I do not know if anyone had gone to warn him. He arrived, a Bible in his hand. When he was on the threshold of the house, a voice told him to go out. As he tried, perplexed, to understand where this voice came from, he was hit on the head and fell. My heart ached very badly when I saw my dear father get up with difficulty while staring at me in astonishment. I was sitting in an armchair and started crying. From the moment I saw my father in the doorway, I was speechless. It was difficult for me to make any sound. I wanted to shout to warn him not to approach me, but I remained silent.

Again the voice of a demon thundered as he spoke to my father, "Get out, it's an order, go out first, throw what you hold in your hand, and then tell what brings you here!"

My father walked back to the door. Once outside, he turned his head in my direction, then looked at his Bible. Then he decided. He did not cast the Bible but laid it on the ground. He advanced to enter, but he was ordered to advance on his knees. I saw a tear flow on my dad's cheek!

He knelt down and began to crawl towards me. When he came near me, he reached out to kiss me. It was then that I was raised from the ground. "Do not touch her!" Sounded a voice. My father was a pastor of a large Lutheran church. Seeing him coming, I had renewed hope because he had to occupy the privileged position of someone who knows the will of God. Since the priests had failed, the pastors could only succeed! In this case, my father could only do better! But when I saw him kneeling, crawling like an earthworm, obeying the orders of those who had asked for his death for me to heal, I lost all hope of healing one day. Always squatting, instead of praying to God and invoking the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit, my father began to invoke the spirits of his ancestors, citing each one by name. This occult prayer appeased or seemed to appease the demons. My chair went back to the ground.

Seeing this, my father pushed his boldness to demand that the spirits of his pagan ancestors bring me with him. The demons told him that it was impossible. - She'll die along the way! We will kill her! She will not live! In the end, my father got the upper hand and managed to get me. If the evil spirits that kept me captive yielded to my father's demands, it was because the spirits he had invoked were of a rank higher than theirs. They had more rights over me, because of blood ties and family ties. My father had continued his monologue until the evening, and the demons had relaxed their grip on me, to the point that I could move easily. After taking me home, my father summoned the family members that evening to rule on my situation.


In our society, women occupy the second position. Thus, there is a long list of taboos for women. Some people go so far as not to admit women into traditional practices. It was the case of the witch doctor whom my father had contacted to have his beloved daughter exorcized. At first, and to raise the auction, the witch doctor refused to take care of my case, simply because I was a woman. He had never treated a woman. He says, "Bringing us here a woman is an insult to us!" But he added, "However, given your respected position of pastor, I am willing to do you this little service, provided you have the means to appease the spirits irritated by this affront. In addition to the money, you will have to bring twelve goats."

The next morning, I was given a drink in a jar. It was a drug because after having consumed it, my whole body weakened and I lost consciousness, I was deposited unconscious in a hole of one meter fifty deep, one meter eighty of long, and fifty centimeters wide. The hole was covered with tree trunks, branches and foliage, and then with earth above. A big fire was lit on this hole, while I was inside. A group of dancers stood around the fire. Trained by tam-tams, the dancers embarked on a furious ritual dance. At that moment, the master of the place, the witch doctor, came on the scene. He came out of his "laboratory" (a box built a little apart from the others.)

He made his appearance while dancing and approached the covered hole in which I was, unconscious. After taking a few steps of the ritual dance around the fire, he thrust his spear into the fire. A cry springs from the fire, "Hey!" When he pulled out his fire spear, it was all soaked with blood. The sorceror exclaimed, "One less!" And he began to dance again. He thrust his spear a second time into the fire. A second cry springs from the fire, "Hey!" He pulled out his lance spotted with blood again. Happy to see the efficiency of his art, he exclaimed, "Two less!" Then he threw in the direction of my father, "We will have them all, the persecutors of your daughter, their blood on my spear is a good sign!" The old man began to dance again. When he wanted to press his spear for the third time into the fire, a cry sprang up again, not in the fire this time, but in the audience, among the onlookers who ran for the occasion, "Oh fire! burn!" Converging their gaze in the direction indicated by the onlooker, the assistants saw that the little box from which the old man had come out earlier was on fire. The flames tended to spread to other dwellings.

With astonishing speed for his age, the Witch Doctor went to the flames. He almost burned himself, but he was restrained. He failed to recover anything from his burning box. The fire was still under control, despite the loss of the "laboratory" and all its contents. The other houses were spared. Asked who had set the laboratory on fire, the angry old man explained that it was not a man who had set his house on fire, but the spirits who had revolted because he had accepted to treat a woman!

"Take your girl out of here and go away! You killed me! I am dead! I do not want to see you anymore! Go away!"

Still unconscious, I came out of the hole and was carried away. Although not honoring his contract, the witch doctor did not restore anything to my father, nor a goat, nor a single penny! The fact that my father was chased out did not give me hope. The demons laughed at me and sneered. They kept telling me that it was they who had the last word. For them, if I wanted to achieve salvation, I had to decide to kill my father. After this last failure, I knew that I only had one thing left to do: to commit suicide! I said to myself, "Since they do not have the courage to kill me, I will do it for them, and my father will be spared." It was not stoicism on my part, but rather paternal love. Since I had lost everything, preserve as much as anyone who is still alive.


I was thinking of how to achieve my evil plan, but the Lord had another destiny for me. The day I decided to poison myself, my father came to tell me that he was planning to take me to Tanzania as soon as possible. According to a statement from Tanzanian radio, there was a great spiritual awakening in this country. The Lord performed miracles there as in biblical times. The deaf heard, the blind saw their sight, the paralytics walked, and those who were possessed by unclean spirits were delivered by the Word of God. My father said to me, "I've decided to take you there in a week, my daughter, we're going to use this week to get ready." Two days before we left, a relative brought a woman to my father and asked him to tell his story. She did it without being asked.

"Daddy, I do not know if you recognize me? I'm the one who was crazy, and who was walking half-naked in this village. (Since our visit to the Witch Doctor, we had not returned to Lubumbashi, we had retired to our native village.) Less than a week ago, a niece married in Kasongo (chief town of Zone located at 90 km from Shabunda, our village) came to get me there. The pastor of the Kasongo Assembly of God had invited a couple of evangelists from Kinshasa. This couple prays to God in an original way. For example, they cast out demons in Jesus' name. Several demons in my case were delivered through the prayer of this couple. When this cousin (she pointed out the person who had brought her) informed me of your intention to go to Tanzania, I did not hesitate a moment to come and see you tell you to go to Kasongo instead. If you agree to go, I am ready to accompany you. I am certain that the God of this couple will deliver your daughter as He did for me."

The demons did not want me to go to Kasongo. They told me they would do anything they could to stop me from going. That's how they paralyzed both legs, preventing me from standing up. The sister carried me on her back, and we could continue our way to Kasongo. We were a group of six people: My father, my cousin, two cousins, the woman who had told us this news, and me. At home, travel is on foot. Not that we lack road infrastructure, but we could not afford to wait for a car, given the scarcity of vehicles in this part of the country. Continuing our painful march, we stopped to rest in a village, having walked for at least twenty kilometers. We met a woman who came from Kasongo. She carried a child on her back and glorified the Lord by singing hymns of praise. My father, who wanted to know the reason for her excitement, called out to her.

The woman tells us this, "My daughter was deaf for a long time. I come from Kasongo, where a man and a woman from Kinshasa prayed to God for my daughter to hear. Just after their prayer, I called my child, and she answered me. You cannot imagine what joy is mine! I wanted to thank them for what they had done, but they told me that they were only instruments used by God and that it was to God that I had to give glory. Since then, I'm only thanking Him for the healing of my daughter. That's why you see me singing, all joyful. People say they plan to return soon. It seems like they have yet to stay a week. I will look for my little brother who lost his sight at a young age."

All the while this woman was talking, the voices kept telling me that she was lying, "She's lying, she's lying, do not listen to her, let's go back, do not go!"

My father said to me, "Françoise, it is God who sends us these people to help us. Take courage and hurry us, otherwise, if we hang out, we risk missing them!"

At that moment the demons nailed my father to the ground. He had a kind of sudden cramp that forced him to lie down. It was impossible to advance. The paralysis that had prevented me from walking had been transmitted to my father! The demons said to me, "Since he's the one who wants to take you there, we'll see how he goes about it!" I fell sobbing into my father's arms, all shot down. He encouraged me to continue the journey without him.

"This rheumatism crisis could not choose such a good time to slam me down! With a little rest, one day at most, I will be restored. The pain will be less strong than now. Since you can walk now, take courage, my daughter, and go find those people that this woman told us just now. I will join you as soon as possible. Do not worry about me, it will happen!"

Then, turning to his nephew, he said, "Take care of your sister!"

Beloved of the Lord, it is by faith that I have gone this distance regardless of what my companions told me. I walked slowly, staggering. Every ten kilometers we rested to breathe. The disease had weakened me greatly. The privations, added to the annoyance of the demons, had accompanied me on my long road to healing. I only had about a day of walking when the demons removed the use of speech, thus preventing me from communicating with the outside world.

(The rest of this testimony is reported by Brother Kapena CIBWABWA)


Although I have repeatedly heard Sister Lutala testify, I could not put this testimony in writing without questioning eyewitnesses, the very actors God used for his deliverance: Brother M'Pongo Moses, and Sister Philomene Kaseka.

Kapena Cibwabwa (KC): Pastor M'Pongo, according to Sister Lutala, you are one of the two people whom the Lord has used for his deliverance. Can you tell us how God asked you to do this work?

Pastor M'Pongo Moses (MM): Thank you, my beloved brother Kapena, for the opportunity you give me to speak about this great work, for the first time after so many years. It was through prophecy that God had asked us to intervene. Around May 1983, I was in Masina, in the Wireless neighborhood, where I ran a local church. I often went to the upscale neighborhood of Righini in the Lemba area, where my sister in Christ Philomene Kaseka lived, to visit her. On May 19, after a long absence, I went to visit her. She greeted me with these words, "Blessed be you, my brother since you come from God." Two days ago, the Lord spoke to me in a night vision and showed me the political map of my country, Zaire, followed by a close up on the Kivu region. I noticed that there was a big snake wrapped around one of the sub-regions, that of Maniema. I asked the Lord what it meant. The Lord gave me the interpretation of the vision: The great serpent that you see is the devil. He is seducing a lot of people in this part of the country. If I showed you these things, it's because I have an important mission to give you. Go down to this place to glorify my Name!"

I answered the Lord, "But I am a woman! Your Word forbids me to take authority over a man. (1Timothy 2:12) It is not only women in this sub-region!"

The Lord said to me, "You will not go alone, and in two days I will send you my servant, M'Pongo Moïse. It will be a sign from Me. Arrange to pay him his transport ticket."

I received this message on May 17. Two days later, as the Most High told me, here you are, after missing for I do not know how long!

Continued in Part 7



This testimony is the 5th part of a series of seven.

I made this request to have a moment of respite because I had enough!

"You have all your time, think, and you will see that you risk spoiling your chances for trivialities because after all, your father will eventually die one day, with or without your help."

My interlocutor led me into a sort of corridor that led to a room. Given the furniture, I tell myself that it must be a classroom. Someone was standing on the board. I was entrusted to him, he approached me, very sure of himself. He was acting like a teacher in front of a new student. Without protocol or preamble, he said to me, "If you want to rise within our hierarchy, it is my duty to reveal to you even the elements of society, and the basic extension of the workings of our powers."

After he instructed me on all these things, he gave me a kind of lens which I had to place on my eyes. He showed me on a screen in front of me people wearing badges or figurines, on the face or on the chest. Among these insignias, there was, for example, the pentacle, five-pointed star used by occultists in their incantations. Each drawing represented a certain kind of spirits. They were differentiated by their colors, which covered the whole spectrum.

My instructor showed me on the screen a man wearing a black crown on his chest. He told me he was a wizard, "The color tells us that it is still in its infancy, we do not record all colors, especially white, red and yellow. their derivatives You see this man who has a bluish ring on his mouth. He is a thief, doubled by a liar, whose color is dark blue. A witch doctor is identified by an inverted isosceles triangle (of a triangle having two sides of equal length}, pink circle around the chest."

Drunkenness, whatever the product that provoked it, beer, alcohol, hemp or drugs, was characterized by the same color. As the images scrolled on the screen, I noticed that my interlocutor let some of them pass without giving any explanation. The peculiarity of these people was that they were all without drawing or geometric figure of varied color. Later, I realized that those people surrounded by the fire were regenerated Christians. The devil could not do anything against them directly.

When the class was over, my instructor put me in charge of the one who had brought me to his house. When he saw me, he insisted that I sacrifice my father. My instructor gave me good care of the one who had brought me to his house.

I expressed my disagreement by remaining in a marble silence! This annoyed my interlocutor. He got angry and ordered me to be persuaded to accept. Two other people took me to a place very different from the previous ones. They said to me, "The great prince feels for you great esteem, he does not want to force you to agree to serve him, because of the qualities that are in you, he wants you to agree to serve him on your own. proof of intelligence, and take advantage of the opportunity that is now offered to you. Do not forget that even if you persist in refusing, it is impossible for you to faint with us now that you have become acquainted with the basic elements of our organization, you are here!"

"May my Father die of his natural death, for I will not kill him. As for me and what could happen to me, I do not care about it! "

"If we wanted to kill you, we would have done it. You would have died the day the two spirits who served you had enough and claimed their freedom. You would be dead too the day you decided to leave the cemeteries! The great prince believes that you will be useful to him alive than dead."

The man turned to show me two white men. He asked me if I knew them. As I did not answer, he told me that they had served me since the age of eight.

"They have followed you wherever you went, now there are fifty-two like them who are at your service, here comes the time when you can see and admire them! You heard that their voices!"

I saw then the fifty-two characters. Each one comes up by answering "Present!" to the call that was made before me.

"If you give your consent, you will be a princess, and thousands will serve you!"

Accompanied by all my followers, I was taken back to my first contact. As if he had attended our conversation, he said to me, "You're lucky to be still alive after such an affront! I do not see what the great prince finds special in you! You will return to your home. However, we will make sure that you respect our requirements."

Without saying a word, he took me back to where I had gone home, to the spiritual underwater world. I was stopped and I was handed an object of rounded, transparent shape, which measured about 16 centimeters in diameter.

I asked what it was and what it was for, but I was told to ask these questions of the person who had brought me there. I took the object, hoping that it represented the solution to my problem and that this could be a way to recover health. Underwater, my body did not hurt, but all the deformities caused by the disease were still visible. Nothing had been done yet for my healing. In "the machine" that went back to me, I felt the same sensations as during my descent, but in reverse order. Once on the surface, my hands grabbed the edge of the canoe, allowing me to emerge from the water. I breathed a breath of fresh air, which gave me intense well-being. I came back to reality, in the open air! The magician was standing in the dugout. He helped me settle on board. Turning my gaze from left to right, I concluded that my absence had lasted only a few minutes. Apart from a person sitting on the bank, nothing had changed. As the canoe approached the bank, I realized that the person on the bank was none other than my husband, John! It was the last I expected to find here! But, instead of frustrating me, my husband's presence revived me.

I struggled to keep calm! Loneliness and the latest events had given me the need to be in the presence of a dear person. All merry, I ran to throw myself in his arms. Leaning on his shoulder, I lost heart and started crying. John remained marble without a word. He turned to the wizard and said, "Is this a ghost or my wife?"

"It's your wife, there must be some secrets between you, no, it's the moment or never to know!"

"It's not worth it, my wife cannot live under water! Who can live underwater?"

Understanding the issue, I think it was high time that I intervene.

"It's me, John, remember, the day we met."

On the way home, John explained to me that the wizard had come to him the day before, telling him I needed him. He continued, "I could not doubt his words, because you did not tell me about your destination. or was he afraid after my dive to tell my husband?

I followed him without hesitation, fearing that something happened to you. Since I sat in the place where you found me, I only looked at the place where he showed me that you had fallen."

"I'll explain everything in detail."

I realized that I had been underwater for three days and two nights. Was it possible, was it the magician who had gone to find my husband, only the master could answer all these questions? I asked him what the ball-shaped object could be used for. Seeing the ball, without answering me, the master prostrated himself three times, regardless of the presence of my husband.

"Thanks to this magic ball, you now occupy a rank seven times higher than mine. From now on, all your desires will be orders. I cannot teach you anything anymore."

At these words, I felt empty. All hope of healing crumbled like a house of cards. Irritated, I threw the ball on the ground. It broke into a thousand pieces. The master was stunned.

"Why, madam, did you do that?"

Frightened of the consequences that I could suffer for having destroyed the magic ball, the master fled. I have not seen him since that day. Leaning on my husband's shoulder, I began to cry over my fate. My husband did not ask me any questions. He sincerely sympathized with my grief. Tired and loaded, we made our way home. All hope of healing crumbled like a house of cards.


Once home, the door of the living room opened on its own, to our astonishment. As soon as we entered, a voice greeted us in our own house and asked us to enter the bedroom. Followed by my husband, we entered, to discover a magic ball identical to the one I had just broken. A voice came out of the magic ball and ordered us to sit down. We were executing ourselves already when the same voice ordered me to remain alone, that is to say, that my husband came out. I opposed this order, but John went out of himself. A sheet of paper came out of the ground. There was written something that I was asked to read. At first glance, I noticed that it was a list of fifty-two names. Whenever I quote a name from the list, a voice answered "Present!" in the manner of schoolchildren. In an authoritarian tone, the voice continued and said to me, "Since you broke the first ball, it is unbreakable! Our old clauses are still in force. To help you to make a quick agreement with us, the ball will provide you with money, jewels, and victuals, like white and black hens, you will eat these chickens when the hunger is felt in the home, or you can get money, and make the market yourself, which will return to the same.

Despite this, I refused to obtain food or money in this way. My family was "well off," yet they started to avoid me. The devil made sure that there was no compassion in those who knew us. If a rich parent visited us, he could feel sorry for himself or even cry, but his heart was cold, and he did not help us materially. For some time now, my husband's debts had seriously increased. It was suffering, famine and misery in the home. I was reduced to begging for some food. My life was nothing but a nightmare. Fasts and privations had weakened me even more. John, who had long been silent, began to show signs of discontent and concern. One day he wanted me to explain where the money came from in our room and we could not use it. He could not understand why we were starving when we had food in the house. I always told him that he had to wait for the right moment for me to explain the situation.

But that day, I resolved to tell him the truth. I told him that when I was underwater, the demons had demanded my father's death in exchange for my healing. I had to agree to have a meal with them so that my father would die. I told him that I had refused in the hope that they would attack only me, and that they would leave mine alone. But they did not want my life. To force me to make a deal with them, they had deprived us of everything, in the hope of forcing us to use their products.

"I beg you, John if you really want us to use this money and this food, agree to sign yourself a pact where you would sacrifice the members of your own family."

"What is the relationship between this money and my family members? What are they doing in all this? "

"You must understand that this money did not come alone. They are spirits who brought it to us. So, you know everything. Accept to sign, but knowing that it is your father who will die first."

For all answer, John remained speechless for a relatively long time, before concluding, "I understand."


While I was in contact with the demons, my husband could hear their voices, but not see them. One afternoon, we came back from a visit, looking for some supplies for the house. I stood on the side of the road to breathe a little because I was completely exhausted. A car stopped about ten meters from where we were. The driver, a European, dressed in dark blue trousers and a light blue shirt with short sleeves, wearing black glasses, and a cigarette in his mouth, made me a sign to approach. In his way of calling me, I identified him as one of the spirits who followed me. Although I recognized him, I pretended not to have seen or heard anything. He, however, as if he wanted to be noticed, continued honking while gesturing. Exasperated by jealousy, I think, my husband said, "You're not going to let it honk forever, do you ever have the courage to tell your lovers that you're married, so no longer call you in my presence?"

Taken by a feeling of anger, then of great pity towards my husband, I smiled weakly, in spite of the presence of the white man.

"You men ... Do you think, John, that this man could be my lover? Do you think that kind of guy could miss beautiful women to accept me as a mistress, in my present state?"

"Still, he's here, and he's waiting for you!"

"He is not my lover for the simple reason that he is not of this world, this guy is not a human being!"

"How, it's not a human being ...? Are not the Europeans men?"

"If you do not believe what I say, approach him and you will be fixed."

For once, John behaved like a man. Recklessly, he walked towards the vehicle. At his approach, when he was about two meters away, the driver started off. After traveling less than five meters, the car disappeared, to the astonishment of my husband. He stood there, not knowing where to turn. I read on the face of my husband a total discouragement, infinite despair, he stammered: Thus, the voices we hear come from these whites ..."


Although sharing the same bed, it was a long time since we had sex, my husband and I. One night John wanted to claim his right on my body. It was then that shots came from everywhere, shots that were administered to him by unseen adversaries. He was ordered not to set foot in the bedroom for fear of severe punishment. Despite these injunctions, John preferred to brave death, rather than abandon me. But every time he tried to walk through the bedroom door, he was violently assaulted. They gave him bad punches. I felt sorry for my husband, but I could not do anything to help him. On the other hand, he did not admit defeat. Driven by the love of her Françoise, he did what seemed good to him, in order to help me. Without telling me of his plan, he went to the Catholic priests and invited them to come and exorcize the house. Indeed, it was no secret that there were noises in the house, even in the absence of occupants. The voices of several people were sometimes audible even by the neighbors.

Two days later, a priest presented himself with two acolytes equipped with the instruments necessary for the exercise of their mission, that is to exorcize the house and its occupants. The celebration of the Eucharist was to take place last, as a sign of thanksgiving in my favor. In addition to the priest and the two servants, my husband and our four children and I attended the ceremony. Mass began at ten forty. Everything went for the better until we noticed confusion among the priest. He still had his arms raised, holding in his hands the chalice containing the wine turned into "blood of Christ," when a wind came from who knows where it began to blow violently sweeping everything in its path. The power of this wind tore the chalice from the hands of the priest and dropped all the objects that were on the improvised altar. We were all forced to squat, so as not to be beaten by invisible beings. Despite our position of humility, the situation became more and more untenable. We found a little respite only in the flight, the priest in the lead, with his acolytes, followed by the children and their father. Everyone found his salvation only in calamity worthy of the apocalyptic times.

The priest found himself outside with his clothes torn apart. As for me, I sat in the same place. While the hurricane was in full swing, someone whispered in my ear, "Stay calm, you're not concerned!"

After the priest's escape, someone came to me and said, "You're lucky that we did not inform you of the consequences of these people coming in. Know that the day they come back home, we will inflict on you a punishment that you will not risk forgetting all your life!"

I told my husband the warning of the demons. We did not expect priests to be able to come to our home yet, given the evil treatment they had suffered from demons during their previous visits. My husband and I thought it was useless to ask them not to come back. However, the priest who had been hunted did not admit to being defeated. Far from giving up, he went to find a colleague more experienced than him. He did not want to tarnish the image of his congregation. About a week later, much to our astonishment, we saw an older priest come up. He tells us that he came to exorcize the house. We could not stop it for several reasons.

No one here had asked him to come. Given the advanced age of this priest, we thought that he needed to have more experience. Finally, we still had a slight hope. It was about the same scenario as the previous time. At the consecration, just as the priest pronounced these words, "Do this in memory ..." there was a loud noise. It was the sound of a master slap on the priest's right cheek. The latter staggered and staggered, but crashed. He managed to keep his balance and not to fall. It looked like a column that was shaking, ready to fall. He began to speak in an incomprehensible language. As a response to what I thought was a prayer, a wind more violent than the previous time began to blow and carried away everything. The old priest fled without further trial. These two consecutive failures made me think that these priests, or at least the members of this congregation, were incapable of driving out evil spirits. They were clearly not entitled to grant themselves this prerogative of exorcism.

With a few nuances, these failures resemble what is written in the book of Acts of the Apostles, chapter 19, verses 13-17. 13 Then certain of the vagabond Jews, exorcists, took upon them to call over them which had evil spirits the name of the Lord Jesus, saying, We adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preacheth. 14 And there were seven sons of one Sceva, a Jew, and chief of the priests, which did so. 15 And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye? 16 And the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded. 17 And this was known to all the Jews and Greeks also dwelling at Ephesus; and fear fell on them all, and the name of the Lord Jesus was magnified.


We remained helpless, frustrated and resigned to our fate, waiting for the punishment promised by the demons, the punishment that was to befall us. I was tired of waiting for a utopian cure that never came. I thought the best solution was still death. I wanted to die alone so that my husband and my children would be spared. But we could only assume the nature of the punishment since the demons had not yet contacted us.

A voice from someone standing near me said to me as if he did not want to let us languish too much, "A wise man is worth several ... Tomorrow, at noon, you will be aware of the penalty .."

I told my husband again about the threat of demons. He lost his composure and began to cry. To console him, I told him not to worry too much about his fate. They wanted me, not my family. I reminded him that they could not do anything against my father because I had not yielded to their blackmail. These words gave courage to my husband, who said nothing more. The next day, after lunch, John wanted to take our youngest son to the hairdresser.

He went to the children's room, where he thought he would find them playing after lunch, but he found no one. He went to the kitchen, where they had taken their meal. Before pushing the door, he had a presentiment that a great misfortune had just fallen on his life. The first thing that struck him was the silence of the place. Everything was perfectly calm! Pushing the door, he discovered a macabre scene: Five bodies were lying pell-mell on the ground, the five corpses of our children and our servant. Each body lay beside his plate. The meal was half-opened ... No doubt was possible. He did not even need to do an autopsy. Everything indicated death by poisoning. But who could have poisoned the children's food, since even the servant was dead? When was the poison deposited, since these same foods were also served to us? Then the words uttered the day before by the devil came back to my mind, and I lost consciousness. It was noon when I learned of the death of my children.

Continued in Part 6