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Beloved, I will talk about Satan's calendar today.

I worked as a bodyguard at the Prime Minister 's office.

While working in the cabinet of the prime minister, there was a Catholic priest in town that is making counterfeit dollars. He needed the ink of the Prime Minister office to sign a false dollar. So he managed to connect with me and I began to provide him with what he needed. Later on, we became good friends. Then he proposed to initiate me into Roman Catholic magic.

As I continued to work as a bodyguard at the Prime Minister 's office, I noticed that I was no longer traveling with his team. That was a strange thing because I always traveled with him. Just like that I was no longer traveling with him.

A person in the occult world later told me that one of my colleagues at my office is a witch and he has put a mask of oldness and rejection on my face in order to get my boss to distance himself from me.

That is why I was no longer traveling with the Prime Minister.
I was surprised and told myself, "How did a fellow witch do this to me?"

There is a lot of disorder in the kingdom of witches. There are people walking around with the mask of rejection and oldness. I used to fabricate these masks as well but surprising I ended up falling victim of it myself.

Beloved, if your face has an expression of aging or rejection, even finding a job is almost impossible.

Later that Roman Catholic priest told me, "You are a mere wizard and weak. I will initiate you into special Roman Catholic magic. Let me begin."

The priest told me, "Your prime minister, who is your boss, has a book called the art of a powerful magical world. Let me help you if you can bring the book to me because your boss is the only person that has the book throughout the state. "

The priest told me, "If you steal the book, your boss will know that you did it because he is an advanced occultist. This is what you can do. Go and buy a notebook, write everything in that book and bring it to me. "

I did exactly what the priest said because I wanted more power. I bought a notebook with 200 pages and copied everything in that book.

To tell the truth, the Prime Minister of my boss was a Rosicrucian.

Basically, this book is one of the worst books on the planet. When you open it, you hear the sound of the bell from this book. Just reading it may cause you to lose sanity. It actually affects your nerves. You will feel really nervous.

This book connects you with the Slavic realm of Rosicrucianism in the kingdom of darkness just be reading it.

This is advanced magic. I said witchcraft is different from magic and that witchcraft is a branch of the occult that is controlled by the demon Verdelet. At that stage, I was just a witch.

If you are not an initiate and you dare to read that book, there will be consequences. You would start to have bad dreams, and your life will be affected.

This book was published in the year 730 in the school of magic in the world of the Pandemonium. I was told that they were waiting for the last disciples of Jesus to die in order to release it.

The demon that taught at the school said, "The devil is not the enemy of men but their masters because he opened the eyes of mankind and gave them scientific knowledge. "

But the Bible says that Satan is the enemy of mankind and the adversary.

Lucifer was named Satan because he has established his throne on planet Saturn after his banishment from heaven. This planet is full of darkness. Even scientists talk about that darkness in this planet and it is where the throne of Satan was established.

When he was cast out of heaven, Satan got down on planet Saturn. That is where he has established his throne. He is the prince of darkness. Even Karl Marx wrote that the throne of Satan is on the planet Saturn.

There are four creatures around the throne of Satan, and there are 24 elders surrounding his throne. All these fallen angels around Lucifer have names and we should know their names.

I always say this. If you are not interested in the devil and its kingdom, as a Born Again Christian, the devil, and his kingdom are interested in you.

Actually, I asked a doctor to explain the medical symbol of the snake on a stick. All he could tell me is that medication can heal you but it can also kill you. That was his explanation.

But in the mystery of occultism and magic, Lucifer has allocated power to a superior demon to deal with the health of demons. His name is Ifur. He has the responsibility of dealing with the health of demons and men.

Ifur is a demon chemist and a doctor. He possesses extreme knowledge of plants and he is responsible for the health of demons and men. The devil gave him the power to heal. The medical symbol you see in hospitals represents him and many doctors are Rosicrucians and they work with him.

There is also the demon Abigor, a great infernal duke in charge of 60 legions of demons. He appears like a knight. He has a lot of influence in the Nordic race and his throne is established in the Nordic territory.

Around the throne of Lucifer, there is also the demon Dramelec who is the president of the demonic council. He is the leader of the infernal parliament and he advises superior and inferior demons.

Actually, when my boss the Rosicrucian travel, I bought a notebook to copy everything in this book. When I was copying, I was afraid to die. So I left all the doors in the house opened just in case something happens to me.

The book was written by a pope from the Order of Augustinians. Actually, the book contains all the secrets and all the answers to human problems. Every pope that ruled in the Vatican gets a similar and updated copy from planet Saturn in order to rule and influence the world.

This book contains incredible power. This is why the Roman Catholic Church is influencing the world. The priest that initiated me was a Roman Catholic magician.

He was doing an exorcism in the city with a cross but in the name of "Christ the King." A demon was given the name of "Christ the King" in the hierarchy of Lucifer and that priest was calling upon the power of this demon when he used the name of "Christ the King." Many people were coming to him. This priest was the representative of Lucifer in our city.

The priest was working with the world Armstrong which is the seat of the Roman Catholic magic in the infernal kingdom.

Most people fail to understand that even the angels like Saint Michael and Saint Gabriel mentioned in the Catholic church are fallen angels and not God's angels.

In the end, I managed to copy everything that was in my boss' book in a 200-page notebook and I handed it to the priest. I noticed that on the first page they were honoring God the creator but on the second page, they were glorifying Lucifer the son of the morning.

After getting the notebook, the priest then initiated me in occultism through the ritual of using the Solomon sign. This Solomon is a demon of the world Armstrong, not the one in the Bible. After the initiation, the priest asked me to tell him what power I wanted. In the notebook, there were all the magic of the world and all the powers and incantations to solve all human problems.

I asked him to be able to become invisible. He tried to convince me to choose power related to making money but I had money already. First, he gave me a calendar containing the names of demons ruling all the days of the week. After that, he checked in the notebook for rituals related to power to become invisible.

I will talk about how I became capable of being invisible in the next episode.

Beloved, when I was in the world Armstrong in the school of magic, I was taught that there are nearly 7 billion people on earth and I was also informed that there are 77 billion demons in operation on planet earth. Obviously, demons are more numerous than humans.

On top of that, there are categories of demons that are able to take human shape. They are having children with humans.

These demons can take human shape and impregnating women to give birth to hybrid demons. There is a hybrid race of demons on earth. They are amongst us.

These demons are hybrid because their mothers are human beings and their fathers are demons. In ancient times, the hybrid demons were called demigods.

There are many hybrid demons here and we live with them, you will never know them.

They are in the power of political and economic organization. They are those who actually control the elite and do not hold any kind of pity for humanity.

When I was a wizard, I saw one of them. Although I was a witch, I really felt sick when I saw him. I always warn people working in the company because many of you who you call the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) a lot of them are half-demons with half human beings. They are hybrid devils.

Let me talk about what I learned at the magical school in the Kingdom of the Pandemonium.

There are Christians who say that Muslims are our brothers, but they are not. When you call someone a brother, it means you have the same master.

The Bible says that anyone who refuses Jesus Christ is an anti-Christ but Jesus is the way, the truth, the life.

Actually, in the year 630, Lucifer held a meeting in the infernal kingdom with his superior and inferior demons including the infernal princes in order to counter the rising influence of the church.

As a result of that meeting, this Islamic religion came into existence and the Quran was published. This is the antichrist religion orchestrated by the infernal princes and powers of darkness.

Later in the year 715, Lucifer in collaboration with the Roman Catholic church released a powerful and secretive book called Abermale.

But in the year 921 Lucifer himself landed in China and he took human shape and he impregnating a woman. The woman's pregnancy lasted 3 years. The government knew about the pregnancy and they were trying to help her with medication in order to force the delivery.

But it was not working so the woman was put in the hospital and under surveillance. But when the baby was born, he had teeth already and on his head, there were 3 spots. There was a white spot, a red spot, and a black spot. In fact, the baby was even speaking.

After the government saw this, they were afraid. They knew that they were dealing with a paranormal situation and they said to the mother that she cannot keep the child and that the baby must be killed. The government agreed to compensate the mother.

Afterward, the mother then took the baby to the government officials and they threw him in the Hong Kong river in order to kill him.

But a wandering spirit took the baby and transported him to the mountains. They raised him up and fed him until he grew up. He is the man called Lao Tse Tung, the founder of Taoism and he is the initiator of Red Magic.

Actually, the leaders or founders of false religions and sects are demons in the flesh like Lao Tse Tung.

Actually many Congolese musicians and politicians go to China for Red Magic. The movie 36th Chamber of Shaolin was based on Red Magic.

Another movie is called the 7 Secrets of Kung Fu and is also based on Red Magic. Bruce Lee was one of the first modern martial artists to possess these 7 secrets.

That is why even today few can equal his fighting ability and there are Taoism temples everywhere in China.

It is over there that the Congolese musician called Werrason got his kingship and he began to call himself the king of the forest.

This hybrid demon Lao Tse Tung is a dragon, dwelling in the 36th chamber of Shaolin but Bruce Lee managed to enter there and come out alive but few people come out alive.

And our musician Werrason also had been there and he came out alive. In fact, Werrason's album after the visit to China was called Operation Dragon and Bruce Lee's last move was called Enter the Dragon.

I said that the Roman Catholic priest who initiated me in the occult gave me a Satanic calendar containing information about the ruling of times and seasons. The calendar contains the names of demons ruling the days of the week.

Monday is the day Lucifer himself rules on planet Earth and on that day he leaves planet Saturn and his throne and he descends on Earth.

When Lucifer comes down on Earth on Monday from planet Saturn, he comes accompanied with the 24 elders and the 4 living creatures. They come down to earth to cause damages and destruction.

I have a list of many major accidents that happen in our province on Mondays. You remember that 9/11 also happened on a Monday.

And in our country, all the pernicious sects meet on Mondays in the Karavia Hotel to worship the god Lucifer. There are Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Mahikari, and others. Eckankar

I said in the past that Rosicrucian is not a religion or science but a branch of magic and occultism. The devil has managed to intellectualize it and present it to universities as a science but it is witchcraft.

Some people think that white magic is good. Actually, all magics are of the devil. Magic is occultism and Satanism and these are from Lucifer.

Firstly the term magic was used because it was first practiced in the western world and it is practiced mainly by Europeans.

It was when a superior demon called Jesus of London left the planet Saturn and he landed in Europe. He brought this type of magic. This demon is called Belbit by the Romans. He is a superior demon ruling and controlling the European continent.

In White Magic, there are many sects including Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, Message of Grail, Eckankar.

The giant demon responsible for Eckankar came to earth in the flesh and impregnating a woman and she gave birth to a child called Manta.

Most people in this sect of Eckankar have his photo in their house. This hybrid demon is alive. The initiates of this occultic sect claim that he is the Holy Spirit. This sect is for the intellectual but they used the Bible and they have brochures which are very dangerous.

You can leave your body and go through a wall just by reading their brochures. I said that every Monday the adept of White Magic meet to worship the god Lucifer.

The world leader of Rosicrucianism is called Christian Bernand, a French man. He has a throne. It is established neither in France nor in Paris but in the Slavic realm which is the territory of Rosicrucianism in the realm of Lucifer.

Tuesday is ruled by a demon called Akam. He is called St Francis of Assisi in the popular sectarian church. He has a holiday in his honor, the so-called day of St Francis. He is the demon of division. The devil has assigned him the task of dividing people, even breaking up marriages.

Witches work with him to cause division in the church or in marriages or in families. Many families are divided for a long period of time over things that can be resolved. You see a brother and sister of the same mother and father in grudge forever.

If the devil wants to dislocate a church, he will send Akam. This demon will come to church and impart great knowledge to the members of the church leadership group. As a result, this leader will enter into conflict with his pastor.

And in the end, there will be division and this leader will leave the church with people. They will go to start another church, failing to understand that they are under a curse.

Wednesday is ruled by the goddess Astarte. There are a lot of churches worshipping this goddess. Her name is "Marie de Margue," the so-called Mary, mother of Christ but in reality, the mother of Christ has died a long time ago.

This woman is a demon of space venerated on the 15th of August. She is called by Roman "Mariah Valencia" and she has a baby called Zeus who is the demon of destruction. The baby carried by the so-called Mary in pictures is not Jesus but Zeus.

There is a Congolese musician Papa Wemba who sang for this demon. The name of the son is "Mariah Valencia." The reason Papa Wemba sang for Maria Valencia is that she renewed Papa Wemba's voice and gave him success but in return, he sacrificed babies to her.

In the Arab world, she is called Aicha. There is a musician from Algeria called Cheb Khaled who sang for her and the name of the song is "Aicha I loved you."

In Africa, there is a poem called "African woman." We were reciting it in primary school. Actually, it is a poem in her honor. In Brazil, she is called Makarena.

There is a church that claims that she went to heaven like Jesus on the 15th of August. Actually, on the 15th August, the goddess Astarte came down to earth in a Roman Catholic church and she made a covenant with them.

Before the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, in December 1993, people saw the appearance of this so-called virgin and baby. It was the visit of Ishtar and Zeus. As a consequence, a genocide was orchestrated.

When this goddess and her son Zeus appear in your country, you have to expect bloodshed because Zeus causes tornados, hurricanes, and ecological disasters. This woman is a siren of the world Armstrong. She does not have bones. She is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Lucifer has allocated a whole month for her to be worshipped. That month is called the Marian month. It is in the month of May. In this month, many babies die at the hands of her baby Zeus, the demon of destruction, especially in maternity.

Beloved, we can trace the worship of this siren in the Old Testament in Jeremiah 7:17-18, "Do you not see what they are doing in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem? The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead dough to make cakes for the Queen of Heaven, and they pour out drink offerings to other gods in order to spite Me."

Beloved, the Bible says that women knead dough to make cakes for the Queen of Heaven. The cake that the Bible is talking about here in this passage is what we call today, The Eucharist, or communion to honor the Queen of Heaven who is a siren of space.

In Jeremiah 44:17 As for the message you have spoken to us in the name of the Lord, we are not going to listen to you! But we will certainly do whatsoever thing goeth forth out of our own mouth, to burn incense unto the Queen of Heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto her, as we have done, we, and our fathers, our kings and our princes, in the cities of Judah, and in the streets of Jerusalem: for then had we plenty of victuals, and were well, and saw no evil.

Beloved, it is clear that the ritual of burning incense unto the Queen of Heaven is an old tradition that we can find in the Roman Catholic church today and the smoke is for the siren the Queen of Heaven.

In Jeremiah 44:18, But since we left off to burn incense to the Queen of Heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto her, we have wanted all things, and have been consumed by the sword and by the famine.

Beloved, apart from burning the incense to the Queen of Heaven, this passage is also talking about the libation or the so-called holy blessed water.

Beloved, it was on the 15th of August 715 that the siren signed an agreement with the Roman Catholic church who in turn influenced many sects and religions to worship her, and this siren was called Diana in the city of Ephesus.

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