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For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. (Romans 1:18)

Hello brothers. My name is Noella Fernandez. I am from Argentina. And today I am going to share this message on my channel.

I love Jesus and I want to share the message that the Lord gave me a few days ago.

May the Lord God in the mighty name of Jesus Christ open the ears of those who have to hear and the eyes of those who have to see and the hearts of those who have to receive it.

This is a message that the Lord has given me for you on February 18, 2018. The Lord woke me up and talked to me in the early morning and He showed me several visions and events that are to happen in the future. 

I could not sleep when the visions came and the Lord talked and said, “Daughter of man, prophesy and speak for there will be a tremendous upheaval disruption and overturn. It will be the shaking of the universe which will be moved from its foundation. And there will be chaos, uproar, and turmoil in the universe.”

Brothers and sisters, on this day I had several visions. And in this vision, I saw the Almighty God pointing His index finger and detach the universe with His finger. As a result, a great deal of chaos and confusion were generated on a global scale. There was a terrible mess and there was no more harmony in the universe. In this cataclysm, I saw in a vision, a red dragon in the universe, who grabbed the stars with his tail and threw them to the ground.

The End Time vision began in the morning and during the day the Lord walked with me and He kept talking to me. And while He was talking to me, He gave me more visions of events that are to happen, especially in the heavens. There will be signs in the heavens.

I suggest that you compare the vision to the light of the Scriptures and take it in prayer for confirmation with the Holy Spirit. May God bless you all, and let majesty, glory, and honor to the King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ our Savior, amen.

As this vision continued, the Lord said, “My daughter, I'm going to shake all things. Nothing will be left standing as they were for I'm going to do it and a great percentage of the inhabitants of the Earth are going to fail. And they will feel like a small mountain when facing the magnitude of the universal Cataclysm that is about to happen.”

“Humanity will feel helpless and feeble, for they will be unable to manage and face these events. They cannot do anything about the judgments that are about to fall on this Earth. No one on the Earth will be able to stop things that are about to happen. Only My hand that is able to stop them.”

“Understand that these judgments will happen definitely. And they will happen for I'm going to do that which is written given that men do not want to repent. They do not want to change their hearts and they want to continue in idolatry. They want to continue in witchcraft. They keep getting into hidden things and they are always trying to breach the forbidden door going after mysteries and secrets even though they do not suit them. They prefer knowledge instead of My love. They prefer science instead of My love.”

“Humanity continues, again and again, to touch what I told them not to. They keep rejecting faith and embracing the error. They continue to worship idols that lead them to curse and destruction. Men are in all kinds of addiction.”

“The time is coming, I will come and I will empty the land from the wicked, for there will be desolation upon the Earth. Everything will be desolate for what was planted will be ripped. The fruits that they were growing will be uprooted and trees will be plucked out.”

“I am the one only Eternal God, but no man wants to hear My voice and My verdict. Nobody wants to know who I am, but they're going to meet Me soon. They're going to know Me for I will demonstrate My power, glory and My rein and My majesty.”

The Lord said, “My indignation is rising with men as they are brazen and insolent, blasphemous without love of good, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, traitorous, reckless, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.”

“They live for the flesh. Their desires are evil. They do not love their brothers or wish them well. They are envious of the blessings of the other. They have become traitors, detractors, and deceivers. They do not respect Me. They are far from loving Me and they do not know Me.”

“They live life saying in their hearts, 'Jehovah does not see what I do. God does not rebuke me for He is meek on His throne. God is oblivious to what is going on the Earth and does not notice anything.' 

They are ignoring that I am aware of each minimal detail, ignoring that My indignation is growing like a glass that is filling up to overflowing.”

“Tell them I will not wait anymore. I will place My hand over the nations and they will know who I am. I'm not just going to shake the land and the sea. I'm going to shake the stars and the planets. I am going to shake the galaxies. I'm going to shake the constellations, I'm going to mess up everything. It's going to be a disaster. I'm going to generate chaos and destruction.”

“I'm going to make this Sun burn with fury. I will turn it. I am going to heat the fire of furnace seven times more for men to burn. Remember that I am God, I will place My hand on this Sun and I'm going to heat it up. I'm going to send flares of fire from the Sun to Earth and the men are going to suffer because of this plague that I will bring. They will appear burns in the skin because of the Sun.”

“Nobody is going to make fun of Me anymore. I am a merciful God who is patient and waiting for men to repent. But My patience reaches its limit and I'm tired of seeing how the strong abuse the weak. I'm tired of seeing evil scattered everywhere and men have no break.”

“I will come and I will bring destruction and the man who does not want to listen to correction will know that he does not have power but power belongs to Me. You will speak and tell them that all these things are going to happen on the day planned for that purpose. All this is part of My perfect plan.”

The Lord said, “I'm going to lay My hand on the Sun and it will shine with unbearable light for the men of iniquity. The Sun will get angry and will attack the Earth like a dog that has been untied from his chains and runs away to look for his victim. This is how it will be because I have decreed it as the King of the universe.”

“My name is written in all the stars, and when I speak to them, they obey and when I tell them to fall, they will fall. I do what I want and I stop doing what I do not want. Nobody can tell Me what I have to do.”

“The man who lacks love, understand that My hand is going to touch the Sun and will throw flames into space cooking everything on its way. The temperature is going to rise. The solar fields are going to burn the ice of the North Pole that is going to melt. The skin of men is going to suffer and hospitals are going to be full with those who will receive this plague sent from the Sun.”

And the Lord showed me in a vision people in hospitals with sores, especially in the arms and the burns were quite deep, for they have reached deep inside the flesh.

The Lord said, “My name is written in the Sun and I will announce who I am to humanity through what I'm about to do. Men will kneel before My power. They will bend their knees and confess that they are just flesh and bone and dust and breath which I gave them. I am coming soon to bring these judgments to the Earth. And everyone who does not believe will be reached by the sea, by the stones and by the Sun and by the other pests that I will bring.”

The Lord said, “Tell the sincere and faithful ones not to fear because I have My hand on your life on Earth. Understand that on that day I will no longer be the same for there will be ruins, destruction, and chaos and nothing will be like before. I'm going to tear the Earth to pieces. My hand will hold it and squeeze it as women squeeze a wet cloth with their hands to make it dry. My children will see all that I am going to do and they will be amazed and they will think truly God is king.”

Truly He is in charge and has not lost control. Finally, He does justice to the wronged and avenge the evil guys. Let's praise the God of the universe.

Haggai 2:6 AKJV For thus said the LORD of hosts; Yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens, and the Earth, and the sea, and the dry land;

Hebrews 12:26 AKJV Whose voice then shook the Earth: but now He has promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the Earth only, but also heaven.

“My hand is about to realize all these things. I've said it since ancient times, I'm going to turn the Earth upside down. I'm going to turn it with My powerful hand and in this turn, I'm going to make the wicked and perverse as the fruit that fall from the trees shaken by the wind, and the stars of heaven will fall to Earth like rain or fireworks.”

“Nobody will be able to believe I have the power to do what I want because My hand is fair and does not hesitate to keep My promises. Meditate on this, you will see that My hand has done untold wonders for man, everything is planned. And when I sent the stars to the Earth, children of men will try to hide from My fury.”

“They will try to cover their ears because of the impact and the noise will be a horrific rumble but there is nothing they will be able to do. They are not going to be able to escape from the day of wrath. They will have to listen to the sound of objects falling from heaven. They will not just be scared or just tremble before My power.”

“As for you, My children, fear not for what is to come, you must be prepared and you must anticipate everything. Be clothed with your armor and let your heart not faint nor be disturbed. Just trust Me and clean yourself of any stain on your dresses.”

“Do not follow the world’s trends and ways and all the vanities. All these are traps that will cause you to fall into temptation to want to be vain with the material things of this passing world. Seek to walk in the Spirit, not your flesh. Wash your hands, wash your mouth, do not sleep, get up to pray. Look for Me at dawn. I like to be found early.”

I saw in a vision the universe in space. A huge red dragon that was in space that had a huge tail and with his tail he wrapped it around the stars. And while I was watching I saw a lion that appeared in space and he threw the red dragon and the stars with fury to the Earth. Pieces of rocks fell on the Earth and underneath the Earth. These rocks that fell on the Earth left huge craters and huge holes that released smoke and fires.

I also saw that the planets began to tremble and to break. It looked like God had hit them with a slap of His hand, and chaos was unleashed in the universe. I saw the objects that flew in the space crashing on the Earth, but God controlled the trajectory of the objects that were to hit the Earth.

In the following revelation, the Lord showed me that the Earth was like wrapped in a cloth as if God put it inside a cloth and He began to shake it. Then I saw God going back to His throne and He sat with His Son. Immediately He told His Son, “The time has come. Now you go and take My children who have resisted and overcame evil for they have washed themselves in the blood.”

Immediately I saw Jesus Christ coming down on a white horse with a crown of gold on His head and a golden belt around His hip, and He had a scepter in the right hand. I observed the Lord descending to the Earth's atmosphere. I saw that He stayed suspended in the air in the sky. And when He pointed His scepter with a gesture towards the angels that were with Him, I saw the angels coming down to the Earth to lift up the saints.

Immediately I saw the saints going up towards the heavenly kingdom and the Father's throne. When they arrived, they were washed. I saw how they were washed and how they were given brightening and clean garments in purest white without stains. And each of them was handed golden crowns well adorned with celestial gemstones, and they were given thrones to sit before the Lamb’s table in the kingdom of God.

Later I saw them judging the people of all races and all nations from around the world. Praised be the Father forever. Amen.

Beloved, I know God is revealing what will happen to many people in different lands.

The Lord said, “For there is coming an era where humanity will no longer be as before. It will be a new dispensation, a new age of peace and justice is looming. The Earth will be rid of tears and injustice, for I am tired of all the rottenness of sin. People will seek My face and they will inquire into My mystery, they will ask for My guide. As a result, they will be the rod of justice in order to banish injustice from the Earth.”

“These things have not yet arrived yet, but in a little time, perfection will come and everything will be new. It will be the rebirth of the Earth, a new hope, a new way of life. It is necessary that the scripture fulfill itself at the end of this dispensation for this cycle to end. Time in the clock is almost finished. And when the clock ends, the dispensation of the Gentiles will end and the redemption will come.”

The Lord said, “Tell My people to prepare their house in My ways. You must be faithful with the woman of your youth who is your wife, you must educate your children in My love. Your young men have chosen wisely to serve Me from an early age. Your elders must straighten their paths and get ready to meet with Me. Your young ladies have to be able to keep themselves ready for Me. Your men must keep their houses neat and clean and in order, for I will ask for an account and I will be fair. I will give each one according to his deeds.”

“No one can cheat Me because everything is written. All the books of heaven will be opened, and the sin and iniquity of all will be exposed and placed on the table for their shame.”

The Lord said, “Tell My children to come to Me without reservations and I will make you grow like a big tree and blooming full of life and color. I will make you rest near streams of waters that calm your thirst.”

“But if you do not follow Me all this will come over you and over your house and you will suffer the loss of your women and children and you will be poor, barefoot, naked and alone. The sudden destruction will come upon your home and then you will say, “This cannot be,” yet I already warned to you in many ways.”

“I will still wait for you with open arms and I will open the door of My house for you to get in. You still have a little time left to arrange things and save yourself from My wrath that is looming against the whole world. Rid yourself of your evil and ask Me to wash you and I will always honor a heart that is humble and the man who is sorry for his sin in front of Me.”

“I already said that I will move the heaven, the sea, and the Earth. But I'm announcing it today for men to wake up from deep sleep in which they are prevented from listening to My voice. I keep talking to men to tell them what is about to happen, but many keep covering their ears. They are being negligent ignoring My voice and using My own writings as an excuse not wanting to listen to Me, but My wrath is looming.”

“I appeal to you, My servant. Prepare your suitcases to undertake this trip to return to My eternal kingdom. It's coming. I will raise My name before the kings of the Earth who rejoice thinking that I do not exist. I will show them that I am not an imaginary idol controlling the illusions of the masses and the weak.”

“How much anger does it cause Me to see the injustice build on the Earth because of these rulers and businessmen that only seek their benefit at the expense of the poor and straying from the weak and needy. My soul is tired of bearing the injustice and the iniquity of men.”

“Children of Man, come to Me before it is late and before the door closed in your nose. For quite some time, I have given humanity opportunity and time for repentance, which is limited and reaching its final course. This is the time you have in order to decide for Me. It has reached its final stage.”

“It is full of opportunities. Over and over, I called them and I warned them that they are walking on a path of perdition. And I tried to rescue them before they fall into the infernal pit of fire, but they chose, again and again, the bad way and the pleasure of the world. They chose the route of rebellion going on their own direction and doing their own will that they find to be better than Mine.”

“My soul suffers because I see them walking straight to destruction. I want to be listened like a mother when she sees her son choose badly, but I cannot force people to take the right direction and decision. My soul suffers from seeing them fall in front of My eyes because of their decisions and rebellions. I'm tired of this being the case.”

“Already I do not want more. There is no patience to reach because men accept no correction. Evil has entered him. What is bad must grow until there is nothing good left and what is good must grow until there is nothing bad left. Everything must go to extremes until there is no gray area. It will be either white and black and no intermediate.”

Rev 22:11 He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.

God bless you very much in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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