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The YEAR 1999.

I am an apostle of the evangelical church the Return of Christ, a work that I founded in the direction of God.

Before my conversion I was a person of good heart, fair, I did not like lying or confusing people. I did not like going out with friends to places to have drinks, music, and dancing. The boys called me to go out and they dated with different women. I did not like this life. I just wanted a special woman to marry.

My parents were Catholics. Although they did not know Jesus, they raised me with moral and ethical discipline. They taught me the values of life and the principles of honesty. Even without knowing the Gospel, my character was better compared to many Christians who scandalized the Gospel.

But even though I was an honest and good boy, I was not saved. I had to know Jesus and this Gospel of truth. I remained without meeting a woman until I was 25 years old. I was serious about choosing the right girl for marriage and I did not want just anyone for my life. A woman who liked me realized that I could not love her and did a ritual of witchcraft. This ritual made me fall in love with her at age 25.

We started dating, she was my first girlfriend. One day I went to visit the church of a young man who invited me. Although he did not want to congregate there, it was in this church that it all began. The love spell was broken. I broke up with this woman and realized that I did not love her and all I felt was the effect of magic. After we had finished our courtship, she made love witchcraft to change my heart by putting feelings. At the beginning of my conversion, I felt relapses and almost came back to her. But the more I prayed the more the effects of loving magic diminished until I felt nothing more.

I was already congregating in a church and I was standing firm. I was able to move up very fast. When I was not a Christian, I was always a good boy. When I was converted I had no problem sanctifying myself, I never had vices and I did not like parties either. I was already a chosen one of God; I only needed to know Him, because without knowing God, I was already repulsed by the abominations of the world.

When I gave my life to Jesus, my personality grew even more. Without Jesus I was already setting good examples, now with Him, I had to give my best. I was always willing to help the church. I was the only man who took people to church on weekends. I was available to visit the brothers' homes and offer prayers for their needs. The pastor entrusted the money of the offerings to me. I deposited the money in the church account faithfully.

At the age of 25, I began to pray to God for a wife. I prayed to God about a young beautiful woman who gathered in the same church. I received a revelation from Jesus. He said, "Servant, she is arrogant, ignorant and cruel, you will not endure and you will want separation. I know the inside of her, I know her heart. This woman you asked for is not ready to be your wife. I will prepare a wife for you, she is My servant, a precious jewel."

Jesus heard my prayer and gave me as wife a woman named Aleta. We went through many tribulations in our marriage on the financial side. We learn to overcome the bad phases and today we resolve our differences without quarrels, in dialogue, offenses does not exist, everything is settled in the conversation.

What I am going to report in this testimony is serious. You may congregate in a church and have not converted yet.

Even if you have spent 30 years in ministry, there is a great possibility that you have not been born again. It is not church time that counts for God; what matters is transformation. Spending time every day inside a church can hide your true nature, this makes you be religious. Unless there is an encounter with Jesus, you will not be born of the spirit.

I began to preach the Word of God on the street. One day I was preaching the Word of God and a prostitute approached me. She heard the Word, prayed the prayer inviting Jesus into her heart and was converted. Someone from the church saw me evangelizing that woman and told my wife.

Aletta was suspicious of me, despite my explanation. The news that I was in adultery spread like wild fire through the church. My pastor learned the news. He was the only one who believed in me but oppressed by the pressures of the church, he had no choice but to remove me from the work of evangelism.

He knows his own sheep but because of the scandal, he took me out of work. The whole church believed in my involvement with the prostitute. Satan fought against me, wanting to paralyze my ministry. The rumors and slanders that circulated around me enabled the evil one to succeed in overthrowing my ministry.

My marriage was shaken. My pastor talked to my wife and said that I had no reason to tarnish my evangelical ministry with a prostitute. And it made no sense for me to love her and betray her with another woman. The pastor said there must be trust between couples. Even with all the advice, my wife left home. She was being manipulated by other sisters because of the rumors of the betrayal. When she left, my world collapsed. I became depressed and prayed to God. I knew it was God that gave her to me and I would not have permitted anyone else to come into our relationship to ruin our marriage. My wife stayed for 1 month at her mother's house.

Because of my prayer, an angel went to her room and left her in awe with all his glory.

The angel said, "Go back to your husband, he is innocent. All that happened is part of his church ministry."

My wife was happy and returned home. I know that scandals have invaded many churches and come to the ears of people who do not yet know Jesus. This has kept souls from giving their lives to Jesus. Through scandals, they will never convert from their path of perdition. They do not believe that the church is a place of the man of God. If people raise their hands as a sign of conversion to Jesus and goes ahead to ask for prayer, it is because they believe that they will have their lives transformed. No one is converted to live a life of scandal. People who claim to have their lives transformed by the power of God and continue to promote scandals are liars.

People have questioned me if the Word of God really transforms people because such people have fallen into scandals. The Word of God has fallen into disrepute because of evil people who are congregating inside the church. Some brothers in my church took advantage of the false charges of adultery and accused me of many things. All this because of slanderous and false charges. The pastor anointed me as an Evangelist. When he traveled I replaced him and some wanted to be in my place. Their vain ambition of wanting to lead the church polluted their hearts. They were already doing fine in the church but they still wanted more power so they started crucifying my ministry. I was put on hold by the pastor and I didn't even get an opportunity to speak in the pulpit. I could not go against the authority of my pastor. If I did not accept the punishment it would be an instrument of rebellion within the church.

Lucifer was the angel of the rebellion who dragged the third part of the angels. I did not want to encourage the church to rebel against the pastor by using some people who trust me. Many rebellious brethren who did not like the pastor's direction wanted to see me cause rebellion with the people against the pastor.

But once Satan is causing destruction among the angels, now the target is the ministry of the shepherd. I knew my position even though I was innocent. The Holy Spirit used a woman on the street that I do not know and said, "If your pastor had left you out of the work after some people promoted scandals against you, many Christians would have come out and left the work. This is the wiser alternative for you. God has another door of ministry for your life."

One day my wife said to my pastor saying, "My husband is like a deputy pastor and has given a good testimony. He does not deserve to have his ministry stopped because of the majority who are bringing scandal to the Gospel. You would have to stand by what is just, even if many leave the church. You have lost a fine worker, preferring to lose a righteous man instead of half the church."

He thinks a lot on the financial side accepting the tares. We have been in his church for more than 7 months and the scandals are increasing. I and my wife opened a ministry that was almost closed for lack of members. Non-members came to help with the rent of the hall. After 6 months we got members and great men of God to attend our services.

The devil was furious with this church. The laborer who did serious evangelism work in the villages was helping me a lot. He fell into sin and betrayed his wife. I tried to reconcile the two, but there was no agreement and they divorced. I lost that worker, he did not want to congregate with me to stay in the same church as his ex-wife. His wife would only become a member on one condition if he did not marry another. I prayed much for the reconciliation of the two.

A worker dedicated to the work of God was seduced by a man who is not evangelical. She ended her marriage and left with this man. Her husband, a man used by God, did not stop her from leaving and is still praying for his wife to come home. Her husband continues to do the work with me and waiting for his wife, no matter where she is, for he has already forgiven and is still waiting for her with open arms. And he's taking good care of the children she left.

The unmarried young women of the church have gone astray because of boys. They fell in love and traded Jesus for these boys, indulged in fornication and fell from the faith. They stopped praying and reading the Word and could not stand without sinning. They are prostrating themselves before the pleasures of the world. Their sin-thirsty flesh runs desperately to quench their hunger in the delights of the world and to slay their souls in the fancy waters of this world. Those who renounce what the world offers, are filled with joy, happiness, satisfaction, and pleasure in the Lord. Nothing in this world can steal the virtues of those who give themselves up for Jesus.

My pastor was being tested in a church where many were looking for flaws in him to get him out of his job. The elder wanted to stay in his place, no one knew the intentions of his heart but Jesus knows and His spirit revealed to me everything that happened in that place. This elder accompanied the pastor wherever he went, helping in everything. The pastor trusted him greatly and did not know that he planned with a group of church people to overthrow his ministry.

The pastor wanted me to go back to his church and he missed me but he does not know that I had become a leader like him. The church knew of the pastor's desire to bring me back and they were plotting to overthrow the pastor. They would use my coming back to get the pastor out of the leadership, saying that I was in sin. Yet the pastor wanted to put me on the job, I would be the pivot of his leaving, all this Jesus revealed to me.

Since I did not go back to his church because of the new ministry I was taking care of, 3 months later the church removed the pastor so the elder could take his place. The elder who told the pastor who loved him took his place. The elder when he saw that the church where I pasture was fuller than his, the spirit of envy took his heart. He had celebrated when the pastor took me out of the work. This elder was grateful for my defeat but he was troubled when he saw that the work of my hands was not at a standstill but prospered.

I wanted to join a large branch of a large Japanese company. Jesus showed me in a dream, the owner of that branch offering all the souls of his company officials to the devil. In the dream, a voice says, "Johan your soul is not for sale, Belong to Me, do not ask Me to open that door of employment. I know what is best for your life, the father knows what is good for his child."

I cried at Jesus' feet, I was unemployed, my wife was pregnant. I thought about how I was going to support my family. A soft voice spoke in my ear, saying, "Servant, do you not believe Me? You will not be able to win this test if you doubt Me. You serve Me, am I not a great God who can help you? Am I not enough to give you a job? Look at the immensity of the universe that is so great. Who could have created it? The blessing is available on your way and you are just ahead, keep walking until you reach it, have patience, it is very close."

That night I went to sleep in peace and dreamed of several people walking in the church. This road was filled with giant stones that were obstacles. Many preferred to walk on other paths that had no stones. And few continued to follow the path of giant stones. One voice said, "Keep following this path of truth, do not take other directions in easy ways."

The church passed over the giant stones and kept walking until they reached a dangerous part. A road cut the road where many cars passed without stopping. The people had to pass the road to continue walking along the way. Those who did not pay attention and were distracted at the time of crossing were run over and died. A voice said to go on, do not look back and the rest that could pass through the crossing of death will continue their journey.

Jesus said those who died were distracted in their pursuit of personal accomplishments, forgetting to stand in His way and being surprised by death before reaching their desires. These deaths are spiritual.

A young man continued walking on a path and was almost there. Every time he complained about his life, he backed three subways back, the more he complained he pulled back three more subways and was far from the end of his road.

I saw a woman walking on the path and the sun was very hot. In front of the road was a house 5 meters. This woman murmured of God, speaking of her situation. The more she murmured, the more she could not get close to the house. When she was almost in the house to get rid of the hot sun, the house moved forward and she could never get there because the property also moved forward from her reach.

A voice said all who murmur against Me their blessings flee from their hands. And those who do not watch and complain about their lives, the blessings are becoming distant every day. I woke up from that symbolic dream and Jesus gave me the revelation. He made me read the life of the people of Israel in the wilderness that took forty years because of the murmuring. They were not prepared to conquer Canaan because their hearts were hard and many died because of the murmurings, only Joshua and Caleb were deserving.

The patience of these two men made them not murmur and wait. Jesus knows my heart and used a Christian woman who said that the door of employment would open and I will have a very high salary. She said God did not give me this job before because I was not mature spiritually. If Jesus had opened that door, I would have gone astray. And the car I had asked from God, the request was denied. Jesus told me He would not give the car so I would not worship it.

Jesus prepared me spiritually and then blessed me. I was very happy with this job. An entrepreneur offered me an opportunity to work earning twice as much of my salary as I was getting. He wanted to get me out of the job Jesus gave me. The proposal was tempting. A man used by God came to me and said, "You will not work with the businessman because of the high salary. He's going to fire you, stay in the job Jesus gave you."

Nine months later, the company that offered the job for me, dismissed many men and there was mass dismissal. This company went bankrupt and many were unemployed. I was so thankful to God for not letting me change jobs, otherwise, I would become unemployed again.

I prayed fervently to God and felt a great force pulling me out of my body. An angel came to meet me and led me to hell. He said, "People who lived a sweet life on earth practicing sin are now living a bitter life in hell. All the sweet taste of the world becomes sour when they comes to hell. What I am going to show you is not the wicked who did not believe in Jesus. I am going to take to the valley of Christians who are in hell."


I saw many there for various kinds of sin. Christians who did not bear witness to a holy life. They have done the will of their own flesh.

They knew the Word and did not use it to win souls but to cause strife. I saw Christians who have used their tongues to get people to divert and leave the church. They used their tongues to divide the church and overthrow ministries. Their tongues looked like knives that hurt many people. I saw Christians who had immoral tongues and spoke on pornographic subjects.

I saw Christians in hell who spoke corrupt words and used their tongues to curse their family. Christians who used their tongues to curse their children. As their children grew up, they became murderers, drunks, and drug addicts because of their parents' words. I saw a mother in hell for cursing her son. She died of heart disease and suffered a lot. I saw a Christian in hell for having died of grief for the children who gave problems. He cursed all his children and never repented.

I saw in hell many pastors who cursed their members who came out of their ministry. They told the members if they leave his church they will be struck down by God. Jehovah will injure them with the diseases of death and their lives will no longer be the same. When they leave here they will be under a curse, they will not succeed. These pastors uttered, "I curse you."

These shepherds are burning in hell for having a slanderous tongue. Christians who use their tongues to distill poisons and kill many spiritually. In hell, the demons pulled their tongues and cut them. They split their tongues into two like the tongues of a snake and caused them to crawl like snakes. The demons opened their mouths and threw embers of fire to burn the tongues of these Christians. 

The angel said, "The tongue of the servants of God is holy, speak of the Word of Jesus."

From the mouth of a saint, there must be words that build and exhort. They have to convey the truth, not the immorality, curses, and words of corruption.

After these scenes of terror, I will subject my tongue to the Lord and keep my mouth shut, I will not complain.

The angel took me to the other side of the valley of the Christians. And many are there for insignificant things like not agreeing their opinions and arguing about the apocalypse. It seemed like a political discussion where each one defended his or her own ideology. They began to hate each other by becoming enemies.

I saw Christians in hell who have been arguing about their denominations, each defending the name of his ministry, looking like two fanatical supporters defending their heart clubs. Two Christians who came out punching and attacking each other are now in hell. Christians who like to debate the Word and make a war, turn the wind into a storm and the spark made the fire to spread.

There are Bible critics in hell who said the Gospel narratives have errors. There are those who considered themselves the infallible authorities of opinions and advice. They did not like being contradicted in their ideologies by getting angry. They do not accept personal choices and forced people to follow their concepts. All these modern Pharisees are in hell for their arrogance and conceit. Men swollen in the letter and spiritually dead.

I saw in hell a Christian woman who humiliated her husband because he is unemployed and only she worked. She died in a car accident.

I saw a Christian in hell for not accepting the wise counsel of the men of God. He said, "His words are no good to me, I do not accept his advice, my mind is formed enough not to accept. I can give advice, but I do not want to receive." This Christian died with his pride and went to hell. God used vessels to alert him about his sin but he rejected their advice. Proverbs 16 verse 18, Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

I saw Christians in hell for not being able to overcome their trials and blamed God for their failures. I saw young Christians in hell because of prostitution. They prayed to God for a wife and did not have the patience to wait and fell into sin.

The deviants who left the church and said, "I will not stay in the church because of that brother, I am never part of the church, I can be saved without a congregation, Jesus did not call His people to stay in temples, all this is religion." These brothers without churches thought that they would save themselves without being connected in churches and went to hell. Those who have no fellowship with the body of Christ and live in disunity with the holy people will go to hell. God's people have to be united to meet Jesus.

The angel said, "I will show you the valley of the hypocrites."

He took me to this place, these brothers said that they left the church because of other brothers. But the truth they left because of their sins, they wanted to sin congregating in the church, but they could not be serving two masters. They left the church and returned to the world and told lies that it was because of some brothers that they left the church. They hid the true motives, hiding the sinful desires from their hearts.

And even in hell they did not admit their sins and blame others for their damnation. They felt love for the world and not in serving Jesus. In hell, they were never sincere in admitting that their flesh was weak and continued to blame someone else for their mistakes.

I saw a Christian woman who did not accept correction. She felt perfect and untouchable. When her pastor rebuked her, she said she was being persecuted, becoming a victim, not seeing her sins and seeing the sins of others for accusing her. This woman is in hell for not wanting to live the Gospel, and yet she considered herself perfect.

The angel said, "These Christians who are here have been forgotten by God and are separated from His presence forever. Speak to those who still live to repent of their sins to be justified. Their sins will be erased from the book of judgment."

The angel commanded the demon that is in hell to bring me back to earth. The demon took me out of hell and put my spirit in the body. He said that I did not belong to him and left.

I got up from the floor and was cold and unconscious. I returned to earth and helped my ex-pastor to return to the path of Jesus. Thank God the prophetic dream was fulfilled and the Lord delivered a new flock in his hands to take care of. The pastor opened a new ministry.

What surprised me was when the pastor anointed the boy. He was dumb, did not speak and only read the Bible with his eyes and prayed in thoughts. He could not sing or preach in church. He was hard at work, though he did not speak. I communicated with him by writing.

The pastor saw his effort in the work and anointed him as a deacon, and that surprised the whole church. The shepherd was used by God to exalt that boy as everyone looked upon him as poor, sick, and incapable of being a worker. I wept over the attitude of the pastor who fell in faith and was restored by God. I remembered Mephibosheth being crippled, and he had no inheritance, but David exalted him.

I thank God for everything and the privilege of this recording. May the grace of God reach all amen.



I will begin to relate my testimony. I've always been a diligent worker at the church where I've congregated. My pastor always praised my work. In the small church of the neighborhood, where all people are serious and live the Word, I learned a lot from them. This little church was the foundation for my ministry. I was prepared as a valued worker in this place where I became a reverend myself. I learned to walk in the Word and discipline my body to keep the commandments of Jesus. Reverend Bryan was pleased with my services and anointed me as Reverend. If the Reverend put me in the church direction, it's because he trusts me. And in my work, I have never disappointed my pastor. I made the name of that church be spoken in that city, through my testimony of life that I live, causing us to be trusted by the people who were visiting us.

I taught the people and welcomed the visitors. People in need, destitute, problematic, and the humble had loving reception. We value each soul, we lift their spirits. We revive their faith and make them feel good and thus gain their souls. We do not waste souls and all who visit us are well attended. We give support and confidence that we are trustworthy people. The souls are calm and do not feel worried about their problems. These people are not alone, we adopt them as part of our family.

I have striven to create a system where members of my ministry work with love and take good care of new converts. The people have been attracted to my church. This ministry has won many souls for the attitude of treatment, loving reception, and home visitation. The devil has his strategies of winning souls, we also have ours. We make loving visits to the homes. The Gospel here where I pastor works in practice. We have invaded the territories of the enemy and gathered souls for salvation. At a time where churches are tainted with scandals and corruption, my ministry has made a difference in the city. People do not want to congregate in scandal-tainted churches.

Evangelize, be agents that produce the work of God. Before you win souls, win your soul first. If you do not know how to take care of your spiritual life, how will you care for the lives of souls? The Holy Spirit wants the full fruits and yet expects the multiplication of its fruits.

I look at each face of a visitor and I see expressions of sadness, discouragement, anguish, and disappointment. Just by looking into their eyes, I can see that they need Jesus. Their voids reflect in their eyes. Man does not live without God, we have to receive a soul with love in the house of God and show that we are different. I learned that we have to give shelter, security, and comfort to souls. Spread kindness to those around you. Do not hurt people do not offend them, love them. Even if they do not talk to you and do not like your personality, learn to love them.

If you do not know how to love, then you do not know Jesus, for He is love and life. The man who has not yet met Jesus is not ready to die. He did not discover the essence of love and life that is called Jesus Christ.

I went to my house and called my wife and two children to pray to God in preparation for my pastoral walk. At dawn, when my wife and my two children went to sleep, an angel appeared to me and said, "Jesus is pleased with you. He wants to reveal the hidden mysteries, I came to get you."

When I heard the angel I became paralyzed and I fell on my face to the ground.

He said, "You will worship only the true and living God."

The radiance coming out of the angel's body seemed fragments of the Sun. I stood before that glorious being and my body remained on the floor unconscious. The angel held my hands and in a matter of seconds, we climbed at the speed of light. I was standing in front of the celestial gate that is narrow.

I beheld a line of Christians with more than 50 men and women who had died at that moment. Christians, when they die, do not go straight to hell like the wicked. They need to know if they have walked according to the teaching of the scriptures. The angel who guarded the gate of heaven looked on if those names were written in the book of life. And to my surprise, five Christians entered heaven singing praises and forty-five were cast into the darkness below. I was terrified and the angel who was with me perceived my concern. He made me approach the gate.

He opened the book of life and said, "His name is here, do not fear."

I was happy and looked at my name but did not understand those letters that are very different from the letters of the earth. They looked like little symbols.

The angel of the gate said, "Here in heaven you have another name. Here God gives a new name to those who are born again. The old man has the old name, already the new name is for the new creature. Nothing of the earth nor earthly names will enter heaven. The Father - Maker of all things changes the names of the children, registering with their true names. The names of the earth signify carnal names, but the spiritual names are those of the spiritually born."

The angel said, "These new names that you see in this book mean that they do not belong to the world, they are pilgrims in the land where their homeland is the heavenly land."

I asked the angel, "What is my heavenly name?"

The angel said, "I do not know your name, I was not allowed to decipher. And even if I knew it, it cannot be revealed, you have not died yet, you're only invited here in heaven. You will know of your new name when you are living in heaven. For now, we will call you by your earthly name."

The angel of the door showed me the birth registration book. In this book, I am 23 years old, but my age on earth is 43 years. I asked the angel what that means.

He answered me, "The counting in heaven is different from the counting on the earth. You were converted and baptized in the waters at the age of 20. You renounced the world and did not practice sin. From your new birth, your new age was counted. The 20 years that you lived in the world were not counted because you lived in sin and God has blotted out your iniquity."

The angel of the gate authorized my entrance. And the angel that was with me took me to the Master. When I saw Jesus my heart quickened and I was moved. His look of love consumed my being. I had no words to say. Jesus smiled and said, "The death of the saint is eternal life, behold, I will put a new ministry in your hands and take you to places in the world that you do not know."

Jesus said, "Take My servant to know the kingdom."

I saw many different animals. Birds that glitter when they fly through the air. I saw trees full of fruit, their leaves glistening. The fruits also shine everything is beautiful. I saw several fruits of various sizes.

The angel took me near a giant oil tank that shines like gold.

The angel said, "This is the anointing oil that is poured out on the heads of the saints to proclaim the Gospel. The messenger angels filled the gold tubes with the anointings and descended the earth to anoint the saints."

The angel who was with me said, "They are pits of anointing, those who pray and sanctify themselves receive a portion of that portion. The number of Christians who really want to be seriously committed to God's work has diminished. And the angels stopped coming down with the anointings. There are few who live the true Gospel. These have received a heavenly anointing for their spiritual capacities. Any Christian who does not receive a portion of this portion will never be able to win spiritual warfare and will not endure trials."

I looked at the anointing oil tank and a warmth exuded from it surrounding my body. I felt a deep joy and bliss standing next to it. That tank is a reservoir that will end when grace is taken from the earth. The church will no longer need the anointing, for she will be next to Jesus.

I saw a great river that cuts the city of the saints and millions of inhabitants live in it since the ancient time. I saw a variety of fishes of various bright colors in the crystal clear river. The city is divided into parts, each piece of land has a house. The city is unique and gigantic with thousands of angels. Crowds of inhabitants are there together with the angels. I saw lots of gold, houses with the structures of buildings made with the purest gold. The floor is full of precious stones with varieties of colors. Each beautiful stone is of various geometric shapes. Everything is so splendorous and beautiful.

The plants and trees that are there have eternal life, nothing dies in that place. There are flowers of various colors with great intensity. The flowers sang and the whole nature praises. A variety of plants with gleaming greens and flowers shine like the stars. I saw a large park full of flowers, where the people gathered to talk. There is no pollution, there is no degradation of nature.

I saw a house full of gems inside. I saw the treasures in gold boxes and the name of each saint was on top of the boxes. Each box belongs to a Christian. There the thief cannot steal the treasure that is stored for every saint.

The angel said, "These are the reward for the saved who strive. For those who are saved and do not strive will live here, but will have no rewards for their efforts. The king is righteous and will give rewards according to what His servants work in the land. The man who works on earth for souls has the right to receive rewards."

I saw the Manna in the heavens and the memorial book of God where all the saints do for the love of the work is recorded. I have noted in the book, all that the apostle Paul did to the church when he was on earth. Even the churches he founded remained in the memorial of God. Some Christians who had already departed received their rewards through this book. Other Christians who are still alive and continue to do the work are all being noted in this book. Those who help the church grow and feed the orphans who are beggars, the elderly, and abandoned children. Who helps widows and out-of-town Christians who come from afar as missionaries receive awards. Those who leave their family to do the missions in far places also receive rewards. Those who help one of these little ones who have nowhere to stay will also be rewarded. Their works are in the book of the memorial of God.

Several praise instruments are sent from this place to earth. I have never seen them on earth but they resemble harp hymns. Most of the instruments in heaven are of woodwind, I saw lyres and harps of gold. This is the heavenly country, the kingdom of the saints, ruled by the King who gained all the authority of His Father when He opened His arms on the cross of Calvary. Jesus is the King of that kingdom that walks among His people.

I saw a variety of empty diamond houses that have not been inaugurated, other than the ones I saw with the locals inside. These empty houses await the righteous who still live on earth.

I saw angels, archangels, they are strong and war leaders.

The angel sent me back and I woke up in a hospital bed. My wife was by my side. She said she called me but I did not wake up. She was lying on the floor of the house and she called for medical help to take me.

I told her about my experience. She thought I hit my head and I was crazy. She went home and left me in the hospital. She said I would get better. At night a demon appeared to me and touched my spine. He hated me and disappeared.

At dawn, I was discharged by the doctor from the hospital but I could not get out of bed. I did not feel my legs. My doctor checked what was happening. And the tests were done and I discovered that I was paralyzed. That was a shock to me. I thought of my wife, my children, my job, and the church that I serve in.

I remembered when the demon appeared in my room and touched my spine. It seemed like a dream but soon I saw that it was real. Jesus allowed Satan to touch my health which would affect my marital life and cause me to lose my job. When my wife learned that I had lost my job because I was not in the best condition, she abandoned me. I was alone at home with no one to take care of me.

My pastor came to visit me and was very sorry to see that I was paralyzed in the wheelchair. He is the reverend founder who anointed me to be the reverend of one of his churches. I told him about my experience. I told him to put another Reverend in my place. The reverend said, "I believe in your experience, I am very sorry to lose a pastor like you. You are free to open your church."

I said, "How I am going to direct the work, I cannot feed the sheep of my ministry in this situation."

He replied, "I will put another worker in your place definitively since you do not want to shepherd anymore. But I believe God will lift you from this wheelchair. You are a great leader, I will be willing to help you until you walk. "

The reverend went back home. I felt disgusted and a permanent fear plagued me every day. My sorrows were constant for not being able to walk. Sometimes there were distressing doubts that my paralysis was incurable. Even though Jesus said He would send me to places I never went to when I was in heaven. I know my wife was wrong to abandon me, she depended on me to survive. She did not want to take care of me and went back to her parents' house and took the children. She made a mistake for that decision.

Misleading decisions make people act on impulse, without thinking about the future consequences of their actions. I do not complain about the wife that God gave me. The anxious choices go beyond the front of God. It is my duty at that moment to walk together with God, just as Abraham walked. In this difficult time without faith, I cannot please God. Weak faith produces weak results. I thought to myself, my condition is not defeated. Everything I'm going through is a temporary test and will end.

Jesus said that I will preach in unknown places. I cannot think of my problems now, it will sicken my mind and cause harm to myself. The Lord Jesus will give me victory at the right time, He is not late. It is not my time that will make me the winner, everything is in His time.

My pastor came to visit me several times, he gave me the morale boost to my faith. He would take me to the bathroom to do the necessities and help in the shower. His wife made my food and cleaned the house. People of God never forget the brothers who helped you to overcome the bad times, be grateful for the help you have received. The Reverend was a person who, to this day, I am grateful to him even though he is no longer my pastor. He could not help me when my interior was suffering and my heart was crying inside. At that moment, only God can console me. In the hour of the inner battle that takes place within each one of us, do not be deceived, for dear ones cannot be with you forever, only Jesus.

While my pastor and his wife helped me, the church he put in my hands also abandoned me. Never put your trust in church people. You'll be disappointed, men are flawed. Jesus tested me in the fire until the last day that my pastor took me in his arms and put me to bed to sleep.

An angel appeared in my room and touched my spine. He said, "You have been approved by God."

The next day, I was able to get up to do the work of God. After my wife left, I was free to do the work in unfamiliar places. My wife was ashamed to believe that I would not walk anymore. She did not want to go back to me thinking that I would not forgive her. I forgave her and said not to be ashamed of what she did, everyone deserves a second chance.

I inaugurated the new ministry. Jesus did not allow me to go back to pastoring one of the Reverend's churches. Jesus told me to say these words to all the churches of today. He said, "My faithful servants defend the banner of the Gospel and receive no applause. They expect only the scourges for defending the truth and fighting deceit. They pay injustice with righteousness and evil for good to all who confront My truth. My servants do not justify their errors and accept My correction. They confess their sins and change their conduct. They never think that they have done everything in the work and that they have reached their maximum. They do not think they need not do anything else to please Me. They know that the world is not won and they need these souls for My kingdom. They do not stop working for Me and always try to learn from My Word to improve their lives."

Jesus said, "The end is near and My Word has to reach every home and assist every soul. Leave them satisfied and treat them well, showing them love. The function of the church is to give your living testimony of faith and rescue the lives of souls. Have the ambition to win souls and watch over them. Share your eternal inheritances, do not keep heaven only for yourself. I am sad about the ease of My church. I see cowardice and laziness in street evangelism and in homes. The church is paralyzed while the souls are dying. Innovation and reform are needed to improve work on the site. Each one has to improve his attitudes towards My work. Each one knows of his duties and obligations as My disciples."

God's people, Jesus gave us a responsibility to win souls, regardless of whether he is a pastor or a member. The church has to work together with the same thoughts and one spirit. Do not neglect the work that God has put into your hands. What is of greater value in this world is our souls. Jesus when He was on earth dedicated people and each soul cost the price of divine blood of our Savior.

Today I am able to die for those souls who are so valuable, they are worth more than all the gold and the riches of the earth. My ministry is dedicated to the needs of the people, every member of my church has the same thoughts as the growth of the work. Our obligation is not to earn money but to win souls.

May Jesus Lord come to bless every church that hears this testimony amen.


It is not human knowledge that will make you good shepherds, but the divine ability that comes from on high and heavenly resources that God gives you for your qualification as an approved servant. Today pastors deceive the people to receive the offerings and promise riches to the poor by speaking things that God has not spoken. Many of such workers of deceit are on the list of hell.

Church services and teachings must be grounded in the Word. The church has to observe the scriptures and be invested in the Word. In many ways, churches do strange services to their god Mammon. They collect offerings saying it's for mission and charity, but they're actually lying and wasting all the money for themselves. They make innocent people walk the road of perdition. They do not want to repent of their sins, because they want to live like this. Their deeds are written in the book of righteousness. Their punishments will be severe in the fire of hell.

Such pastors are causing spiritual damage to the work of God. Their sins will be aggravating and rewarded for their deeds. They are corrupt, who usurp and hijack the offices of bishops, pastors, and apostles without being servants of God. They are doers of unlawful, shameful and abominable deeds. They are dry branches that have never been part of the vine that is Jesus. And many will be cut off if they hearken to these false teachers. They will be punished according to the doctrine of God.

Pastors receive huge wages to care for a church. Their hearts corrupted by money and make them take advantage when the opportunity arises to deceive. Their eternal prizes are already waiting for their hopes. The punishment that is prepared for them is terrible. Their corrupt Gospels preaching in the four corners of the world will serve their own condemnation.

You have no right to preach another Gospel or to change what the apostles have founded. You are liars who deceive people, turning them from the truth so that you squeeze the most money out of them. If you could see the terrible valley of fire waiting for you in hell, you would shudder with great fears. A great dread would take hold of your soul. You are abominable who take advantage of someone else's money that was destined to save lives. And you continue to pilfer and siphon the money that does not belong to you to satisfy your heart full of avarice and greed. Stop putting your covetous hands on the money. God will supply enough for your needs, be content with that! Your iniquities are far beyond your limits and the judgment of God is ripe to come down. You travel to other countries with the money of the flock, enjoying all the income of the church with your family. Repent and stop practicing sin.

Many of these pastors pay actors and actresses to disguise themselves as demoniacs and paralytics. These actors receive money to pretend they are dead and then resurrect in the midst of the church through the words of these shepherds. You are charlatans and deceive innocent souls. You manipulate your workers by giving jobs because they cover up your frauds and support your lies. You take advantage of people's innocence to extort your money.

First, they gain their trust and then deceive and profit by being authorities in the church. They are causing damage in the spirit world, souls are going to hell because of you. Their lies preach this easy Gospel without renunciation. They fail to speak the truth, only preaching the money and the pleasures of the flesh, failing to preach the saving Gospel. They are making the sheep walk in tortuous paths. Their conduct is not compatible with the Word. Amend your lives before God or you will pay for their actions when you die. The sentence of God is coming to you and it will be sad for those who heard this Word and yet not lived it.

I have an exhortation to the pastors who began well in the work and are letting sin in. Some of you do not give positions to what God has prepared and trained for work but give jobs to those who idolize you. In carnal religious institutions, the demons operate freely with their diabolical agendas and cunning schemes. Many of these churches wanted to destroy my ministry with false slander and scandal. Many shepherds see the sin of their flock, but they do not denounce it. They omit to talk about sin, closing their eyes and pretending they cannot see. They receive tithes and do not talk about sin so they can have that money every month. If you ignore sin, you become partakers and corrupters of souls. You cannot deceive God. The eyes of the spiritual world are upon you. A legion of devils and angels are watching what is happening. The Holy Spirit is on earth everywhere seeing everything, it is omnipresent. You want to take advantage of the naive and ignorant sheep in the spirit world, but you are signing your own sentences.

Shepherds who have unbridled covetousness are digging their graves in hell when they are taking possession of what is not theirs and allowing sin to reign in their congregations. You allow the sinners to preach at the altar. They are financing the false prophets with the money of the people to preach in their churches. They are financing the false singers with the offerings of the house of God. False Levites benefit greatly from the churches' bank accounts. You shepherds give jobs to the workers in sin and unqualified by God while despising the ones who are trained and qualified by God. You do not keep the pure and undefiled doctrine and you corrupt the knowledge of the truth by teaching lies. You are making it easier for false doctrines to enter the church. You are bringing news of an illusory, thornless Gospel. You do not practice true doctrine, so you sin and offend the holiness of God. You were called to obey God and teach the sheep the true doctrine. How many of you are making the workers work for you, not for God? You pastors have served only your selfish interests in the works, and not serve the interests of the Owner of the work who is Jesus. Many of you were not anointed as God-raised shepherds. You are not allowed to found churches without receiving the training of God. You will face serious consequence if you do not work to indoctrinate the souls in pure and undefiled truths of the Word of God.

When you come before Lord Jesus and you cannot save your flock, Jesus will say this, "I did not send you to open churches, you wanted to take responsibility for these souls, now I will require the blood of their souls from your hands."

Those who want to play a leadership role in churches take courses to be pastors. Maybe they do this to gain status and recognition. Know that if you do this, you are entering into a great bond that may cost you your salvation. Already for the pastors that God has qualified for the work, if He put you in a church, the flock puts their trust in your leadership. The flock has the right to hear the truth even if they choose not to live in holiness. Pastors should not hide their truth. You should not falsify the Gospel with miraculous stories. You are not the owner of the flock to do what you want. The souls were bought by the blood of Jesus and already have its owner.

Jesus revealed to me several churches that do not teach the way to truth. They are famous churches that have become rich with millionaires. Some are very old and ancient that started by earnestly preaching the true and holy Gospel. Over the latter years, they began to be corrupted by lying doctrines. The ancient churches served God and won many souls. People who died in ancient times when they were taught the truth are in heaven. These same churches are now contributing to the kingdom of darkness. How many are dying following their lies and descending to hell?

Other churches were founded on lies, heresies and false doctrines by their false founders. These churches have sent many members to hell for several years. All these churches are in the lie and do not preach correction and holiness. Some founders of these churches who preached the pleasures of the flesh are already in hell. All the evil these shepherds have done are recorded in the book of condemnation that will be used against them. There is marked the day, the date, the hour, the month, the year and the place where they practiced their abominations.

Jesus did not allow me to speak the name of those churches that are on the list of denominations reproached by Him. How many people have already lost their eternal life and their reward due to the false teachings of these shepherds? Many souls are being indoctrinated in false doctrines and are losing the crowns of eternal life.

I had a vision that their souls are dark and their garments stained. What soul will be delivered from a mouth that does not speak the truth? These pastors have no competence in the work, have not received authority from Jesus and are not their legitimate servants. How many young people are dying ahead of time for not being released and delivered from sin and bondage? Many young people are possessed by the demons of the games. Young people, repent of your sins and God will annul your condemnation and repeal the eternal sentence upon you.

Workers, God says: Have courtesy, goodwill and be vigilant and dedicated to the work of God. Be holy, do not illtreat evildoers and do not offend souls even if they are vile and abominable. Do not treat the work of God as a light matter, do not abandon it and do not neglect to care for it. Learn to discipline your bodies in doctrine. The work that Jesus bought with His blood, pastors should not be careless and negligent to destroy the work.

The angels are overseeing all the holy and false churches for the day of judgment. Everything is written down in a book and nothing goes unnoticed before the eyes of the angels. They note everything bad or good that happens in the house of prayer. They are witnesses of our sins and also of our holiness. They and the presence of the Holy Spirit turn away when we sin. So you need to be careful about your lives. The angel is seeing everything you do right or wrong in your homes and at work.

The accusing demons also note the sins. If you live by prostitution on the sly and then preach and praise in the church, the angel and the demons are watching. And in the Last Judgment, they will testify as witnesses of your good and bad deeds.

The Word will punish pastors who use psychological tactics to take advantage of people. The Word will punish the thieves of the treasures of the house of God. Every church that stands up against a holy church will suffer spiritual consequences; God will allow the legions to oppress them to repent. Know that no sin will go unnoticed from the eyes of God. The crowns of eternal life will be taken from all who rise up against the holy work. Names will be scratched from the book of life. Some shepherds died practicing robbery without been given time to repent. Other shepherds, God has already empowered devils to bring their souls to the reapers. There are perverse sins that God is not letting to go on. Many false shepherds have touched God's little ones and are going down to hell. The moment to recognize your faults and to sanctify yourself is now.

Pastors you have a chance to get rid of your acts. Use all the money for the benefit of souls and invest in the work of God. Buy houses for those who do not have them and food for those who need them. Upon receiving these revelations, the Holy Spirit wept inside me, I could feel the same pain that He feels. It's something terrible that shatters true and holy people from the inside. This is inexplicable, I cannot describe the pain. It's so deep and strong.

The shepherds are sending souls to hell and the Holy Spirit will act seeing it happen. The work of God is being destroyed by the false shepherds. How many fields of sheep are missing? You pastors are committing the same sins as other pastors who have already died. Do you not know that the work does not belong to you, but there is an authority that is far above your charge. You treat the work with neglect and promote divergence from the true and holy doctrine. You are so reckless that your sins are piling up before God.

You know what to do as a pastor. Each position teaches what to do. After this revelation, I marked a day of the vigil with the church. The Holy Spirit impacted the night of our vigil, as it reached people who are not of our ministry.

I had a vision with several black wolves with red eyes prowling around the church. One voice said: these are the canine demons. These demons entered the church looking like wild beasts. When they approached us, they became meek, devoid of action and calm. These four-legged demons stood motionless and still near us. I remembered the passage of Daniel in the den of lions where they had not touched him, but they had broken the wicked.

I had a vision of the demons walking with the wolves in the chain that are the same ones that tried to attack us. The demons when they saw the people in the street released the wolves that attacked the people in the town. What is the function of these werewolves? These werewolf demons jump at the throats of people to kill by choking. Many people die from cardiac or respiratory arrest and also from stroke through these attacks. Their sharp claws kill people when their nails penetrate the skull or strangle the heart from within the chest. They attack the head, the heart, and the neck. Once the Christian falls from the faith by straying from the path of truth the demons will have the strength to reap his life.

That night the devilish wolves fled from our church and many weak souls were strengthened. I saw pieces of rotting flesh coming out of their souls; they are spiritual things of evil strongholds in their lives. One voice said: these souls have cancer in their interiors which is worse than cancer of the flesh. Any Catholic who stepped foot in our church, God honored by giving him deliverance and blessing.

After that vigil the anointing followed us wherever we went, the imprisoned prisoners and captives were shattered leaving them as freed men and women. In our church, we are not influenced by books of the Word sellers and we do not follow man's theology. We are taught by the Holy Spirit and we reject any booklets from other churches.

Our church is connected with the whole heaven. All the rules that are in paradise are in our church. We depend on our King's approval on how to teach and praise. We are in tune with heaven and the spiritual effect that is happening in our midst is supernatural. We obey His decrees and do wherever He tells us.

The Holy Spirit has governed our church. He has controlled our lives and disciplined the rebels. He has guided us and liberated lives. He has instructed us and warned us about the events. He has commanded us to the services of the kingdom. All we do is with the consent of the Holy Spirit. We ask His permission to do anything, even to anoint a worker. To take office I need the approval of the Holy Spirit. We ask His permission to anoint the workers, for He alone knows who is qualified or not for work.

The churches where holiness is taught are controlled by the Holy Spirit and all are linked to Him. Churches that are subordinate to God win wars. Churches clad in the armor of God who was born of the Word are victorious. Such Churches were in the heart and dreams of God being they were founded. It is God's desire to see more churches like this. These churches that submit to live the Word receive God-given authority over the darkness that reigns on earth. These churches have the right to inherit eternal life by doing the will of God.

I do not want to appear in this work, to be called a prophet, a priest of God or an intermediary of salvation. I want my person to be neutralized so that people will forget me and remember Jesus. I am nothing in the face of all that is happening in my ministry, once I was miserable, blind and lost. And if today I am being used to accomplish the wonders of God, there is a greater force operating in this ministry, which without it I become nothing. Who was Samson without the power of the Holy Spirit? He was an ordinary and blind man. I only want you to see Jesus in this work, for I will not be guilty if the flock exalts me in the place of the One who deserves all the glory.

Many souls are going to hell by worshiping their shepherds who are used by God. They do not glorify God for using their shepherds, but they idolize man and not God who works all in all.

I do not want the privileges of men, for my reward is already won. I just want to serve the people as long as I live, I do not want to be treated like a star. I treat no one different from the other and I will not benefit those who are closest to me. I just want to fulfill my call to this mission. My goal is to finish this work and conclude it until Jesus calls me. I want to be more efficient in this holy work for which I am responsible. I treat all alike not to allow jealousy to fester in the hearts of Christians who are weak. I treat the wicked visitors who come here the same way I treat my flock. I do not like to treat some better than the others, because that does not please God and cause strife. I am not interested in wanting to appear in the services, if I stand out as a prophet, I renounce my self.

I will not promote workers to the great offices to satisfy their egos and vanities. For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: He putteth down one, and setteth up another. (Ps 75:6-7). Let Jesus come to exalt you and promote you. All that I do is to magnify the name of Jesus. I was born to exalt Jesus and make His name known all over the world.

Even to change my dwelling I pray to God, I cannot do this of my own free will. I live anywhere if God commands, wherever He sends me there is a great harvest waiting for me and a barn of souls to win. I have lost many members to the enticements of another Gospel, the demons have tried to take the workers out of my pasture, but God has opened the eyes of many.

This revelation I am passing on is for the whole church and all of the world. There are prophecies that are meant only for one person or for that whole congregation. But what I say is for all the churches in the four corners of the world.

I was praying and God brought me a revelation that is not meant to be. God revealed me a couple. One of them does not serve Jesus, in that case, it is a man. This man's wife is a Christian. Jesus revealed to me that this man has a mistress. I'm against divorce and I did not tell her. And Jesus told me about the deception and the lie in this marriage. I had a vision of this man buying a gun. And Jesus said, do not talk about that marital betrayal for the woman. She will speak to her spouse who has been revealed about the betrayal. Her husband will deny this, but his hatred will make a legion of demons come to him. She will speak the name of the revelation. He will buy the weapon because of this revelation and will go after you, my servant. This Satan trap is for you if you tell the revelation. If he speaks to his wife, she will begin to distrust him and anger will rise in his heart causing him to kill her. She will die because of your tongue, do not speak the revelation, keep with you and just pray for it.

With this revelation I received from God, I learned that we cannot speak all the revelations we receive. There is the revelation that will bring destruction, so it is better to keep it within ourselves. This revelation I have reserved for myself so that there may be peace between that couple.

After this revelation, I had a vision of 3 servants of God who were raptured the moment I prayed. Jesus allowed me to see what was happening to them. The first who was caught up met an angel. He is a pastor who has received an important role on earth. The angel poured an anointing oil on his head. The second man I saw is a missionary who was raptured. The angel showed a map to where he will preach the Gospel. And the time he had to preach the Gospel is short before Satan takes those lives, he has to preach to the people. The third that was taken was a bishop. He received a training anointing through an oil poured by the angel upon him. The bishop signed his name on a liability contract. He was aware that he could not break that deal. Each one received a spiritual condition according to his functions.

The bishop was led to pray, the missionary was vigilant, and the pastor had to renounce some sins that gave legality to the demons. These 3 men were given dangerous missions but were trained to do them. All that these three men will do is in God's permission and are divine commands to be fulfilled. Woe to those who rise up against the works of these three men. They will touch the work of God and war against the Holy Spirit Himself.

What struck me most is that the bishop was granted 3 years to perform his work in the harvest. The angel said, "You have a term of 3 years and will die, speed up the work and run against time. In those 3 years, you will be 70 years old and God has determined to gather your soul."

The pastor of another work asked the angel to heal his heart. The angel said, "Jesus will not allow me to heal you, for this is the thorn that will keep your humility." He will carry this sickness and die of cardiac arrest. The concerned pastor said he would live for a short time because of the illness because he was only 52 years old. The angel did not reveal the day of his death but said that he would not reach the age of 65, for God has determined that it will lead to his soul because of Satan's plans to corrupt him. The angel told him to live in holiness because at any moment he can be gathered.

The 36-year-old missionary also asked the angel if he would live long. The angel said that the love of his Jesus is very great for his soul and he is asked to continue obeying the Word. The angel said, "You are young, do not worry, for your walk in the work is great." He is a virtuous servant and will receive a special mission to accomplish in the work of God.

After this vision, Jesus revealed to me that there are people who open churches without receiving this special mission from God. There are churches that are the works of men and not of God. These churches are directed according to the will of man. I want to give a revealed message to the church. Jesus does not want to expose his nakedness and his sins before men. He just wants to see your repentance and your confessions of your sins. Be sincere in heart and ask for forgiveness truly without the desire to go back on your sins. Because at the Last Judgment the sins will be exposed and many will be ashamed, do not let this terrible day come. When they repent and on that day God will open the book of condemnation and will have no charges against them in their records, for the blood of the Lamb has acknowledged his genuine repentance and blotted out his transgressions.

Today is the day to repent and have your sins forgiven. Church, today you have the opportunity to correct yourself by renouncing your works of evil. It's all in your hands to decide what to do in your life. Through this Word, you have the power to choose. It's time to forgive. It's time to forget everything bad that has happened.

Today is the day of wanting to live a new life. God gives you the freedom to get to Him. For every sin, there is a kind of torture in hell. There is no respect from demons, they torture the image of God that is you. In hell, there is no breath and no rest, the burden weighs upon you for all time. A yoke of bondage is forever laid upon your shoulders. There is no place for the saints in this place. Neither does the earth have power over the bodies of the saints who have been cleansed by the blood of the Lamb. Hell has no power over the souls of the saints, for we are already separated and do not belong to this place.

Many people will not let you believe my testimony. These people will put doubts and uncertainties. These people are Christians themselves and pastors. Many of them will hear this testimony and will not believe it, but they will remember every word of this testimony when in hell.

I want to leave the last message to you that have not yet become a Christian. You who are in the world and live in your sins thinking you are free to do everything you want. In fact, you are imprisoned in the pleasures, vices, and sins of the flesh. The demons are acting in your lives secretly. You are stuck in your chains. You are like people who live a life without rules doing everything you want.

Today you have the chance to hear your invitation of love saying, "Come to Me, I love you." He is a generous God and wants to renew you by giving you a new life. If you surrender to Him, do not doubt His power. The work of God will be effective in your life. Submit your bodies in prayer and you will see the divine operation being accomplished in your lives. The presence of the Holy Spirit will become so real as to control your being. You will feel that someone is living in you and regularizing your lives. It will complete your life filling the spaces and will no longer be empty. Spiritual tools will be delivered into your hands. He moves mountains by you and takes action on your behalf until you stop the world. Our life is complete with God; without Him we are empty.

May the peace of Jesus come upon all the hearers, Amen.