Thursday, October 18, 2018


Jesus showed me the martyrs who are being killed in Muslim countries. Jesus told me, "The demons are wanting to paralyze the work using these men who hate My Word. But the blood of these brothers was not shed in vain. Their deaths were not their defeats, they are in heaven. The places where their blood was shed made the earth sprout a tree that grew there and bore fruit. The seeds that these men deposited were nurtured by their blood."

The principality of that place fell, for the Gospel entered there, and the prince of darkness that commanded that place weakened. The legions of demons that I saw in that place tried to set up barriers to keep the Gospel from entering there. They used those bloodthirsty men who took away the lives of God's servants. They died, but the Word that came out of their mouths was there. The Word of God cannot die, for it is eternal and guarantees life.

Jesus showed me more martyrs will shed their blood and die in the great persecution.


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