Thursday, September 20, 2018




Lucifer promised these two princes after the rebellion to sit on the left side and the other on the right side when he won the final war. This prince has the power to operate signs and wonders, he will not incarnate but will have a Satanist to perform all his evil work.

In 1999, the angel of the Lord led me into a desert and showed me visions of the future. I saw an angel with a key in his hand and he opened a huge hole. A legion of demons was released. When a part of the Earth opened, a smoke leaves from inside the ground and darkens the day covering the sun. The darkness of that black smoke well invaded the planet. The world was taken in darkness. It seemed that the Earth became a hell. The darkness consisting of all forces of darkness invaded Earth. The angels that were imprisoned were free on Earth to cause damage. The very king of hell Lucifer commanded the cavalry of hell and caused great torment in those who were condemned by the mark.

May all who are hearing this testimony please stand firm more and more. I had the privilege to see the future of the earth. I did not want to be here to see this. Today I live a life more dedicated than before, that everyone is in the peace of Jesus, Amen.

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