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In October 2018 I made several trips to distant countries

I'm not famous, I have no Facebook account, neither Instagram nor any page on the internet, but I will relate my experience. If you believe you will receive victory, but if you doubt you will lose the chance to grow spiritually through these visions.


I have prayed in strange tongues for the demons not to understand what my plans are. The only one who knows what I'm talking about is my wife. She received the gift of language interpretation. I tell her not to interpret strange tongues when I am praying so that the demons will not understand.

When I am walking along the street, I cannot pray as many people were walking. I make a silent prayer in thought speaking to God, through the heart. I am spiritually connected with the Holy Spirit and the demons watch, wanting to know what I am talking to God. I pray from the depths of the soul that comes out from within me and the demons do not know what I'm saying. They try to probe my inner man, but they cannot because they had no spiritual sight into my inner man. I had a spiritual veil looking like a curtain covering my innermost being. The demons cannot see the inside of me to probe.

A Man soon passed through me, whose presence emanated anointing and power, which I was not worthy to turn around to see His face. A voice said, "If you look, you will be blinded, for He is in His full splendor." This man is the Holy Spirit of God and probed within me.

I saw wheels to the words that came out of my heart and He talked to me without opening His mouth. I also did not open my mouth, but I talked to Him through the spirit in silent communication.

I realized that all the supernatural things that happened in my ministry were due to the grace of the Spirit of God. Without Him, no wonder would happen. It would be like Samson who lost his strength when the Spirit of God departed from him. I recognize that I am dust and gray before this work.

I pray in heavenly tongues in the church so that the devil does not understand, but I ask for interpretation in my language. However, I do not tell the church so that the demons will not understand and start working to prevent the prophecy from being fulfilled.

One day a young man in the church bewildered with his life received the gift of tongues. I told him if that gift was from the Holy Spirit, He would give him the interpretation too. This young man when he spoke in tongues received no interpretation of them.

And a voice said, "I only give the interpretation to that tongues if that gift comes from Me. If that gift was not from Me, he cannot interpret."

This young man told me that he heard that voice saying that. I told him that it was the voice of the Holy Spirit saying that it was not Him, but the gift was false.

When it is God's own interpretation, then the gift of tongues is genuine. But the demons only know how to imitate the strange language and not give the interpretation because they do not know what they are saying or the meaning of the language.

One day this young man spoke in tongues in the church and interpreted everything he was saying. I heard all his interpretation and this boy came to me saying now he is able to interpret his tongues, it means that the gift that he received this time is of the Holy Spirit. I told him the interpretation does not match the strange tongues that he spoke. I know very well what was said in the strange tongues, but the interpretation was false.

This language has just been copied by a demon who had no idea what he is talking about. That language is a mystery of the heavens that is not revealed to anyone who does not have the Holy Spirit. The demon used his mouth and managed to imitate the speaking of this mystery, but failed to interpret it because it is a mystery. The tongue was spoken in a mystery which the devil does not know.

The heavenly letters are also in mysteries, which no one understands neither the demons, but only those who have the Holy Spirit will understand them. In Daniel 5 verse 8, the mysterious hand wrote on the wall of King Belshazzar's palace. He called the magicians, the soothsayers, and the astrologers to interpret those letters. No demon was able to bring the interpretation through them, you know why? The letters were written in mysteries, something is hidden that no one knows except the one who has the Holy Spirit. Daniel was able to interpret this mystery for the king.

In the same way, a language which is spoken in mysteries also no one knows what is being said, nor the demons know. The prayers spoken in celestial tongues confuse the demons, they do not understand and when the prayers rise to the sky in the form of balls, even if the demons can hold for some time, they cannot decipher the letters that are in mysteries in forms of a code. The demons cannot hold these prayers for long in the air because they are the strongest. Demons are furious at praying in mysteries.

I told the young man that he was once deceived by this terrible demon. I laid my hands on that boy and cast out that demon.

I went to visit a sorcerer, this man said, "All Christians treat me as their enemy, why do you come to me? I am your enemy."

I told him my fight is not against the flesh, but against the infernal legions.

That sorcerer was possessed and began to speak in strange tongues imitating what I had spoken in the church.

I said, "A demon is copying a language I spoke in church, you can give utterance to all the heavenly languages, but you do not know what you're talking about."

For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God: for no man understandeth him; howbeit in the spirit he speaketh mysteries. (1 Corinthians 14: 2).

"This word says that man speaks in divine mysteries and only God understands and no one else. The devil does not know what he is saying, for whoever speaks in mystery is speaking in a spiritual code. The very word mystery has already said that they are hidden things not yet revealed."

"You devil is imitating every word I said in church that night, now tell me what I said. Unravel this mystery, no use lying or speaking a false interpretation, for I know the meaning of this mystery and I was given the hidden revelation of these things. I know very well the message of this mystery and you do not know. Do not try to interpret what God did not reveal for you."

The devil went out of the body of the sorcerer in much anger. I prayed for that sorcerer and expelled that demon and the sorcerer fell to the ground.

The angel who helps me has taken his spirit to heaven. I saw when the angel came up with it at high speed reaching the clouds.

See the wizard's account:

After the prayer of Pastor Robert, I fell to the ground and saw a being of light with giant wings that took me by the hands and rose to the sky. I entered a wonderful place, a world of joy full of people dressed in white. The angel showed me a celestial clock in the sky that was missing for one minute to midnight. I saw when the pointer ran forward and it struck midnight and the sky jolted. And in the vision, I was shown the future of the world. The church was taken to a new square city and all were clothed with precious stones. This city that is guarded was inaugurated by that people. Without Jesus, there is no life. Although we live in this land of tribulation, we are already heirs of the wonders of God. Soon all this will come true. What God has for your church goes beyond your imagination. We will have the freedom to enjoy all this glory. We are the most valued people in the world and we will inhabit this new and uninhabitable city.

I saw the Man in white and the glorified church stood before Him and a cluster of angels with Him. The land of Israel saw this Man coming down the earth and recognized Him as their sovereign king.
I saw the joyful nation of Israel and were called citizens of heaven. These chosen Jewish people followed Messianic law and they all inhabited fertile and verdant soil. Each had a new role in this new realm of justice. Carnivorous animals did not feed on flesh but on green pastures and those that are ferocious they became tame. The grace of Jesus took away all the anger and ferocity of those animals.

Jesus ruled the millennium with His church. He led His kingdom with love. It is a perfect, just government and perfect management. The throne of the kingdom of Israel belongs to Jesus, the seed of David is eternal and will not end.

I saw the clock of God approaching zero hours which means there will be a new time and a new world. When the pointer was approaching to 1 minute for the hour of the manifestation of the Son of man, Jesus rose from His throne and looked at the church and then at the country of Israel.

What I understood was that He will meet the bride first and then the millennium will reign in Israel after the wedding of the Lamb. He comes to meet the bride and establishes the millennium. The heavens were apprehensive and could not see the hour of the manifestation of the Messiah's kingdom. Angels serve the people during the reign of the millennium. When this happens, heavenly activities will increase on earth and the connection between earth and heaven will become stronger in the millennium.

Jesus will protect Israel from the invasions of other peoples when Satan is released after the millennium. Jesus will defend His sheep from that wolf.

My spirit returned to earth weeping for the wonders that my eyes saw and I converted to Jesus and I left the witchcraft and asked for Pastor Robert to pray for me.

I Robert will report the first visions I had.

I was praying and I saw several warriors of swords, they were wounded, but they fought anyway, their hands were torn for not releasing their swords. I could feel the pains of these warriors.

Jesus said, "These are pastors who defend My Word and suffer persecution from many Christians of the flesh. Many of these shepherds are confronted by the sheep themselves who reject their teachings and still oppress these men, leaving them afflicted in their souls. Remember that I as the great shepherd of Israel was rejected and persecuted by the very people who I offered salvation to. So it will be with you who fight for the salvation of each sheep and the flock will give its rewards in the form of calumnies and you will be hurt and flogged by the very flock that you love. Tares are the proof of all ministries of pastors and are within their congregations resisting their teachings. They congregate within the churches to cause an internal spiritual warfare to put the flock into disunity and division."

After this revelation, a young man came to me and said that he wanted to see the supernatural because he did not believe the Word of God and called it fairy tales.

I prayed to the Lord and prayed the same prayer like Elisha, I asked to open the eyes of this young man. And something supernatural happened, he had his vision open and saw a legion of angels descending into the church. That young man was amazed and he was converted at that moment.

2 Kings 6:17 And Elisha prayed, “Open his eyes, Lord, so that he may see.” Then the Lord opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.

If you are a person who has only read the Bible and has become a scholar and nothing has happened supernaturally yet, I want to tell you that it is time to have your spiritual experience, whether speaking in tongues, receiving some gift or at least feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit to touch you. Something has to happen. Stop being just a scholar. You want to experience the supernatural. The Bible is not a storybook, not a fable book so that nothing happens. The Bible is real and is the power of God flooding your life. The supernatural has to happen in your life, the same way it happened to me.


I went to visit a church that has a ministry of deliverance. A deacon with great spiritual authority expelled the demons from people's lives. This brother approached me and said, "I cast out the demons, I heal and I operate great signs and I still preach holiness. My word is worth more than the word of this whole church."

I told him, "You do all this because of the Holy Spirit. If it were not for Him, you would be a useless man for the work of God."

The deacon replied, "You think you are the apostle Paul."

I replied, "I am not worthy to be compared with this man."

In Luke 10 verse 19, the Lord grants authority to all his followers to tread on serpents and scorpions. Theologians say that this verse is talking about venomous people who oppress God's servants, comparing people with snakes and scorpions. But I tell you that our war is not against people, but against the legions of hell. Jesus would never give authority to His saints to trample on people.

I had a vision with two classes of terrible demons that act on earth. I saw a group of devils snakes with snake heads and crocodile skin. These demons are astute and are always planning in secret.
They have patience and know how to wait for the right moment to attack. They are vengeful and have all the time in the world to make strategies of sin to overthrow many in the faith. They do not give up and have already laid snares of death for many deviants who had their lives reaped. Many men of God like you have fallen from the faith because you do not know the spiritual terrain you are treading on.

The other class I saw were the scorpion devils who are treacherous and lurk waiting for the innocent souls to mow their lives with ambushes of blood through bloodthirsty men. These demons release darts that strike the hearts of many unprepared Christians. The hearts of Christians receiving these darts are left with the venom of bitterness, hatred, rancor, and resentment that lead to their souls being condemned to hell.

After exhorting that deacon about the danger, I returned home and went to pray.

Jesus brought me a revelation through Second Corinthians 4 verse 4.

2 Cor 4:4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

I saw in the vision millions of demons shadows running at high speed on earth. They were in the form of shadows such that their faces could not be seen. These demons blind people's understandings through theology and sects, not letting the truth and power of God manifest. They work within the line of various religious knowledge hiding the truth.

Jesus said, "Servant, these are the letter demons, the specters of hell, they cause spiritual blindness through understanding. All who cling to the winds of doctrine become blind to the truth. The apostle Paul was also a blind man who persecuted My truth for believing in the doctrine he learned. I took the spiritual scales out of his eyes that he may see My truth, and many still have these scales that hinder the true understanding of My Word."

When Jesus brought this revelation, I saw crowds of Christians walking with scales covering their eyes. These scales looked like crocodile skin that covered every Christian's eyes. The way is treacherous if they are not guided by the Holy Spirit. They have lost their salvation by following many theological ideologies of confusion presenting a variety of ways. These are the winds of doctrines that will blow you like dry leaves from one side to another without direction. It is very difficult for a theologian to be saved if he is a scholar of various theological currents.

I had another vision of a group of warriors fighting against the legions of demons. These men were full of scars that are the marks of pain and persecution.

Jesus said, "These men whom you saw in the vision are those who have suffered for My doctrine and faced the false Gospels and theology so as not to contaminate the purity of My Word. They have suffered persecutions and many affronts of men from false doctrines, waging a battle of minds not to let the people's minds become corrupted by these teachings."

You who want to grow in faith, know yourself, know your weapons and also your weaknesses, before entering into a spiritual warfare. The purpose is to work on your weaknesses, praying, watching and fixing the weak part. You have to know the spiritual world in which the apostle Paul related that our war is against the invisible entities of the spiritual world that influence our planet.

Knowing the spiritual world and its enemies of darkness is important. Be alert to the things of this world that are part of the kingdom of darkness. Many things are inspired by the spirit world and brought into our world.

So we have to get rid of what Satan and his demons brought to our planet. Many things that have ever been invented on earth corrupt the spiritual lives of the saints. Not everything on this earth we can use and have in our home.

Be spiritual, and do not entertain carnal and dubious thoughts about these revelations. When it comes to preaching the truth, be clear at the time of speaking, without clouding the truth and hiding the deeper meaning of the words. Be original and true in your way of acting, do not hide your true self, God sees everything. Give your weaknesses to God and He will raise you up. Be precise when it comes to acting, be sure to do what God tells you to do today, never leave for tomorrow, it may be too late.

I have spoken with men who live a life of outward holiness by appearance. They have preached the word of truth, but when people do not take his word, they are furious.

I met a very strict pastor, he said he preached the word to a young man and he did not convert. That young man died, and that shepherd went to his parents' house and said, "That was the punishment for not wanting the way of salvation, now he's in hell."

That shepherd spoke with joy at the knowledge that this young man was condemned to hell. I saw the expression on his face. I was sad, his face was disfigured like the face of a demon. I know how sad Jesus is for every soul that is lost, I have been caught up in hell and know how my King weeps in pain in this situation. It is not easy for Him to show hell and see those souls suffering by feeling that pain.

There are many men who preach the truth, but when their words are not accepted, they begin to hope that their listeners who rejected them will meet with disasters and misfortunes. These Christians do not have the gift of love, their hearts are filled with wrath and wickedness and they will go to hell if they do not change that hearts of stone.

How many take their Bibles and go to church every day, praise and preach the Word. When they get home, they look like devils talking dirty words and fighting inside their homes. As worship ends and they leave the church, their behavior changes, they cause scandals in their work and they do not behave like Christians in their neighborhood. They are only religious people who only know how to worship in a temple of stone but they are not practitioners of the Holy Scriptures.

They praise and preach a Jesus they do not know, thinking that they know God but their hearts are deceived.


I have a message from God to offerers and tithers.

Jesus says, "I do not receive the offerings from the hands of those who boast saying with great pride, 'I help the work of God, without me the house of prayer closes. Thanks to me the pastor is in this work. If he does not take me or take my advice, I will leave his church and the work will close because he does not have enough offerings to pay the church bills.' "

God tells to those persons, "I do not need their filthy offerings. Behold, the door that I open and no one closes." He says, "I use even the rich to give the greatest offerings. I touch their hearts to offer a gift, a good amount of money because I am the Lord, I move heaven and earth by My work.


I went to a church and there was a woman with breast cancer. I said to my helper angel, "Help me to free this woman, you're more powerful than me and I know you can get that cancer out."

I asked the angel to take cancer out of that woman. He pointed his sword to her chest and did the surgery. This woman fell to the ground and when she got up she was in pain in her breast. I told her she is healed and this girl went for her medical tests and the doctors found the cancer of her breasts has disappeared. She came into the church to testify about this miracle.


A Christian named Apolena I know was praying for her rapture, and for two years she had been there. See her sister's account:

I was praying when I realized I was flying in the air while my body remained still and kneeling on the ground.

I saw the rulers of the gloomy world who are furious with the churches that preach the truth. Pastors who have the desire to teach the doctrine and opened their churches with love, soon had their ministries closed by these demons.

The Lord said, "Servant, preaching the truth is not easy and is difficult and you must be prepared for the affronts of hell. These pastors who open churches to speak the truth, many of them are not prepared to confront the troops of hell. They did not prepare for the thorns so they do not resist and do not expect Me to lift them. Just live a life of prayer and hope and I will lift them up."

I saw one of the rulers of darkness wanting to stop the ministry of Pastor Robert and two angels arrested and immobilized him. The angel handcuffed the hands and legs of this demon and the other chained his body leaving him trapped in hell for 3 days.

A general from the darkness of India followed Pastor Robert to his house. He traveled days to find him because he gained many souls in his territory. He was furious and carried a large spear in his hand. This demon wanted to kill him and when he entered Robert's house he found his guardian angel.

The angel pointed his sword at that demon and said, "Do not touch the anointed one of God. Go back to your country where you reign, here is not your place."

When he uttered these words three mighty angels came down and chained the great general and took him to India. This demon was trapped in the depths of the Ganges River for 3 days.

I saw many warring angels capturing some high-ranking demons who wanted to close the churches that the Holy Spirit opened. These furious demons were arrested for a certain time to stop them from preventing the growth of God's work.

A voice from heaven said, "The demons are in a lot of anger because it is the last harvest of salvation, the harvest is maturing and their tension and despair are increasing. They want to bring the greatest number of souls to hell, as their infernal punishments approach."

I saw a demon near Robert's house and accused his angel of protecting him unlawfully. The angel took a book and showed the name of Robert and said, "The Lord justified this servant, his debts were paid with the blood of the lamb, his sins are no longer remembered and were thrown into the sea of oblivion, he lives a life separated from the world, there is no condemnation to anyone who is in Jesus."


After this sister's account, a week later I was invited to preach in church. The founder of the church sent one of his workers to pick me up by car. The worker came to fetch me but his car suffered a mechanical failure when he arrived. His car has lost its brake on a descent. I looked at the brake pedal and saw a demon in the shape of a six-inch spider. It was this demon who had taken the brake from the car. I pointed my hand toward that spider and prayed it to be destroyed until it turned into a black smoke. The car was in danger of falling off a cliff but I saw a white hand pulling up the car. The terrified driver was not seeing that white being who stopped in front of the car and his wings covered the front glass. But in front of the road, there was a cliff. If the angel had not stopped the car we would have fallen from a very great height. The angel of deliverance delivered us from death and vanished.

Those who serve the Lord and live in holiness the devil may even try to kill, but he cannot. Our lives are in the hands of the Most High God and we will only die if He wants us to leave the earth. The devil cannot touch the life of the saint who does the work. And he cannot stop the mission of God. He tried to stop me, but could not stop me from preaching in that church that day.

After this deliverance, Jesus showed me in vision many car accidents caused by demons. I had a vision of a boy who was coming from a party. He was possessed by a demon who caused him to be mentally confused while his hands were on the steering wheel. He forgot how to drive, and the car crashed, causing his death. I saw in another vision a girl who was driving her car. She was going to her work. The demons wanted to take her soul. They possessed a truck driver and caused him to plow his truck on the girl's car killing her. The demons did this to take the soul of that girl.

Jesus said, "Those who are not Mine become easy prey for the devils. These people do not want to turn from their evil ways, they do not want to be My bride, that's why death is reaping their lives. But My servants I have saved and delivered as I did with you when you entered that car."


After the fright, another driver took me to his church. The pastor is a Reverend who called me to preach. When I finished preaching, I prayed. I saw that the demons were resisting not wanting to manifest. Nothing happened and the Reverend thought that the people were free because there was no demonic manifestation.

The Reverend thought there was nothing wrong. I realized that 6 people were possessed and the demons did not want to manifest. I pointed my hands toward those people giving orders for the demons to manifest. These 6 people fell into demonic manifestations and the demons said they would not leave those bodies. One of the demons said he had the right to live in these Christians because of sin. They did not want to leave and with great difficulty, I expelled those demons.

The Reverend was astonished to see six of his workers preaching on the pulpit altar to be possessed. These demons that were cast out are stronger than those demons which I am accustomed to expelling. This new class of demons that are emerging are moving on from possessing ungodly people to possessing Christians who live in sin. If it were two years ago, I would not be able to get those demons out.

A demon had been in hiding for 30 years in the body of a 53-year-old lady. She is a Christian of a Pentecostal church and leader of a worship group. She preached and took the holy supper. One day she came to visit me and that demon that was hidden inside her did not want to manifest because his purpose was to stay in the life of this woman until she dies and take her soul to hell.

When she dies, that demon would leave her body, but with her soul in his hands. Because he did not manifest this woman thought she had salvation and that she was used by the Holy Spirit until I confronted that demon and forced him to abandon her life.

He said, "I have lived in this house for 30 years and I will not leave this time before she dies."

This furious demon was forced to withdraw and the woman was surprised, for she had never been possessed.

I told her, "You were never saved, for you were not the abode of the Holy Spirit. You had to be free from this demon to be saved. Now your house is free, take care of it so that seven demons do not come back to make an abode. Sanctify yourself so it does not happen."

I breathed in her and said, "Holy Spirit the house is yours," and suddenly that woman who had never spoken in tongues began to speak, and the glory of God descended into her life. She received the spirit of prophecy and spoke in mysteries in the church.

I came home thinking about this new class of demons that was released from hell. The true Christians of today are few and those who are prepared to confront this new class of demons are minimal. Spiritual authority is not for everyone. Today we see many Christians casting out demons without being spiritually prepared. Spiritual things are not to be taken for granted. Being a Christian and already thinking that you can have spiritual authority to confront the demons is a mistake. It takes a lot of fellowship with God and living in holiness.

I was invited to another church. This time I took the Bence worker who was with me. We went to another pastor's church just to pray for deliverance and not to preach. He who preached in the church was a laborer of the shepherd. This worker preached the Word although he was possessed. I saw how a demon possessed him at the time of his preaching.

The devil who was in him knows how to preach and his message had made an impact on the church making the people feel an anointing. His preaching is false and it was not doctrine. The pastor believed that his laborer was free. But when he finished preaching, I made a loud cry in that church that night.

The demon that was in the workman is part of that new class that is acting on earth. This kind of demon is one who likes to dwell in Christians. I confronted this demon until he manifested himself and expelled him. The pastor did not believe that his priest, the chief laborer of his church, fell ill after having preached the same night. Other Christians fell down with the cry.

My workman named Bence lives a holy life and was accustomed to casting out devils. This time he could not cast out the demon because the demons are stronger and more resistant. Jesus revealed to me that this class of demons is terrible and that it is necessary to grow spiritually to confront them. Jesus said He will still give spiritual authority to some to work with deliverance at that high level.

This authority is a very strong spiritual tool that God gives to whom He trusts. Working with this kind of liberation is not for anyone. This new class of demons is already working in the midst of the church. Whoever does not live a life of prayer will not stand a chance against these demons.

A pastor tried to drive out a legion of demons from three members of his church. The three demoniacs broke the chairs along with the church speaker. The pastor was also physically assaulted. He thought he had great spiritual authority. This pastor was preaching holiness when the demons manifested in the three church members and started breaking up things in the church. This pastor preached the truth but did not pray and therefore did not receive the anointing of deliverance. The demons who assaulted this pastor hate him for preaching the truth. His ministry was scandalized and he shut down his church because he felt ashamed.

But the false prophets who drive out demons are not ashamed of them, for the demons approve of the evil deeds of these men. False prophets have no anointing to deliver and cast out demons. They do not release anyone.

You who have not yet been anointed by God for this spiritual warfare, before you put your hands on a demoniac's head, pray to God first and ask for spiritual authority. Only do this when you are sure that you have received this anointing. The demons of these end times are stronger than the ancients and this demands much anointing in the life of the saint.

A young worker was expelling a demon from a woman. That demon left the woman's body and entered that young man since he found a spiritual opening in his life. The young man fell into a possessed state and almost died because his heart was racing to the point of a heart attack. That day I had visited this church. The pastor was desperate not knowing what to do with the young man who was almost dying. I got up from the bench where I was sitting and asked permission from the Pastor. I confronted that demon that was wanting to take that soul. When I expelled the demon, that young man's heart was normalized. The demon that possessed that boy is as strong as a legion. I thought I was in a confrontation with a legion, but in fact, it was a very violent demon. He has a claw that squeezed the boy's heart. When I expelled that demon, the pastor of the church did not know me because I was not well-known.

He said he preaches the Word but women do not listen. Jesus revealed to me that women cannot free themselves from their vanities because they are possessed by evil spirits dwelling in the items of vanities. As long as the demons are dwelling in their bodies these women will not leave their sins.

The demons in their lives close their ears so they will not hear the Word. It seemed that the pastor spoke the Word with great difficulty against some spiritual resistance. These women did not understand the Word because they had their minds closed and their eyes blinded. Their hearts were closed so the seed of the Gospel did not spring forth. The pastor's words were not understood.

I prayed and the demons of 11 women were expelled. These demons kept them from leaving their vanities. Now that they have been set free they are free to walk in holiness.

I was praying and I had a vision of a majestic Man. Out of His body, a great light shone forth, and His face shineth as the light. Out of Him flowed a mighty anointing of holiness.

My body wanted to faint and trembled a lot because of the light of that Man. I could not see His face. A voice said to me, "This is the Holy Spirit."

In the vision, I saw 3 churches of the same denomination.

Continue in Part 2.

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