Monday, October 15, 2018



I'm going to report the views I've been from June 2018 onwards.

I was praying at dawn and had a spiritual sound. I heard the groaning of souls in a country called Southern Sudan. Jesus directed me to the village of these souls who are suffering. The Holy Spirit directed me to this place. They were poor and suffering people who were forgotten by the rulers. I slept on leaves and straws.

When I got there I prayed for everyone in the village. Many people have fallen demon possessed with terrible demons. The African demons did not know me and tried to shame my ministry before the people. I saw fire coming out of my hand that hit the demons directly without hurting people. A pastor was amazed at the beautiful work of deliverance. He has many real estate possessions and has given up a house to house me.

I stayed in that country for a week. After the people were freed from the oppression of the demons, supernatural things began to happen. A crow was always perched on the wall of the house where I was staying. Every day that blackbird was there. I bent my knees and asked God to reveal me. Jesus told me that this crow was watching all my steps where I was going. I saw him only on the wall, but wherever I went, he flew overhead following me.

I asked Jesus why this bird is so intelligent and what is the reason why he pursues me. Jesus showed me a sorceress in the vision. This woman performed a ritual of black magic on her body. She transferred her sense of sight to the bird and could see me through the raven's eyes. This woman's diabolical connection to the bird was so strong that she knew where I was even without leaving her house. She knew that every day I walked to church.

Jesus told me she wanted information from my life. She wanted to know who I was and what I was doing there. Her crow died when I started praying.

Jesus showed me in the vision this sorceress getting sick for having a strong bond with the raven that died. A part of her life was in the raven. When he died it affected her life. This woman did not settle and began to watch me through the crystal ball. She could see all the interior of the house where I stayed. Every day she saw me praying on my knees through the crystal ball.

When I was praying, I saw in the vision a little dark light inside my room. It was through that light that she spied on me. I prayed to Jesus and asked Him to put a spiritual veil over my house. In the vision, I could see the desperation of that woman when her crystal ball went dark. Her spiritual vision became blind, she did not see me again after that prayer. That woman's plans were for me to leave.

I went to preach in a church that was full of thirsty souls. There were many sick people. I prayed to God and asked why in this place there are so many sick and oppressed people. Jesus told me it's because they seek sorcery to heal themselves.

The African demons I saw in the vision are different from the ones I'm used to in my country. When a man who serves God comes, he truly seems to shine, for he attracts many demons who see the light from afar and come to confront the men of God. Even sorcerers no matter how far away they perceive that someone threatens their spiritual territories.

A woman from the church I was preaching was diagnosed with cancer by doctors. She asked me to pray and said that she had stomach pains. This woman had already had chemotherapy, but cancer returned. I told her, "I will pray for you and God will heal your stomach." But Jesus said to me, "My servant, she does not need a cure. She needs deliverance, pray for this woman."

When I prayed, her stomach bloated. I saw a giant fly about twenty centimeters long inside her stomach. That fly is an evil spirit with sharp tusks and red eyes. I saw eggs coming out of that fly and falling into the woman's stomach. Her belly was swollen with so many eggs that the devil laid. That woman even undergoing expensive medical treatment could not improve. She is a wealthy woman and went to the humble village to ask for help. She spent a lot of money on expensive treatment and nothing solved her medical problem.

I prayed for her by casting out that demon that was lodged in her stomach. He did not want to leave. I put my hand on her stomach and said, "Fire of the Holy Spirit that is in me pass to this woman. Make it like a fiery ember and burn the inside of her." That woman started to sound like she had a fever.

In the vision, I saw her stomach boiling and that demon came out, jumping out of her stomach. I saw her throw up a black thing. But the fly-shaped demon was melted by prayer and turned into a giant 1-meter larva and entered beneath the ground. This demon is an adept of Beelzebub.

I saw a snail-shaped demon inside other people. I prayed, but they looked like chewing gum waxes when they stick to people and do not want to leave. But by the power of God, they all went out and sank to the ground returning to hell.

Slug-shaped demons left their tracks through those gullible liquids, they released from their bodies. These demons are so disgusting they crawled, had no legs and no arms. No one in the church could see these filthy demons. I smelled the rotten stench that came out of them and no one else could smell them. Even my nose was spiritual.

While I was in Sudan, a young man came to my church for an answer. He discovered the church where I am a pastor, but he got frustrated when he got there and did not see me. I was not there anymore, but the Holy Spirit was there. He used an 8-year-old who delivered a prophecy. The child used by the Holy Spirit said, "Whom you seek, you are not, but I am the same God that I speak in his mouth. I also speak in the mouth of that child. Fear not, I am with you young man. Today I hold you in My hands and I will help you, I will supply your needs." I knew that when I came back from the trip.

In Africa a demon in the form of a scorpion came up to me, trying to sting me. He appeared in my room when I prayed and fought a war. I remembered the words of Jesus that He will give authority to step on serpents and scorpions. I rebuked it and fire from heaven fell on that scorpion; he ran away leaving. There is a class of demons scorpions who throw darts of infirmities through their groves if the Christian is not clothed with God's armor. When the Christian is struck, he either becomes sick or dies, depending on the level of his spirituality, since the darts are to kill.

I returned home and the mission ended there. It was tiring to battle against those demons, the confrontations were hard. I was weary of the war. I bent my knees and thanked God.


Jesus said, "Servant the days are difficult, realized that the war is fought every day. These demons you faced are stronger than those. Remember that vision I showed you 1 year ago. I said to seal the vision and not speak. I also said that I would not reveal the purpose of the visions, and you did not understand. Behold, the time has come to reveal the visions to you and to explain what is happening in the world. The church needs to know. Now you can speak what I have shown you."

Dear church, I want to reveal a vision I had last year. I was on a wake-up campaign at dawn. I sacrificed my sleep for 70 mornings. I did this for the church I'm going to pass deep revelations of awakening.

In the vision, I saw new demons coming out of the abyss of hell. An abyss is a specific place where many demons are trapped. It is many different from Hades where souls are in torment. These demons were free and went up to earth with much will.

The revelation I was given is that they are of a noble class, that is, they are high-class demons. Human bodies cannot stand being possessed by this class of demons because they are very aggressive. The body of a human being would suffer greatly from this violent possession and collapse painfully.

A voice told me to keep this vision. At that moment Jesus revealed to me that I can speak of the vision. And also Jesus revealed to me what is the purpose of these devils of high destruction.

Jesus showed me in vision three days ago one of those demons with a boy. The possession was so violent that a heart attack occurred in this young man, his body did not withstand the pressure.

These demons are strategists. They did not come to earth to be possessing people. Their mission is to do away with the standing churches that still keep the Word in their hearts. These demons only possess people who are sunk in sin. When sin has already blackened the soul and is already stinking, this sin stinks in the nostrils of God and draws these demons to possess that soul. They possess these people differently from any other classes of demons. They have to kill even without mercy.

This class I saw ascended the earth is millions in number and spread to the south, north, east and west of our planet. I saw that their interiors were dark. These are not normal demons and for the first time, I felt a cold in the spine. I felt like Elijah who was bold when he faced the prophets of Baal but when Jezebel challenged him, he feared greatly and ran for his life.

Jesus searched my interior and said, "Do not fear, servant, I am with you. These demons you saw are of spiritual coolness. They were set free at these end times to keep the church from waiting for Me to come. I will reveal what they are doing among the people."

Jesus showed me in vision one of these demons walking across the river. Where they walked in the river, their footprints turned into ice stones, leaving a trail where they passed. Jesus said that their goal is to neutralize the true church. They want to undermine the forces of the strong.

Jesus showed me in a vision a group of these demons and each of them carried a heart in his left hand. I asked Jesus what that means.

Jesus said, "These are the icy hearts. Love at this end of time has cooled among Christians. They congregate in the same church and do not help each other. Many Christians are in need in the house of prayer and some have great financial conditions and do not want to help those who do not. What works in today's churches is discussion and dispute. When one of my children gets sick, no one is going to pay a visit. The souls that have not yet converted visit these churches and are not well received. There is no joy for every soul that visits the house of prayer. There is a financial interest in every soul that visits the house of prayer. They are not worried about teaching, but on wanting more members to raise large amounts of money. Pastors treat souls like clients and churches as businesses. There is no union between denominations because there are differences between the way of teaching. As the war lingers between them, the souls are dying and going to hell. Demons are operating in these denominations causing strife and fights between them for souls, but it is for the financial interest, that saddens Me. The church is spiritually disorganized in a spiritual war and is not ready to meet Me."

Jesus showed me in a vision the demons of coldness spiritually touching the knee of many Christians who did not watch, they could not pray for half an hour. As they bent their knees to pray, they rose quickly.

I had another spiritual vision with a church and I could see demons of spiritual coolness. The icy wind flooded that church and many were not prepared to confront the attacks of these demons. The whole church did not want to pray. They only have praises and empty preaching without the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Their preaching is carnal without power that did not move the hearts of stones. A cold church makes no difference in the world. The apostle Peter won 3,000 souls with a preaching inspired by God. Today the preaching has no effect and the fault is not in the Word or in God, but in the preacher. A pastor can preach a Word and have no effect. Another Christian can preach the same Word this pastor preached and make hell shudder. A sword in the hand of a weak warrior makes no difference to the enemy, but a sword in the hands of a great warrior makes a big difference in the battle.

These demons of spiritual coldness are also called the demons of spiritual death. If you cannot pray, and if you tried several times and you still cannot, I can tell that these demons are trying to stop you. You are in a great spiritual warfare and you have to fight with Jesus to overcome this discouragement. These demons have neutralized many Christians.

About 20 years ago when I was still a very young teenager, I saw many Christians praying in the hills. Others were worshiping in the open air and some were preaching in the square. I even saw a Christian preaching the Word of God on the body of a truck as the vehicle moved slowly. Many church services and vigils had their homes there. The church departed from the demons. Today we do not see each other anymore.

There is no more worship in homes, in the squares, there is no more prayer meeting elsewhere. The prayer vigils were over and the church cringed. The demons took up spaces and occupied the territories that were dominated by the church before. The demons multiplied, new demons emerged from the abyss, and the church weakened. The number of denominations has increased, but it makes no difference. They are anemic and profane churches that do not know how to differentiate what is holy from the world.

Their leaders are fallen priests who do not know God. The number of Christians has increased but has had no effect on the spiritual world by following the Gospel of this century that is not the same as the early church left.

Satan has created many Gospels and praises as well. These demons of coldness have caused spiritual death. They are devils of a satanic elite capable of working within hearts. They have put a great coolness within the hearts and love out of many. He who preached in the open air and had the pleasure of evangelizing, no longer love his neighbor. He who kept watch, in the place no longer love God anymore. The coldness took over the heart that broke the communion with Jesus, no longer enjoy the pleasure of talking to Him in the prayers. The bride no longer feels anything for the groom and slowly goes away from Him forgetting the wedding. It no longer makes sense for this marriage and the things of the world are pushing away the bride every day.

It is the love that has cooled and only the flame of the Holy Spirit will light the hearts. Lamps off mean that love has cooled and the flame of the heart has gone out. He has no more pleasure in evangelizing. Love has cooled, he no longer loves souls.

The two principal commandments Jesus said, "Love God above all things and love your neighbor as yourself" are being broken. A Christian who has a good financial life does not help his brother who is in need. The homeless are despised by the people who pass by. Even Christians pass by and do not even offer a Bible for them to read. How many homeless people are dying and going down to hell because nobody preached the Word?

The demons of spiritual coolness are working hard to extinguish the lamps that are still burning. What has been revealed is that they want to neutralize the forces of those standing. You standing on the watch do not fall. I've seen these demons throwing darts of spiritual coolness that looks like little ice rocks.

A worker who was with me wanted to pray but was neutralized by one of these demons. Her faith had cooled and she was ceasing to walk in holiness. Those who love God walk in holiness. When one fails to walk in holiness, it is that love has cooled. There are so many churches that have ceased to live in holiness. My church worker did not have the strength to pray.

I interceded for this soul and saw one of those demons throwing a dart of spiritual paralysis. In my prayer to Jesus for this life, an angel came down from heaven and fought a war against the devil. This demon tried to resist, but the angel struck him with his sword of flaming fire and a dark liquid came out of that demon, wounded he withdrew leaving that woman in peace.

Pastors today do not pray for their flock. I intercede for the weak sheep. Those who are strengthened will go to the battlefield with me.

Jesus showed me a tank filled with a yellow substance like oil.

I asked, "What is it?"

The Lord said, "It is the anointing vessel that is reserved for all who are without oil in their lamps. The veil is torn, they have access to My presence, tell them to get that oil from Me."

I had another vision with demons snakes. They had a large tongue on two ends. Their purpose is to use the tongues of Christians to cause divisions, strife, slander, speak evil of their neighbor, persecute, speak profanity and immoral words, sexual words, and obscenities.

When I went to visit churches in other countries, I was out of the church for a month. I told the people to pray and not stop until I got back from traveling. I asked them to intercede for me on my missions. When I got to the church I was praying.

I had a vision of a young man from my church who participated in the prayers of my church. He was praying inside his home every day. His family is Christians from another church who do not follow holy doctrine. The young man's family chased him by calling him crazy and fanatical. The demons insisted on overthrowing this young man's ministry by using even his parents. He could not resist the pressure of the family and turned away. If he resisted the demons would flee from him.

The worker of my church after I interceded for her and the angel fought for her life making the demon fled. She is firm and prays hard inside her home. Another devil tore at her house and jumped in to keep her from praying. But soon he jumped out of her house, for prayer burned him. This demon was spiritually armed, but he did not have the strength to destroy her. This worker is in holiness and the flame of love kindled in her heart. She loves Jesus who renounced everything for him.

Look at her report.

My name is Évike, and I became a worker in your church. When I visited by the first time it was on one day that a woman started speaking in tongues for 5 minutes. She passed a message from the heavens, but no one understood until Pastor Robert translated the messages into our language. It was beautiful and impressive the message he translated.

At that moment I wanted to congregate there. I began to pray a lot and had a vision with a legion of demons preparing a place in hell for Pastor Robert. They have hope that they will still gain his soul.
I passed the vision to him.

I received a revelation from God before the worker Évike passed the vision she had.

The Lord said, "Watch out, for the demons set up various traps to overthrow you."

I went to visit a church where God told me to. And there was a woman who suffered from the heart and was taking medicine, but nothing good was happening for her. I prayed for her and had a vision with a sorcerer doing a work of magic with pins. This woman felt pangs in the heart and just did not die because she was an obedient Christian. She did not like to pray for finding it too sacrificial; because of that she lost the cover and was hit directly. I prayed for her and I saw spiritual pins that pierced her from the inside out of her mouth. She was freed from evil oppression.

The pastor of the church where she congregates preaches holiness, but the people did not want to leave sin. He said members said they did not have enough strength to give up sin. He invited me to do a liberation campaign in his church. I agreed to do, but for the glory of God, not mine. I do not want to use the gifts God has given me to usurp His glory. I do not want to be deified because I am just a used pot in the hands of the potter. On the first day of the campaign, I prayed a strong prayer.

I saw demons hidden inside people. They did not want to manifest, but they did not resist the fire of the Holy Spirit. They were forced to manifest and reveal their plans.



A former fighter is snatched to hell
The Year 2011

I am an evangelist and I preach what I live. Before I preached what I did not live. I was a rebel Christian and did martial arts at the gym. If anyone wanted to rob me I was ready to use my personal defenses. I started to train martial arts to defend myself from the danger that was in my neighborhood. Over the years, I started training because I felt pleasure in fighting. I also evangelized when I was not in the gym.

My pastor called me to go on the mission at Ecuador. And when we arrived in that country we visited a church. The pastor of that church said that a prophetess of God would bring the Word and speak of her testimony. I and my pastor went to church to visit.

The pastor of this church brought Angelica Zambrano to bring the message. She was being much talked about because of her testimony. She was already known and all the churches called her to minister. I did not know her only after the other raptures she had. That night she spoke of her testimony and won souls. I did not believe in her testimony and found the time wasted. I thought it impossible for a person to be raptured. The spirit leaves the body and return. For me, if the spirit left the body, it would not come back.

When the service is over, I come out muttering and saying that she is a liar. My pastor who believed in her testimony rebuked me. I did not much believe in supernatural things because I was not a spiritual man. We stayed for a few weeks at Ecuador and returned to Costa Rica.

My evangelism in the neighborhoods did not bear fruit. I planted and watered the Word, but it did not work. My words had no anointing. I walked in evangelizing places and won no souls. I preached the Word with all theological knowledge and my words were thrown into the wind. As much as I tried to persuade people, I did not succeed. My theological strategies did not work. I did not pray because my time was to train martial arts every day.

When you spend your whole day with other things, you will never have time to pray to God. Martial arts was more important to me than being in the presence of Jesus. I was more worried about my body being in shape, but I never cared about holiness. I kept wondering if my actions were pleasing to God.

Because I got too close to the martial art, I ended up being distant from Jesus. I felt a great emptiness in my heart despite being a Christian. I was in church every day, but it was the same as not being there. I did not feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. I was disgusted and felt like nothingness, a person insignificant to God.

And I made a purpose to pray every night and began to change the habit of my spiritual life. I was getting my body to get used to prayers. And that's what happened. My wife was asleep. I got up from the bed and bent my knees. I made a two-hour prayer for an answer. I wanted to know what had gone wrong with my ministry. Why did the presence of God move away from me? After the prayer, I lay down and stayed awake.

White light filled my room. That light pulled me close to him. I was not in my body when I approached the light. In front of me, a black portal opened. I entered the portal and when I realized I was already in hell. And feeling lost I started to walk. I remembered the testimony of Angelica Zambrano.


And walking aimlessly and without direction, I saw my aunt who suffered in deep agony. She died with resentment of her husband. Her heart was filled with hatred over separation from divorce. She did not want her husband to leave her for another woman. The demons dismembered her body.


My cousin Hugo who died in an accident is in hell. He despite being a Christian lived in strife with his father and did not honor him. He was always seeing defects in his father's personality. And everything bad that happened to him he blamed his mother. He did not assume his faults and responsibility and sought someone from the family to blame. For him, all of his family were wrong and thought he was right in everything. He never repented of his sins. He did not assume that he was in sin and needed to be sanctified. The demons were grinding his whole body in hell.


I saw my pastor's wife in hell. She died of cancer and the whole church believes she is in heaven. She went to hell for walking in lust. Her body is in a pit of fire consuming her flesh, leaving only the charred skeleton. When she saw me she asked for my help. In hell, there are more Christians than we imagine.

I went to the section of a pastor who coveted his neighbor's wife. He died with this desire and lost his salvation. I went to the section where I saw a missionary who had an impure heart. He felt sexual desires for his mission friend's wife. In that same section, I saw an evangelist who had immoral thoughts and fantasized about having sex with prostitutes. He did not prostitute himself, but he died with that desire. A demon opened his skull and ripped out his brain. The demon said, "Your brain is unclean because of these unclean thoughts." The demon threw his brain into the fire, and yet the Christian felt pain without his head mass. I saw an elder from my church who died ten years ago. He was lustful of the Christian women of the church despite his being married. A demon ripped out his heart and threw it into a large frying pan. The demon said, "His heart is lustful and he committed adultery in thought by betraying his wife."


I went to the section and saw the Christian slanderers. They invented lies to destroy ministries within their churches. They wanted to keep the offices of the churches and invented lies to harm the workers.


I saw Christians who had no mercy on their neighbor. They had financial conditions and refused to help their neighbors. They were greedy and foolish.


I saw Christians who had envy and jealousy. They were jealous of their pastor's closeness to other members. A sister was in hell for being jealous of her friend in church. She even made intrigues of all the people who approached her friend. She wanted the friendship just for her. And because of these things she is in hell because of jealousy.


I went to the section and saw a group of Christians who are in hell for being disappointed with God. They failed to succeed in their professions and rebelled against God. They were frustrated not to succeed in their material lives and blamed God for failing to honor their faith. They died in these sins and are in hell.


I went to the section where the vain Christians are. They had many cars, land, and apartments. They spent the money to make their lives luxurious and extravagant. Vanity is something that wants to appear and get the attention of the world, saying, "Look at me; don't you see me? I am different." They are in hell for living in ostentation.


I went to the section of Christians addicted to pornographic films. To my surprise, I saw Deacon Edgar, an old friend of my father's. I thought he was of salvation. He is there for not being able to get rid of the pornographic films. He had his wife, but he could not fulfill his desire with her. He only felt pleasure when he watched a movie. The wife had no use in the sexual act and suffered a betrayal. Her husband betrayed her by thinking of pornographic actresses.

I saw another Christian who is in hell for watching pornographic movies and made his wife a prostitute, imitating all the scenes that happened in the movies. I saw a name written on the plaque saying: place of the immoral.


I went to the section of the impure. There are men and women who have sex with animals. Men who had sex with the corpses. They suffered the worst tortures and mutilations in hell. The Lord Jesus did not allow me to go to other sections in hell. I only went to the sections of Christians that were lost.


After the last place I visited, a bright light came up to me and shone there. The light took me out of hell and took me into the air where I found a tall, strong angel with the sword in his hand. The angel looked at me and said, "Speak to the church that is going through difficulty what was revealed to you. Many have murmured instead of praying and strengthening their covenant."

The angel said, "It is time to return to earth."


A chariot of fire and a horse came down to us. We got into the carriage. The angel let me drive that carriage and sat next to me. I did not know which way to go and was lost going left, right and back.

The angel looked at me and said, "You do not know what direction you are going. So is your spiritual life. Release the reins, you do not have to drive the carriage, it knows where it goes."

I released the reins and the carriage took the opposite direction to where I was going.

The angel said, "Until now you have conducted your ministry by the strength of your arm. You have annulled Jesus of this work. Look at this carriage and see that you do not have to drive it. It is time to let the Holy Spirit take the direction of your life and direct your ministry."


The angel said, "You have walked in unseen places and planted in infertile lands. Make a fix today in your life, stop practicing martial arts from hell. Jesus is your defense, you do not need the fight to protect yourself. The martial arts serve to hit the image of God who is your neighbor. Jesus was against Peter's violence when he cut the soldier's ear. And He was taken to the sacrifice of the cross being stoned, whipped and slapped. And yet He did not raise His hands against His tormentors."

Remember what it says in Luke chapter 6 verse 29, to him who strikes your cheek, offer him the other. The apostles also did not use physical force and were brought to the slaughter like sheep. Their weapons were the holy Word that came out of their mouths.


Tell the missionary Murilo that he has a gun hidden in his house, nobody knows, but Jesus knows. He does not need it, the Holy Spirit is his defense. The Lord Jesus does not want his servants either in the police or in the army. Because their lives are in danger and if they kill for self-defense they already practiced the murder even knowing what the Word condemns. There are professions that it is not for the servants of God. Professions that lie, deceive, and make sin do not come from God.

The chariot went down to my house and the angel commanded my spirit to return to the body.


And I went to evangelize in the city of Havana, Cuba. I did not know the danger I was running into. The regime of that country is not as liberal as that of other countries in Latin America. I was preaching in the square and was surprised by a group of men. They were not police officers, but they work for the government. They took me to a secluded townhouse.

I stayed in a room chained in the chair and with a gag in my mouth. They picked up electrical wires and turned on the power and shocked me. I took an electric shock to the point of falling to the ground. The torturers put a towel on my face and closed my nostrils. And with a water hose made me swallow that water until I choked. I was in a small cell of short stature. When I entered the room I crouched for the little space. They turned on the refrigeration system, I felt very cold. Then they turned on the heater and I felt warm and with a loudspeaker with annoying sounds. They left me without food and drink. I suffered psychological torture. They applied the serum that made me sleep.

The Holy Spirit gave me the strength to endure the pain, hunger, and thirst. This group performed satanic rituals in front of me with my own blood. One of the members said, "Here is a communist country, you cannot speak of your God. Let's destroy Christianity. We are the agents of the beast of the apocalypse. It was our communist empire that influenced Adolf Hitler to hate the Jews and kill millions of them. When communism completely dominates the world, we will shut down all Christian temples. We are the scarlet woman of the apocalypse, we have killed more Christians in history than the Catholic church. Islamic terrorist groups are together with us. It is communism that sponsors terrorist groups and also the criminal factions of drug trafficking around the world. We hate Christians and Jews. Who created the political ideology that supports abortion, homosexuality, rebel movements like hippies, punks, reggae, rockers, and others? We are the ones who did that."

We will change the federal laws of all countries to destroy the Gospel. In a few decades, families will be destroyed by sexual immorality. We will build a culture fallen and out of the Christian standard. We will destroy the humanity that believes in God and new people will be born with an ideology of the Antichrist. We are taking the authority of parents from their children. Our project is to make iniquity evolve and multiply throughout the world and thus become the Babylon of the apocalypse. We are investing a lot of money in novels, movies and cartoons to destroy the family and all kinds of inventions and technology to achieve global contamination. We are a unique political party and Satanist. Our network of political parties already dominates the world.

Whatever we do, we consult Lucifer. He passes on the co-ordinations of hell to build a world that has its image and likeness. We will change the laws to benefit Satan. We will create gay marriages and establish a New World Order. The world is already being indoctrinated by our master Lucifer.

The Vatican is in our hands and the Pope already follows the doctrine of our master. The Islamic factions work for us. Communism is God and is creating a new era. Soon a man will reign and take over the world government and will be at the top of politics.

All political parties work for a network of communism. Parties are only enemies in the media to deceive the world. All parties work for us and obey our orders. They are our cells that are paving the way for the Antichrist to reign. We already have the mark of the beast. Communism is an organism where millions of politicians and Satanists are at work. The media work to spread our lies. We deceive the people with false promises that will not be fulfilled. All this to save time until the Antichrist takes over and nothing will improve in this world. Politics is manipulating you.

The world is confused and does not know which political party is right. It's no use running away from anyone who votes for us and we'll never get out of power. Communism finances evil on earth and implements war, famine, death and diseases created in the laboratory.

These men who tortured me work for communism. They are just employees who perform the service of the great Satanists. They spoke all the secrets of the government, thinking that I would die in that prison. At dusk, they left me in the torture room all cut. I no longer had any hope of living. They were killing me little by little. Those Satanists looked like the devils of hell who tortured souls. I saw how the demons possessed them to torture me.

The idea of manufacturing contraceptive to kill babies and destroy the family came from the adherents of communism. I was caught up in hell, but God did not let me be tortured. Now I was being tortured by the demons' followers. In that cold, damp room a demon appeared to me and said, "How do you feel being in a piece of hell?" And he laughed. That room looked like part of hell on earth.

But the angel of the Lord appeared to me the same night, the same angel I saw in my rapture. He helped me what to do on earth. The angel's anointing made the chains and padlock fall to the floor and unlocked the prison door. I could not escape because I was weak from the loss of blood and lack of food. I fell to the ground and I was out of power to get up. The place was far from the city, I had no strength to walk there and no money to go by bus. They saved my life because I would be used as a laboratory genetic experiment. I was the experiment mouse for evil projects.

The angel lifted me from the ground and took me in my arms. I fainted and woke up at home lying in my bed. I believe I was translated quickly or the angel with his speed of lightning brought me from Cuba to my country. I could not even get there by plane. The angel told me not to plant seeds in infertile lands. That place refused the Gospel, I could not win souls. The angel asked me to walk in the direction of God.

After that suffering, I decided to obey and go to the places that Jesus ordered. My wife took me to the hospital and I was hospitalized because of blade infections. 

Communism is one hundred percent Antichrists and hates God. It is an empire that acts like a beast that destroys and devours men. The radical Muslims who work for this empire are the crushing teeth of the communist beast. The red color of communism resembles the Roman Empire. Communism may be the new Roman empire that will rise to persecute the church and the Jews. 

The ideology of unifying the world is to expect the world ruler to be part of their projects. I saw their plans and now I am sure that communism will bring all the policies together into one. 

May the peace of the Lord Jesus enlighten us all amen.



I will begin to report how my false conversion was. I began to congregate in a Neo-Pentecostal church. The liberal teachings of this pastor made me remain blind for many years within the church. I thought I was saved and I knew the truth. Members of our church were going to the movies to watch the new movie releases. Sometimes the workers played a football game on the field. Some took their shirts off. The next day we did Pentecostal services seeking the Holy Spirit. We spoke in strange tongues, I also spoke that day.

We have done the whole month of worship that seeks spiritual gifts. I received the gifts of prophecies and cures. I delivered prophecies and revealed people's whole life. I healed the sick with the laying on of hands, but I did not leave the world. I played football and was addicted to movies. I was a person who argued with the other brothers over the job and fought with my opponents. I even assaulted my wife several times wanting to impose my authority. Luckily my wife never divorced me for loving me. She was not evangelical, but she knew how to give a better testimony of life than I did.

I was not converted because I did not know the truth that set me free. Until God pressed His finger on my life, I lost my job and became ill. I preached that the Christians who are unemployed and living a miserable life did not have God in their lives. And the sick Christians I said they were cursed. I mocked them saying that the devil has taken over their lives. I had a job that was doing very well and I was in good health.

I said that God must be in my life if I am receiving these blessings. Until I was cast down and humbled by God for my self-exaltation. I became very ill and without the ability to work I was fired from the company.

I prayed to God, saying, "Lord, I am Your servant, I do not accept these curses of the Devil."

God did not listen to me. I was fainting, and my wife took care of me. I was bedridden and too weak to get up. I could only walk with the help of my wife. She took me to the hospital, but my illness was hidden inside my body and the doctors could not find out the cause. I was scared to know that the illness was something supernatural because the doctors did not find out the cause. I prayed to God, humbling myself in His presence for the first time.

I said, "Lord, if I have sinned, forgive me, lift me up from this bed, and remember the gifts that You have given me to do Your work."


Jesus in His white robes like the snow that shone a white color appeared to me, approaching my bed. He dimmed the light so I could see Him. His serious face was not approving of my attitude.

He said, "I never gave you gifts. You were never My servant. You never did My will."

I said, "Lord, do not You remember that I prayed to the Lord and received the gift of tongues, then of prophecies and cures?"

Jesus answered, "It was not Me. A deceiving spirit possessed your mouth to speak in tongues and used you to deliver prophecies. The cures that you did were provided by the demons. And your revelations you received for every life are divination. The demons know the life of each person and used your mouth to prophesy to them. I never had you, My truth was not in your life. Your pastor prepared you in the lie, teaching you a false Gospel. You humbled yourself before Me. I heard your cry of humiliation for the first time. Your selfish prayers saying that I had an obligation to bless you were never heard or answered. I am not your servant to do your will, you have to do Mine."


When I heard this rebuke my spirit in a matter of seconds was already beside Jesus. He said, "I will show in vision the church that will operate great signs in the Tribulation. This Tribulation church will have millions of branches worldwide. This false church is the only one that will exist and will bring together all the religions of the whole world to form one."

The False Prophet is the leader of this church and will have powers to execute the laws of death, killing people who do not follow the Beast. It will be a totally idolatrous church full of miracles and cures. The images of this church speak and even heal everyone who touches them.

This church has the power to intervene and take away people's freedom. The power that this church will have in people's lives was given through the Beast because of the covenant between the False Prophet and the Antichrist. These two persons will command the world in the great tribulation. The religion commanded by the False Prophet who is the Beast who came up from the Earth. And the policy commanded by the Antichrist who is the Beast who came up out of the sea.

In the vision, I saw the spirit of the Beast rising from the depths of the Earth, from the deepest infernal abyss. And the other spirit went up from the depths of the sea, even from the deep. I believe these two beasts were trapped in the abyss of hell.

The Spirit of the Earth Beast went to the Middle East and won all of Asia. The people of Israel and the Muslims accepted the Beast as their king. This man introduced the anti-Christian religion that came about as the whole appearance of charity is quite attractive. The false appearance of goodness offered the people all iniquity and abomination. He did not fight evil but strengthened sin. This false religion created 2 Gods of flesh in which the people could see and talk.

The False Prophet made the world population bow before him and the Antichrist. This religion was the most idolatrous of all time and operated as many signs as it had never seen before. Not even the churches of our day did as many miracles as I saw in the vision. The false prophets of our day will be too small in healing operations compared to this religion that will come to subdue the world.

The Antichrist will be a strategic man and will lead all religions into a single religion, to which the False Prophet will be the greatest religious leader of all time. The world taken by the religion implanted by the Antichrist will be marked with its sign. This mark will make many be properties of the Beast. And thousands upon millions of demons were released to work in the church of the False Prophet.

I was frightened to see several dark-shadow cults invading Earth. All the people who went to their churches were not faithful to God. Their congregations remained with the same name as the denomination founded by their pastor. But in tribulation who was being worshiped in the temple was the Beast. His statue was within all the earthly churches that were places of worship before God. All the Christian people, who had denied Jesus, were inside the temples being submissive to the greatest authority of the earth, the False Prophet.

The immorality reached a high level that every kind of sin was considered normal. The spiritual lives of the people were poisoned by the religious system of the Beast. People were spiritually dead through teaching, worship and the idolatry of the dogmas of the Beast.

The Holy Spirit no longer works in people's lives because of the rottenness of sin. The submission of the people to the anti-Christian teaching caused the Holy Spirit to depart from them. The Holy Spirit was with those who had the seal and remained hidden from the pursuers. The false church caused the spiritual death of almost the entire world population. There were no more evangelical churches to worship Jesus. The temples were invaded by the images of the Beast.

The true worshipers were worshiping Jesus in secret places. And the great signs, healings, strange appearances, and tongues were taking place in the temples of the worshipers of the Beast. All this happened without the presence of the Holy Spirit. Millions of people worshiping, several churches open, but God's chosen ones were not there, because Satan usurped the altar of worship by taking the pulpits of these denominations by profaning them with their filth.

God's people lost their freedom and preached the hidden Word of God. What has been revealed to me was that the world religious system will reign on Earth, and no other religion will stand before this gigantic organization that will crush the world and annihilate all religions on Earth.

Jesus said to me, "Write down everything you saw and witness on Earth."


Seeing this vision my spirit descended to hell. I came to a place where there are many children. I beheld a child being whipped in hell. The demon when he saw me showed the life of that child. She screamed at her parents when she was scolded. This child had a fit of fury and banged her head on the wall, kicking and punching her parents. An evil spirit possessed that 7-year-old child, staying inside her until her death. I noticed how much she suffered and caught up with demons like the adults. There are children ages 5 to 11 who are being tormented. They shout the names of their parents to get them out of that place.


The demon whipping those children said, "They were innocent until television, games stole their innocence. I made them corrupt, leaving their minds malicious, and some of them practiced early sexual acts."

Many people questioned me, saying that Jesus took a child and said that the kingdom of heaven belongs to them and to enter heaven, one must be equal to them. When Jesus took that child He knew of his purity. Jesus would not take an impure child to speak that he is of the kingdom of the heavens. The children who mocked the bald man of Elisha were rebellious and were devoured by a bear. These children who mocked Elisha are in prisons in hell. I did not know they were them. I realized that their souls are of an ancient time because of their robes although rebellious children in the time of the prophets were few.

Jesus was able to find a group of pure children. Children in the time of Jesus were pure for their innocence. It is now almost impossible to find an 8-year-old child with soul purity. Technology, media such as movies, novels, and serials introduce evil content into their innocent minds and pure hearts. Jesus looks at the children of today with much sorrow and would never speak that these belong to the kingdom of the heavens.

Adam and Eve were pure and innocent living in paradise. When they used their eyes to sin by coveting the forbidden fruit. they lost their innocence. The sin of the eyes is when the child looks at the television. This child will begin to covet what the actors and actresses do. Adam and Eve coveted and sinned, their destiny was the expulsion from paradise.

When I meditate on this Word and realize that every child, though born with the root of sin that is dead within, these children are destined for the kingdom of heaven. When they begin to watch television, all their innocence is lost equal to that of Adam and Eve. The root of the sin that is within themselves begins to wake up because of these things. The child loses the right of salvation in the same way that Adam and Eve lost the right to live in paradise after losing their innocence. Adam and Eve became so immoral that they hid from the presence of God. They were ashamed of their nudity.

That's what happened to those kids I saw in hell. They loved to see the electronic nudes, getting malicious like Adam and Eve. The Devil has always wanted to corrupt children's souls, the sooner this is done, the greater the number of children will be dragged to hell. In ancient times it was difficult for a child to go to hell, his level of purity was holy. These days, many Christians' children are going down to hell. The cause of these deaths are accidents, illnesses, suicides, and murders.

Listen to all of you who hear this testimony, if you love your child and do not wish them to go to hell, never let your child watch television, do not buy video game of violence and terror games. Occupy your children with the work of Jesus equal to the prophet Samuel and others who were delivered to the service of the house of God. You and your whole household must serve Jesus, starting with the example of the parents.

Television was the devil's greatest play, the greatest instrument of home-based corruption. If for adults it is forbidden to contaminate the mind, imagine the children who still do not know how to differentiate reality and lie. Television corrupts everyone, regardless of age, it is an evil work


Also, there are children in hell because of toys like female dolls and male dolls. The children who are in hell that I witnessed, idolized their toys and died to go to that place.

1 Corinthians 6: 9 says that idolaters will not inherit the kingdom of God, regardless of their age.

The demon that tormented the children said, "The toys are like a statue of a saint of plaster, clay or wood. We are hidden behind all kinds of images. Toys are also childlike pictures. Television also has images of the actors and actresses who are idolized through their images that are exposed in the media."

When the demon finished speaking, a verse came into my mind. Exodus 20: 4 will not worship any kind of image. Toys are images created to serve the children's audience. The demons are hidden through dolls and puppets waiting for a child to buy the toy for them to own. When parents bring these dolls into their homes they are bringing images of childish idolatry to their homes.

I saw an army of demons of possession ascending from hell to Earth. They infiltrated all the toy stores in the world. Through these infant statues, the demons had access to the body of the children changing their personality and behavior. I also saw demons ascending to Earth and possessing the mind of all the children who had their toys. Their personalities and their behaviors were changed through the demons that lived within their minds. These demons put thoughts of sexual desires into the hearts of the children.

The devil who torments the children in hell said, "A girl who plays mother to be with her doll, we will throw these feelings so that they have sexual intercourse before the age and come to have a premature pregnancy. We make 10-, 11-year-olds look for relationships earlier, we own their bodies making them look for grown men. It's not all the pedophiles' fault. The demon still said that the spirit of sensuality, which is in the cartoons and movies are possessing the children who watch. First, we corrupt their minds and hearts so that we may have their own small bodies."


Upon hearing all the evil plan that was executed on Earth, a force pulled me out of hell. I met Jesus, He showed me in a vision how the millennium will be. Earth began to be green, flowers, plants, and trees grew in dry, infertile places. Even in the desert grass grew and water rose. The city of Jerusalem looked like the garden of Eden with its beautiful flowers and fruit-laden trees. There were varieties of fruit, clean water had no pollution. The people of Israel were happy in that land which is the true breeder of milk and honey. Everyone worshiped Jesus as He came down to visit the people on earth. Jesus left His representatives in Jerusalem, then went up to heaven. The life expectancy has increased from 200, 300, 500 and 800 years as of old. The deaths were natural, for the angel of death has not yet been judged. Revelation 20:14, And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. It will be when death will be annihilated from the earth and no one else will be able to die. In the millennium there will be deaths and also new births. Abundant life was all over the planet, those who died ascended to heaven. Their life development index was so high that a 200-year-old man spawned multitudes of children to fill the earth.

The population of the people of Israel was almost destroyed, all the infidels died, only the remnants lived in that place. A woman of 100 years was very fertile and she gave birth to many children to reward the deaths of the people of Israel during the tribulation. The desert began to produce trees and plants that cure diseases. These people that were there still had not their bodies changed, but they still had their sinful natures, but they obeyed Jesus.

People who were not from Israel traveled to Jerusalem which is the seat of world government. It is from Israel that Jesus passes the laws to the four corners of the world. Israel becomes the leading country that rules the world. God exalts His nation before the peoples. His promises to make Israel a great nation is fulfilled.

Lions ate grass, all carnivorous animals became vegetarians. The snakes had no more poisons. The people played with the lions and the snakes, they swam with the crocodiles. Nature was in harmony, the climate was not disorganized and inverted just like today. What is planted, given, and all fed on the fruit of the earth.

The money and the currency created by the ambitious man, banks and markets aimed at the financier were destroyed. The Earth gave everything by replacing the market and the banks. Gold, Jasper of God, replaced paper money.

When the people wept, they were glad to see Jesus descending from heaven to them. Brothers my spirit has walked through the millennial Jerusalem, it is something wonderful. Upon the earthly Jerusalem, there was a city of floating gold that was above the clouds. The people of Israel saw this city, it is in the universe, right on top of our planet. It was far to consider the height of the universe to Earth. But its brilliance was as resplendent as the sun. At night that giant square glowed like a star, it looked like a city of fire because it was all yellow gold. By day it was not as visible as the night. A great cloud covered that city by day like the cloud covering the sun.

Exodus 13:21 And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night: 

That was how I saw the square city at night shone like the sun and by day a cloud covered it. Both the fire and the cloud symbolize the direction and the right path. Somehow that heavenly city was leading the earthly city of Jerusalem. The fire and the cloud were the presence of God who led the people of Israel. The Heavenly Jerusalem right on top of Earthly Jerusalem means that the presence of God is looking at Israel from above. The light that came from the city above radiated blessings, prosperities and the anointing of that people. The church was in the heavenly city with Jesus. Where the king is, it must be the queen, he will rule the world with her.

When someone was sad in the earthly Jerusalem, Jesus came down and comforted him. The people of this city saw angels, they descended and manifested to the people, even ate fruits and vegetables afterward. The laws that were put in the world were about righteousness, morals, holiness, and the duty of every person.

The technology that was born of the fruit of the science of evil that contaminated the whole world to the children no longer existed.

Jesus communicated with His people when He came down. The church was in the heavenly Jerusalem together with the Father and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit finished His work on the earth, He was the mediator of the people to Jesus when He was absent from the earth. It does not mean that Jesus cannot be on earth, since of course, Jesus came to visit. But as the Holy Spirit was on earth, it was necessary for Him [Holy Spirit] to stay.

Now that Jesus has manifested to His people, the role of mediator of the Holy Spirit between Jesus and man was annulled. Jesus is now so close to them as their king, following the descendants of David. He is the last King of the seed of David, the everlasting King who will remain with His people forever.

God the Father could not be seen by the people of Israel, they were still mortal. The church could not go down to Earthly Jerusalem, the people had their bodies changed and they are holy. I had the pleasure of having this vision next to my Master. And Jerusalem is slowly going down to Earth, it will only stay on Earth when our planet is sanctified, undergoing a transformation.


I was taught in a false church that we cannot be poor and have diseases. I was taught that God's Word had so much power that even if a matter was not God's will, God's Word can be used to make things happen. The teaching of the church about positive confession, healing, health, and prosperity was directed to the things of the earth and their achievements were the goods of the earth. The talk of holiness, renunciation, sin, hell, and rapture point to rewards that await the saved.

I left this church by order of Jesus, there was nothing that added in my spiritual life. And you who congregate in neo-Pentecostal churches leave them, for they will take you to hell. I was deceived by their doctrines.


I cast out devils thinking I have authority from Jesus. He appeared to me and showed me in a vision of how my life was. I was chained from head to toe. He told me, "Look at your situation, how can you drive out the demons if you are imprisoned by them? My son, you do not cast out devils, nor can you have My authority. How will you handle My sword if your hands are imprisoned? Son, you must first let go to receive My gifts, you cannot use My spiritual tools in this condition. Today I break the spiritual chains of your life and free your soul, you will be free. Remember, do not go back to practicing your past works. If you do, you will be double chained, this time by 7 demons."

This was the warning Jesus gave me. He is kind in offering a new opportunity for me to begin. May the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be manifested in every home, in every life and family, Amen.