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The year 1984

When I was a 10-year-old girl, I watched a lot of movies. Seeing sexy women gave me the desire to be just like them. A spirit of sensuality saw this opening in my heart of wanting to be like the actresses. This spirit possessed me. I was still a child, I started to walk in sexy clothes and in short clothes. I started to get closer to older men and began to fornicate with adults hidden from my parents.


I met witches friends and started on voodoo and black magic to conquer whatever man I want. I grew up in witchcraft and perfected the gift offered by the devil.

I am an ex-Satanist, a voodoo practitioner, today converted by the power of God. I traveled to Europe and the United States in search of big clients who have a lot of money to hire my services. I was hungry in my country and I dreamed of making lots of money. I was called to make deals with rich people when I traveled to the United States. I made deals with famous people like actresses, actors, and singers who were starting their career at the time and wanted to achieve great success. Large business owners of aircraft companies, cars and also the owner of television channels.

They all brought in small children to perform sacrificial rituals. Innocent child blood has a lot of strength in the dark world and virgin girl blood is important in black magic. These men paid for thieves to kidnap children on the streets and out of schools. Sometimes the children went out to buy something and did not return to their homes.

Street children are targets of these criminals. Singers, actresses, and actors in search of more successes did not spare the children in sacrifices. Television channel owners offered sacrifices to win audiences. These men are able to pay dearly for it.

All the money that goes through the commercials goes to the rituals of offering sacrifices. Even money from the evangelical schemes of offerings that people give for the gospel to be preached go to pay for these rituals. The owners of the broadcasters spend a lot of money on the sacrifices.

I speak to all the evangelical pastors who give money to keep their programming on television. Be aware that all of your programming money goes to the black altar. I have already received these monies from the owners of the stations.

The pastor was giving millions of dollars so that his programming would not go out of the air, then some of that money was used for the ritual on the altar that is near the transmission tower. It was in a  house reserved only for sacrifices.

Models of catwalks, dancers of TV programs, groups of dances, all of these offered their souls to Satan for success, fame, and money. I was the mediator of all covenants at the time. I made a lot of money doing blood deals on rituals for fame.

When the devil embodied me, I took the blood of the people to make the covenants. I make a small cut on the person's arm and sucked the blood. Because of this practice of drinking the blood, I was contaminated by the AIDS virus.

A sorcerer who wanted to take my clients, I cast a spell that left him severely injured. When he was hospitalized and would undergo surgery, I did a death ritual for that sorcerer. When the doctor went to do the surgery, a demon accompanied him so that at the time of surgery, he cut a vein that caused a hemorrhage leading the man to sudden death. The doctor did not remember anything and even said that he had never committed such a serious surgical error in 30 years of medicine.


My conversion was in a church of a false pastor. This pastor is a charlatan who never preached the truth and all his arguments were to extract money from the members. Those who did not give money received no blessing and that was the main theme of his messages.

One day this false preacher was preaching a message of prosperity. I was still a sorceress and on that day at his meeting, something happened at that moment. Because of me, I had to hear another word, not the usual one that he normally preaches. Something took over his body and he changed his words bringing a spiritual and edifying message leaving the church in awe. That Word entered my heart and that night I became a Christian.

He had preached against his own doctrine unwittingly. It was the Holy Spirit that took his mouth. I believe God used his mouth just as he used the donkey's to speak to Balaam. In a tongue that utters lies, God used to save me from the deception of Satan.

After that message, I serve God today. Not even the false pastor knows what he preached that night. He does not even remember this message and it was through it that many members left because the Word was hard for all who were after financial blessings. That message was different. It was not the pastor preaching as he preached with closed eyes. He never preached in this way. He always wrote down what he was going to say and always delivered the message with his eyes open.

I threw all the images of the saints into the trash and the satanic ritual house was handed over to the church. I did 21 days of prayers daily without interruption.


I was raptured to the kingdom of heaven in this time of prayer. Jesus was at the narrow door of heaven and received me. He led me into a room that I saw a compartment and a large golden key joined with a giant chain that shone. And I also saw a strange object that reflected a light like a precious stone. Jesus said that that object is the seal that will immobilize the body of Satan and neutralize his movements. The chain I saw is the one that will hold Satan for 1000 years in the abyss for the earth to have peace. The key I saw is the one that will lock the portal of the abyss so that it does not rise to the earth.


I had several visions in heaven of many churches. I've seen churches decorated with artwork. Jesus said, "That the altar is being offered to the pictures of artwork. This is idolatry to the gods in the form of artwork."

I saw more idolatry on the altars like the television screen above the pulpits. A church with a television screen was playing the movie of Jesus. The other church also had a television screen passing church advertising. Jesus said these are altars of devils erected in the pulpits.

The angel took me to my church and terrible things were revealed. Single workers lusting after married women. The sin of greed was surfacing within my church. Married Christians betraying their wives in secret. Couples were committing adultery and betraying their spouses. All these couples congregate with me.

The youths of my church are in fornication with people who do not serve Jesus and do not congregate with us. The pastor's wife is also desired by the members. And the shepherd himself felt a burning desire for a single girl.

When I passed the revelations to my church I was expelled and excommunicated from it.


The angel revealed to me that the Bibles are going to be taken away from publishers, giving way to the Bibles of studies of false prophets and their books.

The government will establish laws contrary to God's Word. If the church does not comply with these laws like homosexual marriage, they will be closed. Churches will be forced to permit same-sex marriages in their congregations. Government laws will change for the worse and will be contrary to the Word of God.

May we come prepared for the great evil that will come upon the earth. The whole hell will rise against the church in the last days. This will happen before the great tribulation.


When the Antichrist arrives the temples of the churches will be taken and the shepherds who do not deliver the temples will have to flee. The government will make great persecution of the people of God and many churches that used to worship Jesus will close their doors.


The angel also showed me many prayers from believers suspended in the air and did not come up because of a wall. I asked, "Why do these prayers not rise to heaven?" The angel answered me, "This barrier is the sin of their lives that keep their prayers from rising."

Sinful prayers do not go up to God.

Isaiah 59: 2 But your iniquities make a separation between you and your God; and your sins cover His face with you, lest He hears you.

Psalms 66:18  If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me: 

I pray to God for all who hear this testimony for the awakening of the church. Peace and grace abide with us amen.

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