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The Lord and I went up to the earth. The Lord said to me, "Who will prophesy on the dry bones of these churches if the false prophets do not let My servants preach the truth? They say that they do not cast off sin because the Holy Spirit has not testified in their spirits, but the Holy Spirit cannot testify in dead spirits. They are far from Me, far from My ways; they do not hear My voice, do not feel My spirit that is so close to them. They have lost their spiritual sensibilities. Ninety percent of these churches will not rise. Only ten percent will rise, Leviticus 27:30, And all the tithe of the land, whether of the seed of the land or of the fruit of the tree, is the LORD'S: it is holy unto the LORD.  These were His last words.

The Lord left me in my room where my body was. The next day I told the church where I pastor. After these revelations, I was very strict, because Satan does not play. The Lord Jesus is not happy with the situation of the churches. They are dead most of them are in ruins.

The Holy Spirit told me, "The bridegroom has not sought the bride yet, because there are few that are prepared. He wants more souls to reap, altars must be restored. These ruins must be repaired and raised for the number of brides to increase."


Then I saw a big show with technological effects, flashing lights to attract the young. All caught the attention of the crowd. There was a human strategy to attract people. There was a lot of manipulation of faith within that church. The demons blinded the understandings of those people through the signs. All this distracted the people and held their attention so that the demons did not let them think what was wrong there. The spirit of deceit was there, but many churches are following the same techniques of manipulation. The demons make those cults stay attractive to call attention, making them not see what is wrong behind this ministry.

Brothers and sisters, I saw demons inside those churches. I did not see God there. There was not an angel there, everything was delivered by the hands of the demons. I visited several churches where there were devils. There were also angels, but in that church, I saw no angel. I went away sad to my house; never again would I put my feet in that church. I thought that every church was God's, but many are open to evil purposes run by people used by demons.

My knee sank and I went to pray to God. I was ashamed to ask for an equal gift from that false shepherd. I prayed to God and said, "Where are that holy people that make a difference and put those demons to run?"

A voice said to me, "My people are not there. They are all imprisoned by deceit, deprived of knowing My word as it is for truth."

I cried for the situation of people who are losing their salvation. It is what it says in the word, "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities, Revelation 18:4-5.

Do not look for a church that offers pleasurable things to your flesh. Look for a church that troubles your flesh, look for a holy church that will make you walk the narrow way. God acts in churches like that. Do not look for one church that preaches with its sinful nature, lets you do what you want so that you are no longer deceived.

Satan transforms into an angel of light to deceive you, make you believe that God is there. God does not dwell where there is iniquity. The Holy Spirit is clean, never enter into a place that defiles the name of God. If you insist on walking in the fallen churches, you will be deceived. They will offer you a Gospel without a commitment to God. There the bride prostitutes herself with other gods; nothing is a sin, all is grace. God is like a waiter to take and fulfill your orders for blessings. Such churches emphasize only on asking for blessings but offer nothing to Jesus who demands holiness in the body, soul, and spirit.

Which husband would remain married to a wife who does not give herself completely, who does not love him, who pretend in her love for him? I want only what He can offer, but I do not want commitment. Most churches are brides of interest. It hurts the heart of Jesus. The Holy Spirit moves away.



"Let's create several evangelical churches with their adulterated doctrines; use our ministers to teach a modified Gospel, and they will never know that they are straying from the true Gospel, and thus gain their souls."

"Our struggle is to win the largest number of Christians. Those in the world are already ours."

Satan struck the table in the middle of the meeting and said, "We have a problem. The conservative churches that have not yet modernized can exist another hundred years without changing and innovating their doctrines. These churches have few souls that we have conquered."

"Some conservative churches have opened for modernization. We are already gaining souls there. The minority of churches have struggled against our modernization. We will press on. They cannot resist. We will exhaust them, and draw their members to go and congregate in modern churches."

"When these conservative pastors lose their membership, they will have no other choice but to succumb to modernity, otherwise their churches have to close their doors."


The Lord Jesus said to me, "In a spiritual war, those who are not armed with the spiritual weapons of God will be dominated by sin and enslaved by demons. They imprison churches in spiritual chains; many Christians are captive."

The Lord Jesus showed me in the vision the devil's enslavement of churches. They were chained by sin, all were prisoners of the legions. The demons imprisoned whole churches in a great black cage.

I saw other churches, where the demons walked within their hall. They did not fear the Christians there, and they walked freely. They did not disturb the demons. They did not frighten themselves.

The Lord Jesus showed me that this church is weak, unequipped in spiritual armor to combat evil.

The Lord Jesus told me: today's churches have large numbers of Christians, but they do not have the spiritual conditions to fight the world for two reasons.

They have not renounced the world. They are still connected with pleasures, and sin is weakened.

The other reason is that they do not like to pray, which makes it difficult for their spiritual eyes to be opened. Without prayer, they have no authority against evil. Without prayer they become cold. Their hearts are filled with carnal desires. They become discouraged. They cannot dominate their flesh. Without prayer and holiness, they lose the strategies of vanquishing the demons.

The church that does not pray is cold; they have no gifts of the Holy Spirit. Its spiritual vision does not open, the people are distant from Me, cannot overcome the flesh and are believers filled with strife.

The legions fear a church clothed with power, that prays, humbles before Me and does My will. Churches that think they are self-sufficient, do not seek My face, are easy targets for demons.

The Lord Jesus showed me another church. They did not bother with sin. They prostrated themselves before the world, sin had conquered that people.

This Christian army is without war general that is the Holy Spirit that has moved away. These warriors no longer had spiritual ears. They lost the sensitivity of hearing the voice of God. The Holy Spirit even removed from that people, warned of the evil and danger of Satan, but sin had deafened and blinded that people.

The Lord Jesus showed me the spiritual situation of that church. Their hands were all chained, and the demons held those chains and dragged them to the abyss. They lack the strength to fight back. The sin in their lives had weakened and taken away their strength.

The Lord Jesus showed me a church with about 500 members and revealed their spiritual realities. All this army were unarmed. Their hands were naked, and had not the sword of the Spirit. The demons were not frightened with this church.

In another vision, I saw demons wanting to undermine the forces of true Christians. Satan was preparing their last attacks against the churches. Their targets were those who are committed to the truth and live the word.

Satan planned to use some of these churches to provoke a rebellion against sound doctrine, and in favor of modern doctrinal reform and liberalism.

Satan invests his wiles to divide the people of the holy churches, to divide the body of Christ, causing rebellion against truth.

These groups that rebel left the church and drew a crowd away with them, to open temples, and impose their carnal doctrines and free of compromises with the truth, according to their vain hearts.



Jesus said, "I will reveal to you what is happening in the churches, listen and tell mankind." Jesus took my hands and stood me and said, "Satan will confront all those who are weak. Against the true believer, he flees because he cannot resist the truth."

Jesus showed me in a vision Satan attacking the churches in cowardice. When he could not defeat that congregation, he used social networks to defame that congregation by using weak church members. That congregation was attacked and the scandal marks stayed in that church. Satan used his evil darts and left his marks, but that congregation, while being defamed, was prepared to defend against those attacks. Satan and his demons could not overthrow that church. There they were all spiritually armed and walking in the Spirit.

I saw devils causing divisions within other churches. These demons chose the weakest and most carnal ones throwing evil darts in their minds and their hearts. The weaker believers were manipulated by the evil forces to overthrow the stronger believers. The carnal believers were used to make spiritual believers out of their congregations. Without these spiritual believers, the church did not grow and became an easy target for deception. The demons' plan was to draw those brothers through the weakest. Any church that has spiritual believers, every evil work in those churches was unmasked and revealed to me. I have seen devils working within churches that opened their doors wide to them and many of their pastors were underestimating the strength and trickiness of the demons.

I saw devils tearing down great men of God and dragging them into the world. Their goal is to overthrow the most spiritual. In my travels to hell, I see the number of evangelicals is increasing in hell. This is not a joke. The situation is serious, everything is proof of the great work of demons. They do not play in service and have fulfilled their missions. So pray and watch and ask Jesus for strength.

Walking in the churches I have had terrible visions. I saw demons coming into the bodies of the weaker believers to persecute the spiritually strongest.

I say to you who walk in truth, be prepared for the insults and slander of the brethren who walk after the flesh. I have seen devils sending their ministers to preach within the churches, sowing heresies and lies. Watch over pastors whom you call to minister in your ministries. I saw demons within serious churches causing many to rebel against the shepherd, causing divisions within the church, putting the shepherds into difficulties.


All those who left their ministry at the time of their difficulty will return - those who have turned their backs at the moment they were needed in difficult times. The men whom you confided to help them in the ministry and left will return to their ministry. All who repent from his heart will be received as a prodigal son.

Write down these revelations and tell them all the churches. Do not forsake the faith, be true believers. Those who do not walk on the holy word will be struck by inflamed darts.

The angel brought my spirit into my body. On my return I bent my knee, Jesus appeared to me. I could not look very much at His face because of the radiance. I could not stand because of His presence. I fell to my knees with my face on the ground.



The angel and I continued walking. I saw Christians in hell for causing divisions in churches and putting an end to the brothers' union because of their disruptive and discordant language. Instead of uniting the Christians, they disarmed all the members, leaving one against the other, the church was destabilized, and now they paid in hell.


The next day I saw a man in torn clothes named Lorenzo who did charity work, helped the poor and distributed food to the homeless. He introduced himself to me as the evangelist of love, who follows the true path of Jesus. He said there is a church where everyone hears the word of God. I felt very happy hearing those words. Lorenzo cared for people in need.

He invited me to go to his church and gave me the address. I went to his church, and a crowd of people filled that house, which did not look like a church. There was not a pulpit but a chair that he sat in the front. Minutes later he started invoking a spirit to enter his body.

That spirit changed his personality and it was a spirit of a dead person manifesting in him. He passed messages to the families who lost their loved ones. At the end of that session, he dismissed the people.

I was alone with him. His works of charity is better than many Christians who do not look after the needy, but I did not approve of the work of being mediums to the spirits of departed people. I told Lorenzo to abandon these demonic practices, that does not please God. Lorenzo angrily said that the Christians who do not help the people contact their departed ones are not true servants of God.

I passed several verses of the Bible proving that reincarnation does not exist, and that the dead do not return; they are demons who act as familiar spirits that pass off as the departed ones. He with his humility took those verses and said he would review their concepts. I knew that Lorenzo is innocent; he was a victim of Satan's deception. I could see his innocence. A good man who helps people and talks about Jesus was being an instrument of Satan. Satan transforms himself into an angel of light, doing good deeds to deceive.

Much later, I went downtown and met Lorenzo. He looked so different, having the Bible in his hand and his face was bright. He said those verses I passed to him opened his eyes of deceit. He left the work of being a spiritism medium and said that I was the messenger of God, sent to save him. He was now congregating in a Christian church. I was happy with his release. He was praying more than 1 month for God to open his eyes.



When I got home I bent my knee to pray and had a tremendous vision of spiritual warfare on earth and in the air. Satan and his followers barred the angels in the air preventing them from descending with the blessings of the faithful, a war in the air was being waged. I also saw spiritual warfare between churches and demons on earth.

The Lord Jesus said, "Tell the church to put on holiness, not to lower the rear, keep your hands on the sword, watch and pray. May the fallen rise in the faith, and stand firm against the attacks of Satan, be strong and courageous, even with the whips that cause injury, resist. And if they have no strength to fight, I will heal the wounds and raise up the wounded warriors who will not give up on My path.

Tell the church to close the rear, for the devil seeks to enter, the greatest weakness of the devil is that of the straight church, fearing that he walks according to My word, against these Satan is a failure, he cannot defeat.

And all those who do not watch, Satan will attack to steal your salvation. He does not get tired of losing the war, he is always trying My people, he is insistent and he struggles to triumph over the church. Tell the church to depend on Me. I am your strength, do not exalt yourself, for being spiritual and obedient, Satan finds the weakness in the midst of strength.

Samson was strong. In the midst of his strength, Delilah found his weakness and made him fall, the greater the strength of man, but his weakness will appear. In the midst of a great spiritual coating, pride arises in the hearts which is the weak point of Satan's attack.

Tell the church not to trust in your strength, but in My strength. The demons study the strengths and weaknesses, and attack in the forces to undermine their resistances. But those who persevere will give authority to break down the evil forces and the evil fortresses will be destroyed by the pure and holy church.

Many use the knowledge to attack their brother and have lacked the strength to attack the evil fortresses and do not use their knowledge to save souls. Many have lost heart, are powerless, and fallen in faith. I will give the courage and strength to persevere to the end to all who seek the strength in Me.

Tell the church that your achievements are not material, but spiritual. My winners are not those who conquer the world but who conquer the heavens. Many have focused their dreams on the earthly possessions.

Many have forgotten eternity, and are not positioned against the traps of Satan. I want renunciation and holiness. My path is thorny hard to tread because of the barriers, only those who love Me do not give up.

I had a vision of a church with 20 dedicated members living the truth and constant prayer, the demons were frightened and furious with these peoples. This little church was united in prayer, one thought, one holiness and one love. They had attitudes of wanting to obey God, their goals of helping the weak and the needy, bothered the demons. There was no jealousy and no competition between them, the pastor treated everyone alike.

Satan tried to infiltrate that church, and put one against the other; his plans were frustrated, they remained united as a united and joyful family; they shared their clothes and food for those in need. They were sealed in love, they did not complain to God for being poor, they did not press God on the wall, to ask for blessing and to supply their needs.

They left everything in the hands of God, their interests were in that which is spiritual, their doctrinal standards is to follow the statutes of Jesus, staying together and firm.

Jesus have shown me in another vision, churches that are spiritually sick because of heresies, false doctrines, and the Gospel of deceit. These churches were so weak they did not have the strength to fight the demonic legions. These churches were anemic, and the demons destroyed the people of these churches with false healings, deceiving many souls.

The demons destroyed relationships and marital lives, causing divorce and throwing many into misery and debt. All of this happened inside a church. The false shepherds threw their fishing nets and hauled many souls to the devil.

The demons infiltrated the minds of the people not to let the people seek out serious church pastors who are committed to the truth.

I also saw Christians coming out of serious churches to congregate in false churches to be deceived. Many pastors of these false churches did not know the truth, because they did false theological seminaries. They were not men who were freed, they died and they went down to hell.

Jesus showed me pastors who knew the truth and began to work seriously. However, their ambitions made them deflect and they began to teach the false Gospel.

Jesus showed me a spiritual war being waged, those who lost were imprisoned by demons. They yielded to sin and lost all God-given authority to subdue the demons. Those who were overcome by sin became slaves to the demons. And the sin of their lives gave legal ground to the demons to operate. The few who remained in this war immobilized the demons.

Jesus brought a message saying, "I do not want My work to be equal to the works of the flesh. Tell My people to let the Holy Spirit take over the direction of their lives and complete the work. The church has given pleasure to the flesh, they are warm in My presence, they want to serve Me and the world, they mix what is holy with what is of the world.

There is no use in wanting to be a saint walking in the practice of the world. Those who please Me no longer live for the world; they surrender their lives in holiness to Me and let Me rule their lives.

Tell My people, do not live an incomplete life in My presence, their double lives do not please Me. I want you to live entirely just for Me, fulfilling My word. I do not want a servant who is divided between the world and My ways.

Many are in church more than 10 years but do not know Me, have not had a real date with Me. I want to be the owner of their lives, but they do not want to surrender to My word.


I was praying, my spirit was in the gathering of demons in a secret place. In a vision I saw Satan in a meeting with his demons, he said, "Names of so many denominations invented by men, there are still people who want to compromise with their God. In a group of 50 members, there are always 3 people who have not doubled to sin."

Let us stir the minds of many believers, and to put nothing that is a sin, grace gives them the right to be saved.

Let's spread discord, division, accusations, and make churches war by making them feel better than others. They have engaged in futile debates, and have forgotten their salvation, while souls are dying they will be with their tongues engaged in discussions.

Let them look at the shortcomings and sins of other people's lives and make them forget theirs and not analyze their own lives.

Let them engage in what will condemn their souls in hell. Let us turn aside their attention from the work of God, and not let them speak of doctrine.

Let us change the direction of the Gospel, prevent them from preaching the truth to the lost, and use our pastors to take the true Christians out of their churches and bring them into their own.

Let us exalt our shepherds, taking them to the four corners of the world, their names will be known worldwide, churches will beg for them and I will come with our authorities.

Let's put fear in the true Christians so they do not preach to dealers, thieves, murderers, addicts, and prostitutes. Let's put so much fear in them that they will turn away from these sinners.

And through these little things, we will accomplish our work in their lives, we have a great project to install in this world in the 21st century.

We are going to promote scandals using Christians, causing people to turn away from God through scandals. The people because of these things will no longer believe in Christians, nor in those who speak the truth and refuse the truth. Through the acts of each one that scandalizes the Gospel, the people will no longer enter the churches, and will no longer believe in the word of God.

We will smear all denominations of the world, using the ambitious leaders. We are going to put the denominations at war, making them forget about us dealing with it. Let the shepherds quarrel with souls for the sake of tithing, putting on their heads that their churches will close if they have not enough people.

We are going to use Christians to take people out of serious churches and bring them into theirs by putting the spirit of confusion into believing that salvation is in the denominations not in their God. All the denominations war between them, speak evil of the others but forget that their wars are against us. This conflict will not stop souls from going to hell.

Jesus told me, "People are clinging to names of denominations, not My word; they are spiritually feeble and have become easy prey for the devil. Satan plays his devices and many do not overcome because they are not built up in My word."

I said, "Lord, denominations do not save, but there are many false churches, who do not preach Your word; many are deceived in these churches."

Jesus told me, "I do not want My people in these churches, but you have not understood the vision. Satan is putting in the minds of the people that it is the names of their denominations that save, removing My name as Savior and implanting the ecclesiolatry. Satan takes My name out of salvation and replaces My name with the name of churches. It is I who saved, not any church or denomination. Any church that has My truth will save souls. The denomination is not My word. Denominations that speak to My truth assists people in the way of truth. There are churches that are stumbling blocks of deceit and lead people to the path of hell."



After these things, my vision went beyond to a new revelation. I saw Satan entering various churches and looking for lives to work. I watched the demons looking for this brother's weakness. They worked in the weaknesses of this brother to overthrow him. Many believers who did not correct their lives were easy targets.

I saw demons pulling people out of serious churches committed to the salvation of souls, leading them to worldly churches. Other demons took people out of churches that perform deliverance and threw them into the world. Their purpose is to drive people away from men full of anointing and who preaches the truth, leaving people away from the Holy Spirit. This hindered salvation of many since the demons know that every word that comes from the mouth of an anointed servant breaks the spiritual chains.

I saw devils working within the churches making brethren to scandalize the Gospel. They did not watch and grieve the new converts, taking them away from the church. These demons' tactics of making leaders err make the new converts return to the world. Satan commanded the demons to work within the gutters of each church.

My brethren, use the word of God and correct the failures and eliminate heresies in worship services. Do not make worship of God a formal religion. The church is not a religious institution but a meeting place between the Father and His children.

I saw darts entering the minds of the people inside the churches. Those darts disturbed people reading the word. Many had no faith and many people who received these darts in their minds began to pay attention to their brother's and sister's mistakes, and they ignored the word preached. These people were marked in their minds and left speaking evil of the preacher and the church. The church is a field where the demons enter and do battle in the minds of the attendees.

I saw the demons enter the churches. I saw devils working within the families; other demons using the neighbors to test the believers. The neighbors themselves slandered these believers for not believing in their conversions. Our struggle is not against our neighbor. We are measuring forces against evil. Jesus can fight the devil who hold the people captives to him. We are not in captivity and we can fight the forces of evil. Our attack against our enemy is our prayers, fastings, vigils, consecrations and a holy life. The devil is bold, he has entered into churches to deceive with false prophecies, false preaching, and revelations. The ministers of truth are retreating, being entangled within their churches by the spirit of lying. The demons are gaining ground within our churches.

We are in a battle. We cannot retreat. We must defend holy words and attacking lies, deceit, and sin. We must be prepared, for the days are dark. The devil cannot resist the truth and the power of God.

I saw demons laying walls in the way of various believers. The believers stood in front of the barriers and did not walk forward anymore. There were few brothers who made the barriers of their brothers fall and went onward. The Holy Spirit revealed to me, "It is easier for the Christian to win in their material and sentimental lives than to walk the path of salvation." The demons do not want the salvation of anyone. They know what they have lost. The believers who break down barriers in their ways are true war soldiers. They will go through the path of grace to the rapture. They will be clothed with anointing. They have been tried in the fire to be approved by God, no matter the trials. They resist and go in search of heavenly achievements and rewards. Those believers who do not pursue because of the barriers placed by demons did not surrender their lives completely to God, having a connection with the world, offering room for the demons to prevent them from advancing.


The angel took me to a church. The state of that church made me sad. I said to the angel, "Is there anyone chosen in the church?" I saw in the midst of this crowd a few people with the sign on their foreheads and a small light that shone in them. The angel said, "There are few chosen in corrupted churches."


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