Wednesday, October 31, 2018



Telephone: Here I make a digression. While Lucifer conceived the "Project 2000", he told us that Christians escape his control and that he cannot read their thoughts. Thus to know the projects of Christians and read their thoughts, they invented the telephone and the cell phone. I know that almost everyone has a phone. Listen to me carefully. Every time that you make a phone call, your call goes through the world of darkness first before reaching the person you are calling. The world of darkness listens to your calls before those you are calling. The phone works with the mark of the beast which is 666. Let us take the example of our country, we have a lot of telephone networks, but there are two main networks: The network Vodacom and the network Zain. These two networks use the same satellite. If you take their customer services and you make the sum you will find 666. Vodacom is 111 and Zain is 555.



The satellite world is a parallel world that is also called the cellular world. It is from this kingdom that the technology of mobile telephone originated. I was the representative of this kingdom in my country. Network codes like 555 or 999 or 777 are simply 666.



As we were going, the Lord said, "My church is like this: some are double-minded, hypocrites, unprepared, disrespectful to Me, and do things in My house because they are obliged to do them. They want to be seen and praised by their pastors."

The Lord showed me a church where a preacher who was preaching on the altar stopped preaching when his phone rang. He went outside to attend to it. 

The Lord said, "Can you see how they ignore My presence. When a man is preaching, he is preaching My Word. They prefer to attend to a mobile phone than attend to Me."



The television and cell phone and a talking robot. The old televisions had an antenna looking like an alien. In hell, I saw the demons that have an antenna in the head. They can convey the infernal powers to the scientists' minds. I saw a demon who had an antenna and is a red color. This antenna sent energy from hell to earth.

This demon also makes pacts for people to become famous on television. That's why he has an antenna in his head and television has it too. What has been revealed to me is that this demon is of technology and offers fame to all who wish to enter into television.

And it was he who made a pact with Roberto Bolano and put him on Mexican television. Roberto sold his soul to this Devil and managed to get famous and rich. He did the show of the El Chapulín Colorado (English: The Red Grasshopper) in honor of this demon who gave him fame and money.
Some episodes of this series have scenes of travel to other planets in honor of this demon that is part of the alien demons. Roberto always put supernatural and obscure scenes on this El Chapulin show.

I saw an old television in hell that has an antenna. All these televisions on land were connected with hell. I saw the antenna in hell giving out a negative energy. This energy rose to earth and connected to all the antennas of televisions.

Today the antenna that receives this energy are modern. Satellites also receive this energy from hell. All the Earth's technology is alien because they are talking-looking robots that are alive.

The computer has a memory that stores everything imitating the human brain.

The word alien came from the word alienation. To alienate is to dominate the mind and take control of the brain leaving people hypnotized. The Satanists invented the term alien.

Technology dominates people leaving addicts on cell phones, games, television, computer, and social networks. All of these are alien instruments that induce people to be robotically minded leaving them with a hypnotized look.

Society is human robots. Science and technology are being used to do evil. When Adam and Eve chose to eat the fruit of the knowledge of good is evil, automatically the demons took control of science and technology. Adam and Eve brought the alien demons with all their intelligence to rule the world from the day they ate the fruit of the science of evil.