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We now know who Satan is.
But how can one defeat him?

"For we do not have to struggle against flesh and blood, but against dominions, against the authorities, against the princes of this world of darkness, against evil spirits in the heavenly places" (Ephesians 6:12).

There is only one way to defeat the devil and his army. God reveals how the Church of Jesus Christ must fight. This struggle is not directed against human powers, flesh, and blood, but against the real powers hidden behind our earthly persecutors, those demonic powers that hide in the flesh of those who persecute us day and night.

Demons often use our children at home to push us to tempers and anger. They use our husbands, wives, brothers, and sisters of the Church. They use the pagans against the awakened Christians. Satan and his armies are the fierce enemies of God and His people.

To fight, therefore, the Christian is called to stand at the very center of God's will, to take courage in his fighting position, and to stand firm in the bad day, that is, when the persecution occurs.

Verse 13 of this chapter 6 of Ephesians enables us to understand that the Christian, after having overcome everything, can once again return to the world and into the abyss of darkness if he falls at the moment of persecution or temptation, after having first conquered everything.

Eph 6:13 Therefore, put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and, having done all, to stand.

In the same way that the devil used the serpent to talk to Eve in the garden of Eden, today he can still use people who live with us day and night. It can also seduce even Christians awakened if they do not take up the arms of God, whom the Lord gives to His good soldiers to equip them adequately.

Ephesians 6: 14-18 Stand therefore, having the utility belt of truth buckled around your waist, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having fitted your feet with the preparation of the Good News of peace; above all, taking up the shield of faith, with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the evil one. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the spoken word of God; with all prayer and requests, praying at all times in the Spirit, and being watchful to this end in all perseverance and requests for all the saints.

As the first weapon, the Lord gives us the truth, which must be practiced in all possible ways, taking as our model our Lord Jesus Christ. Have the truth for your belt, and take righteousness as a breastplate. Have your feet equipped with genuine zeal, and not with a bitter zeal tinged with hypocrisy, to carry the gospel of Jesus Christ to the end of the world. To cover your whole body, take also the shield of faith, which will allow you to extinguish all the fiery traits of the devil.

Seize then all that the Lord our God, Jesus Christ, offers us in the work of salvation that He has accomplished.

Manipulate also the sword of the Spirit, that is, preach the Word of God, to emerge victorious from all temptations of the evil one, in the image of the Lord Jesus Himself, who has overcome Satan using this Word: "It is written."

It is written in Hebrews 4:12 that "For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. 

Our Lord Jesus, filled with the Holy Spirit, responded to the tempter by quoting appropriate texts of the Holy Scriptures, which became for Him the sword of the Spirit.

After having fulfilled all these conditions, that is to say, after being well armed to face the evil one, the Christian can at last count on God his Father, the Creator, by addressing Him prayers and supplications. Be sure to do this with total perseverance!

This is the only way that can give us victory over Satan, our number one enemy. Today, in the churches, we are more concerned with praying than seeking justice and truth. There is hatred, jealousy, lack of love, murmurs, pride, and hypocrisy.

Some churches engage in prayer and fasting, while fornication and adultery reign supreme among them. Sometimes even the pastor lives in concubinage with one of his followers, which does not prevent him from teaching the same faithful congregation that prayer is an effective weapon for the Christian!

We read in Isaiah 59: 1-4: "No, the hand of the Lord is not too short to save, nor His ear too hard to hear. But it is your crimes that put a separation between you and your God; It is your sins that hide His face from you, and prevent Him from listening to you. For your hands are stained with blood, and your fingers with crimes; Your lips speak falsehood, your tongue speaks iniquity, no one complains out of a sense of justice, no one pleads with righteousness; They rely on vain things and say falsehoods, they conceive evil and give birth to crime. "

The great majority of the Pentecostal churches fast and pray in this alarming condition, in the sight of the leaders, since they too are immersed in the passions, divisions, and chronic shamelessness they commit with sisters of their Church or elsewhere.

Repent, brothers and sisters! You all know that the devil, to destroy the future of man in the Garden of Eden, passed through the woman Eve and that he managed to cause the fall of the man by means of the woman. The same thing happens today in the churches. To destroy a church, the devil passes through women. He introduces into the Church women who have many means and money, and who are beautiful and pretty. The devil knows that they will extinguish the leaders by their beauty and their money. The devil knows that it is written in the Word of God that women supported the Lord Jesus with their possessions, and he camouflages behind these verses and these women to destroy the churches.

The devil is forcing women to claim a ministry of teaching the Word of God. In all the Churches of God, this ministry is forbidden to women and reserved to men (1 Timothy 2: 11-15). Let us study these verses together with the Spirit of God and not with our own carnal thoughts.

Verse 11 says, "Let the woman listen to instruction in silence, with complete submission." In public worship, the woman must remain silent during instruction. She must show her dignity by submission, without wanting to hold the reins and teach the man, something that God does not allow.

In verse 12 it is written, "I do not allow a woman to teach, nor to take authority over a man, But she must remain in silence. " God did not forbid the woman to evangelize, to testify, to pray, to sing, to prophesy ... All this is permitted to women in the house of God. But the Almighty, God Almighty, formally forbids women to teach in a Church. Women must not teach! To act otherwise is to distort relations between Christians and Jesus Christ. Those who support this idea of the devil that a woman can teach do not serve Jesus Christ. They want to please all those women filled with carnal lusts and pushed by Satan.

Verse 13 tells us why a woman should not teach: "For Adam was first formed, Eve afterward." Genesis 2:18 says, "The LORD God said, It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helpmate like him. " This reminder of the Creator's purpose enables us to understand why women should not teach men in the Church. She can teach other women, children, or pagans who do not know God. Having the Spirit of God, the woman also has the mission to carry the Gospel to men and women who do not know God and to call them to repentance.

In verse 14, God gives another reason why women should not teach in the Church: "And it was not Adam who was seduced, but the woman who was deceived was guilty of transgression." The Lord shows us in this passage that woman is more easily seduced than man. In a Church, the devil uses women much more than men, especially by means of clothes, jewelry, and so on.

God says in His Word: "In the same way, that women also adorn themselves in decent clothing, with modesty and propriety; not just with braided hair, gold, pearls, or expensive clothing; but (which becomes women professing godliness) with good works." (1 Timothy 2: 9-10).

In the churches, there are women wearing tight pants that reveal the shape of all their forms. Satan's demons drive men to admire and covet them. Others, wearing short skirts or split robes that expose their thighs, take their place in the front rows to bring the men of God into sin. Thus the men of God voluntarily fall into the snares of the devil because they did not want to enforce and practice what is written in the Word of God lest these women leave the Church. They must absolutely have the Church filled, even by people who live in immorality and unbridled debauchery.

The bottom line is that they pay tithes and offerings, and they make all kinds of gifts to the pastor, even if they will go and burn in the lake of fire, that is not their problem. But I remind you that before going to burn in the lake of fire you will be tortured by the devil in the abyss of darkness, you and these women.


The majority of leaders put forward another blasphemous reason for allowing women to teach.

They consider that this prohibition only concerned the Church of Corinth. It is an argument of the devil!

They thus put the Word of God into question. Should the Church of Cameroon be subject to a special ban? If you do not repent, you will be accountable to the Lord, and He will give you the wages you deserve. God gives a formal prohibition: "I do not allow ...! In one way or another, men will report their actions to God on the day of judgment. If they do not repent, those who let women teach will see the wrath of God. I would like to draw their attention to this warning from the Lord addressed to the Church of Thyatira: "I know your works, your love, your faith, your faithful service, your steadfastness, and your last works more numerous than the first. Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols." (Rev 2:19-20)

The Lord makes two remarks to the leaders of this Church. The first is that they let this woman who is calling herself a prophetess to teach in the church. The second is that they let this woman seduce the servants of God. She may thus have the freedom to teach, as is the case today in some churches.

We cannot draw a path other than that of the Lord, being driven by our interests, lusts or passions. We are obliged to walk according to the foundation, according to the Word of God, and on the path traced by Jesus Christ. Otherwise, the lake of fire is waiting for us, says the Lord. "For if we sin willingly, after having received the knowledge of the truth, there remains no sacrifice for sin, but a terrible expectation of judgment and the ardor of a fire that will devour the rebels." (Hebrews 10:26 )

Even if the Holy Spirit does not allow the woman to teach, she can, however, exercise a ministry in an assembly. But this assembly must be taught by a man. If you want to avoid the lake of fire, my sister, therefore remain quiet at the time of teaching.

Listen to the instruction in silence. After the teaching, rise up quickly, go out to evangelize, sing and pray as you please, according to the measure of faith that God has given you. Amen! 

If anyone delights in challenging, then we do not have this habit, nor are the churches of God. (1 Corinthians 11:16).

Thus, after my deliverance, as all the bridges that connected me to the kingdom of darkness were cut off, I could no longer communicate with demons or with Satan. Seeing that he had lost the battle, the devil did not disarm himself. He tried, by all means, to physically kill me.

One day at 6.30 am, at the crossroads of the police station in Edea, I was waiting for a car to take me to Kribi.

A Mercedes car arrived. A person unknown to me was driving that car and he stopped in front of me. This person inquired about my destination, and invited me to climb, saying: "If you are going to Kribi, join me! We will travel together, I do not like to travel alone!" It was a good opportunity for me. I would not have to pay the bus fare. After our departure, the Lord opened my eyes and showed me that this man was not a natural man. He was an agent of Satan sent by his master to kill me on the way. The car was traveling on the heavy Edea-Kribi road at over 180 km/h. I felt my heart rush to my throat. I knew this demon was going to kill me by driving the car into a pole.

Immediately the Lord calmed me, opening my eyes again: an angel was sitting on the hood of the carriage. The Lord said to me: "This car is driven and guided by My angels. Do not be afraid, it will bring you to your destination, and will even bring you back to Edea!"

Today, the devil will work for you! Arriving at Kribi, the agent of Satan, neutralized by the divine power, dropped me off saying: "Good-bye, and see you soon!" Then he left without asking any further question. Around 1 pm, after doing all my shopping, I crossed a street to get to a station. I saw the same car stopping in front of me, and I was again invited to climb in. Without fear, having in myself the assurance of divine protection, I settled myself in this luxurious car of the devil. I strengthened myself again by thinking of how the Lord had intervened when we had crossed the two bridges. This demon of the devil did not speak to me all the way to Edea. Yes, the love of Christ surpasses all intelligence and knowledge! (Ephesians 3:19 and to know Christ's love which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.).

Thus, since my deliverance, I have had to undergo the attacks of Satan's demons. When I wrote my testimony, the Lord sent me into the house of the servants of God, brother and sister Mpuli.

When the Lord revealed to me my dark past, the one that is brought to light today, the demons tried several times to strangle me in my room.

Or they would sit on the window and make a strong heat blow.

The prayers of the brother and of the sister ascended to God day and night for me, and the Lord also assisted me day and night.

Many times the demons also attacked my wife.

But the blood of Jesus who protects us is stronger than the demons and Satan himself!

Eventually, the demons abandoned their physical attacks and began stealing the sheets of my testimony that were already written. Two leaves disappeared every day, causing disturbances, but the great hand of Jesus was upon me!

Then Satan, seeing that his physical attacks had failed, then used fake brothers filled with jealousy, who came to me to spy on me. After several months, as they had found nothing, they began to say that I had not been baptized after my deliverance and that I was not married legally with my wife.

I pray that the Lord may forgive those brethren, give them a spirit of repentance, and deliver them from the power of the evil one, causing them to commit such sins of falsehood and calumny.

May the Lord keep them!


I am at the disposal of any Christian church or congregation that truly serves the Lord Jesus. I know that the "masked" will never like to hear my testimony because I reveal the works of their master. The "masked" are those who work for their bellies, and those who are on the side of the devil. They are the ones who deceive the true children of God to destroy them and keep them in the nets of Satan. They disguise themselves as servants of God, but they are only "false apostles."

Those who truly serve God can contact me so that this testimony is given, accompanied by many instructions on the devil's wiles and how to find deliverance.

You can write to me at the following address:

Mr. TSALA ESSOMBA "Jesus Christ Savior" - World Mission BP 15250 DOUALA (Cameroon) I thank with a heart full of love the churches that helped me spiritually after my conversion, mainly the True Church of Edea, led by the Apostle Samuel OBAKER. The latter gave me free access to his Christian bookshop and supported me financially, while the devil wanted me to continue working in transit, to divert myself from the divine commission I had received: "Go And testify of what I have done for you! I also thank the Mpuli family, to whom the Lord sent me for three months to write my testimony after my conversion. May the Lord keep this family, Sister Martha and Brother Albert Mpuli.

Nor do I forget the Christian Community of the CECUC, for the liberality they have voluntarily granted to their brother. May the Lord bless them! May He also bless the man of God who presides over this community, SM ONANA.

Finally, I thank all the Churches who welcomed me with joy and prayed for me night and day. Indeed, I am threatened by Satan and his demons, who seek to intimidate and sabotage my ministry. But they cannot do anything to me now. The power that is in me is above all the powers of the world!

May the Lord bless you! Amen!


Quoted quotations from the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses

In order to reveal how Satan seduces men by his lies, I will quote some passages from two very dangerous books of magic, the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses. I explain how the devil is going to deceive people and take the place of God. There are many magical books besides the 6th and 7th Books of Moses. There are "breviaries", but also some Bibles, such as the "Translation of the New World", the Bible of the Jehovah's Witnesses, and the Ecumenical Bibles.

In the Bible of the Jehovah's Witnesses, the devil managed to use the name of God and take the place of God and Jesus, replacing the name of Jesus with that of Emmanuel.

In the detail of the incantations, the counterfeit of the devil goes even farther, to give the names of the angels of God to his demons. In this way, the devil knows very well that all those who approach this book will be convinced that they are dealing with God Himself.

I want to enlighten the Satanists who will read my testimony, and expose to the eyes of the whole world the lies of the devil that are in his books of magic, which I used myself. As for you who are in the Rosicrucians, do not for a moment think that the Jesus of whom we often speak in your books is the true Jesus! It is the devil himself!

These extracts contain no profound explanation and are deprived of their demonic influence. They will simply allow you to be warned of the devil's wiles.

Here is a first passage from the 7th Book of Moses:

The main quotation from all the Spirits Servants of the air and the earth, the same ones that Damasse and Solomon pronounced as the authentic key of Solomon, King of Israel.

EXCERPT FROM THE TRUE TUNIC OF SALOMON AND THE BELT OF AARON Left as a testament to all the Magicians, whom the ancients possessed and used to have everything and to realize everything through the power of God Jehovah the All- Mighty and he, the great King, transmitted to his creatures who praised him day and night in obedience and fear. These creatures invoked him insistently and secretly, and never ceased to recognize that they had been created by him, that it was thanks to him and to him that they were beings of reason, Were surrounded by sufferings caused by the elements, who fight for the highest, who are with God and with God.

Those to whom he has given everything will not forget it when they enjoy the pleasures of the world, they will endure suffering but will not forget existence itself, nor the evanescent brilliance of the world.

Here you have to be mounted on a platform, a palm leaf in your right hand and a wreath of laurels on your head. Then turn to the East and say these words.

You will then be enveloped in a halo of light and when you are touched by this light, throw yourself on your knees and pray. Then gently and high and intelligible voice, say:

I make this text appear in my testimony to show the incredulous world how sly Satan is, and how he acts to deceive billions of human beings who follow him while believing to be with God.

In this text, you will notice that the name of Satan is not even pronounced. We find the name of Solomon (who represents a demon) and the name of Jehovah God the Almighty, who is Satan himself.

Satan camouflages behind the true Creator God, claiming to be the creator of all things.

It is this teaching that he inculcates to all his collaborators, who work in his kingdom. I was among them a year ago. Glory and honor be restored to the true God, the Lord Jesus, who delivered me from the clutches of the devil! Amen!

Here is another extract from the Seventh Book of Moses:

NOTE FOR FRIENDS OF THE MAGIC Kabbalah formulas and quotes in this book cannot be said in Hebrew and any other language. In another language, they have no power whatsoever, and the Master can never be sure of his cause. For all these words and formulas were pronounced as such by the Great Spirit and have power only in Hebrew.

BATTLESHIP OF MOSES (following formula in Hebrew) the words are said in Hebrew as follows: "Jehovah (following the rest of the formula)" Almighty no eye has seen, no mouth that has addressed, Spirit who has done great deeds and who has done wonders.

The cuirass and the helmet are called and have a sense of Holiness.

HELMET OF MOSES AND AARON (following formula in Hebrew) Here the ancient Egyptians names used in place of the unpronounceable name Asher Vriel and called "fire of God" and "Great Stone of Faith". Whoever carries him on a gilded plate will not die of sudden death.

CUIRASSE OF AARON (follows a formula in Hebrew) That is to say a Prince of ..., the other leads to Jehovah. God spoke to Moses through him.

THE MAGIC OF MOSES (follows a formula in Hebrew) These words are terrible, they will gather demons and spirits and can call death.

THE ENTRY ON THE CHALICE OF SAINTE (follows a formula in Hebrew) These words are of great power. These are the names of the Creator and the characters of the Ark of the Covenant.

In this passage, when it is spoken of the "Most High that no eye has seen, to whom no mouth has spoken," Satan speaks of himself, but in a masked way, camouflaging himself behind the Most High God.

I will not give any detailed explanation, because of the Christians who still live in the flesh.

Also note that in the letter of Paul to the Ephesians, chapter 6, verses 14 to 17, we find the words "cuirass" [a piece of armor consisting of breastplate and backplate fastened together] and "helmet". The devil uses them in this passage as if it were a divine word.

As for Aaron and Moses, who is also cited in this book, they are only demons of high rank in the kingdom of the devil, which healers and mere magicians often invoke. It is still a means used by the devil to further deceive those who still trust him in their ignorance.

Here is a third extract, to show you how far the deceivers of the devil are going:

Thus let the spirits of Jesus Christ set him free from sorrows and sufferings; Give us the treasures of this world, by the shed blood of Jesus Christ, king of Nazareth, Amen.

THE SCHEMAMPHORAS Who will certainly show the treasures of the earth if they have been buried in the bowels of the earth.

(Following a magic star with inscriptions in Hebrew, with the words: According to the Bible Arcane of Moses, by P. Hoffman, Jesuit. ) (There follow two other stars covered with inscriptions in Hebrew, and with the words: ) SCHEMAMPHORAS N ° 1 SCHEMAMPHORAS N ° 2 Although being spirits of evil, they are nevertheless familiar spirits or serving spirits ready to serve.

(Follow the names of twelve familiar spirits) INDICATIONS As far as magic is concerned Albia knows that it is necessary to invoke the spirits of good during the full moon, as well as the princes of the (IX) choir of angels and all other spirits of the good.

As for the black magic, know that one must invoke the VII princes of evil during the new moon, one invokes the other spirits in the black night or during the eclipse of the sun or the moon. The circle already cited as the force of hell is applicable to all minds.

VALEDICTO OF THE REVOCATION Of all the spirits of good and evil, according to the tradition of Tabella Rabellini, taken from the 6th and 7th books of Moses, (follow fifteen names of spirits).

Now pronounce the name of the spirit and let it go in peace.

TREASURE OF ELEVATION AND SPIRITUAL REDEMPTION Authorized, dedicated and consecrated in the top domschift to Bamberg JESUS
In a...

God the Son God the Holy Spirit follows a magic formula The innocent and sacred blood of Jesus Christ, son of God, cleanse us from all sins, bring you the spirits of God Eternal peace, through Jesus Christ the Son of God.

(Follows a magic formula) The Jesus Christ mentioned here is not ours, the true Jesus Christ, as I have already explained. It is the devil himself. We must certainly understand that the power of the true Jesus is above all power. The devil knows, but he is only proud and a liar.

I address myself to the Rosicrucians: examine these extracts. You are deceived in the same way in all the books that the devil sends you, and in which he speaks to you of Jesus. You think you're on the right track! But no! This Jesus of which you speak in your books of the Rose-Cross is not the true Jesus. Look for the true Jesus in the Word of God, the Bible, the true Bible.

Take a good translation, like the King James Version, and not the "New World Translation" of the Jehovah's Witnesses. For this is also another trap of the devil. This Bible of Jehovah's Witnesses does not come from God but from the devil, to deceive the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Do not touch the Ecumenical Bibles either, in particular, but also the Bible in Current French. It's another trick of the devil. I saw all these Bibles stored in the satanic temple of Great Britain!

Here is a final extract from the 7th Book of Moses:

EVOCATION OF THE LAWS OF MOSES (follows a formula in Hebrew) If you want to utter these words, you must fast for three days and then you will perform wonders. They cannot be translated into Hebrew characters.

CITATION OF MOSES COMMON TO ALL SPIRITS (follows a formula in Hebrew) This quotation is important and powerful. These are the appellations of the creator and of two cherubs on the Z .... and J ...

REVOCATION OF MOSES (follows a formula in Hebrew) Moses makes an invocation common to all minds.

In this passage quoted, you see that Satan neglects nothing. Even fasting is practiced intensively in his kingdom. Here, it is recommended to fast three days, in order to be able to pronounce only a few words! And the text says, "You will perform wonders."

All this has nothing to do with the spiritual world of Jesus Christ, nor with the true spiritual fasting. This is a counterfeit of the devil. Understand once and for all that the devil created nothing. But he only uses creatures of God. Yes, nothing was created by the devil.

Even the fallen angels, who have become demons, have not been created demons or unclean spirits. But they were dragged into disobedience by Satan.

Likewise, the devil was not created the devil, but he became the devil, because of his disobedience and his pride. Know also, men who remain rebellious to the Word of God, that the Lord Jesus, the God of Heaven, reserves you surprises!

I will conclude with a final passage from the Sixth Book of Moses:

Chapter 1. The spirit appears to Moses in a burning bush.
(Follows a formula in Hebrew)

Chapter 2. Moses transforms the servants into serpents.
(Follows a formula in Hebrew)

Chapter 3. Moses transforms water into blood.
(Follows a formula in Hebrew)

Chapter 4. Three new signs with frogs, lice, and plague.
(Follows a formula in Hebrew)

Chapter 5. Three signs with the flock, the plagues, the black plague, and the hail.
(Follows a formula in Hebrew)

Chapter 6. Three signs on grasshoppers and darkness.
(Follows a formula in Hebrew)

Chapter 7. Incantation of Moses to the Spirits.
(Follows a formula in Hebrew) (Follows a Pentagram, a five-pointed star, covered with letters in Hebrew, the most diabolical sign in the history of magic.)

In this extract from the Sixth Book of Moses, Satan makes his adepts believe that the miracles of the Lord, when He used Moses, actually came from him, the devil. In all the titles of the chapters, Satan once again turns away to his own profit the actions of God the LORD. All this also helps to make those in his kingdom believe that the words of the Bible are false. Thus, many of the sons of the rebellion reject the true Word of God to follow Satan.

Satanists, convert! Repent! Jesus Christ is the only Master of the universe, the Almighty, God come in the flesh! Satan deceives you!

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