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The year 2015.

I will tell you my testimony. Many of you will reflect on your lives and see if your conversions are true. I went to a theological seminary to enter the ministry.

My fear of poverty made me dishonest and I did everything with bad intentions. I diverted a lot of church money for my personal use. With the church money, I bought houses, cars and opened two companies. I helped finance the candidacy of a politician expecting a great financial return. I turned the church into a financial-billing company. I wore a brand-name watch, gold chain, and expensive suits. The more the church filled, the more the financial collection grew every month.

I walked in the streets of the city and a voice spoke in my heart to help the street beggars. I resisted that voice and passed by the poor and homeless living on the streets. Other poor people visited my church. They needed help, I also refused to help them. I just thought of myself, my dream was to expand my ministry to the four corners of the world. I wanted to become well-known and be an evangelical celebrity. Fame was all I wanted to achieve. I married a model to magnify my ego and draw attention from my church members. I was proud, I did not accept correction from anyone, even if they were used by God.

I began to anoint brothers from my church for positions. And those who idolized me were anointed for shepherds' offices. I worked with breaking curses. I taught the church if the Christian did not have a blessed life, he was under a curse because he was not faithful in giving tithes and offerings. All this was the way I used to raise money and subsequently to show off my wealth. I preached that poverty is a curse and makes one lose salvation. All this were lies. I preached the hereditary curse to hold the members back to my church. I said that if they left my church the curse would fall upon their lives. I declared curses on many who came out of my church. I worked with sacred objects, healing oils, victory bracelets, anointed water, blessing keys, miracle cloths, and various other utensils. These objects of idolatry I sold and made a lot of money.

Before my corruption, I attended church services in the Pentecostal Church Jerusalem of God. God used me back then when I was actually walking in that little church. I prayed over people and they were healed and signs were happening. I dreamed that I was in white robes and behind me was a Man in white who made me perform the cures. God used some prophetic people to give me prophecies that I was chosen to carry the truth and that I was called inside my mother's womb. It was then that the ego began to grow and make my head swollen.

When a blind person from birth was healed through my prayer, I thought to myself that though I am only a worthless member of this church, I can build a bigger work than my pastor. I'm more used in healing and miracles than him. I'm going to open a church that's going to grow a lot more than this church. I decided to enroll myself in a theological seminary. I received the Bishop's credential from the council itself. The course lasted four years and I was anointed Bishop and opened a church called: Apostolic Ministry Conquerors of the King.

After I opened this church, my heart was already corrupting itself. I cast out devils and prophesied words of breakthroughs and miraculously possessing cars, houses, apartments, and everything the heart of flesh desires. The Holy Spirit has often touched my heart to speak of sin and repentance. I felt a voice that drove me to preach against sin. Another voice said in my mind not to preach against sin for if I did I will lose many members and I would not have the money to satisfy my desires. I could preach about healing, miracles, well-being, self-esteem, and prosperity. I could not preach on themes that spoke of holiness, repentance, vanity, and prayer for fear of losing members. I continued to heal, cast out devils and prophesy. I was in sin and practiced prostitution. I betrayed my wife with the prostitutes in pubs and dance halls. I spent a lot of money on drinks with club hostesses.

I had a dream, this time it was awful. I was healing people and casting out the demons and behind me was a monster performing the activities behind me. My white robes were stained until it was all black. Unlike the other dreams that my face gleamed as if transfigured in the glory of Jesus, now I could see my face becoming a form of monster. In the dream, my face dried and the flesh disappeared making me into a skeleton. My face was transfigured in the glory of Satan, signifying my spiritual death. I was like the valley of bones of Ezekiel, dead in my iniquities.

I woke up scared and the next day I received an invitation to preach in a church. I got into my car and went to this church. A young man pointed a gun at me and said, "This is a robbery." I continued to drive and he shot hitting my chest. I started to lose a lot of blood and hit the car on the wall. I went to the hospital and got almost dead. My wound was severe, as the bullet hit near my heart.


At the same time that my body was in the hospital, I was in hell with my hands in chains. I said to the demons, "I am saved, I cannot stay in this place." The demons laughed and said, "You did our will on earth, took witchcraft to the altars of the pulpits of your churches." The demons beat me, threw me into the invisible fire that burned my whole body. My brain fried and smoke came out of my body. I felt the heat of the burning fires. I was taken to a torture room. A monster was waiting for me in the cell, caught my neck to strangle me. He plucked out my eyes, my tongue and smashed my body to the floor. The pain I felt was immense, I asked for death, but I could not die. I was already dead spiritually, but I could still walk. My body grew back my head, eyes, and tongue which was earlier smashed by the demon.

When the torturer demon approached again, a Voice said, "Enough! Do not touch him."

I felt a relief and a Man with His body of glory approached and said, "I have given you a limit for your sins and you as a knower of the truth have exceeded My limits and so you are sent here."

I recognized that it was Jesus and asked His forgiveness.

Jesus with a sad look said, "Forgiveness is valid only on Earth, there are no more opportunities for those who die."

Those words made me sad. Jesus reminded me of all my abominations that I practiced in His house and the boy I humbled for not obeying my false teachings. This Bible student boy preferred to obey the Word of God and turn away from sin. I persecuted him a lot and I put all the members of the church against him. Despite my persecution, he did not leave my ministry, proving his spiritual resistance. He was the only one who followed the truth, while I and my members followed the deception of Satan. I put this servant of God on trial and Jesus was charging me for that bad thing I did. Everything bad that we do on Earth is repaid in hell.

At that moment knowing that I put the whole church into perdition, Jesus showed me in vision the whole happy flock following a broad path leading to eternal perdition. For the first time, I was shedding tears all over myself. The whole feeling of guilt was upon me. And when Jesus showed me some members of mine who had died in hell, my soul ached. Jesus still showed me all the names of the workers who congregate with me in the book of hell. Only the boy who did not follow my heresies escaped. The name of the boy I considered the most rebellious was not in the black book.

Jesus said, "You did not weep for them, I charge you for the perdition of every member of your church. I will require their blood from your hands. Feel the burden of responsibility of each soul."

When Jesus spoke I felt a great weight on my shoulders. I could not stand and fell to my knees. The burden of responsibility was upon me. Jesus carried the cross for our sins. He also carried our responsibility on His shoulders and did not back down and was the greatest Shepherd who carried His flock through. At that moment, I was condemned for failing in my mission. The guilt of every person in my ministry fell upon me. I wept tears of blood in hell for the first time because of the sheep.

Jesus has revealed to me just how much human beings are valuable to him. Money does not matter to Jesus, they are just men's paper banknotes. One day the money will lose its value on Earth. I was the Bishop who had reversed spiritual values. Money was given a greater priority over the members of each church. Humans have an infinite value that they have to be paid for by the price of divine blood. Neither gold, silver or any money can buy a soul. In the spiritual world, materialism is worthless and perishable. The soul is eternal and its value cannot be measured in terms of material riches and goods. The value of the soul is immeasurable and when the person exchanges his soul for money, the demons laugh. Here on earth, souls have no value. Men take their lives for nothing, they despise the value of the soul. Worldly shepherds do not care about souls and do not go after the sheep that go astray.

Jesus made me feel worthy of hell because I was one of those shepherds. I remembered the woman who lived near my house. She got sick, the Holy Spirit touched my heart several times to preach to her. This woman died without salvation while I was busy with church business. I had known her since I was a teenager. Jesus showed me in the vision the life of this woman if she had become a follower of Jesus. If I had preached to her, she would be a missionary.

I said to Jesus with pain in my conscience, "I deserve this place, I am a rebel, I was a false pastor, I am not worthy of being called a Christian." Seeing that woman in hell I was desperate. She looked at me and asked for help. Several times the Holy Spirit showed me the right direction so that I would not practice the evil works. I kept on my way and refused to obey until the Holy Spirit has forsaken me, letting me follow my lusts. And when He walked away from me I lost my spiritual sensitivity, no longer being able to hear His voice. My gifts were withdrawn.

Jesus said, "Even with you deceiving the members of your church, for those who obeyed My Word, I have worked miracles and healings in their lives so as not to lose their souls. I spared their lives, not letting Satan take their souls. For the sake of your ministry and their lives that you will help, I chose you from the womb for a mission and you did not fulfill it. Several false shepherds like you have not had the same chance and are in hell for leading several souls here."


Jesus took me out of hell, He took my spirit to an editor of evangelical books. There I saw Bibles and evangelical books filled with false teachings. Their authors are famous and well-known revivalists, lecturers, evangelists, apostles, and bishops. All the books are authored by these men, no true man of God was among them. Whoever preaches the truth does not sell his knowledge, he freely receives and freely gives.

The Lord Jesus took me to a school of evangelical seminaries. And He also told me that the courses are filled with falsehoods and lying doctrines. And that these men had the same purpose, to spread their destructive heresies through books and CDs of music.

Jesus and I went down to hell again. He told me, "All that is false and contrary to His Word is in hell." I was paralyzed by seeing so many Gospel books in hell. None of them leads to salvation. They only serve to enrich the false prophets. 


I saw Gospel CDs from various singers in hell with their images on the covers. I met several singers in hell when Jesus showed me a part of hell where all the Gospel singers are. Jesus said, "They are not my singers, they never praised Me. They sold My name, they are agents of the new world order spreading the lies in their songs. They charged money for them to praise My name and lived a life like the singers of the world who live in lust. They sing to gain their glory, becoming stars to be idolized, creating fan clubs for themselves. This impure Gospel, without renunciation, does not come from Me and belongs to the Gospel world. I have never received their profane praises that are touched by the demons of hell."

Jesus told me these things, while the demons tormented the Gospel singers. The demons pushed a hot iron into the throats of these singers that went beyond their necks. Yet the demons mocked them by forcing them to sing their praises. The way they follow is false, created by Satan to deceive the elect. Whatever is lukewarm, Jesus abhors. These singers stole the glory of Jesus together with famous pastors who are celebrities.


Jesus showed me in hell the false seminary courses of the books being taught on earth. Many are the disciples being produced by these false seminaries. I have been trained with these seminars to help spread the deception. Even without knowing it, I was cooperating with evil. In my head, I was preaching the truth. I saw new courses of false seminars being projected in hell to rise to Earth in the years to come. The demons will bring more heresies to the earth, inspiring the false prophets in their books.

I saw a demon possessed the body of a false shepherd. He began to psychograph on a paper and then write a book. The disciples of the devil call themselves servants of God, disguised as sheep to sow the seed of evil within their hearts. They are prepared in these seminars to enter our churches with novelties, innovations, and unfamiliar knowledge of the Scriptures. Its purpose is to destroy the faith of the Holy Word. They are known for their jobs and famous in the media. They can influence and pull crowds to their meetings.

The Lord Jesus showed me an army of Christians all armed and scattered throughout the four corners of the world. None of them is a real Christian, their weapons come from the darkness. This army is trained by its general Satan for the project of high spiritual contamination of the church. They are children of the Antichrist who were raised to prevent the church from being saved.

How are the true warriors of Jesus to act? Do not let these false ministers preach in your churches because of fame. Churches are in great danger of becoming contaminated. The lack of the gift of discernment has allowed these false prophets to enter. Falsehood has to be unmasked by the power of the Holy Spirit. The fire of God will prove the false works of these men and burn them like straw to reprove them. The spiritual flame of discernment accompanies those who pray. The light of the Holy Spirit will illuminate the serpents that are hidden in the dark, revealing their hidden plans. These serpents are the messengers of the Devil.

Those who have the Holy Spirit will sense the presence of evil and danger and will know that they come from the evil one and not from God. Do not let your spiritual flame extinguish. When you are in spiritual darkness, you will be staying together with the serpents of the night, for in the dark you will not see be able to see those serpents. Where there is no light, there is no discernment and no vision. Where there is darkness the demons are concealed in the darkness. The church that has lost its sight cannot see the danger of the dark night. And they will easily be deceived by the words of the Devil who is already being planted in the churches at the end of time.

Satan is training his soldiers in these evil seminaries. They are the clones of Satan and imitate in his image and likeness. They teach triumphalist doctrines without holiness. The spirit of Satan is imbued into those who take such false courses and seminaries. And he who drinks from these wells of iniquity carries the spiritual DNA of the devil in their souls. They receive the spiritual mark of Satan in their lives, leaving their spirit corrupted. Either we are begotten by the Word of Life and we are born again or we are generated by lying and deceitful doctrines.

When I was in hell, I saw a church full of darkness emerging from hell to Earth. People choose these churches to congregate, being indoctrinated by the students of Satan. These men are a danger to society without Jesus. They are the evil carriers who transmit the virus from hell to Earth. They are contaminating the body of Christ, leading the church to hell. They carry multitudes to perdition. These new doctrinal currents are leaving many sick spiritually. I saw millions of Christians in hell because of these fashionable doctrines.

This valley I have seen of Christians has people from the time of the Apostle Paul to the present day. False doctrine had its root from the time of the apostle Paul, he fought many at the time. Even with all his effort, it did not stop many from getting lost. And in our day it is no different, many will be intoxicated with these doctrines and dying without salvation.


Jesus took me to a place in hell where rich men who have grown rich with the misfortune of others are there. Lives were destroyed in misery and others had to die for the success of these men. These men who became rich at the expense of the poor are in the fiery furnace at that time. They were blamed for many people dying of starvation and malnutrition. They were rich, they died poor, they could not bring their money along with them; they would come down poor to the hell's galleries. They had success, fame and a lot of money. At the height of their glories, death reaped their lives and they were forgotten on Earth.

The tendency of the one who climbs is to descend. Those who go up too high will one day descend, just as Lucifer came down. All the kingdoms of the Bible that were once great and reached the top of the world fell. The higher they climbed, the greater their falls. Jesus became a servant, humbled Himself to be exalted among the nations. The secret for the Christian to continue to rise is to descend into humiliation before God.

I was exalted by my ego, but Jesus struck me when He cast me into hell. There I was nothing, I looked like a funny demon figure. You can be the most powerful man on earth and command the army of soldiers in your favor. When you get to hell you'll just be a soul like any other person. There is no difference between the president and a homeless in hell. Both died without Jesus, suffering is the same for all. The same flame that burns the body of the rich will burn the body of the poor. I saw in hell a rich man and a poor man suffering together, side by side. Both were charred by the fire and became like burning charcoal. My nostrils could not stand the stench of carrion in hell. I was disgusted by the smell of rotting flesh from proud people, they stank and pieces of their flesh fell to the ground full of worms. I was proud, now I am humble.


I saw models and beauty queens in hell; from their bodies exuded a strong stench of carrion. They prided themselves on their beauties and despised people who did not have their beauties. In hell, they felt their own disgust at the wounds they opened on various parts of her body. The skins of these beauty queens fell to the ground, their flesh melted because of the heat of the fire, their beauties did not prevail in that place.


Jesus took me from hell and ascended with me to heaven. I entered a wonderful city of diamond and gold streets where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal. By my works, I did not deserve to be in that place. I was very moved when Jesus told the angel to write my name in the Book of Life for the first time. My name was never written in that book, despite being a Bishop. To enter there one has to be holy and walk the way which is narrow. Without renunciation, there is no paradise for Christians.


Jesus told me the true meaning of prosperity. It is not earthly but heavenly. To obtain this prosperity from heaven you have to reject the riches of this world. I saw the spiritual heritage that Jesus left for the church. They are mansions of gold guarded for every faithful servant who still lives on earth. The church does not seek what is fleeting. Seek what is eternal, everything on earth passes and are perishable. The treasures in heaven are accumulated for the saints who work for God and live the truth. All these riches are in heaven where moth nor rust does not consume. There are no thieves there to steal your treasures that God has saved for you. On Earth, the earthly riches that are gathered together are consumed by moths and rust. The riches of the earth cannot be carried to eternity when one dies. The riches of the children of God are eternal and will always be waiting for their owners to be delivered to everyone who conquers. Jesus said He will deliver the rewards to the winners in person.


Jesus led me to the crystal-clear river and said, "Enter into it and receive purification. When you put your feet into these waters, a new creature will be born that will not be the same person when you return to Earth."

I entered the river and Jesus told me to walk to the front. The further I went, the more I sank down. From the waist, the water level rose to my chest until I sank into it. I did not feel my feet on the floor.

Jesus said, "Just as these waters are, so it is in the spiritual world. Those who pray and seek My presence will deepen in grace. The depths of My mystery are for those who take pleasure in Me and do not stop worshiping Me."

I continued to walk to the bottom of the river, my body floated and I was led east toward a white light. I felt a coolness, those waters were cleansing and purifying my soul. I could not walk because of the current that guided me to the east. Those waters filled my emptiness and quenched my thirst.

Jesus said, "The man who seeks My presence will deepen his spiritual life. The stream of My Spirit will guide him, taking control of the lives of My servants. Everyone who gives Me their lives, My Spirit takes over. That white light you saw in the East is My Spirit. The waters that soaked you are My Word. All who seek Me will be drawn and brought to My Spirit. Those who die to the world are guided by My Spirit. Dive into these waters."


I dived and when I opened my eyes I was already on Earth. I was dead one day, I saw heaven and hell. The doctors removed the bullet from my chest in that complicated surgery. I spent a few days in the hospital recovering from the injury.

During the days I was in the hospital, many sick people died. I saw devils gathering the departing souls. It was terrifying to hear the cries that these souls gave when the demons came to get them. The Lord allowed me to see everything that was happening at that moment. A 15-year-old girl was hospitalized. Her health was grave. And I left my room and asked the doctor to let me say a few words to her. I spoke words of salvation and eternal life. That girl had faith and accepted salvation. She was very pleased and happy with my words about the eternal abode.

I went back to my bed and stayed in my room. The girl was happy, but the next day she passed away. I saw a white light radiating from her room. It was the presence of the angel who came to seek her soul. She was enveloped by the light and slowly rising. She passed through the ceiling of the hospital and disappeared. I was getting to see the spiritual world, from the other room I knew what was happening in that girl's room. Of course, all this was God's permission. I was confused, I did not understand what had happened to the girl until the doctors brought the news of the girl's death. Then I began to understand the meaning of that vision. The girl had died at the moment of my vision and was saved. If I had not spoken of Jesus I would have lost that soul.

I saw many souls inside the hospital being swallowed up to hell. The demons take advantage of the hospital being a place for the sick, where it does not have the spreading of the Word of God. So, that place is a barn of souls waiting to be delivered to the demons. Many who arrive there come with accidental or sick wounds. Being the serious problem, they come to the brink of death. And many believers have been discouraged from entering hospitals and bringing the hope of salvation to those on the verge of death. The souls leave the hospital lost and condemned to hell.

When I recovered from my injury I returned to work in my church. I changed the name of the church and removed the name that exalted the ministry. I put another name in my church through the covenant I made with Jesus. My church was called the Eternal Covenant. I started all out of nothing, had to get rid of false doctrines and relearn the Word. I had to forget everything I learned in the seminar and re-educate myself. I changed the doctrine of the church and lost 60% of the members. They did not support the true doctrine and less than half the members remained in my church. Those who stayed noticed my change and saw my simplicity. I remembered the words of Jesus who said about the spiritual birth of my person.

Many pastors who studied with me in the false seminary, when they heard my testimony, closed the doors of their churches to me to prevent me from sharing my testimony to their members and being made to shame for their own conduct. Others said that I was scandalizing the seminars and many of them were failing as no one else wanted to take courses in their seminars or buy their books. I was threatened with death by Freemasonry that offers these theological courses and seminars. I had to leave my country and move to another place. I am living in Ostrava, Czech Republic, far from the prosperity preachers and Gospel singers. Here where I live Christians are giving up preaching the truth. They are slowly drifting away. Coldness took over this country. I ask all to assist me to spread this testimony and alert all those who follow the false Gospel of famous singers and shepherds. May Jesus bless each one, Amen.


  1. I Would Like to know the name of these singers and writers. I love to read and have a lot of books; but now with this testimony I'm wondering which of them I must burn!

  2. I am also at the same stage as you are. I just think stoping to listen to sing them all would be the solution. Maybe singing the psalms is acceptable. Mat 10:8 freely you received so freely give.

  3. Thank you Jesus for the revelation and testimony you have given to us through your servant, i pray that every one that comes through this message should download the video version and share it to others for the salvation of their soul in Jesus name Amen

  4. Please,what was the doctrine Kenneth Hagin preached that sent him to hell? Please why not list the sins of these preachers and singers nnames also.

  5. Please list those books Kenneth Hagin published that are full of heresies as I knew him to be a true preacher.

  6. Sir, could you give me your contact details for personal discussion. My email is

  7. Hallelujah thanks for this testimony our God is marvellous He love us so greatly we need to repent God bless all.

  8. I believe this, bow can I get in touch with Javier Hermosello? Or have him email me or if he can give me an email. Thanks.

  9. The sheep know the true shepherd's voice.

  10. Remove this testimony by Javier Hermosillo. He accused a man of God, Kenneth Having of being in hell. Kenneth Having may have said some wrong doctrines from when he was ignorant not God's ways, but he repented of that and is in heaven.

    1. Hey Kenneth Hagin taught a lot of Hersey while on earth he mislead a lot of people and he plagerized EW Kenyon basically stole from the man and passed it off as his own work