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I lived in Borlange, Sweden. I was praying to God. He showed me spiritual secrets in a vision. Before I tell the visions I will say a prayer.

Lord here are your soldiers, many are armed, others are not, many are fallen, but they will rise. I pray for the weak and wounded at that moment. You will raise these people, and they will use their faith as a shield to block the attacks of Satan. You will open their spiritual visions and will make these people see your supernatural events before they happen. They will no longer fill their carnal eyes, but with their faith, which will be greater than their difficulties.

You will be lifted up above all their problems. Their afflictions will be small compared to what You will do in their life. Their victories will be great. You will act in the life of every one who hears me. The power of the Lord is greater than the volcano wherever He goes. He destroys everything ahead of Him, annihilating the traps of Satan. You destroy all the evil traps, leaving the devil defeated and ashamed.

I see people now, who hear me from the other side of the world, people I do not know, nor do I know their language, but I see God at that moment, knocking down walls and crushing the enemy of their souls, and they sang and praised God.

I see warriors rising from the ground in prayer and standing before the presence of the Lord. The Lord did not call them to be defeated before Him. Lord, I have blessed all the hearers in Your name Amen.


I was taken up into heaven. The angel took me near my heavenly mansion. Lord Jesus showed me my recompense, for the work I have done on the earth. I saw nine thousand and a hundred talents of gold inside a box of gold. In my third experience, I had four thousand and ninety talents of gold, my rewards were increasing a lot for my work. The angel said to me, so that I may continue to gain souls, and doctrine to increase my rewards.

The angel lowered me to the ground when I realized I was in my room.


I saw in the vision the four corners of the world. Territories of difficult access, full of barriers for the believer to enter. Demons marked their territories in places in Asia and Africa. I saw a great veil covering the eyes of various peoples and languages. Their wrists had chains that enslaved and oppressed them. They were Buddhist, Shinto, Hindu and Muslim people.

I saw legions that oppressed a multitude of these people. These people followed a road that in its end, had a cliff and soon falling into an abyss of fire. The Lord said, “Many of these people have not yet heard of Me, others ignore Me. They are dying and going to hell, because of the blindness of their religions.”

The demons fight against the Gospel; they do not allow the Gospel to enter those places where Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism reign.

Jesus showed me the east of the earth, I could see a terrible monster. I was terrified. That demon was in the clouds. I asked the Lord, “What is this devil?” The Lord said, “He is the Ilmaka, the demon who commands Islam.”

I saw a terrible demon named Tianhuang Dadi who commands Buddhism. This demon is also giant. These boss demons have a mission to take care of their religion.

I saw another chief demon called Brahma, who commands Hinduism. These demons are territorial. They guard their flock, lest Christians win them over to Jesus.

These chief demons are under the authority of the principality of the religion. Their functions were each to take care of their religion. These chief demons defended their territories. Each demon of that one had an army of demons that constructed fortresses, preventing missionaries from entering those places.

The Lord said that He is preparing His army, not of angels, but of last-minute missionaries, who will enter these places to overthrow the walls that keep the faithful from entering. And that the guardians of these territories will be defeated when the Word enters. Many captive souls will be taken from the hands of Satan. This will be the greatest offensive of all time. To rescue the lost souls, undoing their evil traps, plucking away all that does not belong to the devil, afflicting all the demons.


I had another vision, I saw demons hidden in places where the Christians could not see them acting. They launched surprise and cunning attacks. I saw the evil forces acting, and many Christians were not ready for war, were not clothed and could not win their battles. I saw some brothers who were pillars. The demons attacked to bring them down in sin. They stood, and did not open the guard to sin, succeeding in winning.

I also saw the devil overcoming many Christians through sin. They had no Holy Spirit. Their struggles against the devil were futile. They could not win the war. I have also seen many Christians, being deceived by the millennial intelligence of satan. They fell into armed snares. These demons are strategic in their attacks on Christians.

I saw demons infiltrating the minds of the brethren to control them. Many were unprepared and were surprised by demons. They were caught without waiting. They did not watch. They fell into the trap. Every demon knew of their weaknesses.

These demons could not overthrow those brethren who were forewarned and full of Holy Spirit. Where they trampled on, their feet had a fire. The demons did not come near them.

I also saw a wall of raised fire, around a house. I asked the Lord, “Who were the people who live there?” The Lord answered me, “This family prays, watches over and keeps My Word. They are separated from the world and is a special family for Me.”

I realized that the demons were trying to get in there to destroy that family, but that wall of protection was erected there. The prayer of that family prevented the demons from entering. This family watched and was attentive with satan. I realized that this house had no television.

I saw devils slowly entering other homes, without anybody noticing. These demons waited for the right time to attack at the time of the Christian's inattention and weakness.

But the demons do not tread on all ground. Demons retreat when a family lives a life of prayer, watching over sin. These families clean their houses of deception, purify their homes from sin and all evil influence. All evil that draws demons to the home was removed. This family resisted the demons, causing them to retreat.

These demons, when they could not enter these homes, would go to the houses where they had the legality to work. The family that watched because of prayer and the purity of their houses did not give legality to demons to enter their houses.

In the field of a Christian who prays, and lives a holy life, purifying his home, it is a minefield for demons, and a dangerous line of fire, where devils fear to enter.

In the vision, I saw a daring demon entering a holy home and crossing the line of forbidden fire. The Christian was praying. I saw that demon receiving an attack. The prayer turned into a ball of fire and penetrated that demon. He took the fire and screamed, running out of that Christian's house.

My vision went further. I saw a demon sucking the peace and the joy of the people. That demon called other demons to participate in the feast of destruction. Each demon worked in an area of that person's life. I saw millions of possessions and other demons preparing the dwelling, for other demons to come and possess him.

These dwellings are built within the hearts and minds of people, I have come to see a nest with millions of demons within each person's thumbs. I saw a lot of dirt, and a dark smoke coming out from inside people, and a strong stench of carrion, coming out from within.

Only the Word of God can free these people from the demons, and to clean them from within, taking away all the debris that these inhabitants leave inside them.

These people must surrender their lives. The Holy Spirit will cleanse the inside, and implode the kingdom of God in their hearts, plucking out the demons and their palaces, which they have built within each person. The Holy Spirit wants to reign, to bring peace, joy, and happiness to people to have God.

I saw millions of people sick spiritually, deceived and walking down a path of false happiness. I saw the demons-infested air. When my spirit left the body and went to heaven, I could see spiritual things that my fleshly eyes could not see, and I realize that we fight with enemies that we can not see.

Let's prepare the church with the shield of faith, a sword with Word and prayer. I saw a sword of fire descending from the sky and turned into a Bible. A voice said, "Win souls with my Word, fight Satan, handle my sword, wherever my Word is, demons have fled. This book you saw is a powerful weapon, filled with ammunition of consuming fire, which does not come from the earth, came from the heavenly mansions. Each verse is a weapon that can be used against Satan, fight with it, defend and attack the invisible enemies."

I also saw the demons researching many churches, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. They studied every people to destroy that ministry.

I will expose errors of these churches, so that other churches do not make the same mistakes, and do not come to serve like a demon's nest within the church.

I will also speak of the spiritual qualities of some churches that I saw in the vision. These ministries deserve to be the example of other sleeping churches.

These churches I saw in the vision bothered the demons. These churches organize for the great spiritual battle if they put on the power of God, live in prayer, renounce the world and live a holy life.

Let each one hold his office in the church, work together, recruit more brothers into the army of Jesus, focus on spiritual warfare against the hosts of evil. Enter into a spiritual relationship with Jesus, have interaction with the spiritual things of heaven. Respect each other, grow together in unity, in love and grace.

Pastors should teach biblical truths to their churches. They should ask the Holy Spirit to harmonize the thoughts, unite the people and prepare them for war. Pastors, have patience with the new converts, help them grow in doctrine, prepare these soldiers, root the Word in their hearts.

Organize your spiritual lives, let go of sin, forget the fights and the past offenses you had with your brother. Unite for the war of the last days, forget that person who hurt you. Paul said that our war is not against flesh and blood, but against the post-evil, not against the neighbor or his brother who must fight, but against the evil hosts.

Worry about the evil aftermath, and stop worrying about what they say about you. Carnal strife will not lead anyone to any place. There will be no winner, only wear and tear on both sides. This fuels anger exalts the ego and weakens your spiritual lives. This disunity between the brethren breaks the bond with God, a war between brothers, Those who win are the demons.

I saw devils taking advantage of this breakdown of unity and throwing evil darts, destroying them one by one. These demons took advantage of the weaknesses of these quarrelsome brethren, who opened portals in their lives for the demons to enter. They did not have the strength to fight against these demons.

In the sight of those who held communion, they were not struck by the darts of demons. They had no strength against such brethren, churches maintained spiritual order, lived in unity and forgiving one another.

I saw devils come into the churches and put them against each other. They were spiritually weary of so many strifes. They waged war, destroying each other.

God showed me the lives of Christians. They were dead in sin. Their spiritual lives died for not giving up sin. An angel of the Lord entering this church covered his nose, for the stench of carrion was immense because of sin. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that in this church, the people had a hard heart of stone and that the Word of God had not penetrated their hearts.

Brethren in vision, I saw a large army of demons ready to attack. They are well organized, unlike churches that are not spiritually organized to win. This battalion of demons focused their attack only on those kinds of churches that bothered and mattered to them. These troops of demons of destruction worked hard to destroy the 6 foundations of the church, holiness, and purity, obedience and submission to God, prayer, and knowledge of the truth.

My vision went to another church. God told me, "Here in this ministry there are no conflicts and tensions, all personal problems are solved. No one here brings their problems into the church. As they enter the house of prayer, they immerse in worship."

The meetings of the weekly workers have avoided the quotations. They are watching. In the vision, I saw the demons wanting legality to enter, but they could not. The demons wanted to break the union of the brothers, but they did not find spaces.

The demons had a plan to induce brothers to congregate in this church. These brothers had left their churches because of problems and went to congregate in this united church. They were rebellious brothers and the devil entered the bosom of the church through them. They caused contention and disunity. These demons succeeded in breaking the union, causing hatred. They were unnoticed. The church did not watch and pray against the enemy and fell.

The church was weakened, and the demons have capitalized on their weaknesses. Those churches were not with their spiritually organized armies. These demons worked within the spiritually disorganized churches. These demons entered into marriages, betrothal, and finances. This is because the people do not pray, do not watch, and do not sanctify themselves.

Spiritual warfare is fought, and the enemy is active. The pastor must organize his army. This war will only end when Jesus will take us away.


After this vision, I went to Costa Rica to make a mission. The time is short Jesus is coming back, I need to save souls from condemnation. When I arrived in Costa Rica, capital of San Rose, I stayed as usual and prayed to ask God for guidance on this mission. I depend on one hundred percent on Him, saying to the Lord, “Lord, You are my leader. You speak, and I will repeat Your words.”

I went to a church, I arrived at 7 o'clock at the time the service began. My vision opened, I saw angels descending from the sky with trays of gold. The Holy Spirit has revealed to me that the Angels have time to deliver the blessings of heaven. The people who arrived at 7 o'clock in the church received the blessings. Then the angels went back up to the sky. The people who arrived late in the service did not receive their blessings, for the angels were no longer there.

At the end of the service I returned home, I felt pain in the stomach all night, I went to the hospital, I did many exams. The doctor said that I was having cancer; if it developed in my stomach, I had to treat the disease and that it would be a long treatment.

I thought my mission failed, I have to go back to Sweden. Then I thought, souls are more important than this cancer. I can not leave Costa Rica because of cancer, many souls will die without salvation. God gave me a mission, a mission given must be a mission fulfilled.

I could treat my cancer here in Costa Rica, but if I do I will waste a lot of time, and souls will die. Time is a reward, my time is precious, I can not waste it.

I was there that night. The same angel who helped me in the last rapture appeared to me and said that he had a mission for me.


When he said, "Come with me," my spirit left my body, and we went down to hell together, I saw Christians in hell who did evil with their neighbor, others did evil with animals, Jews and killed domestic animals.


I have seen Christians in hell because they were unjust to their brother, and others were in hell for committing fraud, others forging cards, and others selling pirate objects that broke easily, damaging their customers, others making fake documents, all of them were in the hell.


I saw Christians in hell because of hypocrisy, others were in hell from evil thoughts. They thought of sin and planned to commit sin. They died in that condition.


I saw Christians in hell for having perverted feelings towards their spouse and engaging in brutal sexual practices such as oral sex and anal sex. The use of objects in couples' sexual relations, living a liberal sex life, Christian women seemed like prostitutes of pornographic films, and their husbands practiced these horrendous acts, all were in hell.

The angel said, "Any man who does these abominable practices with his companion, tell them to get rid of that perverse feeling, or they will be cast into hell."

I saw Christians in hell who are debauched, practiced and enjoyed all immorality, such as erotic fantasies, sensuality, bizarre sexual desires, as physical aggression to increase pleasure. These Christians lived doing these practices. Their carnal desires were insatiable. They sought sex first, instead of seeking God. Sex was everything to them and was the basis of their marriages. They were sex idolaters and all those that were in the hell, are Christian.

I saw Christians in hell for encouraging their wives to go to church in sexy attire. They encouraged their wives to walk in sensuality so that all would admire their trophies.

I saw seen men and women who love to have sex with two or more people at the same time. They were in hell because of these sexual aberrations. The angel told me that even those who do not practice but have such desires in the heart, have to get free in order not to land in hell.

I saw effeminate Christians in hell. They wore tight pants and tight shirts of homosexuals. Another group of effeminate Christians in hell had fiery desires for people of the same sex; they died without being freed from evil.

I saw Christians in hell because they were impure in heart and minds; they were immoral. They prostituted themselves in their minds and hearts; they thought only of evil. Their hearts were impure, and their eyes of darkness watched sensuality, pornography, and eroticism; both immoral taking naked pictures and posting to Facebook and Whatsapp.

I saw a servant of God who did the work of Lord Jesus, who is in hell. Her husband threatened to end the marriage if she did not practice illicit sex; she accepted and died and is in hell.

I saw a Christian approaching a young servant of God, he wanted to arouse the desire of sex and to fornicate with her. This Christian died and is in hell, paying for his immorality. The angel told me that all the unclean will go to this place.


The angel and I came out of hell. I went back to my house. I had a few hours of rest. I bowed my knee. I went to pray, I have much intimacy with the Holy Spirit. I was going to do double the time on my knees to talk to Him.

I try to be one hundred percent submissive to God in everything. I have become accustomed my body to pray. In the beginning, it was difficult to maintain this discipline. Now I am accustomed, prayer is part of my life.


I was praying, and the Holy Spirit revealed to me that a boy was scandalizing my ministry. He started campaigning on social networks, calling me a false prophet. He made several videos, attacking my testimonies and my experiences.

This boy does not know what he was talking about. I contacted him and told him not to attack my ministry. I said, “If you doubt my experience, ask God to give you an experience too. He will reveal to you if I'm a liar.”

This boy continued to preach against sound doctrine. He said that my doctrines were human precepts. He questioned that salvation is by grace, not by effort. He said in his videos that I am extremist. This boy has conquered a lot of virtual followers. He was getting famous for being a critic.

This boy did not stop pursuing me, although I asked him. Months later that boy died; he was run over by a car. On learning of his death, I was very sad. The Lord showed me in a vision, a demon coming to get his soul. This demon dragged that young man's soul violently into a black hole and descended into the lower regions of the earth which is hell.

Before this young man died, he was dying on the ground, by the beat of the car. He saw the demons coming to get his soul. He pleaded mercy and shouted the name of God not to let him die, but it was too late. His body died, he had no chance to repent. This young man was an academic student in a college of theology but he did not congregate in any church.

I prayed to God and said why this boy's fate was so cruel. The Lord has revealed to me, saying, “My servant, he did not attack you; but My Word; he scandalized My doctrine. He turned many away from the truth, he preached against My Word. I used you to reveal the mysteries; you come from me.”

Another young man began to persecute me, he was a Christian in the new church of David. He called me a sorcerer, and he said that the signs that were happening in my ministry were the work of demons.

In a vision, I saw a legion of demons possessing his body to chase after me. I saw a black shadow coming into his house.

A week later this guy had a respiratory arrest, I already knew that something would happen if he did not stop pursuing the revelations that God showed me.

I prayed to God to have mercy. The Lord revealed to me saying, “Do not pray for him, I know what must be done, I determine who lives or dies. The sins of that boy have already come to me. I will come with My justice, all who know My Word and persecute My vessels of honor.”

After the Lord revealed this to me, as I left the house near my door, I saw a drawing of a hexagram, and within it the bunch of black and red candles, but thank God these rituals did not affect me.
The Lord told me that a Satanist woman did that spell to get me. Two days later the little puppy that I was given, along with two kittens, disappeared. I was given these animals from the neighbor next door. On the third day, my animals appeared dead and mutilated near my house. The Lord has revealed to me that people used by demons killed my animals because they hated me. They could not do me any harm and killed the animals.


I went to my room to pray, in a vision I saw a legion of demons knocking down a plane that killed many people.


Then I had another vision, I saw a young man from the church where I ministered, going on a motorcycle to a party house. He would prostitute himself with a woman. As I left this house on the way home, I saw a demon entering inside his body. This boy on prostitution opened up legality for possession. He became possessed and the demon that was inside his body, made him lose track and accelerate his motorcycle. The young man struggled against what was inside his body; he could not control the brake. His bike hit a wall and he died instantly.


After this vision, the Lord told me about spiritual warfare. He said, “My servant prayer is the spiritual bond I have with the church. The more prayer, the more the bond becomes stronger and brings the church closer to me. The spirit of the man now unites with the Holy Spirit. He is sensitive to My voice, and sin has no power in the life of those who pray. Prayer will bind the church to Me, and every day that union will become stronger, and separate the Christian from sin.”

The Christian who does not pray, his flesh becomes more attached to the things of the world and distances himself from Me. Prayer brings the church closer to Me. Prayer is the church's sign of love to Me, so do your part, pray every day. Tell the church even if they do not like to pray, pray anyway.

The spiritual connection between heaven and earth is through the Holy Spirit that represents heaven, and the church represents the earth.

Where two brothers are gathered talking about Me, I will be there, and the conversation is connected to Me.

Even if they study all the doctrines of the Bible, without daily prayer, they will not have the strength to walk in holy doctrine. Your flesh will not renounce the world, for prayer will mortify the limbs of the body.

Every day the church fights against the trappings of the world, for that matter, pray every day.
My people will fight against their own flesh and will, learn to control their self, resist the temptations of this world, deny yourself.

Be confident in faith, do not give up, do not be frustrated, help the weak to resist the world. Those who do not resist the world, are stubborn to err, slip into the abyss.

Tell the church that it is by living My Word that will make them overcome the airspaces. The holy church is light and where the demons are hidden, my people will shine in the dark and reveal the hidden plans of the devil.

Whoever obeys Me, following the instruction manual of My Word, overcomes the legions. Do not to let pride grow in the heart, nor be exalted by gifts received. Humiliation pleases Me, but greatness leaves small, and the smallest always goes to be the greatest in My eyes.

Tell the church to intercede for the weak. Prayer destroys the action of demons, cutting off the evil effects of death and destruction of the family, annihilating all control of the mind and heart.

The prayer of the righteous has a devastating effect on the spiritual world. I have delivered many lives through the prayers of the saints.

Satan has been attacking outside the church and within the church because of the sin that is invading the altars of the churches.

The legions have invaded evangelical territories and won many souls. My servants have been silent and are in a comfort zone while the powers of darkness act against them and their churches and ministries.

Sects have worked night and day, daring to win souls. These agents do not stand idly by and act, succeeding in their actions while My church sleeps in a war. There is no tranquility. There are persecutions. War against the legions has to be constant.

When the church prays, there is no distance between heaven and earth. I will be so close to them through My Holy Spirit. Who determines the distance between me and my servants, are themselves. Sin has also distanced My Holy Spirit from man, but the prayer of repentance and forgiveness makes my Holy Spirit approach.

Tell them to keep a life of prayer and I will reveal my heavenly secrets. Prayer will strengthen My alliance with the church, where neither the devil nor man can break this covenant. Who alone can undo this covenant is the person who made it.

Servant, whoever loves Me, live praying; who loves Me obeys My Word. The prayer of a faithful one neutralizes all the traps and snares of the devil. Tell the church not to rest from prayer.


  1. LORD, please teach us to pray without ceasing. We need You every second of our lives in every aspects of our lives. Amen!

  2. Thank you for your good work in sharing this powerful testimonies.

  3. I believe in the testimony. Thank you. Praise the Lord!

  4. Amen, Pastor Kenzo's ministerial experiences are great encouragement and blessing to me. I Thank the Holyspirit for his life and ministry.