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I saw visions of believers in fear of demons, fear of witches and warlocks. These brothers despite fear were armed with spiritual tools. The Lord told me that these brethren could subdue the demons with their authority. They did not recognize the size of their firearms. The Lord has revealed to me that Satan is cast down from heaven has been demoted and has lost his morals, become inferior to the least living being on earth. We must not have demons.

I saw in another vision believers who were burned out of the fire of God. They were pillars of their churches and the base of the ministry, many weak brethren spiritually depended upon their shoulders to carry and through them, God raised an army of Christian soldiers. These men received authority from God and raised up the weak brethren. The fallen will rise from the ashes for spiritual warfare.

I said to the Lord upon seeing this vision. He replied, "They are the spiritual pillars of My ministry. They are responsible for My work, endure trials and are humbled by My holy Word, but they still have a firm stance. They have not murmured nor bowed their heads. They are revived. That flame that is in their life the devil cannot take from them, no matter how heavy his cross is. They continue in the wind blows and they do not fall. They continue to the end. They will be pillars of the temple of My God."



The people of that church invited me to pray over the hill the following day. I accepted the invitation, and the next day we went up to pray. Many wizards go up on that hill to offer sacrifices to their gods. Being there, my vision opened and I saw an infestation of demons.

The 15 church people who came up with me saw small holes in the bodies of some people. The demons entered them through those crevices, some had holes in the forehead, others in the heart, others in the mouth, others in the ears and others in the eyes. Where they had these small spiritual openings the demons entered, of those 15 people, 12 of them were possessed. Only 3 of them were not possessed, 1 man and 2 women.

I saw the fury of the demons, they did not want Christians in that place, that place belonged to the wizards and was consecrated by them. I told the 12 people you are not prepared to go up there, you have no idea of the forces you are challenging. I prayed for the 12, the demons manifested and they were expelled. We descended from the mount and we went away home.



The Holy Spirit said, do a three-day fast for your deliverance. I have not eaten or drunk these days. I did not go to church these days I was very weak. I had a vision I walked in a place full of eggs and nests of snakes. Those serpents were in great fury wanting to attack me. I walked with great vigilance. I knew the demons are furious that I'm invading their territories.

After these 3 days of fasting, I went to visit the church of these people who went on the mountain with me. Something was different in the lives of those people who fell into demonic manifestations on the mountain. They had a different glow; they were released through that deliverance and fast. The Holy Spirit said they would raise those people spiritually.

Our fasting and prayer for souls had results, when we offer ourselves as a living sacrifice in the place of the captives, they are delivered because they desire deliverance but have no strength.

Jesus sacrificed for us in 3 days, we were freed from sin, and the result of that sacrifice was excellent.



Jesus showed me in another vision a boy named Ernesto from a church where I visited. He met a young woman through WhatsApp, and fell in love with that girl, stopped coming to church, gave up being a member of the worship group and did not pray anymore.

He was every day moving away from God and kept talking to this girl through the cell phone. In that vision, I saw that girl take the photo of Ernesto by WhatsApp, and did a lashing spell to arrest this young man in love. The demons took advantage of this young man's weak faith and entered into his life.

I went to the church of the young Ernesto, I called him in front of the pulpit and I prayed to break that black magic. The demon responsible manifested. I expelled that demon from that young man, he was free. That passion that this young man felt for the sorceress, was the lashing of the demons. When the enchantment broke, he was free, he no longer loved that girl.

I say to all single Christians, not to become sentimentally involved with people who did not convert and still serve the world. It was the case of this young man, who related to this girl without knowing and fell into the bond of Satan; this young girl was an agent of demons.



I had a vision that the Holy Spirit revealed to me that Satanists are active. At a glance, I saw a man looking at a crystal ball and inside the ball appeared at my house, he managed to locate my family. This Satanist lives in Washington very far from my house. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that he did not know me but the demons took my name for this Satanist to destroy me while I was in Norway. The demons were already passing information from my house and my family to this Satanist. This Satanist has moved into my town and started casting spells, sending legions of demons to attack my house! In a vision, I saw demonic legions surrounding my house.

At night my wife and I started to hear footsteps in our room. My wife was scared when objects to fall to the ground. My son, despite being young in adulthood, looked like a child frightened by the noises and sounds of horses trotting in our backyard. I went to bathe and the bathroom mirror was dirty with letters of blood, the letters were threatening me, I do not know how this happened. What I can say is that this Satanist is at a very advanced level in magic.

A week later my son and my wife got sick, I had to cancel my ministry to take care of both. In my vision, I saw this Satanist casting death spells in my house! My wife and son went to the hospital, they had tests, doctors could not find the cause of the illness! I bowed my knees and prayed to God.

The Holy Spirit revealed to me that this Satanist sent a very strong spell to kill my family. As they are both spiritually weak, they were affected by the inflamed arrows, but they just did not die because of my prayers. This satanist knew that he could not reach me with his spells, gave up attacking my house to cause me pain. My wife and son were hit by not living a life of intimacy with God but did not die because of the mercy of God.

I have always warned my son and my wife to seek intimacy with God, to pray more, they only pray to sleep. The state of the two was worse every day. I bowed my knees and interceded for the two. I asked God not to take them from me now. After that prayer, they began to recover. When it was the next day they were fine, thanked God and went to pray in my room.

I saw in a vision an angel with the sword in his hand, wounding the Satanist. He tried to hurt my family! One week after this vision the Satanist passed away, the sight of him being wounded by the angel was fulfilled!

The unsatisfied demons raised another Satanist. In a vision, I saw this man with a bunch of serpents doing enchantment. The Holy Spirit told me to always look at the ground. One day I was going to church I was almost bitten by a snake and I managed to escape.

The other day my yard was full of snakes. My wife and son were afraid of being stung, I was afraid they would come into my house. We tried to drive them away by fires in the yard but nothing worked. I bent my knees and started to pray, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that they were possessed by devils, so that these snakes traveled long distances to reach my address; they came from a city far to my house. A ritual of possession was made in them to sting me and my house!

I said a prayer of rebuke to those devils who were in those snakes. At the time they started coming out of my yard!



I am Kenzo, pastor, and missionary. I have had many experiences with God. I traveled to Africa to preach the Word. I opened a church in Mutare, Zimbabwe. When I arrived there I faced many wizards. A wizard named Ronald Muzona, one of the most powerful wizards in the city of Mutare Zimbabwe. Tried to kill me with his spells. He sacrificed thirteen goats and thirty-three chickens.

I kept doing God's work there and winning souls until Ronald Muzona met with the worst sorcerers that afternoon to kill me. I heard the deafening noises of the drums. I knew that the forces of evil gathered themselves to attack me.

Satan was furious with my arrival there; many missionaries who went there did not withstand the pressure and the oppression of the devils and returned to their countries as failures. I stayed in that place. I clashed against the legions and the principality of that place. I know that it was God who sent me there. Why should He fear that He would be with me?

I gained many sorcerers there. They failed to overthrow me. They saw the power of God in my life. They had no choice but to lay down their lives for Jesus.

I had opened an old wooden church there, that place was filling up with people. To my surprise, Ronald Muzona entered the church. The moment I ministered, my vision opened. I saw a legion of demons inside his body. I knew that night would be different. Ronald Muzona came in not to hear the Word, he came to confront me. This sorcerer came to measure my strength. Ronald Muzona came in, pointed his finger and some brothers began to fall to the ground. They were not prepared for a bombardment of spells. The congregation was frightened when that sorcerer came in. The people knew his fame,

Ronald Muzona said, "Pastor, you have so far resisted my strength, you are the first to resist me. I was curious to confront you personally, so far I have fought against you within my territory. I came here to your church, one of us will be ashamed today. I cannot accept a wizard stronger than I. This region is mine and if you want this region, you will have to defeat me tonight."

Ronald pointed his finger at me, I felt a punch in the chest. I stood looking at him but when I pointed the finger at him in authority of Jesus Christ, he fell into demonic manifestations. The brothers could not hold Ronald, he had a legion in his body that was struggling on the ground uncontrollably. I called the angel Gabriel. Ronald was paralyzed on the ground. I saw the angel Gabriel plucking those small demons in the size of a thumb. A cleansing in that wizard's body was being made, he was cleaned up without any demons remaining in him. The brothers lifted him off the floor and led him to the pulpit. I laid my hands over his head. Ronald felt the presence so strong of the Holy Spirit and began to speak in tongues. Ronald wept with joy.

I saw when two angels went down and measured him from head to foot and another with a bottle in his hand and poured over his head. Then when Ronald delivered his life that night he spoke a few words, "I went to church. I was willing to have a duel with the pastor. I promised myself that if the pastor would win this duel I would give my life to Jesus if his God is greater than all my gods together. I would leave the legions of gods to serve his God. I went to shame his ministry. Who was defeated was me."

"I embarrassed several pastors. They were forced to close their churches here in Mutare. The only churches that are open in this region are the churches with me, pastors who have made an alliance with me and participate in the powers of the three. I obliged these pastors to follow the evil legions. They were afraid when my spells left them sick; some they went away with fear and others recognized my powers and made a covenant of peace with me, following my gods. Here are full of churches covenanted with demons. Serious churches that fight evil forces do not stay here in Mutare because of the wizards."

"Pastor Kenzo was different. He arrived in the region to impose the dominion of Jesus here. He is a pastor experienced in spiritual wars; he was not intimidated with the wizards of the region and no spell of ours could take this pastor. This caught my eye and attracted me to meet this God that he serves. Many who came to this region speaking of Jesus never demonstrated His power. That pastor did not only preach Jesus, he also demonstrated the power of his God. The region came to believe much more in Jesus through the life of Pastor Kenzo. He gained many souls here, proved that the gods of the pack are nothing more than ants compared to his God. I was freed from these demons. I was their slave, now I am free."

"When the brothers took me to the altar where Pastor Kenzo ministered, he put his hands on my head. I saw a ball of fire leaving his body and entering into me. I did not want to exalt this man but, he proved to me that men of God exist, that he is not a false shepherd. If he were a farce I would know, because the demons would tell me and reveal me the falsehood of these shepherds. These false pastors never had the strength to face me. They preferred to stay by my side and open their churches. They did not want trouble with me, some paid a fee to put up their churches. They were afraid that I would destroy their ministry and their lives. Many of them open their churches here to expand the sales market of sacred objects. "

"I started to walk in the wooden church that Kenzo opened. The people were getting more set on fire after the pastor showed that our Jesus is bigger and made me a great example to inspire confidence in the brethren. It increased a flame in every heart, encouraged the brethren not to be afraid to preach the Gospel because of sorcerers. Many sorcerers were converted before me and others after my conversion. The truth is that the sorcerers were afraid of this wooden church that the pastor opened. The sorcerers stopped playing witchcraft and decided to let the people go."

"I went to a blessed service, Pastor Kenzo put his hands on my head. I fell on the ground and I was taken to hell. I came back scared. I will not report what I saw there. I will leave to tell my testimony in hell for the first time after the church. I just want to talk about my conversion. I know that Pastor Kenzo cannot stay with us forever; he is a missionary who is here on a mission and when his time is over he will return to his homeland. I hope to one day travel and see the pastor in the United States where he stays. I have received threats from sorcerers. They told me that they cannot overcome the angelic protection of Pastor Kenzo and when the pastor leaves, the sorcerers will attack our Christian community. They believe they will overcome us without the presence of the pastor. The pastor left a people on fire who are willing to go head-on with these wizards. The work that Pastor Kenzo left in this region is of God. The devil will not destroy. This work is bearing fruit, Pastor Kenzo is returning from the mission to his home."

I told them:

I'm leaving for my home and taking letting you take care of the ministries that I left you. I faced many difficulties in this place because of the poverty of this region but I did all this for Jesus wherever He will send me. Also, my love for you made me resist all evil oppression. I'm going to leave Pastor Ronald Muzona to take care of this work. He has a very strong leadership. As he was a sorcerer before, he is the most capable of directing this work.



From hell, I saw sorcerers doing rituals in the rivers. And those waters were infested with demons that had Christians who bathed in it. They undress as they enter these waters. There were still people drowning in this river. Boats and ships were turned over by these devils from hell.

I saw African shepherds performing miracles, but they were witches disguised as sheep.



The Holy Spirit continued, "Pray a lot, for there are 7 sorceresses who have your name in magic to destroy your ministry. They are very angry with you. When you were in the city of Arusha, you won many souls. They have lost many clients who had sought their services of darkness in the past." Even though they are in Africa, a place far away from here their spells are powerful.

When the Holy Spirit revealed this to me I had a vision of these witches. They were assembled and summoned a chief demon. I saw in the vision when that demon appeared to them. One of them said, "I want to kill that young man who came here, what is the price of the sacrifice? I have 21 goats and all the colors and 56 chickens."

The demon said, "That is too little to kill a believer from that spiritual level. It's not easy to get him as we have to do a lot of work. I'm not going out with my troop from here and traveling to a distant land with this little offering."

The sorceress said, "Ask what you will, I will give you."

The demon said, "You want me to take his life, life pays for life. The life of one of you for his life."

The sorceresses looked frightened not expecting such a high price.

One of them finally said, "Do not worry. I offer my life in return. I am the weakest among you, someone has to continue the work. I know that I will be in a good place with Jesus."

The demon had one of the sorceresses nail a dagger into her heart and use her blood in the death ritual. I saw when they sacrificed that woman and the demons took her soul and went down to hell. When they did that ritual of death, the chief demon with his battalion came to Europe looking for my head. They traveled several miles to kill me. I was praying and feeling when more than 100 demons arrived. They stayed in my backyard and surrounded my house. It was dawn when they came to kill me thinking I was asleep. I began to hear noises in my yard and on the roof. They started knocking on my window and my wife woke up with the noise. I told her to stay in spirit and together we began to make that powerful prayer.

My vision opened up and I saw those devils surrounding my house and pointing their hands toward my house. Out of his hands came black darts, not just one, I saw millions of black balls coming at me and my wife. It was a barrage of darts in our house, but I noticed that those darts was stopped by a large shield that covered us. The great shield of fire that formed protected us from all those darts. I saw the millions of darts fired falling to the ground and the ground becoming dark. The floor of my house was all dark and the earth sucked all the darts into it like rainwater being sucked into the ground. The floor of my room became normal and those legions of demons were gone.

Those demons had to go back to Africa because they were encroaching on territories here where I live belonging to other demons that act in this region. My wife said she did not see when the demons attacked, but she felt a negative weight of a diabolical presence in the house.

Open the Word of God and go forth in Psalms 91:4, He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings, you will trust; his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

We thank God for another victory in this spiritual warfare. Imagine if I did not have a sanctified life, they would have touched me. Any Christian who is going to make a mission in dangerous places without renouncing the world runs the great risk of dying, for the demons kill.



Jesus showed me the witches doing witchcraft for the Christians of all the churches in a town. The witches' spells hit rebellious Christians. The Christians who suffered these attacks had their wrists in chains.

Jesus said, "These are slaves of Satan. All these are slaves of their own sins and became prisoners of the devil. These churches that were attacked by the witches were not prepared spiritually to confront the evil forces."

The sight of the witches is gone. What I saw in the vision are churches disgraced and defeated by sin. The devil does not respect teachers and doctors of theology, but he fears those who do the will of God and who search their whole heart. Jesus does not care about church offices and church plaques. This is insignificant before God; what matters to Him is a life separated from the world. It is not your position that will make you a true Christian. To be a man of God is to live a sincere, holy life with good conduct before God.



We went to the left lung of hell and contemplated a spiritual line that reached the earth.

The angel said, "This is the earth's strong spiritual connection with hell. This connection is through Satanism, witchcraft, and other false religions. All witchcraft done on earth is linked with the lungs of hell." I observed that from this place there flowed a great amount of infernal energy to earth. All this evil force rose to earth and enabled people to practice occultism.



The angel of the Lord appeared to me after those visions. He took my hand and pulled my spirit. The angel said, "I will take you into the evil factories and reveal to you those businessmen that are Satanists. They are puppets of devils and do everything they want in return for the perishable treasures of the earth. The angel took my spirit where the businessmen of the factory are.

I saw a businessman who owns a factory of lipsticks and makeup. He is Satanists who sold his soul to the devil. His factory is the one that sold the most in that region. I saw a demon appearing to him and saying, "I gave you the factory. I left you rich for you to produce my accessories, do a ritual to tie the people in my products, you will sell more when you make that sacrifice for me."



The next morning I went to buy some food. In the center of the city among the large crowd, a man from a long distance was looking straight at me.

This man approached me and said, "You are a Christian."

I replied, "Yes, as you know."

He said, "I saw your body shine from afar like a little light that shines in this dark city."

"I have talked to men who called themselves pastors, bishops, apostles, and missionaries. If they did not tell me they were Christians, I would never know. Their bodies did not shine, their light was off. I have the gift and I see, they do not ascend in the rapture."

"I have been working to prevent the churches in Nigeria from being saved. I have worked with several pastors not to let this nation rise. These people will welcome the prince of darkness and his mark. I do not have to complain about my God."

"I made a blood pact with Beelzebub, and I work for a large company Royal Dutch Shell. I am the right arm of my boss. I will continue to rise from office to become the new boss. I have everything I want, Satan fulfilled my dreams."

"I have not seen you wage a spiritual warfare. I recognize your worth in the spirit world. I also know that you are at war with the demons. I'm a high-level Satanist. I know what's going on in the spirit world. I'm on the inside of the spiritual world news."

"A demon named Pazuzu spoke of you to me. You are very famous in the spiritual world and you are looking like a celebrity. Not all Christians who have their names spoken in demonic meetings. Only those who live the holy Gospel and go through all the tribulations that have their names well spoken. Tell me Kenzo."

I answered the Satanist, "You know my name without knowing me. It can only be the demons that spoke to you."

The Satanist answered me, "That's right, he told me you were the devils. People look at me and they do not believe that I am a sorcerer because I look elegant. I am a friend of several pastors. I have no enemy, Jesus said that we have to love our neighbor. I have no reason to wage war with you, we will not gain anything from it. I want to make an alliance with all Christian churches and religions. Soon all will unite in one love, to receive the Antichrist who will rule the world."

"I will overcome this war by making alliances with the churches and defiling the holy Gospel. I will never overcome this war by speaking evil of Christians, but by uniting and loving they will be defeated. My mission is to bring together all peoples of different religions, peoples, and races for the arrival of our king. A new era will come and all religions will disappear, only a single religion will exist, anti-Christianity."

When the Satanist spoke these words he disappeared from my front and appeared 30 meters away, then disappeared. I do not know where he went.

I went back home wondering if that man was a man or a demon. He had disappeared just like a spirit. I bowed my knee praying to God, asking for revelation if that man was real.

Jesus showed me in a vision, this man being transported to various places and cities, he did not drive because he had this ability. The demon that possessed him could make his body move from one place to another at high speed.

Jesus revealed to me that he's just a man, not a demon like I thought. Jesus told me, "No matter how much I condemn the evil deeds I love this soul and I want to save him. This man made a pact with Satan and in the contract, it was written that he would have this ability to move. He is being deceived, Satan promised great things and will not fulfill his deal in this covenant. He is a liar no matter how faithful that Satanist is in the covenant. Satan is plotting to reap his soul to keep what he has promised, and the sorcerer does not know that."

"I would bring him to you to hear the Word, causing him to escape from death and gain salvation. Satan has not yet taken his life because he is useful to his purposes. When he does not need him anymore, he will kill him and put another one to replace him."

"My servant, I am love, I do not use and play out like Satan. I always lead you closer to My presence."

At the end of the revelation, Jesus showed me in a vision that Satanist doing a ritual to kill a Christian in order to stay with his wife. This Satanist cast a spell on this Christian's wife; she was not clothed in God's armor, that magic entered her mind. This Christian woman fell in love with the Satanist and left her husband.

This man had strong magnetism on Christian women, that was not the first. He would do a ritual with a female skull, pick up strands of hair in his sister's salon. This Satanist had already made more than 50 women fall in love with him through the ritual of the skull. They were maddened with love for him based on the spells cast on them. I saw a demon stirring inside the head of every woman going crazy for the sorcerer.

He did rituals for businessmen to go crazy and deposit money into his account. The demons controlled the minds of the entrepreneurs making them deposit money into his account.

The Lord said, "Despite his evil deeds I want to forgive him and bring him in my way."

After these visions, a few days later I meet with this Satanist again.

He said, "He thought well of our covenant."

I replied, "Repent of your sins, leave sorcery, you have little time of life. Satan is misleading your soul."

The Satanist said, "I gained the eternal life of Satan himself. I took the elixir of immortality, drank a lot of herbs made by my master who initiated me into witchcraft. Why will I serve your God that will never give me riches? Look at you, a poor man and still serve this God. You know what will happen if I drop Satan, he will take everything he gave me and your God will not do anything to restore my losses."

I replied, "Satan also offered me riches, the media tried to make me famous. Entrepreneurs offered me a lot of money so I could drop my job and work for their companies. Churches tried to make me known in the four corners of the world, all this I rejected to be this poor man. Satan tried to corrupt me to make me famous. I was separated from these things to be known. I accepted to diminish myself so that the glory of God grows."

"The media is satanic and serves to boast man and not God. I made a covenant with God, He told me that He would exalt me, as long as I did not seek the media and recognition. I'd rather be anonymous, lower myself, and be a simple man."

When I had finished speaking these words, the Satanist moved and disappeared from me.

Months later, before I fell asleep I had a vision in the night. I saw a demon in the form of a shadow entering his house. He pushed his black hand into the Satanist's chest, crushing his heart. He fell to the ground writhing in pain, and the demons caught his soul.

At dawn I was worried. I took my Bible and went to the city to meet him.

Jesus said, "Do not go after him, you have already done your part, he rejected Me, he did not believe your words." Jesus gave me a vision last night that will be fulfilled; his death has already been decreed.

Two weeks later, I saw the news that he died. He was very well known in that city.



I will return to report my testimony. The angel took me to a Satanist, owner of a pornographic industry. I saw a demon talking to him through a ritual of invocation. The devil said, "I gave you this pornographic empire, your movies reached the four corners of the world, corrupted the planet, left society more depraved and children will grow in immorality! Hire new actresses and actors to prostitute themselves and make them do scenes of sexual intercourse on recordings. They thought they are happy to satisfy their carnal desires but I will make them go through such a void that they did not find happiness in sex and they will search for drugs to fill their voids. I will drive them into depression to the point of making them commit suicide!" That demon was laughing and disappearing, passing all the rules of destruction to that businessman.


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