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My girlfriend was at my house. She took off her clothes and laid naked in front of me. I watched as her face transfigured to the face of a demon. I had my spiritual vision open and I was seeing the supernatural. Worms began to come out of her body.

One voice said, "Her sins stink so much and they are rotten that they have become worms. These worms are devouring all the few good qualities that she had. And you will descend further into moral decay. You are diminishing your good behavior to the point where your personality becomes disqualified as you abide in your sins."

God allowed me to see all this happen to have the courage to end that diabolical relationship. The worms would leave her body and I could smell the rotten smell coming from that pretty girl. Jesus said, "That's how you smell sin." That sin stinks in my nostrils. I started to feel disgusted with my girlfriend. She was beautiful carnally but spiritually she looked like a corpse being eaten by the worms.

Young people have relationships that are not godly and if you are in this situation, do not marry and end this sinful relationship. That girl was a stumbling block to my life. In the vision her face began to disfigure, her flesh was falling into pieces leaving only the skeleton.

When I saw that, I was afraid of her. She did not understand because I did not want to have relations with her and I stood still without moving. She was naked in front of me but I ran because of the visions. The legions of demons that indwelt her and used her gave a sinister laugh.



I used to receive in our prayer group every person who said they have accepted Jesus Christ into their life without our inquiry in advance of their activities. Our behavior was based on the verse that says that the just shall live by faith. But later, we found even among our deacons, there were owners of pubs or brothel hotels.

That day, after coming down from heaven, and after we left the place where we were, the Lord showed me the works of my contemporaries. Then I saw unimaginable things!

Indeed, the Lord showed me how, by his drinking establishment, the deacon caused people to be drunk! Once drunk, they do everything they can do. Then I understood that God is holy. The Lord said to me, "Look at this pastor! See how he puts his hand in his pocket and comes out with money to hand it to the parishioner!"

I watched the scene as a television screen. Yes, my beloved, God sees everything! I saw how the pastor, in a hotel room, stroking the chest of a girl. When he began to undress her to make love with her, I closed my eyes and turned my eyes to not see the scene. But, strange to say, even with my eyes closed, I could see everything! I wondered at this, but I wanted to understand why my Lord made me see bad scenes. Then I fell on my knees for the third time, and I implored the Lord, "Free my view of these obscenities!" In response, he said to me, "You are shocked at the sight of these things and yet you are a man. Can you feel what I feel like God, that I have to see all these abominations?" Then I saw a girl of 12 or 13 years going into a hotel, accompanied by an old dad who could be the age of his grandfather. The girl had consented because of money! Despite the cries of pain, crying and bleeding of the girl, that old man was raping her!

The Lord looked at me with His tender eyes and filled with love, said, "Is it not for this purpose that I have instituted marriage? This is one of the sins that plague humanity, including in your country, Zaire!" When He had said these words, I saw tears running down His cheeks, and He grieved with anguish, "Here's how the world is lost!"



But the Christian who lets sin in opens up legality and the protective angel does not help in this war either. Sin opens up the legal grounds for the demons in the spirit world. They gain the right to defeat the Christian who has sinned and will destroy his home.

This was the condition that God Himself gave to the demons. And they will only have the strength to act through sin. This has been the reason for the defeat of many Christians who give up the work and go to the world to live in sin. They blame God for their failures and no longer want to serve Him. They themselves open up these legalities to have their lives destroyed.

The Christian who continues in the work and yet does not leave the sin - this one has no anointing and no spiritual weapon enough to win the war. His spiritual authority is taken away, so the demons are not afraid of him.



The Lord said, "My heart aches when the ones who I govern live in the midst of sin. They do not even know that it is sin until the sins they commit pile higher and higher, and becomes a tall strong tower. But I will forgive everyone who breaks down their tower, becomes clean, and comes to Me. Your pains are My pains. Your suffering becomes My suffering. All of you who live in sin, quickly repent and come back to Me. My path is straight and My bosom is wide and deep. I have expressed all My love for all mankind. Repent sincerely so that you will not go to Hell. Those who feel it deeply in their heart would strive with all their might not to go to Hell. Tell them about this Hell, let it be known."

The Hell that has been described to you until now is only a fraction of Hell, but there are so many types of Hell as much as there are types of sins. We cannot judge the standards of those sins accurately, so sins that we do not even know that we are committing continue to pile up. Hell is not an illusionary world. Even now, in the spiritual world, there are massive numbers of people falling down to Hell on a daily basis. Does it seem like a subject that does not relate to you? Don’t ever forget that you can be one of those many people. There is no point in regretting and repenting in Hell. There is no way to get out of that place. You have to keep in mind that a world that rewards you according to your deeds is waiting for you after your death. The time for repentance is now, while you are still alive.



Jesus said, “Those who draw near to Me turn away from sin, for sin prevents a man from giving his whole life to Me.”

“Sin is a wall that separates man from me and when he dies with his sin comes to this place. Look at the people who are here. They cry out and ask for mercy. This is the place where all the people are separated from Me by sin.”

“Even when they die, their sins remain alive and their souls separate them from Me. They have died with their sins and can no longer be redeemed. Your sins will always be the wall that separates Me from them forever in this place.”


The Lord showed me demons using what people like best to lay snares of sin. They are projecting their death traps, using baits of the pleasures of the world.

The Lord showed me the window of the world. I have noticed that there are millions of both good and sinful things that cause destruction in the lives of people. There are many attractive and pleasurable things the world has to offer.

Jesus said, “All these are traps for death.”

“There are 3 mortal enemies of the Christian who are: his flesh, the pleasures of the world and Satan.”

“Satan needs the legality to be able to act, what he does is to induce. Without legality, Satan will have no strength to destroy.”

“The fiercest enemy that Satan is the world with its pleasures, modernity, prostitution, and money. The world has overthrown more believers than Satan himself.”

“The world seduces My servants to death. But the worst mortal enemy is the flesh itself. The flesh does not want to obey my word, desiring the world.”

“It is a struggle of the flesh and the spirit. The flesh wants to do the will of Satan, so he uses the world and the flesh to divert My servants.”

“He works on personal desires, emotions, and feelings, offering all forms of pleasures in the world. All that the flesh desires, Satan uses in his behalf.”

“Money has been the consuming gold of all flesh and the instrument of corruption of the world and of My word.”



I beheld in hell the prison system that looks like prison cells from the chains of the earth. Souls are tortured inside their cells. They are awaiting final judgment, living in painful torture. Jesus said, “Servant, the sin of the world imprisons people. Whoever does not sacrifice the desires of the flesh, and does not kill the sin that is in the flesh, will come to that place. Tell the deviants who have fallen in the faith to reflect on their lives, analyze how long they have begun the journey, and see where they have gone wrong and fallen to begin again from where they left off.”

In the world, there is much division between color, race, peoples, religions, rich, poor, tongues and there is no union between them. In My church, there is no union to worship Me. Even hell plays its part in uniting poor with rich and all peoples, languages and religions. All are united in this place of torment.

Lord Jesus showed me Christians in hell by committing sins in secret without anyone knowing. This group of Christians hid the sins of their shepherds from being corrected. But they could not hide from God. Jesus showed me the earth, I saw thousands of eyes of fire scattered throughout the four corners of the world. Those eyes did not close and I was watching. Jesus said, "The eyes of God are all over the earth, and nothing can be hidden from Me." The people and laws of the land are unjust. Innocents pay for crimes for lack of evidence, but the law of God is just and your measure is right.



I saw people in hell with rotting bodies. Jesus said, "These souls have leprosy because of sin." Sins become leprosy of the body when souls go to hell.



The Bible says that hell was prepared for the devil and his angels. No human being as terrible as he is deserves that place.

I was tortured and the demons reminded me of my sins, especially when I hurt the pastor's ministry by destroying his marriage, there I paid for all the evil that I had done. I also felt dread of that place and in the depths of my heart, I knew that belonged to that place for having died stuck in my sins.

My husband and I died captives of the world, being prisoners of sin. The demons had every right about our lives as we were theirs. Those demons made us their prisoners and dragged us to all the places of hell, torturing our bodies with great cruelty. That was the result of one who dies a prisoner of his flesh performing all his sinful pleasures. We died imprisoned in our sins and the demons threw us into the dungeon of hell. All the sins that we have committed have passed before our eyes.

My mind was programmed to think of all the evil things we had done. Since when we were bitten my husband and I had a sense of what is wrong.



Here on earth, we will fight not to be slaves of our sinful bodies. It is better to be prisoners of the Holy Spirit doing what He commands not to be slaves of the flesh. To be free is not to do what the flesh wants; sin commands and the flesh obeys. Slavery begins with sin and continues eternally in hell, on earth slavery is the sin of the body and its pleasures. In hell, one does not enjoy the pleasure of the flesh and you do not do what you want there. Demons have rights over souls.



I had another vision. I saw Satan inventing innovations in the world to be worshiped. I saw a great trap ready to capture the greatest number of souls to hell, the goal is to drag humanity to destruction. Satan and his demons play dirty, the devils study the weaknesses of every Christian on earth to get them out of the way of salvation.

Jesus spoke to me with words of concern saying, "Tell My people, do not let the flesh speak louder, tell them to drink My water when you feel thirsty. I will kill your desires and cravings. I will take away your voids and fill you with My Spirit; the world cannot fill your voids. Tell them to seek My baptism with fire to burn their sinful flesh, killing all the desires of the pleasures of the world. What stain on the inside is a sin, that drives away the Holy Spirit."

When Jesus spoke to me these words He said, "Feel what I feel."

My face was transfigured with concern and tears began to fall from my eyes. I could see the love and desire of Jesus for the souls. It is not His wish that souls get lost. He wishes to save the bride, and warn as much as possible not to lose more Christian souls.



When I arrived at my house to pray I had a vision of a great city. The demons made sin multiply all over this city. It is the nest of demons installed in that city. Sin is in the big cities, where spiritual values are reversed and the places became a bad influence for children. These evil societies are building an unbelieving generation. All these cities are headed toward hell. I saw these people burning like rubbish in hellfire just like Gehenna in the Bible.

They looked like garbage in ragged robes, torn and filthy. These cities had parties, drinks, prostitution, drugs and everything you cannot even imagine. I saw the nest of demons in the great centers of the city. These cities are places of corruption of the human races, where the churches suffer to preach the doctrine. The garbage of sin is scattered in the cities. Christians living in these cities suffer greatly from the effects of the malignity of these places. We have to pray a lot and are constantly vigilant not to be surprised by the bad. The evil that is in the cities afflict families and it is in these places that there is a concentration of sin.

I saw in the vision devils enthroned in urban centers. These cities are branches of great Babylon that will soon appear in this world. I saw new attractions of these cities attracting people to death. In the vision, all these cities united to form great Babylon.



I had a vision with those who live in sin. Their clothes were dirty and their bodies stank of carrion which also exhaled from these people.

Jesus said to me, "The sins of these people stink before Me."



A man involved with a television channel tried to take me to a station trying to get my name on the media. I refused and said, "I cannot expose my ministry on television since I preach against the Babylonian electronic, technological system of the Antichrist."


This demon could not bring me down this time, but he used a model that tried to seduce me. This woman wanted me to leave my wife that God prepared to help my ministry.

I said, "I am a man of one woman, the first and the last; after her, I will have no woman. Just as Jesus continues to be faithful to His church, in spite of her infidelity, I will be faithful to my wife even if she ever leaves me. I will wait for her to die."

That model that was in love with me was gone. The demon had thrown an evil dart of passion into her mind, leaving her completely beside herself. She said she would kill herself because I did not want her and went to her apartment.

I came home and prayed. And in the vision, I saw a trap and a demon ready to reap the life of that woman. I prayed for God to deliver her, it was when in the vision, I saw that my prayer seemed like a ball of fire that went towards that devil reaper. When he saw that fireball, he fled and left the model and the passion dart that was in her mind disappeared. She had been hypnotized by that demon and returned to her normal state, forgetting to try to seduce me.


The demon who was trying to knock me down put a businessman pastor on my way. He wanted to invest money in my ministry and said he will put my church in every country in the world. That man tried to corrupt me with his money and wanted to buy me, but the Holy Spirit revealed to me all his plans. Later he did not want to help me.

Brothers the devil does not give up trying against our life, so we cannot give up walking in holiness and pray for strength, without prayer we end up giving up.

That devil sent from hell to take me down, he's been trying for a month against my life since January, now it's February. I resisted this demon and its deadline to destroy me is over. And when he came back to hell, Satan commanded the other demons to punish him for failing.

I saw in the vision when the demons hung that demon upside down and tortured him all day. Hell is not like heaven, where everything works under pressure because time is short, church and they are desperate. The king of hell is not sweet with devils, he makes the life of his demons hellish. If Satan does this to those who work for his kingdom, what he will do to you that does not work for him if you fall into it.

I saw a female demon of seduction being tortured. And I also saw other demons being tortured for having failed in the torture rooms. This is the result of a holy church that prays, causing the demons to be punished in hell for their failures.

I saw when Satan commanded another demon to try to knock me down. That demon was surprised to receive this difficult mission, for he knows the difficulty he will have here on earth. This demon could not say no to Satan and accepted the mission. I know psychologically he was shaken, but they do not give up; they always have hope they will achieve. They have overthrown many holy men who lived on their knees in prayer, they did not watch and were overthrown by surprise. I saw Satan with a huge list of Christians who were overthrown. Satan on his throne showed to that demon the list of the many Christians who have fallen.

Satan said, "For us all is possible" and that demon upon seeing that list was very excited to want to knock me down. "If you fail like the other demon, I will always be tortured by your failures; the next one that will go to punishment will be you. The punishment room awaits you."

This demon is much stronger than the other demon who failed to want to knock me down.

The Word of God saith he that standeth, take heed lest he falls, and let the fallen rise up while there is time. I cannot go wrong, I have to be a mirror of holiness and make disciples. You who hear me do not know the price I pay to bring souls into the kingdom of Jesus. I have stepped on a thorn and I suffer greatly. Now I understand what Jesus suffered when He was on earth and the disciples as well.

After going through great financial abundance, God allowed me to lose my job. Physical exhaustion prevented me from praying, I lost much worship because I worked at night. After I was fired I did not question God, I did not murmur, He gave and took it. I have no wealth, I only have one house in heaven and one family, even the house where I live has been given to me. I have nothing that makes me important among the rich, I have only the greatest pearl in my life, the Holy Spirit of God.



Hell has a factory of iniquity that will make many sins to rise up to the earth. They are new inventions of evil that will exist on earth to divert people. These new types of sin are architected in hell and already exists in hell before going up to earth.



I asked Jesus who was by my side, the reason for that stench if they are not meats, but lost spirits. Jesus said that it is the sins they carry with them. Sin stinks in hell when your soul was not cleansed by the blood of Jesus. When people reached hell the worms begin to rise from within their souls. The filthy soul sprouts worms that cause the rot and stink.

The spirit upon reaching hell is sliced like meats by the butcher. In hell, things become real as on earth. There the spirit bleeds and has bones. Hell is a real place equal to the earth. All kinds of death, violence, carnage, and prostitution on earth also exist in hell. The earth is only a shadow of the evil that happens in hell.



He said, "Several people here are playing with their God and pretending to be Christians." My vision was open, I could see dark spots on many people. Many people's hearts and minds were black. God knows the intimacy of each person and allowed me to see the interior of each person.

I asked the demon who was with me if he could see what I saw. He said no, but said he could touch spiritually weak people. I asked, "if you cannot see the inside of a person, it is because that the person does not have God?"

He answered me, "Through spiritual sensitivity, I feel the sin in them. Sin stinks, I smell and approach the person who is in sin. If I do not smell the evil, I do not approach because I know that this person is clean and purified by the blood of his God."

The devil began to point out people in the church who exuded the stench of sin according to him. And everyone he pointed out I could see a dark stain on the inside. That spot he could not see, just me.

The demon said, "Many who are here have their minds contaminated because of pornography." I looked into the heads of many and realized that inside their minds was taken by the darkness. Their minds were pure darkness and the evil spirit flew into their minds.

The demon said, "I could destroy 90% of that church only by black magic," and began to point out several believers who were in sin. He pointed to 8 people and said against those we cannot touch as they are the first fruits of this church, the tithing of their God. They are the 10% who are preventing the entire church from being destroyed. They live praying and consecrating themselves; they are the bastions of this place. That church had 80 members, in which 8 were untouchables.


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