Saturday, October 20, 2018



The second part of the ninth commandment says Subject Christians to television so that they will not be able to resist temptation. You just need to look at young people today. They are destroyed because of television. They try to be stars because they want to do like this or that musician. They try to dress in a filthy way because they want to imitate the stars that they saw on TV ... Please note that we must not watch anything.

Beloved, we are Children of God, we are in the world but not of the world. Today, there are sisters who do not know how to dress because of television. There are Christians who do not even know two passages of the Bible. But when you talk to them about this or that movie, they are able to explain to you all the sequences of the movie. They know all episodes by heart and they would explain them to you as if they were there during the making of this movie. They would even explain to you what has not been said. They would tell you for example: At this level, they should have done this rather than that. But do not ask them to give you a single passage of the Bible, they will not know it. It is this type of Christians who fill the churches today.

Know that everything will pass away, but the Word of God endures forever. Yet you attach importance to short-lived things, and you neglect the Word that gives life, heals, saves, blesses, and delivers. You neglect the most important thing. But when it is about the TV-show '24', you are number one, when it is about "prison break", you know everything, you even explain the episodes which are still in process and which have not yet been produced.

Beloved, beware! There are also so-called Christian movies such as Karachika. Many people believe that this movie is a Christian movie. Know that those who made it are not Christians. Who has already given his life to the Lord Jesus only because he watched the movie Karachika? We had watched these movies already in the world of Satan before they arrived in this world in 1999-2000. We had already watched it in 1994 in the department of prince Talus. Prince Talus is the demon that exerts a negative influence on all those who bear the name Guillain.

Studying humankind, Lucifer told us: Man in his nature is more attracted by evil than by good. So when you watch this film, at first, they show you mystical things, it is only toward the end that they show you a short sequence of a servant of God who triumphs. But when you watch this movie, you only remember what is negative. It is bewitchment spell. Avoid horror, zombies, vampires, etc. movies. Avoid watching these movies. Because they create fear, and when you are afraid, you cannot fight the devil. There are some people who cannot even go out at night because they saw a horror movie. Can you chase demons away when you are trembling? To chase a demon away, you should take authority on it, but if you are afraid, how can you chase it away? Know that it is the devil who urges people to make all these horror, vampire, zombie ... movies. And the majority of those who make horror films are Satanists. In the coming days, I am going to give you the names of some actors Satanists like the man who made the movie "Blade", Wesley Snipes, he is a ready-made Satanist.

Still, regarding the second part of the ninth commandment, there are pornographic movies. There are even Christians who have such movies in their houses. What are you looking for when you watch this kind of movies? There are even young people who go on the Internet to watch pornographic movies. What are you looking for? Beloved, we must fear God.



In hell, I realized what did not allow me to grow spiritually despite my praying very much. I never had the strength to overcome my flesh and the anointing of God was never poured into my life. It was because of the television I had. I watched many violent movies and in the view, I had of television in hell, I saw millions of blood-sucking demons like those blood-sucking leeches. They sucked my spiritual life and took my strength when watching television. These bloodthirsty demons live inside televisions.



Television station owners were at that meeting. The devil asked to multiply the films, novels, serials, drawings, and programs with sex, betrayal, death, violence, drug addictions, homosexuality, and witchcraft. In return, the devil promised to increase the audience of these channels. Satan's plan is to destroy all mankind and the church through television.

Pastors who make television shows are Freemasons. They were at that Masonic meeting. The devil asked these pastors to invent new supernatural movements, new theological teachings, and new seminars.



The Lord told me something not very long ago and I want to share this with you. Cities will be burned with fire and it will start at midnight. The Lord said to me, "I will take you in Spirit from here and to another country. The city where you are will be burned with fire". This word also said, "I will go through and search the houses of My people. I will check their doorposts. The houses, whose doorposts don't have blood on them, will I destroy."

Brothers and sisters: it's not my business, but I want to ask you what do you have in your houses?"

It was revealed to me that in your houses, you have Satan's property as first place. There is no place for the Lord in your houses. My dear brothers and sisters: it is not my business to teach, but I do tell you that even if you spend $400 - $500 for this private property of Satan's, throw it away out from your house. God's day is near and He will search your houses. I'm just asking you. I'm not trying to be nosey, please understand. I had a TV in my house before. I spent $500 on it. I feel very sorry now about the time I spent on it and the money. Back then, I didn't feel one bit sorry. I could have given that money to people who are in need. You don't think that we have any poor in America, but the Lord revealed to me that there are many poor people here. You can find them and give this money to them.

Brothers and sisters: check and see what you have in your houses because you will answer before God about it. Don't try to excuse yourself by saying, "I only watch Christian programs". Don't make excuses. This is the private property of Satan in your house. The Lord will come to judge this earth and your house will perish (be destroyed) because you have that which is cursed in your house.

It is like when (king) Saul took spoils from the Amalekites and lost all his blessings. He had heard the voice of God before, but he couldn't hear it anymore because of this. So he went and listened to another voice; the voice of a witch. He was afraid because he couldn't hear the voice of the Lord anymore. Oh my dear souls, today you get worried because the Lord doesn't speak to you, but which of you is thinking about the time?

I don't know, but maybe the Lord will move me away soon. I tell you that the day before the destruction comes upon this place, it will be very nice. It will be warm and sunshine. However, in the night, the fire will come to this city and all these cities will be on fire. Maybe you will remember what I'm telling you and you'll wake up one night because something outside is crackling. Then you will have to realize that you are perishing. But, it will be too late to ask forgiveness then.

There will be a destruction because the Lord is punishing. At this time there will be no more forgiveness for anyone. However, if you stay on your knees in prayer, the Lord will come to you and say, "Soul stand up and follow Me. I will lead you out, but this city will be destroyed by fire." But NO! Don't think that you can just sleep in your nice bed and that the Lord will come and wake you up. No, it won't be like that! The Lord revealed to me that you don't pray. How many times do you wake up at night to pray?



I saw the devil laughing with a loud voice as he commanded a demon; saying, "Go to the highway and cause accidents!" Immediately this demon obeyed him, running to the earth with speed. Then the devil called out to another demon saying, "Go to the air and cause a plane to crash!" The devil called out another demon and said, "Go quickly and make famous artists expose their nakedness! Have them to expose their bodies on TV, the internet and in newspapers! Go and make the prostitutes release new videos!" All the demons obey, running to the earth with speed.

We Christians must be careful of what we watch on television, the internet and read in the newspapers. The devil is out there, looking for whom he may devour.

1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.



Jesus took me out of hell and took me to Christian homes.

I contemplated the great destruction of their homes because of television. I also had a vision of many broken marriages. The Lord told me: “These broken marriages that you saw are my people who have strayed because of this satanic technology.”

The Lord Jesus showed me millions of divorce demons that act through television and social networks. The purpose of these demons is to break family ties and cause disorder in homes.

I looked at the television that was inside a pastor's residence. He did not sleep and it was already dawn. This pastor watched an action movie, an evil spirit entered his eyes. His personality was changed and his heart was as hard as stone.

That pastor began to feel jealous of his wife who worked for a company. He followed his wife every day. One day he saw her talking to a colleague in her company. That pastor came home with a lot of hatred and jealousy.

When his wife arrived home, he stabbed her 8 times. She passed away and the pastor was arrested.

In the vision, the Lord showed me that this pastor watched a TV series of betrayal and death every day without missing an episode. This series has influenced his mind to believe he may have betrayal in marriage and that the greatest revenge is to murder the traitor.

I saw millions of dark shadows coming out of the television sets I saw in the homes of believers.
The Lord said: These are the evil darts that come out of the television to hit mankind. The demons inside the television attacked the people who watch the schedules.

I saw the number 666 engraved on these darts. This is the mark of Satan that came off the television in the shape of 666 balls that hit the people's minds. Their minds are marked with the number 666 and they become impure when they watch the television.

The Christians who watched TV had their minds marked with the number of the beast.

The Lord told me that these have the mind of Satan and will not enter heaven. And many believers watch and they no longer have the mind of Christ.

Because of television, many have their minds ill with depression, belittling themselves and suffering low self-esteem.

I asked, “Lord, why is the television so evil?”

The Lord said, “All that is bound on earth is bound in heaven. The servants of Satan also do the same, all that they bind on earth is bound in hell.”

The Lord showed me a network of thick television wires. These wires are spiritual and are connected behind the television. These spiritual threads have one part that enters the television and the other part of the wires go down into the Earth.

The Lord said, "These wires that go down into the earth go to hell. The spiritual threads connect television and hell. That's why the induction of television is hellish. Their influence leads many to perdition.”

How many souls would be saved if they did not watch TV?

The Lord Jesus took me to my house with a television.

He said, “My servant, I will prove to you the connection of television with hell. That thick thread you saw is the way to hell. And the television screen is the access portal.”

Jesus held my hand and together we entered the television through the screen. And we went down inside that thick spiritual thread. We descended at high speed into the wire.

The television screen is the entrance and the thick wire was the path that led me to hell.

I want to explain to the church that this thick thread is spiritual which we can not see with the carnal eyes. Jesus allowed me to see several wires looking like thick cables.

Those wires resembling giant cables are not the only entrances that give access to hell. There are several portals that lead to hell.

The Lord showed me a large group of Christians watching television. Many children are in hell for watching television. Jesus told me that the technological environment destroys Christian values.



God gave me a revelation of the destruction of homes through television.

Jesus told me, "There are many Christian homes that have been destroyed because of television. It has influenced families to practice evil."

Television has weakened the prayers of many Christians. Their cries no longer have the power to move My hand. Shepherds who have television opened the legality for the demons to enter their homes. That's why your kids are on drugs and their wives deluded by the soap operas have dropped their husbands. How many have paid a high price for having a television? This is the destructive power it causes inside the house.



Jesus said that television is one of those responsible for causing separation between Him and the church.

This evil system of technological networks has destroyed the woman's marriage to her husband and also the betrothal of Jesus and the church.



I have seen Christians in hell because of television and there are many who have been taken home because of this apparatus, even heretical evangelical programs have taken many to this place.



The angel showed me the sixth vision.

I noticed that there were large-scale possessions, seductive spirits coming out of Facebook and into people's eyes, coming out of television and video game too, demons of addiction came through people's eyes like black shadows.



I went to pray, and my spirit went until the meeting of satan and his demons, they talked about the children.

Satan said, "Children are the future of tomorrow, we must contaminate their hearts and minds, through the movies, toys and TV shows. If we corrupt children and adolescents, in the future there will be no church, they will only be religious temples of people who do not live the gospel. The customs of the children of believers who grow up hearing the word and walk in the church will be corrupted, There will be denominations, but the holy people will be over.

Their parents see innocence in a childish desire, but they do not know what is hidden in the drawings and movies and the spiritual force acting behind. All of these are seeds planted in their hearts, this generation is being programmed through television and secular music.

Satan saw my spirit and said, "You can do nothing to stop me."

My spirit returned to my body, Jesus told me, "My servant, all of the bad things that My people see pollutes the eyes. And if the eyes are contaminated the whole body will be also, and the ears that listen to music of the world contaminates the mind and the heart."

In another vision, I saw the spirit of lesbianism, homosexual and transsexuals possessing children who watch television. These demons entered their bodies, from the eyes, getting inside their minds.



I returned to Mexico to finish the mission. A theologian found me and made a proposal to preach on a television program.

The name of this pastor is Alejandro, he felt a great envy for me, for God to use me in that place.

I said, "For Jesus, I have no commitment to television channels, nor to the entrepreneurs of satanic broadcasters. I preach against television. If I do programming I would be hypocritical."



I will report when I stood firm while he was alive and how I weakened after he died. I am the sister of Pastor Michael Watson, who had also been shot down by the death of Pastor Kenzo. I received a powerful anointing from Pastor Kenzo's ministry and was under his prayer cover. I was praying and empowered.

But I had a television and the devil attacked me from inside that device. The television turned off even darkened dark arrows that hit my mind. I was on my knee and I saw the arrows. I felt a headache and became weak, disheartened to walk into the church and was not having the strength to pray.

A demon came to my room. I cried out the name of Jesus and expelled him, but he did not want to leave. He said, "I cannot go out as television is my device, and this gives me legality and strength in your life; you will never defeat me while I have what is mine in your home."

Television takes away the spiritual authority of any Christian. I had to throw the device in the trash and the strength to pray came back.

The devil never came back, I was free and the anointing of God was growing in my life. The deeper I went into spiritual things, the more I renounced the world. I was part of the church's worship group. Lord Jesus gave me the gift of praise. Every time I sang in the church, people felt the presence of God and others were set free. Out of my voice comes the anointing of flames of fire. My husband played the guitar. An anointing accompanied the sounds of the instrument. When Jesus touched the people through the worship, they fell into demonic manifestations. I was being used a lot.

I saw a television in hell. And Jesus revealed to me how television appeared on earth. The devil appeared to a man and said, "I will make you smart and will invent a device that will make you a millionaire. This will contaminate the mind of the people and corrupt the hearts with sinful desires."

The mind will become Luciferian, marked with the mark of immorality. The images will enter through the eyes that will be unclean. This has corrupted humanity leaving the evil character and quality of the destructive personality. Creating your imitators, corrupting minds, eyes, and heart. The sin of this apparatus is diverse and influences people. It is not easy to live with this Babylon whose limits exceeded those of Sodom and Gomorrah. We cannot yield to the legality of the devil's entrance into our homes through television.



I also saw a Christian being possessed through the eyes, he was facing the television and a legion entered his body through the eyes.



The television and cell phone and a talking robot. The old televisions had an antenna looking like an alien. In hell, I saw the demons that have an antenna in the head. They can convey the infernal powers to the scientists' minds. I saw a demon who had an antenna and is a red color. This antenna sent energy from hell to earth.

This demon also makes pacts for people to become famous on television. That's why he has an antenna in his head and television has it too. What has been revealed to me is that this demon is of technology and offers fame to all who wish to enter into television.

And it was he who made a pact with Roberto Bolano and put him on Mexican television. Roberto sold his soul to this Devil and managed to get famous and rich. He did the show of the El Chapulín Colorado (English: The Red Grasshopper) in honor of this demon who gave him fame and money.

Some episodes of this series have scenes of travel to other planets in honor of this demon that is part of the alien demons. Roberto always put supernatural and obscure scenes on this El Chapulin show.

I saw an old television in hell that has an antenna. All these televisions on land were connected with hell. I saw the antenna in hell giving out a negative energy. This energy rose to earth and connected to all the antennas of televisions.

Today the antenna that receives this energy are modern. Satellites also receive this energy from hell. All the Earth's technology is alien because they are talking-looking robots that are alive.

The computer has a memory that stores everything imitating the human brain.

The word alien came from the word alienation. To alienate is to dominate the mind and take control of the brain leaving people hypnotized. The Satanists invented the term alien.

Technology dominates people leaving addicts on cell phones, games, television, computer, and social networks. All of these are alien instruments that induce people to be robotically minded leaving them with a hypnotized look.

Society is human robots. Science and technology are being used to do evil. When Adam and Eve chose to eat the fruit of the knowledge of good is evil, automatically the demons took control of science and technology. Adam and Eve brought the alien demons with all their intelligence to rule the world from the day they ate the fruit of the science of evil.



Jesus is charging the church that has the mind of Christ, without malice, a renewed mind. Pray to God and ask for that mind, also stop watching television. The angel said that this device contaminates the eyes, the mind, and the heart. Jesus wants us to have a clean mind, to stop watching television and grow in doctrine; devote yourself to it.



Jesus said, "There is a multiplication of false prophets with programs on television. For Christians who like to watch evangelical programs, these winds of doctrine lead many not to know the true Gospel. Many are sinking because of these doctrinal currents. There are two forces that influence the spiritual movements of the churches. The Gospel of truth is the mediator who brings a man to God. The false Gospel is the mediator who leads man to the devil. While one saves, the other condemns. The Gospel of truth is like clean water. If you throw some dirt in those waters, it is no longer clean and it has become contaminated. This is how Satan has been doing with many churches introducing little lies that take away the essence of the Gospel."

"Death and spiritual life are in what is taught in the churches. Many pastors are killing their flock with doctrines that they learn from the false prophets on the Internet. Pastors inviting famous preachers to preach in their churches without knowing they are false prophets. They invite them because of their impressive titles, not realizing they are bringing evil into their churches. And suddenly their faith is shipwrecked by surprise by their false doctrines. The modern Gospel has had a disastrous impact on the body of Christ. The Holy Spirit is miles away from churches that do not have the Gospel of Christ. When we are connected with what is spiritual we can be influenced by good or evil, depending on the doctrine we believe. They are varieties of ideological currents in our midst that divert man from the truth. If the Christian does not walk in the guidance of the Holy Spirit and instead is being guided by those false teachers and false prophets, he will jeopardize his salvation by following these teachings."

I had a vision of a giant aquarium of dark waters. The fish were dying and could not escape. Jesus revealed to me that what I was seeing were souls who were trapped in deception and need to be released and rescued from this aquarium. A false doctrine does this to a church. Jesus revealed to me, souls are going to hell and there are millions coming down to this place.



Satan has made his plans come true and launches attacks on the minds of God's people to pollute them. When the mind is struck the spirit becomes sick and the body feels these attacks. We know that the mind determines the works that the body performs. When Satan can control people's minds they do everything the devil commands through mind control.

It is our duty as a Christian to be free from the control of the evil that is in the mind. When the Christian manages to free himself from mental control, his whole body is free from the influence of evil that comes from television and bad things on the internet. These seeds of evil are implanted through the technology media. The mark of the beast roots in people's minds. They stay with their perverse, immoral minds and they lose eternal life.

Films, serials, cartoons, novels, cast millions of evil darts in the minds. Television lies are implanted within the family. This technology prevents you from having the mind of Christ. Homes that have television are disturbed and there is no peace. Houses that have this device are infested with demons. The church has to renounce this curse for the Word to come to convert its mind. Free the mind from the evil sphere or they will be manipulated by that technology. Close the doors of your mind to the television. Close your eyes to its content. Get it out of your home and you'll have the helmet of salvation that keeps you from evil control. Do this and you will be free from the devil's influences and wiles. That was the message that Jesus ordered to bring the earth when I was raptured.

When I was released from the television, Jesus sanctified my mind. In my home when I close my eyes I feel a strong presence. My body starts shaking when I pray. Before my deliverance, I did not feel Jesus. But I heard a voice saying make a fix. I insisted on sin and felt a strong presence that knocked me to the ground. I spoke in tongues and my body was taken. The next day I felt the wrath of God every time I climbed the pulpit.

I prayed at home saying, "Lord, I feel your presence, why are you angry with me?" I in my room felt a real voice just like a person. It felt like there was someone in my room.

The voice said, "You are in sin, your mind is evil. You're addicted to the television and you watch everything that goes on TV. Take the curse out of your home so I can operate on your family. The presence you felt in the church is of an evil spirit."

Upon hearing this revelation I was sad. That was shocking to me, I prayed for repentance for my iniquities. I was a rebellious Christian and I watched pornography on the Internet. I was looking for sexual innovations to please my husband. He did not like to watch these movies, but I was the one who was debauched. I was addicted to novels.

Our eyes are a member that we have to be vigilant. What the eyes see creates a desire in the heart. Evil moves in through the channel of the eyes and makes people commit sins. Even as a married woman, when I watched movies and novels it was strange. Seeing those actors, a desire for lust was born in my heart, I wanted that man and I would leave my husband if it were possible to have sex with the actor. My husband liked to watch the weekend shows. And in these programs, there are half-naked models and dancers. My husband, seeing these beautiful women, also felt desires despite not liking pornographic films. When I was walking along the street with my husband. I could tell he was looking at women appreciating their body curves.

Our eyes are a limb that works only for the flesh. The eyes should not look anywhere, especially in places full of people as it is in the center of the city. Satan perceives sin in the eye and will work on it, looking for adultery or fornication. But it was on television that every day I and my husband sinned. How many times have I committed adultery in my heart? How many times did I think of my mind having sex with an actor? My husband said he also betrayed me when he thought of another woman.

Lord Jesus corrected me that night. He called me an adulteress. He said, "Sanctify your eyes, that your heart may not delight in the things of the flesh. Sanctify your eyes so that you can live in heaven, the sanctified eyes do not contemplate immorality, pornography and all that is useless."

After receiving that correction, we no longer have television. Even to this day, we are sanctified and when we sanctify our carnal eyes, Jesus gave us spiritual eyes. My husband no longer looks at the women on the street. He turns his eyes away from sexy women when he's in town. He feels disgusted by them, that is why he does not look at them. In the church when the sexy women approached him, thinking they would seduce him. He treated them as if they were men. His flesh is dead because of the prayers. We do not have television anymore that was a great barrier to our spiritual growth.

Satan has destroyed many families through the eyes. The dark eyes condemn the whole body. I and my husband have positions in the church. He is an evangelist and I am a deaconess. We were very ashamed before God for the way we lived in our house. After that night, my husband and I became real. The same voice I heard the night that marked my life, my husband also heard. On a church night at my church, my pastor called a missionary from another country. He was invited to minister that night. Holy Spirit touched his heart to speak of his experience of rapture that changed his ministry. He said that his life was no longer the same. He became holier, started to pray more, and grew spiritually.



The demon whipping those children said, "They were innocent until television, games stole their innocence. I made them corrupt, leaving their minds malicious, and some of them practiced early sexual acts."

Many people questioned me, saying that Jesus took a child and said that the kingdom of heaven belongs to them and to enter heaven, one must be equal to them. When Jesus took that child He knew of his purity. Jesus would not take an impure child to speak that he is of the kingdom of the heavens. The children who mocked the bald man of Elisha were rebellious and were devoured by a bear. These children who mocked Elisha are in prisons in hell. I did not know they were them. I realized that their souls are of an ancient time because of their robes although rebellious children in the time of the prophets were few.

Jesus was able to find a group of pure children. Children in the time of Jesus were pure for their innocence. It is now almost impossible to find an 8-year-old child with soul purity. Technology, media such as movies, novels, and serials introduce evil content into their innocent minds and pure hearts. Jesus looks at the children of today with much sorrow and would never speak that these belong to the kingdom of the heavens.

Adam and Eve were pure and innocent living in paradise. When they used their eyes to sin by coveting the forbidden fruit. they lost their innocence. The sin of the eyes is when the child looks at the television. This child will begin to covet what the actors and actresses do. Adam and Eve coveted and sinned, their destiny was the expulsion from paradise.

When I meditate on this Word and realize that every child, though born with the root of sin that is dead within, these children are destined for the kingdom of heaven. When they begin to watch television, all their innocence is lost equal to that of Adam and Eve. The root of the sin that is within themselves begins to wake up because of these things. The child loses the right of salvation in the same way that Adam and Eve lost the right to live in paradise after losing their innocence. Adam and Eve became so immoral that they hid from the presence of God. They were ashamed of their nudity.

That's what happened to those kids I saw in hell. They loved to see the electronic nudes, getting malicious like Adam and Eve. The Devil has always wanted to corrupt children's souls, the sooner this is done, the greater the number of children will be dragged to hell. In ancient times it was difficult for a child to go to hell, his level of purity was holy. These days, many Christians' children are going down to hell. The cause of these deaths are accidents, illnesses, suicides, and murders.

Listen to all of you who hear this testimony, if you love your child and do not wish them to go to hell, never let your child watch television, do not buy video game of violence and terror games. Occupy your children with the work of Jesus equal to the prophet Samuel and others who were delivered to the service of the house of God. You and your whole household must serve Jesus, starting with the example of the parents.

Television was the devil's greatest play, the greatest instrument of home-based corruption. If for adults it is forbidden to contaminate the mind, imagine the children who still do not know how to differentiate reality and lie. Television corrupts everyone, regardless of age, it is an evil work



The Lord showed me evangelical pastors signing contracts with broadcasters to make TV programs.
I have seen in the written contract: It is forbidden to speak against cigarette, drinks, or against sensuality, homosexuality, transsexualism, lesbianism and feminine beauty products like lipstick and makeup.

The owner of the TV station makes a clause in the agreement with the televangelists that if violated, their program would be taken off the air. Television channels depend on the viewership of the audience. Any preaching against sin causes the audience viewership to fall. No one will want to watch a station that rebukes sin.

Nor can you speak against the short clothes and hair dyes on a station. The channel has a contract with fashion companies and gives hair dyes. Vanity companies pay dearly for the broadcasters to let them present their commercials to the public who watch it. Any Christian preacher who speaks against vanity within television harms business commercials.

The marketing that cigarette and beverage companies do on the broadcasting network generate huge profits for the channel. Any pastor who preaches against cigarettes and drinks will lose their contracts.

The owners of the TV stations would not want to lose advertising money because of preaching. Any man of God who wants to preach against sin will not be given contracts in a television network. That explains how evil television is.

The devil's creation in hell was designed to spread all sin on the face of the earth.

I said, “Lord, what are evangelicals going to do in these stations if they can not preach the truth?”

Jesus answered me, “Neither is the new wine of my word poured into the old wineskins of this world (Matthew 9:17). My word is the good news and all that is new cannot be preached in old wineskins.”

“Television is old wineskin that will not support the new wine of my word. The television was made to contain the old wine of this world.”

“The new wine of My word has to be nailed in the new wineskins which are the altars of the church.”

What I saw in the clause of the broadcasting contract was the topics of healing, blessing, miracles, riches, self-help, self-esteem, prosperity and sentimental formulas. These doctrines are allowed to be preached because it increases the number of audiences to the broadcasters.

Everything that can be said on television does not save to eternal life.

Jesus said, “You see My servant because television is Satan's. It is forbidden to speak of My truth. These men whom you saw preach in the stations are not My servants.”

“They have no commitment to My word; they sign these evil contracts by committing to evil. They think of their stomach, well being and making money.”



I went to a division where I saw the owners of stations. I looked at a man who owned a television station; he was on fire. I asked, "Why is this man here?"

The angel told me: “For misleading mankind to perdition with diabolical films, TV series, drawings, and commercials. This man has a large audience and sacrificed people and offered several offers for satan. Tell the church, warn the pastors not to do television programming. All the offerings and tithes of the people go to the hands of these broadcasters for them to make sacrifices and rituals to gain more audience. All the money dedicated to God are going to the wrong hands. The money the church gives with faith is being devoutly dedicated to devils on satanic altars, and it is the fault of the pastors who insist on paying for programming on these satanic channels by delivering money from the house of the Lord into the hands of Satanists for them to offer to demons.”

I said to the angel, "But television serves to preach the word of God; it is a means of communication that reaches a whole nation.”

The angel showed me on a screen. I observed a pastor of a large church talking to an owner of a station. That pastor took all the money collected from the faithful and gave to the owner of the station to do their programming. There were contracts of millions of dollars with that owner of the station. On receiving that money, the owner of that station took the tithes and offerings to the devil and still paid people to kidnap children to be offered rituals, and hired actors to record soap operas and TV series for the destruction of mankind.

That shocked me, all the churches' money was being invested on television for their own condemnation and destruction of their children. All that money offered in faith and consecrated to God had a wrong destiny and was consecrated to demons.

I also saw this pastor sign a clause that said that it was forbidden to preach against the Satanist religion, could not speak against films, drawings, TV series, novels, religions, homosexual, witchcraft and other issues that go against the world system. All this so as not to alienate people and decrease the audience viewership. This pastor had to preach only blessings so as not to affect the broadcaster's profits.

The angel told me: “See the shepherds? They can not preach the truth and denounce sin; the document pastors sign is a diabolical strategy. They can only speak what the broadcaster want and many still make this agreement and pay dearly for these schedules. They cannot speak against the abominations that the television teaches and does not preach against their lies. All those who make television programs are making an alliance with Satan, investing all money to spread the lie. The true servants of God are separated from the power of Babylon, the great prostitute that pollutes the world through television. Tell leaders not to fund satanic broadcasters; tell them to denounce broadcasters who multiply iniquities, lest you be a partaker of hell equal to them.”

The skeletal forms of these pastors meant that they were spiritually dead, blinded by the ambition of ministerial growth, had no Holy Spirit to awaken them and resurrect their spiritual lives from the dry valleys of iniquity.



I met witches friends and started on voodoo and black magic to conquer whatever man I want. I grew up in witchcraft and perfected the gift offered by the devil.

I am an ex-Satanist, a voodoo practitioner, today converted by the power of God. I traveled to Europe and the United States in search of big clients who have a lot of money to hire my services.
I was hungry in my country and I dreamed of making lots of money. I was called to make deals with rich people when I traveled to the United States. I made deals with famous people like actresses, actors, and singers who were starting their career at the time and wanted to achieve great success. Large business owners of aircraft companies, cars and also the owners of television channels.

They all brought in small children to perform sacrificial rituals. Innocent child blood has a lot of strength in the dark world and virgin girl blood is important in black magic. These men paid for thieves to kidnap children on the streets and out of schools. Sometimes the children went out to buy something and did not return to their homes.

Street children are targets of these criminals. Singers, actresses, and actors in search of more successes did not spare the children in sacrifices. Television channel owners offered sacrifices to win audiences. These men are able to pay dearly for it.

All the money that goes through the commercials goes to the rituals of offering sacrifices. Even money from the evangelical schemes of offerings that people give for the gospel to be preached. The owners of the broadcasters spend a lot of money on the sacrifices.

I speak to all the evangelical pastors who give money to keep their programming on television.
Be aware that all of your programming money goes to the black altar. I have already received these monies from the owners of the stations.

The pastor was giving millions of dollars so that his programming would not go out of the air, then some of that money was for the ritual on the altar that is near the transmission tower. A house reserved only for sacrifices.

Models of catwalks, dancers of TV programs, groups of dances, all of these offered their souls to satan for success, fame, and money. I was the mediator of all covenants at the time. I made a lot of money doing blood deals on rituals for fame.

When the devil embodied me, I took the blood of the people to make the covenants. A small cut on the person's arm sucked blood. Because of this practice of drinking the blood, I was contaminated by the AIDS virus.

A sorcerer who wanted to take my clients, I cast a spell that left him severely injured. When he was hospitalized and would undergo surgery. I did a death ritual for the sorcerer. When the doctor went to do the surgery, a demon accompanied him so that at the time of surgery, he cut a vein that caused a hemorrhage leading the man to bankruptcy. The doctor did not remember anything and even said that he had never committed such a serious surgical error in 30 years of medicine.




Technology and computer science: Through those demons, Lucifer controls the world of technology and computer science. These demons control the brain of the underground computer. They are the demons that give rapid progress to technology.


The Internet: Every Internet address begins with www. The three w means 666. The devil is really crafty. The Bible calls him the evil one. When we take the letter w, it is a letter from the French alphabet. The French alphabet has 26 letters, and w is the 23rd. So when you have w, it represents the number 23. So when you take the number 23, it is a two digit number. You have 2 and 3. When you multiply 2 by 3, it gives you six. And when you have three w, how much do you have? The devil is crafty.



Jesus took me to a place in hell where the whole evil plan of destruction of the Earth is architected. There I saw projects that will be invented for the Earth. Jesus sent the devil who was there pulling the file drawer. I've seen several designs looking like electronic engineering works. The demon showed me and said that new technologies will be invented on Earth to destroy mankind.

The devil showed me the drawing of the first old black and white television was his images. Then he showed me the evolution of television, how it became more modern to attract more people to have them.

Churches are being destroyed by such technologies.



The television and cell phone and a talking robot. The old televisions had an antenna looking like an alien. In hell, I saw the demons that have an antenna in the head. They can convey the infernal powers to the scientists' minds. I saw a demon who had an antenna and is a red color. This antenna sent energy from hell to earth.

This demon also makes pacts for people to become famous on television. That's why he has an antenna in his head and television has it too. What has been revealed to me is that this demon is of technology and offers fame to all who wish to enter into television.

And it was he who made a pact with Roberto Bolano and put him on Mexican television. Roberto sold his soul to this Devil and managed to get famous and rich. He did the show of the El Chapulín Colorado (English: The Red Grasshopper) in honor of this demon who gave him fame and money.

Some episodes of this series have scenes of travel to other planets in honor of this demon that is part of the alien demons. Roberto always put supernatural and obscure scenes on this El Chapulin show.

I saw an old television in hell that has an antenna. All these televisions on land were connected with hell. I saw the antenna in hell giving out a negative energy. This energy rose to earth and connected to all the antennas of televisions.

Today the antenna that receives this energy are modern. Satellites also receive this energy from hell. All the Earth's technology is alien because they are talking-looking robots that are alive.

The computer has a memory that stores everything imitating the human brain.

The word alien came from the word alienation. To alienate is to dominate the mind and take control of the brain leaving people hypnotized. The Satanists invented the term alien.

Technology dominates people leaving addicts on cell phones, games, television, computer, and social networks. All of these are alien instruments that induce people to be robotically minded leaving them with a hypnotized look.

Society is human robots. Science and technology are being used to do evil. When Adam and Eve chose to eat the fruit of the knowledge of good is evil, automatically the demons took control of science and technology. Adam and Eve brought the alien demons with all their intelligence to rule the world from the day they ate the fruit of the science of evil.



"Technological inventions are corrupting the world. The church has to prepare spiritually because, in a few years, new inventions will appear. These new technologies will alienate My people by creating a zombie church. They will be affected by darts of spiritual paralysis and will be discouraged to seek Me out. These future technologies are being architected in hell at that time and will rise to earth soon. They will come with the great force of spiritual destruction."



We went to the mind of hell and saw Satan sitting on his throne. This is where the great technological, chemical, and scientific inventions are brought forth to destroy humanity.



I discovered that cars were not made just for transportation. They were created to pollute the air, causing respiratory diseases, nasal and eye problems. And also lung cancer and headaches. All this automotive technology was designed in hell and brought to earth through the science and money of entrepreneurs. The cars since its existence have been causing deaths and many accidents. In the time when the transports were horses, it did not have so much death. The animals that God created are perfect and do not pollute the air. The scientists could at least manufacture a fuel that does not pollute the air, but they did not want to do that. The Satanic plan was to kill millions of people with respiratory diseases and lung cancer because of smoke. Blood absorbs these pollutants that cause all kinds of diseases.

Water is a source of energy that could be used as fuel because it is very abundant but water does not yield as much profit as oil that is scarce. They do not want cars to depend on water.