Wednesday, January 8, 2020



I have been in more than 200 churches with this message of repentance. I was in radio proclaiming this message that we had received from God.

Brother, eternal life is an individual matter. When you die you will be alone. No one will be with you, and you will face the afterlife alone.

The Lord said, “Tell My people beside rapture there is death. People say pastors keep saying that the Lord will come back but He is not coming back. They fail to understand that death will come at any moment. Many people living on the Earth have their place prepared in Hell by demons because of sinful lives.”

Jesus said, "People are not going to Hell when they die. They are on their way to Hell when they are living in sin and doing evil deeds.”

When you fail to repent despite the preaching and warning from the Lord, when you continuously live a sinful life despite many attempts from the Lord to save your soul, you are on the wide road leading to the great gulf of fire.

Brother, the way we live life on the Earth is the key to our eternity. Your lifestyle is the key and will determine your eternity. For when you die, you are not coming back. It's final and settled. Whatever you see on this Earth will pass away. Vanity upon vanity and pursuit of the wind. Do not be impressed by the pleasure, the fun and the entertainment of this world pulled before your eyes by the enemy.

Brother, surrender your life to Christ completely. You must always examine your life and your walk throughout the day and throughout the week. When you often examine your life you will definitely identify your weaknesses and shortcomings. Then you will take aggressive measures.

You must always observe and review the course of your life in the day, how you spend your day from morning to the afternoon, up to the evening. I want to ask you to live a lifestyle of confession and renunciation.

Brother, make no mistake. When you sin in the morning and you failed to confess your sin right away, when death surprised you in the evening you will fall in the fire of Hell.

Learn to confess your sin the moment you realize that you have fallen, otherwise, you will lose your soul, the crown of life and the rewards for the work you have done for the kingdom of Heaven. Daily repentance must be a lifestyle. It must become a discipline and the devotion of every day.

Beloved, mortal men can play with your money, your clothes and belonging but you must not let anyone play with the fate of your soul, for your soul has value in the eyes of God. Our soul is what matters to God. The Lord is trying to tell us that repentance and renunciation are crucial for His people.


I will now talk about demons that are working to make God's people go to Hell.

Brother, you must decide not to go to Hell for I saw extreme and horrific torments in that place. The Angel of the Lord came and took my spirit and he began to talk to me about behaviors and characters that are leading God's people to Hell.

The angel said, “In Christian warfare, there is a demon behind every sin that the believer commits. Whenever a sin becomes persistent in your life, there is a demon active to bind you to that sin. Compulsive behavior and addiction are caused by demons influencing people to sin. Unless you are liberated from the bondage of sin, you will not be free.”

Then the angel of the Lord began to show me unclean spirits that influenced believers in the church.

The angel took me in the house of a believer. When this man entered his house, everything seemed okay. But when he came out of his house, I saw that his head was that of a snake.

The angel told me, "This believer like many others is influenced by the spirit of a snake, which is the spirit of lies. He is the kind of Christians that cause division in the church, separating people with his tongue.”

Then the angel showed me the second believer. When he got in his house, he was fine, but when he came out of his house, I saw that he had the head of a goat.

The angel said, “This man causes people to hit each other heads like goats. He gets people in conflict to hitting one another head.”

Then the angel showed me another believer coming out of his house. I saw that he had the head of a dog.

The angel said, "Despite the fact that he hears God's Word, he always comes back to his sin like a dog that goes back to his vomit.”

Then the angel showed me another Christian. When he got in his house, he was fine. But when he came out of his house, I saw that he had the shell of a tortoise covering him.

The angel said, "This believer comes to church but he is a witch. He hears God's word continually, but he hardened his heart and the Word of God has no effect on him. The shell of the tortoise stops water, which is God’s Word from getting into his heart. People that are in witchcraft have hearts of stones and they don't repent despite the Word of God.”

The angel showed me another believer coming out of his house. I saw that he had the feathers of a peacock.

The angel said, “This is the spirit of Pride. There are God's children serving God with pride and comparing themselves with other servants and trying to get the glory. The Lord exalts the humble and rejects the proud.”


Brother, the Lord showed me the death of the sinner. It's terrible. I saw people dying in their sin. They heard God's word and they squander the opportunity to repent. They died in their sins and I saw when their souls left their bodies. Immediately I saw demons coming to capture their souls.

I noticed that these unclean spirits that came for them were skeletons. They were dressed in black garments. And these demons of death that were skeletons were holding whips. I saw them capturing the souls of people who died in sin. These souls were captured and taken on a dark road and dark tunnel leading them to the pit of fire.

Brothers and sisters, I watched angels of death capturing people who died in their sin and leading them to Hell. The death of a sinner is terrible. Whenever a man dies in sin, he would quickly become aware of the spirit world and he would start to see demons that he could not see before. He would wish the help of pastors but it will be too late.

Brother, when you live in sin, you don't realize the grave danger you are facing. It is when you die and you see the spirit world that you will realize the gravity of the spirit world.

The Angel of the Lord revealed to me that people are tormented in Hell by the very demons who won their souls. These are demons that have bound them to sin. These were demons that were causing them to live in sin. Whenever you live in sin, you are actually doing the bidding and the will of the unclean spirits that are working to win your soul. Note that demons cause men to sin in order to win their souls and drag them to Hell and torment them in the fire days and nights.

Make no mistake, you're going to have to confess your sin to escape this horrendous place. The angel revealed to me that behind every sin there is a demon. The sinful life that people live on this Earth is a result of demonic influence.

The angel revealed that in the life of every man there is a major sin that they are attached to. And when people fall in Hell, they are taken by the demons that kept them in sin to a specific department and valley corresponding to the repetitive sin that was their major sin.

Brother, the life you are living now will take you either to Heaven or Hell. The way you walk on this Earth has an eternal consequence for your deeds and actions will follow you. The final consequence of people's actions and behavior on the Earth is either Heaven or Hell. The Lord has been showing me the process of death, how men died and how men live on the Earth.

We were in a retreat of prayer with brothers and sisters. We prayed until 10pm and then something happened. Actually, I felt like I was stifled.

Immediately I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Isaac, now I want to show you how people die. I want you to experience the process of death.”

When I heard these words, I was afraid and I thought I was dying for good. I said, "Lord, if there is a sin my life that I don't know, I asked that You forgive me.”

I told my wife to hold my hand and pray for me for God is about to do something in my body.

When my wife finished praying, I began to have a strange sensation. Suddenly I heard like an explosion of a balloon inside my body. Something exploded in my body like a balloon. No one heard that explosion, not even my wife that was beside me. Immediately after the explosion of the balloon, I began to feel a very strong air coming out of my mouth with great pressure like a balloon that is being deflated. I could not understand what was happening.

At some point, the air that was coming out of my mouth stopped for I could not hear it anymore. It's like the balloon that had exploded in my body was emptied of all the air that came out. My body was emptied of the vital energy of life and deprived of the breath that God had breathed in my nostrils, which is the soul. I came to understand that the air that was coming out of my mouth was my soul, leaving my body. The explosion of this balloon was my soul living my body and I was dead.

The Bible says in Genesis 2:7, And Jehovah God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul.

So when I left my body I was like in the dark, unable to see anything and I was confused. Then suddenly I heard another explosion, which was like a balloon that was pumped with air. This was actually the return of my soul in my body. I came back to my consciousness. When I came back to life I saw my body shaking and there was a strong current in my body.

Brother and sister, we are not the masters of the breath of life animating our body. The Lord is the Master of our breath. It is by His will that we are living on the Earth thanks to the breath of life that He had placed in us. The breath of life is God's grace for us to repent and amend our lives for we do not have control over it.

Isa 40:6-8, 6 The voice said, Cry! And he said, What shall I cry? All flesh is grass, and all the beauty of it is as the flower of the field. 7 The grass withers, the flower fades, because the Spirit of Jehovah blows on it; surely the people is grass. 8 The grass withers, the flower fades, but the Word of our God shall stand forever.

Psa 144:4 Man is like vanity; his days are like a shadow that passes away.

Pro 27:1 Do not boast yourself of tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.

When the angel of the Lord took me to Hell, I saw incredible pain and torment in this place. There were demons. There were worms entering in people’s bodies and the pains were unbearable. When I saw this suffering, I was in shock for it was horrifying. I began to cry to the Lord to help these people for the pain was unbearable.

The Lord said, "I gave them the opportunity to repent on the Earth, but they have neglected and squandered the opportunity to repent from their sins. It is too late for them. They are not leaving this place.”

In Hell, I saw the demons were continuously laughing at the lost souls, telling them, “You failed to repent. You heard the Word but you were hypocrites and you had double lives. You could have gone to Heaven but you listened to our voices and our lies. You did our bidding. Therefore, you will be here forever.”

Demons subjected these lost souls to mockery for they neglected the opportunity to repent and enter the glory.

Then the Lord showed me a sister who used to sing in the church. She was in a place of fire and she was shouting. When the sister saw me, she started to call me asking me to get her out of the fire.

The sister said, "Please do something. I feel like my sister who is the wife of a pastor is coming to this place. I fear that my brother-in-law is also coming to this place. Do something, warn them. They are coming here if they don't repent.”

Jesus said, "This woman is here because of witchcraft and lies. She used to sing in the church, but she failed to abandon the work of witchcraft.”

The sister said, "I was a hypocrite, I had a double face and I was a witch. Though I came to church and I heard the Word of God on many occasions, I failed to repent. Now I am in this place of torment with no possibility of exit. In the world, I had money and goods. But since I fell in this place, I don't see the money anymore. I lost everything. I have come to the conclusion that everything was vanity for since I died, I don't see things that I worked for. Go tell my family not to come here.”

After this experience. I went to see her family, and I told them about this experience and I warned them to repent.


Then I saw our former president in Hell because of human sacrifice.

Brother, I saw people in Hell drinking acid. I thought they were drinking juice. These were people who used to drink human blood on Earth.

Among these people, I saw our president. He was also drinking acid. His presidency was based on human blood. The acid he was drinking was destroying his body. I was told that he killed a lot of people in his presidency, and he did a lot of evil. I was shown a lot of wealth that he had acquired, and a lot of goods and apartments he had on the Earth, which could not save him.

He was in prestige on Earth, but he rejected the Gospel. This is his reward. He was in pain for the souls he had killed. They were on his back. He was supposed to carry them forever. He was in smoke and fire.


The angel showed me a man crying in the fire. He was whipped by demons. Some of them were shooting him with arrows.

The angel said, "This is one of the musicians in your country. He is the musical artist Franco Luambo. He exalted the devil in his music and gave him glory. People used to call him Great Master because he was serving the devil at a high level.

The angel told me, "God's children must avoid secular music. It is a magnet of demons. This music attract demons in your homes."

The angel showed me a man playing secular music on the Earth. But when I looked up in the air, I saw a demon in space. He was sitting on the throne in the air. This devil was in the shape of the snake. And beside him, there were two demons.

The angel said, "The snake that is on the throne is Satan. Whenever people play secular music in their house and their phone, they invite Satan in their house. But when God's people sing songs of praise and worship in their house, God and His angels come down.”

The angel said, "Whoever listens to secular music when he dies, he will be captured and accused by the very demon of music that was influencing him. This demon of music will torture his soul in Hell.”

The angel showed many demons of music working with musical artists.

He said, "This music is spreading seduction.”

The Lord then took me to a place in Hell where I saw a mother and her two children. They were in torment crying.

As they were crying, the Lord said, "Look at their side.”

When I looked, I saw a demon that had the lower part of a millipede and the head of a man. This demon of secular music was rebuking this mother and telling her, “Mother, are you now going to continue singing the secular songs that you used to sing in the world?”

And then the demon said to the children, “You little ones, are you going to sing with your mother as you used to do in the land?” As the demon was shouting, I saw the mother crying more.

The Lord said, “This woman used to put secular music on TV and her children were dancing and she was complimenting them.”

Brother, I saw children in Hell suffering and crying. No one could help them. Children are going to Hell unless we teach them the way of the Lord.



The revelation of the submarine kingdom and fallen angels beneath the Atlantic and Indian Ocean.

I am here to talk about the spirit world where the Lord took me. There are two Kingdoms ruling the world. There are the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Satan.

Thanks to the revelation of the Lord, the world of Satan was revealed to me and I saw unclean spirits at work. They are tireless and extremely busy for time is gone. And this is the final phase war. The Lord showed me how the spirit world was actively working and fighting for the souls of men.

It was at 3am when I was sleeping, that the Lord Jesus visited me and He told me, “Servant, I must show you the spirit world of Satan.”

Quickly the Lord took me beneath the ocean where the kingdom and the world of Satan was. Firstly the Lord took me to the spirit world that is under the Indian Ocean.

The Lord said, "I'm taking you to the world of Satan where they are busy at work to destroy humanity.”


When we arrived beneath the Indian Ocean, I began to see water spirits at work, and they were busy working in Lucifer manufacturing and production industry of the water world.

Brother, I saw mermaids, divas, and goddesses beneath the ocean. These beautiful ladies of waters had fishtail. I saw them in a huge vestibule. I never saw this kind of facility in our world, for it is was extremely huge and voluminous.

When we entered this enormous facility in the mysterious world of Satan beneath the ocean, I saw a lot of women having fish tails working in this production factory.

I asked the Lord, “Who are these women working in this industry beneath the water?

The Lord told me, “Servant, observe them carefully.”

When I looked again, I saw that these ladies of the sea had snake tails and fishtails. I was observing these water spirits when I noticed that one of them was holding a magic stick. I was watching her when suddenly she noticed my presence. As soon as this oceanic mermaid saw me, she was in dismay and furious. She was aggravated by my presence and she began to shout at me with anger.

She asked her colleague, the diva of Indian Ocean, “Who authorized this man to come in here?”

Then she turned to me and asked me, “Who authorized you to be here? You are infringing, you broke in this place illegally, you have no right to be here. You are trespassing. You are not supposed to see our secrets. You should not be here. This is our production industry where we are designing our rings and accessories and products to be put in circulation on the surface of the earth. But you are not supposed to be here. Who brought you here?”

It was clear that this mermaid who was furious and shouting at me could not see the Lord Jesus that was by my side. At that moment I took authority in the name of Jesus Christ and I rebuked this water spirit. As a result, she was cast away.

The Lord Jesus told me, “Fear not, I am with you. I am showing you this unknown and mysterious submarine world so that you may know. For besides the terrestrial world where you live, there are also submarine worlds of the devil beneath the sea and ocean and you will tell the world what his agents are designing in this water world. But I will show you step by step how they are working.”

When I looked carefully at the people working in this factory, I saw that these great ladies of the sea and underwater spirits were designing chains, necklaces, rings, and jewelry of all kinds.

When these mermaids saw me watching them, they were furious and they started to come against me. Quickly, I used the name of Jesus against them.

The Lord came and told me, “Fear not, I am with you.”

Brother and sister, when water spirits were designing chains, necklaces, and rings, very quickly I saw that these accessories were shifting to scorpions, snakes, and spiders.

I said, "Lord, why are these rings turning to scorpions and these necklaces turning to snakes?”

The Lord said, "These items and accessories that people wear are demons. They are not what people think. These chains, necklaces, and rings are snakes, spiders, and scorpions. These items are designed by mermaids to scatter on the surface of the earth, and people in the surface world are using them including God's children.”

The Lord said, "The Church must be vigilant and always praying for there is an unknown world beneath the Indian Ocean producing items and accessories that are demonic.”


Beloved, we were in this mysterious world of mermaids under the Indian Ocean.

When the Lord Jesus said, "These mermaids, goddesses and queens of the Indian Ocean are fallen angels. They were previously children of light and former residents of heaven. These water spirits that have fallen from heaven were angels of light. They joined Lucifer in his rebellion and were cast out of heaven. These hordes of angels have left their habitation and responsibility in heaven. These artistic fallen angels are nowadays in charge of beauty, cosmetic and hygiene products in the oceanic dimension. For in the heavenly world, these celestial beings were working in artistic, creative and luxuries of heaven. These fallen angels work in the department of aesthetics in the heavenly world.”

(Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of art, beauty and taste, the creation or appreciation of beauty.)

The Lord said, “These heavenly children of God worked to maintain the beauty of heaven and keep it luxurious. When they fell from heaven, they built a new world beneath the ocean. Nonetheless, they kept working in the field of aesthetics and beauty. They are responsible for cosmetic beauty and makeup products that women are using in the surface world.”

I saw these goddesses, mermaids and queens of the ocean working on cosmetic, hygienic and beauty products such as lotions, soaps, powders, lipsticks. They were producing all sort of items.


The Lord said, "My people need to be careful because these water spirits have placed marks and signs in clothes that people wear on the surface. My people must pray. When they bring these clothes and accessories designed beneath the Indian Ocean, they are paralyzing the spiritual strength of My children bringing about sinful life. There is manipulation and spiritual destruction affecting God's people when they are using these items. In fact, the rings, the necklaces and chains designed by the ladies of the sea give the enemy the legal grounds to intrude, infiltrate and invade the lives of the users including God’s children. These products paralyze the prayer life, stop God's children from reading the Bible and lead them to a sinful life.”

The Lord said, "My people are unable to pray, read the Bible and serve Me because of the satanic power in these accessories that is making them heavy. They are bewitched and kept in destruction. As a result, they have entered a sinful life.”

The Lord said, "When the insurrection happened in the heavenly world, the devil managed to recruit angels of different departments. In the celestial world, there are angels that look after vegetation. There are angels that work in the production industry and there are angels working in various sectors. Some of these angels of light had joined the devil in his revolution. Thus the production and manufacturing industries of the submarine world of Indian Ocean is controlled by former residents of the heavenly world that were part of the production industry in the heavenly world.”

Brother, the spirit world is busy while God's people are resting, relaxing and in distraction. When the Lord made man in His image and likeness and placed everything under him, the devil was angry and bothered by God’s love for man and opposed God for putting His image on man. The anger of the dragon that was cast out of heaven stems from the fact that God loves humanity while he is rejected.

The Lord said, "The water spirits are a class of demons that are strategic for the devil in this end time. These queens and ladies of the sea and the mermaids are crucial in the end-time strategy of Lucifer of paralyzing the body of Christ. These oceanic ladies of the sea are busy and they are working hard in the industrial complex of the Indian Ocean.”

The Lord said, "These ladies of the sea have entered the many churches on the surface of the earth, for they are sent with the mission of getting God’s people far from the presence of God. They are working to get God's children in distraction. These ladies are working to get the minds and eyes of God's people focused on the things of the earth. They work to get the church to be materialistic, thus they are bringing fashions and trends in the church.”


After visiting the production facility where cosmetic and beauty products were designed, I saw the throne of Satan. He was surrounded by mermaids that he was deploying and sending them to the earth and the church with a mission of destruction. I saw these water spirits coming to church in the likeness of brothers and sisters. They were sent with instruction of destroying men and women having the stars of God and people attending churches.

I saw the devil sitting on his throne and saying to these oceanic ladies, “I am sending you in mission and assignment. If you succeed, I have a great prize and a great reward for all of you.”

The Lord said, "My children should not rest. They should always pray and they must fight. The strategy of the devil is to win the whole world and souls of men that they will join him in the lake of fire. The devil is making sure that no one enters the glory where he was banished.”

I saw the devil sitting on his throne and ordering mermaids and ladies of the sea to join churches on the earth and cause destruction. This was a meeting of forces of darkness, a meeting on a strategy of the destruction of the world, destruction of the people and destruction of the church.


Among the class of demons attending the throne of Satan, I saw that they were a band of demons that cause earthquakes and tremors.

I saw another category of demons that caused volcanic eruption and demons that caused the floods.

In this meeting of destruction there were also demons that cause wars and unrest so that a great number of people would die and go to hell.

The Lord told me that many victims of earthquakes or volcanic eruptions and wars don't go to heaven. They go to hell for they had no time to confess.

In this meeting, the prince of this world came up with a strategy of distracting the church and humanity through worldly entertainment and fashion lifestyle that keeps the people in sleep and distraction.

For while we are sleeping, the enemy does not sleep. He is multiplying meetings and strategies to keep God's children in distraction through his program of mass hypnosis.


After witnessing demons getting orders from the throne of Satan, the Lord Jesus took me to the Atlantic Ocean, where I saw a sheet of paper, a report of a meeting that took place in the Atlantic kingdom. When I began to read the main points of this report, I came to understand that this was a list of resolutions taken in a strategic meeting of evil powers. I saw the decision that were taken against local churches. Among the main points outlined in this report, I read a resolution to dry out love among the brothers in the church. I read about the resolution to cause division, conflict, and misunderstanding among the brethren in the church. I also saw the resolution to cause brothers and sisters to fight for positions in the church. I read the resolution to promote racial hate and discrimination in the church and class separation so that the church will lack unity. There was also a resolution to cause gossip, backstabbing, and defamation among the brethren.

The Lord told me, “This is the plan of the devil and he is scattering demons all over the world to fight and bring down the church.”


In this report, there was also a resolution to instigate war.

The Lord told me, “War is a strategy of Satan to supply his kingdom with blood. You will tell people to pray in this period of the end of the year for the angels of death will be released in great numbers to reap souls of the innocent. Tell My people to be in My presence in prayer for there will be demons that will be released against the family to cause division, conflict, divorce. They will end prayer life in the church.”

In this divine encounter, the Lord kept talking about vigilance and prayer. For the devil is prowling around like a lion but you must resist him. Prayer is the key and the life of the church. Prayer is the weapon. Prayer must be the priority of God's children.

After we left the Atlantic Ocean, the Lord showed me a six feet tall, dark angel in crossroad roundabout in public places.

The Lord said, "He is the angel of death. He is here to reap human souls and people will die in accidents. The church has to pray. This spirit of death can cause traffic accidents, sicknesses, and epidemics including natural catastrophe.”

The Lord said, "The devil has asked this angel of death to cause fatal incidents such as traffic accidents. Even pandemonium and epidemics are the activity of this demon.”

The Lord kept saying, “Tell My children to be prudent everyday and prayerful every day.”


The Lord said, "Among the end-time strategy of the devil is the destruction of children. They are nowadays coming under attack. Children are going to hell because of poppy and animated cartoons, which are initiating children. These are movies and animation of initiation. These programs are initiating children in witchcraft. God's children must be vigilant and we must pray for our children. When we send children to schools and outings, the devil can come against our children and attack them. Therefore, we must always pray. On the other hand, cartoon characters that children watch at home are demons leading children to hell. We must teach children God's Word and prayer and we must show them Christian materials.”

The Lord showed me a politician giving money to church people for their campaigns. Later they went on to sacrifice these church people in rituals for human sacrifices.


I remember when the Lord was taking me to heaven, we were passing the second heaven.

The Lord then said to me, “When the devil rebelled against God in the heavenly world, he was cast out to the earth. But many of his angels landed in the second heaven. Some of them landed in the ocean, the sea, and the desert. They came from different departments and they try to duplicate the organization of heaven. The devil just copied everything that he had left in heaven, but the original is God. The devil just copied.”


The Lord said, "If and when My children cast out devils, they clap their hand. This does not work.”

I said, "Lord, what should we do?”

The Lord said, "Behold, look at the devil. He is coming.”

When I look, I was stunned for I saw the devil coming.

Straight away, the Lord said to me, “Servant, point your fingers towards him and rebuke him.”

Immediately, I pointed my finger toward the devil. I said, "In the name of Jesus.”

Straight away, I saw the devil being projected on the ground like a sheet of paper. I was stunned.

The Lord said, "You should be clapping your hands when you praise the Lord, not when you cast out the devil. Use your finger when you cast him out. For there is power in My children which is released when they use My name.”


The Lord then began to talk to me about people that are demons. They are unclean spirits that are born on this earth in human flesh. In fact, the Lord showed me a brother by the name of Chad. We were friends, I knew him very well.

The Lord said, "There is no point trying to win his soul for he is not a human being but a demon in flesh.”

When I heard this, I cried for him because I love that brother. The devil is sending many of his demons that are born on this earth with various missions of destruction. These people are the cause of suffering, destruction, and pain on the earth. These demons are in great institutions and great corporations. They are superstars and celebrities. These people will not repent. Still, the Lord is looking for people to repent but many are not ready. They prefer to continue in their sin.