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A priest is Raptured to Hell
The year 1999.

I am the presbyter of the national church and I help my pastor and when he traveled I take care of the church. I will begin to speak of my testimony who I was before I met Jesus when I was a member of the unconverted church. I was a rebellious believer, I lived in the church and in the world. I drank alcohol and was every day in the church praising God.

A sorceress who did not like believers sent an evil work of witchcraft that struck my head. I felt a severe pain in the head and I took a painkiller. And I lay down on my bed to rest, I started to get the dark sights, I was seeing evil things. My thoughts were failing and my consciousness was taken from my body.


I was led through a tunnel that led me to hell. When I reached the underworld of darkness I saw atheists in hell. They repented for not believing in hell and the devil.

Minutes later, a demon was dragging a model that had chained hands and feet. This woman was not believing that hell exists. She asked if all that nightmare was a dream and closed her eyes. The demon dragged that woman just like an animal in the chain. The demon said, "She thinks it's a dream, she'll never wake up from this nightmare, I'll make it real." The woman was thrown into the torture cell, where the floor began to burst and set fire to the woman's cell. Her flesh began to fall to the floor leaving only the skeleton.

The model who thought it was a dream realized that it was not a dream, it is as real as the world we live in. This model had died while sleeping and did not wake up anymore. That's why she thought it was just a dream. I heard her cries and her cry when she said that she thought hell was a place of human invention. When she was still alive she called the believers of fanatics and said that the devil did not exist, it is only a folklore of beliefs, a mythology of the church. She said she does not see the devil, so how he can exist?

There were many cells looking like a prison where people are tortured. A man who was trapped in one of these cells received an electric charge and his mouth, nose, ear, eyes, and head began to bleed. His body was charred with the high discharge voltage he received.


When I saw the girl in panic and being tormented, I cried out the blood of Jesus and asked Him to get me out of there. When I cried out the blood of Jesus, I heard a crash in hell. All the demons looked at me with hatred. One said, "Do not speak that name here."


They beat me up and took me to a place where they have a lot of sex orgies. Women are forced to have sex with demons. They felt many pains in their sexual acts with the demons. Prostitutes, homosexuals, lesbians, and transsexuals were forced to have sex with the demons. Whatever they did on earth were also done in hell. I also saw the men rapists on earth being tormented in hell.


I saw venomous snakes stinging people who had their venomous hearts on the ground. I was thrown into an abyss full of feces, insects, and microbes. I tried to get out of that deep hole, made an effort to get out of that rotten, stinking pit. But it is very smooth it looked like it had oil. I slipped and fell into the mud of that well. The microbes entered my skin and ate me from the inside and insects like beetles devoured me from the outside. I was in great pain because of the carnivorous worms and infernal beetles that fed inside my body.

There in hell, I saw spiders, flies, scorpions and other insects, all of them tortured people. Many devilish and tormenting insects exist there.

I began to repent of all my sins and already without hope I said to myself that I deserved that place.
When I repented a greater force made me disappear from that place. Jesus wanted me to repent and take my soul from that place. I was in a deep cistern and imprisoned without being able to leave when He rescued me.


My soul was above the clouds. And I began to have a vision of the future.

I looked at the land of Israel and saw a crowd surrounding the people. Suddenly fire from the sky descended and consumed all that multitude. Fire rains began to fall to the ground destroying everything like hell, there were flames everywhere. The land had been purified with the rain of fire which fell all over the planet and burnt the entire crowd that surrounded the people of Israel.

Satan was cast into the lake of fire, I saw in the vision the dragon is released. His defeat was sealed forever.


The earth and the sky began to undergo a transformation. The holy city that was in the air, descended to the land that had been transformed into a large garden. The earth was no longer that planet that was devastated by fire. The globe was transformed into a garden.

A Man in white who I could not see His face descended to the earth along with thousands of angels. The tabernacle of God was with men, God was dwelling with the people on the earth.


I had another vision of the earth returning all the bodies buried also from inside the rivers and the sea leaving the bodies. And hell returned all souls to enter these dead bodies. I saw them resurrect and make a large line.

A voice said, "They will be condemned and each received his sentence."

I saw in front of this line a white throne.

And I saw the lake of fire waiting for the damned. The lake looked like a sea so big you could not see the end.

Then that vision vanished before my eyes.

A voice said, "The church is not resisting the difficulties of the end times."

I'll tell you what I'm about to serve Jesus.

Church face difficulties every day. I will be praying for the brethren who are going through various kinds of trials at this time. Jesus will calm the sea and the wind in the lives of His servants.


After my rapture, I went to visit the United States to attend a conference of a revivalist. The preacher who preached is a man whom I believed to be used by the Holy Spirit. This man prayed with his hands on my head. He said that from that night my life would change for the better.

I received that false prophecy and felt my body catch fire. I returned to my house and my life began to worsen. The demons began to appear to me. They started breaking dishes, glasses, knocking on my bedroom door. I heard the noise of footprints and the evil spirits punched the wall of my house.

I rebuked thinking that I had received the authority of that Shepherd. I began to pray to God for mercy.

I went to the street to catch the bus to go back to the hotel I was staying.

Before taking the bus, a woman sent by God stopped me in the street and said that the anointing I had received at that conference is diabolical. Because of this, I am going through trials, but God has cut off from me the anointing of the false prophet and the demons will no longer disturb me.

What I discovered after being deceived by the false anointing, I studied the subject and found that one person cannot pass his anointing to another. This living and the ministerial anointing is like a plow that cannot be transferred from person to person. Passing the anointing is the same as passing the ministry and one ceases to be the prophet of God before putting another in his place.

What cannot exist is to divide the anointing that God gives so that somebody does its work. If the anointing is not granted by God and man can grant his anointing to another, then no one else needs to pray to receive. Just ask for some olive oil from those who have and do the work.

Whoever prays much and receives the anointing of the Holy Spirit, how can he pass his anointing to a person who does not like to pray? How can I pass my anointing to a believer who is in sin and still receive? This does not exist and is a doctrine of the fallen angels of light. They can pass their anointings, but not from the Holy Spirit, but from themselves. They give what they have and the church does not know from what source that anointing comes from.

The revivalists are liars and Satan has deceived many with strange fire. This is all a farce to exalt these false prophets in the media. If anyone wants the anointing, he must seek his own oil, and not run after the anointing of a false prophet. Only God is the one who pours the anointing. He has the power to do this.

Man cannot pass the anointing, he has no power for such a miracle. Wherever the false prophets go, they carry dirty waters to tarnish their white robes. They quench the hungry with iniquity and unclean bread. Malachi 1:7  Ye offer polluted bread upon mine altar; and ye say, Wherein have we polluted thee? In that ye say, The table of the LORD is contemptible. 


Wherever there are false religions and false Christianity, the demons have taken advantage to invade the lives of innocent people. And where there is a false religion where images are worshiped, demons have stolen the worship that belongs to God through objects. The only way for them to receive worship is to hide behind sacred accessories and images. People would never love the devil if its true form of a snake image is worshipped. Its evil nature is despised.

People prefer to worship a plaster saint who is just an object instead of worshiping Satan if he appears to the person. The only way he is worshiped is by hiding behind a beautiful face statue. Only then is he worshiped for stealing the worship of an object. He knows that God does not support idolatry, so Satan takes advantage of beautiful statues and images and people's gullibility.

The Word of Jesus brought me to the bridge over the sin that had separated me from Him. It was through His Word that I was transformed and had fellowship with Jesus. It was the Word that built a relationship of intimacy with the Holy Spirit. It is through this Word that I have made an everlasting covenant with Jesus that will lead me to heaven.


I received three prophecies from a false prophetess. She said that Jesus was going to take my car. A demon used a thief to rob me and take the car. I bowed my knees and prayed to God that He allowed the devil to steal my car, the only car I had to do the evangelistic work.

The Holy Spirit said, "I did not permit it, nor did I speak in that woman's mouth."

That same woman gave me another prophecy that Doralice the missionary would be my wife. I prayed to God for a sign if it was true. I had known the missionary for 1 year and I have never seen her have any sentimental commitments.

A few days later God gave me a sign. Her husband, who is also a missionary, arrived from Chile.

That prophet lied; Doralice was not single as she said. The missionary is married to a man of God.

This prophetess delivered several prophecies of marriage and managed to unite several brothers, forming couples. And many marriages united by her and not by God ended in divorce.

This prophetess gave me a prophecy of a new job. And a company called me to work at a big salary. I started traveling with this company. I could not go to church at night. The prophetess said that Jesus would put me in a great company.

But this prophecy was not of God. The devil wanted to get me out of the work of God that's why he opened the door to that job. The owner of this company is Freemason and he delivers the souls of all his employees to the devil.

Jesus told me to get out of this job. Jesus revealed to me that she is a witch in disguise as a pastor.

I saw all this woman's prophecies fulfilled and the devil made everything that came out of the woman's mouth come true.

The three prophecies she gave me have been fulfilled, but I want to tell the church that even fulfilling prophecies does not mean it's from God.

I left the job and went to do the work of Jesus. The salary of this job is high, this was a test to see where my heart was. I went through financial difficulties, but I was never hungry. I share the Gospel and I had difficulties. But Jesus blessed me and I was blessed with two cars and I worked at the little shop He gave me.

I was evangelizing a young man and he was an addict. A man came and pointed the gun in front of him and could not shoot because the young man was near me. The man squeezed the trigger several times, but no bullets left. The grace that was in me protected the boy. Death did not take this young man because he was with me and his days of life were extended.


Jesus took me to a large church that did good social work. The church offered food, clothing and dental treatment. And many people said this church is the real one. Jesus showed me a great demon inside that cathedral. Jesus has revealed to me that this is the deceptive spirit of charity. This church uses this charitable strategy to herd many souls to hell. Jesus said, "My truth is not in that place."

The people have to be on the alert, not all churches that do good works are true, works without faith is dead. I saw the artificial smiles of deceitful misleading workers, made people think they are glad to help the poor people. The pastor of this church is Freemason.

Jesus is in the boat of each one of you. Even in silence His presence in our lives brings us security. Although God does not respond to our cry, He is contemplating our faith to see if it is pleasing to Him. Even though the waves and the storm come to haunt us, we will not fear because we know that Jesus is not dead, nor are His hands clasped. Yes, we can cross the rough sea within that boat. Even if you feel alone, by faith believe that Jesus is by your side. Jesus has opened the sea for people to pass and will open for your church to go through turbulence. As Peter walked over the choppy waters of the sea, Jesus will make His saints pass over their trials and triumph over difficulties.


The blessings that God has to give to each brother are not easy, they have to be approved. God will give guidance to each of you to get them. Conquer God's blessings by living a righteous life before Him, not by making material, self-seeking petitions.

Everything that is of God is valuable and to be achieved with much struggle. No one gets a great blessing from God because it is like precious gold hidden beneath the earth. To withdraw the precious gold, one must make great effort to achieve. Without work, there is no way to conquer this precious stone. All that is valuable is in place of difficulty, at the bottom of the sea or under the earth.

To extract such precious stones and gold is a tiring and laborious task. So are the Blessings of believers who are in hidden places, where they have to seek and find. Prayer to God will give the right direction. It is the map to locate your treasure.

Prayer will comfort your heart because of the weariness of waiting so long. Prayer will give you the patience to locate your blessing. Prayer gives you the strength to continue and the will to overcome. It takes strength to dig the earth and find your treasure.

The work is tiring and many give up fighting, even though it is in the direction of God. Jesus gave you the map of the location of your blessing and that is in the Bible. He will guide you, so never give up.

What is the blessing you want? The liberation of your husband or the conversion of your child? Is the salvation of your family or is it in search for the gifts of the Holy Spirit?

My greatest blessing was my transformation. I had a surfeit of uncontrollable anger that darkened my understanding. It made me practice things I could not fix. My emotions were unstable and the feelings were fragile. I used to hurt easily, I cried for any reason, I did not forgive and still, I was sad for anything. This emotional instability made me want to argue and offend the person through the wrath of my heart. Jesus changed my life. I am another person and I was freed from my strong temper.

If you're praying, calm down and wait. The Lord Jesus reigns in every life that serves Him. May His communion be upon you Amen.




Lucifer promised these two princes after the rebellion to sit on the left side and the other on the right side when he won the final war. This prince has the power to operate signs and wonders, he will not incarnate but will have a Satanist to perform all his evil work.

In 1999, the angel of the Lord led me into a desert and showed me visions of the future. I saw an angel with a key in his hand and he opened a huge hole. A legion of demons was released. When a part of the Earth opened, a smoke leaves from inside the ground and darkens the day covering the sun. The darkness of that black smoke well invaded the planet. The world was taken in darkness. It seemed that the Earth became a hell. The darkness consisting of all forces of darkness invaded Earth. The angels that were imprisoned were free on Earth to cause damage. The very king of hell Lucifer commanded the cavalry of hell and caused great torment in those who were condemned by the mark.

May all who are hearing this testimony please stand firm more and more. I had the privilege to see the future of the earth. I did not want to be here to see this. Today I live a life more dedicated than before, that everyone is in the peace of Jesus, Amen.



A woman has a vision of the Great Tribulation

I am a deaconess and do the work of God. I was commissioned by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

My father was a magician but is a shepherd today. He did lots of magic to make money. Our family was very poor, today we have a company given by God. We are not rich or poor, we are a family blessed by God. We come to serve Jesus with all our heart. We were faithful in the little and Jesus put s in a lot. He promised that He would bless my family if we serve Him wholeheartedly.


Before my family surrendered to Jesus, my dad taught me how to do magic since I was a kid. Before we started we did meditations so our spells were real. My father was an illusionist; he set up a stage to perform his exploits. He made objects disappear, he guessed people's names, and he still disappeared from a box and appeared somewhere else.

My dad did not do tricks to make something to look real like many magicians. All he did was real, no stunt. He revealed his secret to me. My father made a pact with the devil to make real magic and make money. He said he visited a witch and offered her blood to receive the gift of magic. My father also sold his soul in exchange for these abilities and magic gifts.

I did not understand because I was very young; I made objects fly and disappear. I was performing supernatural things getting involved with the forces of darkness without knowing it. What is the difference between a wizard and a magician who engages with the supernatural? There is no difference. The wizard uses his magic and practices his religion. The magician uses his magic to entertain the audience and elicits applause.

The word magic comes from the word magick (fantasy, occult). You who practice magic even as a joke, do not do it, you are stirring with the forces of evil, this is occultism. All that is done to deceive people as magic is evil. Magic is part of the skill of the master of deception, Satan. Magic tricks are not real and fool people. The deception is part of the lie of Satan.

My father was an illusionist and created optical illusions to deceive the people. All that is an illusion is deceit. The illusion exists to deceive and the devil is the father of illusions. Do not be an illusionist, this is no joke.

Jesus took my family from this deception and offered us the solution for our lives. The Lord has blessed my family financially when we gave our lives to Him and changed our minds. We approached God and He changed our life. We did not have to run after blessings - they came to my family.

I made a purpose for God for 90 days of prayer, without stopping. Every day I would do 1 hour of prayer without stopping. Every day I had 1 hour of prayer when I woke up before having breakfast.
There were days when the Holy Spirit gave me the strength to spend many hours without eating. I gave the fast in the afternoon and before the end of the 90 days, an angel of God appeared to me.
He said, "Jesus has a beautiful promise in your life and will use you a lot on earth."


My spirit was raptured at that moment. The angel took me to hell, where I witnessed people pulling out their hair in pain. The scene is depressing and terrible. Great is the despair and deafening screams in that place. Millions of voices echoing at the same time in an unspeakable groan.


I walked in places in hell where I saw the demons cutting the fingers of women who painted nails. The angel said that these women were evangelicals who are in that place for not renouncing the world.


What struck me the most in hell was a woman who was dressed as a servant of God, but because of her tongue, the demons pulled her tongues stretching up to 5 meters and lashed in a hot iron. The demons passed hot coals to burn her whole tongue. Another demon grabbed a shovel full of hot stones and threw it into the woman's mouth.


The angel said, "All Christians, men, and women, should dress in a holy way as the priesthood of Christ, but also, they should watch with the tongue."

The angel told me to meditate on these verses which speak about the garments. Exodus 28: 4, Exodus 35:19, Leviticus 16:32, and Exodus 40:13.

Exo 28:4  And these are the garments which they shall make; a breastplate, and an ephod, and a robe, and a broidered coat, a mitre, and a girdle: and they shall make holy garments for Aaron thy brother, and his sons, that he may minister unto me in the priest's office. 

Exo 35:19  The cloths of service, to do service in the holy place, the holy garments for Aaron the priest, and the garments of his sons, to minister in the priest's office. 

Lev 16:32  And the priest, whom he shall anoint, and whom he shall consecrate to minister in the priest's office in his father's stead, shall make the atonement, and shall put on the linen clothes, even the holy garments: 

Exo 40:13  And thou shalt put upon Aaron the holy garments, and anoint him, and sanctify him; that he may minister unto me in the priest's office. 

He revealed to me the true robe of the priest of Christ. Our duty as a priest of Jesus is to dress in a holy way that does not cause scandals.


The angel took me to a place where the people who practiced incest are. There are brothers who have had sex with their sisters. Parents who abused their children.


Men who had sex with animals, practicing bestiality.


I also saw rapists and pedophiles in hell.


The angel took me to the river of hot blood, the murderers' place. There are all the bloodthirsty men who shed so much blood, they are in the valley of the murderers. All these are within a river of blood that boils non-stop and stinks, a smell of rotten flesh in that place.


I also saw Christians who are in hell because they lust after porn stars. They watched erotic movies and practiced adultery in their hearts. They betrayed their wives by immoral desires and thoughts.


I went with the angel to the gates of heaven. A line of Christians was waiting for the order of the angel guarding the door. The angel looked in the Book of Life for each brother's name. Some went into heaven through the heavenly gate, others could not go through dying in sin. Their transgressions prevented them from entering. Heaven is a pure and holy place and repudiates the abode of sin and evil.

A woman standing in line was worried about her situation. When her turn came her name was not found written in the book. She had 2 grave sins that she never repented. The first sin, she never forgave her husband for having left her for another woman and traveled to another city. The second sin, she had a grudge and much resentment for her mother who abandoned her when she was a child.

The angel pushed her into the outer darkness. That woman fell headlong into the hell of fire.


The angel took me into the air where millions of demons stay. I saw 2 principalities, great demons called Astaroth and Baal. These two demons still act in Israel, Palestine, Jordan and the entire Middle East region.

The angel took me to the bottom of the Euphrates River, down to the abyss. And we come to a part of hell under that river. The angel said, "When these 4 chiefs are released, much of the population of Israel will die in war." 

The angel took me in a part of the abyss, where I saw thousands of demons imprisoned, they looked like beasts in the cages wanting to devour who approaches. These demons are far more ferocious than the ones that are loose.

The angel said, "These are the 200 million demons that will be loosed on earth. And when that happens, a third of the world's population will die through wars, famines, and disease."

The angel and I came out of the abyss and came up to meet Jesus. We floated in the air. He took me to heaven. Jesus sent an angel to bring my dress. The angel has brought my wedding dress, it is white and resplendent. Jesus said, "I will dress you with this dress your spiritual life when you return to Earth. Servant after you have this dress, do not commit sins to keep from getting dirty."


Jesus said, "I will reveal to you My servant the government of the Antichrist."

The Lord showed me the rule of the Antichrist. This man of great political influence and world leader was presented to the UN as the conductor of peace. Groups of politicians and terrorist factions who were against his government were crushed. All his opponents were destroyed and his empire was growing. The kingdom of this man gained more powers from hell when the pit of the abyss was opened. His rule received special training from Satan, and a legion of demons was submissive to his authority. The people marked with his sign and adherents of his government were possessed by a class of demons that made them persecute the Christians and the Jews.

This class dominated by the forces of darkness was submissive to the rulers of the Antichrist government. The demonic persecutors caused the Jews and Christians to fall on the ground in such pain and twisted, biting their tongues. I saw these scorpion demons made them suffer the same pains that souls have in hell. The same suffering that exists in hell had come to Earth.

The rebellious worshipers of the Beast were being tormented in the flesh.

The Antichrist changed the structure of his government, dividing the planet into 10 parts. Ten governors were put, each to control a part of the world that is in the hands of the Antichrist. These 10 governors afflicted the nations where they dominated by imposing the mark of the Beast on the people. They forced people to worship the Beast with the death penalty for the rebels. The legislation of the whole world was changed; worshiping the Beast was part of the article of that law.

The confiscated Bibles were burned and destroyed, while the name of the Antichrist was in the media, newspapers, magazines, television news and also on radios.

The population was oppressed by the 10 rulers. They turned the people into slaves, making them tremble with fear of pain.

One of these 10 rulers is the False Prophet who rules the Middle East and the land of Israel. The church of the great tribulation is dressed in black for accepting the mark. They worshiped in their churches. She is the bride of the Antichrist and the False Prophet imitated the Holy Spirit, performing his duties on earth. The false prophet had all the gifts.

The capital of the Antichrist's empire was the center of all evil. Out of this city come out all the world corruption. This city exerted great influence in all the cities and controlled the world.
The Antichrist and the powerful men of government dwell in it along with the legions of demons that were released from the abyss. All strength was coming out of that evil city to defile people.
It was from this city that he left the orders to execute the fugitive Christians.

I saw a dark force, looking like a black blanket coming out of the city. The dark force radiated the whole world like a black light. The hatred to destroy the people of Israel was in the hearts of the whole world. All the people of God from Israel and others were hidden from the fury of the Antichrist.

The seat of the Antichrist's false religion was in the capital, where he commanded all the churches in the world. Troops from all over the world worked for the Antichrist. From that satanic city, laws were passed that liberated the pedophile marriage of children and adults. Men marrying men and women with women. The places for sex practices were no longer inside the houses of prostitution.

Sex with prostitutes was practiced in public squares. All the people passing by looked at all sorts of orgies. The Antichrist's government ordered the brothels in the open air to please people. All the rulers of the Antichrist released the sex show in the city squares. The children who passed in the cities saw all those scenes practiced in the square. All of this made the children more immoral, encouraging them to have sex before they were 10 years old.

The scene of prostitution was set up in the center of the city for people to engage in sexual orgies. Sometimes to get the public's attention, two women would get naked having sex live. In the other, day 2 men practiced outdoor sex on stage.

This city is the great Babylon that was thriving in its trade in the area of prostitution and drug trafficking. All drugs were legally sold at fairs.

I saw the great will of God against this city and its religion that blasphemed the name of God. I saw thunder that invaded the skies. And the Antichrist along with the governors destroys the religious system of the false church. The church was destroyed so as not to interfere with the rule of the Antichrist. The whole group that was part of the false religious system was massacred by the Antichrist's troops.

With religion destroyed the Antichrist assumes himself as the center of the world. He stands in God's place. A great earthquake came upon this city and completely destroyed it. A city full of prostitution, drugs, drinks, money, large companies, businesses and corporations were destroyed.

This city shed a lot of Christians' blood. This city is the Bride of the Devil who was devastated by the earthquake. The structures were shaken from the earth, destroying the palaces of the governors and all their banks. All the surrounding cities were reduced to ashes. Only the debris and self-destruction were left.

This earthquake was the largest on the world scale. It changed the entire configuration of the Earth and inverted climates, changing the poles of the planet.

After these things, my vision went to the wedding of the Lamb. Jesus' wife got ready for the party. She was clothed in fine linen, dressed in royalty which is the costume of the Lamb's wife.

My vision went to the country of Israel, where I could see millions of communist and Muslim soldiers from various countries. All were being led by the Antichrist and False Prophet who were rejected by the people of Israel who discovered the deception of these 2 Beasts.

Jesus came down from heaven on a white horse and annihilated all the multitude of soldiers and people who were wanting to attack Israel. These soldiers had large weapons of destruction and were killed. Jesus just spoke and His words became a sharp sharp sword that shattered all the enemies of Israel.

I was so terrified of blood that gushed in that place. It looked like a river of blood that flowed through the streets of the city.

Jesus said, "My handmaid, this day will come and it will be My great vengeance against the enemies of My people and the remaining enemies of the millennium on Earth."


I also saw in the vision 2 powerful angels who chained the False Prophet and Antichrist. The two were cast alive in the lake of blazing fire. The two who had a covenant were now together in the lake of fire. They were together with the army of soldiers who had surrounded the land of Israel.

The lake of fire where the 2 were cast is not the hell where the souls are at that moment. It is a sea of fire, where I saw in the vision them drowning and drinking burning larvae. It was terrible to see these men being burned alive.

What is the difference between hell and the lake of fire? Hell is a temporary place for imprisoned souls, not for the body of flesh, no physical matter can dwell there. The lake of fire is a place prepared for the bodies of flesh that will rise again. The lake of fire is not a place for souls but for body, soul and spirit. People to be thrown into this place have to be complete with body, soul and spirit.

I saw Satan being arrested by an angel, a mighty Archangel. His identity was not revealed, but he is strong and resplendent. He imprisoned Satan in the abyss and chained him. Satan was in the same place where the rebellious angels were. He stood alone with his still body looking like a statue because of a seal on it.


Jesus led me near the heavenly Jerusalem with 12 golden gates. I could not enter, but I beheld the marvelous city of 12 golden columns. This city is uninhabitable its width, height and length are perfect. It is all pure gold, it looked like shiny glass, a mirror that reflects the sunlight. My eyes could not bear to look at their brightness, it seemed like a sun that did not let them see those wonders.

I cried with emotion as I saw what was reserved for the Church. It is adorned with a variety of gemstones.

In Revelation chapter 21:18-21, God shows John the new Jerusalem. After describing the measurements of the holy city, John tells us about the precious stones garnishing the foundation of the wall.

18 And the building of the wall of it was of jasper: and the city was pure gold, like unto clear glass.

19 And the foundations of the wall of the city were garnished with all manner of precious stones. The first foundation was jasper; the second, sapphire; the third, a chalcedony; the fourth, an emerald;

20 The fifth, sardonyx; the sixth, sardius; the seventh, chrysolite; the eighth, beryl; the ninth, a topaz; the tenth, a chrysoprasus; the eleventh, a jacinth; the twelfth, an amethyst.

21 And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; every several gate was of one pearl: and the street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass. (KJV)

Everything is built with fine, pure material and royalty. That city is of high royalty, awaiting the coming of the queen. It is worth renouncing the world to live there.

All wealth, material goods, money, cars and technology are old scraps near that city. Earth's buildings are scraps near the heavenly Jerusalem. After I have had this vision, I am willing to die for the Gospel cause if need be.

The people of my church called me old and square. I told them the New Jerusalem is square and to fit it we have to be square like it. There is no room for round believers who do not have the geometric form of this city. The throat of hell is round and geometrically circular. I went down the throat of hell and saw what its structure is like.

The New Heavenly Jerusalem that is not part of this world, did not lose its luster. The sun did not illuminate the city. There is a light stronger than the sun that shone on the city. She comes out of a Man in white robes and crown, Jesus Himself is the light there.

The light of Jesus as He reflected on the precious stones of that city made her shine and to radiate. It is in this city where we will enter through the doors and create with Jesus.

There we will be presented to our Father and we will see the face of God that until now no man has had this privilege. The Lord Jesus led us to God when He died on the cross of Calvary for us.

This will be true when we get close to the Father and we will be heirs together with the Son. The bride will sit on the throne next to her Bridegroom.

The Holy Spirit has played the role of leading souls to Jesus. Through repentance from sin is our obedience that has drawn the Holy Spirit into our lives. He has led the sheep to the right path also given the Spirit of Leadership for some shepherds to lead the sheep in the path of salvation.

As God led the people of Israel through the wilderness until they came to Canaan, the Holy Spirit will lead the faithful to eternal life. Church of the Lord awaken to the great day of the encounter with the Bridegroom. Jesus is going to marry a church without wrinkles and blemishes. Keep yourselves to the Bridegroom.

I am willing to live a holy and pure life to meet Jesus. He is at the door, prepare to receive a hug from Jesus that day. Your perseverance in truth will lead you to it.

Beloved church of Jesus prepare, I had another vision not in rapture, but at home praying. The bride is one step closer to being raptured, I saw Jesus with outstretched arms to welcome her. The bride I saw in the vision was ready to receive the Bridegroom. Her garments were so white and resplendent, it was so light.

This is the true church, not the one that was tainted with sin and sold to the world. I also saw a wedding covenant in vision, Jesus approving the pure bride. The covenant of repair and fidelity of the bride to her husband. The bride will win the battle against sin, resisting the enemy by remaining as a virgin and pure for Jesus. The bride floated to the arms of Jesus and sat like the queen beside Jesus.

Glory to God she has conquered and is now free from all the temptations of the evil one.
Thank God for this revelation in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, amen.



I am from Zilina, Slovakia. I was born into an evangelical family. I was always a member of the church. But I had never converted my body, soul, and spirit. Jesus created us in 3 parts, so we have an obligation to sanctify ourselves completely.


I wore tight church clothes in tight jeans and a tight-fitting shirt. I was single and wanted to get a woman to marry. I wanted to call attention to the sisters who are still single. I wore expensive perfume and sat by the sisters. Many of them smelled my scent and flirted with me.

I was never spiritual, for the deeds of the flesh were in me. I did not like to pray, and I felt very discouraged to read the Bible, only to praise God. My first pastor knows the truth and corrects the members. I was the only rebel who walked sensually in church. You who know the true Word of God will not take the instruction in the Word for granted. My pastor was talking about hell and all that believers cannot do. I was rebellious I knew this to be true but I felt like an untouchable believer.

I seduced 3 young girls, one of them was prostituting me. We usually partake of the holy supper. I was a stumbling block to that girl who was still a virgin and had to pay a heavy price for having touched her.

One day I was watching pornographic videos, I saw out of the scenes of the movie 2 evil spirits in the form of two female models of catwalks.

I mean for those who dream of the modeling career, do not follow, there are demons who rule the fashion on earth. When these clothes are manufactured on Earth, businessmen make millions for these clothes consecrated in hell.

When those 2 demonic spirits came out of the film transfigured into two beautiful sexy women, one of them looked at me and said, "You are seeing this actress and that actor having sex. You knew they no longer live on earth; while you are feeling desires for this woman, she is in hell at that moment, suffering and experiencing terrible torments."

That demon transfigured into a woman became the pornographic actress and was naked in front of me. The demon transformed into the actress said, "I know you want this body, you know how that body stayed after I died." The demon that was transformed into the actress of the film became a skeleton and wanted to hug me.

I was terrified and ran, this demon entered the television and said, "When you are watching these movies I will own your body." That spirit came into the television and the other devilish spirit watching me said, "There is a spirit of ours that is within you."

When he said it, my body lost control of the limbs. I struggled for the demon that was inside me not to control me but could not contain my body. This spirit made me roll and dance against my will, I could not stop the movements of my body.

The movements were involuntary until the seductive spirit left my body and said, "It was I that used you to seduce the 3 girls. Do you know why I have access to your life? Because of the sexy clothes you wear." I did not know that I shouldn't be walking around in shorts and sexy clothing.

The ancient priests wore their breeches under their robes.

Leviticus 16: 4, And he shall put on the holy robe of linen, with linen breeches underneath; he shall put the linen girdle on his waist, and the linen turban also. These robes are sacred; so he will bathe with water before wearing them.

The 2 demons disappeared, I was scared. My heart beat rapidly until I suffered a heart attack and was no longer in my body. I saw the monster of death with a sickle, it came to collect my soul.

My parents saw my body on the ground, but God had already spoken to them. My father had a dream that I passed through the valley of the shadow of death and would rise again. I was hospitalized at the behest of my parents. If I depended on the doctors I would be buried because I was physically dead.

The doctors said they would hold my body for 2 days, then I would be buried. My soul suffered the agonizing pains in hell, I was there for sexually prostituting myself and for having the spirit of lasciviousness. I remembered all the bad things I had done, I regretted all the works of the flesh that I practiced.


When I was in hell, I saw a boy who was there. He even walked into the church but did not convert his heart, and postponed his meeting with God. The pastor made the appeal and he did not want to leave the world, until one day he was in the street, was mistaken for another boy who was sworn to death. He was murdered by a group of men and fell into hell.

A young woman I saw in hell, she was very beautiful, before dying her beauty attracted a lot of attention. She did not want to be a believer so as not to leave her vanities. She tore all the pamphlets of the Word of God that she received without reading them on the floor. A man who fell in love with her was not reciprocated and committed a crime of passion, murdering this girl. Today she is in hell, I saw when the demon caught her hair and dragged her across the burning glowing ground of hell. She remembered Jesus and every pamphlet she had not read and thrown away. She remembered every person she hurt because they did not have her beauty.

By order of the angel, the demons had to stop tormenting me, sampling the things that are in hell.


I have straight hair, and I used a product to make my hair curly. The angel said, "God has formed you in a way do not change anything of your appearance, let it be natural. Artificial hair, wig and all kinds of braided hair fashions, all of this are in hell and from hell."


I saw in hell skirts, tight dresses and all kinds of tight clothing. Shirts full of devilish designs and satanic symbols. Skirts with cuts on the sides and also behind are in hell. The fashionable demons are responsible for these garment compartments in hell and on earth.


Actors and actresses of pornographic films are there in hell. Many of these actors I knew through the movies I watched. I did not know that many of them had died and were no longer on earth.
The media do not disclose their deaths as pornographic actors.

One demon said, "Many of these actors who are here committed suicide because of the depression I put in them. They had their images exposed in the media, could no longer marry because of the prejudice; they suffered for the prostitution they practiced to make money in the movies. Others died of AIDS and drug overdoses."

The angel who was by my side took me out of hell.

The doctors were startled when I woke up, many fainted and others ran for fear of me. I was pale and cold looking like a zombie. I gained souls inside the hospital, a miracle that medicine could not explain, they had already declared me dead. They did a lot of tests to see the state of my heart. There was no problem inside me.

I want to thank my parents who prayed for me. They asked God to bring me back when I was still dead.

I have gained many souls with my testimony. And when I fixed my life, God has prepared for me a woman of prayer.

I threw my sexy clothes off.


I went to congregate in a church where it is near the house where I bought to live with my wife.

This pastor's church is full of members, he knew that I preach against vanity because of the revelations I had in hell.

This pastor offered me a great deal of money so that I would not preach against vanity. I was disappointed with this offer and I left my church and went to another ministry where God exalted me.

I was consecrated as a pastor and went through a lot of persecution. A young Christian began to defame me for the souls to leave the church where I am shepherding. Some people left because of this young man believing his lies. The Word of God says to love our enemies. This young man went through a process of persecution within his church and stopped congregating. I as a shepherd brought him to gather with me, he felt ashamed for all the false slander he raised against me.

Proverbs 17:13 As for him that payeth good with evil, evil shall not depart from his house.

The young man with tears in his eyes asked for forgiveness and won many souls from what he had taken from the church where he grazed.

I bought a car to do the work of God. I prayed to Jesus, saying that everything that is mine belongs to Him. In my country, it is very rare to have car thefts, but when it comes to the work of God anything can happen. I began to do God's work in my car in one place until one day I was approached by two men. They were armed and took my car, but they did not know that the car was not mine, but God's to do the work.

They started driving off at high speed to flee from the police, thinking I would have called. I did not call the cops, but the speed they drove at attracted the police attention, causing the cops to reverse and chase after them. The car braked the wheels by itself to stop the vehicle from moving. When they tried to open the doors to escape, the doors were locked, leaving them trapped inside.

When the police arrived the doors unlocked by themselves. One of the policemen saw the angel opening the doors and was astonished and speechless. The cops returned my car. The police officer who saw the angel told me if the car is special. I said yes, the car was given by Jesus, it belongs to Him.

This policeman had never entered a church, but after seeing the angel, he began to believe in the supernatural. He began to visit the church where I pastor and he became a dedicated member of the work, a man of faith and used by God.

I thank God for everything, I believe that this testimony will reach the four corners of the world for the glory of God.

May you pour out your blessings on every life that hears me, amen.



The Year of 1985.


I will relate my testimony of rapture when I was imprisoned in hell.

When I returned to earth. The marks of the knives were on my body which caused astonishment to the church. In my body, there were marks of the burn that left me very frightened.

I went to the doctor to get medicine to heal the burns. And nothing happened. I continued with the marks of suffering as proof that I was there.

I was sent to hell to observe the spiritual world of souls. My going to that place was to feel the pains of hell. Today I know what torment is. I was caught by a demon. I felt what a real experience of torture made me sick, even going back to earth.

Even asleep in my bed. I heard the souls screaming for help and had constant nightmares in the nights. Every time I closed my eyes to sleep it seemed like it was in the dark. I felt as if I had gone back to that place. I started to sleep with the lights on and my mother prayed a lot for my recovery.

I got too much in hell before I was freed. I killed who defied me. Today I love those who mock me and mistreat me. Before anyone who assaulted me would be dead. Today I'm insulted and assaulted.
And when they hit me. I feel more love for them.

What I suffered in hell does not compare to a beating of men.

When I was evil, I gave souls to the devil by taking their lives. I now gain souls for Jesus. I want to reward all the lives I've given to hell by saving souls. I make any sacrifice for Jesus to the extent of doing mission work in far places.

Only I know the place from which He took me, freed me from that murderous spirit and delivered me from that terrible place. If Jesus wanted to leave me there, He could. I was evil. I had not converted and belonged there for the life I lived. There was my abode, and if I stayed forever, Jesus would be just.

If it were not for the mercy of Jesus would be in that place to this day.

Today I am an evangelist and I take Jesus' Word to the world.

I will explain to you that being taken to hell to see souls in torment is one thing, now being taken away to be tormented is something else. I felt in my skin what poor souls suffer in hell. From this testimony, you will have more love for the souls that are still alive on earth. And if you have the heart of Christ, you will do everything to win souls and not let them go to this place. I do not want hell for the world's worst and worst killer.

Hell is so terrible that it was not created for people but for demons. Hell is a place of punishment. 

I will start to tell you my testimony. I am an ex-thief and now a servant of the living God.

My parents have always been Christians, but I grew up watching movies from shootings, serial killers, psychopaths that kill people. A great desire to do evil took hold of my heart. At that moment it opened a channel of possession, giving legality to my heart and I was possessed by a bloodthirsty spirit as a child. And I started killing cats and dogs in the neighborhood for the sake of slowly seeing death before my eyes.

As a teenager. I raped a girl who did not want to date me, and I  threatened to kill her if she told anyone else. I was evil. I did not feel remorse or pity.

I started using a revolver to steal. My nature was becoming more and more like a beast every day.

I will not speak of my atrocities in order not to take away the beauty of my encounter with Jesus in this testimony.

I became a thief and a monster. My parents suffered a lot for my being such an evil person. That's not what they wanted for me.

I started to argue in the village where I live and the number of my enemies increased. The police could not get me for the crimes of robbery. The place where I lived is violent with many robberies and murders. I was not the only one who did evil. The bloodthirsty spirit and the robbery made me worse. I had become an abominable man.

The police arrested me and I spent many years in jail receiving bad treatments. All this made me angrier and my plan was to fulfill my sentence and commit many more crimes when I leave. I wanted revenge for the inhuman treatment I suffered.

When I served my time. I returned to my parents' house. My mother, knowing my intentions, began to pray and fast for my life so that I would not do the same things again. My mother had been praying for me for 20 years and decided to increase her prayer time further. My parents fought for my soul and won in prayer. I tell mothers not to stop praying for their children. I can assert if it were not for my parents' prayers I would be burning in hellfire.

I was angry at being in a prison full of dangerous men, sharing the same cell with them in precarious living conditions. The prison officials treated everyone like animals. Rich criminals had better conditions in prisons that looked like mansions.

The demons knew of my revolt and put thoughts of killing innocent people. I could not take revenge on the cops, but I could do it on innocent people.

My parents prayed for my salvation and asked God not to let me take the lives of innocent people. They fasted for my life. Until one day I felt a breath in my ear and a voice said, "Mate takes revenge, unload your anger."

I took the revolver and a voice said in my ear, "Son, do not do this, do not take life from My image and likeness. Killing a person is killing Me, My image."

I thought it was the voice of my father. I went to his room, but he was not there just my mother praying. Then I remembered that my father had not yet come home from work.

It was about 10 o'clock at night. I was in the kitchen wanting to go out and kill somebody. I felt a legion of demons enter my body to make me kill people. When I tried to open the door from the house to get out my body was paralyzed.

My mother prayed for my life. At that moment she entered a spiritual war for my life against the demons. The legion wanted to take me to do the bad thing, but my body was paralyzed by prayer.
Even the demons inside me could not move. My head started to ache. I felt like ice was inside my head.

I saw a sword leaning against my chest. I looked at the person holding the sword. It was a man in white and with wings. I sat on the floor and put my hands on my head because of the pain. I lay on the floor screaming and my mother ran to me. I had dropped the revolver on the floor.

My mother ran up to me and began to pray. My spirit was no longer in my body and I saw my mother crying out to God not to let me die.

Suddenly I was transported to a dark dimension. A different world that is not the earth. A dark world, dark and total darkness, outside our planet. I had never seen such an ugly and horrible place outside our world.

When I entered there my heart squeezed with fear. I felt chills and ice in my soul. I preferred to return to the prison where I was and to go through the inhuman treatments for a million times of what is in that place.

Look at this matter, church. The suffering I spent in that place made me cry like a baby wanting my mother. No one on earth could make me cry. I had a hard heart and was not afraid of anyone.
In that place, the fear manifested itself in me. The demonic atmosphere there causes ice on the spine.

The suffering I spent in the prison compared to what I went through in hell is a paradise. At least in the prison, even though I was eating badly, I ate and drank, and no one tormented or maimed my body. The minutes of pain I spent in that place seemed like forever. There is no time count for not having days and nights. I spent 1 hour stuck in hell that looked like 10 years I was there.

My entrance to hell left me puzzled, scared and very afraid. A brave man now trembling with fear.

A giant bat caught me by the claws. I felt the nails penetrate my back. He flew with me through the dark, dense airs of hell. This bat demon threw me near a place where I met a 3-meter demon. This demon said, "You are brave." I was very frightened that I shuddered inside. He picked me up and threw me into a cell. My weight was insignificant. I looked like styrofoam when he threw me.

I saw a person in the other cell on fire. Inside that hot, burning cell I thought I was alone. An invisible force that was inside me hurt me without stopping. I felt his claws cut through my body with his nails that looked like knives. I could hear the clatter of nails hitting each other and felt a thin blade cutting through my body. His fingernails looked like razors, and at the same time needles punctured my body. My skin was filled with holes and deep cuts. I began to scream without stopping because of the pain until I had no voice. I groaned in pain, gritted my teeth and bit my tongue. My cell was so small it looked like a cage.

The feeling of loneliness took over. The homesickness of my family only increased. Everything on earth was of no value to me before. Now I appreciated every drop of water, a lump of a fruit, a plant or a wind breeze. People who meant nothing to me now were valuable. My enemies on earth were now my friends and I was willing to forgive them. I missed my parents, never cared about them, but at that moment they were the most important people in my life. I regretted having despised my parents. They were the people I hurt the most.

You who are a Christian treat your parents well, never mistreat people who are not yet believers, live in union with the brethren in your church. Today I value my life and those of people too.

In hell, this sin tormented my mind. The people I did wrong to and the light way I treated them. It was like a movie in my head. I had severe headaches and my brain was on fire to the point of exploding. I felt smoke coming from my skull.

My conscience of all the sins committed was heavy. It had never happened to me. My suffering was so terrible that the drops of my sweat turned to blood. The shouting of souls in hell at the same time affected my hearing. The screams of distress and despair drove me crazy.

When I returned to earth I was deaf for 2 days and my mind was disturbed. My parents called the church to pray for my life. In hell, I had a dry throat from screaming. I felt a lot of water. I remembered when I was wasting water on the earth. I remembered the food I threw in the trash because of the hunger in that place. I felt very sleepy and tired but had no rest and could not sleep.

The cell caught fire and consumed my body like straw. People that I had killed wanted to bring their lives back. I repented because of the conscience. I wanted a chance to mend my life, but the weight of all the evil fell on me. I was reaping all my evils.

I wanted to go back to earth to be a good man and start over. I repented of the pamphlets of the Word of God that I threw away without reading and the words of my parents that I did not listen to.
I despised the counsels of my parents when they spoke of Jesus. I repented that I had not valued the preaching and mocked the Christians.

There in hell sin does not go unnoticed, everything is remembered. That place reminds you of everything. I suffered the highest degrees of punishment of conscience, and yet a tormented demon afflicted me in that cell.

At first, I could not see my cellmate, but with the permission of God, I could see. This demon tormented me 24 hours without rest, he did not get tired and would not let me rest for a minute. He is hairy like a black dog.

An angel came to rescue me from that place. He opened my cell and taking me out of that cage and together we went up to earth.


The angel took me to a place on earth, where I saw a chief demon talking to his subordinates about the chemical networks that distribute medicine to pharmacies.

I asked the angel what they are up to. The angel said, "All the drug networks made in the laboratories were not designed to heal people but to control their illnesses. This medicine only controls diseases.
All of this is a plan by Satan to enslave people by letting them depend on these drugs by drugging their bodies. People will spend their money on these remedies for life and will never be cured.
These remedies will cause other problems for those who are dependent."

"God created the medicinal plants to heal the body. The cure of diseases is not in the chemical laboratories, everything is in the forest. The solution of healing is in nature and Satan has created his artificial means of deception."


The angel took me to a chemical laboratory where engineers poisoned the seeds before planting. They manipulated the genetic alterations of seeds by manipulating the creation of God. Those fruits would be born faster and larger than their natural size. And their crops would be faster than normal because of the modifications made in the seeds.

The angel said, "Man wants to change what God created to make money faster. The angel showed me many chemicals in the plants. All of this is poisons injected into our feeds that we think are natural. This is leading to varieties of disease because of these chemicals."

Products that come canned, packaged meats full of preservatives. The market offers lots of chemical feed that are not natural. Cancer, diabetes, and problems of clogged vessels, poor blood circulation, migraines, and heart problems are fruits of poor diet. We have to pray for our food before it has consumed. I saw in the vision the demons poisoning all the food of the earth.


The angel took me to a very large and luxurious house. A very rich man did rituals in a part of his house. I saw the spirit materializing and assumed the appearance of a man. This spirit took on the appearance of a man and called the owner of the house who sat on the table with the devil in human form and drank wine. This man is a politician and a Satanist who has a lot of intimacy with this demon. He managed to be elected not by popular votes, but because of the covenant. The devil put him in power.


The angel took me into the air and we were on the sea. I looked at the waters and saw a spiritual abyss in the depths of the sea. Some demons broke free from the abyss and stayed deep in the seas.
Some materialize in the form of mermaids, others in strange marine animals. And they stood at the edge of the sea and people could see, believing that sirens exist. Many people even record and take pictures of strange marine animals that suddenly disappear.


These are demonic apparitions are another sign of Jesus' coming.

People are seeing the demons with their own eyes like an apparition of extraterrestrials. These demons are no longer invisible and begin to reveal themselves to people, others are appearing with their physical forms.

People do not understand that they are the demons and they weigh in monsters of the movies. They have no notions of the spiritual things that are happening. Demons want to be seen by people because they know they think of fairy tales and many to strengthen the lies say that elves exist.

I saw in vision when walking with the angel a spiritual curtain opening. Without understanding I asked for an explanation to the angel who told me; the more this curtain opens, the more demons will reveal themselves to a world that is blind and will never believe in their existence. The demons want to talk and walk among the people as human people. They do not want to be invisible. They just did not do it because God did not allow it.

When the spiritual curtains are torn the demons will take total control of the world in the reign of the Antichrist. There will be no difference between the spirit world and the earth, all the spirits will be mixed with the people. Their desires are to materialize in intelligent people to facilitate contact with people and to control them through the words of persuasion.

The angel said that Jesus has not allowed this to happen because of the prayers of the church.

That was the revealed message I had.

After I left hell I was sick for two days in bed. My worried mother asked the church to intercede for me. I had pains in his soul, I felt distressed inside. My pain was more than physical pains, spiritual pains, sequels caused by the mutilation I suffered in my soul.

I want to speak to the church, value what God has given you, your marriage, your family, and your ministry. Have patience with your family members and your church members just as Jesus have patience with you when you are still in the world. Seek God and reflect on the small changes that are happening in your life.

Your spiritual life is going through a process of transformation. Gradually God is working and not overnight, but this process of sanctification will have its end when Jesus returns. Your worldly concerns have taken away your desire to pray and seek the presence of God. He has woken you up at dawn but you preferred to sleep instead of praying. You have been preoccupied with day-to-day tasks and running endlessly in pursuit of things that add nothing to your life.

In your every day, stop a little and think what you have done for God. Remove all that is evil in your spiritual life. Eliminate all thoughts of the past that bring bitterness, even when they will continue to err and learn from their falls. Some are always sinning and practicing iniquity.

Living in sin please you so much that you do not want to leave. Is there no fear in your hearts? How long will the Holy Spirit grieve with these sins?

They complain about their lives and say that God does not bless them. When it is to please God, they do not want to, but they charge their blessings. They only know how to criticize everything bad that happens around them. But when they receive a blessing, they do not know how to glorify God. Holy Spirit has touched your heart to let go of sin, but you have withstood His soft voice. They are undecided not knowing whether they serve God or not. They think too much, but they do not know how to act.

They do not pray. They do not live the Word and still want to be used by God. How they will grow spiritually if they are troubled. Where are your reactions of faith and prayer to the obstacles that prevent you from becoming vessels of honor? Stand before God and take a stand or you will live a life that displeases God.

I was part of the Confederation of the shepherds. I denounced the false prophets who are part of the confederation. I was called a traitor and disconnected from the confederation. These false shepherds tried to kill me; they paid bloodthirsty men money to take my life.

God gave me deliverance and used a rich man to pay for the ticket for my flight. Today I live outside the country and do missions around the world and I travel.

I pray to God that enlighten each path. The people who hear this testimony, may Jesus gives strength and perseverance to all amen.